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The Night Visitor - Part 3 (Credence Barebone x Reader)

Part 1 Part 2

Summary: Reader continues to take care of sick Credence during night, addressing some garbage from her own past and dealing with Credence’s nightmare.

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 3764

Warnings: mentions of abuse, angst, hints at dub-con on reader’s part (her past is a bit troubled), FLUFF etc.

Comment: Comments/thoughts are LOVE, don’t be scared to drop a few words if you like this, it always makes my day. 
This thing is growing. I have another few chapters in works, althought there’s not much plot to speak of. It’s all just fluff and reader being fluffy with Credence… Ah well.

As you washed Credence’s clothes and cleaned the kitchen, your thoughts couldn’t let go of the young man. You left him tucked in pillows and duvets of your bed. You knew he needed a lot of rest, but you looked forward to returning to the bedroom to check on him so much, even if you just had to sit by and watch over his sleep.

Half an hour later you returned with a bowl of soup. You hoped you’d find him asleep, but he was just lying on his back, staring deliriously at the ceiling. His eyes found you as soon as you entered the bedroom.

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Hey everyone!

I’m going to take a social media break for the next few months. So many things are just… making my day worse. I had a REALLY good day today, right up until I checked twitter then tumblr.

I know social media itself doesn’t cause my depression, but it just makes it so much worse. It used to be where I’d come to unwind, but now? Jesus. Everything is terrible. I’m not coping. I super duper don’t need this. I cannot enjoy anything. Nothing brings me joy any more. I’m so tired. I can’t concentrate on anything. I really don’t want this.

So, for three months, I’m having a detox- no Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or anything. I’ve put a load of blocks up. That’s it.

So, wish me luck; email is at pretty.lettuce@gmail.com or rozmosis@gmail.com . See you all on the other side! Be safe, lots of love!

"Dear Chairman...everything is compiled and ready to send, we just need the green light."

Why is Epsilon talking to the Chairman? What is Epsilon sending to the Chairman?

My guess: He’s sending himself. This is a peek into that end-of-Act-2 mess when all the crap is hitting the fan, and Epsilon has just traded his life for his friends’.

Compiling source code changes high-level programming language into machine code or binary, basically. It turns the written code into an executable program. “Executable” in this case meaning that it causes a machine to do things, and not that it itself can be killed…but Epsilon.exe wouldn’t be too hard to throw into the trash, permanently, now that I think about it. (Miles is a wordplay geek, so I wouldn’t put it past him…)

So if Epsilon is sending himself to the Chairman to, supposedly, be enslaved with FILSS so everyone else can get off Chorus, that raises the question: What is he waiting for?

Answer: It’s a distraction while everyone else gets into position to board Hargrove’s ship >:D And you can bet that once Epsilon gets into the shipboard systems, he’s going to wreak all kinds of havoc–probably involving him tapping his full potential as an AI, making use of all of his “fragment”-selves, and so on.

This is just the way my RvB instincts are leaning at the moment. It’s pretty common that “Is so-and-so in CAHOOTS with the ENEMY??” snippets end up being either “they actually sacrificed themselves so we could get away but they never told us so that we wouldn’t go back for them” or “we’re tricking the audience for a second while we execute the plan because the plan needs to be a surprise”, so why not both of those things?