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I want angst up in here, so how would Tobirama, Kakashi, Itachi, Shisui and Madara react if their s/o had a miscarriage?

oh shit how dare you hit me with this level of ANGST

Tobirama is too wrapped up in his own grief to really do anything at first. He tries to distract himself with work, knowing no other way to deal with the situation. But he can’t avoid it forever. When he comes around and faces the anguish, he focuses on his s/o, knowing they need it most. He puts all work aside and spends time at home with them, talking to them, holding them, rubbing their back and giving them words of encouragement, anything he can. He’s not that good with words, when it comes to soothing, at least. But he tries, he really tries

Kakashi does everything he can for his s/o, all while dealing with the internal misery. He might lock up his emotions for a long time, focusing on his s/o and helping them through the tragedy. His own grief will spill one day though. He doesn’t cry, but he has a mini breakdown, in a way. He probably leaves home and spends a day or two out in the woods surrounding the village, trying to come to terms with what’s happened

Itachi is devastated, but he puts all time and energy into comforting his s/o. He doesn’t have time to grieve on his own, he just knows he has to be there for his s/o. He lies in bed with them every night, holding them until they fall asleep, but he gets no sleep at all. He just lies awake and thinks about the situation, quietly mourning

Shisui is an exemplary shinobi, and shinobi are taught to hide emotions and he’s always done that well, but if his s/o is crying, he’s crying too. It’s bad. He tries hard to focus on comforting them and talking them through the situation, but he can’t help it. If Shisui and his s/o were having a baby, it’s because he was ready to be a father, and it’s just heartbreaking to know he lost his baby. He ‘toughens’ up at some point though, and tries to make his way through the grief

Madara is furious. Not with his s/o, of course, but with the situation. You can find him punching a wall or something violent like that, all to stave off his anger and grief. Madara doesn’t handle grief well, in case that’s not obvious. He needs time to himself before he can tend to his s/o, or else he’s too frustrated to do any good. He’s rather silent when it comes to soothing them, but he’ll be at their side as often as possible

B.A.P  Aegyo With Your Pet

You normally don’t do aegyo even if they ask, and they come home to overhear you speaking that way to your pet.

Yongguk – Honestly he’s so glad you don’t do aegyo with him. He wants to have normal, adult discussions with you and if you try to manipulate the conversation by being cute it would be a turn off. Even without trying Bang thinks you’re the most adorable creature to ever walk the planet so you don’t need to put extra effort into it. Aside from all that though, if he came home to hear you loving on your pet that way it would melt his heart to see you so caring and sweet with a smaller being. He’d see it as a very good indication of your parenting potential.

Himchan – His mature side would find it absolutely adorable and he’d stop and watch you with a big, warm grin on his face. But the rest of him would be a little frustrated that you haven’t shared that with him. He swallows his pride and does it all the time for you and the fans. He just wouldn’t understand why you thought it was a big deal. Sneaking in beside you he’d start doing his own aegyo to your pet hoping to encourage you to continue. If you didn’t he’d frown and ask you whyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Daehyun – Once he realizes what’s going on he would come right up to you and demand aegyo for himself. He has been persistently asking and cajoling you to be cute for him and you shut him down every time. Placing his face next to your pet he’d look up at you beseechingly. If you denied him he’d overplay how offended he was but it wouldn’t all be acting. He would bring it up at random times in the future trying to get you to cave until you did or snapped at him.

Youngjae – Can’t believe he’s jealous of an animal but he soooooo is. He has always wanted aegyo from you and has made that perfectly clear. Youngjae would take his phone out to secretly record it for himself to watch anytime he wanted to see you being cute. Once you noticed what he was doing you’d stop self-consciously. Seeing that he’d try to guilt trip you that he’s been reduced to watching a video of you since you won’t do it for him but will for your pet. Not appreciating this you might bicker with him a little until you both decide to call a truce.

Jongup – Uppie thinks you’re adorable at all times. He thinks how you breathe is precious so this is just you continuing that trend. He wouldn’t really see it as unusual or think anything of it. He’d just enter the room and join you with a soft smile. If you got bashful he’d pull you into his arms and murmur reassurances to you that you had nothing to be embarrassed of, while he nuzzled you all over your neck and face until you laughed.  

Zelo – Would be a tiny bit jealous of your pet and irritated with himself for feeling that way. It’s not that he wants to see that from you all the time, but he does enjoy seeing your cute side every so often. He might linger in the doorway watching you and try not to pout but once you see him out of the corner of your eye he’d flush due to being caught staring. He might be a little subdued until you give him a few extra snuggles to make up for it.

In two months, I will be making one of the biggest and most impacting decisions of my life. In two months I will be deciding between staying in this town or moving somewhere new, all on my own. I used to think that this day wouldn’t come any sooner than it should and today, I find myself wishing for more time.
High school has been a hell of a ride. I fell in love here, I fell out of love and it is here that I learned in the end, it’s going to be okay. It is here that I established some of the most important relationships, not necessarily meaning that they were worth keeping. All this to say that even the bad relationships taught me something worth knowing.
I spent the last four years of my life pouring all my energy into other people. I put my needs aside to satisfy their own. It has been the most selfless thing I have ever done.
Four years later, I am being forced to leave old friendships behind because there are some people you could never fully thrive with.
It is here that I learned what it truly meant to love someone, even if it meant from afar.
It’s here that I learned what I was worth and refused to settle for less than I deserved, even when it meant losing some really important people in my life. Sometimes you have to be the one to think of you.
I am thinking of myself now and looking back, I don’t believe high school taught me anything educational. It taught me more about life and the world around me than anything else.
A year ago if you had asked I would have said I’d take it all back. Today if you asked, I’d stop being sorry for giving my all to people who could never reciprocate. I’d stop regretting the time I fell in love with someone who couldn’t love me back. I’d tell you how unashamed I am of the scars I carry.
I could not be me if it hadn’t been for the things I had to live through.
Four years is a hell of a long time and I have thrived in incredible ways.
I am braver.
More resilient.
Less afraid of taking up space.
In two months I will be making the decision that will change everything or nothing at all.
Although I am a little afraid of what the world has in store for me, I know that whatever it is, I will get through it.
If I chose to stay, then I will have more time to fall in love with this beautiful city.
If I end up moving to another city, I will learn to fall in love with things unbearable and the spontaneity of everything around me.


We gotta make this the year of the girlbands.

There is WAY too many..actually talented girlbands for us to let them fade away.

Like …you can like and stan more than one girlband you know.

2015 needs to be the year of girlgroups.

Fifth harmony out here rising .

Little mix got all these critics and media waiting \begging for their comeback. They finna rise

Neon jungle…they’ll come back and kill us all.

Sweet suspense..just surprised me. And I’m on board. They killed it… I’m with all these girlgroups\ladies.

M.o is so underrated and so good. They finna rise.

Each of these groups out here making music about how not to fall for douchebags and powerful music about making him work for your attention \love. I’ve been waiting soo long for this

All fandoms seriously need to put the petty bullshit aside and let’s come together and help each group rise and take over the world. Im serious.

At this rate…they’re never gonna put albums out at the same time…so we can support our faves…then when the other releases a album ..we support them.

Girls..don’t sleep on them.