puyo fever

Well time to draw something again for this game.

Here’s Prince Salde Canarl Shellbrick III a.k.a. Ocean Prince’s human form from Puyo Puyo, not really a complete favorite, but I like his human form tbh.

Well,I hope you enjoy and share your passion.

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Prince Salde Canarl Shellbrick III: Puyo Puyo, Sega

Yes, I will continue to animate a skeleton, and no you can’t stop me.

I watched a YouTube vid were two guys played Puyo Pop Fever, and one of the guys mentioned how Oshare looked like a bad Jack Skeleton cosplay. That’s when I got the idea.

Why only that line though? I think that’s the only part the two skeletons have in common. (Though I could be wrong.)

I just wish I could’ve made Oshare a little bigger, but with a limited screen to work with, I couldn’t do much.

So yeah, that audio clip belongs to the Nightmare Before Christmas.

I drew this for Amitie’s birthday. Today is her special day, after all!

It’s a simple picture of Amitie, sure, but I missed the birthdays since being introduced to her. Well, not this year, I’m not!

I put her in a pose similar to her Puyo Pop Fever design, while putting her in her Puyo Puyo Tetris attire…mainly because I can’t decide which of her designs over the years is my favorite; I love them all!

Happy Birthday, Amitie! Hope it’s a good one!


I’ve been wanting to do a compilation of all the fever dub voices for a while, so for anyone else interested, here.