puyo fever

I’ve been posting a lot of Puyo Puyo stuff, but I haven’t really said much about Puyo Puyo Chronicle, the newest game in the series that is gonna come out in Japan really soon. The main focus of this game is that it’s gonna be an RPG where the battles are Puyo Puyo matches, and the characters have unique skills that can help out in different ways. In addition to the RPG mode there are still normal Puyo Puyo modes available.

Sega haven’t said anything about releasing Puyo Puyo Chronicle in Europe and America and we don’t know if it’s gonna happen at all since they haven’t released a Puyo Puyo game here since Fever in 2004. 

Fans of the series have been using the hash tag #PuyoChroniclesForTheWest to show their interest in the series and to get a message over to Sega to make them understand that we want this game too. Official Sega/Atlus PR gave a reaction to this


And recently the producer of the series said he was aware of the demand of Puyo Puyo outside of Japan.


This doesn’t confirm that they will release it here, but it increases the odds by a lot. So for now it’s important that we still show interest in the series and that we support it by buying Puyo Puyo Chronicle if it gets released here.


Puyo Puyo chocolate bars.

Puyo Pop Fever 2 apparently uses chocolate bars as some of its many items for the multiplayer mode. I only learned that after coming across a texture rip of the game looking for Oshare Bones’s sprites. After that I felt an insatiable urge to make a model of the wrapper, using the puyo models I made earlier for the label.

The foil isn’t really wrapping anything, I just made a general shape of a bar, copied it to make the label, put a reflective metal texture on it, and decimated some polygons off of it with an effect, just to subdivide it again, just to repeat the process until the model gave itself crinkles.

I bet each square of chocolate would have a gummy core of some sort.