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Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch 12- Debut

(AN/ Hey Folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceartais. Thank you to everyone who liked, followed, faved, reblogged and reviewed the last update. As always a big shout out to the soc development team who helped create this chapter and a massive cheers to @australiancroissant who beta read this chapter. Anyway folks we have a discord server but for some reason I can’t put a link on the story page so come to my tumblr page; Crewefox and type in discord to find out more details. Anyway without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12439999/13/Take-A-Stand-Star-Of-Ceartais

Chapter 12- Debut

Three weeks of solid combat training by two of the most infamous vigilantes ever, is as hellish as it sounds. Every afternoon at 3.30PM, the recruits would arrive at the bunker for four hours of intense training and on each day, Marian and Robin senior would dare the kids to quit…But none of them did, despite all the sprains, cuts and bruises. However, these training sessions were not just for putting the teen heroes through physical hell; for the three that had powers, Luna and Olivia had been running tests on them to see what exactly their powers did and how far they could push them.

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lauriverkatiefan87  asked:

I just read your Bawson post about trying for a baby how about this "Umm Mike, my water just broke"

As the date loomed closer, and Ginny’s stomach became rounder and rounder, Mike’s fear grew with every inch of her waist.

All the unanswered questions swirled in his brain whenever he laid eyes on Ginny, or held his hand over their growing daughter and she gave a swift kick right to his palm.

Having grown up without a father, he never wanted to be absent from his kid’s life for even a second.  Going away to spring training and leaving Ginny behind had tested both his nerves, and the patience of every single teammate who had to put up with him.  I’m missing everything.  I left her.  Played like bad song that wouldn’t leave his head, over and over again - slowly torturing him.

When he finally made it back home, Ginny wrapped up in his arms, he swore he was never leaving again.

Until he had to.

And every away game he treaded carefully, afraid if he stopped thinking about them for even a second, that would be the time she went into labor and he wasn’t there.

Because that was his biggest fear.  That he’d miss out on the first moments of his daughter’s life, setting the tone for a lifetime of disaster and letdowns.  He could see it so clearly, the scared, disappointed face of Ginny looking up at him, a look he never wanted to have been the cause of, letting down his girls.  

That morning had been normal.  Good, even.  He’d woken up to the shifting of the bed as Ginny tried to get comfortable, soft grunts of frustration causing him to smile before his eyes even fluttered open.

Turning his head, he sees her on her side, pillows surrounding her, and big brown eyes boring holes into him with her gaze.

His hand moves out, almost involuntarily, landing on the fabric of her shirt, rubbing small circles over her stomach.  

“Morning,” he greets her, his voice tinged with sleep.

“Your baby never wants me to sleep ever again,” she responds, her tone accusing, but her soft smile, hidden in her pillow, giving her away.

“Is that so?” He laughs, turning on his side, settling his head on her pillow, their noses a breath away from each other, while the rest of him lays barricaded by pillows from the rest of her body.

“Hmm,” she hums in confirmation.

He pushes a stray curl out of her face.  “Well, we’ll just have to talk to her about that,” he teases.

Ginny rolls her eyes at him.  “She’d probably listen to you.  She already likes you better.”

“The girl’s got good taste,” he says with a wink, earning him another eye roll.

Her hands comes to run through his beard, her eyes studying him.

“Night game tonight?” She asks, her eyes focused on the path of her fingers.

“Yep,” he says, moving his forehead to rest against her’s, attempting to calm his anxiety over leaving her.

“At least it’s here,” she offers.  “We’ll be fine,” and he acquiesces with a groan, pulling her closer.

He never even sees the text she sends him during the game, “Umm Mike, my water just broke.”   But when Skip walks out onto the field in the third inning, he knows that something happened to Ginny, and he’s shedding his gear with shaky hands before he makes it to the dugout.  His face paling and his knees groaning in protest from the sprint he makes to just get there.

Because he refuses to let them down.

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flight hours

being a meditation on Scott, John, flying, and bad attitudes.


“This is a stupid exercise.”

“Yeah, well, if you weren’t such a shitty pilot, maybe it wouldn’t be.”

Airspace above and around Tracy Island is an internationally recognized no-fly zone, within a hemispherical radius of a solid hundred miles. This is something their dad worked incredibly hard to finagle, and it ensures the island’s safety and privacy, as well as guarantees a space for the Thunderbirds to be put through their paces, as is occasionally required for testing and training.

It’s the latter purpose that has Scott lingering at the upper border of the stratosphere, flirting with TB1’s altitude limit and cruising lazily around on autopilot. Today he’s the trainer rather than the trainee, and the afternoon’s endeavour is a combination of two of the things John’s worst at in the entire world: flying and the gracious acceptance of valid criticism.

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The Little Things

Title: The Little Things

 Prompt: @thegreatficmaster Wolverine X reader fic. Male reader if u can. No real plot, just maybe fluffy him being sweet with me secretly.

 Summary: Mornings are always slow in the Xavier Mansion, but this morning seemed extra sweet.

 Warnings: Severe Amount of Fluff.  Mild Language.

 Mastrlist of Fanfiction


The sunlight slipped in between the curtains to give of gentle rays of light that teased over your skin, warming you and gently pulling you out of slumber and into the world of consciousness.  You gave a turn of your body and stretched as you sat up, smiling slightly as you yawned.

Thank God it’s Saturday.

You loved Saturday mornings, everyone slept in, it wasn’t as hectic, no classes you had to teach with twenty mutants at once.  Being a mutant yourself wasn’t so bad, but a lot of these kids just wouldn’t reign themselves in.  You don’t need to use your powers to study Math! Well…except for Claire, but she could visualize the problems for the other students so they could see a 3D representation…that one you let slide.

You groaned as you got to your bedroom door, looking down for a moment and silently debating.  Your black boxers stood out against your skin, and normally, you wouldn’t have any issues with just slipping down for a cup of coffee, but if Ororo (Storm) saw you like this…again…you may lose precious bits in a lightning strike.  

Which was more important…coffee quicker…or protecting your bits?

Bits won as you slipped on your robe and padded down the hallway to the elevator, clicking the button as you let it guide you to your destination.  Luckily, it was early enough that no one else was really up, except for a few of the other instructors and X-men who had morning training.

“Mornin’.” You grumbled as you stepped in, giving Kurt (Nightcrawler) a wave as you stepped up to the coffee pot.  

“You have already been served.”  Kurt spoke softly, gesturing to the table.  

Your sleep-filled brain took a moment to grasp what he was saying, only then turning to see a steaming cup of coffee already set for you, with your favorite creamer in it, as well as a small plate with two eggos on it.  Oh…  You smiled as you stepped up and put a finger down on the eggos to test the temperature.  Warm but not scalding.  Perfect!

“Do I have you to thank for this?”  

“Nope.” Kurt responded as he blue tail wrapped around his cup and lifted it to his mouth.  His hands were pre-occupied with the morning paper.  

“But I take it you know who did?”  


Seriously, getting information from this furry devil was like pulling teeth.  You sighed as you tore one of your precious eggos in half and waved it in front of his nose.  “I’ll share if you tell me.”  You said with a sing-song voice.  You had a feeling you already knew who left you this surprise, but you wanted conformation before you went to thank him.  

Cause you don’t just get cuddly with this man without reason…or you could end up a bit holey.

“Library,” Was all Kurt offered as the tip of his tail struck through the eggo, spearing it before gently bringing it to his mouth.

“You know, I hope you wash that tail of yours before you use it to eat.”  You grumbled at him as you left.  You munched on eggos as you gave a passing nod to a few other students who had woken by now.  What could he have planned for you in the library, you thought as you got close.  

The first thing that registered was some music, lightly playing.  It was some classical Bach, something that was great background music for reading…he wouldn’t…  He did! You step in and smile as you see a coaster sitting next to your favorite book, a blanket laying across the couch next to it.  

“Where are you?” You asked softly, knowing he could hear you from wherever he was.  “Not going to join me?”  You said as you wrapped yourself up in the blanket and got settled on the couch.  “Seems a shame to have to use this whole couch by myself.”  

“Then don’t.” A deep voice spoke next to you.  

You smiled as you turned and found your affectionate man taking a seat behind you. “Are those flowers?”

“For you.” He offered as he handed them over. You smiled as you looked at them…they seemed familiar, had you seen these before?  Huh…you put that question from your mind, however, when he hooked your chin with a thumb and gave you a gentle kiss.  

It stole your breath away, making your mind swim for a moment before settling.  You chuckled as you pressed your head against his.  “What did you break this time?”  You joked, knowing that Logan could be sweet all on his own, but this level indicated that there was some guilt behind it.  

“The blanket, it got…tangled…in my claws this morning.”  

You chuckled as you leaned against him, propping your feet up on the coffee table.  “I’ll get you a new one.”  

“I liked the old one.”

“Then don’t shred it.”  You offered light-heartedly, giving him another kiss.  Sure, it sounded like a big deal that he shredded a present you gave him, but you knew he still had nightmares, and he couldn’t always keep his claws retracted then…some blankets were bound to die.

“Thank you for everything, I loved it.”  You snuggled into his side as his arm wrapped around you, toying with your sleep-mused hair.

“Anytime.” He settled against you, relaxing and letting his eyes flutter shut.  It was perfect, a perfect start to a perfect morning.  You were wrapped up in your lover’s arms, your coffee and favorite breakfast, your favorite book and background music…


Perfection destroyed.

Logan shot upright as he let out a soft growl.  “Shit.”  

“What?”  You looked back at your flowers and it clicked. Your eyes went wide as you fixed Logan with a glare.  “You took out Ororo’s (Storm’s) flowers?!”  

Sure enough, later that day you went for a walk outside, getting away from the shouting match between Ororo and Logan after she finally found him inside, you saw the flower bed, all perfectly cut down, probably by sharp claws.  Little green bits lay around, but all the beautiful blooms were gone…they were safely tucked away in a vase in your room.

You chuckled as you saw Logan storm out of the house.  He spotted and you and walked up, capturing your lips in a searing kiss before speaking.  “I’m going for a ride.  Be back soon.”  

You nodded, knowing he needed to vent off some energy after being scolded like a child. This was your life, in the Xavier Mansion, and you wouldn’t trade it for anything.  


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What You Watch on TV (Avengers Preference)

My first attempt at a Preference! Hope you guys like it!(:


Tony Stark: Keeping up with the Kardashians 

He would kill you if you ever told anyone but he never missed an episode. It had started out with you guys completely making fun of the show but by this point you were hooked and it was a problem.

Clint Barton: The Ranch 

Clint loves it because it reminds him of his farm and you love the small town setting that reminds you of home. Not to mention the humor is just you guys’ speed. And come on who doesn’t love Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliot together?

Steve Rogers: M*A*S*H* 

The humor in this show is old fashioned but timeless just like Steve. You both love the sense of camaraderie and virtue found in the characters who remind you of your own little family. Plus Steve doesn’t have to understand too many pop culture references to understand the jokes.

Bucky Barnes: Fixer Upper 

The HGTV show is always a great way to unwind after a stressful day as you both relaxed and watched the cute couple conquer any challenge thrown their way. You loved the ideas the show gave you for around the tower and Bucky loved the way they were able to take old things no one seemed to want and make them useful and beautiful again.

Sam Wilson: The Walking Dead 

What can you say, You loved getting overly attached to characters and then watching them die. Every Sunday night is filled with screams of angst and shock as you and Sam argue about the truly best way to survive an uprising of the living dead.

Thor Odinson: FRIENDS

 The cliche friendships and classic sit com scenarios always manage to bring a smile to y'all’s faces. Though not fighting bilgesnipes Thor can’t help but think of his own friends back home when he sees how close the Midgardians on the TV show are.

Natasha Romanoff: How to Get Away with Murder

 Is there any explanation truly needed?

Wanda Maximoff: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Both you and Wanda sometimes felt like fish out of water in the big city and Wanda definitely identified with Kimmy in the fact that she often felt like a huge chunk of her life had been taken from her. But the humor is great and y'all often find yourselves in tears after fits of laughter.

Pietro Maximoff: Masterchef 

He wouldn’t exactly brag about it to anyone but sitting on the couch with takeout while watching people make entire meals out of fresh ingredients was one of you and Pietro’s favorite activities. You would both claim that one day you’d cook something but let’s be real it was never going to happen. So for now you’re both content to watch Gordon Ramsey scream in people’s faces as you rooted for your favorite cooks to do their best.

Bruce Banner: The Weather Channel

 You and Bruce were both kind of insomniacs and whenever you would find yourselves up late at night you always wound up in front of the TV. Since there was nothing really on that late at night you and Bruce settled for the soothing music of the weather channel while you sat in comfortable silence sipping tea.

Vision: Brain Games. 

Even though Vision practically already knows everything he likes seeing the different ideas put to test in real life. On top of the interesting new facts you learn you also enjoy spending time with Vision outside of training and meetings.


Requests, ships, and preferences are all open!(:

Just from my perspective, I find the Rage Syndrome fascinating once you mentioned it could be a kind of seizure because I have epilepsy.

From my experience a sudden reaction like that is more common in my post-ictal phase than the actual seizure itself. As my brain is rebooting my “fight, flight, or freeze” reaction is on overdrive, and unfortunately I am a bit amnesic during it so I had no idea how bad I got. Seeing videos of it a friend and my mother took was really disturbing. It’s usually really frightening for anyone who knows me because I’m known for being a fairly quiet and calm individual.

Getting my GTCSs under control with medication and watching triggers helped a lot. With my focals the violence doesn’t happen. My post-ictal phase with them is waaayyy less severe. Giving folks a script of what to say and what not to do (mostly basic seizure first aid which thanks to the media the public seem to be on average woefully misinformed) also lessened anyone else or myself being hurt further.

Have any studies with EEGs been done for this condition? I figure depending on frequency something like an A-EEG would be best… But can you even do an ambulatory EEG on a pup?

Uhh… QT: I’m the Frankie anon!

Rage Syndrome is really difficult to study due to its rarity, infrequency of episodes, cost of neurological scans and general difficulty studying epilepsy in dogs anyway.

We can’t ask them to lie perfectly still in the big scary machines without training, so most dogs are anaesthetised for brain scans which alters the results. We can’t ask them how they’re feeling or what set them off, we can only observe their behavioral output.

Epilepsy is also a diagnosis of exclusion, which means we rule out every other cause of seizures before declaring it the cause, and sometimes owners are unable or unwilling to put their pet through every single diagnostic test required to do that.

So I don’t know if anyone’s doing EEGs on affected dogs. These dogs are unfortunately a significant risk to be around, and the only case I’ve ever seen was put to sleep because the family couldn’t risk it.

Taiyama week 2017 day 8. Freebie  :D

What i really enjoy about Taiyama? 

Writte and read fanfiction, i just love it. but true is that i´m the mother of two with a full day job and a car that seems pretty decide to fall apart every three seconds, so i don´t have the time or the enrgy to writte as much as i would like :C,still i have like tons of ideas for fanfics¡¡ speciali AU´s taiyama fanfics, so while i found time to continue to my superhero au and my Hogwarts au, please enjoy so many others ideas that i not even intend to do. lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

1- knights Au: Kind of Royal/feudal era, with dragons and magician and kings. Taichi and Yamato are both apprentices to knights, but they couldn´t bee more different, Taichi is from a noble family and Yamato is a boy from the town who for some miracle is aloud to  train near to the others. Taichi is the best with all kind of weapons and Yamato has the brain for strategy and diplomacy, whatsoever the crown has a lot of secrets, and even when the they begins like rivals soon they development feelings for each others, and those feelings are put to the test on the battlefield.  I HAVE SO MANY DETAILS ABOUT THESE ONE. 

Both of them wants the position of captain of the royal guards, both for different reasons, Taichi is the son of the last captain and all his life has learn how to do that job, Yamato is in reality the bastard son of the queen, rejected by his mother he is up to prove his value as a knight and of course protect his little brother: prince Takeru (who doesn´t know that Yamato is truly his brother) but he is incapable of beat Taichi in combat. 

2. Idol Au. Yamato waits all day (and his life ) for the opportunity for an audition for the best singing competition in the reality t.v., but his dreams get cut when he is force to share his audition with another guy with the minimum knowledge of harmony or music who is there just for loosing a bet. Is a surprise when the incredible chemistry between the two aloud them to past to the next round, so is up to Yamato to teach Taichi how to sing properly meanwhile both of them jump to the famous and compete against others singers and group and of course fall in love in front of the cameras. 

3. Stark trek AU: OOOOOMMMGGG Taichi as the captain and Yamato is the second in command. Did i need to said anything else? 

4. Haunted House AU: After the tragic death of their parents Yamato and Takeru star to hear weird noises around their house, also estrange events surround the brothers, in an act of despair they get in touch with a pair of ghost haunters, a mystical girl who claims to be a physic and his enthusiastic big brother and even when Yamato is sure that is a scam he is incapable of found another explanation for the eventualities or for his growing feelings for Taichi.  

5. ANOTHER HOGWARTS AU THIS TIME THREE WIZARD TOURNAMENT EDITION: Taichi is a last year Griffindor extremely happy for had been selected to participated in the tournamet, of course he must compete agains Yamato Ishida a Durmstrang student. They becomes friends and ended up going together to the Christmas ball and absolutely everyone lost their mind. 

6. Teacher AU: The young teacher Taichi is concern about one of his students behavior, he found out that theirs parents are divorcing and call the parents to a meeting, of course they didn´t come to the date and the only one who show concern about little Takeru is his big brother Yamato. Is Taichi first Job and Yamato is extremely handsome. 

7.You got an email kind of AU¡: Taichi owns a small fast food restaurant in his home town but his restaurant get into troubles when the most fancy, luxury and healthy salad place open in the barely next block, and soon the owners of each business star a hate war betwen the locals. Meanwhile the only thing that aloud Yamato to survive the stress of such food war are the lovely conversations with his unanimous  internet friend, wink, wink. 

8. Neighbors AU: Taichi hates that his upstair neighbor  band rehearses every single nights because their are TOO LAUD AND NOT EVEN THAT GOOD , Yamato hates that Taichi put his music so early in the morning for his early soccer practice and bounce that dam ball all morning, came on¡ is not like he is an olimpic athlete or something¡ just wake up after the sun comes out like a normal person¡ Both of them play prank to each others until they finally met and holy cow¡ they didn´t expect that the other one was that good looking.

9. You saw the word in black and white until you met your true love AU: Again his will Taichi joins his little sister at the concert of some teen pop boy band and unfortunately for him at the beginning of the concert Taichi´s world turn on to colors. Now he must search between the hundred of people who attend the concern in favor to found his true love, of course that the last person that he expect is the vocalist and lider of the boy band Yamato Ishida. 

10. How to get away with murder Au: Taichi and Yamato are law students and frecuenly compete agains eachothers for the top position in class, but when they witness how an old profesor try to get advantage of Taichi little sister and ended up murdering that profesor they must work as a team to hide the evidence and.. you get it.. get away with murder.  

11. Cosplay contest: Taichi works all summer in his Iron man ulta realistic cosplay for the comic convention and get really angry when a sexy captain America win the contest.  The last thing that Yamato needs after lost a bet and be force to go with that ridiculous costume to the convention was winning the stupid contest.  

So i must dinner now so is that´s all¡¡¡¡ Happy Taiyama week for everyone¡¡¡ 

Big Happy Family

This one’s for @avasmommy224​ - I’m so so sorry, I can’t remember which celebration/challenge this is for but CONGRATS on ALL the followers!
I feel like you’re a celebrity now and I’m the fan that was around when you were just starting out (kinda). So proud that you are getting the recognition you deserve!

My Prompt was Family
My Pairing was Dean x Reader
My GIF is as bellow (i misplaced your gif, i hope this was it. I’m so so sorry).
This one’s a long one, so I apologise for the never ending saga that this turns into (word count: 4841)

Originally posted by heytheredeann

With everything being a hunter brought with it, could you blame me for keeping my family a secret? So why was I dreading telling my new family? The Winchester Brothers had been nothing but kind and mostly honest with me. I mean, sure everyone needed to keep some aspect of their life to themselves, but we’d mostly been open.
I’d changed my name as soon as I left the police force, I drove three states away before looping back whenever I visited any member of my large family. I kept a second phone, encrypted against tracking or hacking, and to make it even harder, they were only numbers, no names. I never mentioned them and took the calls many rooms away, or outside.
And to further protect my family, I hadn’t told them what I did, they just knew that I was worried enough about their safety. So when I rocked up to their houses and painted sigils and symbols they accepted it. They even went so far as to line their doors and windows with salt, just to keep the crazy little sister happy.
Now when I say large family, I’m talking stupid big. Two sisters, four brothers, three sisters-in-law, two brothers-in-law, and at last count, eight nieces and nephews, one brand new. And Mom and Pop were still around. That’s one helluva a secret to keep, right?
So when I’d first met the Winchesters, I used my hunting name. I didn’t know I’d be around two years later, living in the bunker, fielding questions about the second phone. After the first few times of disappearing after it rang, they asked if there was anything they needed to know, if there was anything they could help with. I told them it was my own business, nothing to do with hunting, but once a year I’d disappear for a week after the phone rang off the hook. And just like those years before, my eldest sister had rung, then my twin brother rang and then his husband, then finally my mother, all telling me that the family gathering was in a week’s time and I should bring these brothers I keep talking about.
So here I was, just around the corner from the two boys I’d come to know as family, struggling with how exactly I should tell them. Where I should begin. I took a breath in and sighed, here goes nothing.

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1. Captive Heart, Captive Mind

Summary: Reader had been imprisoned for over five years and cut off from her powers for most of that time. She is ready to give up when she is given one more mission by the mysterious group she has been captured by.

Author’s Note: Ahh! I have never published any fics and I’m super nervous but very excited! Ask me about tags if you would like to! I am hopeful that this turns into a series of 15-25 installments all close to this in length. Please send feedback!

Warnings: Rape/Sexual Assault (NOT graphic, but could be a trigger) Mild violence.


Oh god, please make it stop.

I had my eyes tightly closed so I didn’t have to watch what this man was doing to me. After the first few times, I learned that it was better not to watch. Sometimes, if I closed my eyes hard enough, it was like it wasn’t happening. There were no nameless soldiers forcing themselves inside me over and over and I wasn’t losing a part of myself.

I also keep my screams to myself and ball my fists at my sides. I have scars in the palms of my hand from my fingernails digging themselves in every night. When I used to fight it- when I kept my eyes open- they would get away with it anyway and then beat me afterward for not taking it like the weak woman I was.

The weak woman they made me.

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Academy Awards

Credit bleachlists for the original idea.  Rules of this are simple; chose your palette of winners and sent them to me via ask or fanmail!  Secondary blogs do not count. Only vote once.


Previous Pandora Hearts awards here~

So without further ado, here are the nominees!


  • Byakuran for being so evil and adorable at the same time
  • Yamamoto for being able to act so happy despite his own inner problems
  • Reborn for acting like a carefree tutor with no problems whatsoever!
  • Mukuro for being able to take on various personas with skill
  • Tsuna for putting on his brave face and positive attitude no matter what the situation


  • Haru for her over-the-top silly antics
  • Chrome for her acting as the Vongola Mist guardian during the Varia battles
  • Uni for her peaceful  and brave demeanor over a scared child’s face
  • Kyoko for putting on a kind face even in the face of danger
  • Lal Mirch for testing Gokudera and Tsuna by pretending to be the enemy


  • Basilcum for being a constant support to Tsuna for training in the Varia arc and part of the Hyper Trio
  • Kusakabe for supporting Hibari and apologizing for Hibari’s actions
  • Verde for being the brains of a lot of different operations
  • Dino for being Tsuna’s older brother like support and always training Hibari
  • Squalo for being a constant support to Xanxus (and the rest of the Varia)


  • Bianchi for training Gokudera in the future arc and being a constant Vongola supporter
  • Bluebell for playing up the cute, innocent girl act most of the time
  • Adelheid for being Enma’s support and the Shimon’s big sister/mother-figure
  • Nana for being a constant support to Tsuna so he had another thing to fight for
  • Oregano for being a supporting figure of the CEDEF

BEST PICTURE (the best at illustrating in one way or another)

  • Ryohei for his amazing portrayal of Byakuran in picture
  • Lambo for his drawing of Tsuna
  • Gokudera for the symbols of G Code/G Language

BEST DIRECTING (of a plan or plot)

  • Sawada Tsunayoshi for the plan to defeat Jager and Bermuda
  • Xanxus for his plot to kill Timoteo
  • TYL Tsuna who initiated and carried out the plan to get rid of Byakuran even after his own death
  • Byakuran for inventing and using the Choice system to his advantage
  • Bermuda for placing his subordinates in the right place for maximum battle force


  • Haru’s HaruHaru Interview Dangerous!
  • Monster Tamer Tsuna
  • OVA: Mafia-style field trip


  • Mukuro for the various fashions he wears in artwork
  • Reborn for all those cosplays which he apparently makes himself
  • Gokudera for his attractive outfits
  • Dino for his various open shirt pictures and fluffy coat collars
  • Chrome for her white dress as Nagi and many other cute dresses and outfits


  • Portion of a tree on a painting
  • Giant Spider
  • Book Fairy
  • Tsuna
  • Master PaoPao


  • Squalo for his long, silvery almost princess-like hair
  • Lussuria for his wild, brightly colored hair that never ceases to amaze us
  • Skull for his punk rock makeup and piercings
  • Belphegor for his fluffy princely hair
  • Lambo for his fabulous eyelashes

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY (who had the best plan)

  • Daemon Spade for creating a war between the Shimon and Vongola families long enough to detract from his real goals
  • TYL Tsuna for his plan to rid the timelines of Byakuran
  • Xanxus for using Tsuna’s naivety to his advantage in trying to become Vongola 10th
  • Giotto for the creation of the Vongola as a vigilante group to help others
  • Byakuran for using the powers of the Mare rings to further create and shape his plan to get the Triensette

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY (best at improvisation)

  • Reborn who always changes his plan in accordance to the situation
  • Hibari who doesn’t care about plans as long as he can bite you to death
  • Byakuran who, despite knowing a lot about the future, still had to improvise against the Vongola
  • Bermuda who changed his plans on a whim according to what Reborn and the other Arcobaleno were doing
  • TYL Lambo who is thrown into the moment at random and has to improvise a plan on the spot

BEST EDITING (Best liar and hider of evidence)

  • Spanner for hiding Tsuna from the other Milliefiore
  • Shoichi for pretending he was on Byakuran’s side the entire time
  • Checker Face for hiding the fact that the Arcobaleno Trials were to determine the next Arcobaleno
  • Fran and Mukuro for using their illusions to make it seem everyone had died while collecting vital information
  • Reborn for hiding from Tsuna and all the Vongola the truth of the Arcobaleno


  • Xanxus, “… We, the Vongola, are always as one.”
  • Hibari, “It’s because there is a sky that clouds can float freely … ”
  • Tsuna, “… I couldn’t have accomplished anything by standing still, without anybody’s help… “
  • Mukuro, “Illusions… or real illusions. Within the illusions hide real illusions…”
  • Iemitsu, “… How can a man protect another if he can’t even protect himself?”

BEST ACTION SCENE (aka best battle)

  • Tsuna vs TYL Hibari
  • Yamamoto vs Genkishi
  • Xanxus vs Rasiel
  • Tsuna vs Daemon Spade
  • Hibari vs Gola Mosca


  • Ryohei who is often forgotten
  • Levi who puts up with Xanxus and his crap as much as Squalo does
  • Shamal who is forgotten after the Future Arc
  • Lancia who is forgotten after being a vital plot element in the Kokuyo Arc
  • Fuuta who is there for most of the series but his powers and influence in the Kokuyo Arc is forgotten
  • Longchamp who was an important mafia friend of Tsuna’s in the manga


  • M.M who is forgotten as a very scary member of the Kokuyo Gang
  • Ipin who is forgotten as a promising assassin and surrogate sister to Tsuna
  • Shittopi who is often seen as strange and unrelatable
  • Kyoko and Haru who are also often forgotten and downplayed
  • Hana who is an important friend of Kyoko’s and helps save her life in the Future Arc


  • Tsuna
  • Yamamoto
  • Reborn
  • Gokudera
  • Squalo


  • Haru
  • Kyoko
  • Chrome
  • Uni
  • I-Pin


  • Sky
  • Storm
  • Mist
  • Rain
  • Sun
  • Lightning
  • Cloud


  • Natsu
  • Uri
  • Mink
  • Bester
  • Roll


  • Hibari’s Tonphas
  • Bel’s Knives
  • Dino’s Bullwhip
  • Yamamoto’s Sword
  • Mukuro/Chrome’s Trident

BEST TEARJERKER (who gave us the most feels)

  • Gokudera for his unexpectedly depressing past
  • Uni and Gamma for their sacrifice
  • Enma for his past and how he dealt with it
  • Lal Mirch for her grief in losing Colonello in the future
  • Chrome for her past story

BEST COMEDIAN (basically who’s the funniest)

  • Fran because Fran
  • Skull for being the butt of the jokes as he’s used to
  • Lambo for his obnoxious child-like anticts
  • Haru for her ridiculous cosplays
  • Dino for his klutziness


  • Sawada Tsunayoshi
  • Byakuran
  • Rokudo Mukuro
  • Daemon Spade
  • Uni



Character Appreciation Post (8/15)

Riko is the Seiren basketball club’s coach. Extremely talented and intelligent, she guides the Seiren players throughout the series and is a main component of the strategic play from the team. The team centers around her brains and her ability to reason during tights spots in games.

She has the ability to scan players to find their physical statistics due to her experiences with her father, Kagetora Aida. She used to spend time at his training facility when she was younger, which developed her ability at an early age. 

Kiyoshi asked Riko to be the coach, and she only agreed after the second proposition, saying she only wants to coach a team aiming for the top.

Some time during her first year and her second year, she dates Kiyoshi. It’s unknown about the full details, but they are still quite close as she calls him by his first name.

She is first seen when she’s recruiting new players for the Seiren team. She introduces herself as the coach at tryouts and then orders everyone to take off their shirts so she can scan their bodies to assess their capabilities. Not only is she amazed by Kagami’s stats, she’s shocked at Kuroko’s and wonders how he could have been part of the Generation of Miracles.

It’s only later during the scrimmage that she understand’s Kuroko’s abilities and she quickly analyzes it.

Riko likes ambition. That much is obvious by the roof test, in which the new players announce their goals on the roof in front of the whole school. This is understandable because she puts a serious amount of time and effort into the team, but it further shows her desire to win and her analytic brain. She’s not much of a dreamer; she makes an exact target and she likes to hit it.

She cares a lot for the team, and that’s why she puts them under such hard training. Her determination pays off in the end, but she finds herself enjoying the journey along the way. 

Her lack of femininity is a running gag in the series, and honestly unnecessary. Riko is already characterized as being tough and determined, sometimes beating up the team and her dad, but she likes cute things like Nigou and kittens. The series should have been left at that, because that shows that she can be tough and feminine. Don’t even get me started on her rivalry with Momoi, because that began on the basis of sexuality.

Her devotion to the Seiren team is undoubtedly endearing. She doesn’t hesitate to push everyone to do their best and sometimes makes individual training plans to improve flaws of each member.

Another running gag is her inability to cook. She actually got her lack of cooking skills from her mom. In Kagami’s apartment, she made the whole team pass out from her fruity hot pot. Kiyoshi and Hyuuga also attempt to eat her cooking during the training camp, and promptly pass out afterwards.

She has a lot of faith in the team, as shown when she put in Furihata during the Kaijo and Rakuzan game. It’s clear that she thinks that every member of the team has a significant contribution, and she finds it her duty to find what that contribution is. 

She works for the team hours after practice, strategizing and coming up with new plays and training schedules. Riko is devoted, the same way the Seiren players are devoted to basketball. She is often the least considered in consideration to the Seiren team, but undoubtedly one of the most significant.

Even though she’s not one of the main Seiren players, the team wouldn’t exist without her training and her brain. 

Riko’s relationship with Hyuuga is an odd one. It’s pretty obvious that Hyuuga has a thing for her, and she doesn’t really notice. The two are close friends and Hyuuga has complete faith in her abilities as a coach. In turn, Riko trusts Hyuuga as a captain.

This tough, no-nonsense girl has an eye out for the team…and apparently for Wakamatsu Kousuke from Touou. Though unexplained why, it’s still interesting.

She shows up in every game and has significant contributions to each one, so I won’t bother going through every single game, but I will say that overall she is extremely caring and has the team’s abilities and health in mind during every play, timeout, and win. She wants Kagami to heal before he plays again, and tapes and massages Kiyoshi so he can play again against Yosen. 

This girl is tough, intelligent, and caring, and that’s what makes her so endearing. From the first episode to the most recent one, it’s evident that she has her on quirks and strengths along with her pitfalls. But the whole time, she never stops working towards her goal–reaching the top with the team. From insanely hard training to her faith in the team and the individuals on it, it’s clear that Riko knows how essential she is to the Seiren team. 

I will NEVER get over the episode of Criminal Minds where Reid hilariously fails his gun test again, but saves the day by making a perfect headshot.

But then, lol, he was actually aiming for the guys leg! Ba dum cha!

And then finally, a heartfelt scene where he goes to give the gun back, and Hotch lets him keep it; he trusts him to have his back. : * )

HOTCH. HE BLEW A GUYS BRAINS OUT WHILE TRYING TO MAKE A NONFATAL LEG WOUND. Give the kid a taser and put his ass back in training asap. 

CONVERGENT - Chapter 11 (MagCon/Divergent Cross Over)

(previous chapters)

Your team was buzzing with victorious energy as they chatted animatedly, discussing which parts of tonight’s battle were done best. 

“Okay, your shots were pretty good but I think we can all agree Matt’s acrobat act at the ferris wheel was the coolest.” Johnson shoved Aaron playfully as he grinned over at Matt. 

Matt grinned, shaking his head in stubborn denial as he slung an arm over your shoulder casually. Except, it didn’t feel casual anymore. Not when you now knew that he has feelings for you. 

Matt noticed that you were lost in thought, causing you to be too distracted to lean into his touch as per usual. The edges of his lips tugged downwards without him noticing. 

“Sure, but it was (y/n)’s idea to go to the ferris wheel in the first place.” Matt bumped his hips with yours, causing you to look up. 

“Huh?” your cheeks were glowing a rosy color, finally pulled out of your thoughts. “I’m sorry, what?” you looked up at Matt questioningly. 

“I was talking about how your plan was basically the reason why we won today.” Matt smiled down at you. This time, you noticed the fond look in his eyes as he gazed into yours. 

“I told her the same thing.” Nash grinned, his eyebrows rose suggestively, complimenting his knowing blue eyes as they looked into yours. The light blush on your cheeks darkened and you hoped that the lightening sky didn’t give it away to Matt. 

“Oh, was it your idea, (y/n)?” Mahogany spoke up from the front of the crowd your small team has formed. 

“Kinda.” you smiled shyly. 

“She made the crazy strategy for me and Uriah too.” Matt piped up, holding you proudly. 

“And you should’ve seen her with that gun. Cameron, Shawn and Taylor didn’t stand a chance.” Uriah was smiling from ear to ear, the same hint of pride in his voice as he walked beside Marlene. 

Marlene’s smile didn’t falter either, even when the boys were flaunting you and your skills. You admired that about her. Despite the fact that she was annoyingly beautiful and flirty, she wasn’t actually annoying. You stirred subtly in jealousy. 

“Three of our best initiates?” Mahogany raised her eyebrows. She looked impressed. “All on your own?” 

“Well-” you chuckled nervously. “Matt and Uriah helped.” 

“Oh, don’t be so modest. You totally dominated the game.” Uriah waved his hand dismissively but there was nothing dismissive about the smug grin on his face. 

Mahogany hummed as she thought to herself, the same impressed look still on her face. Once she was no longer paying attention to you and your friends, you shoved Uriah and Matt playfully, rolling your eyes. 

“That should do the trick.” Uriah winked, laughing cheekily. 


“Did you see Mahogany’s face this morning? She’s totally bumping you up on the rankings.” Aaron smiled at you, the usual fascinated glint in his eyes as he slipped on a tight black shirt made out of the usual stretchy material.

It seems as though all Abnegations have that look when they’re in uncharted territory; eyes wide in amazement, lips slightly parted as if they were in genuine shock. They probably were, Abnegations lived a modest life and well, the other factions didn’t. 

“Nah, it’ll probably just be one number up.” you dismissed him as your hands stretched to the back of your head to tie your hair back into a secure pony tail so it wouldn’t bother you during training. 

Everyone else were already bright and awake at the training room but they let you sleep in a bit after Shawn explained to Mahogany and Bart about the sudden migraines you got during the capture the flag game.

This morning, you had the game. They let the initiates sleep in for a few hours but tonight, every faction’s initiates, transfer or born, will have their last night of training before Visiting Day. After that, phase two of initiation will begin. 

Your stomach stirred at the thought of phase two. Mahogany and Bart had briefly described how difficult it will be. Phase one is just the physical part, the easy part because physicality can be altered. Mentality, however, can not be changed.

Phase one is just to see who want’s to be a Dauntless the most, phase two is where all the strong initiates will truly be put the test. It won’t be a test of who want’s to be a Dauntless most. Now, it’ll be a test of who’s actually capable of being a Dauntless most. 

“Hey,” Aaron’s voice was much gentler now as he put a hand on your arm. “Don’t psych yourself out, okay, (y/n)? You’ll be fine.” 

You smiled weakly, your eyes shining with gratefulness. 

“Now come on, Matt, Carter and Johnson are waiting for us at the training room.” he gestured for you to leave the dorms. You two were the last to leave. 

“Speaking of Carter, what happened to him this morning?” you tried to rake your brain of any memory involving Carter, but to no avail. 

“Well the other team came back a little later than ours. Carter came in with like four holes in his Dauntless gear and he was all pale. It was a hilarious, really.” Aaron chuckled under his breath as he recalled the way Carter lightly limped into the transfer dormitory. Unfortunately, that was the only time he saw Carter because he was excused they let him sleep in too so he could recover from the bruises he got during this morning’s game.

“My friends, I come to announce that I died four times this morning.” Carter announced as he plopped on his small bed. The remaining transfers that were still awake let out a chuckle, shaking their heads at Carter’s idiotic antics. 

“Sounds like Carter alright.” you chuckled as you walked the short stoned pathway to the training room. Once your hands curled around the metal handles as you pushed the heavy double doors open, you noticed that everyone was in a small crowd in the center of the room.

Heads snapped to the doorway and once the initiates laid their eyes on you, they began clapping and hollering. Your eyebrows furrowed as you looked over to Johnson.

“What’s going on?” you were able to ask amongst the loud clapping. Johnson shrugged as he pulled your hand to walk towards the small crowd of initiates. 

“There’s our champion.” Bart gave you a congratulating smile as the cheering died down. Once the other initiates made way for you to look at Bart and Mahogany, you saw that they had the ranking board in their hands. 

Your eyes started from the bottom of the column for the transfers, seeing that your name was no longer one number above the line. Instead, your name was the second, right below Matt’s. 

You gasped in glee, a wide smile spreading onto your lips. 

“Congratulations, champion.” you heard from behind you as you felt the two familiar pair of arms coiling around your waist. You whirled to see Matt’s proud smile, his sandy pale skin glowing with glee.

“I’m second!” you laughed breathily, relief instantly filling your heart. It feels as though it was going to burst. 

“I told you so.” Matt teased, pulling you into a hug. You felt a pair of eyes burning holes into your skin, making you raise your head from Matt’s shoulder to see who it was. 

Your eyes scanned the crowd until it locked with a pair of hard brown ones. Shawn. His lips were in a tight straight line as he stood by his usual crowd of Dauntless borns; Cameron, Nash, Taylor, and Gilinsky. 

“Hey, champion!” Taylor hollered. You never actually talked to him but you knew the boy, Taylor Caniff. His dad is a respective soldier, one of the head guards of the fence at the far end of the city. Just like the rest of the crew, Taylor’s loud, rowdy, ruthless and strong. Typical Dauntless.

You pulled away from the hug, much to Matt’s dismay. Matt gave you a questioning look as he looked over to Taylor who was beckoning you to walk over to them. You shrugged as you walked over. 

You could feel your heartbeat speeding up with each step closer. Because the closer you were to Taylor, the closer you were to Shawn. You pressed your palms against the side of your black pants, hoping that they wouldn’t notice how sweaty they were. 

“Hi.” you started, keeping your voice even. You looked around to see that everyone else were returning to their training, going to their respective corners of the room. Your eyes locked with Matt, who was still punching at that damn punching bag. He offered you a small smile before returning back to beating his knuckles raw. 

“Hey,” Taylor gave you a half grin; one edge of his mouth open in a big smile and the other in a smirk. They were the kind of grins that could make you melt in an instant.

“Congrats on second place.” it was Cameron who spoke up. Cameron, in all his sweated-out-black-wife-beater-glory. A small whimper tried to wriggle it’s way through your drying throat but you kept your mouth shut before gathering yourself.

Your heart hammered but you tried your best to hide it from them. “Thanks.” you gave him a coy smile, not wanting to lose in the little flirting game they started. 

“You deserve it.” Shawn added curtly, not giving much emotion to what he said. The rest of the boys snickered, shoving Shawn around playfully, making him roll his eyes. Although he seemed unfazed, his eyes were a different story as they searched yours. You couldn’t make out what he was trying to tell you or to ask you but you had a feeling it had something to do with the headaches from earlier this morning. 

You gave him a reassuring look subtly before getting engulfed in a hug by familiar muscular arms. “I told you so!” Nash’s cheerful voice was muffled as he buried his face in your shoulder. 

“Yeah, yeah.” you rolled your eyes playfully, pulling away from his embrace. “So, if I’m second, who’s on the bottom of the line?” 

“Um, just some Amity kid.” Gilinsky scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. 

Your eyes widened. Some Amity kid? The only other Amity was…

“Carter?!” it didn’t come out as a scream but it was loud enough to make a few initiates stop in their tracks. 

Upon your outburst, the boys’ eyes widened in shock. You could see Shawn have an internal battle as he took a step towards you, then decided against it. You didn’t know whether you wanted him to come closer, your mind was too busy swirling. 

Your eyesight blurred, everything swimming into one big pool of colors and light. All you could hear was the muffled voices of the boys and all you could feel was your heartbeat, pounding in your chest. 

Before everything hooded into a pitch black color, you felt yourself hit something warm and hard. You didn’t realize that you had fallen. 

Your eyes opened to see that Shawn had caught you in his arms, his worried face looking down at you as his calloused hands brushed your hair away from your face. 

“(y/n)? Are you alright?” you could hear Shawn now, his voice clear and heavy with concern. 

“C-Carter.” you stuttered out. Your throat felt tightened, as if bile was threatening to pour through it. 

“(y/n)?!” another concerned voice came closer. As your eyes went into focus again, you noticed that there were actually two voices; Matt and Uriah. 

“What happened?!” it was Matt. You felt him scoop your body into his arms as he laid you gently on the floor. A feeling nagged at your heart weakly because Shawn didn’t try to hold you longer, he just gave you away to Matt willingly. 

“She blacked out.” Shawn answered simply, squatting beside your body. 

“I-Is he-” you choked on a sob. “Is he factionless?” your voice was barely a whisper. 

Matt didn’t say anything but you felt him nod against your shoulder as he hugged you. “I’m sorry.” he whispered against your covered skin. “I’m so sorry.” 

“Oh my god.” another sob rattled your chest but no tears came out. 

Upon the little crowd that was forming around you and Matt, Mahogany and Bart took notice. “What’s going on?” you heard Mahogany ask. 

You looked up from Matt’s shoulder. “Is it true? Is he factionless?” your voice wavered. Even the thought of it made your blood curl.

Bart’s expression fell. “Carter Reynolds? Yes, it’s true.” he gave you an apologetic look. You bit back another sob as you pulled away from Matt. 

“I don’t feel so good. Can I excuse myself from tonight’s training session?” you tried your best to keep your voice calm but your eyes were still wide in shock. 

“O-of course.” Mahogany looked at Bart for approval. You didn’t let yourself sigh in relief when Bart nodded in agreement. 

“Thank you.” was all you said before you dashed out of the training room, not letting Matt or Shawn chase after you. 

A/N: oh shiiiiiiit. bye bye carter? :c

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