putting on the pads

You know what every clothing retail needs more of? Readily available boxer-briefs for butch cis women and trans men so we don’t have to choose between buying expensive ones online or just buying the ones in the cis men’s section and dealing with having to make sure we hit the bull’s eye on where we put the menstrual pad. 

03/25/2017 (83/730)

Nutrition was completely on point. Grilled for the first time this spring. Probably fire it up at least once a week now.

So much stuff around the house today. I screwed up and didn’t do cardio right away; it never got done. Rather I moved furniture and put down a new area rug and rug pad. And then moved it. Then turned it 180 degrees. But it looks nice.

If you have only gotten to know me in the last 8 years, let me make something clear to you. I have never been quiet about my political, economic, and religious views. My stance as a humanist, atheist, progressive, democratic socialist is not a secret. I am not afraid to discuss these topics, as I deeply believe that open, frequent, fact centered debate is the highest hallmark of our democracy, and one of the most reliable forces of peaceful change available to us. My dedication to human rights, social justice, and economic equality should be no surprise to you.

But if you have only known me in the last 8 years, you have only known me during a democratic presidential term, and that means my opinions and dialogue has been tempered by the successes of progressive leadership. Youve never seen me while a republican was in charge.

In short, yall aint seen nothing yet.

People with Vaginas

I know a lot of people on this website are just getting their period or will be getting it soon so please share these tips that i wish I’d known when i was 14

- If you get blood on your panties, scrub it out with soap immediately before putting it in the wash to loosen the stain.

- wear your pad farther back when you are going to bed

- wear your pad farther forward if you are going to be walking around a lot

- DO NOT wear a tampon for more than 6-8 hours (wear pads to bed)

- don’t wear a tampon if you have no flow

- staying super hydrated helps with cramps

- other foods that help with cramps and soreness is bananas, kale, broccoli, pineapple, whole grains, and dark chocolate

- excess sugar can negatively effect your mood while PMSing

- use your period cramps as an excuse for being incapable of doing a task if that is the case (it is often too touchy of a topic to question further)

- Just remember that this happens to every girl and if you need pads or tampons, you can openly ask any female.


I crafted a sigil just a minute ago and was trying to think of a discreet place to put it so it wouldn’t attract attention. As I was rummaging through my bag for post-it notes, I found a crushed box of dollar-store band-aids.

And then it hit me!

I used a pen to draw the sigil on the cotton pad, charged it with intent, and put it on a pulse point on my ankle so it would stay charged throughout the day.

Voila! Totally discreet, incredibly cheap.
Now they’re cheap band-aids so they probably wouldn’t be good for anything long-term. But for quick charms it’s great! Plus you could easily incorporate some color magic with different colored bandages, and they have that double meaning of “healing” that you could play with.

I can’t believe I never had this idea before!

Okay but April Fools day in Bitty’s sophomore year, the entire team dresses up as Jack Zimmermann and swears to be him. Like and they wont drop it either. Like Jack is so confused and then mildly put off. And everyone’s doing their own Jack impression. Ransom padded his ass a lot. Bitty keeps saying every song is by Taylor Swift. Shitty makes up random history facts and shouts them through out the day (even though they’re wrong). 

And they may or may not pay a random freshmen to recognize one of them (who is not Jack) and ask for an autograph and then she ends up with like ten.

Dex doesn’t even bother to buy a wig. But if anyone asks, yes he is Jack Zimmermann.

(And Jack actually ends up really enjoying it by the end of the day, because these are his friends and he loves their way of showing affection)

I’ll Help

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Periods

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Sometimes you wake up and there’s blood and the last thing you expect is Bucky to want to help rather than simply be grossed out

Notes: Because I, and other vagina owners, sometimes just want a guy who isn’t freaked out by periods but rather wants to help and make sure you’re okay.

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keep sickies away!

it’s getting chilly outside (some of you even have snow like us) so here are some ways to prevent littles from getting sick !!

• double up blankies at night 🌟
• zip up coats & put on hats & gloves
• everybody wash, wash, wash your hands 💦
• sleep to strengthen immune systems
• eat colorful fruits & veggies ☁️
• wipe down play areas
• keep on the move, but avoid crowded places ✈️
& for the littles who already caught that pesky winter sickness !!
• put vapor rub on chest before bed 💫
• lay down with a heating pad (on low) if chills occur
• drink/eat lots of soup or broths 🌿
• have lots of popsicles for sore throats & fever 🍼
• turn on a humidifier at bedtime
• disinfect toys, bottles, pacies, & give stuffies a bath 🐭

i know being sick means lots of mommy or daddy time, but it’s no fun to feel ill so remember to stay warm, clean, & hydrated this winter !!

Okay but imagine the first time Alec spends the night Magnus wakes up and feels around for his Shadowhunter but the bed is cold and he sits up at the smell of something cooking wafting from the door and he puts on his robe and pads into the kitchen to see Alec in sweatpants and his old T-shirt, his hair ruffled and messy and his feet bare, humming softly to himself as he flips a pancake on the grill and Magnus’ heart melts at the sight of the full on breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns, cereal, sausage, muffins, and coffee laid out on the table before him. Magnus leans against the doorway and smiles. 

“I find it extremely attractive when men can cook, you know.” and Alec jumps and spins around, holding a spatula in one hand and it isn’t until now that Magnus realizes that Alec is wearing his flowery apron and he holds back a laugh as he also notices the flour that dusts Alec’s pink cheeks and his hair. 

“I-uh good morning.” Alec stutters out, giving Magnus a lopsided grin. “Did I wake you?“  

“No, darling. You’re fine.” Magnus sits down at the table. “What’s the occasion?”

 "Occasion?“ Alec repeats. 

 "For this buffet.” Magnus sweeps his arm dramatically to gesture at the food before him and Alec’s face goes from pink to a crimson red. 

 "I-uh well….I’ve never had breakfast with you. I actually don’t know if you even eat breakfast. Some people don’t. So I… I don’t know what you like. And I thought for letting me stay the night I would repay you. Except I don’t know if you’re a pancake person or a bacon person or a cereal person-“ And Alec suddenly runs over to the counter and brings over a bowl of fruit. "I also brought fruit. I don’t know if you like fruit. I just thought it would be nice, you know? I mean, breakfast is the most important meal of the day-" 

 "Alexander.” Magnus gets up and walks towards him, positively beaming at Alec and a blush on his own cheeks as well as he stares up at the younger man while wrapping his arms around his neck. Alec’s hands find their way to Magnus’ waist. “First of all, to be clear. I didn’t LET you stay the night. That sounds as if I had no other choice and it was against my will. I wanted you to stay the night because I want to spend every minute of every single day with you. Second of all, you do not ever have to repay me nor do you owe me anything, my sweet. And third of all, how much more adorable can you get?” Alec ducks his head down to hide his flushed face but Magnus takes his chin in his hand and makes Alec look at him softly. “You realize I can just magic breakfast, right?" 

 Alec doesn’t make eye contact with Magnus and mumbles, his face still red but now he’s smiling. "I wanted it to be special. Our first breakfast together. Couples celebrate that, right? I’m new to dating, as you know. Is that a milestone? I don’t-" 

 And Magnus laughs and touches his forehead to Alec’s. "You complete me.” He whispers and Alec laughs back breathlessly and softly and tightens his hold on Magnus’ waist. 

 "For the record, you guessed correctly. I am a breakfast person. Nice apron, by the way.“ Magnus chuckles and wipes some flour off of Alec’s cheek with his finger and pecks him on the lips for a few seconds then pulls away.

 "Let’s go eat breakfast, angel.”

 "Okay.“ Alec looks positively giddy but as Magnus starts to untangle himself from Alec’s grasp, he pulls him back towards him.

 "What kind of pancakes do you want?”

 "What do you mean?“ 

 "I… may or may not have made multiple variations of pancakes because I wasn’t sure what you liked. There’s original, of course, but there’s also blueberry, chocolate chip, chocolate, cinnamon roll-”

 Magnus bursts out laughing, his heart gushing with love for Alec and he kisses him again and pecks him on the cheek for good measure. “Blueberry sounds wonderful.”

Day Thirty-Eight

-A woman’s total came out to $66.66. I was happy. She was not. She added on an item to ruin that. She was happy. I was not.

-An older woman was in front of a mother and her small child in line. The elder turned to the younger and asked, “What is his age?” The mother answered her. The questioning woman looked the child up and down, then said, “That is a good size,” before turning away and ceasing all conversation. I will admit that this was an apt, albeit unexpected, appraisal of the youth.

-I have realized that nothing is more inspiring or surreal than hearing a kindly looking woman in her eighties shout, “Crap!” without prompting. This is a phenomenon that truly must be experienced to be appreciated.

-I went out on a limb and made a risky investment. I bought two pads of Halloween stickers and put them in a decorative bucket on my counter. Kids loved it. Teens loved it. Parents loved it. Grandparents loved it. One man did not. These are analytics I can accept.

-A young girl purchased a Barbie remote control drone. What kind of unreal futuristic utopia are we living in, and why was I never given a Barbie drone?

-A mother told me that she regularly let her two year-old child play on her phone. This had always been fine, until the mother received a confirmation email for a purchase the child had made. She did not question it, cancel it, or look into it, and looks forward to finding out what she has coming her way. This is the kind of parent that I aspire to be.

-I was brought a drink from Starbucks that was mocha, white mocha, and strawberry. I was already sold from the first sip, but then I was told the name of the drink, and now I will devote my life towards seeing the Count Frappula on the regular menu.

-I asked a woman if she had found everything alright. She replied, “I don’t love those ears.” The few seconds before I realized she was referring to her cat ear headband and this was not a sudden attack on my physical appearance were very overwhelming.

tips for everyone who gets a period

1. get an old sock and fill it halfway up with uncooked white rice. tie off the ankle and throw it into the microwave for around a minute. use it for cramps, also if your feet are cold at night.

2. if you have no pads, here is how you make a toilet paper pad. first you get one long strip and fold it up a bit, and put it in your undies like a pad. take another long strip and wrap it around the other way to secure the first piece. if you don’t do that second step, the first piece will get caught up in your fiddly bits and it won’t work !!!!!!!

3. take painkillers as soon as you see blood. do NOT wait until the cramps start. take it from me.

4. chamomile tea is a muscle relaxant and will help your cramps.

5. drink water !!!! stay hydrated !!!!!!!!! this is a general life tip but it helps periods too.

6. get to sleep on time. seriously, don’t pull an all-nighter if you can avoid it. it’ll make everything hellish the next day, or at the very least you’ll crash and it’ll be hell.

7. hot baths can also help alleviate cramps. also, if you want to feel all aesthetic-y, you can light a buttload of scented candles and turn out the lights. it’s super cool i promise.

8. take care of yourself friend, i promise you’ll make it through uwu

EDIT: Alternatively, you can use velcro or snap buttons for this method, if you are not comfortable with using magnets on a headwear. The main idea of this tutorial is to introduce making 2 parts of the wig be detachable and exchangable. I used magnets because it was what I had at home at the time.

Wig Hacks Wednesday #2 !
Have 10 upcoming cosplays and all of them have undercut hairstyle? Fear not! You can make the most out of your undercut wig, and re-use them for all your undercut husbando’s with this simple method. (Info about wigs in pic listed below)
- Get heavy-duty small magnets. I got mine from Home Depot for about $6 for this 40-piece pack. You only need 10 magnets to complete one wig project at first, but getting a bigger pack will save you money in the long run
- Using a short base wig, flip it inside out and put it on a foam head. You should pad the foam head prior with papers so that the size is closest to your head size since foam head tends to run small. This is very important to get the right fit for the undercut
- Snip the wig lace around the head curve, leaving the undercut high enough to keep its shape on its own
- Trim the short base wig as short as you can without wefts showing through, spray and blow dry the hair down. At this point, use hot glue to attach the magnets around the wig near the top (2 magnets on the sides by the ears, 1 at the center back, and 2 inbetween)
- Grab 5 more magnets and stick each one to your magnets on the wig from previous step (no glue for this step)
- Place your half top wig on top of the foam head. Position it on all sides to make sure it can reach and cover all the magnets. If needed, use a small piece of fabric to fill in spaces so you have a flat surface for gluing rather than just wefts
- Put hot glue on the second set of magnets, and press the top wig down onto it. Do this one by one, start from the magnets on the sides by the ears, and work your way to the back
- Adjust the top wig hair and blend it with the undercut wig, using your fingers and hair spray
Now you’re ready to join a Korean boy band, ice skate to your own song, and hunt down some titans with this hairdo!
- make sure to press and hold until hot glue completely dry or magnets might fall off, low-temp works better if you have dual setting on your hot glue gun
- you can’t shampoo the undercut wig with the magnets so make sure to wear wig caps ALWAYS to pretect your wig from excess oil and sweat from your natural hair/head (nylon or stocking style of wig caps are great for this, plus it keeps your hair flat)

Wigs used in this tutorial: Rufio in Natural Black (CL-077), Jaguar in Sandy Brown (CL-071), and Caine in Black (CL-078) from Arda Wigs

  • Lily: [after Astronomy Class] Did you know that Muggles put a man on the moon in 1969.
  • James: I don't believe that for a second.
  • Lily: It's true. they had a rocketship and special suits so they could breathe.
  • Peter: [quietly] What's a rocketship?
  • Sirius: More important question! What happens if a werewolf gets put on the moon?!
  • Lily: Oh Come on! What are the odds of that?
  • James: No, No Evans! Hear the man out! What would happen if you put a werewolf on the moon Pads?
  • Remus: [sweating nervously in the background]

There was a lizard with an absurdly round head in my room. I had to get him out before the larger animals found him but every time I tried to pick him up, he threw his head back and growled like a dog.  When I could finally pick him up, he would shiver in my arms.  I took him outside and asked my mom where I should put him and she told me to leave him where the lily pads grew.  I said “You…want me to throw him in the pool?” and she rolled her eyes and said “Very funny.  You know where the lily pads are.”

So, I take him to the lilypads which were growing out of the ground at the base of the pool and set the lizard down.  His right eye kept falling out and regenerating really quickly.  There were about five little lizard eyeballs on the ground before I told him to keep his eye sockets closed until the tissues holding his eye in his skull could regenerate too, to hold his eye in place again.

Something I noticed while watching All Out!! Episode 13

So we all remember this scene, right?

I’m not sure how familiar everyone is with the sport of rugby, but as a rugby player myself I was taken aback because those pads are NOT proper training gear. They’re pads put in place in case anyone accidentally runs into the poles during practice/ a game. Why does this matter?

Since they’re not built for training, the material they’re made out of is generally less cushy than proper training pads (like the one we see Gion and Iwashimizu use here).

And let’s not forget that behind the pad there isn’t a person, but a METAL POLE. So what does this all mean? Every time Hachioji runs into the pole, he’s having to endure a WORLD of PAIN.

I haven’t personally ever ran into one, but according to my teammates who have, it’s incredibly painful and not a pleasant experience. Granted, it won’t leave you with any significant injuries (thanks to the pad) but it still feels as bad as running into a pole does.

The first thought that I had was “Why doesn’t he just use the proper pads?” but then I realized: he can’t. You need TWO people to be able to use it, and no one on the team wanted to practice with him, forcing him to resort to using the padded pole to practice.

I don’t know if I’m making a big deal over nothing, but I just think it really speaks to how dedicated Hachioji is to the sport of rugby and how much he dealt with without ever complaining or anything.

Pregnancy Sentence Starters

“You’re getting so big!”

“Just a few more months and we’ll have one more addition to the family~”

“Honestly how many times will you make jokes about this we’re GAY”

“What should we name them?”

“It’s kicking!!!”

“Take me to the hospital- now”


“I hope it’s not a republican”

“We need to make this entire god damn house BABY PROOF”

“I don’t care if it’s not a girl I’m getting our baby a barbie”

“God I hope they don’t get your father’s nose like you di- COUGH - …oh nothing”

“Put the baby music pad on we’re playing Beyoncé so they have a good taste in music”