putuk draws

Even more legendary than beings of time and space themselves is Mandibuzz’ incredible bulk.

Been playing some Pokémon wifi battles again recently, mostly fighting people foolish enough to think a team filled with various legendaries equals an easy victory.

I can only imagine what goes through their head as a 120cm tall buzzard hardly flinches at the forces of time and space themselves, while retaliating with powerful blows, inflicting venom or restoring its health, undoing all their progress.

Whatever it may be, I hope it made them reconsider to abandon taking the obvious and easy route in favor of finding their own favorites and doing their best with what’s given.

Aaaaand here’s the final piece of WoY fanart I’ll likely make for a long time.

If by some dumb chance someone who worked on the show sees this; thank you. From the first teaser until the finale it’s been nothing but pure bliss. There likely won’t ever be a character I’ll relate to as much as Lord Hater, who certainly helped me realize how futile ones temper can be and that sometimes it’s better to accept one was wrong and face the music.

This show, with its incredible art direction and writing, helped inspire me many times and now I’ve created a slew of characters of my own, with stories that will hopefully be told in the future, one way or another. I don’t think it would have shaped up the way it did without a grandiose source of inspiration like WoY that time after time made me itch to draw and write down ideas after watching episodes.

I’ll be studying animation in Ireland in the near future and I’ve heard some of the shows animation was done there. Maybe I get the chance to meet some of the incredibly talented people who made this show a reality one day. It would be a great honor.

Anyhow, I’m getting emotional and going on and on. Bottom line is, thank you for bringing the greatest in the galaxy to me. Thank you for filling this show with gorgeous imagry, fantastical locales, thrills, laughs, occasional sobs and above all, kindness.

Also thank you to other fans as well, for being as passionate about this as I am, for the occasional fantheory, the wonderful fanart shared and for not letting the shows cancellation bring down the mood.

Regardless of what Lord Hater may think and say, the truth is that all of you guys are