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Glow Up tips

this summer is a great opportunity to glow up on the asses of those who have slept on you. Hope everyone has an amazing come back and that you all get that “ they got hot this summer”

1. drink plenty of water: i know that this is any every “tips post” but it’ll help you maintain a beautiful complexion, fresh breath, help with weight loss, and so so so much more 

2. coconut oil: this is the shit! use it for your hair, your face, your legs ….everything. 

3.exercise: do your squats, eat healthy food. best form of revenge is a super hot body.

4. post so many selfies on social media …. make sure the photos are super dope and look very luxurious and mysterious and fancy and work on getting more followers. i suggest you look through Russian Instagram to find poses and study selfie angles.

5. have a stunning wardrobe: you don’t need lots of money to dress like you’re rich. it’s all about how you combine your clothes together. chose neat, fshionable clothes. velvet is really in this year and so are lace up dresses and t-shirts. Asos has a very wide range of trendy clothes and it’s not too expensive. You also get 10% off if you’re a student. /p>

6.read and watch lots of movies: get educated and informed over the summer. feed your soul with sophistication. read philosophical books or whatever kind you like . watch old movies. 

7. step OUT of your comfort zone: don’t go to bed unless you’ve done something each day that you have never done before. it’ll be a great t boost for your self confidence. i promise!

8.go out, have fun, takes lots of pictures and post them. it doesn’t have to cost much, a simple trip to the beach will do .. just flash that hot hot summer body.

9. be humble, but still, let those bitches know. 

10. meet new people and post selfies with them.

11. get a haircut or change your haircut or whatever as long as you change something, have a makeover.

12. do weekly DIY spa days: you can make your own pedi, amni, body scrub, facial masks with ingredients from your kitchen. 

13.take good good care of yourself and make sure you’re stress free and happy.

14.stay away from people who make you feel like shit.

15. avoid seeing your fake friends and stick to the passive agressive braging snapchat/IG routine.

16.gloooooow from the inside out. 

 17. if you have super dry hair and split ends like me, for the love of whatever you believe in just ditch the hair Iron and hair curler and blow dryer…these are the enemy..I know it’s super hard to do especially if you always style your hair with heat but try to find an alternative and only use heat once a week if you must.

 18. You should probably consult with your doctor(don’t do this if you’re pregnant/breastfeeding/allergic) …I take biotin once a day and honestly my fingernails grow like crazy and they are super strong and long so I don’t put on acrylics…it’s also good for your hair and metabolism.

 19. dry hair ? almond oil and jojoba oil itchy scalp/dandruff ? add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo dull hair ? Mayo . and anything can be solved with coco oil.

 20. tea tree oil is a must for clearing ur acne.

 21. soak your feet in baking soda and water and then use a pumic stone to remove dead skin cells. 

 22. for a deep cleansing mask I mix 1 tablespoon of clay with a few drops of tea tree oil and a tablespoon of cold water. If you have dry skin don’t use tea tree oil and add jojoba oil instead of water.

 23.moisturize your face twice a day after cleaning with grapeseed oil.

 24. for #teamnosleep.. if you have dark circles apply a mask from coffee grinds and almond oil twice a day then rinse witb cold water and moisturize with a good (preferably natural) eye cream.

 25. strech marks ? I’ve got the holy grail. if you have a coffee machine you can reuse the capsules/grinded coffee by emptying it to a container, adding brown sugar and a bit of sesame oil/coconut oil and mix …voila …you have your DIY coffee scrub. leave on for 10 minutes in the shower and use everyday and you will notice your skin begining to repair itself.

26. Your fake friends are treating you like crap and are forgetting your worth?

you are a goddess, you do not deserve to be slept on or even minorly disrespected. Don’t you ever forget that. You should not feel like shit when you are champagne in a crystal glass and they are lukewarm piss in a plastic cup.

do not send them messages wondering why they have changed or start a fight or even send them an angry text, they’ll think they have a worth and actually mean something to you. instead, you ignore them so hard they will even begin doubting their own existence and yet keep posting pics of yourself having fun ( or pretending to have fun) abd be all bougie and uninterested.

 send me your glow up pics dolls and send me more tips🖤🖤

Things I’d like to see on Booklr
  • Reviews for backlist books. I don’t care if you’re reading something old for the first time. You just read Sabriel by Garth Nix? Or the Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta?  Or maybe Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz? DO A REVIEW FOR IT! Maybe it’s not the newest and hottest book right now, but there are so many older novels to discover and reviews help that!
  • Buzz for non-YA novels. I love the Young Adult genre/age group. But there’s a TON of books that aren’t Young Adult that would be fun to discuss and share! Occasionally we get non-YA books that get popular because of their appeal to the YA audience (The Night Circus, Shades of Magic, Song of Achilles, etc) but I wanna hear about more! Tell me about the mystery you’re reading, the poetry book you picked up, the old sci-fi series you found on sale! There’s a lot of books out there! If YA isn’t your thing, no worries, I still want to see blogs and posts for books outside that area!
  • Support Reviews. I’m just as guilty of this. I don’t tend to reblog or like reviews, even though I constantly skim, read, and look at what bloggers have to say. Reviews are essential to book blogging in general and great for the book industry! We should reblog and comment on them more! Show reviews your support, that you’re out there reading what they have to say, let them know if you pick up the book or not, share the review so others see it and maybe discover their next favorite book!
  • Discussion Posts. I know that some say that longer posts just don’t work on tumblr, but I love seeing discussion posts and reviews on booklr! Wordpress blogs are more likely to have discussion posts or just longer posts about books and stuff in the community, but I would love to see this stuff on here to. The fun thing about tumblr is it’s a very versatile blogging platform, from just reblogging to adding your own content into the community. Maybe we’ve all skipped over a long post because “TL;DR” but I think that reblogs and comments are perfect for talking and adding to discussion posts, so why don’t we all utilize it more?
  • Support non-English Readers! Every time I see a photo of a book that’s not in English, I notice that it has significantly fewer notes than of pictures of that book in English. I’m not sure what’s up with that? A lot of times you can recognize the book because the covers are the same, it just happens to have the title in Russian or Spanish or whatever language. Lots of people don’t read in English and that’s GREAT! There’s a lot of languages out there and those who read in their native language deserve support for their blog too! (Obviously)
  • REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG. bookavid used to talk about this sometimes, but likes aren’t always great for bloggers. I put a LOT of love and work into my blog and so does everyone else in the community. We work hard on posts, reviews, and photos! Reblog them if you like them! That lets us know you like what we’re doing and more people see it and we feel validated for our hard work. It’s always depressing when I post something and it gets 10 likes so I post it again and wonder if people don’t like it? Is it worth putting the work into if no one sees it or seems to care? I know some people try to stick to the theme of their blog but when you can, support bloggers and reblog instead of just liking it and scrolling on!

I know booklr has felt dead recently, but I’m not giving up until you pry this blog from my cold dead hands! Reach out, talk to people, let me know if you want me to check out your blog, talk to me about books, talk to other people about books, make posts even if you feel your blog is small and unimportant (it’s not, fyi). I love this community and I want to see it thriving again! I want to talk to you guys, hear your thoughts, get recommendations, and make friends


P.S. What do you want to see more of on booklr?? Comment, reblog, message me, let me know 😄


This is absolutely crazy!!! Just the thought of 300 lovely human beings following this little guilty pleasure/hobby of mine is just mind-blowing!!! And so, I want to thank you in one of the best ways possible: through sincere recommendations of other blogs!!! These people are inspiring, kind, cool, hilarious, and have overall 1000000/10 blogs :)))

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Placing bookmarks within the pages of destiny


Give us a birthday roar, Leo! Don’t be afraid of attracting a little attention – this is YOUR month, and you’re already turning heads! Your vibe, aura, energy, whatever you want to call it – it’s off the charts and you’re finding that people are increasingly attracted to your outgoing, vibrant spirit. Put that energy to good use to dive headfirst into those passion projects you’ve been toying with for the past few months! If birthdays are good for anything, they’re for reminding us of how far we’ve come, and how far we have yet to go. Reflect on what you’ve accomplished, and celebrate it! But don’t stop there. You’ve been granted another year, so isn’t it time to make the most of it? That said, the time has come to give yourself a little bit more care and attention. I know this doesn’t come easily to you; you tend to prefer to give rather than take, and feel more comfortable putting others before yourself. Admirable, to be sure, but there are times you need to listen to your intuition, make yourself a priority. You may find yourself in situations where a choice must be made: your happiness, or someone else’s? Draw your inspiration from your lucky book this month, an incredible tale of family ties, and the complications that arise when love is pitted against loyalty. When are our sacrifices worth it? Are some things more important than family, than love? When your allegiances are tested, what holds true? Ultimately, Leo, the choice is always up to you – and you have another year of wisdom and experience under your belt. Draw from that, and then do your best not to look back.

LUCKY BOOK: Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie


It’s August, Virgo! Your birthday looms ever closer in the horizon, and you know what that means: time for some deep cleaning. What have you attracted in the past year that you know (perhaps only very deep down) it’s time to let go of? What has been dragging you down and stopping you from living your best life? Whatever those things are, this is your time to attack them with a bottle of your most high-powered cleaning spray and the coarsest washrag you own. You know better than anyone, Virgo, the freedom and joy in scrubbing at some hard-packed grit, and clearing it away to reveal the gleaming surface underneath. Half-hearted commitments, projects that have long soured, fake friendships – these are all areas you can tackle! It can be very difficult, sometimes almost unbearably so, to let go of the old way of seeing or doing things, especially if you’ve become accustomed to certain negative ideas or people to the point that they feel like home, like normal. But that’s no reason to continue clinging to them once you’ve seen the light. The 14-year-old heroine of your lucky book this month learns this lesson in some of most harrowing ways, but her journey to freedom is one you won’t soon forget. Take heart, Virgo, and remember that you are ultimately the master of your own fate. You hold the power – and the Windex!

LUCKY BOOK: My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent


It’s August, Libra, and rather than succumb to the Sunday blues (it is the Sunday of the calendar year, after all), you’re continuing the summer fun at full throttle. Your current happy place is within a large crowd lately, and lucky for you, we’re still in the heart of music festival season. But there may be more to it than just posing for the street fashion photographers at Lollapalooza and AfroPunk: you genuinely enjoy the sheer excitement and co-mingling of ideas that bubbles from being among a group of creative individuals. Not only are your friends your lifeline this month, offering you constant emotional support and accompanying you on hilarious adventures you can only share on your private blog, but even the strangers you meet may spark some new avenues of creativity you’ve never explored. Follow this impulse to profit from the collective; keep seeking new activities and areas where you can expand. You’re drawing from the most ancient instinct of living things: the compulsion to not only grow, but to change. Each new experience and memory is helping you develop into the person you’re supposed to become, a person markedly different from who you were ten years ago, twenty minutes ago, six months ago. So is it any wonder that your lucky book this month is a fascinating study of the way we think about evolutionary biology? The most minute quirks of DNA mutation can influence an entire species for generations – pathways that emerge from seemingly nowhere that take life to the completely unexpected places. Every action, every decision you make has an undeniable reverb effect that you may or may not ever discover, so come on, Libra. Let’s see what you’ve got up your sleeve next – and don’t skimp on the silly group photos, either.

LUCKY BOOK: Improbable Destinies by Jonathan B. Losos


“I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.” Wise words from the late great Notorious B.I.G., and your mantra for this month, Scorpio! You’re all about that paper in August: you’ve been working hard, building your network, taking professional risks, and now, getting ready to reap the rewards. What form it will take remains to be seen, so don’t count any unhatched chickens. But one thing is clear: your ambition is going to take you far. Perhaps even history books far. Who knows? But while your career continues to soar to meteoric heights, don’t forget about the people who helped you get there: your friends. Female friendships in particular are going to be crucial this month. After all, you can only work but so much, and an unfortunate side effect of putting in major hours at the office is missing out on some quality time with your chosen family. So whenever you can, be sure to make time for some much-needed gossip fests or movie marathons. You need a counterbalance to the stress of the job, and reveling in the love and appreciation of your besties is a surefire way to not lose your mind during this exciting, but admittedly draining time. And who better to draw comfort from, than your fiercest supporters? Of course, if you’re looking for another source of encouragement, maybe the more literary kind, your lucky book this month is a testament to what the human mind can achieve. Not only that, but the myriad effects that innovation that have on society as a whole. From artificial intelligence, to the barcode, to IKEA’s Billy bookcase, there is a backstory to every object you take for granted, and many of them will surprise you. So, Scorpio, now we have to know…what will your backstory be? How will you make your mark on history?

LUCKY BOOK: Fifty Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy by Tim Harford


The road goes ever on and on, Sagittarius, and this is your month to experience it firsthand! That stirring you’ve been feeling to get out and explore? Now is when you give in. And let’s be clear: this doesn’t mean you should max out your credit card and fly to the opposite end of the globe, swathing yourself in scratchy fabrics and embarking on a life-threatening quest. It is completely up to you (and your budget) where to go, how to get there, what do to there, and how long to stay. Want to spend a weekend in Nantucket? Wonderful! Want to spend a month in your childhood home? Fantastic! Wherever you go, there you are, so use this time of separation from your usual to become even more in tune with yourself and any spiritual, mental, psychological scores you need to settle. Don’t underestimate the benefits of retreating from the typical trappings of your usual life; even if you don’t venture as far as you’d like to this time, take the time to sit still. Look around. Breathe. Say hello to a stranger. If your journey has taken you abroad, try to learn a few sentences in the local language. And most importantly, find a quiet place and comfy chair to disappear into your lucky book this month: the story of a young boy who has also left his home, but (hopefully) for very different reasons. Chased by dark forces, he is forced to travel across a hot, empty desert plain – completely alone, until he encounters an old goatherd. Their paths thus intertwined, they must learn the rules of this harsh new country together. A thrilling vacation read, cautionary tale, humbling parable – let this searing story be whatever you need it to be, while you bask in the unknown of your own brand new corner of the world.

LUCKY BOOK: Out in the Open by Jesús Carrasco


Is it warm in here, or is it just me? Oh, wait – no, it’s just YOU. Cap, there’s really no other way to put it: you’re hot this month, and if no one has begun shooting you some furtive glances, they’re coming. This is your month for smooth seduction, and there’s absolutely no shame in that! Whether it’s an old flame or a new spark, the romantic interludes will be robust and who knows, may lead to something more. Keep your options open, and do yourself a favor? Save the spicy details for your journal. Active as your group text might be, you don’t need to share every encounter with four of your closest friends, not unless you enjoy the nonstop interrogation that is sure to follow! Sometimes keeping some secrets to yourself can make the most benign affair even more exciting, and after all, don’t you deserve some excitement? That said, Cap, don’t completely lose your head in the whirlwind of these new flings – keep one eye on your finances, too! Finding a much lower bank balance than expected is a surefire way to bring an ecstatic high to a crashing low, so be proactive and maybe decline some of the more extravagant date invitations…unless the other party is treating, of course! Your lucky book this month is a mesmerizing account of a young girl’s mission to learn her mother and grandmother’s history – a winding journey through truths and half-truths, memories of love, abandonment, betrayal, and new beginnings – to, in turn, better understand herself. It’s a beautiful, moving testament to the fleeting nature of life, and the lessons we learn in youth that become invaluable to the generations to come. So go ahead, have some fun this month. Hit it while it’s hot.

LUCKY BOOK: I’m Supposed to Protect You from All This by Nadja Spiegelman


Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius. You’ve been living large and in charge all summer, and it looks incredibly good on you. It seems like you’ve got it all figured out: job, home, friendships, fitness – you name it, you’ve conquered it. Well, okay, there’s one area that can use some development. You’ve been so focused on getting yourself in order over the past few weeks (or perhaps months!) that you’ve allowed your independence to push away a potential special someone. Maybe someone came to mind just now, maybe not. But this is the month to open up that part of your heart once more: even if you don’t feel ready to enter into anything serious, consider putting some time and effort towards building or re-building something a person who gets you. Sometimes you just need a person to keep you in check, to support your more wacky ideas, to hold your hands before you take major risk. Knowing that someone you care about always has your back can be incredibly freeing – not necessarily limiting or confining, as you may have been led to believe. As long as the lines of communication are open, the cards are on the table, and you’re both open to each others’ needs, there is no reason that a healthy, successful life cannot include someone you can call a partner – with as many or as few stipulations or boundaries as you both desire. Your lucky book this month is a spellbinding and unforgettable collection of short stories that will shed a brand new and sometimes discomfiting light on the nature of our relationships, whether romantic, familial, or otherwise. Sometimes entering a world gone slightly topsy-turvy can help us better appreciate our own – and avoid the mistakes of the characters we come to know and love, even in the space of a few pages.

LUCKY BOOK: What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky by Lesley Nneka Arimah


Rise and shine, Pisces! This month, you’re feeling and looking fantastic – muscles tightening, blood flowing, skin glowing! No more late nights squinting at your phone; you’re tucking in early to avoid being sluggish the next morning. Midday bag of chips? Not for you – a brisk walk to get a fresh smoothie has become your new habit. Between your improved diet and consistent gym attendance, you’re right on track to achieve the sort of health goals you once found nearly impossible. And it’s a good thing too, considering how things have picked up at work! You need all your wits about you as you go through these hectic days and late nights, so keep up the good work. We do only get one body, after all, and it’s always in your best interests to keep it healthy and happy. And while we know work is pretty intense right now, you know what they saw about all work and no play, right? Even though it may seem wrong to inject some fun into such a go-go-go month, you need to let your hair down once in awhile and give yourself some time to relax and let loose. So that date you’ve been putting off? Just say yes! Enjoy the attention, show off all that exercise you’ve been doing! If you’re looking for some romantic ideas, might we suggest a homemade dinner date for two? You may be committed to new fit lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean all of your meals should be bland and oat-filled all the time. Your lucky book this month is sure to give you some delicious inspiration for some flavorful meals, as well as general tips and tricks for adding a special touch to your cooking, whether the recipe comes out of a book or not. Bon appetit!

LUCKY BOOK: The Art of Flavor by Daniel Patterson and Mandy Aftel


Beautiful Aries! This month is YOUR TIME. Your confidence is through the roof right now – or if it isn’t it should be! You’re turning heads left and right, friends and acquaintances alike are clamoring for your attention, and the dating prospects aren’t looking too shabby either! Basically, you’re totally owning it this month, and we couldn’t be more happy for you. As summer winds to a close, take full advantage of these final few weeks: enjoy a vacation day or two, bask in the sunshine, sip some frozé with a group of friends at noon. In other words, live!!! Enjoy it; life is fleeting anyway! Of course, a word of caution: no matter how amazing you look and feel, using the world as your red carpet can have its drawbacks. Keep a tight grip on your wallet, and be careful of what you post on social media. Money is not everlasting, but that regrettable photo from 4 AM absolutely is! Leave the tabloid-worthy blunders to the celebrities, and recognize when it’s time to leave the party. Speaking of, your lucky book this month will be right up your alley: a whip-smart, hilarious deep dive into the world of celebrity culture, what feeds our obsession, and what effect internet fame has on our culture at large. Walk like the street is your red carpet – and then enjoy cozying up in bed with this book, comforted by the fact that there isn’t paparazzi just outside your door.

LUCKY BOOK: The Stars in Our Eyes by Julie Klam


Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for being a homebody, Taurus. This month, you’re really into the warmth and comfort (or should we say air conditioning and comfort?) that comes from being safely ensconced at home, surrounded by your books, blankets, and favorite snacks. Maybe you’re finally get around to that deep cleaning you’ve been saying you’d undertake since the beginning of May, or there’s a room that’s just dying for a fresh coat of bright new paint. Or maybe the time has come to say farewell to your current place entirely, and try to find some digs. However you slice it, your priority this month is taking care of your sacred space, and reevaluating what the significance of that space means for you. It is a place of solitude and meditation, where you can escape the endless grind of the outside world? Is it a fortress for you and your closest loved one, where you can all be your unapologetic selves? Is it simply a place of refuge, where you can rest assured that in this tiny corner of the universe, you are safe, independent, and in control? You may find that you have much in common with the protagonist of your lucky book this month, a fiercely opinionated young woman who is on a quest to find a place she can rely on as home. Trapped in that infuriating liminal space between cultures, between countries, and does her best to carve for herself, everywhere she goes, a place that rests entirely under her control, a place where she can feel, even in miniature, that she is in a safe, familiar place. It’s a stunning tale that will put into sharp perspective one of the most pressing human rights issues of our time – pick it up whenever you feel yourself getting a little bit too serious about paint swatches.

LUCKY BOOK: Refuge by Dina Nayeri


Gemini, what’s good? You haven’t had the best few weeks, but it’s a month, a new day, and life is going to have to come a little harder than that to keep you down. Luckily, this month you’re all about that extra support: partnerships and close friendships are where you’ll thrive, and it won’t feel too crowded, or like a betrayal of your own independence – we promise. The key is to make sure the people you choose to surround yourself with add a special something that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. Who makes you feel like your best self? Your most capable self? Your most ambitious self? Who lights that creative fire? Understand that while self-sufficiency is important, and your reliance on your own wisdom and wits is one of your best attributes, it can never hurt to solicit input and guidance from someone who can push you to aim even higher, and vice versa! So put yourself out there, be proactive. You can’t expect everything to come to you. Your lucky book this month is a short, trippy examination of race and class that follows a most unusual character in her quest for authenticity. Like you, she wonders who she really is, who she wants to be, and how – or who – can help her become that person? While you will undoubtedly avoid some of the more absurd situation she finds herself in, there is much to learn from her internal dialogue as she fumbles for ‘realness.’ Find your person (or people!), Gemini, but don’t lose sight of yourself in the process. You’re smarter and more resourceful than you know. Remember that!

LUCKY BOOK: New People by Danzy Senna


Up and at'em, Cancer! You’ve had a leisurely summer, laying back and enjoying the ocean breeze, marathoning your summer shows and sampling mimosas at every brunch spot in town. We don’t begrudge you living the unbothered life to the fullest, but alas, it truly isn’t a party if it happens every night. And unfortunately, it’s time for the party to end – for the time being. But you were sort of ready to kick it back into high gear anyway, weren’t you? You have a bit too much active energy to spend the rest of the summer whiling away the hours fruitlessly. This doesn’t mean you should throw all of your effort into the first opportunity that presents itself: be forward-thinking, but strategic. Know what you want, and then go after it. Get your feet wet at a few mixers and networking events so you can get some inside scoop on what’s for grabs, who to know, where to show up and show out. So go on, have at it! Dust off that resume, iron that button down. It’s time to start getting yourself back into the game. We understand that the transition back to the real world may be jarring, but you’re not a delicate flower; you can take a bit of unease and horror in your downtime literature. Your lucky book this month is a haunting short story collection that will raise the hair on your arms in the very best way. Both love story and cautionary way, it’s the absolute best selection for this month, when you need to be kept on your toes – although we highly recommend not saving this one to read right before bed.

LUCKY BOOK: Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin

how to start a studyblr

what is a studyblr?

  • studying + tumblr
  • its a community of people documenting their academic journey and helping others with study tips and motivational things

why should i have one?

there are a lot of reasons but here are a few:

  • keeping yourself accountable
  • sharing your success with others
  • lotsa support from the community
  • learn how to be a better student + more effective life in general
  • inspiring aesthetic
  • get motivated
  • so many helpful masterposts and tips
  • make friends
  • get more focused
  • so much more aahh i love studyblr


  • a name
    • get a cool url, most people just put down their name then add “studies” at the end
    • but you can do whatever you want, just make it your own
  • a goal
    • know why you’re doing this. 
    • is it to help others with content you make?
    • remind yourself to keep going?
    • take care of yourself? etc.
    • whatever reason you have, its a good reason to start a studyblr
  • a theme

what to post

  • masterposts
  • studyspo pictures
  • your academic achievements
  • study tips
  • quotes
  • etc.
  • basically anything related to general studying stuff

what if i’m not good enough to be a studyblr?

  • you are
  • i am a mess and i am doing fine as a studyblr
  • anyway, people don’t make studyblrs because they are perfect
  • they make them to be better students and/or to help others succeed
  • you do not need fancy stationary or anything either, all you need is a dedication to academics (or the goal to eventually be dedicated)

blogs to follow

there are so many great studyblrs out there! but if you want some to start with to follow:

getting followers

  • i’ve noticed that i get a lot of new followers after posting a good masterpost
  • join in for studyblr awards and blogrates! great and positive exposure! in fact, I have one going on right now! // here’s the link //
  • reach out to the community! some blogs (like me) will maybe even make a post about you if you ask
  • message or ask me anything, i will likely check out your blog and follow you
  • lots of us follow back
  • more content = more followers, as long as it is good content
  • excessively tag your posts (below)

hashtagging your posts

you have to tag your posts for exposure!

  • popular, general tags:
    • #studyblr, #studyspo, #studying, #school, #studivation, #studispiration, #study motivation, #study inspiration, #productivity, #organization, #onmydesk
  • individual studyblr tags (these tags belong to a studyblr that created the tag, if you tag one of your posts with them, the studyblr will see it and usually reblog/like it)
    • #studisimpli, #elkstudies, #heysareena
    • there are tons of others, most have their tag in their description

getting motivated

  • search the above tags and find some aesthetic goals, some motivational quotes, and all that great studying stuff and keep it in mind in terms of your own goals


  • don’t make your studyblr a side blog. mine is and i hate it
  • if you have trouble with finding ideas for posts, ask your friends what things they have trouble with in school, then write about how to fix it
  • enter studyblr contests! they are great for exposure
  • post regularly
  • make a good first post introducing yourself, i got tons of followers from just my first post
  • if you have a friend on studyblr, like and reblog each other’s posts, it helps get them out there
  • believe in yourself, you can do it

other masterposts by me

Plow Me

Because I’m self indulgent

In my defense, @secretschuylersister started it [And yes, it is based off of The Tag, her Legendary tag, id you could not tell by the title]

Pairing: Lin x reader (I think? I mean, it kind of turned out more Daveed x readerish. I was thinking that if people actually like this, I might do a second part and put more Lin in it… Unless y’all want it to be a Daveed fic? That works too.)

Warnings: probably OOCish characters (Taylor included? Not sure if she swears… Never mind yes she does) Sexual references, hardcore shipping, fangirl Daveed, some swearing (okay, lots of swearing) - that’s it, I think

Summary: The Hamilcast finds out about something that they maybe shouldn’t have

Note: Special thanks to @timeforhamilton who let me send this for her for advice and encouraged me to keep going, @secretschuylersister for answering my questions for “research” and @on-written-wings for her oh-so-helpful Industrial Revolution list! If you haven’t met any of them, check them out! They’re all hilarious, kind, wonderful, too great for this world awesome! :)


“You’re joking.”

“Do it.”


“But why not?” Daveed pressed.

“Because it’s creepy!” Anthony defended. “Why would I look up Lin?”

“Trust me, the results are very amusing.”

“How exactly would you know that, Diggs?”

“I’ll give you three guesses… And ten dollars if you do it.”

Anthony sighed, folding under the promise of money for his troubles.

Daveed grinned, letting out a fist pump into the air.

“The things I do for you people…” Anthony breathed, even as he pulled his laptop closer to him, Google already getting up and running.

His fingers began to lazily drift over the keys, but after a few seconds, they stopped, a smirk curling on his face as his eyebrows lifted further.

“Oh, Diggs, you were right.”

“Why? What’d you find?” Daveed asked eagerly, moving so he could see the screen, eager for the scoop on something he might’ve missed.

Sitting there, all too innocently in the search bar, were the unfinished words Lin-Manue.

In the drop down list of frequent searches just below it, from the bottom up, it went lin-manuel miranda net worth, lin-manuel miranda drunk history, lin-manuel miranda moana, lin-manuel miranda, and, at the very top of the list, securing it’s spot as the most searched topic with his name on it, lin-manuel miranda plow me.

The two shared a mischievous look, devious grins slowly growing on their faces.

It took all of two seconds for them to silently agree, and immediately afterwards, Anthony had furiously clicked the first option, repeatedly doing so until the next page had loaded.

Scrolling down, he murmured, “So, Tumblr is the blue void from whence this came, eh? Let’s see if we can find out where this started…”

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Framed Photos

Steve Rogers x Mexican!Reader

A/N: Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration. I wrote this, because I love sharing my culture and Halloween’s coming soon and I want people to know my culture is not a costume. So maybe this will shed some light to how important this tradition is for us. 

Summary: You invite Steve to a Dia de los Muertos altar celebration.

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

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With You By My Side - Ten (finale)

A/N: FINAL part you guys.. Thank you so much for sticking with me trough this series.  You are all amazing! And I’m sorry….. Shout out to my beta @thorne93.

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: ALL THE FUCKING ANGST. Character death. Entire part is Jensen’s POV

Worcount: 1660

*not my GIF*

Originally posted by the-tres-geckos


It had been a week since we came home from the hospital. The first couple of days she had been fine, moving around in the house, watching movies with me on the couch, but on day four we had to move everything down to the guest room since she was no longer able to climb the stairs. Yesterday she didn’t manage to get out of bed at all, and the doctors are now talking hours, maybe a day.

As I sit by the breakfast table, alone, I call my mom to let her know what’s going on. We don’t talk for long because dad are already packing their bags. He had loaded them in the car before we hang up. My parents love (YN), they always have. I still remember the lecture my mom gave me after I brought (YN) to Dallas for the first time.

“She’s special to you, Jensen. I can tell by the way you look at her and how she looks at you. You should just tell her how you feel now so that you can start your lives together, I guarantee you’re going to regret it if you don’t.”

The all too familiar lump forms in my throat as I replay her words in my head. I know that my mind should be here, in the present, that I should savor every moment we have left, but it’s hard not to dwell on all the things we’ve missed out on in the past, and the things we will miss out on in the future. I shoot a quick text to Jared, telling him that she’s nearing the end of her life, letting him know that if they want to say goodbye they should probably come over soon.

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Moriarty x Reader | ‘Always Take The Shot’

Hey! So this is gonna be my first ever Moriarty x Reader fic, I hope you guys like it. (It might be a series…)

Plot: You are a crime scene photographer working alongisde Sherlock, John and Lestrade. You capture something you weren’t supposed to… 

Warnings: None,

Guide: C/N = Client Name


The sound of your camera snapped a photo of the dead body in front of you. You quickly looked down at the screen and blankly stared before it disappeared again. You were a photographer. 

Well… You took a course at university to be a creative photographer but ended up being a crime scene photographer. You also worked alongside Sherlock and John. The two were very famous in the media, Sherlock was a ‘consulting detective’ whilst John was a blog writer and wrote about the two. Sherlock said you were the best photographer he’s ever seen and regularly uses your photos for evidence. John also uses your photos on his blog. It has given you quite good rep in the past. 

But you were just working alone this morning. Sherlock and John were caught up with a particular man called Moriarty. 

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ch aesthetic tutorial

yeah so i’ve gotten a lot of compliments (thanks!) and tutorial requests about my aesthetic edits lately, so i decided to make one. boom. it’s really not that hard. i use photoshop, idk if this tutorial will work with other programs but you can try it out and let me know :) 

so if you wanna know how to make these types of edits keep on reading 

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Forever Enough

Summary: [Pre-serum] Steve Rogers is determined to get into the Army, but you and Bucky keep trying to persuade him that it’s not a good idea.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes

Warnings: fluff, cute af!Steve, angst, arguing, character deaths [?]

A/N: @redlipstickandplaid  kinda requested this, I say kinda because she asked for some Fluffy Pre-Serum Steve where Buck and the reader try a deter Rogers from trying to join the army- and this, well, my brain had different ideas. Annie, don’t hate me too much, lmao <3

“You need to stop this, Steve,” you let out a sigh as you ran a hand through you hair, exasperated at your friends actions.

He shook his head, taking a seat on the couch. “I can’t. I have to do this,” he spoke with pure determination, that determination he always had every time he tried to enlist and still got denied on medical grounds. He wasn’t one to give up, that’s for sure.

There was a short silence before the door opened, revealing Bucky in his full army uniform. It was fair to say, he looked pretty angry.

“What were you thinking!” he threw his hat unceremoniously onto the spare chair in his frustration. Bucky took a deep breath, running a hand across his face, “you can’t keep doing this, man. Going as different names each time won’t change your medical records.”

“I just want to do something to help, alright?” Steve retorted, getting to his feet, a look of dismay across his face. “Everyone else is out there fighting and I’m just here- doing nothing to save anyone.”

It pained you to see him beat himself up over things that were beyond his control. “Steve, listen to me,” you walked over to him, your hand gently taking hold of his own, “you can help here, and you do help here. You help me just by being here, by being my friend in this crazy, horrible time.”

Those bright blue eyes looked up at you with slight hesitation before Steve spoke, “but I’m not enough, am I? I never will be,” he spoke in a broken tone before pulling away from your touch and making his way out of the house.

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Forty Tarot Business Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Starting a Tarot or soul centered based business is hard work. Throughout my time as a professional Tarot reader, I’ve made countless mistakes, been in tricky situations and learned many things about myself and the way I like to work. Running a Tarot business isn’t always glamorous. It can be frustrating and lonely. I wanted to share with you all some Tarot business tips I wish someone had told me.


You are the only one who can decide if you are ready to start a Tarot or soul centered business. There is no grand proficiency test you can take. If you want to start your own Tarot business you either take the plunge or play the waiting game. I played the waiting game and I really regret it.  I sought so much validation in others that I forgot to validate myself. Once I gave myself the permission to go on the journey of starting my own Tarot business, everything changed. Taking the steps to start my Tarot business was the scariest thing I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding.


Know your local, state and federal laws. Starting any business, let alone a soul centered or Tarot business is hard work. I encourage you to do your homework when it concerns your business type, liability, the laws that proceed how you are conducting your business online versus local, etc. If you can afford it, I would highly suggest obtaining legal advice before proceeding. Please do not try to mirror someone else’s business or think that just because someone is doing something in their business it is okay for you to do it too. Keep in mind that there are various different rules, regulations, disclaimers, and laws that precede your location, state, country and the businesses in your area that can and will differ from someone else’s location.


Write a business plan. I know it sounds a bit scary or intimidating but before starting any business, really sit down and think about why you want to be in this business. The next question you should ask yourself is how you would like to help others with your business. Think about what you would like to offer in said business. Do you want to sell readings, courses, printable content, a membership?  What are your goals for your business? Who is your ideal client? What is your niche? These are important questions.


Pick a name. Do not take this lightly. Your business name will be a reflection of you and your services. Switching your business name mid business can be a difficult situation in regards to branding yourself, but not impossible. Try to pick a name that is easy to spell and memorable. Once you’ve chosen a name search to see if the domain name is available and if social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Gmail, etc are also available for that business name. If all is good, I highly recommend purchasing the domain name and signing up for social media websites and obtaining those usernames.


Create a website.  Although this is not for everyone, it looks very professional when presenting your business to others. Gone are the days of needing to know complex coding and HTML. You can get a website up and running with web services like Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Wordpress.com, and Sitebuilder. Your website will be the central hub for you to showcase your services and what your business is all about.


Pick a platform or online e-commerce system to sell your readings and services. For those who own websites that lack e-commerce functionality, Many online and in person readers like myself use external websites to sell our services. There are websites like Etsy, Storenvy, Shopify, Squarespace, BigCartel, Squareup, Paypal etc where you can list your offerings to clients. *Each respective website or service has their own fees and rules you need to be accountable for.


Start a blog. Starting a blog helped me not only connect with my business peers but allowed me to share my experiences, much like I am doing in this post. Blogging also helps to create a community of people with like minded interests. Running a blog helps to create a personal connection between you, your readers and potential clients.


Provide services that excite you. You do not need to sell a particular type of reading just because it is popular. Be unique in your offerings. What I think about when coming up with a new service or reading is what would be something I would love to purchase myself.


Have a clear and simple way for potential clients to find your services. The purchase process should be safe, secure and seamless.


Stay organized. My first few years of business were a wreck. I learned quickly that organization could become my best friend instead of my worst enemy with some simple tricks.

  • Create a separate user account on your computer for your business and business related content. Keeping your personal files away from your business files is half the battle.
  • Use folders both on your computer and in your work space. 
  • Create folders for spread offerings (sort them by card number, topic, etc.) Create a folder for reading templates, business ideas, previous client readings, etc.
  • Start a business journal for business ideas, traffic stats and do some book keeping.  Keep records and logs of readings you have done, the income you have made, expenditures, incoming and outgoing payments, bills, etc. Keeping track of your sales is also beneficial when filing your taxes.


Create a separate e-mail account you only use for when you get paid. I had my PayPal account hacked and someone tried to clear out my funds. Thankfully PayPal noticed the suspicious activity and stopped the transaction. Ever since then, I have a separate e-mail address that I only use for when I send out invoices or charge for a service. This limits the number of people knowing that e-mail address and keeps things a bit more secure.


Obtain a separate phone number for your business. I use to give out my cell phone number to clients. Many clients abused this privilege and because of this, I sought out a separate number. I utilize google voice as it works seamlessly with my phone. A few friends of mine have also used MagicJack, Skype Voice, Call centric and YouMail with great success. With these such services, you can enable do not disturb settings when you are off call. *Each respective service has their own fees and rules you need to be accountable for.


Have business hours. As I mentioned above, many clients abused the privilege of having my personal number. I would receive calls all hours of the night. After having a business number I made it clear what my hours of operation were and placed it on my website, blog and social media accounts. You can also mention your business hours in your voicemail greeting for your business number. Setting business hours also helps you to manage your time.


Use a scheduling application or keep a daily work schedule for when you do readings, appointments, etc. I learned very quickly that having a clear way to share with clients my availability made the purchasing process easier. It also allowed me to allot a specific time in my day for a reading without losing track of time.


Back up your files and computer often. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve dealt with computer crashes and corrupted files. Backing up your content on a continuous basis. It would be ideal to invest in an external hard drive to keep your business files and personal files backed up in case of hardware or software failure. I once had a computer malfunction and lost a forty minute video reading. Since then, I back up my computer all the time. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Create templates. Before implementing templates in my Tarot business workflow, I spent so much unnecessary time designing each reading one by one. I now have set templates for each reading that I offer. I am able to drag and drop photos of the custom reading after taking them and also insert the typed out portion from my word document into the reading template when it is all done.


Create product and service listing that are easy to understand and compelling. Some things you may want to include in your reading listings are:

  • Subject of Tarot reading or service.
  • Who the ideal client is for the reading or service is.
  • What divination tool will be used. (Tarot, Oracle, Runes, a combination?)
  • How many cards?
  • Estimated delivery times.
  • Previous testimonials from previous clients who purchased said product or service.
  • A link with an example of the reading.
  • Reading or service format (Audio, typed, snail mail, video, live, skype, recorded call, etc)
  • Spread positions (If using a spread)
  • Deck choices (If using decks)
  • Any addons (Extra cards, rush delivery, etc)


Set clear boundaries, ethics, and policies in your business. Also, it is okay to say no. I think it is important to be upfront with who you are, what you do and what you don’t do. This will help prevent being put into situations where you would rather not be put in. Remember that there is nothing wrong with saying no. It is okay to not read for everyone who wants a reading or service from you. I ensure that every client knows my ethics and policies beforehand. Some policies I have in place for my business are payment policies, privacy policies, disclaimers, refund policies, rescheduling and cancellation policies.


Set small goals for yourself (daily, weekly, bi weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) Being a reader with chronic illness, I like to set monthly goals as it helps with my energy management and I also do not feel rushed. I also like to hold myself accountable for my goals by tracking my progress and either changing or evolving a goal if it no longer feels right to me. Some goals you may want to consider are how many sales you want to make a day, week, a month? How can you make X amount of money each quarter of the year?


Comparing your business to someone else’s is the quickest way to discourage yourself. How you measure the success and lessons in your business should not be put against someone else’s. Remember that we all started somewhere. Focus on how you can better your business instead of putting it down.


Be patient. I know this one is easier said than done but rushing to try and make money isn’t the way to go, at least for me it wasn’t. Growing a business takes time. Overnight successes are few and far between.


Find your people. During the first years of business, I found it significantly more important to build an audience and a following before trying to sell to people who had no clue who I was and what I was about. Build your own community of clients and like minded people. Creating authentic interaction, and building trust helped me so much and I highly suggest trying it.


You and your services are not meant for everyone and they shouldn’t be either. Not every client and service provider can be a perfect match. That is okay. Focus on those who find value in your services and who you are.


Do not be afraid to market yourself. With the power of the internet, you can use social media and old school marketing like business cards, fliers, to promote yourself, your content and your business. I know it can be easy to be scared of feeling scammy or annoying but if no one knows who you are or what your business is about, how can you connect with those who are searching for a business like yours? I like to promote by teaching things. This helps create an even exchange of promotional material and digestible content for my viewers. Something that I also like to do is to create a marketing plan and use social media apps to automate the process. This helps take the guess work out of marketing and it is done for a month in advance. Don’t fear doing what you can to put yourself out there. Marketing is essentially a call to action. You are allowed to take up space. There is no shame in that. People need a way to learn about you, your business and if they want to support you. Marketing helps with that.


Engage and collaborate with your peers. I used to be so scared to talk to some of the Tarot readers and diviners in my same field but quickly learned that interacting with one another created awesome friendships and helped us learn from one another in the process. Networking is key. I cannot tell you how many times one of my peers have highlighted me on their blogs or sent a reading referral my way. I have also done the same.


If you primarily sell readings, your income will fluctuate on a consistent basis. You will find that some weeks you will book out, and others you won’t make any sales at all. It was so difficult for me to understand this. Something that may help you obtain a more stable stream of income would be providing self-sustaining services and products like courses, e-books, decks, and mentorships.


Expect naysayers and doubters. Try not to take it personal. Not everyone is going to believe in your business or services and that is okay. You are not there to prove your worth to someone who has already made up their mind that you aren’t worth their time or respect. There are going to be those who want nothing more than to discourage you. Spend time bettering your business, and silence the noise of those who want to see you fail.


Be consistent with your service rates and what you are offering. While you are growing your business it is okay to do rate increases sporadically but having inconsistent rates can put off potential and returning clients. The same can be said for your services. If you drastically change your business model or offerings, it can leave clients feeling insecure with doing business with you. Making changes when necessary and ensure a seamless process for your clients.


Have a working Tarot deck. I had a client of mine bend one of the cards in my favorite deck while they were shuffling. I was horrified. From that moment on I used to never allow the client to shuffle my deck out of fear, but it always felt wrong to me. I now use a working deck or a deck that I use just for clients that if damaged I can easily replace.


Be consistent with self-care and have a plan for it. I cannot tell you how much having a self-care plan has helped me during those days when everything becomes too much for me to handle. Being a Tarot reader who is also diagnosed with anxiety and depression, taking care of myself and having a self-care plan has saved me from potentially detrimental situations. Being a serviced based business, we are used to putting the needs of others before our own. Remember that you deserve the same care, if not more, that you give to your clients. Some things I like to do is paint, write songs, turn off my phone and computer, treat myself to a nice cup of chai tea and take a long walk to help clear my mind. I also have a Feel good file on my computer. This file includes letters and positive testimonials from clients, pictures of cute puppies and successes I’ve had in my business. *Everyone’s self-care plan will be different. Do what works for you.


Refresh your learning. Take some time to read new material, take a seminar, sign up for a local class, meet up with a local group, enroll in a self-study course, watch videos or find blogs in your niche. This will not only help you stay current but also help you grow your business and knowledge.


Learn your reading style and use it to your advantage. Are you a predictive type reader or a holistic spiritual counselor? Are you a psychic medium or fortune teller? Use your unique way of doing things to tailor your reach to potential clients who are looking for your services. Do not be afraid to think outside the box.


Recognize your limiting beliefs and work at chipping them away. One of the hardest parts of starting my Tarot business was accepting that my worth as a reader was not determined by the amount of sales I made. It was difficult at first but I did some proactive journaling and set some time weekly to address the limiting beliefs I had about myself and my business and how I could help alleviate those things. It took some intense work but I am finally at a point where that particular limiting belief no longer affects my work and business.


Make a budget for your business and determine where your money is going? It is important to be accountable for things like taxes, insurance, liability, licenses, book purchases, deck purchases, copyright and trademark registrations, business registrations, domain registrations, web hosting fees, etc.


Celebrate your successes and goals. There is nothing vain about being happy for selling one hundred readings. Pat yourself on the back and realize that your hard work and dedication is paying off.


If you are a Tarot professional who has to hide their practices from their everyday job, like I am, keep your main work life and your Tarot life as separate as you can. Being someone who works in a business where I could be fired and shunned for doing Tarot, I do all that I can to keep my Tarot life private. You may want to use an alias, not show your face or not provide voice readings, etc. It is all up to you and what you are comfortable with. You may be more comfortable conducting your business online versus in person. * Having to hide your tarot reading business to protect your main business does not make you any less of a professional reader. You are just as valid.


Running a Tarot or soul centered business can be lonely. I found that my first few years of launching my business, I didn’t really have a social life in person or online. I spent and devoted a lot of my time to helping my business grow and succeed. While I appreciate the hard work I put in back then, I always felt sad because I felt isolated from the world. When I was working, especially on holidays, everyone I knew was having fun and I resented it a little.  Something that helped me tremendously was to visit local metaphysical shops and attend some of their hosted events. I started to make friends with other Tarot learners and business professionals and it helped fill the void I had in my life.


There is no room for drama, gossip, and bullying in your Tarot or soul centered business. What you say, do or allow in regards to your business speaks volumes for your business, clients and potential clients. I had another tarot business bully me and I promptly blocked them. I didn’t want their negativity in my space or the space of my clients and peers. No one wants to find out that they are supporting a bully because of a tweet, blog post or facebook post you made about someone else. The quickest way for a business to be tainted is if its business owner is involved in drama, gossip, and bullying. Your priority should always be to handle even the most negative situations with the utmost professionalism. If you focus on bullying or negativity, all it shows clients that that is your main focus.  If someone is being disrespectful or hurtful to you or your business, do not stoop to their level. It will only reflect badly on you and your business. Have a plan of action and handle the situation as best as you can.


Remember that set backs happen. It is okay to have a bad week or month. The important thing to do is analyze how you can improve, what you can change and ultimately what lessons you can take from this situation. We all have set backs in our business. Give yourself time to regroup and evolve your business from this situation. I like to get out of my comfort zone a bit and try something new and sometimes that causes a creative spark that I implement in unique services and offerings for my clients.


Take accountability for your actions, your mistakes, and failures in your business. None of us are perfect. Mistakes happen. Did you forget to pay your taxes? Did you forget to send out a reading? Are you behind on several of your services? It is important to understand that if something you have done or said in your business has negatively affected you, your life or someone else, you need to address it and make it right. Hiding behind your mistake and trying to escape from your responsibility does nothing good for your business.

Post Notes:
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Title: Forty Tarot Business Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me
Copyright:  © Ivan Ambrose 2017
Deck: Rider Waite Smith
Safe Space Tags: Long Post
Disclaimer: This post in no way, shape, or form is intended to tell you how you must go about being a Tarot reader and starting your own business. What may work for me, may not work for you and vice versa. The intention of this post is to share my experiences with having a Tarot business. I can only speak from personal experience and what has worked for me for countless years. I encourage you to do your own research, to do what you are comfortable with and to tailor any advice provided henceforth to your specific needs and individual situation. Also please keep in mind that there are various different rules, regulations, and laws that precede your location, state, country and the tarot reading guidelines in your area that can and will differ from those in my location. I encourage and open up this conversation to respectful debate and added commentary to supplement this post of any kind. 
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anonymous asked:

Hey Bee, I'm just feeling really crummy and worthless- like nothing I do is enough. And had an argument with my family that makes me feel like they think the same. So I came to your blog for a smile. Thanks for such a lovely blog. I was thinking that the things I'm going through sound like something shy!sid might also have gone through. If that sparks any creativity in you or the other anons that would rock

I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way!!! :(( I know that feeling and it’s definitely really rough. Here’s some shy sidney, if that helps a little:

Sidney doesn’t date. Spending effort to go out to impress a guy who may or may not be as interested in him in the end is draining, and Sidney’s been on enough awkward encounters to kill enough of his self-esteem. He likes his routines a certain way, he likes quiet Friday nights to himself at the rink, when all the players are gone and he can practice without the memories of the terrifying jeers and boys trying to break his neck surging back. He likes the stability of knowing the sameness of his schedule.

Sidney had a long term boyfriend before, and his parents made such a big fuss about it, telling Sidney how happy they were that Sidney found such a nice person. And he was nice. Nice enough before finally throwing in the towel and saying, kindly but quite honestly, “I can’t imagine living with you forever. You’re…boring.” It’d hurt more than any hockey injury, because exactly a month ago, the same man had held him close and told him warmly, “I love how there’s no surprises with you. You’re one in a million, Sid.”

Sidney believed him.

His parents ask him why his boyfriend isn’t coming over for Christmas, and Sidney tells them why, hoping the Skype call would conceal his throaty voice.

“Well, he’s not…wrong,” his father says.

Without hockey, Sidney’s always been less than enough for his father. It stings just a bit more today to hear it.

“Troy!” his mother says, smacking him on the arm before turning to Sidney. “He wasn’t worth your time, sweetheart.”

(He doesn’t tell his parents about his later boyfriends, or lack thereof, anymore.)

He keeps himself busy with work, running to and fro to keep things running in the Pens PR team, making calls and not thinking of much at all. Retweeting the player’s Cup days when he’s bored (it’s intern work, but Sarah had called in sick that week) and staring at happy families gathered around the Stanley Cup. Evgeni Malkin, the team’s captain, holds up the Cup triumphantly in one photo. There’s real penguins waddling around, flowers and streams and expensive champagne along the table, and so, so many people, all the people who love and adore Geno. A beautiful woman kisses Geno’s cheek in another photo, and Geno looks so happy.

Sidney is a little bit in love with Geno. Geno always puts on a big smile for Sidney’s cameras, strikes a silly pose and points in his direction so Sidney’s little team always gets the perfect shot. He always stays to chat with Sidney after he showers and changes out of his sweaty jersey, if Geno can find him, asking cheekily, “You see hat trick? Do for you.” And Sidney would laugh that embarrassing honking noise and tell Geno’s that he’s so full of shit when really his heart is bursting with hope.

“Have to go out with team now, you come too?” Geno asks. “Celebrate?”

“I have work left to do, have to go home,” Sidney says. It’s a Friday night. “I really can’t.”

“One day I’m find your house, make you go with us,” Geno teases, grinning. For a moment, Sidney dreams of Geno coming to his house and saying sheepishly, ‘I’m keep you company? I’m little bit tired tonight, maybe we keep talk.’ It makes Sidney’s chest flutter, but then Geno adds, “Know you really not that boring!”

And that’s all it comes down to. They’re different people, after all. Maybe Sidney’s just in love with an idea of Geno. Maybe Geno had just been amusing Sidney when Sidney ramble-mocks the latest bizarre concept he saw on the History channel, telling him, “No, no, is interesting. I’m want to know. Keep going.” It’s not the first time he’s been lied to. Maybe Sidney had just become so unwittingly lonely that anyone who could stand him for more than five minutes would do.

“Geno, the rookies say they’re going to find you someone tonight for sure!” someone yells. “Hurry the fuck up!”

Sidney smiles tightly. “Good night, Geno. Great job out there.”

He leaves, down the hallway, and Geno doesn’t stop him.

He ends up staying at the rink until he’s sure that everyone else is gone.

He skates until his knees hurt. And practices.

And practices.

And practices.

And practices.


He’s getting ready to go home for real when Geno’s voice says from behind, “You lie about go home.”

Sidney whips around. Geno’s in skates too, gliding over slowly.

“You didn’t go out,” Sidney says.

Geno shrugs. “You play good,” Geno says. “Really good. I watch.”

“Oh.” Sidney fiddles with his stick and pushes at the puck a little. “I used to play.”

“You not play anymore?”

“Not with people.”


Sidney bites his lip.

“Why?” Geno asks, again.

“I like boys,” Sidney says, looking at the ground. Might as well break his own heart completely, there and then, so he stops hoping for something so impossible and dumb. “Got my leg broken by someone in peewee. Mom got scared.” He exhales through his nose, as quietly as possible. “I got scared.”

Geno doesn’t say anything for a long time. Sidney can feel the tears welling up already.  

“Hey, I should go home,” Sidney starts.

Geno reaches out a little. “Wait.”

Sidney waits.

“We practice? Little bit?” Geno asks. “More fun two people.”

“I’m really tired,” Sidney says.

“Next time?”

“Maybe,” Sidney says. “I don’t know.”

Geno shuffles a bit. “You want eat? Know great place nearby. I’m treat.”

Sidney could eat. He braves a smile. “I have to warn you, though, I’m really as boring as you think I am. I just watched an entire season of Planet Earth, so you’re going to be hearing a lot of that.”

“You not boring,” Geno says, sounding pained as he shakes his head so earnestly. He covers Sidney’s hand that’s resting on the stick with his. “You kind of amazing.”

Geno’s hand is warm and gentle against his, and Sidney doesn’t pull away.

It’s kind of amazing.

anonymous asked:

Hello, yes, hi, I recently found your art and account and I love what you do. I'm turning 14 in April and I've asked for a drawing pad, but I have no idea how to use one as of yet. Have you got any tips or anything? Because I've wanted to try digital art for a while and your art makes me want to even more lmao. Thanks! - B.A.


(I’m not sure what kind of comp you’re going to be using, so I’ll list for both.)

FIRST: Drawing Programs; the free and the great.

-Firealpaca: Lightweight drawing program. I draw Recovery using this! It’s easy on the RAM if you have a weak comp/are paranoid about yours like I am, it is mainly for basic comic making, and has all the basic brushes you need (pen/pencil/airbrush/symmetry/etc). You can add your own brushes as well but they’re p basic settings. Has basic Animation/Gif making as well using Onion Mode! Layout is a piece of cake. Please note that If you leave it open for a week it’ll crash on you, even if you haven’t anything on it at the moment, and sometimes the brush sensitivity just stops working so you just have to close and then open it again. (Also I have no idea how to update it aside from deleting it completely and just downloading the new version from scratch, so thats a thing.) Mac/Windows

-MedibangPaint: This is basically FireAlpaca But Better. Has tons of screen tones, brush patterns, and tools. I don’t use it much because I’m used to FA’s layout and get confused with the the placement of tools in here, so if you can I highly suggest just going with this first. Also has basic animation/gif making! Has storage for the website as well, and you can upload more preset brushes. It’s v anime. This program has waaay more in terms of basically everything, so it just takes more RAM. NBD, you don’t have to have every brush downloaded from the storage ^u^. Mac/Windows

-Clip Studio Paint: Okay this one isn’t free, it’s a pricey one, HOWEVER once a year they take the price way fuckin down by at least 75%. Sign up for the email list and it’ll let you know when that precious day comes. It’s how I got it @u@, around christmastime? This program is basically MedibangPaint On Steroids. I do all of my digital-yet-tradition-style-painting on here! The brushes all have some neat af settings to play with, you can make your own brushes, has tons of screen tones, pre-made panels, and settings. You can save projects as basically anything you need, is a hardy program that almost never crashes, and It’ll take a nice chunk of space on your comp depending on how much memory you have but hey, its worth it. It’s much more complex layout-wise than the other two here, but you get used to it after playing around and watching tutorials haha.

-Mischief: It’s a 25$ app, has like four brushes and five layers only but is vector-based with an endless canvas. Not really worth having unless you like the vector thing. UP TO YOU. I spent forever with this one doing all that homestuck stuff, so it’s not really bad so much as it is a basic bitch. Mac

-MyPaint: I used this a bunch when I still did digital art on my windows laptop before I upgraded to a Mac. It’s easy on the comp and has plenty of brushes and settings. You can also get brush packages if you don’t feel like you have enough that comes with the program! Also has endless canvas; pretty sure you can just select an area and then export as is. I barely remember the rest but It’s pretty great. Windows/MacPorts(which I hate)

-GIMP: I hate this thing. I cannot figure it out for the life of me. It’s got loads of shit though, can handle layers, has plenty of brushes, and can do basic animation/gifs if you ever figure it out. Windows/mac

I’ve heard good things from paint tool SAI and Krita as well, but have never used them myself.

***You can always pay through the nose/use a student discount for the photoshop series and pay that shit monthly, those fuckers have literally everything, but I am a cheap college kid making minimum wage with a car payment; I’d rather just pay once/not at all.

TABLETS: treat that shit like a newborn babe 24/7

-I have literally only ever owned a Wacom Intuos4. It has lasted me six years, and at least five moves across many miles. I broke one of the cord ports the day I opened it by holding it wrong, have one left, and now treat it like it’s going to die if the cord moves badly. Please be aware that if you break both ports, you better either sodder it back together yourself or upgrade to smth else because it costs about as much as the tablet itself was bought at to be fixed. Good news, though, it comes with at least six extra pen nibs, has programable buttons on the side (that I have never bothered to use) and a scroll bar in case you’re too lazy to use the keyboard (…I don’t really use that either unless I’m just scrolling through tumblr LMFAO).

-I would die for a Cintiq.

HOT TIPS: its useful.

-most of the programs listed use the same keyboard shortcuts. MEMORIZE THEM. It’s pretty easy, since you’ll use em a lot. [cntrl/cmmd+T] lets you resize what you just drew on that layer, and [cntrl/cmmd+z] is undo. I use those the most, for obvious reasons.

-vector-based programs are pretty great because when you resize an image it looks prefect. You can’t do that with a program that isn’t, so I just resize the base roughdraft and draw the lineart again on the layer above so I don’t get weird JPEG quality lines.

-You can use a ruler with your tablet, just slap it on and go, but honestly most programs have settings for that. just use those.

-You can also trace stuff on your tablet, so long as the paper isn’t too thick. I just scan/take a photo and then open it up in the program, though. much easier.

-SAVE CONSTANTLY. Art programs like to crash on you, even when they’re hardy and you have a good comp. make it a habit to quick save your work.

-Use a desk and have good posture. You’ll be able to draw a hell of a lot longer if you do. I personally keep fucking up my knees by sitting on my legs as I work out of habit, and don’t actually have a desk chair. Keep your screen at eye level and at a fair distance to prevent eyestrain and also neck-strain haha

-Chances are you won’t be used to the tablet right away. Most places you buy from say it’ll take a couple of months to get used to how weird it is to draw while not looking at your own hand, so don’t be frustrated If your drawings look a bit off at first.

-if you draw at least one thing every day, by the end of the year you’ll have improved exponentially. I literally made this blog to make myself draw once a day.

-don’t be afraid to check out speedpaints and tutorials. It’s always good to get more familiar with the program you’re using and new techniques previously unconsidered.

-get familiar with clipping layers. They are insanely useful; you clip one layer to the one below and then when you draw it only shows up on the drawing of that layer below. Shit is a godsend if you’re bad at coloring in the lines/lazy. The bucket tool is also really useful, and you can adjust the expansion by pixel so you don’t miss anything between the lines.

-experiment with your brushes, shit be fun af

-warmup your wrists before and after drawing. prevent swollen veins and such. dont want hand pain/numbness, its reaaaaally bad.

—basically if your hands hurt stop for the day.

-PNGS are for internet, JPEGS are for printing/fucking with quality (cough hack homestuck)

-resolution doesn’t have to be much more than 350 dpi if its just going to be on a webpage. Maximize that shit if you’re going to be printing, though. Especially if you put stuff on redbubble.

-DeviantArt has this thing called Sta.sh where you can dump art, keep it in perfect quality and just share it with certain people with a link instead of all of the website. Great for storing commission pieces, its the only reason I have DA in the first place.

-you get a different audience depending on what site you use for posting art, so keep that in mind for the kind of feedback you want.

-after awhile of drawing using a tablet, you may lose patience/forget that in traditional art there isn’t an undo button lmfao It’s cool; you don’t have to choose one over the other or anything.

-Honestly you can work around almost anything. You just invent new ways and techniques for yourself and you’ll do just fine.

Aaaaand that’s all I got for today! Thanks for sticking around <3

Wonderland pt.3

Pairings: Dean x Sister!Reader / Sam x Sister!Reader /                            Mary x Daughter!Reader                                                                           Word count: 1099

Warnings: SAM IS AN IDIOT, guns, character death, some tears, swearing, injury, blood


HELLO people, this is the last part of Wonderland, and after this is posted my blog will be kinda dead because there is just so much going on right now, and I’ll tell you this, I was talking to two of my English teachers about maybe skipping English this year and since I am so stressed right now I broke down crying so on Wednesday I’m going to talk to a counselor. But yeah, let me know if you want to be tagged in my other writing and I hope you enjoy the last part of Wonderland.

(Also this is really shity, sorry)

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

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Candids (Bonus)

A/N: I get this overwhelming constipation in my chest whenever I get requests and feedback from my lovely bean bops and I just wanted to say thank you for making me super happy and flustered and HELLA FORKIN’ EXCITED! YOU ASKED FOR BONUS SO HERE YOU GO! 

[ Original Imagine ]

Y/N = your name

Y/L/N = your last name

That night, you went home with this constant tightness in your chest. 

Did he really mean that?

You tossed and turned that whole night, your blog long forgotten after your newest article was posted. You were giddy about the fact he wanted to hang out more. So much so, you found yourself randomly squealing as you did your nightly routine. 

He was just being friendly. Yeah, friendly…

Although his playful threat might have meant nothing, you low-key really wanted to know if he would put in the effort to look for you. So the first night or two, you purposely kept a low profile during your outings to stay hidden from Red Hood. I mean, it was hard to considering he ran on rooftops and it would be too hard to spot a lurking figure taking photos during the dead of night. 

However, by night number three, you actually had a meeting with a couple members from the Gazette over a deal which included you getting paid a hefty amount if you went to Metropolis the next morning to take photos of an upcoming protest and rally. You were hoping to be able to sneak out but a friend who was visiting from out of town wanting to grab drinks. 

The next morning, you had to take the train down to Metropolis in the morning for the protest that lasted until eight in evening and so you got home pretty late anyways.

By the time Wednesday rolled around, you kind of missed seeing the familiar red helmet head around so you decided enough with the hiding. You were surprised you even had enough willpower to not make your presence known on your usual building or to visit the clock tower, considering how antsy you had been the night of your guys’ confrontation.

You drove out to the clock tower and made your way up the creepy steps once more, this time you decided to knock on the door before opening it in case he was already there. You really didn’t want to have a gun pointed at you again…

The smell of cigarette smoke lingered on the rooftop so you could only assume he was smoking before he heard you. 

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A headcanon that nobody asked for

-There are a lot of fan-operated “official” All Might photo blogs/IG accounts online.

-But there is only one legit All Might photo blog/IG account that is actually run by Toshinori himself.


-Toshinori gave up trying to find some version of @AllMightOfficial that wasn’t taken while in the process of making a photo blog/IG account for All Might when he was posing as his own secretary (Vigilantes Chapter 6.6)

-He thought it would be a nice idea if he had his own social media so that he could show people the parts of his life that the news cameras don’t usually capture.

-It’s so obnoxiously him. All caps. A reference to his catchphrase “It’s fine now! For I am here!” and the American convenience store chain AM/PM for whatever reason. And it literally reflects the fact that he is always there to save the day. He thinks it’s pretty great.

-He originally had it as @IAMHEREAM, with the ‘AM’ standing for ‘All Might’, but was worried that people would read it as “I AM HERE AM”.

-Posts video clips of him dead lifting weights and training while in his muscle form from time to time

-There’s also cropped selfies of him and Tsukauchi Naomasa with the captions being lowkey dad jokes like #workinghard #orhardlyworking

-Tsukauchi’s face is always cropped above his smile because it would be a disaster if the public knew the identity of one of All Might’s personal friends.

-The account is also a place for him to sometimes publicly share his excitement for upcoming blockbusters movies

-Posts screenshots from trailers of said upcoming blockbusters with captions that sometimes look like this. It really depends on how excited he is for the movie.

-The bulk of his photo posts are actually pictures of food from when he has the time to go all out on homemade meals that he cooks himself.

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Political Animals-Part 1

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running  for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisors call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away. 

 The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling sits down next to you and offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester

A/N: So I read this post from @moansmisha  and I started thinking about how I could put my own spin on it.  When I messaged her, she said  “Go to town, use whatever you want!”

When my mother told me two years ago she was considering running for office I just knew this would somehow come back to bite me in the ass.  I thought maybe she would run for City Council or the Parks Department or something like that.  But no.  Not my mother. Not Harvard educated, top of her class, excels-at everything-she-does, overachiever Naomi Novak. 

She’s running for Mayor.  Of New York-freaking City.   As if being one of the top heart surgeons in the world wasn’t enough?  But nothing was ever enough for her.  We were so different that when I was younger I was convinced I was adopted.  My brother Cas is just like her: brilliant, driven, successful, but with enough of my Dad in him that he is also kind, compassionate and caring.

Cas is a physician like my Mom, a pediatrician.  He is married to a wonderful Omega named Meg and has two beautiful kids, Claire and Jimmy.  In my Mom’s eyes he is the perfect son.  She gets along with Cas because he reminds her of her.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I recently discovered your blog and it's my new guilty pleasure. How would the boys be with a kinda shy, quiet and a little bit insecure s/o?

Welcome to the family, anon. I’m so jazzed to hear that you enjoy Leigh and I’s work! 😌

I decided to opt for a simple and sweet head cannon for our beloved shy and quiet s/o.

I hope this is suited to your liking ~

Song: “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star 🍃

(Kate’s Note: I wish I could swim in the atmosphere of this song…

It’s deliciously warm and enveloping. Really blisses you out in the best way)


  • Quiet dinners with just the two of them, sitting in comfortable calmness, holding hands underneath the kitchen table
  • Bringing their hand to his lips, pressing innocent kisses to their skin
  • Sending mid-day texts with affirmations and loving words - a quick I love you or I can’t wait to see you later
  • Afternoon fishing trips, their dangling legs hanging off of the edge of the dock loosly intertwined
  • Alerting them in advance if he’s introducing them to somebody important from the royal guard or family, giving them time to prepare and farmiliarize with the idea
  • Making sure not to leave them alone in a new place if they aren’t 100% comfortable

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anonymous asked:

~ (continued) What blogilates/fitness blender workout (no equipment required) do you believe changed your body in the most drastic way?I REALLY want to go vegetarian; any tips for staying away from chicken (esp when your parents cook it almost everyday)? Can you post a photo of your pantry? That's pretty much it! Sorry for sending heaps of questions. You're my inspo flooo and I really love you and your blog so freaking much!!!

thank you so much, and don’t worry about the amount of questions!! it’s taken me over a year to figure all this stuff out, i’d love to make it simpler for you guys :) 

  1. first off, i would say that pb powder tastes the same as regular peanut butter to me- just don’t add too much water! this one by pb fit is my favorite, but i also love pb2 with cocoa in, it’s a great alternative to nutella if you love chocolate.
  2. whenever i go to my parents house for dinner it’s usually a lot more food than i normally eat, so the best way to get back to normal afterwards is to just get back on my regular schedule the next day! there’s nothing wrong with indulging once a week especially if it’s with good company :) what really matters is what you’re doing the other 90% of the time- here’s my weekday meal routine which has worked really well at keeping me in shape / healthy 
  3. my top five snacks would be: apples with peanut butter, pita chips with hummus (i make my own pita chips by just ripping up a pita and putting it in the oven, it’s cheaper plus you don’t get all the added salt and sugar), banana chips / dried fruit in general, raisins, and almonds
  4. this routine by tara stiles is amaaazzzzzing! definitely helps with stomach pain or just bloating in general
  5. apple cider vinegar is really good- i used to take a shot of it whenever i felt a cold coming on, but now i do it every morning as a proactive thing :) it’s great to give you a burst of energy in the morning (something i need bc i don’t drink coffee), helps your digestion, and i’ve read that it also aids in weight loss (i didn’t really notice that but it could be true lol)
  6. this ab workout and this butt / legs workout are my holy grail, i do them both every morning. i never really had an issue with toning my legs, but it took me forever to find a workout that toned my stomach / abs.. i’d definitely recommend both.
  7. i’d talk to your parents and explain why you’re going vegetarian, and request that they let you pick some groceries out yourself. it might require some extra work on your part- you could cook some tofu while your mom or dad makes chicken, and then the rest of the meal could be the same. 
  8. here’s one i took this morning! i couldn’t really get everything bc my cabinets are really long haha but it’s basically this list plus some cous cous, shirataki noodles, tabouleh, and pad thai noodles.