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//okay so I finally found the sketch I was looking for. It’s actually one of the ones I’m really proud with how it turned out. If I remember correctly, though, I slightly regretted coloring it but now that I look at it I’m glad I did. Actually, now that I think about it, it was that I regretted outlining it in sharpie. Looking at it though, I’m glad I did it the way I did. I also feel like I got the expressions perfectly. And sure, I fucked up America’s left hand and England’s right hand but other than that like I’ve never drawn hands so well before this picture. I’ve drawn better hands since this picture, but at the time this was, and still is honestly, one of the best drawings I’ve ever done without a tutorial or anything. I just looked at the scene and drew it. It’s from HetaOni but yeah. I nearly fucked up the words but it definitely turned out amazing.

The second picture is also something I drew for HetaOni and I’m super proud of the way the clocks turned out and the fact that the numbers look so ominous and the phantom text behind the real text. And it might not be as chilling if you haven’t seen and/or played HetaOni but it still is pretty terrifying and I love it. The only thing I don’t like is the book in the top right corner, but I’m not going to try and fix it now because I don’t want to ruin it. Plus, it was something that I drew super long ago so I kind of want to preserve that. I was trying to draw the book to make it look like it had pages and such and it kind of worked I guess. Also I kind of wish I had been able to do the different signatures but yeah.

I’ll probably post my evolution of drawing hands in another post because it’s actually quite amazing how I used to do it, compared to this in the middle picture, to now. Anyways, time to tag some people that I want to share this with/people that wanted to see it.


 Also there’s some people I want to tag but I’m not sure if they’re good with HetaOni/spoilers so I’m just gonna put them here so if they do see it they know I was thinking of them.
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So I hit 4k followers, I’m so grateful that anyone follows me let alone 4k people so thank you all! Since this is another milestone for me I thought I’d do a little follow forever to show my appreciation to some of my faves on here and to shoutout some amazing blogs that keep my dash oh so lovely. ^.^ (mutuals are all bolded):

special mentions to my all time faves:

  • @rootsameens: One of my favorite people EVER. I don’t know what I’d do without this one. We talk everyday and I kid you not, every. single. day. If we don’t talk, something is wrong. I’ve never connected with someone so fast and easily like it still blows me. Anyways, Kelly > everyone. Facts only.
  • @evocatiio: Oh my gosh, where do I start with Sarah??? Probably my other half tbh, what don’t we agree on? We’re such dumbasses always talking to each other through tags and then get right on twitter and talk there too like…. we’re special lmfao. I wouldn’t trade you for the world, my fave always. Shaw Elitists till we die!!1

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cosmicwombat54  asked:

Could you recommend some sanvers and supercorp fics

definitely. they’re almost entirely supercorp, though. sorry about that…

all i know (is that i love you so); - Kara briefly wonders if she could just say those words to Lena, if that would work, if that counted, but feels guilty for even considering such a thing. She’s not destined to Lena and Lena’s not destined to her, and she feels dumb for being so upset over this, considering the girl has never even said a word to her. Kara cries herself to sleep that night, wishing she had her mom there to comfort her. (or, soulmate AU where your soulmate’s first words to you are tattooed on your skin.)

A Knight to Remember -  Kara enters a sword-fighting tournament to win the affections of princess Lena. (because maria insists on exploiting my weakness for her fics and ruining my life and grades)

brighter -  Throwing a holiday party so soon after her mother is locked away isn’t Lena’s idea of a good time.

call on me, darling -  A fake engagement between the CEO of L-Corp and her assistant? Nothing could possibly go wrong. Feelings couldn’t possibly be caught.

Destruction (sometimes means rebirth) - There’s not much that she can do. The heat, she doesn’t feel. She walks through the flames and uses her x-ray vision to spot any survivor, but there’s nothing. Only devastation. or, in which Kara loses Lena, but does she really?

don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo -  Lena invites Kara (who invites Alex and Maggie) to spend the weekend at her cabin in the woods.

exception - kara keeps doing strange things, and lena doesn’t know what to make of it. or, kara is in love and it takes lena an absurdly long time to notice.

First Assignment -  Snapper’s first assignment to Kara is a teaching moment: one he considers vital needs if she wants to be a journalist. It seems simple, write about L-Corp’s new green initiative, get a few quotes, write something semi-decent. But as Kara starts to dig in, she finds herself at the center of L-Corp’s new CEO’s attention…for better or for worse.

Gold-Crested Ravens and Cornflower Blue Mornings - And belonging is such a weird concept, no? On a pure denotative level, it implies ownership, and society—only when it’s convenient to do so—discourages notions of owning a person. You belong to yourself, they say, no one should own you. But people cannot go on without belonging. It’s all Lena’s ever wanted. She wants to belong to Kara. There is no levy, no negotiations, no cage, no footsteps to follow. Kara erases the notion of transaction from the act of belonging, rips up the contracts and fine print, and Lena wants and wants more. I’m yours, she wants to say, whisper into her skin, shout out into the sky that she disappears into. I’m yours, I’m yours, I’m yours.

i’ll crawl home to her -  She feels her eyes heat up, closes them, tries to rinse her parents’ faces from her memory, tries to burn them in at the same time. She wants to hold onto them, wants to move on like they asked. She wants to remember Krypton, be Krypton - her parents are martyrs and she has to be the prophet. Or, the foster kid au nobody asked for because it’s angsty as hell.

In the Stars - The first time Alex sees Maggie, they’re six and Maggie’s the new, weird kid in class with big dimples and far too many bandaids littering her body. All Alex wants is to be liked and have friends and all Maggie wants is to be Alex’s friend.

Lord, Save Me from Your Followers - A tumblr prompt, spiraled out of control. Kara, perhaps out of a want for thoroughness in her story, perhaps out of a Millennial-born urge to creep on a the social media of a woman she finds intriguing, discovers that Lena Luthor has a pretty active following on Instagram one afternoon not long after their first meeting. She debates it, just for a moment, before following Lena.

make my wish come true - "Kara said she could come over whenever she was free, had literally texted Lena saying she would welcome the company so she knows she isn’t going to intrude but Lena’s three hours early and she doesn’t know if that welcome extends this far ahead.“ AKA Lena shows up early to a friend get-together at Kara’s and things get festive (and flirty) real quick.

Monster Under the Bed -  Lillian Luthor wants everyone to fear Supergirl. That includes her daughter.

mother where art thou - lena embarks on a journey and kara is too good, too pure for this world. (lena and kara + the search for lena’s birth mother)

On a Friday Afternoon - She imagines her hands around Lex’s throat. She imagines him begging for his life. She imagines crushing his windpipe; the sound that would make. Kara dreams of revenge.

only, simply, absolutely, just - If only Kara Danvers didn’t work the same shift that interfered with Lena’s horrendous habit of strolling in for a coffee at nearly twelve in the morning, maybe none of this ever would have happened in the first place. Or, maybe it would have, because as Alex Danvers claims, there is no escaping the doomed rom-com cliché once it finds you.

Pattern of Behaviour -  This is the one habit Lena Luthor just can’t seem to break. (one of my favorites but tw for suicidal thoughts & actions)

put these battered bones to rest -  Lena gets her soulmark at thirteen. The name that’s written on her hip, she thinks, is the oddest thing she’s ever seen.

Sunlit Honey and Lavender Sunsets - Jessica Hoang takes her job very seriously. It’s odd, or uncommon, as she’s learned- people are always so surprised when she seems more loyal to Lena Luthor than the advancement of her own career. She used to think that the whole trope of secretaries selling out their bosses for personal gain existed only in bad TV shows, but, as always, she overestimates the human race. So when Kara Danvers the reporter starts showing up more often, she’s wary and a little irritated. Yes, Lena said to let her in at any time, so she does so dutifully, but she’s seen her share of reporters and she’s not impressed with the bunch. Words are their trade, and it wouldn’t take much to motivate a reporter to twist Lena’s image around for a pretty buck.

this woman knows of my history - "Supergirl loves flying. She doesn’t tell Lena that, but she doesn’t have to. She flies with ease. It’s like she’s lighter when she’s up in the air. She makes flying look effortless, simple. When she wants up, she’s up in a blink. When she wants down, she dives so quickly that when Lena’s around to see it, she always catches her breath. It’s like she can command the wind.”

to face unafraid - “You don’t like marshmallows in your hot chocolate? Why do you hate love?” or: their relationship isn’t contingent on hot chocolate preferences, right? RIGHT?

wildfire Alex has seen beautiful women before, her sister is one of them, but not one has ever taken her breath away so quickly it felt like she was being knocked over. Maybe it was simply the shock of seeing another person here when the school had seemed so desolate. Or maybe, maybe, it was because that was the most beautiful woman that Alex has ever seen. (or the one where alex teaches chemistry, maggie teaches history, and they teach each other a little something about falling in love.)

12″ by 8″ - Objectively, it’s a beautiful photograph. A high definition immortalisation of a kiss in the sky, two figures pressed impossibly close, hands tangled in hair and around waists as they hover sixty stories in the air, illuminated gently by the neon of the CatCo Worldwide Media sign. But all she really sees when she looks at it is proof of Lena Luthor cheating on Kara Danvers. The one where Cat discovers that Lena’s stepping out with Supergirl (and decides to deal with the problem herself).

and i’ll keep updating my fic recs on here and here.

Reaction to The Great Comet - 5/7/2017 (200th Performance)

Hello there! This is one of the admins here on dailygreatcomet. I had the wonderful opportunity to see The Great Comet during its 200th performance! And let me tell you, it was amazing. I have seen the show before, but this time I wanted to observe everything that was going on around me.  I’ll put this under a read more if you’re interested because there’s ton of stuff to say: 

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fordeg  asked:

👀 + yousana !! ( you already did this once but my greedy ass wants more ! )

send me 👀 + a ship ( platonic / romantic / hate ) & i’ll give you 3 headcanons!  ( selectively accepting ! )  @fordeg

                    platonic.   HOW  CAN  YOU   NOT   LIKE   KIDS  ? 

  • they  ask   each  other  curiosities that  hold   other  meanings.  like  “how  are  you? “  or  simply  “hei. “ one   hello   means   more  than  anyone  knows.  they  obviously  make  each  others  days,  but  don’t  even  know  it. 
  • he   probably  teases  her  jokingly  about  carrot  peeling ? &  she  probably  comes  back  at  him  with  the  TOLV BARN   conversation ,  teasing   him  with  “  good  luck  finding  a  woman  who  wants  twelve  kids ?  he’ll  try   to   have   the   last  word   &  say  “ now  that  i’ve  shown  you  how  to  peel  carrots , your  family  won’t  starve  sana  will  tell  him     no,  my  husband  will  cook.  they  go  back  &  forth  with  light  humor  like  this,  no  one  ever  has  the  last  word. 
  • facebook.   sharing  music ? they  share  music  probably.  sana will   send  “ I Feel it Coming” knowing the  history  behind  it,  but  not  commenting  about  how  she  caught  him  dancing  to  it.  but  they  both  know.   he   sends   Kiss  Me “  by  Ed Sheeran  &  probably  says  “ But   I   like   this  one of course,  they  both  know  it  was  on  the  radio  before  sana  changed  it.  

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About the VnC cover art.

You know how so far it’s always a character with a complex frame behind them. Several people have given their analysis a try, focusing on the motifs of the frames or the way the characters are depicted, but there are some things about those frames that no one has pointed out yet, and it’s because they can’t be seen.

See what I mean? The lower part of the frames is always hidden. Which I hadn’t realized until now is that in the volumes there is indeed a full picture of those frames, in the special thanks page!

This analysis ended up a bit lengthy, so I’m putting everything under a cut. Read more below!

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anonymous asked:

Yes, hello, I would like to know more about Dark Yuri. How does it affect the story? How does it affect Yuri? How does it affect the relationships of the people around him? How did it happen???? How does it effect his relationship with Victor???? pls and thank you.

OH BOY… //rubs hands// i’ll put everything under a read more since it might get long 

to start off…i didn’t think i’d gain this much traction just from posting a couple things but apparently i did s o LMA O ;;; dark!yuuri was actually just me joking around about a yandere yuuri (and then i took it too far) OTL

Yuuri seems like such a sweet and innocent boy, I can’t help but think there’s another side to him. He’s said that he’s lost a lot of competitions and struggles with this lack of confidence. So I’d like to think that during these times where’s he’s broken and upset, another piece of himself kinda breaks off and slowly twists and morphs. And it builds up over the years until one day another entity forms, or Yiruu/Dark!Yuuri. 

Of course, Yuuri’s freaked out when he sees flashes of another someone that isn’t there, or hear voices that come and go, telling him the worst things. He dismisses it as himself going crazy/his mind playing himself. Eventually one day Yiruu decides to formally introduce himself. 

Yuuri almost faints at first, but at least he has a reason as to why he’s been seeing some weird shit for awhile. And I guess they somehow form this mutual agreement or stuff like that? Like, Yiruu gives him the confidence he needs in exchange for being able to control Yuuri’s body at certain lengths of time. It works pretty well for the most part (except when Yuuri takes it a little too far…). But if Yiruu can help, he’s okay with it. (Of course he’s still a little wary of what the other’s true intentions are.) 

As for the people, everyone knows Yuuri like how they know him in the show. He’s soft-hearted, insecure, and a very kind being. When Viktor comes into his life, everyone suddenly finds themselves finding another side of Yuuri that they’ve never seen before.

When Yuuri dances to Eros in perfomances, that’s when Yiruu takes over. It’s this darker, more sensual side to Yuuri that hasn’t been brought out yet. And it’s more amplified because they both want Viktor. You could say that Yuuri is the “Agape” to this “Eros” in a sense (Yuuri wants the relationship and Yiruu wants sex lmao), but not really because Yiruu is just a reflection of all his darkest, deepest thoughts. Whenever he stumbles during his performances, it’s Yuuri fighting with Yiruu over his trust issues and confidence with this other person.  

In terms of his and Viktor’s relationship, this is where it starts changing a bit. You could say that Viktor eventually finds out about Yiruu. And you could say he’s a little terrified of him. And you could also say Yiruu is a very possessive and kinky guy. There’s a lot of blood and NSFW involved, things which I can’t get into on this blog lmao. But you get the gist of it. 

TDLR: It’s Yandere!Yuuri wanting Viktor and better confidence in himself and as a result he has another “self”. Yeah. :3c

ALRIGHT, DEAR FOLLOWERS LISTEN TO ME PLEASE. It’s time for me to get some shits straight, unpopular opinions about over sensitive Tumblr. It’s long, but I WOULD REALLY LIKE IT IF YOU READ IT. It’s so very important.


Some triggers are absolutely delusional. For example: gifs, eye contact, food, cursing and much more… Excuse me, you’re on the fucking internet, gifs are part of this culture and have been there since 1987. Eye contact? What do you live in, a grotto? Food? Mc donald’s sitting in your country with its balls at every corner of your city. And good news, you have to eat FOOD every day. I first thought the system was good, like if you have phobias or this disease with the flashing lights that gets your body convulsing, but people are being way too sensitive. I have coulrophobia, phobia of clowns. I don’t want any of that shit near me, but you know, like yesterday a clown popped up at a tv program. I coped with it. It really scares me that YOU people who’re supposed to be already adults are this way. You’re probably already in the work industry, and it’s a world where you have to toughen up, my teacher (an amazing woman) always kept repeating me so. I also saw a South park episode, and it represented so well Tumblr’s community nowadays! Basically, there were people hiding in a transparent block, and this block represented their safe zone, and outside was a man who represented “reality” and that thus, the people inside the block weren’t letting reality enter the block, and so never face it. And last but not least, I had that one time someone asking me to tag videos, because apparently “you won’t know if there’s a jump scare in the end or something, and that’s very triggering to some people”. Well again here are some good news from queen obvious: jump scares are MEANT to scare you. The first one I saw was when I was nine years old, I cried, it was scary as fuck… But I’m here, safe and sound. 


There was someone who once claimed that if you’re not a victim, you can’t rp certain themes. Like, if you’ve never been raped, you can’t rp rape RP. This is so… sad. So, if I want to rp incest for whatever reason, I have to fuck with my brother first? Absolutely not. I shouldn’t have the right or not to roleplay something based on my personal experiences. If I want to roleplay female with female fluff, do I have to become homosexual? Impossible.


OOOOO WE’RE GOING ON A TOUCHY SUBJECT. It’s a slippery sloppy slide. Just as anyone would do his or her or their, whatever, coming out. I am telling you that I am 17. Exactly, one year away from hitting 18 years old if you went at least in primary school in your life, you can count. But I roleplay-ED and roleplay smut. Now before making that cringing face and going to talk to your buddies about how much of a liar I am, let me tell you some things. We all did it. For those who like to write this I mean. We all wrote some shitty one liners that went along the lines of: he puts his dick in her belly button and gives her a baby. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, but we sure all once were curious children, who had fun writing about these things. About the legality stuff now, more seriously. The police has other things to do than dealing with those affairs. If both rp partners agree to doing a fictional sex scene, then there’s no problem. You are not your character, you are simply depicting a scene. Now if your partner turns out to be a harasser, here you can do something, but otherwise if you agreed, you both will enjoy writing with each other, no? And how even would anyone even know your real age? Come on, we have no real proof that you are the age you claim to be. I find it strange that 99% of Tumblr blogs are directed by 18+ muns. No but honestly, please don’t be delusional and think about it. So underage writing gore with you is okay, hurting, torturing, guts everywhere, all of that is fine, but a breast touch and WHOOPS IT’S TABOO? Excuse my French (literally) but you’re an asshole. Now I can understand that you don’t feel comfortable, and in this case politely refuse to rp such things. That’s all. But as a matter of fact, I’ve seen so many adults unable to write smut correctly, things like: *moans, *sucks* and the likes.People need to do the difference between fiction and reality. If you want to draw, on a side note, DO IT. DRAW EVERYTHING YOU WANT, no matter how gross. I would rather have someone depicting abuse on a paper rather than relieving their rotten desires in reality. As I know that it sometimes help people. This does not mean that I condone it, far from it. I hate animal abuse, it’s truly the worst for me, but I’d rather have someone drawing a horrible thing rather than hurting a creature. Going to move on, because for personal reasons, this thing really disgust me and makes me sad.


HEY COWARD. YES YOU, WHO HIDES BEHIND A GREY FACE. GROW SOME BALLS HAH. I can’t fucking stand anon hate, Even if I had the whole world against me, I’d still face you and not go anonymous. That’s how you handle problems.FIN. Now if you decide to unfollow because boohoo, ha-hi-hoo, then do it I don’t mind it is your right. I will know who you are, and probably be disappointed, but apart from this, you can feel safe. I respect your choice to unfollow me if you decide to not enter reality with me.

isthepartyover  asked:

newsies for the fandom thing

Who is the aesthetic blogger?
Jack Kelly. He just reblogs uncaptioned photos of like the desert and cacti and sunsets and sometimes just posts one of his drawings out of thin air

Who is the sj blogger?

Who is the fandom blogger?
Mush loves Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time and all kinds of fandom-y shows he just really digs that stuff

Who puts everything under a read more?
DAVEY JACOBS he didn’t used to but he does now cause Jack begged him to after he finally cracked from scrolling through 7 pages of text just to find that one gif of the cat doing something funny

Who posts the most selfies?
Romeo. You know it to be true. He uses lots of filters and ironically uses #nomakeup

Who is the biggest meme enthusiast?

Who makes really quality themes?
Specs basically designed all of their themes when they piss him off he’ll just delete a line of code and watch their lives c r u m b l e

Who reblogs posts with pointless comments
Jack Kelly. What a trashbag

Who has the most followers?
Katherine. Funnily enough, she’s a really compelling writer.

Who uses 12 emojis in every post

Who had a really embarrassing superwholock phase that no one is allowed to speak of ever again?
Davey Jacobs. He still has a Sherlock lock screen with a Doctor Who phone case god bless that boy

Doctor Strange 2016 Starter Sentences!!!!

I’ve put it under a read more due to length and spoilers, everything above the read more was in a trailer / doesn’t give away plot and is therefore not a spoiler.

“You’re a man looking through a key hole trying to widen the key hole.”

“It’s not a cult.”

“That’s what a cultist would say.”

“Mister Doctor?”

“What is this, my mantra?”

“Teach me.”

“Have you seen that before in a gift shop?”

“I reinvented a way for the spirit to heal the body.”

“What’s in that tea?!”

“its just tea. With a little honey.”

“I call it the Strange Technique.”

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autistic-bobsaginowski  asked:

Boardwalk for the fandom meme.

  • who is the aesthetic blogger: Gillian, it’s a fuckton of women’s fashion posts, picturesque landscapes of forests and the ocean, and stuff that’s mostly SFW but still has that BDSM/femdom vibe to it.
  • who is the sj blogger: Margaret for sure. It’s mostly feminism but she makes an effort to be conscious of intersectionality.
  • who is the fandom blogger: Pearl. Old Hollywood features prominently.
  • who puts everything under a read more: Angela, she uses her tumblr as a journal and doesn’t want to bother anyone with her multiparagraph daily journal posts.
  • who posts the most selfies: CHARLIE. And half of them are absolutely the kind of selfies that just barely skirt the edge of soft porn. And they all have thousands of notes. Gillian reblogs them to the aesthetic blog.
  • who is the biggest meme enthusiast: Benny, especially like vintage 4chan memes moreso than tumblr’s newer [and, yeah, less offensive] memes.
  • who makes really quality themes: Meyer, and he deliberately makes his CSS annoying as PISS to edit. He does not answer questions about how to modify shit. He has a fuckton of downloads per theme regardless.
  • who reblogs posts with pointless comments: Narcisse, and every single comment is eye-rollingly pretentious as FUCK.
  • who has the most followers: Richard. He doesn’t make stuff or post selfies that often or anything so no one really knows why.
  • who uses 12 emojis in every post: Al. The red dress lady and the pistol one feature prominently.
  • who had a really embarrassing superwholock phase that no one is allowed to speak of ever again: Gyp, he angrily gifspams people like no one’s business.

anonymous asked:

hey akshay! can you post a tutorial on how you create your pieces of art?!


I’ll be going through the different steps that I went through for this piece. 

Step 0!!!!!!!!: 

-If it’s a mythological or historical piece, I always look for reference images of the historical time period or background of the legend! Always, always! 

-(That being said, you should also know where exactly you can artistically tweak certain details for your own taste.)

STeoP UN o !1!!!: 

-(I may or may not have referenced the Beauty and the Beast ballroom scene here ummmm)

-So in the first step, I lay down a sort of neutral background color–not too dim, not too saturated, and roughly sketch out the big figures and some perspective of the picture

-I’ll put everything else under a “Read More” for all y’all’s dash’s sake

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anonymous asked:

Give me some nsfw in your thoughts (or sin whatever) btw do deku bottom, if you don't sure, then fine, I feet sin is coming.. (^з^) (rip my english, sorry)

Hmmm here’s a bit of nsfw to fill your cravings! It relates to this post here! I’ll put everything under ‘read more’! I hope it’s what you needed ahaha and don’t worry, I understand you perfectly fine!

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anonymous asked:

Can you possibly put emeto stuff under a 'read more' line? I'm severely emetophobic and accidentally came across some of your writing while searching for writing things and it kind of caught me off guard...

I was trying really hard not to be unreasonable here… But, this is an emeto blog. And I’d rather not put everything under a read more line, because I do that with other illnesses and I don’t want people to get confused.

If you’re emetophobic, how about you blacklist the emeto tag? I always tag emeto stuff with ‘emeto tw’. And if you did that there’d be no chance that you’d come across emeto accidentally. Or you can just block me…

I hope i didn’t sound rude here…