puyo fever

The greatest thing about Oshare Bones is his more complex personality, especially his implied Stepford Smiler attitude: sure, he’s a bonafide drama queen obsessed with fashion, and will easily criticize your outfit if it doesn’t reach his standards, but some games (especially the 15th Anniversary) state that there’s more than that.

- Sure he’ll criticize your fashion choices, but it’s never really done out of malice, since Oshare just wants everyone to be beautiful, and he’s really good natured, only, well, a little too over the top.

- He claims to have been dead for a least a century, but he still remembers his long, blonde hair he used to have when he was still alive; he even had photos of himself, that he threw in the ocean because, according to him, the memories were too painful. When Lemres suggested to go and get them back, he hastily begged him not to, with a worried look on his face. 

- He’s got a lover, but he hasn’t seen them in quite a while. This lover gave him a gift, only for him throwing it in the sea when they disappeared, so not to be reminded of this loss. When Raffine found it, Oshare tells her to keep it, for he feels he no longer deserves to own it. 

- People assume he loves cats, but he actually is a dog “person”: he admires their loyalty and devotion. Dogs have this ability to keep waiting, something he can relate to.

- He was born during Christmas Eve, which is a very romantic holiday in Japan. 

- While the identity of his lover is unknown, Oshare mistook Satan for them the first time he met the Devil; this, and considering that he seems to playfully flirt with some male characters, makes me 90% sure that his lover was male. 

- His wish during the 15th Anniversary game was to find his love, but he didn’t specify when he wanted to see them, so the only thing he achieved was to ensure that they’ll meet again, someday, somehow. He got a little upset, but was still glad that their encounter could happen, after all. 

 You see? There’s more to Oshare Bones than his love for fashion. There’s also a bittersweet side to him, lamenting what he lost and his fear of facing it, but a hopeless romantic soul, nevertheless. Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if he became so fashion obsessed as a result of his death, so he could somehow recreate his appearence when he was alive (ok, this is more of a headcanon of mine, but, who knows?). I really can’t understand why Puyo Puyo games won’t give him the attention he deserves. I want him to make an appearence once more as an important character. Because Oshare Bones has more character than it looks like at first glance.

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