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a wip that id love to animate at some point but ive never animated anything in my life so ill just probably do a more detailed pmv !!

Roman Music Reconstructed/Reimagined - YouTube
What music of the Roman Empire might have sounded like back in the day and what it could have sounded like, had it lasted into later eras. Contains a mix of film scores, video game soundtracks, modern reconstructions, and pieces inspired by Ancient Rome, as well as Ancient Greece and Byzantium.

a playlist assiduously curated by yours truly for your listening pleasure.

runtime: 3 hours, 50 minutes.

IMMENSE | [listen here] | (a mix for those quiet, immense spaces we tread within us, collecting like water around our ankles.)

i. odyssey  - dream koala | ii. stakes - vancouver sleep clinic | iii. crave - mtns | iv. moon - foals | v. magenta - apes & horses | vi. moonlight - message to bears | vii. bowery - local natives | viii. memo - yeras & years | ix. furthest thing - drake | x. green mile - sza | xi. young - vallis alps | xii. life size ghosts (catching flies remix) - mt. wolf | xiii. under -  aosoon | xiv. see you again - wild culture vs ramon | xv. it’s only (feat zyra) - odesza | xvi. sea castle - purity ring | xvii. flip - glass animals | xviii. waste of time - mo | xix. how did i get here (extended) - odesza | xx.from time - drake | xxi. always - panama

ad astra per aspera

a mix for everyone who looks up at the stars, wishing we had the knowledge that someone was staring back

perhaps if there are enough of us, someday, we will

overture - sleeping at last // on looking up by chance at the constellations - robert frost, sung by steven milligan // i am stardust - urban tapestry // sentries - julia ecklar // calling occupants of interplanetary craft - carpenters // the lonely life of the ufo researcher - tullycraft // radio - vnv nation // jupiter, the bringer of jollity - gustav holst // onward to the edge! - symphony of science // moon - sleeping at last // from the old astronomer to his pupil - sarah williams, read by myself // everyman - julia ecklar // we are stardust - symphony of science // somebody will - sassafrass // we humans are capable of greatness - carl sagan


I’ll keep you safe. -Luke Hemming Imagine

A/N: This is a little Spy!Y/N imagine cuz i suck and am kinda inactive. Enjoy, Request anything. I also do Halsey Imagines cuz she’s bae. 

“Y/L/N, we have a new mission for you. You in?”

“Yes Mr. Brooks.”

“Be in the lower side conference room in 5 then.” I get up from my desk and start making my way to the conference room on the -12 floor. The mission has to be important if I’m going to the lower side of the building. That’s all undercover operations and special intel. I live in that part of the building.

Not literally though, I have an apartment on the east side of manhattan.

I put my master key in the lock inside of the elevator and the panel flips to reveal the hidden lower side numbers and I hit the -12 key. I can feel the elevator drop the 32 floors and they open to show the -12 floor. Four guards are by the door, like always, and I make my way through to the conference room, not being stopped being due to the familiarness of my face on these floors.

I take my seat at my chair at the long conference table and wait for the director to arrive.

Jordan Williams, Stacy Martin and Jake Richards walk in and take their place on the same side of the table as me facing the large TV screen, per usual, but before any words are exchanged the Director comes in with Mr. Brooks and they hand us our files.

“Goodmorning Everyone.” The Director says with a smile looking at all of us with a large smile.

“Goodmorning Director,” we all say in a creepy synchronised way.

“We have picked you guys for this assignment due to its Urgency and how your individual expertise will all be volatile in this operation.” He picked up the tiny remote to the screen behind him and the photo of a Middle Aged man with brown hair appeared on the screen.

“As you know, James Siebert has been terrorizing multiple countries and harming many people as well as putting the general public in danger. All of our attempts to subdue the suspect have been unsuccessful thus far. That’s why we have brought this case to you four.” Mr. Brooks explained and looked at the Director. A silent request for him hit the next button on the remote.

The Direct seemed to understand and the screen the were standing on each side of changed to the photos of four boys. Next to each boy was their full name, height, weight, nationality and occupation.

“These are Sieberts next suspect. They are a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer. Siebert is threatening the band in many ways during their upcoming tour. You four’s job is to go in and protect the boys until Sieberts attack. If you open up your files you will see your new persona and the individual boy you will be personally be responsible for, as well as the other boys information.” The Director finished and motioned to our files in front of us. He looked nervous and was sweating. I wonder why though. I better keep and a trained eye on him.

I opened my file and see the photo of one of the boys on the screen. ‘Luke Hemmings’ It read. 6’ 4, blue eyes, blonde hair, Australian, 19 years old.

I flip the page to see a photo of me. I look over the page and I’m guessing I get to keep my real name for this mission. I don’t have a new name on the paper and I give Mr. Brooks a  silent eyebrow raise.

“You will all be keeping your names for this assignment. Please finish reading on the plane. It leaves in an hour for LA where you will meet the boys. You mission begins immediately, that is if you accept.” Mr. Brooks finished.

“I accept,” all of us said at the same time which make the Director chuckle.

“Good. Collect your bags from your offices and meet at the plane as soon as you have them.”

Skip to plane ride

I sit on the plane and pull out my cellphone and earbuds. I put on my music and open my file while placing its contents on the table in front of me. I reread over the information and go to the mission report. It goes over Siebert and then goes into detail that I will be playing Luke R. Hemmings girlfriend. It says that Stacy will be a stylist and is assigned Calum T. Hood and Jake will be a guitar tech and will be assigned to Michael G. Clifford. Jordan will be playing Ashton F. Irwins Bodyguard.  It then went into detail as to why we were set with our counterparts. Jake was great with computers and would get along great with Michael due to his love of computers and video games. Jordan loved fitness and would work well with Ashton due to this. Stacy was very funny and personable so they concluded her and Calum would be two peas in a pod. Then there was Luke and I. It said we were both quiet but were smart and got along good with people.

With my abilities I can see passed the company’s bullshit and see what they really mean. Jake was actually the best computer hacker in the U.S. and could get passed any firewall you gave him. Jordan was 6’ 6 and had arms the size of boulders and could run a 7 minute mile. Stacy is one of the best actresses and one of the best intel agents around. She could act circles around anyone and make up an entire backstory without a blink of an eye. The only one she couldn’t bullshit was me. I can read people like no one’s business. I can tell if someone’s lying, up to something, did something or if anything’s off with them, I guess my biggest weapon is my brain.  We are all trained fighters and have grown up together. We know each other and work well together, which makes up one of the most deadliest teams in the United States.

We get off the plane and are brought straight to a black SUV with tinted windows. We sit in silence as Mr. Brooks and the man who met us with the SUV talk in the front seat. “The boys have been told about the situation with Siebert but not about the rolls you will play when with them. We will introduce that when you first meet. We should be at their recording studio within the hour.” The man who picked us up said.

When we arrived we pulled around the back of the building and were escorted straight into the building into a large room. The boys were sitting on a couch with two men in suits standing in front of them. The boys looked scared and unsure, but weren’t saying a word. The two men were stone cold and wearing sunglasses inside. Ew.

“Agents, meet your assignments.” Mr. Brooks said as we walked inside and stood in a straight line behind the two men, who then exited the room.

We looked straight forward and put our hands behind our back. I took my opportunity to observe the room. Large, white walls, one couch in the middle where they boys were set facing away from the door.

“At ease soldiers, make yourselves comfortable.” Mr. Brooks chuckled and we all relaxed some. “This is Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael. Boys this is Y/N, Jordan, Stacy and Jake. They will be with you all for the time being.” Mr. Brooks pulled out 4 files from his briefcase and handed them according to the names on the front.

The look of astonishment on Luke’s face made me almost start laughing. He must have found out I’m his new girlfriend. Two men in suits came back in carrying our bags and set them in front of each of us, then left immediately. “Everyone can go get some rest tonight and get ready for the tour to start tomorrow. Except you Y/N. Oh and you Luke, you two have your first public appearance as a couple tonight.”

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Sherlock and Molly's first kiss? With Sherlock getting all embarrassed :)

Thank you very much for this prompt! Writing this really brightened my mood :D I hope you like it! 

He woke up late in the afternoon sprawled over the king size bed fully clothed and sleepy. He rubbed his eyes and fumbled up to a sitting position, the consulting detectives hair was a dreadful mess and he looked rather like a child woken up from a long nap. He stared at the wall, recalling where he was, as if the flowery duvet didn’t give it away.

His senses began to sharpen once more and his thoughts shot like fireworks as they always did. He was at his bolthole; Molly Hooper’s flat to be precise.

Sherlock Holmes chuckled quietly at the sound coming from beyond the closed door. Her favourite song was echoing through the house as well as her rather off key voice (especially at the chorus).  Her jolly steps could be heard prancing about as she probably cleaned; she always listened to music while she tidied up.

He took care to stand up as quietly as he could, creeping to the door he opened it slowly and peeked out. She didn’t see him that was clear, as she was still singing without shame. She jumped about gaily as she wiped a table or shelf here or there. Every now and then she would twist her hips in turn to the music or do a clumsy pirouette as she put something in its rightful place.

Sherlock couldn’t help but grin fondly as she fluffed her pillows and failed to do a spin, sending her almost tumbling over the couch. She laughed at her own clumsiness and her mood became even more spirited.

He covered his mouth as he tried not to burst out laughing. He tried to pull himself together and come back to his usual calm exterior, but in vain, no one can help being happy in the face of happy, and most certainly not when the happy could neither dance nor sing.

Suddenly she spotted him. She blushed and tried to properly find an excuse for her behaviour. He had been sleeping so soundly when she left him; she had thought him too deep asleep for anything to wake him. He hadn’t slept for days.

She opened her mouth to explain, but was faced with the fact that she had no good excuse and closed it again quickly.

Sherlock burst into a fit of giggles. His eyes were welling with tears and he had to support himself on the door handle as to not fall to the floor, he could hardly breath in between his laughing.

Molly broke out into a wide smile at the strange sight.

“Well you definitely need more sleep.”

“No its just-“ He couldn’t even finish a sentence. After a good while of hysterical laughter he finally managed to pull himself together enough to speak.

“You were singing.”

“Yes I was.”

She smiled, she was determined to banish her blushing, she was done feeling like a pushover and had decided to remain shamelessly happy.

“Problem?” She cocked her head and grinned broadly.

“None, none at all.”

“You should laugh more often, you look better when you do. It’s done you better than sleep.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment. And you should sing more often.”

“Because I’m good?”

“Because it makes me happy.” The words slipped from his mouth without second thought and all of a sudden he found himself stepping closer to her.

“It’s endearing.” His voice lowered, almost as if faint.

She looked up at him puzzled, not entirely sure what was happening, nor was he. His eyes wandered to her smiling lips and he knew exactly what his body was telling him to do, and he obeyed.

He leaned down and brushed gently against her lips, tasting her mouth for a second before pulling back.  Her smile was gone and her expression was something he couldn’t read.

“I’m sorry that was….ehm….” He tried. She raised a brow questioningly.

“I have a case! Yes, I have a case I must attend to at once. Thank you for the bed…..ehm and. Yes.”

He disappeared out the door before she could utter a word in protest.

Hi guys! I hope enjoy this new multi chapter fic! 3,800+

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Unlocking Secrets Part 1

“Finn..” Gary called out.

“Yeah Dad?” Finn shouted from his room.

“Come look at this chest I got at the charity shop for your room” Gary yelled up.

“Alright” he shouted.

Finn finished unpacking the last few shirts out of a cardboard box, he then folded up the box and took it downs stairs with him, as he entered the living room he set the folded box against the wall then was maneuvering around a maze of boxes and furniture, “Dad, where are you?” Finn shouted walking around the house.

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Hi guys! I hope you enjoy this fic! Its pretty long and I only went into detail during certain parts others are just summarized other wise it would have been super long and  I would have had to make it a multichapter  and yeah alright I’m going to stop rambling now! lol 14,000+

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Summary: Rae and Finn become fast friends, they spend everyday and most nights together, but what happens when Chloe knows Rae likes Finn and that Finn likes Rae but she kisses him anyway.


Rae grumbled as she tossed and turned in her bed, she hadn’t had a good night’s sleep all month, moving had been a real hassle, boxes were lost, things got broken, but her records and cd’s were still intact and that’s really all she cared about, and having to start a new school when there was only one month left in the semester didn’t help her sleep patterns either, as she was bombarded with makeup assignments, but at least now it was summer break and she could rest, well if it wasn’t for that incessant pinging noise. She opened her eyes scrunching her face wondering what that noise was she was hearing, she waited a moment and it happened again. She sat up turning on her bed side light. She heard it again then looked at her window and she saw something ricochet off of it, she got out of bed standing in front of her window jumping back some when another pebble hit it, she stepped forward opening her window, she leaned out looking down and she could see Finn Nelson, most popular and fittest guy in college trying to stay up right.

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DAY 2923

Jalsa, Mumbai                Apr ½,  2016                Fri/Sat  1:16 am

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ef world .. a birthday .. a birthday … a birthday .. Kasmira Grewal for the 1st of April .. lots of love good health and happiness always from all of us ..

Morning … on blue form .. hobble .. formality .. drive … repeat and repeat and hear and hear again .. old room of dub .. step out step in mobile pic selfie .. its formal documentation of each life .. a homeland new .. a meet film .. some interest .. back to circumvent … knee 2 .. patella band .. surprise 74 … home and bidai .. 

catching … reading … replying … 

If life were to be expressed in short word sentences or just words .. it would convey the same yet not be too cumbersome .. it really is not that difficult ..

‘TE3N’ reaches the ending of dub and the music and background and the final systems are being put into place .. its a labor process .. but as always anxious to see the final results .. its still the same  feel as were those years of 1969 ..

And now its preparation for ‘Pink’ and the finals of that .. and then some more and some more .. each day …

This cycle is so important to be in continuous rotation … the insecurity of continuity is all invasive and pertinent .. the end is devastation in any life .. the end in creation is the end of life for the creator .. this must continue .. must ..

I am in dilemma .. to rest or write inconsequential inconsequence .. its a state of mind .. of wonder and a sensitivity adhering to duty and compulsion to connect with them that now claim Ef ‘ship’ .. 

But the need is desire .. desire to know to complete to clean to await the delusion of clarity .. for, they that do not see vision of acceptance, shall make effort to damage reputation and name .. and there are many ..

Be warned then and be prepared .. be sure then and be devoted .. be sincere then and be aligned ..

I must be .. and shall ..

Amitabh Bachchan

ps : this I like - 

and this too ..

and this 

there is so much that i like … so much ..


I was perusing the bargain rack at a local bookstore when I came across a volume by our current PM, one princeling mister Justin Trudeau. The book was published by Vanity Fair (?!) and consisted of a collection of juvenilia: essays, poems, and a disc of generic techno music composed with his university buddies. I put the curiosity back in its place, and walked in to the reading area, where the PM himself was standing alone, grooving out to his own music, being played over tinny bookstore speakers. I rolled my eyes in a manner which I hoped would give him pause (but almost certainly did not). 

<<scene missing>>

I returned to the bargain shelf and sought out the book again, only to discover that he’d signed it in a very elaborate fashion, adding a good two pages of missive to the lucky soul who should purchase it. His handwriting was desperately childish, a mixture of printing and near-cursive, full of misspellings and crossed-out sections. I recall thinking both “That makes sense, he grew up in an era where penmanship was in decline” and “I wonder if PMs are given lessons in handwriting since they have to sign more things than your average person”.

<<scene missing>>

I slide into a chair near some friends from my undergrad days, eager to tell my tale of the PM with bad penmanship (and possibly worse taste in music?).