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what about a tiny au for ur girl red velvet joy?? no pressure !

  • librarian!joy 
  • is really enthusiastic about helping people find books for everything from research projects to new writers from their favorite genres
  • has a soft spot for cheesy romance novels,,,,,,but she doesn’t even try to hide it. she loves nicholas sparks
  • always has the cutest button down shirts with adorable flowery patterns on them
  • wears glasses with slim black frames that make her look mature and intelligent 
  • which she is,,,,,but also she’s a big giggly softie
  • like on her breaks she and fellow librarian wendy go out to get coffee and joy laughs so loud she tilts her head back and makes old man jokes,,,,,,,,,a big change from how she is around people in the library
  • and you’ve had a crush on her since,,,,,,the first time you took out a book at the library and saw her running one hand through her hair and holding a copy of your favorite book in the other
  • and you’ve always want to talk to her,,,,,and get to know her,,,,,but she’s too cool in your opinion
  • like she always seems like she’s super focused and confident,,,,,,,like,,,,,you don’t want to embarrass yourself
  • but you do, of course you do
  • when you see her come in with her new bob cut, prettily trimmed and making her already pretty face that much more beautiful
  • and as she’s scanning your books she’s like “return them in 30 days, thank you!”
  • and you’re still awestruck by how gorgeous she looks and you’re like “i,,,,,um,,,,,,,,,you’re so pretty im sorry i didn’t hear what you said?”
  • and the joy that you’re used to seeing, composed and smart, suddenly reddens and puts a hand over her mouth to hide the shy smile on her lips 
  • and she’s like “pr-pretty,,,,,really?” and you can only nod,,,,,because,,,,,,well wow
  • also oh my god you said that outLOUD you complimented her outLOUD,,,,,,,
  • but to your surprise she’s so,,,,,,,cutely happy about it that your hearts beating even faster and not because you’re super embarrassed anymore but because she looks so cutely shyly grinning to herself
  • and you’re like “ive thought so for a long time!!! but your new haircut,,,,it makes you that much more pretty - i didn’t think it was possible!!”
  • and joy nearly jumps up with happiness at the added compliments and it’s so obvious she’s trying not to grin even harder and she’s like thank you!!! come back soon, ok~ what’s your name again?
  • and she looks down at your library card and says your name and smiles to herself
  • and you’re like ill be going!!!!!!! and you rush out,,,,before your heart can fall out of your chest because SHES SO DAMN CUTE
  • and joy is just spinning around in her chair because a cute person like you thinks she’s cute and now she’s gonna think about you till you come back
  • and wendy is looking at joy across the library like: what is going on has she lost it 

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For the ask meme Raflion or Marnie, please? (ノ´ з `)ノ♡

Dearie… why not both? ♥⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

Well.. I guess you want to hear Mai’s opinion of them? Well.. For Marnie, I’ll also put the twin’s opinion here too, alright? 

Oh my, this is going to be really long~

More under the cut, because this is like super long~

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(On note taking) YOUR NOTES ARE GORGEOUS but I can't write them like that during class because my teacher talks too fast. Can you write that beautifully DURING class or do you copy your notes later and decorate them then?

hello hello thank you so much i appreciate it :’)💕

and aahhh i could never do it during class since my professors move through material quite quickly :( luckily, all my professors this quarter put up their powerpoint slides/lecture outlines online, so i use those to make my super detailed notesheets! but my notes for class are super basic LOLOL 

Punk!Keith Head Canons Pt.2

I got a few requests to keep this going because I said I could. Yes.
See part one here. 

-He’s an excellent skateboarder too, since he has that crazy balance that makes other’s jealous. However, to get to the point where he is today, he has a nice set of scars from pretty nasty concrete mishaps. 

-Keith’s a gum chewer. A lot of people assume it’s his substitute for smoking but in reality he does it to annoy Lance. He’ll chew really loud and snap it when Lance tell’s him to quit it. 

-His first job was at a small music store. Which was his favorite place to chill before he ended up at the Garrison. 

-Speaking of the Garrison, none of the other students had any idea he had his tattoos because of the standard uniform. So imagine the looks on the other paladin’s faces when he takes his jacket off for the first time. 

-Allura is actually pretty fascinated by them because she thinks they’re a true work of art, and since she’s Altean she doesn’t have that caution that humans still have about tattoos today. 

-It took him years to learn, but Keith’s favorite art to do is street spray paint art. His favorite works are all of space, various planets and stars. And he’s wickedly good at it. He managed to get his average time to making them down to about 15 minutes. (You can see what I’m talking about here, I’m not kidding this is my favorite type of artists) 

-None of the team knew he could do the above until it was Pidge’s birthday and he didn’t give her a present. Lance was harping on him pretty bad, but Keith just pulls out a bag of spray paints and a blank canvas right there asked Pidge what their favorite color was.

-He then proceeded, and everyone was super confused because at first, just like the art form does, it looked like Keith wasn’t even trying and was making a mess with the canvas, but then all of a sudden about 3 minutes in it starts making this gorgeous green galaxy and they were stunned. (you can see my reference here)

-Keith is currently trying to teach Hunk, and he has made Lance at least 14 blue ones. It’s gotten to the point where Keith is requiring Lance to pay for his blue paint, ad the only reason he lets it continue is because he likes to practice.

-His walls are actually pretty bare, not because he doesn’t have things to put on them, but because he has to much and he can never decide what to choose and what to store away. 

-Keith is also super protective, and without hesitation will use his looks to intimidate anyone. So you call Pidge anything other than their preferred titles, you can pretty much say hello to Keith in your face. 

-He tried a nose ring once, but he kept getting annoyed with it. So he ditched it about a month later. 

-Keith also wears a shit ton of rubber bands on his wrist, and he will not fail to snap one at someone should they really piss him off. At this point, it’s safe to say Lance is building an immunity to the pain.

-Coran once asked him what it was like to get the tattoos and to look down and see them everyday. Keith told him all about it, and by the end of the discussion, he ended up using sharpie to draw some temporary ones on Coran so he would know what it was like. (Coran really liked them, and paraded them around for as long as they lasted)

-Shiro offered to give Keith eyeliner once. He got a twitch of the eye in response. 

-Despite their rivalry, Lance is not only super chill with Keith’s personality and looks but he’s also really up in arms against anyone who gives Keith a suspicious glance. Of course though, he would never let Keith know this. So he always throws in some lighthearted teasing and throws the middle finger to people when his back is turned. (Shiro does not approve)

I’d Die a Happy Man - Jordan Parrish Imagine/Drabble

Prompt by @arianamikhcan i also make a request about parrish? i’d like to see him and his wife in the morning, he wakes her up so nice, there’s a lot of kisses tenderness, he calls her princess or something like this. absolutely no smut, just pure love, something really sweet, showing him as a perfect husband

Pairing: Jordan Parrish x Reader

Word Count: 631

Warning: Nothing but pure love and adoration.

Author’s Note:  It’s VERY short, hardly any dialogue, and only Jordan’s POV, but I promise you it has everything you asked for. Also, listen to Thomas Rhett’s “I’d Die a Happy Man” while reading this. It totally fits with this imagine and really helped inspire writing this.


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Jordan’s POV 

I woke up with my wife in my arms, somewhat wrapped and tangled in our bed sheets with her bareback fully exposed and her chest pressed against my body. I looked down to see her still deep in slumber, her head resting against my bare chest. I wrap my arm around her tighter as my other hand began to admire her beautiful body. Slowly and gently my fingers follow up the curve of her back. I make sure my touch is feather like so not to wake her up. Her skin is absolutely flawless and silky smooth.

My fingers move to her arm that is slung over my exposed torso and all I want to do is press my lips to her wrist and cover every inch of her arm with butterfly kisses all the way to her shoulders. However, I know if I did that and moved out of her warm embrace, I would wake her up. Instead, I just continue admiring her beautiful smooth skin. 

As I reach her hair, I lightly, quietly, and gently tuck her hair behind her ear, which causes her to hum in response, but still deep in sleep as I still feel her even breathing on my chest. My eyes flicker to her back again and notice the steady rise and downfall after each even breath. I turn my head to her and nuzzle my nose into her hair, taking in her sweet scent of lilacs, a scent I would recognize anywhere.

I close my eyes and replay last night, as it was one of the many best nights we’ve ever had. We’ve had quite a few memorable nights; our first date, the talking-all-night night, the night I fell in love with her, first night we made love, the night I proposed, our wedding evening and night, but nights like last night are my favorite kind of nights with her. The kind of nights where we just lose ourselves in each other with every tender touch, compassionate kiss, and gentle embrace.

Y/N’s arms began to tighten around my torso as she buried her head at the crook of my neck. “Morning, baby,” she said in between small wet butterflies kisses against my neck, earning a hum from me. 

With my nose still in her hair, I pressed my lips against her head, moved my lips to her forehead, and gave her another soft and tender kiss. “Morning, princess. What do you want for breakfast?”

“Anything really, I just want five more minutes with you in bed,” she mumbled, her warm breath fanning against my neck.

“Only five minutes?” I teased. 

I felt her lips form a smile. “Okay, maybe ten… fifteen at the most.” 

“We can stay here as long as you want princess,” I kiss her forehead once more.

I can never explain how much I love her and I mean it when I say, “all I need is her”, her gentle touch, her kind heart, and her unconditional love. The way her eyes smile when she locks them with mine and her beautiful smile puts the stars at night to shame. I know there’s no such thing as the perfect person, but in my eyes she’s perfect for me. She’s without a doubt the cutest, the most gorgeous woman to ever walk the planet, and truly a gem. 

I know if I never get to go to a Super Bowl game, if I never win the lottery, if I never own my dream sports car, if I never get to travel around the world, or if I never become a sheriff someday, I’d be okay with that because I know at the end of the day, I’ll have Y/N by my side, in my arms. I could die a happy man.

OTP prompt:

Imagine Person A is super self conscious about their looks and always puts on a lot of makeup whenever they go out. Person B always compliments them about how beautiful they are because they truly believe that they are gorgeous but Person A insists that they look ugly without makeup.

One day, Person B compliments A, saying that they’re makeup looks great on them, they’re eyes look prettier, their skin, flawless and everything about them is even more beautiful than the days before. Astonished and flattered, Person A admits that they hadn’t applied a drop of makeup to their face that day.

How Person B reacts is up to you

Bonus: They aren’t dating yet


I decided to visit @ellesanimalhaven‘s town, Kokoro, the other day because all the screenshots I’d seen of it on her blog were so pretty! This town is bright and whimsical and just gorgeous in general! Every PWP was so well placed and decorated, and the houses were wonderful, too! I especially loved the library room. c: The natural paths were a super great choice and so impressive; it almost makes me want to try using them in my town, but I don’t think I’d ever have the patience to maintain them! It’s obvious that tons of love and effort were put into this town, and it makes me want to invest more work in my town! c:

Confession: It’s hard for me to show appreciation and love to other Black women, openly. It isn’t because I don’t want to. I truly do. We are so incredible, brilliant, gorgeous and so on. But, I have this deep fear of being rejected by my fellow Queens. I’d feel foolish for putting myself out there, getting up the courage to tell them how stunning they are, and get shot down. Because, they’re clearly more stunning than I. I’d feel like a peasant. I’m so used to other beautiful women in our community being praised and admired, and being sort of exalted over me. A lot of the women I’d like to compliment are sorta…super unbothered. Almost to where they’re too good to say anything to me. Makes me feel unworthy. So, I keep my compliments to myself. There’s a fear/knowledge in knowing that a lot of these women are badder than I. That insecurity kinda fucks me up.

Something that really pisses me off about the Achievement Hunter/ Rooster Teeth community is that SO many people bitch about Lindsay, saying, “They need to stop forcing her into all these Let’s Plays! Stop shoving her down our throats!”


Like hot DAMN. Make up your mind!! You don’t like Lindsay in any video and want them to stop “forcing” yet you want to shove Mica into everything??

Mica is great, I love her, but fuck that!

First off, Lindsay is one of the ORIGINALS. She IS an Achievement Hunter, whether you like it or not. And Lindsay is AMAZING. She’s smart, talented, super sweet, gorgeous as hell & fucking hilarious! She can hold her own in the office full of bid dumb idiots because they are all having good fun. She doesn’t back down and she doesn’t let stuff get to her. So if Lindsay is going to be in a Let’s Play then FUCK YEAH, put her in a Let’s Play!

Second, fuck OFF about replacing Ray. There is NO “replacing” him. Ray is one of the originals and his presence & right to that position will NEVER be surpassed. Nor is that even a concept that anyone in that company would consider it being; adding someone else to fill a 6th seat is not a “replacement” because you can’t “replace” ANYONE in that company.

Every single one of them is equally amazing & equally valuable.

But if ANYONE is going to fill that 6th seat it should DAMN STRAIGHT be Lindsay Kickass Jones.

I know that I keep a pretty tight dashboard and as a result, miss a lot of truly idiotic conversation, but I’m seeing a LOT of anons lashing out at all sorts of blogs basically accusing them of being anti-Zayn in some way when those people are really REALLY not.

While I am sure there are some pretty shit people who are currently showing their true colors amid this situation and fully deserve those accusations, it’s also being flung at all sorts of people who are SO decidedly even-handed and positive that it’s a bit stunning. (OG immediately pops to mind. The lady is a goddamn ray of sunshine.)

I think what’s happening is that this whole confusing clusterfuck of a situation leaves a lot of people, and Zayn fans in particular, really angry, upset, or generally at a loose end. They’ve seen Zayn cop so much ridiculous bullshit over the years that had legit nothing to do with him and everything to do with pandering to racist stereotypes and thin celebrity archetyping, that having people who don’t normally talk about Zayn much suddenly addressing his “stress leave” at length is probably infuriating as they have been advocating for him, and protective of him for so long and now suddenly these people that they felt like never cared in the past suddenly care? I can see why they’d be pissed.

I just want to say this:

Please don’t assume that just because historically some people haven’t discussed Zayn at length means that they don’t care.

Don’t make people into your enemy when there is no need.

If someone says something fucked up? Yes. Put them on blast.

But try to also be aware of your emotions and if you’re feeling super touchy when some Larry blogger or Niall blogger or whatever suddenly shifts topics to your main boy, try not to immediately assume their intentions are the worst, because they probably aren’t.

We ALL want him to come back to the tour and for all five to be a big ridiculous happy mess leaking joy and gorgeous voices. 

Man Face Monday - These Eyes Have It Edition

It’s another Monday, my friends. But we shouldn’t have long faces because this puts us another week closer to the next new Arrow episode and possibly shirtless Oliver. Because I live in hope. Good weekend? Mine wasn’t bad at all. Not as cold as it has been, so I appreciated that. And I got a swell prompt to work on this month for the smut-a-thon in February. Yes. 

Why don’t we take a moment to check out some pretty? I noticed a theme this week as I put the edits together. Eyes. So intense. I hope you enjoy them too. 

Personally, I only like the super short hair when he’s in the League. Otherwise, it seems too severe. But hell, he’s always gorgeous. 

That sweet look. So soft an nice. 

Black and white. Obviously some of these are from season 4. The season of too many layers. His hotness is buried under there somewhere. I just know it. 

Check out this nifty gif from @arrow-ing. Love the eyes here. 

Originally posted by arrow-ing

Green Arrow. Blue eyes. Pillow mountains. What else could you want? 

This last one is my favorite. Back to Al Sahim times. He is just so lovely here. 

And there we have it for this week’s Man Face Monday, my dears. If you have missed previous ones, or want to check out some Washboard Wednesdays, do visit my dash. They are all there…for emergencies. I hope that you have a fantastic week ahead – one that’s full of happy and beautiful things. Because you are you and you deserve it. xx

Tags below the cut, because this is getting kind of long! xx

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Hi! I keep seeing you talking about the foxhole court and I was wondering what it is about?

It’s MY HEART AND SOUL! It’s a trilogy (The Foxhole Court, The Raven King, The King’s Men) by Nora Sakavic and it follows Neil, a sweet, scared, mouthy boy who’s desperately trying to outrun his past and yet finds himself unable to turn down the opportunity to play his favorite sport (Exy, which is like a violent form of indoor lacrosse) at the collegiate level. His team is filled with other people who’ve been given second, third, and one hundredth chances, people everyone else would have given up on but in whom their coach sees potential and promise. With their support, Neil gradually learns how to confront his past and realizes how comforting it is to have other people around to help shoulder the weight of his problems. It also has a canonical queer relationship between Neil and another boy on his team (Andrew, my child who I would fight the world for), and their relationship is so fucking intense and incredible, and it builds so gradually and yet seems so inevitable that the wait is worth it (so worth it!). They’re hands down my favorite canon couple, and I love them and their love so much that it makes me breathless. They’ve both been hurt so terribly, and I just want them to be able to be safe and happy together. 

It’s a really intense read (it had me sobbing many times and wanting to wrap my boys up in blankets and never let them out of my sight), but it’s so gorgeous and emotional that all the pain is ultimately worth it. Neil’s journey is beautiful, and I’m so proud of my boy and how far he’s come

sooo after tonight it turns out cute produce guy probably definitely has a girlfriend who’s blonde and pretty and my heart has crumbled because I stupidly put cute produce guy on a massive giant super huge crush-pedestal in my brain and now it’s come crashing down and I’ve got nothing and it’s just really heartbreaking. I don’t know him and it was just a silly school girl crush but it was cute and fun and he was the kind of person you’re so attracted to you just stare at them from afar and when they speak you curse yourself for admiring them so much because now you’re supposed to respond to this gorgeous person but you were too busy observing how perfect they were that you’ve forgotten how your tongue works.

I’m 22 years old and I’ve been single since I was born. I’ve met guys, I’ve kissed guys, I’ve been intimate with a few. but none have ever wanted to have me as a girlfriend. it’s become detrimental in that, some nights I feel so utterly and helplessly alone. it’s not a constant, and I’m a very positive forward thinking girl. I don’t mind being single. not consciously. I’ve never had a taste of real commitment so maybe it’s because I don’t know what I’m missing that makes me so generally okay with being alone. but subconsciously, I ache for it. I ache for the stability, dependability, trust, and love that comes with a relationship. I lust for the idea of “my other half” because I’ve never had it and we all want what we can’t/don’t have. I lust after boys I don’t talk to and fall into head over heel crushes with fun loving guys who are friendly because I’m just desperate for another human being to share my life with. someone to text when I’m bored. someone to go to the movies with. someone to grab fries with at midnight and do stupid things like sit on rooftops and talk the night away. someone I can be completely myself with who I can talk to for hours and still be able to have hours more to say the next day. where conversation never runs dry and where silence is never awkward. someone who will surprise me and give me attention. someone who will prove that I matter and that I’m worthy, simply through commitment to me and who I am as I person. someone who believes in me and my passions and my goals. someone to encourage me and bring out the best in me. I’m sick of depending on myself for everything. telling myself I’m the only person I need. that at the end of the day the only thing that matters is me and what I think of myself. that’s all true. but it would be so much nicer to share it with someone else. my hopes, dreams, desires, aspirations, fears, passions, loves, opinions, conversations, laughs, cries. even if it was temporary, I’d just like to share myself with someone.

Congratulate me, I made it a week since the last time! Considering I’m in that ALL CONSUMING HUNGER mode for OBI-WAN/ANAKIN I’m gonna go ahead and say that that’s pretty good. But honestly I think so much of what keeps me in that All Consuming Hunger mode is how so much could have been fixed if they’d just done things a little differently. If Obi-Wan had been in the right place at the right time, if Anakin had just opened up a little more, if they’d just had slightly better communication skills! Then maybe I wouldn’t be crying at 3am and reading all the “just fuck me up” fic I can find.

wicked thing by imaginarykat, obi-wan/anakin, nsfw, sith!obi-wan, 9.6k
   There are rumours of yet another Sith Lord hiding among the Separatists. The Council sends Anakin to investigate. Anakin has a bad feeling about this. or, the story of how Anakin exists in a perpetual state of intense embarrassment, Obi-Wan is enjoying it a little too much, and everything is, generally speaking, a gigantic mess.
The Last Temptation of Anakin Skywalker by theascetic, obi-wan/anakin, 4.9k wip
   Obi Wan gives, and Anakin takes.
Colliding by universalgleam, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 1.1k
   Obi-Wan holds him closer and revels in the fact that even amidst war, a galaxy in pain, they have the good fortune to be together – the fact that they are here, now.
Praise by ashdeniesreality, obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, 1.6k
   This was probably the most patient he’d ever been, he realized. Patience didn’t come naturally to him – as Obi-Wan was always keen to remind him – but tonight, he felt he had something worth waiting for.
I Promise by Ani2320, obi-wan/anakin, 3.4k
   Anakin and ObiWan make a promise to each other at different points in their lives.
Anteros by chainsawdog, obi-wan/anakin + anakin/padme + obi-wan/anakin/padme, 3.5k
   Anakin Skywalker has some questions for Obi-Wan about the Duchess Satine, but Obi-Wan wants to discuss Anakin’s actions.
Early Hours by ShakyHades, obi-wan/anakin, 1.4k
   The story of Anakin’s habit of waking up in the first hours of the day and his relationship with Obi-Wan.
Ghosts Can Become One by Lilly_Thoo, obi-wan/anakin, 1.3k
   Anakin and Obi-Wan bicker a little bit.
Grocery Store by Spongyllama, obi-wan & anakin & cast, 7.9k
   Obi-Wan contemplates if he’s the only sane one in the galaxy as he and Anakin visit a supermarket to pick up groceries for the Jedi Council. Filled to the brim of banter, shenanigans, and unexpected encounters.
Bedside Manner by Spongyllama, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka, 3.2k
   Anakin falls victim to the common cold, and Obi-Wan is very lacking in his bedside manner.
Epiphany by Elenothar, obi-wan & anakin, 3.8k
   After the tiring mission to Ansion, Obi-Wan&Anakin are both stressed-when dreams about his mother dying plague Anakin more and more, his emotions start getting the better of him as his Master struggles to understand his apprentice before it’s too late…
Tears by ForgottenMoonbeam92, obi-wan & anakin, 1.4k
   The night after Qui-Gon is killed, Anakin wakes to find Obi-Wan by his bedside. Surprised that the reserved Jedi is seeking company, he hardly knows what to do. But sometimes, nothing needs to be done.
Masters and Padawans: Three Generations by GirlwithCurls98, qui-gon & obi-wan + obi-wan & anakin + anakin & ahsoka, 24.6k
   Three generations of incredible bonds.

full details + recs under the cut! 

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niagara falls M&G recap

so last night i went to rumour night club in niagara falls to meet the cast members and it was honestly the best night of my entire life and everything from here on out is going down hill like my life hit its peak and now its all gunna go down. aaaaanyways, we got there at like 10:20 so that we could beat the rush of people because a lot of people were waiting outside to meet them and i figured once they walked through the doors it would be nuts (and it was). so rumour is the upstairs of a building so if you look out the big windows you can see the street and you can see the taxis pulling up, so as soon as the taxis pulled up and i saw sindy and b get out of a taxi with naeha and i honestly cant remember who else i started crying i was so so excited and i was trying super hard not to embarrass myself but i figured if i was gunna have a moment that it would be best to do so before they all came in. so once they started to trickle in i stood kinda by the door so i could watch them as they walked by bc they were escorted to the roped off vip lounge area at the back the moment that they walked in, and i just remember standing there and rachelle came up to me and said hi and i was like oh my god oh my god because i talk to rachelle on facebook sometimes so i think she recognized me and i kinda choked and i didnt know what to say and then she said she had to go and she walked up to the lounge. after that we waited for b to walk in and a few others and then we walked back to the lounge area. there were people crowded around the ropes all night, and the cast would come in and out as they pleased. alec and godfrey and bobby and bruno were outside the ropes the entire night, mingling with people whereas sarah and b barely left the ropes at all. every time sarah tried to leave she was mobbed by people asking for pictures and autographs and i felt kind of bad because she just wanted to have a good time and she was stuck in the corner the whole time. the first people i actually met were grecia and maria, who are pilis best friend and sister. i became great friends with them all season on twitter and the whole night i was hanging out with them pretty much, just hanging back and forth, and grecia knew i had a letter for her and a letter for pili so as soon as she saw me she called kev and pili over to meet me and she introduced me to pili as ‘the girl i told you about’ and i almost cried i was so emotional and it was fantastic so i gave them their letters and they didnt read them right away but promised they would later and then i talked to pili for a little bit and she was SUCH a positive person. she kept telling me to smile, and love myself, and be happy every day and to never let the bad things get to me and she was just so fantastic and i admire her so much and it was incredible. i took a polaroid w pili, kev and my friend lauren and then it got a little nuts so i left for a bit and promised id come back. then i met zach and he was actually kind of awkward. im sure the whole night was overwhelming but i kept asking him how he was and he seemed super weirded out (which i dont blame him for), so i didnt really talk much to him. then i met sarah miller and she is just such a sweet caring woman. i told her the facebook updates of her family give me life because she has the most adorable family and she was almost crying telling me how much it meant to hear that and she kept telling me how sweet and wonderful i am and she was just such a great person to talk to. then we saw ashleigh and peter drinking at the bar and we were gunna go talk to them but their backs were facing us so we didnt want to interrupt and peter was pulling his arm around ash and shit and it was kind of interesting to watch the night unfold bc lord knows he wants her. so when they turned around i talked to ash for a bit and shes actually such a cool down to earth girl and shes so easy to talk to and such a grateful person and meeting her in person made me like her 10x more than i did on television so im really glad that we had the chance to talk. then i met peter and it was kind of funny and i felt bad because everyone was asking him where gary (who was not in attendance) was, and i was like omg like how embarrassing is that i mean at least pretend ur talking to peter for peter not to get to gary… so then i met jon, and he remembered me from nye which made me so so ecstatic and then he took a picture with me for old times sake. sadly i didnt get a photo with neda, but i did have the chance to give her my letter as she was on her way out so im happy with that :) then i met alec and he was actually a lot cooler than i thought he would be tbh. i perceived him as being a little full of himself, which i feel super bad about that impression now bc he was so chill and such a cool guy and so down for pictures and questions and everything. at another point during the night i was on the dance floor w my friend and alec and godfrey were there and they turned around and started dancing with us and alec is like DO YOU WATCH BIG BROTHER??? THIS IS GODFREY FROM BIG BROTHER!! and i was like omg i cant. so after alec it was the craziest 10 minutes of my life. my friend wanted to meet jordan so bad, and shes been in love with him all season so she was gushing about ‘how cute would it be if he kissed me’ and i kinda went along with it whatever, so we found him and she gave him a letter and he was so grateful and so happy, honestly hes like a little puppy dog just so excited about everything and so happy and he is such a positive person it was fabulous. so my friend told me to watch her and jordan talking and take a polaroid if they kissed and i was like YA OK SUUURE, i didnt expect it to happen, and then godfrey walked by so i turned around to get a picture with him and the next thing i know im being pinched sO FUCKING HARD on my hips and i screamed and turned around and jordan had kissed my friend (like a real kiss) after reading the letter and she was having a panic attack and i have a huge bruise on my hip (thanks lauren). so we spent time freaking out about that for a bit and through the night he would wave at us as we walked by, and pili would do the same with me, she would always wink at me and to know that our faves recognized us it just I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE IT it made me feel so good about myself <333333 so after jordan i met talla real quick and she was so cute, what you see is what you get with talla she is like 90lbs of fire shes like alittle chihuahua but a cute chihuahua not one of those ugly ones from that disney movie. then i met willow, and she was so so adorable!! so excited to be there, so excited to meet people and it made me feel so great. i took a polaroid with her and when it came out she was so amazed and i asked if she wanted to keep it and she started freaking out and was so happy so i hope she hasnt lost it haha. and i told willow that she is loved and i dont want her to forget it because i feel like she thinks so negatively about herself and it breaks my heart and she was so sweet and i love willow more than ever :)))) then i met IIKAAAAA she was an absolute queen she was so fierce and just all you would expect from the gorgeous and wonderful ika wong. then i finally got a picture w johnny because earlier in the night i was talking to him and this crazy fan girl pushed me aside and screamed JOHNNNYYYYYYYY and i was like wtf bitch u wanna fight like chill and johnny gave me a “yikes, sorry” look, and so yeah later when i met him again he was super super cool. then i met sindy and she was so much more mellow than i expected. i figured she would be such a huge personality and super drunk or whatev but she was very calm and chill and super sweet to talk to. then i met liza and she was so sweet but she looked a little sad and i know shit went down w liza and topaz/ika and i got the vibe that liza felt a little out of place at times idk, she was either sitting in the lounge or hanging with bobby (who btw had like 7 girls all over him and made one cry and he was goin for it) and didnt seem like she was havin as much fun but she still rocked. then i got a pic w bobby bc why not and he was having a little fun with all his ladies bc i could totally feel his “””””cell phone”””” through his pants when he hugged me. nuff said. then i found kev and pili again and i took a polaroid of them for them to keep and kevin was so happy i did and hopefully he posts it or something because it was super cute but he just put it in his pocket i didnt get to see the whole thing develop. then i met SLAYYYHHHAAA!!! she was having a super fun time and i didnt talk to her much she looked so gorgeous though but she was drinking and having a good time so i just got to snap a quick picture with her. by this time in the night it was super late and i wanted to go but i had letters to give to sarah so i waited by the rope to see if she would come by but some guy asked scott (i think) and he said sarah wasnt doing pictures tonight because she was a little overwhelmed and i completely respected that because it was chaotic every time she tried to leave, but i wanted to give her the letters at the very least. anick was being an absolute sweetheart all night and taking care of sarah and b and anyone who was kinda stuck in the lounge and went in and out to get water etc for them. and when anick walked by i asked her if sarah was feeling okay, or if she thought she would come say hi and anick said she was overwhelmed and i told her i respect that completely and i asked anick if she could give the letters to sarah. anick told me that it was so sweet that i wrote letters and if i was patient enough, that she would ask sarah to come talk to me so i was shaking at this point and so so happy that anick would do that for me. at that moment my friend asked jp to go dance again, and i held her purse while they hit the floor together and i kinda stood alone at the rope. thats when i met risha who was SMASHEDDDDD. she chugged a 40 of vodka at the end of the night like holy shit risha. at one point she turned around was slurred “do you wanna picture” and i was like oh okay sure! and then she nodded and said thank you for like a minute after i was done talking she was so smashed go risha she kept responding to me but i wasnt saying anything at all so shes like “thats good” “aww thank you you are so sweet” and it was a little awkward but so funny. so then jp and my friend came back from the dance floor and jp went back in the vip and we went back to the rope and my friend asked him if he could give our letters to sarah bc it was getting late and we had to go, and he said he would get her to come up and take a picture with us, which anick had just asked her and she hadnt come so i was nervous she would hate that she was asked again but jp got sarah and she came up and i was shaking and i remember asking her ‘is this okay, are you sure, i dont want to bug you’ and she was so so cool about it. she took the letters and she was so lovely and so kind and then she took a polaroid with myself and my friend (and anick took it because she is adorable). then i asked her if i could have a video for troy bc he wrote one of the letters and she was so cool with it she was so so sweet and we said our thankyous and we left and she went and sat back down and i felt so special and i was just so grateful to get to meet her. so we left the club and walked down the stairs and johnny topaz and ika were all hugging and kenny was feeding them chicken nuggets and it was so bizarre but also so perfect in every way and then we watched liza help the smashed and stiletto wearing risha make her way down the stairs and johnny screamed ‘SOMEONE VIDEOTAPE THIS, SHES GUNNA FALL’ and it was fantastic and so we walked back to the car and as were were driving away, we stopped at a pedestrian crossing and bobby, naeha, willow all walk by and we were like OHHH mYYYY GODDD like it was just sinking in how real everything was and yeah. not really a recap, more like a novel but that ladies and gentlemen, was the best night of my life.

stripper!Bucky AU ficlet + setlist

Okay, ctrlaltderezz requested that I post this setlist for stripper!Bucky, in collab with requiodile. The scenario and about half these words are Req’s. Playlist and the other half the words are mine.

Stripper!Bucky AU where art student Steve wins a ticket in a raffle as an entry to a super upscale swanky strip club, and and all the strippers are shooting him curious glances all night because this kid is just sitting there innocently drawing them, and Natasha notices he barely takes his eyes off Bucky, so she bets Bucky to see if he can get Steve flustered enough to put the sketchbook down.

Bucky opens up with Lykke Li’s “Get Some”, which is the song he actually TELLS the DJ to play. It’s filthy, but it’s also artsy and lets him show off that he can actually dance in addition to being a gorgeous whore. He stays on stage, sticks to his routine, but he spends the entire song with his eyes locked on Steve. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TTPGAy5H_E&feature=kp

When the DJ notices that Bucky’s actively trying to get Steve flustered, he switches into Cobra Starship’s “Hot Mess”, which is one of Bucky’s best songs because he just fucking loves it, it has a great beat, and the message of the song is essentially “you’re a hot mess and a total problem child and I love you just the way you are.” Steve gets redder and redder and redder at this point, and he’s clutching the pad like a shield because he literally can’t draw right now, but he hasn’t put it down yet so bucky’s not gonna stop. So bucky goes ‘fuck it’ and turns his stage show into a floor show and hops down on chairs and tables and works it, and he’s pretty sure he’s earning three times as much as he normally does on a good night.

As Bucky’s starting to get a lot more attention and everyone knows that he’s trying to fluster Steve, the DJ switches to Right Said Fred’s "Too Sexy”, which is NOT one of Bucky’s usuals, but he’s got enough sass and charisma to just ham the hell out of it and still be gorgeous and filthy sexy. Plus it’s a great song to really lose clothing to, so Bucky just strips out of that tight fishnet shirt he’s wearing and tears off his tight, strategically distressed black jeans, so he’s left in nothing but the tight-fitting little boyshorts that he wears, his silver rings, black wrist cuffs and the red star earring in his left ear.

Eventually he reaches steve, grabs the back of the chair with his hands on either side of steve’s head and arches his back, rolls his hips. ‘hey, big boy, whatcha drawin’? is it me?’
Steve is AGHAST. GOD WHAT DOES HE DO. WHAT DOES HE DO oh shit oh shit.
Bucky crawls into his lap and smirks. Takes a little bit of time to show off for the rest of the audience because he can’t just ignore them, that’s unprofessional.

Which is when the DJ actually does him a favor and puts on Jace Everett’s “Bad Things” to seal the deal. Because it is filthy, but it is also great for emotional intensity. Especially for grinding in the lap of gorgeous flustered art students. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMPNjPpdjKU&feature=kp

‘C’mon, let me take a peek.’ He tugs at the edge of Steve’s book but Steve clutches it closer, between them. Bucky basically squishes Steve against the chair, with the pad against them. He’s grinning because although Steve isn’t letting him see, Steve sure as hell isn’t looking away. But what interests him is that Steve is watching his face, not his body. So he gives one last, deep roll and grabs Steve’s face in a soul-sucking kiss and peels himself off. He doesn’t want to impose himself, but boy was that fun.

He prances his way back up to the stage to do a couple of more rounds on the pole and finishes the show with the next song. Once he gets backstage he basically gets mobbed with his coworkers going
'god you trashy piece of shit that was GREAT LOOK AT ALL THE CASH YOU GOT’
and 'dude did you see what he was drawing’
'what a cutie’
'he didn’t grope your ass once, that one’s a keeper’