putting on some classic red lipstick

The Signs as Makeup 💄
  • Aries: Liquid eyeliner. Because it's fierce as hell but also makes u rage quit, both of which are common Aries pastimes
  • Taurus: nude eyeshadow. Because it seems too quiet and subtle to be beautiful but yet, here Taurus is... I mean nude eyeshadow.
  • Gemini: colorful mascara. Because why? But also, why not? Put it in your brows n push some limits, like a true Gemini.
  • Cancer: white eyeliner. A staple for when you cry but don't want people to know u just cried, much like a Cancer might do.
  • Leo: anything holographic. Because it steals the show and it shines, which Leo's r known to do.
  • Virgo: foundation. You know a good makeup look needs some. It smooths everything out, like a Virgo w bed sheets.
  • Libra: smokey eye. Classic, classy and adaptable, Libra approved.
  • Scorpio: graphic eyeliner. It's mysterious.Who has the time? Who has the patience? So many questions. It's also bold, like a Scorpio.
  • Sagittarius: "no makeup" makeup. So many steps. It's an adventure to get there. which is.... exactly where u started.... life is about the journey, the Sagittarius motto.
  • Capricorn: red lipstick. When you put that on you mean business, and that is something a Capricorn can respect.
  • Aquarius: hair glitter. Bet you didn't think of that. It's cool n unconventional, like an Aquarius.
  • Pisces: green lipstick. It's different. Almost the exact opposite color of what u expect. Pisces has thought about this. It's a statement.

While I’m rather pleased with how this selfie came out (especially for being taken in a school bathroom), that’s not the point of this post.  The point is that lipstick I’m wearing above, my beloved Red Velvet and matching Red lipliner by @besamecosmetics.

I applied that lipstick above at about 6:45 this morning (and I am certain of the time because I know I was out the door at 7am to catch the subway).  According to my phone, I took that picture there at 5:06 pm, with no reapplication of lipstick throughout the day whatsoever.

*all the sparkly heart eyes*

There’s a little feathering around the edges (easily fixed by a fingertip), and the center of the lips has worn off a little, but regardless - this level of wear over that period of time is amazingly impressive.  Add into that the big-ass iced coffee, multiple glasses of water, and numerous snacks (including some very oily Marcona almonds) I had throughout the day, and my love of this lipstick just grows.  The company recommends an ‘apply, blot, re-apply, blot’ method for putting this lipstick on, which is what I did here, and obviously it’s worked.

Okay, to be fair, I already knew that this Red Velvet lipstick is my holiest of holy grails when it comes to lipsticks (thank you Peggy Carter, for that one), but I had to share just how damn good this looked by the end of the day.  So if anyone out there is looking for a recommendation for a classic red lipstick…well, you know exactly what my answer will be.

You Belong With Me

Pairing: Dean x reader

Song: You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift

Summary: You see Dean eyeing and talking to a glamorous, clique-y girl at a bar and, feeling threatened by her as you and Dean aren’t together, go home to sing and dance to You Belong With Me, only to have Dean discover you doing this.

Words: 1138

Warnings: slight nudity, no smut but a tiny bit of boob grabbing

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She was society’s perfect definition of beautiful. Undoubtedly relaxing at the top of the social foodchain, this woman attracted stares from every person into girls who was present, in a very early One Direction song kind of way. She was donning shoes with heels bigger than some men in the room’s private parts, a classic little black dress and red lipstick that would probably stain on clothing like permanent marker. Her hair was curled into perfect blonde ringlets, which she swished around now and then. “Fuckin’ hell” you muttered as you saw her, and put on a dejected face. You were in this bar, fresh from a hunt, with dirt on your old t shirt and your faded blue jeans.
“You can say that again” Dean nodded. You assumed he was agreeing for a different reason, though.
“Sam!” You called. “Come here for a sec.” 
A little roughly, you pulled Sam aside. Him being your closest friend aside Dean and someone who knew about your thing for his older brother, you felt like you could confide in him. “I can’t be around Dean when this perfect girl is here” you sighed, nodding in their direction, where the woman was obediently laughing at presumingly a joke Dean had made. “It makes me feel so ugly and invalid. It just emphasises the fact that he’ll never like me.”
“Hey!” Sam protested. “You don’t know that.”
“Don’t get my hopes up, Sam. I’m outta here. Make up some excuse for me?” You asked as you turned to leave.
“Anytime” Sam shouted after you. “Don’t overthink this…”
When you got back to the bunker, you were restless and it was getting late, so you decided to crash. You put your iPod on shuffle while you were getting ready for bed. The third song was You Belong With Me. Having loved the song for many years and listened to it many times, you automatically started singing along.
“You’re on the phone with your girlfriend she’s upset, she’s going off about something she said, but she doesn’t get your humour like I do…”
When the third line played you thought back to the fake smile on the woman’s face as she did her obligatory laugh at Dean’s joke. You turned your back to the door and, upon doing so, your face to the portrait on the wall of you and Dean (next to the one of you and Sam) and started singing to it, in a typical-teenage-girl fashion. 
“… Dreaming ‘bout the day that you’ll wake up and find that what you’re looking for has been here the whole time” you slipped your top off to get in your pyjamas at this point, while shaking your hips and bouncing a little as a way of dancing to the song. However, you got too lost in how relevant the words were, so you forgot to actually change beyond that.
“If you can see that” Dean knocked softly on the door, and, getting no reply, eased it open. He stood in the doorway as you sang, without you knowing he was there. “I’m the one who understands you” you pointed at Dean’s face in the photo. “Been here all along so why can’t you see? You belong with me” 
Dean zoned out for the next few lines as he recalled the events of the night…
Dean’s POV
Oh God, I see it now. I’ve hurt her. I went over to talk to that girl and that just made her feel worse about herself. How could I hurt her like that? 
“… And you’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town…” You chuckled while dancing, remembering his gorgeous smile. 
“She wears high heels, I wear sneakers, she’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers…”
Dean shook his head and let the chorus fly by again as he hung his head, sighing.
“… All this time how could you not know? Baby, you belong with me”
For the bridge, you stopped still but continued to sing. “Oh, I remember your driving to my house in the middle of the night, I’m the one who makes you laugh when you know you’re ‘bout to cry, I know your favourite songs and you tell me ‘bout your dreams, think I know where you belong, think I know what’s right for-“
You whipped round on the last line and saw Dean in the doorway. 
“D-Dean” was all you could think to say, your body beginning to shake. “I thought you would have gone somewhere with that beautiful girl.” You hung your head and your cheeks turned red. “Shit” you realised you were topless in that moment. “You don’t want to seem me like this.” You moved to get your top, but Dean rushed forward and grabbed your arms before you could do so.
“Y/n, wait. Please let me explain.”
“You’re just saying that cause there’s a girl who likes you with no top on in front of you.” You muttered.
A look of hurt crossed Dean’s face. “Y/n, no. I saw how bad you felt about that woman so I went to ask her if she could come and tell you you were as beautiful as her. She said of course, she’d always help a girl out… But you were gone before she could move a muscle.”
“But… But… How can you think I’m beautiful? The kind of girls you go for are tall but not too tall and have perfect soft skin and clear, pretty eyes and shiny, flowing hair and big boobs and a nice ass and a flat stomach and plush lips and I don’t have any of-“
Dean interrupted you by fitting his hands around your face and crashing his lips against yours. For a moment, you were shocked, but you kissed him back after a second, letting out a contented “hmm”. 
“You’re beautiful” he mumbled into your lips, his hands transferring to your waist. “And smart. And hilarious. The girls I flirt with are a distraction from how there’s a perfect girl right in front of me but I can’t have her… Until now. Plus, you’re seriously hot” he smirked and gave your boobs a quick squeeze through your bra. 
You let out a grunt of pleasure at that and Dean gently pulled his lips from yours, pressing your forehead against his, looking into your eyes.
“Sure, people have bigger boobs than you” he admitted, “but it doesn’t mean I can’t think about my hands and mouth on your perfect ones every night” he grinned. 
You let out a fake gasp. “Dean! You’re filthy…” You laughed, punching his arm playfully.
“Not as filthy as you right now” he quipped. “Maybe those jeans should come off too?” He raised his eyebrows and you chuckled again, undoing the button on your jeans.

New York is the city that never sleeps—undoubtedly because the music is just too good to turn off. With that in mind, sonic-centric makeup brand ARDENCY INN introduces “The Sound of New York,” a cacophonous collaboration with four of the city’s most-requested DJs. “Downtown New York is ARDENCY INN’s birthplace and the visual backdrop of every photoshoot we’ve done,” says co-founder Stephane Siboni. Co-founder Gilles Kortzagadarian adds, “We feel [these DJs] collectively represent the sound of the city right now. Individually, they inspired us to create MODSTER Lip Vinyl in four uniquely bold shades.”

The chosen muses all paint on distinct personas for the campaign—gothicly glam Audrey Napoleon, boho wild child Brooklyn Dawn, effortlessly edgy Becka Diamond, and modern bombshell Valissa Yoe—grounded with one versatile lip formula. Whichever shade you chose, this non-sticky, long-wear liquid lipstick is loaded with intense pigments, reflecting a patent-leather shine that’s just as glossy as the ladies’ jet-setting lifestyles. So, swipe on the Lip Vinyl of your choice, and rock out to an exclusive 30-minute music mix created by each muse available now on ardencyinn.com. Here, we check out each DJ’s one-of-a-kind color, pair it with some of our favorite NYC noises, and offer up chart-topping new ways to remix the look. RENEE TRILIVAS

THE MUSE: Audrey Napoleon (DJ, producer, and performer)
THE LOOK: ARDENCY INN MODSTER Long Play Lip Vinyl in Dubstep Remix
THE SOUND OF NEW YORK: Canal Street Subway Stop: with a combination of underground grit and timeless thrill, this dark and dangerous deep plum reminds us of the steely shriek and exhilarating zoom of Chinatown’s subterranean underbelly.
THE REMIX: Press loose gold glitter over this rich mulberry shade for a customized, gilded finish.

THE MUSE: Brooklyn Dawn (DJ and producer)
THE LOOK: ARDENCY INN MODSTER Long Play Lip Vinyl in Studio Mix
THE SOUND OF NEW YORK: Union Square Street Performers: like the so-good-they-should-have-a-record-deal buskers, this melon tint is playful, experimental, and always unpredictable.
THE REMIX: Turn it down by patting on a wash of pigment with your finger for a sheer, dewy flush of color.

THE MUSE: Becka Diamond (DJ, style maven, and blogger)
THE LOOK: ARDENCY INN MODSTER Long Play Lip Vinyl in Club Remix
THE SOUND OF NEW YORK: SoHo Taxi Cab Horn: this electric magenta is a bold jolt of head-turning energy that makes sure you see it loud and clear—even through the heaviest of gridlock.
THE REMIX: For a flash of matte color, apply a few coats of lacquer, blot for a stay-all-night stain, and get ready to cause some trouble.

THE MUSE: Valissa Yoe (DJ and stylist)
THE LOOK: ARDENCY INN MODSTER Long Play Lip Vinyl in Original Mix
THE SOUND OF NEW YORK: Broadway Show Tunes: part classic, part up-and-coming, this fiery red-orange lacquer adds drama and always puts on a good show, much like the roar of the Great White Way.
THE REMIX: After applying your favorite red lipstick, slick this glaze on the center of the lips for a pop of dimensional shine that makes lips look fuller.

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Ardency Inn / MODSTER Long Play™ Lip Vinyl in Original Mix

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Ardency Inn / MODSTER Long Play™ Lip Vinyl in Club Mix

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Ardency Inn / MODSTER Long Play™ Lip Vinyl in Dubstep Mix

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Ardency Inn / MODSTER Long Play™ Lip Vinyl in Studio Mix