Why your name in cats? Because you’re puuurrrfect!

We’ve updated the information on our Patreon campaign. We wanted to make it more clear that some of our patterns originally released as a paid pattern will become free as we gain support, so we’ve set a milestone for when the first pattern will be set free. (Which pattern? Patrons will vote when it’s time.) 

We also updated perks. $1 patrons now get access to the patron activity feed, not just our warm thanks! There are also exclusive, limited perks at the $5 and $10 levels, including the Your Name In Cats perk!

And we added some content to the “Creations” tab so you can see exactly what kind of posts will be paid for. That’s the kind of content we can put out about twice a month. In case you don’t know -  Patreon allows you to set a budget! If you pledge at the $1 level and expect to spend $2 or $3 a month, but then we suddenly put up like 20 paid content posts, you’re safe if you set your monthly max for $3.

LOVE this gorg pic by @jesssicakristy Our amazing Crocodile Pad Thai, made with raw zucchini noodles & spiced coconut milk dressing. Our delicious Kale & Chia Savoury Loaf with Raw Cauli Rice - 3 Ways, fresh turmeric, avocado & a basil pepper relish, and a fresh mixed salad bowl topped with smoked salmon. Complete with a refreshing #Kombuchame Iced Elderflower Kombucha with fresh fruit & mint. PUUURRRFECTION!!!!!
Crocodile in kelp noodles :) #wholefoods #bondiwholefoods #today #sogood #foodporn #yum #bondi #cafe (at Bondi Wholefoods)

Sautéed veggies (roasted corn, chopped brussels, peas), white jasmine rice, and @sizzlefishfit scallops drizzled with TJ’s sesame ginger dressing. Seasoning used was McCormick asian seasoning. Puuurrrfect combo of flavors! (at ✨www.sarahrosefitness.com✨)