putting off the blue

yugi’s shirt and leather pants: become a crop top and capris
joey’s t-shirt and jeans: become the powder-blue hell that yugi now lives in

15.05, the gift that keeps on giving: blocking edition.

look, everyone knows where my priorities lie with this new season, but even objectively speaking, this shot is awesome. you don’t need the context of the story to see that dylan is an intruder that tucker, wash and carolina are all united to defend against if necessary, at varying levels of readiness: tucker is armed but here to listen, wash is prepared to engage if he has to, and carolina will shoot dylan if she so much as twitches threateningly. 

only seconds pass between this shot and one that i didn’t even think was going to make it into the episode:

like. damn. joe understands his fucking visuals. once again, you don’t have to hear what they’ve been up to to know that they’re okay: you see it the moment they form up. 

everybody’s place around this table isn’t an accident, either. (and i love that caboose and tucker’s preferred red is over on their side. that’s a nice touch.) even if you don’t consciously notice it, the positioning of the characters in “previously on” suggests unity and balance at multiple points throughout the episode.

sure would be unfortunate if something happened to throw this off…

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Viktor is a barista at a coffee shop near where Yuuri works. Yuuri stops in each morning and they obviously notice each other -- there are jokes about spelling Yuuri's name wrong etc. But one morning Yuuri walks up to order and Viktor already knows his standard order and that makes Yuuri super anxious because he doesn't like people remembering him since it feels like a lot of attention so he stops going to the coffee shop in the morning... take it away :D

Yuri or Yuuri?

length: 1.6k; rating: all ages;

“So the barista is…”

Attractive, Yuuri’s mind finishes automatically. The barista is off-putting in simultaneously the best and worst possible ways. He’s off-putting in the best way because he’s gorgeous, silver-haired and blue-eyed and everything that Yuuri’s wildest dreams couldn’t even come up with. But he’s also off-putting in the worst way because the barista’s aforementioned attractiveness makes Yuuri’s words come out in awkward, pieced-together chunks that make him appear to be an idiot.

“…nice,” Phichit finishes his phrase, smiling knowingly at Yuuri.

“He’s nice,” Yuuri agrees, dismissing the topic with a wave of his hand. He takes another sip of his drink.

Phichit takes the cup out of his hand, and Yuuri tries to grab it back, but his friend is squinting at the name written on it. Yuri. “He spells your name wrong.”

“Plenty of people do.”

“There’s no line right now. Why don’t I go correct him?”

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  • Me, who has never read Ava's Demon: why do these people have storage rooms in their torsos
You’re cute (Ethan x FemReader) fluff short

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(A/n): I’m actually so behind it’s not even funny

Request:  Hi, i know you’re crammed with a bunch of requests. But if you could get the chance, I would love to see a cute, fluffy coffee date with Ethan ^.^

Warnings: fluffffooff


“(Y/n), french vanilla!”

The barista called out a name and order quite clearly. (Y/n), the one the order was for, stood from her small table with a tad of awkwardness.

Over to the counter she walked, brisk actions encasing her movement.

Surrounding her, people spoke- though the girl wasn’t able to decipher any conversations. (Y/n) made her goal simply to grab her coffee and walk back to her claimed seat.

“Holy god…” one bystander commented quietly. Small pieces of his blue hair fell from its put place- waterfalling in front of his equally as blue eyes. He spoke again:

“She’s so pretty…”

(Y/N) took less than thirty seconds to go back to her table. There, she placed down her quaint coffee and peered up. She said something quietly.

“Ethan, you alright? You look like you’re staring off into a void and your coffee’s getting cold.”

The man in question remained in his trance when he heard her sweet voice. Lord, he loved it too much. Lucky, he felt, to get to listen to it all day long.

“What was that, babe? I was too busy basking in your beauty.” Ethan offered, leaning further over the table politely just to view her better. A dopey smile held together his expression.

Ethan loved (Y/n) so much.

“Ethan, please, you are actually making people stare.” (Y/n) laughed at her friend, sitting down fully. She was comfortable.

“I was remembering when I met you here.” the boy commented, tilting his head shyly.

“You mean when some asshole took my table and you offered to have me sit with you?” (Y/n) finished.

The girl giggled at the very thought and spoke again “You had whipped cream all over your upper lip.”

“Did I?!” Ethan cried funnily. He shook his head in embarrassment and sighed, collapsing his gaze to the table’s surface.

“I thought it was cute.” (Y/n) tried to reassure him, blowing softly on her hot drink.

“I thought you were cute.” Ethan defended.

“Ethan!” the (h/c) haired girl laughed.

“Sorry!” He beamed back at her, starting to giggle as well.

“I think you’re cute.” he corrected himself “How’s that?”


(A/n): ethan ethan ethan have a short cute ethan fic to make you happy

@kaxpha for the Lost Lance!AU

I have a whole shit ton of headcannons about Blue and Lance for this AU and I honestly don’t know how much will match with what you already have so I’m going to put it under a cut.

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Hey! Okay so in your Sheith Fam house tour you mentioned that Keith likes to garden sometimes! Do the kids ever help him? I can totally see lil Hunk wanting to help his dad plant flowers, and just have a pleasant and wholesome time.

[The Voltron Family] Little Hunk woke up early on a Saturday morning to pee. It was 6:50am according to the big clock in the hallway. He decided to go to the master bedroom to give his daddies morning kisses when he saw that the room was empty. Puzzled at the scene, the little boy slowly went down the stairs to look for his daddies. They were not in the living room nor were they in the kitchen. Then he heard voices outside the garden. “A little to the left, love. Yeah, that’s it. Perfect.” Hunk smiled. It was Daddy Keith’s voice.

He quickly climbed the couch to look outside from the window and he saw Daddy Shiro and Daddy Keith (definitely not wearing pyjamas). Daddy Shiro was moving a big tree trunk with branches, all lined up with the rest. Hunk had no idea what for. He climbed down the sofa and opened the door that lead to the gardens.

Keith: *spots Hunk* Oh, baby. You’re up very early. *smiles*
Hunk: *walks over to his daddies* Whacha doing?
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow* Questions before morning kisses? I say you’re being rude today, sweetheart.

Hunk gasped and quickly apologized by giving his daddies the morning kisses they deserved. Then he asked the same question again.

Shiro: The flowers your Daddy Keith and I ordered just arrived last night and he thought of gardening today. I’m trying to help him out before 8am since the hospital called me today.
Keith: Like I said, it’s fine, baby. *smiles at Shiro* No need to beat yourself up for it. *muses* You should go back inside now and take a bath or else you’re going to be late. I can handle all these gardening myself.
Hunk: *shifts in place* *plays with his pyjama top* I… I can help! *raises hand*
Keith: *turns to the boy* *gasp* *places a hand on his chest*
Shiro: *smiles and squats so he’s eye level with Hunk* I’ll leave it to you then, buddy. *pinches Hunk’s nose* 

When Shiro left for the day, Keith and Hunk were geared up for gardening. Matching Daddy and son overalls because honestly, Shiro was just sappy he wanted to take a photo of it himself. “First Gardening Adventure” he told Keith and Hunk as he sniffled while looking at the photo on his phone. They both had straw hats because it was going to be sunny outside and they had to protect themselves from the heat of the sun.

Pots and sacks of flowers were in a corner and Hunk just stared at them while smiling so wide because they were all so beautiful and he didn’t even know their names. Daddy Keith grabbed Hunk’s hand as they made their way to the tree trunks with branches that Daddy Shiro placed. 

Hunk: What are these yellow flowers, Daddy Keith?
Keith: They’re called Dancing Lady Orchid.
Hunk: *softly touches the flower* *giggles* They do look like dancing ladies.
Keith: *chuckles* They do, don’t they? *hands on hips* Now where do you think we should put them? 
Hunk: On the tree trunk? *tilts head*
Keith: *nods* Yeah.
Hunk: *rubs chin* Maybe on top? Cause they’re small so they might not be seen if they’re going to be at the bottom. *looks at Keith*
Keith: *smiles fondly* On top it is then. *ruffles Hunk’s hair*

A few hours later, Keith and Hunk went inside to eat breakfast with Lance and Pidge. They asked what was going on and when they found out, they asked if they could join the gardening. 

Lance: Pidge, can I borrow the shovel?
Pidge: It’s called a trowel, Lance. The shovel is the one Daddy Keith is using. *points at Keith digging a hole with a shovel* *gives Lance the trowel* 
Lance: *blinks* Oh. Huh. That’s so big and it looks heavy.
Keith: *smirks* It is heavy, buddy. Would you like to try it? 
Lance: I don’t think my tiny arms can even carry that thing, Daddy Keith. *makes a face* You’re asking too much from a six year old. What kind of father are you?! My other father will hear about this! *gasps dramatically*
Keith: *shakes his head in amusement* Oh, but imagine if your Daddy Shiro found out that you used a shovel to help me dig the ground. Imagine how proud he will be… *grins at Lance*
Lance: *perks up* *pulls his sleeves up* *stands up and approaches Keith* Give it to me. I can do this.
Keith: I’m just joking, captain. *laughs* Go back to your chair and continue planting. 
Pidge: *rolls eyes* You’re such a show off, Lance.
Hunk: Daddy Keith, can I put these blue flowers over here?
Lance: Blue flowers?! Where?! *snaps head to Hunk*
Keith: They’re called Hydrangea. We’ll put them all in one row after I’m done digging, Hunk. You can help me with that later. 
Pidge: They’re so pretty. Like little flowers in a ball. *laughs*
Hunk: Okay, how about this one though? The red ones.
Keith: They’re West Indian Jasmine. *smiles and approaches Hunk* Check this out. *plucks one flower* If you take the nectar out, you can actually taste it. *places it inside his mouth* Really sweet.
Three kids: *gasps* *plucks a flower each and tries it*
Lance: Oh my gosh. *giggles*
Keith: Now, give me all your flowers. *takes them* If you connect them together… *connects the flowers* you’d get a bracelet.
Hunk: *places hand to cover his mouth* That’s so pretty!
Lance: Can I make a crown, Daddy Keith? *tugs Keith*
Keith: Sure you can, buddy. 

The kids made their own bracelets and flower crowns when Shiro texted Keith.

Takashi Shirogane [09:05AM]
How are my little gardeners? :D

Keith Shirogane [09:06AM]
They’re making flower crowns now and bracelets lol Here’s a photo.
[pic of the three kids being busy with Keith photobombing doing a peace sign]

Takashi Shirogane [09:08AM]
I have fallen and I can’t get UP. OH MY GOD. You’re all so cute!!! Give them my kisses please! And you of course. ;) Wish I could just ditch work tbh.

Keith Shirogane [09:10AM]
Takashi, NO.

Takashi Shirogane [09:11AM]
Takashi, YES.

in case you guys ever need reassurance that i am, in fact, a loser:

  • my macbook’s name is carolina. she runs my life. she is also getting kind of old.
  • my 4 tb hard drive is named epsilon, but that seemed kind of pushing it since church fucking deletes himself. the drive’s official name is just baby. it is a good baby. i still call it epsilon though
  • my 1 tb backup drive is iota, because by that point i gave no shits.
  • my kindle is eta, because it is smaller than…
  • theta, my 8 inch nextbook tablet! theta was actually named after a different theta, but i consistently forget this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • i named my mini-stick pc north, which cracks me up, because the computer itself fits in your palm. when i was first setting up windows 10, the colors were fucking BLINDING, and the only thing i could stand to look at for the home screen was a purple on the cooler side. so when windows asked for a name, i said north, duh. and thus the gargantuan become the smol.
  • my essential oil diffuser just happens to light up into all of the AI colors. it’s also my first diffuser, so naturally, i named it alpha.
  • my drawing tablet is sigma. 
  • this month i finally got another desktop pc! it’s the second one i’ve owned in about a decade, and it’s badass, so naturally it is beta tex.
  • and yes, she makes carolina look bad but it’s not a fair comparison so shhhh.

and there you have it. proof red is a fucking nerd.

my only worry is that i am running out of names that won’t make me cringe.

Fighting With Daddy

Text: From Nina

Hey girl did you see what was on the news today?! It’s all over social media as well!!

I sigh and roll over in my bed trying to ignore my phone ringing. It’s Monday and thankfully I have a vacation from work this week. I don’t do shit anyway but model bra’s. A job that Namjoon hates but hey he raps and I pose. I hear my phone going off yet again and I finally decide to get up and check to see if something is up. I groan getting up from my bed and going down stairs to the front room sitting on my couch turning the TV on. My phone in my hand as I sit down on the couch. I pout combing my mess of hair out with my hands. I don’t see anything on the news that seems to be interesting so I go upstairs putting on a cut off black shirt and light blue short shorts that show my ass cheeks a bit. I put on long socks that are black and white and go up to over my knees. I go into the bathroom fixing my face. Namjoon is suppose to be over later today but we decided to stay in the house. But who says I can’t be sexy for him without going out? It’s been month’s since he’s last been to LA and I do miss him dearly. And the fact that he’s not staying long just makes my heart crumple.

I go back down stairs and sit back on the couch pulling my phone from the table calling my girl back.

“Hello?” She answers sounding a bit upset.

“What’s wrong Nina? You said that something was on the news and you kept blowing me up.” I say getting up to go into the kitchen fixing myself some cereal. I sit on the bar turning the TV on in there as well and she sighs.

“Well I know that you were excited to see Namjoon come home to you today. But I saw some photos of him at Warren G. studio. He had his arms around this girl’s waste —-.” She says and I laugh loudly eating some of my cereal.

“Yeah so what? Mmmmm good cereal. He hangs with girls and I am ok with that. And it’s jsut a picture.” I say stuffing my mouth with more captain crunch.

“No baby.. His hand is low like how he hugs you.. Now I’m not suggesting that you be mad at him or anything but maybe you want to talk to him? I have to go I’m at work right now. But I will send you the pictures ok?”

“Ok..” I say softly hanging up the phone.

She sends the pictures to me and my mouth drops open. I almost drop my bowl to the ground and I have to put it down looking at the picture with rage. I zoom in on his hand and I feel my anger rising more. Then I see more pictures of him and her and I growl putting my phone down. More like throwing it down. How dare he!? He barely takes pictures with me and when he does he tells me not to post them! But here she is and what? He can just take pictures now?!

I go upstairs and pace around in my bedroom. I look around at the walls that we painted together. The blue and black walls so pretty with our names and hand prints on them just for fun. I sigh and sit on my bed putting my head in my hands as I hear the door open. I get up and go down stairs peeking around at a Namjoon who has his back turned. I sneak into the kitchen and I wash out the bowl my hands shaking with rage as I dry it.

“— I’m home.” Monster says coming into the kitchen I brace my hands against the sink biting on my bottom lip trying not to blow up on him. He comes up behind me trying to hug me and I move from him taking his hands from away from me but I don’t look at him.

“Did you have fun today and yesterday?” I ask him going to the kitchen closet looking into it wanting to throw the rice at him.

“Yeah.. It was an amazing couple of days. I feel so lucky.” He says laughing softly.

“I bet you do. I bet it was.” I say bitterly holding onto the doorknob not realizing how tight I’m holding it.

“Jagiya.. Is everything ok??” He asks me with a worried tone grabbing at my shorts and I sigh slapping his hand from me.

“Whoa whoa what’s going on here. —.. —!” He yells my name and I jump turning around to look at him. His eyebrows are furrowed as his neck veins pop out a bit due to him having an frustrated look on his face.

“Why don’t you fucking tell me?!” I ask pushing him and he approaches me a bit his height shaking me to the core but I’ll be damned to tell him that.

“I don’t even know what the hell your talking about. I just got here and already you wanna pick a fucking fight? What did I do this time??” He asks and I cross my arms over my chest looking up at him.

“THIS TIME?!? THIS TIME?!?! AS IF ALL THE OTHER TIMES ARE MY FAULT?!” I yell at him and he backs up a bit anger rising in his smooth features. He takes his mask off as well as his glasses and I just realize what he’s wearing. A black tank top revealing those dangerous muscles and black skinny jeans that he is sagging in a bit. I look off that color on him having a effect on me but I’m not letting him off that easy. His black beanie hugs his head tightly. He licks his lips leaning against the counter looking down at me.

“No no. It’s not your fault ALL the time. BUT BUT YOU DO IN FACT START HALF OF THE ARGUMENTS! SO I’M FUCKING ASKING YOU SINCE YOUR YELLING WHAT DID I DO NOW?!?” He yells his face turning red.

“WHY DON’T YOU FUCKING GO ASK THE GIRL WHO YOU WAS CAUGHT HUGGING!” I scream turning around hitting the stove. I hear a scoff and a hand grabs my wrist turning me around looking down at me.

“THAT’S WHY YOUR YELLING?!? A FUCKING PICTURE?! A GODDAMN PICTURE?!” He asks and I try to walk away from him but he grabs me again turning me back around. He’s made it obvious he’s not letting this one go.




“IF YOU TRUSTED ME YOU WOULDLN’T FUCKING CARE HOW I HELD HER, HOW I LOOKED AT HER!” He says backing away from me turning around and throwing his beanie off revealing those perfect blonde locks.

“You don’t know how hard it is! I have to sit at home EVERYDAY! SEEING ALL THESE GIRLS AROUND YOU WANTING YOU CRAVING YOU AND HERE I AM THE WORLD KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT ME AND AND!” I say stopping myself as tears start to fill my eyes and he turns around looking as if I slapped him.

“DON’T YOU FUCKING CRY! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO SAID LETS WAIT TO GO PUBLIC! THAT WAS ALL YOU! I ASKED. I FUCKING BEGGED AND YOU REASONED WITH THE FANS. THOSE SAME DAMN FANS LIKE THE ONE I GAVE A HUG TO YESTERDAY! AND THEN YOU COME AT ME LIKE THIS?! I TRY TO GIVE YOU EVERYTHING! I’M IN KOREA BUSTING MY ASS FOR YOU! GRINDING FOR YOU. FOR US! HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL!? WHEN YOU DO TAKE PICS WITH GUYS OR GIRLS IN JUST THEIR UNDERWEAR NOT SHOWING ANYTHING WITH THEIR HANDS ALL OVER YOU?!? ONLY I SHOULD BE ALOUD TO TOUCH YOU LIKE THAT! AND YET. YOU GET MAD ME BECAUSE I GRABBED HER like this?!” He ask resting his hand on the small of my back. I didn’t even notice him approaching me until he had his hand on me. I look up at him my heart beating fast from the way he’s staring at me. I can’t even look at him in the eyes. He sighs heavily wrapping both arms around my waist and grabbing my ass. I moan putting my hands on his chest trying to act like I’m not all that affected by what he’s doing to me. He raises his hand up to grab my chin making me look at him in his eyes. He rubs his thumb over my bottom lip and I part them for him.

“Daddy is so disappointed in you baby girl.” He says. I open my mouth to say I was sorry since guilt washed in that he was indeed right. But as soon as I try to say something he puts his finger to my lips silencing me.

“I don’t wanna hear you speak right now. Daddy is here now and it’s time for me to put you back in your place.” He says deeply. I groan as he backs from me grabbing my hand pulling me behind him upstairs. Each step is slow and I feel my heart hammer harder in my chest almost drumming in my ears.

When we get upstairs we go into my room and he shuts the door locking it. He lets my hand go and looks down at me. His eyes rake over my body and he licks his lips slowly. He walks behind me wrapping his arms around my waist pressing himself flush against me. He sweeps my hair to the side kissing my ear before he whispers in my ear.

“What does daddy expect from you when he gets home?” He asks sucking at my weak spot on my neck. I moan and he pinches my thigh hard bruising the skin.

“O-on the bed. On my hands and knees.” I say and he lets me go. I look up at him and he nods his head slowly. I walk over to the bed about to get on it but Namjoon stops me.

“As much as I like that outfit I want you to take off the shirt and shorts. Leave your socks on.” He says. I nod my head turning around to him looking down as I reach for my shirt my skin heating.

“Look at me when I do it. No my eyes jagiya.” He says softly but I can hear his dominance in the tone as well.

I sigh and I look at him holding eye contact my heart beating triplets as I take my shirt off still staring at him. I trail my hands down to the button on my shorts as he releases a deep sigh and I can see him poking through his pants. I try to keep his eye contact but my hands keep slipping because I’m already sweating so much. I look down at my shorts and I whine when he says my name in a threatening tone. I look up at him shaking my head.

“I-I can’t do it daddy. Please help me.” I say and he gives me a tiny smirk before he comes up to me. He pulls me to him roughly his hands hook around the front of my shorts.

He undoes my button as his brown eyes stare deep into my soul and he unzips it slowly making me release a gasp as he fingers brush over my panties. He drops to his knees slowly still keeping eye contact with me as he pulls my shorts all the way off and takes my feet out of them placing them beside us next to my shirt. He kisses up my body kissing my pussy through my panties and I finally have to break eye contact to keep myself from cumming.

“Do you know what you do to daddy?” He asks me licking my bottom lip but before I can even try to kiss him he moves back shaking his head and I whine.

“You were so mean to daddy. I don’t think I should have mercy on you. What do you think?” He asks me grabbing hard on my lace black panties. I squeal softly looking up at him.

“No mercy daddy.” I say softly.

He throws me on the bed hoovering over me grabbing my lips in a rough heated kiss. He pushes his hand against my throat choking me a bit as the kiss depends. He makes me drop my jaw with his thumb and he slips his tongue into my mouth quickly stating dominance. He grinds down into me, my legs wrapping around his waist as I grind back up. He sucks at my tongue slow and deliberately trying to make it to where I need breath. He flicks his tongue over the rough off my mouth tracing the ridges. He licks over my teeth and bites my tongue before he pulls back our spit connecting our lips still.

He releases my throat looking down at me as he takes off his tank top throwing it to the ground revealing those nice smooth abs that every girl wants to see. He sits on the bed and pats his knee. I groan climbing to him and he places me over his left knee his hand groping and grabbing my ass. I bite into the covers with anticipation.

He brings his hand down roughly against my skin spanking me repeatedly. I feel the multiple stings on my ass cheeks as he continues to whoop me. He stops after a few minutes sliding my panties to the side pushing a finger deep inside of me.

“Don’t you dare moan yet or I will stop.” He says brushing his finger against my spot. I jerk forward a cry leaving my lips and he smacks my ass slamming me on my back looking at me.

“H-How can I not m-moan and your fucking with my spot!” I yell and he softens up a bit pulling me to his lap. I straddle his waist as I look down at him.

He pushes his finger into my mouth and I moan around the digit tasting myself. He unclips my bra with one hand pulling it from me and throwing it on the ground. He fixes me to where I’m on his knee and he removes his finger as he sucks at my neck again leaving more hickeys.

“Ride my knee baby.” He says softly.

I nod my head starting to grind my pussy against his knee as he cups my breast with his hands kissing and licking on them. I throw my head back in pleasure moans leaving my lips back to back as he closes his mouth around my left nipple first flicking that skilled tongue against the bud. He pulls on it with his teeth as well as nibble on it as his other hand plays and teases my free nipple. I grind harder against his knee feeling my wetness leak out but I don’t care at this point I just want him to fuck me. He releases my left nipple trailing kisses to my right one and repeating the same process. One of his hands slide up and down my spine as he sucks harder on my breast making me release more moans and shake under him.

He lets my nipple go placing me back on my back as he kisses down my body. He spreads my legs wide his eyes looking at the socks that reach up to my knees.

“Your so fucking sexy like this. I think it’s my turn to take my own photo’s of you for my collection.” I watch in horror as he pulls his touch screen out taking pictures of my naked body. I try to cover my breast and he looks down at me with warning. I whine raising my arms above my head letting him take more pics of me. He rolls me over placing my head down and my ass in the air taking more pictures of me as he slaps and kneads my ass.

He slides me back on my back placing his phone besides me as he shreds the panties off my body. I watch him lean down his head inches from my pussy as he looks up at me. He slides his tongue up and down my slit slowly and I grab the sheets looking down at him. He flicks his tongue against my clit repeatedly sucking on it. He nibbles on it and I hear him taking off his own pants and boxers. He slides his tongue inside my pussy and I moan his name loudly my hands finding themselves threading in his soft hair. He moans sticking his tongue deeper inside of me making my eyes roll back as he touches my spot softly with his tongue.

“D-daddy! H-haa! I-I’m so s-sorry!” I whine my eyes rolling back as he continues to eat out at my insides. He hums using his thumb to play with my clit as the other hand holds my waist down to keep me from squirming. He pulls back looking down at me a wicked grin on his lips as he leans over kissing me more. He pulls back after a bit his hands slowly drawing patterns on my thighs.

“If your sorry prove it. Use your mouth.” He says standing up and I see his angry red member. I sigh and he laughs at my expression beckoning me with his hand.

“All of it can fit in your mouth if you breathe through your nose.” I roll my eyes at him crawling over to face his leaking member.

I dart my tongue out licking away the precum. I look up at him and he’s biting his lips hard. I slide my mouth over his tip sucking harshly on it flicking my tongue though his slit. He throws his head back in pleasure as I take more of him in my mouth breathing through my nose. He hits the back of my throat and I let him rest there taking him in fully once before I pull back. He shivers as the cold air hits his flesh making me smirk a bit before I go back to sucking him off.

He laces his fingers in my hair snapping his hips into my mouth. He starts fucking my throat and I let him as I hollow my cheeks flicking my tongue against his veins. He goes faster fucking my throat raw. I groan humming around his length sending vibrations through him making him moan my name slowly. I feel him pulsate in my mouth repeatedly. I look up at him and he smirks down at me pushing himself back down my throat and it takes everything I have not to gag or choke. I swallow around him once and he cums in my mouth shooting his load down my throat. I groan swallowing it all as I pull off of his length slowly making sure I get up everything.

Namjoon walks into the closet and comes back with a clear butt plug. I whine and look off not wanting that thing no where near me. He sucks on it climbing on the bed pushing me on my back. He spreads my legs wide sliding it out of his mouth and pushing it slowly into my ass. I claw at the sheets looking up at him as he pushes it inch by inch inside of me. He holds my legs open for a bit just admiring the thing inside of me before he pulls on it making me whine softly.

He hooks his arms under my legs sliding his length up and down my slit biting my jaw. He groans softly poking at my entrance. He pushes in a bit. And pulls out. Pushes in a bit and pulls out getting me just the right amount of frustrated. He finally kisses me as he pushes all off his length inside my tight pussy one hand back at my throat as the other one holds my waist steady. He buries himself fully inside of me nibbling on my bottom lip before he lets go looking down at me. He pulls out and pushes his length slowly back into me. I place my legs around his waist trapping him close to my body. He groans grabbing my neck tighter before he starts to slowly thrust into me repeatedly. He slides me up until my head is hanging over the side of the bed he places both hands on opposites sides of my head holding the sides of the mattress burying his face in my neck as he pounds deeper and harder into my dripping pussy.

“GOD NAMJOON!” I cry digging my nails into his back tracing them up and down his back as he continues to slowly pound into me. My legs spread wide pressed against the mattress as he slides deeper into my pussy and I bite into his shoulder my voice shaking with pleasure. He moans my name deeply and that makes my stomach churn more as he continues thrusting into me.

I look up at him my hands grabbing at his locks as he continues to rock his hips into me. He grinds deep into me and he raises one leg above his shoulder pushing deeper and harder into me. He bites into my inside thigh pounding harder into me rolling his hips to hit my spot dead on.

“FUCK!” I scream out and he grabs one of my breast pounding harder into me. I grab onto his biceps dragging my nails down him and he groans placing both of my knees against my chest. He pulls out and slams back in hitting my spot and all I can think to do is cry out his name. He drives into me hard and fast making sure I feel every thrust every stroke of his dick inside of my pussy. The noise of skin slapping against skin sounds off in the room and I grab my ankles not knowing what else to hold onto. He leans over kissing me as he pinches my clit.

He picks me up holding me in his arms as he pounds up into me and I lock my hands around his neck. He drives into my spot harder and harder every thrust bringing me closer to my release.

“Are you going to cum for daddy?” He asks and I nod my head biting his bottom lip and he groans smirking a bit.

“Good girl.” He says softly. He places me against a wall one leg around his neck as the other goes back around his waist and my body slides up and down the wall as he fucks me like a rag doll.

“AHH! I’M C-CLOSE DADDY!” I cry out tangling my hands back in his hair as he continues to fuck me into oblivion.

“That’s right you little slut. Come all over daddy’s dick.” I groan as he says other little nasty nothings into my ear. i feel myself squeeze my pussy around his dick. He rubs my clit hard before he pulls it between his fingers.

“NAMJOONNN!” I cry out my eyes rolling into the back of my head as I cum. My orgasm hitting me hard and fast. He moans biting my bottom lip as his thrusts become erratic and sloppy.

“—-!” He shouts my name filling me to the brim and holding me against the wall as he makes sure to fill me up. He pants a bit both of our hearts racing and he carries me to the bed laying on his back as he lets me get on top. He stays buried inside of me and I look down at him. I reach around trying to take the plug out and he stops me.

“Don’t you dare.” He warns. I pout trying again and he flips me on my back.

He pulls out of me and slams back into me slapping my ass.

“Nonononono!” I whine feeling sore turned on and much much tired.

“Yes.” He says leaning down to bite my nipple.

“Rub your clit.” He demands.

I do as told rubbing my clit with my hand my toes curling up as I rub in time with his thrust. He circles his hips deep inside of me grinding against me his hips connecting to mine each time he pounds into me. His balls slap my ass as he thrusts harder into me. I try to take my hand from my clit and he grabs the back of my wrist making me keep it there as he looks down at me. My leg slides back up his chest resting on his shoulder and he bites my ankle making me moan.

“I’M GOING TO FUCKING CUM!” I shout my body starting to convulse and squirm under this man as I feel my second orgasm approaching.

“Daddy wants to wreck his little girl.” He says adding his hand on top of mine making me rub my clit harder. He groans as he throbs and gets close to his second orgasm as well.

“DADDY!!” I cry out my eyes watering from my second orgasm being so powerful and stinging a bit.

“FUCK baby!” Namjoon moans filling me up again. I feel the warm liquid sliding back into me and some spilling out into the sheets. He thrusts into me a bit more before he pulls out. He finally slides the butt plug out of me and he places it on the bed. He sighs going to the bathroom getting me a clean towel cleaning me off as he kisses my face and cheeks. After he cleans me up he places the sheets in the washer and as soon as I try to help I feel the burn from my pussy and my ass. He sighs picking me up and placing me on the night stand until he finishes cleaning up. He smirks at me coming back to get me and we lay under the covers together as he plays in my hair pulling me to lay on his chest.

“You got to stop with that attitude. You know I only love you.” Namjoon says kissing my forehead.

“Blame Nina.” I whine my ass still feeling abused in a good way.

“Didn’t Nina also want to date me? But I choose you. And YOU decided to stay friends with that thing.” He says and I pinch his nipple.

“She keeps me company!” I try to reason looking down at him both of us yawning.

“Well this week I’m keeping you company.” He says kissing my lips.

“But I’m sore!”

“And every time you piss daddy off you will be sore.” He says silencing my once again with those pretty pink lips.

“I Missed You”

After a long morning of checking on the guards on post at the gate, reviewing the armory’s inventory with Tara and inspecting the progress of Tobin’s crew on the new wall supports Michonne felt as if she should call it a day a little earlier than usual. She had twice her regular workload since Rick was away at the Hilltop for the past week and a half doing gun training. The people at Hilltop were trained with bows and arrows, however Rick felt like it would be best for them to know how to shoot guns as well. This war with the Saviors was drawing near and the Hilltop, Alexandria, nor the Kingdom could bear any missteps. Maggie would have done it but she just had the baby and it was doctor’s orders for her to take it easy, unlike how she operated during the pregnancy.

Michonne let the warm water cascade down her body, washing away the large suds that coated her. A shower is just what she needed to relax, which she was finding harder and harder to do nowadays. Michonne knew fighting the Saviors was inevitable, yet she could not fathom losing anyone else, and Rick being gone from the house, even for the short amount of time it was, had her all kinds of anxious. She had not been separated from him this long since . . .  well since the prison. Once they agreed to reorder things together, they had been stuck at the hip.

Michonne turned off the shower head and grabbed her towel to dry off. She then stepped out and put on her blue cotton robe, tying it closed at the front so that she could carry on with her after-shower routine. The bun atop her head flopped around as she swiveled her head singing in the bathroom mirror. Her notes became muffled as she stuck her toothbrush in her mouth. She lowered her head to spit out the spearmint and baking soda flavored paste into the sink and almost jumped when she saw a figure in the mirror behind her.

Michonne spun around clutching her racing heart, “Rick, I thought you had another two days at Hilltop?” Her husband stood before her in worn black jeans and a tight brown shirt. Matter of fact, it was her favorite brown shirt as it shown his arm and chest muscles teasingly. Her eyes then locked in on his lips, pink and soft, a stark contrast to the grey scruffy beard encasing them. He had been so busy that it had become neglected, growing into a wild mass. Contrary to what she told him years ago, it didn’t bother her, the beard was downright sexy. If only others known the places it had been.

From where he stood, a hand tucked in his belt, he answered tilting his head slightly, “I did. Jesus learns fast. They’ll manage.” He crept towards her with his bowlegged gait, his boots thudding against the linoleum tile. “I missed you.” His tongue crept out to moisturize his bottom lip. Damn, she was unsure if the moisture trickling down her legs was from the shower or her own bodily fluids.

Regardless, she stood planted in her position, her eyes flickered to his kind blue eyes. With every second they started to turn, a heat of desire dawning them. “I missed you too.” Her voice came out so low that only he could hear.

“Where’s Carl?” He was hovering in her personal space, therefore she backed up, knowing that with these line of questions he was mere seconds from wrecking her insides.

“At Tara’s house with Judith,” Michonne answered, ceasing to break eye contact. Rick reached forward to pull at her robe’s ties, but she protested, “Baby you’re dirty and I just took a shower.” The heel of her foot bumped the wall behind her, yet he continued pacing forward, pinning her body against with his own. A grin lifted the corner of his lip, “That’s okay, I’ll lick you clean.”

“Rick” she gasped. Without warning he hoisted Michonne around his waist, swiftly carrying her to their bedroom.

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Prediction of Steven Bomb

Doug Out- CGs hang out. Onion goes missing. Doug has a stake out to look for him. Steven and Greg volunteer. They see some creepy gem stuff but nothing big.

The Good Lars- Sadie, Lars, and Steven go to a party. Lars is actually a good person and him and Sadie hit it off. Then we see small glimpses of the new gems and they do creepy stuff at the party. Sadie disappears and Lars is sad.

Are You My Dad- Full out panic in beach city as multiple people have disappeared. We see the new gems entirely. Multiple fight scenes. Garnet is taken by the new gems with the humans.

I Am My Mom- Steven goes to homeworld to get the humans and garnet. He fails and gets trapped in space with garnet. (Jasper or Bismuth possibly)

Stuck Together- Steven and Garnet are trapped in a jail cell. They end up fusing to get out. They get caught.

The Trial- Garnet unfuses and Steven, Ruby, and Sapphire are put on trial.

Off Colors- Holly Blue comes forward about the Crystal Gems. The ‘Off Color" Betas make an appearance and they sneak Garnet and Steven back to Earth.

Lars’ Head- Lars is injured from his journey into space? Not much to work with on this one

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klunk and a bunch of cuddling bc lance is homesick and :c

A/N: I have literally never written an OT3 before ahzjxbdhsjdj what is writing???

Lance stared at the ceiling. He closed his eyes. One second, two seconds, three seconds passed. He opened his eyes. 

He couldn’t fall asleep again. Lance sat up and sighed. He wiped his face with his hands. It was wet.  


Lance stared at his hands. He didn’t remember crying.  Had he been crying in his sleep? Lance frowned and wiped his face with the sleeve of his pajamas. 

He let his hands fall onto his bed and stared at the sheets. He looked at his pajamas and finally he looked around the room. 

He was still in space, still miles away from Earth. Miles away from home. This room liked nothing like the one back at the house where his family was. He wondered if they missed him as much as he missed them. How were they holding up? 

Lance looked at the door. He stared at it for a moment before kicking off his covers and jumping out of bed. He put on his blue lion slippers before making his way to the door and opened the door.

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@morewordsthantime said: Adam Parrish + a cactus (or just Adam!)

I really hope you didn’t mean something like “Adam, holding one (1) cactus in his hands” because in this case my interpretation of your request would be wildly overambitious haha

Either way, I hope you can live with Adam in his St. Agnes Apartment, forcefully decorated by Blue and Gansey (Ronan probably couldn’t care less about interior design).

Jyn Erso Appreciation Week

↳ day 2: luxury

Once, when she was Tanith Ponta, Jyn had been invited to a feast by smugglers and weapons traders, people she planned on ripping off before they could recover from their hangovers. There’d be so much wine that the hosts ran out of glasses with which to fill, and the room was warm with the smell of roasts of rare birds and beasts. At the center of the event was a sculpture of ice and a cake decorated with enough gold that the cost would have been enough to feed her for a standard year on the run. She’d procured a black shimmersilk dress adorned in pearls and had attended, gathering intel for herself on easy targets, on easy-to-exploit weaknesses. She’d eaten some of the food, but it had all tasted like ash in her mouth as she ran bleeding to her escape ship the next day.

The luxury of the rich and heartless–-she wanted none of it.


“What’s the most delicious or luxurious thing that you’ve ever eaten?”

Downtime on base, and especially on Hoth, was often filled with these sorts of questions: lists of things different rebels missed; the experiences they wanted to relive; the life they wanted after war if they were lucky enough to survive it.

“I tasted bantha milk ice cream once,” a boy–and he was little more than that, a boy–said, rubbing his hand on his head. “It was blue and sour and sweet, and it was the most delicious thing I’ve ever had.”

“You’re from a desert planet?” Cassian asked.

“Yes, so it was a real treat.”

Jyn didn’t offer up her answer and no one asked, not at least until the party broke up.

“What about you?” Cassian asked, his hand on the small of her back as they walked down the hallways back to his upcoming briefing with Draven. She didn’t know if he even realized that he was doing it, the unconscious way he touched her all the time even though whatever they were when it’s just the two of them seemed to exist in a place state of limbo, but she wasn’t going to call him out on him because she didn’t want him to stop. “What’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten.”

She thought of her mother’s meals, of citrus cakes on Coruscant, and of stolen bites of stew, but what came to mind is something altogether different.

Jyn stopped and leaned against the wall, the metal smooth on her back. “Saw brought me to the rebel base once.” She looked at him, felt her anxieties wash away when she saw the softness in the eyes, the focused attention that said to her that he really wanted to know and that this wasn’t just small talk to pass the time. “I was a little girl, still in braids, and we were here to meet Bail Organa.”

Cassian raised an eyebrow in interest, but stayed silent and listening.

“The Partisans weren’t great with their cuisine, if you can imagine, so when we arrived, the rebel food smelled amazing.”

He gave a little knowing chuckle, and she continued.

“As I was walking by the mess, I smelled this fresh bread, and this boy saw me and gave me a slice. I can still taste it now. That was the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.” When she looked up at him, Cassian’s face was an odd mix of memory and confusion. She touched his arm, her thumb rubbing his wrist. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

He blinked twice, slow and thoughtful. “Nothing. Nothing’s wrong.”

“Then what is it?”

He bit his thumbnail, and gave a little smile. “I think maybe we’ve met before, Jyn, a long, long time ago.”


“How long will you be gone?”

Bodhi’s firing up the ship and Cassian’s pulling off his blue parka and putting on his leather jacket. He’s going somewhere, somewhere she’s not going.

“The mission should only take a few days. Bodhi and I will be back before you know it.”

“And what if you’re not?”

“I’ll be back, Jyn.”

She’d heard the rumors that spread about her around the base–that she was a runner, that she’d take the first chance she had and disappear from the Echo Base and the rebellion like a mynock out of hell. But none of those people knew the first thing about Jyn Erso: she never ran unless she was being chased; she never left because she was always the one left behind.

But Cassian understood. He walked down the ramp and she held out her arms to take his coat, but he walked around her instead, and placed the heavy parka on her shoulders. It smelled like him, and she could still feel the warmth of his body clinging to he fabric.

“I will be home before you know it,” he said as he circled around her to look at her, eye to eye. “I promise.” She nodded, feeling sudden tears sting her eyes.

He did not kiss her or embrace her as he said goodbye–they weren’t there yet–but they touched hands, fingers lingering longer than necessary, and she bid him and Bodhi goodbye and walked back to her quarters with Baze, who had been waiting in the shadows.

The luxury of having a home, of having friends, of tears of gladness instead of anger of fear. Who needed gold or jewels or silk or the finest things to eat when there was this to be had? Not her. Not Jyn Erso.


Summary: In a flash, he was gone, changing the lives of his friends and family. 

AU: Underswap / Underfell (Younger brother Sans in both universes although the age difference is not much)  Pre-fallen child story.

Warnings: I intend for this go darker than previous works, but no major warnings for this chapter: Loss / grief

Notes: Despite the similar themes/concepts, this is completely independent from my other stories.  

HUGE THANKS TO @lycerialilfire for putting up with my rambling and beta reading it anyway.  

“Paps!” shouted Blue from the bottom of the stairs.  This ritual was as daily as rituals got:  A) Wake up Paps in plenty of time to get ready to go to work.  B) Wake up Paps -again- in time to get some breakfast before going to work and C) Yell at him from the bottom of the stairs until he finally dragged his bony body out of bed, into the kitchen and, be somewhat-not-so-late to work.

You would think that for a monster who could just teleport to work, being late would be a non-issue.  Blue suspected that his brother liked to see how far he could push it:  “Just a second to go? HA! I can be there in half a second!”

He also seemed to need to be really annoying about it.

Maybe it was a big brother thing.

Not that Blue minded all that much, of course.  It was just part of his day.  Nothing that the Sensational Sans couldn’t handle.

However, that particular day he couldn’t help impatiently tapping the tip of his fingers on the wall next to the stairs.  He had so much to do that day!  Plans for a brand-new puzzle at the bridge between the Ruins and Snowdin were finally done. He really hoped he could get to building it before his own sentry shift started.

“PAAAAAAPPPPS!!” he shouted again.  He wanted to avoid going into his brother’s bedroom just in case Papyrus was planning into tricking him into a tickle/pillow/sandal/possibly all three fight.

He would win, of course, but he simply didn’t have the time!

To his delight, he saw his brother’s room door open and soon after a -mostly- awake Papyrus yawned and stretched into view.

“I’m UP” He declared even though he looked like he was ready to be anything but that.

“Paps! I woke you up 2 hours ago!” admonished Blue crossing his arms.

“You did?” said Papyrus with one raised eye ridge as he made his way downstairs “Must’ve decided to sleep on it”

Blue groaned but his smile stayed.  “You’re lucky that I’m here to wake you up every morning, otherwise you would sleep the rest of your life away!  Today is a perfect day to get stuff done!”

Papyrus side glanced at the nearest window.   Snowdin was its usual grey, snowy and cold self.  What passed for a “perfect” day here was a day without a snowstorm.

“I think I would be ok with that” he commented with a smirk.

“That’s not a good way to think Paps” said Blue heading into the kitchen “You can’t possibly want to sleep all day. I mean, who could?”

“Sounds like a challenge” said Papyrus following his little brother.

“Paps….” sighed Blue

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