puyo emblem

Puyo Emblem - Class thoughts.

So Eriko and I discussed this some nights ago, and I thought I’d share my thoughts of what character would fit each class.

Arle - Mage -> Sage

Or some equivalent of it, of a Main Character build. This is pretty obvious, so not much explaining is needed. She’d start out with a Fire tome most likely.

Arle, obviously, is going to be the Lord-like class of this world. However, her initial class isn’t Lord because she isn’t of royalty. She might get a plot line promotion too, after being blessed by some power that greatly enhances her magic, allowing some supportive skills in her arsenal and making her a very versatile mage.

Schezo - ???

Schezo’s a bit of a weird one. If he goes Dark Knight, he can’t use his Dark magic. If he goes down a Shaman/Dark Mage branch, he can’t get his sword. He’d have to be an entirely original class, allowing swords and only dark magic. If he was allowed the full elemental spectrum, he’d be a broken unit unless he’s the main protagonist. He starts out with his sword, personalized to him, but he’ll eventually whip out a Dark tome in a cutscene. The reason why he doesn’t use dark magic until now is because the setting has a rather anti-dark magic society.

I wanted an original class for him since I don’t see him riding a horse so early in the game. He might pick one up after a plot-line promotion though. I also discussed this part after the first arc of the story wraps up, and word spreads of Arle and Schezo’s heroic deeds. The citizens won’t be so hung up about his Dark Wizard background as a result.

Draco Centauros - Manakete

Uhh…duh? She’s a dragon girl. I thought about this when I recalled the Flame Expander from Puyo GBA/Minna de from a fetch quest. She could equip that and start dishing out great balls of flaming pain that way. She doesn’t arrive until mid story though.

Ekoro - Trickster

Personality. Full stop. I also imagined him being a squishy fighter as well as wielding magic swords since he can use some form of magic. Considering he can possibly hax space-time, means he could be really fast with his floatiness. He’ll most likely appear when Ringo is about to get killed and come in for the rescue.

Amitie - Troubadour -> Valkyrie

Why isn’t she a Mage? Well, she’s still quite naive in war and be shaken when the news is broken to her. She would never think about using magic to hurt someone, so initially she’d back off  from joining the group. Eventually she comes in, realizing she doesn’t want to sit out, but instead support the party through healing magic. She helps out, and she has her pacifist status. Perhaps after some character development, she’ll step up the promotion.

I chose Troubadour instead of Cleric for statistical reasons. By character, Amitie isn’t the greatest in power and skill, so giving way to Sage through Cleric may not reflect her power canonically. I could imagine Amitie playing more defensively, if you consider how sheltered she really is.

Raffine - Pegasus Knight -> ???

I thought about this one when Eri mentioned this. I always see riding Pegasi as graceful, and Raffine wants to be all that. However, when her classmates nearly find out about her lack of magic secret, she went to hide out of shame. She wants to be powerful with magic, but she has so little of it she keeps it a secret. Nobody knows because she’s always seen with her magical pouch. While away from town, she comes across a pegasus and kinda talks to it, telling it what troubles her. She eventually gains its trust and is allowed to ride on it by the time she makes her debut in the battle field.

Promotions for her is a bit up in the air. Falcon Knight compliments her physical prowess and speed, while Dark Flier shows off her magic ability.

That’s all I thought about so far. You guys got any ideas? This list may expand as I see more ideas.