putting colour on an old sketch


im making a new one.. the old one is so outdated ;;

Colour Sketches- 10$

Full colour (simple or no background)- 15-20$

Full colour (W/ complex background) - 25-30$

what am i able to do? well just about anything bob! 

I can draw, oc’s/fc’s/pokemon/furries/inklings/anything in any sorta fandom!

i cannot really do mecha, hate art, or anything thats kinda.. gross in my standards. i have me some limits y’know

i can draw nsfw. it will cost and extra 5$ i HAVE MANY LIMITS ON THIS TOO. YOU MUST DISCUSS WITH ME BEFORE HAND! but i will put this out here I WILL NOT I REPEAT WILL NOT DRAW ANYONE UNDER 18 IN SEUXAL ACTS.

Extra characters do cost 5$ more too.


Shapiro Quest 6: The Search for Better Teammates

this is a redo of an old fantasy-au sketch i did long ago and always wanted to colour, but just got around to it now lol whoopsie, also with 10X more effort put into it than ever before (im dying, squirtle)

Shapiro is a wannabe knight, O'Reilly is an elfin ranger with a bad shot, Mulligan is a ghoul they found in a cave, and Cunningham is a half-demon thief that has had a run in with the law before lol together they all embark on an mediocre quest in an attempt to become actual class A heroes.

“Relax man, the city’s right there, we’ll be there in no time! ::^D ” “We still have to climb down the mountain ya moron!! >:^U

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Alohhhhhaaaaaaaaaa Essy❤️❤️ For the art ask meme how about numbers 3, 7, and 8?

COLIEBABY HI (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and yus more questions!

 3. Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand.

Here ya go, actually redrew this like months ago HERE

7. Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.

Uhhhh…. oh right this one

A wip that I haven’t posted of my boy Aquator <: though the sketch isn’t that recent but the beginning of the colouring is tho!

8. What is your favourite piece that you have done?

Fuck there is so darn many, eh… this ONE of Red, so frikking proud of it, also this ONE of Alphys and Undyne for the Undyne appreciation week, srs it turned out so damn good, but also this ONE of Scratch for the colour palette challenge, damn I am still so happy with it like I remember how happy I was while colouring it as it was turning out soo good!! :D got a bunch more but can’t be bothered to find and link them all, there is too many which I like so much, can’t choose one 

Old portrait I did of Pasithea (“relaxation” or “hallucination”), wife if Hypnos and, before that, one of the Charites (Graces).

There are many versions of this, but my favourite one is that Hera promised Pasithea to Hypnos if he put to sleep Zeus during the Trojan war so the Achaeans (Hera’s side) will win. 

She is the personification of relaxation, meditation and hallucinations. She and Hypnos make a great couple in many ways ;)

Raking Leaves

Another short story. As you know, sorry for any grammar mistakes or typos, I’m not from an English speaking country.

James Dreymala was looking at the beautiful autumn landscape outside his window. The sun was rising, bathing the garden in sunlight. Most of the leaves were on the ground, creating a multi-coloured carpet.
He turned around, looking at the paintings on his wall. Looking back outside, the landscape was simply magnificent, he couldn’t resist not painting it.
He took his old easel out, preparing his brushes and paint. He took a pen and drew a little sketch on the paper. Then, he put a little paint on his pallete and dipped the brush in it, filling the outlines of the sketch with colour. He continued painting until he suddenly heard someone call his name.
He opened the door , wandering around the hallway.
“Oh, here you are, James!” The blond boy turned around. Billy Lawrence was standing in front of him, dressed in a red bubble jacket, with a hand on his hip.
“Oh, hi. Why are you wearing a jacket inside?” James raised his eyebrows.
“Because we’re supposed to rake the leaves on the ground. Would you like to help ?”
James scratched his head, thinking about his painting. But he could always finish it later, he thought, and nodded at Billy, following him outside.
The sun was already on the sky but it wasn’t warm at all. James shivered.
“Hey, want a jacket?” Billy asked him.
“Sure.” James said and watched Billy head towards the shed.
The blond boy stared at the fallen leaves, some were golden, some brown and some red. Looking around, he noticed Eddie Smith in the distance, he was raking leaves into a big pile.
“Hey, James!” Eddie greeted him. “Are you also here to rake leaves?”
“Yes, I’m waiting for Billy to bring the rakes.”
James felt someone pat him on back. It was Mei.
“Hi James.” she said. “What are you doing?”
James noticed Billy coming towards them with two rakes and a jacket in his hand.
“Here.” the older boy handed him the jacket and one of the rakes. James took the jacket, putting it on.
“Hi Mei, do you also want to help us?” Billy smiled at her.
“Yes!” she chirped.
“Shall I get a rake for you?”
“No, I’ll just pick them up like this.” she said and gathered a small pile of leaves with her hands.
James looked at Bily, who smiled and shrugged.
“Let’s get started.” Billy said as he began raking the leaves, forming a pile.

An hour passed, the garden now had less leaves scattered on the ground.
“I think we’re done here. We’ll leave the rest of the garden to the others.” Billy smiled as he looked at the big pile of leaves in front of him.
“Wow, this sure is a big pile.” Mei said, widening her eyes.
She suddenly smiled and bent her knees, jumping in the pile, a few leaves falling back on the ground.
“Mei!” James frowned as he looked at the leaves on the ground. “You’ve made such a mess.”
“Oh come on, it’s only a few leaves.” Mei said. “I’ll put them back, I promise.” she got back up. “You should try jumping in the pile too! It’s fun!”
“Nah, I wouldn’t w-” James said but Billy pushed him into the pile. The younger boy landed on the soft leaves. He quickly got back up, brushing the leaves off of his jacket.
Mei let out a chuckle. “See? It’s fun!”
“It isn’t. Don’t do that again.” he said, frowning.
“Oh come on, it was just a joke. It’s not like you got hurt or anything.” Billy said.
James rolled his eyes. Mei gathered the remaining leaves and put them back in the pile. “Done” she smiled.
“Alright. I need to finish my painting now.” James said.
“Ooh, you’re doing a painting? Can I see it?” Mei chirped.
“Of course.” James smirked.
The two children followed him back into his room. James grabbed a brush and continued the painting. “It’s gonna take a little while.” he said.
“Hey, Mei, would you want some hot chocolate?” Billy asked.
“Yeah.” Mei chirped.
“I’ll make some for you too, James.” he added.
“Thanks.” James replied, focused on his painting.

James added the final touch, setting his brush in the water. He took a second to admire it, a prideful look in his eyes.
“Hey. The hot chocoa is ready.” Billy opened the door, followed by Mei.
“Oh! The painting is done!” Mei chirped as she walked closer to the easel. In the painting were trees and a bright sun. In the center was a girl and a boy. The girl had black hair that fell down to her shoulders and was jumping in a pile of leaves. The boy next to her was holding a rake. It didn’t take long for them to realize who the kids in the painting were.
“It’s us! You drew us” Mei chirped, her lips forming into a huge smile.
“That’s so nice.” You sure can draw.“ Billy smiled.
James turned around and smiled at them.
"The hot chocolate is ready. Wanna come downstairs and drink it?” Billy asked him.
“Of course.” James replied.

I was feeling kinda crappy and rewatching some old GMM eps like this one to make myself feel better. And I decided to try something new. 

Coloured sketch of the Blackrock Trio. Also I totally put Rythian in his Red Matter/Infernal armor, because come on, we need to do the great Wizard justice. Actually I went for an older approach on all three of these. Felt like I needed to picture good old times.

I’d say I’ll probably do every group of yogs this way, but I have a tendency of promising stuff but never actually doing it. I’ll try to do this though.

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id love a colouring tutorial, (if you can) because yours is so wonderful ^-^

It goes pretty much like this. Step one, make a layer above the background, rough sketch. It’ll probably be really ugly. Here, Cronus and Eridan will demonstrate.

Get the values in (there’s no real trick to this, just blocking and refining… Make as many layers as you need, I usually end up with a bunch but sometimes work on one? Doesn’t really matter.)

Clean up messy bits, put an incredibly lazy backdrop in there on a layer between art and background

Make an overlay layer! (you can compress some of the old layers beneath it, if you like. Gets them out of the way) Then, start slapping down colour.

Still pretty dull overall, right? We’re going to make another overlay layer and paint in the shadowed areas in one colour and the bright ones in another. (Red and yellow, in this instance. I usually paint it out and then mess with the hue slider until I like it. That’s also a good way to find accidental nice colour schemes) Or add some random dabs of colour, that works too. 80% of this is happy accidents, as Bob Ross would say.

For the final lazy painter touch, make yet another layer, set it to soft light, and put a gradient set to something warm and light near the top, and something pale and cool near the bottom. Whoa it’s like I’m more skilled than I really am! Miracles.

So that’s pretty much how I colour. All my (lazy, lazy) secrets revealed.