The FC Barcelona Island

Real Madrid may be building an actual island, but it can’t be better than the imagined land of FC Barcelona. Piqué welcomes you in. Puyol keeps you safe from danger. Iniesta paints murals by kicking a ball against a wall. And Neymar just goes around winking at people. Those football-loving billionaires in the Middle East must be tempted to make this a reality. Never mind the fact that Barcelona is already close to a paradise for fans and players. Watch the full spot here.


‘I can’t imagine a Barcelona team without him. He wears me out! I remember the day he came back after an injury. In the middle of the game I said: 'Puyi, I’ve missed you so much.’ He told me to shut the hell up and concentrate. He never stops. One time, the game was stopped, someone was on the stretcher and he was shouting at me. I said to him: 'Calm down, it’s 4-0 and there are three minutes left.’ He said: 'So what? Focus! I know you.’ I was dying with laughter. Puyol keeps you on your toes all the time.’

- Gerard Pique on Carles Puyol