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Drift Science and Compatibility

In (somewhat belated) honor of K-Day, I submit unto the fandom a canon-supported theory of drift compatibility and testing, based on PPDC officer UIDs.

ex. 1 (graphic)

ex. 2 (additional canon examples)

Raleigh Becket   R-RBEC_122.21-B
Mako Mori   R-MMAK_204.19-V

Stacker Pentecost   M-SPEN_970.89-Q
Hercules Hansen   R-HHAN_832.84-G
Chuck Hansen   R-CHAN_512.66-D

Newton Geiszler   S-NGEI_100.11-Y
Hermann Gottlieb   S-HGOT_471.120-V


Harlowe-Sheehan-Parker Compatibility Index: Ranging from 100 to 999, the HSP index indicates range of compatibility with other drift-capable individuals. The lower the number, the smaller the range of potential drift partners for the individual in question. A person with a lower HSP score is less flexible in dealing with dramatically different brainstyles, and requires a drift partner with either significant shared life experience, a high mutual degree of trust, or a close CORO pattern. Someone with a higher HSP score is significantly more adaptable to drift partners of disparate backgrounds, experience, and CORO profiles. Observe above how Stacker Pentecost and Herc Hansen have extraordinarily broad indices and thus may drift with nearly anyone.

CORO pattern: CORO patterns are shorthand for cognitive architecture, how a person thinks, processes input, makes decisions, etc. The range for CORO patterns is 1 to 99. If two people have the same CORO, they can establish a stable drift connection. Whether or not they can sustain a drift is a different matter, but generally being within twenty points of each other is enough to have a solid drift whether they get along or not. Mako and Raleigh are two points apart: they are Jaeger soulmates. Note that Stacker and Herc are five points apart: they are also Jaeger soulmates. Observe that Hermann’s CORO number is 120. The zero stands for a medical exemption, recommending against drifting due to his illness. Otherwise, he and Newt are a point apart.

Juno Keeler Trauma and Stress Tolerance Rating: Ranging from A to Z, from most stable to most easily destabilized, the Keeler rating (also abbreviated KTSTR, pronounced ‘kitster’) measures emotional volatility and resilience, and is also used as a general indicator for how likely someone will go to pieces inside the drift. Less precise than the HSP index and CORO pattern, the Keeler rating is based on in-person psychological evaluation and consideration of any previously lived trauma and/or extant mental illness. Note that a high Keeler rating does not contraindicate drifting, merely offers a warning for potential difficulties. Newt’s high rating is likely due to a mood disorder; Mako’s may be attributed to Tokyo. Observe also how close Raleigh and Chuck are to the beginning of the alphabet. Raleigh arguably had a fairly stable upbringing and, especially given his rating was handed out pre-Knifehead, a mature and level emotional response. Chuck might also have had a stable childhood before Scissure, and his low Keeler rating indicates he is not overly damaged by the experience, he isn’t emotionally-compromised, he’s just an ass.

IF YOU FEEL INCLINED TO USE THIS IN WORKS OF FICTION: I offer this drift science to the fandom for free, no catch, under a creative commons license. Adapt as your fanfictional needs require so long as no profit is involved. I thought the idea was too good not to share. If you do use it, please credit and/or link back to me, and feel free to message me also because I want to see what you do with it.

This is canon-compliant until canon proves otherwise. Go forth, beloveds, AND CREATE!

Dejah Thoris

Dejah Thoris was a character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs and was representative of a change in fiction to what would later by regarded as pulp fiction, featuring a scantily clad female thrust into various action sequences. Although John Carter was ostensibly the star of the series, Dejah was depicted as a more than capable companion, and the first John Carter novel in 1917 even made reference to her in its name – A Princess of Mars. The idea of Martians was a popular one in the science fiction writings of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Burroughs wrote stories about a man named John Carter whom traveled to Mars and met variety of other races long before they were ever put to comic format. Dejah’s origin is thus influenced more so by this genre of fiction and has carried through to modern day comics; simultaneously much of the science fiction that would come after, even to present day, has been heavily influenced by Burroughs’ novels.

As for the woman, Dejah Thoris is regarded as a renowned world-class beauty on Barsoom (Mars) and as such has become a popular subject of real life pin-up artists, so much so that she could easily be worthy of a blog dedicated solely to her. Despite her often sexualized appearance, Dejah embodied grace, femininity, duty, chastity, motherhood and is held up as the ideal proper lady according to Martian standards. While the choice of attire might be considered scandalous for a highborn lady for Earth customs, it was typical for Martians who do not cover themselves much, if at all. Unfortunately, her unmatched beauty made her a considerable prize, and Dejah became the target of unwanted affection from several suitors, even males of other species, such as the multi-armed inhuman Tharks and the vampiric Vathek. There have been multiple instances of villains going to extraordinary lengths to force themselves on her, including but not limited to, Thurid and Dagur Andlaust (whom both fell madly in lust with her), Tal Hajus and Matai Shang (who wanted to ravish and torture her out of pure sadism), Sab Than (who sought to force her to marry him for political convenience) and Salensus Oll, who desired to add her as the newest concubine to his harem. Regardless, she proved to be courageous, resilient and resourceful in the face of adversity.

Like all Martians, Dejah is ageless or at very least longed lived past reaching physical maturity - in her own spin-off series, its stated she is biologically in her early twenties, while chronologically she is over a century-old, making her 500 years-old by the time she meets John Carter. She has some innate psychic ability, and she can use this to communicate with others without talking as well as to interact with riding beasts. As befitting her warrior-princess status, she is an accomplished fighter, skilled in marksmanship, swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat. While the original incarnation from the books did not get to show these skills off and was notorious for being a damsel in distress that got captured by multiple villains in each volume, her many spin-off series portrayed her as being capable of outwitting and defeating opponents much larger and more dangerous than herself, including the Green Martians, Warhoons, Vatheks, White Apes and even going toe-to-toe against other accomplished fighters like Red Sonja in the comic story arc “Swords of Sorrow”. It should be noted also that she performed these feats without the superhuman strength and endurance of her husband, Carter.

She also has access to Martian technology, some of which allowed her to perform feat which would be impossible for humans. When necessary, she has proven to be a skilled tactical leader and strategist. She has inspired loyalty and devotion in a variety of other races as well as her own. It is shown that she also has an extensive education and natural predisposition in the areas of archaeology, history and engineering, initially more prominent in the Disney movie where she is depicted as the Regent of the Hall of Science on Helium, which was later reflected in the comics with her having similar interests.

The characters in the John Carter franchise have long since passed into the public domain, and the character is essentially free to be used by any company that desires to use her. She has been published by Dell, DC Comics, Marvel and Dynamite, with a different incarnation and continuity for each publisher. Her first appearance in any comic was in Four Color #375 (February, 1952).

(Note: this particular set will be a touch longer than most, and is done in honor of @fantasysyfyworld, one of my longest and most ardent followers - love you guys!)

The Trailokya Trilogy

In this exciting three part story, Author K. Williams weaves a tale to alter your perception of reality and put long held beliefs on the examining board.

Are you ready to enter the gates of Zion and learn the truth?Our reality is only a projection of the knowing.

The knowing is key to rising and going home.

A science fiction-fantasy trilogy that follows the rise and fall of the beings of Trailokya, a realm of three worlds created after the dawn of time. These three worlds gave rise to the human myths of Heaven and Hell.


Beyond the vales of perceived reality, exist the borders of space and time. At the dawn of existence, the universe was thought and one, named Nirvana. Nirvana was a world of technology beyond comprehension, where thought commanded reality, populated by beings unbound by flesh, atman of immense ascendancy called the Jñanasattva. Over the distance of years, thought became increasingly formed and the beings of Nirvana created two further planes, each infinitely vast and separate from the next, in which they could experience and play out their ideas. Time lengthened further and these new planes, the Astral and Avernus universes, which provided an unbounded existence in new resonances were found wanting.

Adonai, King of Zion, and a Jñanasattva of Nirvana, ordered the creation of what he called Trailokya, a trinity between three further territories: Jahannam, Samsara and Zion. Trailokya would serve as home for the curious children of Nirvana, each of who would be the life force that lived at the core of the new beings called sattva, the body kind. Jahannam was an echo of Zion, a dark mirror image, a grave and prison, while Samsara provided innumerable worlds floating in a sea of untapped potentials. Grateful to their ruler for the gift that brought them such freedom, the first children of Nirvana populated Zion, and called one another duta. The duta were an ascending race that never died but instead reformed themselves as their energies changed. Their favored form was that of a hairless primate, strong and tall, but graced with elegant wings and the speed and power of light. For them, Zion was made a boundless globe of land and sea beneath a blue sky, always stretching and growing into infinity, basked in the glow of a golden sun and awed by a silver moon and her stars. If ever they wished, they could return to the world that created them bound by no requirement or position…

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You should read How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe. Like, now.

OH MY GOSH IT SOUNDS SO GOOD!!! I am….a sucker when it comes to time traveling….and science fiction in general. My one true weakness………

I have to finished the Raven King and then I plan to read Trials of Apollo, but I’ll definitely check it out after that!! :D Thanks for the rec, I always love getting them!! 

Charlie Hunnam, Rhoticity and Raleigh Becket; OR, Good Sir, What Even Is Your Accent?

I am not a linguist, nor am I any sort of articulation or phonology-affiliated professional. That stated, my collegiate area of study was English Writing, which included multiple linguistics and language-history classes, I am a native speaker of North Midland American English, and I have beyond-passing familiarity with French language and speech pathology. What follows is a theory, and it may not be a popular one, but I just can’t take it anymore: I have to talk about Raleigh’s (and therefore Charlie Hunnam’s) accent, and how it pertains to characterization.

Hold onto your butts. We’re gonna get meta.

Keep reading

JOHN EGBERT WATCHING INTERSTELLAR FOR THE FIRST TIME IS A MESS the boy is damn excited because it’s a) got matthew mcconaughey and b) it’s science fiction and john is an absolute NERD for science fiction films. i imagine john would make such a big event of it he would drag dave (if not all the kids) to the theatre and make them watch it with him and if they dared utter one word of commentary out of line john would SHUSH them so loudly and put a finger over his mouth and his eyes would be really wide and he might hit them and during the really intense scenes like the wave planet scene and the bookcase scene he’s literally SLAPPING dave’s arm really REALLY hard and dave is like jesus fucking christ dude i know i know it’s exciting but you are literally going to impede circulation to my hand and john is WYLIN on this SHIT he is absolutely going OFF he is vibrating. he is amazed. the other kids are mildly concerned. jade probably really enjoys it as well but she’s not quite so intense about it. rose really likes to look at jessica chastain. john loves the end and maintains that living on a circular planet would be the COOLEST thing out. dave maintains that john would probably leave him for matthew mcconaughey 

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What's your favorite genre of fiction (or which would you read if you had to, if you don't like any)?

“I love fictional works. Don’t mistake me for some cold-hearted, unfeeling analyst. Those types never really get anywhere in the scientific community because they lack the spark of life that causes others to dream. A pitiful state to be certain.”

“One might expect a person such as myself to enjoy science fiction. This is untrue. Those stories always take themselves too seriously and demand a similar respect from their readers. I, of course, am ever eager to give it to them, and then find that they don’t deserve it. To put it simply, most contain too much fiction and not enough science. If you want to tell a tale of whimsical grandeur, call yourself fantasy.”

“Those are the ones I really enjoy. I’ve done enough research to understand the wild possibilities inherent in the physical world. But other worlds, worlds of magic and dragons… bad example. Worlds of unthinkable beings and fantastic tales, those challenge me to think. The world of fantasy is a clean slate, I enter the book with no preconceptions and leave it with a mind full of wondrous discovery. Does that adequately answer your question?”

Thank you @jackieisboring for asking me to do this!

Name: seriously, you gonna ask me that…it’s Deanna

Star sign: Libra

Average hours of sleep: 4-10 depending on the night

Lucky number: no idea, maybe 4 because I find a lot of four-leaf clovers

Last thing i googled: ‘Comment écrire un courrier professionnel’ (how to write a professional email) I have applications to work on 

Favorite fictional character? The version of me who has their shit together. Maybe Asami Sato or Dana Scully.

When did you start this blog? Almost two years ago, but I didn’t really post anything until last year.

Amount of followers: 174, thanks to every single one of you for putting up with me.

What do I post? Mainly shitposts about Quantico, the X-Files, the Avatarverse, Star Wars, Miraculous Ladybug, Orphan Black, various other fandoms, some photograph, social justice stuff, world news, and science but not nearly enough. I initially intended to run a science blog but that failed.

Do I run any more blogs? Not yet.

Do I get a lot of asks? Not really, but I love them so ask me shit.

Why did I choose this URL? Because I’m a lifeguard and a science major, very original, I know.
Gonna tag: @thelandofthemarchingbands @ellstra @r36lo993r @thechumbucketlist and @earthempiremutt

Ok like idk what the fuck is up with this but there’s a short story I’ve been trying to find for like the last year almost, and like no amount of describing the plot to people turned up anything and I’d all but given up on finding it until it showed up in an anthology of scifi shorts in a compilation put out by Omni SciFi magazine. The Fifth Omni Book of Science Fiction is what the compilation is called. Only if I look of the the Fifth Omni Book of Science Fiction, the story doesn’t show up in the table of contents, and it’s nowhere to be found in the pdf version of the book. And if I look up the title and author, there’s nothing.The author exists, sure, but none of the bibliographies listed for him include this story, and nothing aside from my copy of a 40 year old paperback scifi collection suggests that this story was ever actually written. I’m torn between scanning this and posting it on the internet for posterity’s sake, and keeping it hidden and not even mentioning the name of it to let it fade into obscurity like someone clearly wanted at some point…

Pew-pew and Kissy-kissy...What’s Not to Love?


Ever really wanted to make somebody’s heart spring a leak? Easy enough. Put these 678 pages in their face, then BAM. Mission accomplished.

With a hero-name like Dancer and an evil family trying to murder-death-kill their son for a plot, this was destined to snake my feelings. But truthfully, an action adventure science fiction romance just can’t go wrong in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s hands.

Everyone, probably: Yeah, yeah, just tell us what the book’s about, would ya?

Right. So, the deal is that Dancer has done pissed off the wrong people and Sumi? She works for those wrong people.

Poor chick is their slave, so she gets sent in Black Ops style to go kidnap Mr. Big Hulking Warrior.

The book’s got some external shenanigans, like a few rescue missions and a handful of combat engagements. But, for the most part, this ain’t your run-and-gun kind of story. Dancer and Sumi spend lots of time unpacking their shit-tons of personal baggage whilst having sexy boinking and trying to, you know, not die.

While Sumi might not seem like it her first Meet and Greet, this chick is as tough as a damn diamond. Like, girl is hardcore for-realness a professional badass.

“I look forward to ripping out your spine and beating you with it.” - Sumi

*Cue all of my applause!* DAAAAAMN WOMAN!

Still, as hard as she is, this girl’s backstory is as brutal as Dancer’s is sad. Despite their warrior-ing it up all over the place, in the end our OTP are survivors. Please…allow me to give them ALL of my feelings, thank you.

Poor Dancer has his sexy butt tied to Miss Asshole Fiance Chick, and I swear this glitch is psycho-crazy evil, like a female Hitler-In-Space.

Poor Sumi is fighting to get her daughter back, which OMG that gave me a million tears, fears, and cheers.

And, lastly, poor OTP has The Big Evil that’s gunning for both of them.

Born of Fury is character-driven out the ass, with family and culture being huge in this novel. AND I AM SO HERE FOR THIS!

“Family isn’t about the blood you share, it’s about the people willing to bleed for you.” - Maris.

“Just remember, family isn’t perfect. It’s just perfectly ours.” - Shahara

This. Book. Is. So. Damn. Good!

The various settings and intricate world building and narrative flow, they all cued my fangirl-flailing, but as always, dat humor! It hit my funny bone SO good. Side characters and old favorites alike had my heart going boom boom.

“Shh! I’m being stupid and I have to concentrate for it.” - Nero

“We’re here to petition the Overseer. You’ll have to forgive my bodyguard, he’s a little irritable, but I can’t blame him. I’d be irritable, too, if I went a month without a bowel movement.” - Bastien


But that love don’t hold a pigeon-smidgen to the agapē I was rocking for Dancer. Boy was a damn nuclear force on every mother-flippin’ page!

No, really. As in, really really.

1. An alpha protector.
2. A beta personality.
3. A horrendously scarred warrior.
……..4. Yes all of my catnip, thank you!

But on top of ALL that glorious fangirl bait, Dancer was a virgin. A VIRGIN OMG DO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY THAT MAKES ME?!

His virginity having been so interestingly woven into his cultural identity and backstory was amazing, no doubt. But, GUYS! Reading a story where the heroine’s had the sexy-times but the hero has not?


I mean, when you consider the fact that touching Sumi equals death ouchy-ouchy for Dancer…? Can we say next-level?!

“For one touch of your precious hand, I gladly consign myself to death.” - Dancer

Great. Now I’m dead. Purple prose can go gag itself on a lawnmower, because when paired with the story’s contextual framing, that was romantic as frickty-frack! But the powerful romance isn’t the only thing that’s got me making out with this book.

Characters were constantly tossing out beautiful words of wisdom, dropping profound truth bombs like it was no big.

“Fain taught me early in my life to listen with my eyes and not my ears. Lips and tongue lie. But actions never do. No matter what words are spoken, actions betray the truth of everyone’s heart.” - Dancer

BOOM! Right in my feels! One minute Born of Fury lands a direct hit to my heart with elegantly moving words, and in the next?

Devyn: Guess what? Guess what?! I grew a monkey, Uncle Hauk!
Vik: Not that I haven’t been the sacred embryo’s monkey from birth, but this is a little ridiculous. Don’t you agree?
Hauk: Vik?
Vik: Who else would the bonebag torture THIS badly? I would be more upset about it, but look. Opposable thumbs!

Vik: Got it. Want me to run it?
Hauk: Nah. Why don’t you sit there and stare at it for a while?
Vik: Syn, could you please remove his anal probe?

Whoomp, there it is. The undeniable proof this novel deserves your eyeballs.

It’s funny, it’s badass, it’s cute. It’s got moments that will rip your heart out in itty-bitty bloody pieces…The heroine beats up the bad guys, the hero is adorable, and both are POC characters.

You, dear reader, got exactly zero excuses to not read Born of Fury. Now shoo.

(If you like my writing voice or you think I’m funny…[or you just really wanna laugh at a fangirl for fangirling]…then SHAMELESS YOUTUBE CHANNEL PLUG IS SHAMELESS! I review romance novels and Asian dramas, so that is a thing and now you know.)

Fangirl Musings: Link!

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Lady Hemsworth's singing ability/ Literary creativity?

((She’s been trained in singing, but admittedly, her natural talent lies in composing music and science, and she’d rather put her efforts into those pursuits (even if she occasionally uses her voice to help with music)
As for the writing side
She’s read the books stated in her curriculum, as well as ones in fashion with the LLC, but really, she doesn’t have much patience with fiction and its drivel the romantics eat up. And her story writing is sub-par. Occasionally, it gets too informative and objective, like science report writing lmao)

Free Kindle Book - [Science Fiction][Free] Fall of the Cities: Putting Down Roots

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[Science Fiction][Free] Fall of the Cities: Putting Down Roots

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); As Harry and the other residents of Orchard Close struggle to survive, a new crop of problems present themselves. Unstable electricity damages equipment, days are spent scavenging for ammo, weapons, food, glass bottles, and of all…


Display of Gene Szafran’s illustrated book covers for 13 of Robert Heinlein’s books. I put together this display for my local library a few years ago. My Dad gave me a few of these books from his science fiction book collection, and then I tracked down the rest of the books that Szafran did. I was even inspired to make a wood cut-out painting. Szafran’s work is fantastic!



External image

C-3PO Star Wars™: Empire Strikes Back R2-D2 Star Wars™: A New Hope © & ™ 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Comics legend Stan Lee, Lt. Uhura of Star Trek, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling – what a party that would be! Star Wars vs Star Trek – could you really choose just one? You have the power to put your favorite science fiction films, television shows and authors…

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                        MOLD THE WORLD IN OUR IMAGE

                                       "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.“

The battle for supremacy has been won. The Originals reign victorious, and the entire framework the humans have established over thousands of years crumbled in a few short weeks. Atlantis has risen from the depths of the ocean, bringing the ancient Originals hidden inside for centuries to the surface. With an entire world to rule, the Originals have decided that it is time to put their differences aside and attempt to coexist with humanity. They were the dominant race, and humans would learn their new place in the changing world. But after millenia underwater, the hidden city had dark secrets of their own.  Almost one third of the population were being forced to live in terrible conditions in a part of the city that was never meant to house their people. Rebellion was inevitable and with the mainland on their side, the fate of Atlantis was now up in the air.

A Legend Reborn is a fast-paced, long term, plot-driven roleplay currently in its second year and fourth major plot drop. It is centered around a conflict between the Originals and the Humans with the focus being on New York City. The Originals were the first to inhabit the Earth, but were almost driven to extinction by the humans. The survivors took to the shadows and began to plot a way to take back what they consider to be rightfully theirs. They were behind the Second Generation Project, a genetic modification program that modified a child’s genetic code while still developing within the womb. The Government has considered the project to be theirs, and were trying to snatch up all the Second Generation subjects for their own research purposes. The Originals have trained the Second Generation to be soldiers in their army. The Hybrids are half Original/half Human and are considered to be failed test subjects, and therefore were wiped off the planet except for very few survivors. Many have sided with the Humans, and wish to see humans rule the world without Original interference and so the battle for final control of the planet continues on.

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Meet the Company Offering a Chance at Immortality for $200,000

Meet the Company Offering a Chance at Immortality for $200,000

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More and more people are signing up to be frozen for a chance at life after death. So the question is, would you?

Zack Guzman writes: In the desert climate of Scottsdale, Arizona, rest 147 brains and bodies, all frozen in liquid nitrogen with the goal of being revived one day.

It’s not science fiction — to some it might not even be science — yet thousands of people around the world have put…

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Free Kindle Book - [Science Fiction][Free] Zed's World Book One: The Gathering Horde

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[Science Fiction][Free] Zed’s World Book One: The Gathering Horde

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); The most ambitious terrorist plot ever undertaken is about to be put into motion, releasing an unstoppable force against humanity. Ordinary people – a group of students celebrating the end of the semester, suburban and rural…

Silly Interview with S.B. Divya, Defense Attorney for the Oxford Comma

Thanks to S. B. Divya for granting me a silly interview!

S. B. Divya is one of those people who is talented across many areas: science, engineering, art, fiction, music, and extreme sports. She’s got a shiny new novella available from Tor next month.

1. Your bio says that “S.B. Divya is a lover of science, math, fiction, and the Oxford comma.” I am here to tell you that the Oxford comma has, unfortunately, been put on trial for its life. However, you are its defense attorney! Make your case.

Your honor, I humbly present the Oxford comma, also known as a serial comma. It is abastion of orderliness in a sea of grammatical chaos. This comma is an exemplary citizen, always obeying a simple rule: that it follows each item in a list until the last. Let us not create an exception to the rule! Let us not say, “It follows each item in a list except for the second to last and the last, which shall be joined by a conjunction.” Nay, let us stand fast against such unwieldy rule-making - such convoluted thinking - and embrace the simplicity that is embodied by this innocuous punctuation mark.

2. Any good debater should be able to do both sides of the debate, right? If you had to, how would you argue that the Oxford comma should go to death row?

We all know that prisons and pages suffer from overcrowding. Why not make room by removing … ah, no, never mind. I can’t do it! I can’t betray my ideals and play devil’s advocate in a convincing fashion. “It’s a waste of space” seems to be the best this side has to offer, and really, in this glorious age of digital documentation, who cares? No trees were harmed by the insertion of one little comma.

3. Your website has a headline showing five eff words: fact, fiction, feminism, future and family. Do they all figure in your writing?

They do. Of course they feature in my blogging, but those are common themes in my fiction as well. Let me break them down one by one, starting with the word “fact.” I love science, and I love incorporating it into my fiction. This is not to say I haven’t dabbled in the magical arts, but my favorite stories are the ones that involve a kernel (or more) of plausibility.

Fiction - this one speaks for itself! I’m getting to the point where I could write about being a science-fiction author, to tie this one back to the fact side.

Feminism: the “f” word that started it all. Yes, the female (and gender neutral!) characters in my fiction are equals to the males. Ultimately, that’s what feminism is about so far as I’m concerned. Equal opportunity - it sounds simple on paper, but it’s a beast to wrestle in the domain of social change.

As to the future, that’s the realm of most science-fiction. It’s probably fair to say that I speculate about the future more than the average person. This doesn’t always work in my favor (think disasterizing on a regular, involuntary basis), but it does give me plenty of ideas for stories.

And family? None of us would exist without one. Even the lone wolf character is defined by the absence of family support. Whether by blood or adoption or romance, family is what drives us at a fundamental level. This is what shapes our personalities at an early age, where we learn who we want to be.

4. You have a novella coming out from Tor.com Publishing. What was the best part about writing it?

That nobody had any expectations of it - not even me! I wrote it on a lark, an attempt to write something longer after working at short fiction for nearly two years straight. This meant I could throw in a lot of my favorite topics - gender divides, social inequality, hackers and tinkerers, the beauty and danger of nature - and out popped a mess of a story (my first drafts are like that) with a main character who I loved and a compelling plot.

I didn’t know what to do with the thing after I wrote it so I let it lie for a while, figuring I’d eventually edit it and submit to the usual magazine suspects. I went back to short fiction for a few months until I heard about the open call for novellas from Tor.com Publishing. Writers (like most people) can use a good motivator. This one got me to revise and submit the novella because, why not? I had nothing to lose!

5. What was it like working with Tor.com’s new arm?

When Tor.com Publishing offered me a contract, I was blown away. My editor there has been extremely patient and thoughtful while working with me. I knew very little about the world of book publishing, and that was what I was dealing with. I took a bit of time to find a wonderful literary agent, who was also very patient and understanding, and then the ball’s been rolling merrily downhill since then.

I’d say the whole experience has been extremely smooth. My husband and I have been doing a major home renovation over the same months that I’ve been working with Tor, and the latter has been much easier to deal with! They handled the cover art and design (which I love) and have been proactive with marketing and publicity. I haven’t published any other books so I have nothing for comparison, but I would certainly recommend them to any writer.

5. You do a lot of what I guess I should call extreme sports. In our house, we mostly call them adventure sports, and the only one I do is SCUBA diving. What draws you to these hobbies? And if you want to tell a story or two… I certainly wouldn’t *complain.* ;)

I love being outdoors. Nature is my temple, and being out in the wilderness restores my sanity in wonderful ways. As for the adventure sports, I can lay some of that at my husband’s feet. He was a diver before we met, and he convinced me to try it. I loved it! Still do. I place a lot of faith in the technology that lets us stay underwater, and I hope we make some advances there before I’m too old to dive. My best and worst dive experiences were during a week-long liveaboard trip in the Maldives. The best: huge manta rays swimming just inches above me on their way to a cleaning station. The worst: currents! Holy fast currents, Batman, those were tough for me to deal with.

Mountain biking was another one that my husband drew me into. I love easy cross-country rides, but I’m not an aggressive rider. I never learned to jump or ride ramps - the Slickrock trail in Moab defeated me after two downhills - but I love where these rides take me. You can go a lot further on a bike than on foot in the same amount of time, which means you get to see more amazing scenery. Sure, some of it whizzes by, but I walk all the scary sections so I get plenty of time to take it in.

(And then there was that time we almost got lost in the desert…as the sun was setting…and it was raining…and I nearly strangled my beloved husband for not backtracking in time…but we made it out alive. We did damage the delicate cryptobiotic soil during our exit, which I’m not proud of, but you know, survival takes precedence. Not as dramatic a story as 127 hours - thank goodness! - but exciting enough for my tastes.)

To flip the narrative a bit, I did get my husband into snowboarding, and I’m usually the impetus for backpacking trips. I also arranged a trip for us on deep-sea submarine off the island of Roatan. Our deepest point was around 1100 feet. That was an incredible experience. Everything is still and silt-covered - it looks like undisturbed dust. We lost most of the marine life around 300 feet, and then we saw lots of strange little translucent jelly-things.

I’ve done a decent amount hiking in and around Yosemite, and I got up Half-Dome the year before I got pregnant. Those cables are scary, but the exhilaration of being up there - awesome! I stole from these experiences shamelessly for Runtime, and I wish I had access to the technology that my main character does. My biggest weakness in sports is literally that I’m weak. I don’t have a ton of strength or stamina so having gear that enhances my body’s natural abilities would open some amazing doors.

The one “extreme sport” I’ve wanted to do for a long time is skydiving. Now that I’m a parent, though, I feel like it would be irresponsible to do it until after my daughter is more grown up.

6. Upcoming projects and any other notes you’d like to make–please insert here!

Since I’ve written about it above, this is probably where I should mention that my novella, Runtime, will be available from Tor.com Publishing on May 17. You can pre-order it now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.

I’d also like to put in a word for Escape Pod, the science-fiction podcast and magazine, where I work as Assistant Editor. I hope people will go listen to some great stories (or read them on the website if that’s their preference). A lot of what we publish is original fiction and I hate to see it missed because it’s not a traditional genre magazine.

Astral Projection Schmastral Projection

In a few issues of the Sensation Comics, and Wonder Woman original runs, a wide variety of pseudosciences make an appearance. The difference between pseudoscience and science fiction is that pseudoscience claims that fictional things are in fact real science, and science fiction is science that is possible but makes no claim to reality. The biggest example in Sensation Comics #11 is astral projection. This is the idea that a person can cast their spirit or consciousness out of their body and into the world. 

Wonder Woman solidly puts this pseudoscience element in the realm of fantasy by never applying logic to it and involving gods from other planets with butterfly wings. This aspect of Astral projection encourages the audience to accept the lightheartedness that is in much of the Wonder Woman comics. 

It is important to notice how many fantastical things happen on the pages of wonder woman comics. In almost every issue it seems there is a new supernatural element of some kind or another. Gods intervening, Diana getting new powers, or any number of supernatural villains all help to create a whimsical quality to wonder woman.