puukko knife


Copper bush.

A slim bushie style blade perhaps a take on a full tang’d Puukko in 4mm 01 tool steel etched in ferric with a hint of copper .

Scales are Bocote (Mexican Rosewood ) over copper clad G-10 liners with copper and brass Loveless bolts and copper lanyard tube .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com


Beautiful #puukko from Tapio Syrjälä 🇫🇮👍🏻🔪

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All right, enough tactical for now - let’s look at some #puukko This one’s from Janne Kilpinen 👍🏻🔪🇫🇮

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Here’s my latest puukko — this one comes from Saku Honkilahti and is a bit of a unique specimen. It’s a very small knife — 65mm blade and 90mm handle, pretty short for a puukko. It also has an interesting an atypical handle shape. But together with birch bark, which is always such a please to hold, the whole package works perfectly. It’s a nice little working knife that fits snugly in its expertly executed and visually pleasing leather sheath, and almost disappears on the belt until needed. As you can see, it has plenty of cutting power, thanks to the scandi blade and the handle that allows all the fingers to close in tightly and apply pressure right where it’s needed. Very happy with this one, and expect it to see some action in the future on hikes and such, especially since it’s so discrete and won’t draw much attention.