putting a tw just in case

just a heads up. im gonna post some art that uhh…i can’t tell if it helped me feel better or not…i might make another batch but in a more positive way. BUT!! surely afterwards i’ll post some art i’ve saved up that i randomly sketched a few days ago. and they’re more positive…but i kind of wanna post these “vent” like art cause it shows a bit more of venus uwu of the side i try to avoid from showing but in the end i often show it anyways…but this is full blown what’s wrong with him. 

i’ll use certain tags while i guess i’ll continue to put “ tw: “ before them so for example “ tw: blood “ even though i dont think im that skilled to make anything look really gory. but i’ll put it there just in case anyways. soooo yeah! 

ok so. finally gathered up the courage to say this. feel free to reblog if you want to, i think its pretty important. putting all info under the readmore. this is a callout for wasa///bu, other blog badly//drawn//gang//star. TW for incest, NSFW, and pedophilia.

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What are you favorite shorts from animator expo?

1) ME!ME!ME! (of course this is my #1; NSFW warning btw)

2) GIRL / I’m a GIRL

3) Endless Night

4) ME!ME!ME! CHRONIC (big epilepsy warning)

5) Hammerhead 

All the shorts at animatorexpo are amazing though  so I would say to just watch all of them ^^

X-44 Land.

Reader x J-Hope - BTS (ZombieApocalypse!AU)
Genre: Angst, Eventual Smut, kinda smutty in dis one?
Synopsis: The times and trials of people trying to make it in a world that’s heading for ashes.
Word Count: 12.7k
Part 1 of ?

Playlist: Little Secrets - Passion PitIn Case of Rapture - As Tall As Lions, Circles - Thrice, Last Man Standing - People In Planes, Rose Golden - Kid Cudi ft.Willow

AN: *mentions of death and gore* I’m gonna put a TW up on this as it’s a pretty graphic (I mean obviously it’s a zombie apocalypse AU :/) but just a warning! Let me know how ya like it! <3

Everything I loved, became everything I lost.

        If you remembered back to the time where you felt peace; where you felt a complete calm, no fear running through your veins, no worries running through your mind, nothing but happiness and ease, when would that be?

You could almost taste the memory on the tip of your tongue. The summer before the outbreak. Thankfully, strain X-44 decided to let you enjoy one last family outing, making its infamous appearance only a day after one of your favorite times of the year.  

It was Independence Day. Your family always threw a huge get together, inviting as many family members as your backyard could hold. Aunt, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas, Cousins, whether be second, third or fourth, hell, even removed, they’d be there. Cars lined the street late in the night, the entire block setting off fireworks into the stars as lightning bugs danced around the atmosphere and june bugs sang their songs of summer, celebrating national freedom.  

“Kids! The food’s ready! Come eat!” Your mother yelled from the porch. A slur of screams and giggles as the children finished splashing their current opponent added to the cacophony of all the sounds of the evening. A repetitive pop song played from the stereo and numerous people swayed drunkenly to its beat, naturally.  

You sipped from the cold beer bottle in your hand casually even though you weren’t of age. Your mother figured a few on the 4th of July couldn’t be that bad and who was going to deny underage drinking? The sun was setting by now. The blistering heat from the day slowly dissipating into a mild breeze while the mugginess remained. You sighed as you ran your fingers through your damp hair, still drying from the trip to the pool nearly an hour ago. This humidity being your only concern.

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so i got these lovely messages in my inbox today. apparently sharing my videos and self portraits on *my own damn blog* prompts this kind of response from people. 

this is what it’s like to be a brown woman on the internet.

just in case you were wondering, i really don’t give even half a fuck about what you think about my nationality, culture, or religion. send these messages if you want to. i’ll put you on blast. 

to all my pakistani and muslim followers, stay very very blessed.

On Hunk’s Characterization in s2

SO! Here’s the deal. I’ve seen a post or two whining about people complaining about Hunk’s characterization/lack of character development when he had a whole arc dedicated to him last season.

I’m gonna try and keep this short, but since I’m hella pissed and I like to rant, that plan may or may not go out the window. (I’ll put a keep reading just in case) (Swear Words tw) (?)

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not sure if i should put cw or tw, but just in case. i'm a trans guy, pre t and i was wondering. i'd love to wear boxer briefs without having to wear girl underwear underneath, but i had an iud placed and i'm on birth control. so i get some unexpected surprises every couple of days (satan's waterfall) and it causes a lot of dysphoria because of that and the girl underwear. are there any good boxer brief brands that i could try ? thanks

If you’re able to do some sewing, you could alter just about any boxers to be pad friendly: [tutorial]

And for me personally, boyshorts usually work decently to hold pads as well, while not causing as much dysphoria as regular panties might.

Quirk: Brainwashing.

just my shower-induced thoughts on shinsou’s quirk under the cut bc:

1) i love him
2) apparently i have enough time on my hands to do this
3) i need to practice writing longer things in english
4) i love him

(tw for suicide mention… it’s just a small point, but just in case)

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tw hospital ment??do i have to put tws on these?? sorry im new to this whole thing, sorry,,so Eichi!!how do you deal with being hospitalized so much??im in there a lot too but i just??cant handle it, ya know? like whenever im in there i get??such bad anxiety??and when people bring them up in conversations i just kinda break down into tears??i hate being so odd like this i just wanna be normal,not to mention being in theres bringing down my grades,,any words of advice?sorry i sound so informal rn

Ah, hospital anxiety… I suppose it’s quite naturally for that, however, with me, it’s a simple fix. I’ve simply accepted that I won’t live long. However, that won’t work with everyone, especially those scared of what’s next.

I suppose trying to reassure yourself about the chance of making it out would help quite a bit. “I have a pretty good chance of getting out just fine, I’ve done it before.” This may not work with everyone, but it’s a start~ As for being odd, sometimes these situations simply can’t be helped, but I wouldn’t call you odd. Of course, this situation is pretty normal to me, but those who treat you different for it simply misunderstand the situation.

And you don’t need to worry about being formal with me here~ Please put yourself before any sort of formality.

Chapter 11: Love Means More Than Clean Sheets

Fic Summary: “Everyone had a link with their soulmates, some could hear some of their partners thoughts, some had a tattoo that would appear with their partners name; for me, I knew when they got sick.” For a while Phil has thought that his soulmate might have an eating disorder and doesn’t expect to meet him in the restaurant where he works.

Genre: a lot of fluff, recovery, really fucking domestic, waiter!Phil

Warnings: eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, hospitals, panic attacks, references to past abuse, mentions of suicide, a lot of awkwardness, smut in this chapter. This is potentially triggering so for your own sake, please think twice about reading if anything this might affect you.

Disclaimer: I don’t have personal experience with eating disorders, but have done some research. If I have anything about them wrong, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll sort it out.

Word Count (for this part): 6.1k

[Uploads will be approximately every couple of weeks! (hopefully)]

A/N: Turns out doing school, college and having a job isn’t the best idea… I have like no time to write. Hopefully the next chapter won’t take me a whole month


<= Previous Chapter

The morning came, and with it, the requirement to get our stuff together so we could head home. Dan’s mum, Catherine had woken us up, which I was thankful for as both of us had forgotten to set an earlier alarm. She did walk in on us cuddling in our sleep, but it could’ve been worse. She would’ve just seen Dan’s face buried in my chest and my arms wrapped around him. I did sometimes question how he found that comfortable, but I wasn’t complaining.

We both got dressed and headed down the stairs for breakfast with the rest of the family. To both of our surprise, Adam was already sitting at the table and eating some cereal.

“Hey Adam,” Dan greeted him, “How’re you feeling?”

“Okay,” he replied, laying his spoon down to talk to Dan, “He’s feeling a bit better this morning. There’s less pain, but he’s still not great mentally.”

“How are you feeling mentally?” Dan asked, “Like I know yesterday you were a bit all over the place.”

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tw: sexual/reproductive stuff! hey, could you tag posts with graphic descriptions of genitals (especially trans ppls genitals) please? just in case someone is bothered. and also reproductive anatomy? (like ovaries, the super internal ones, testes, stuff about going to gynecologists, repro health, etc.) not sure what theyre commonly tagged as but just in case. i cant black list things bc i use tumblr mobile app- so maybe have a lil tw at the top of your posts along with tags, if it's no trouble?

yes yes yes and i am so sorry i missed this. i have a genitalia tw tag and i missed it! i am beyond sorry and I will start putting the big bold tw on top of these posts! how do “genitalia”, “reproductive organs/health”, and whatever else anybody else wants?

i will try to go through my queue and make sure they’re tagged properly as soon as i can!!

thank you so much for alerting me to this! you’re great and i hope you’re having a wonderful day.



It was a warm night at The Clandestine Carnival. She was inside her dressing room dressing in an elaborate costume. She pulled her purple to black hair up into a messy bun. She slowly started to put her make up on. The shy priestess was never nervous when she performed her act. 

This act was something different. She’s performed before but this time she’s changing it up just a wee bit. As she made her final touch of her makeup she stood up in her white tutu and heels. She is showing more skin since her first performance with The Clandestine Carnival.

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hi wow i just submitted a job application via email and i put the wrong fucking job title in the subject line congratulations logan what a great way to start

i sent an immediate e-mail with the correction and an apology but????? i’m so mad???? at myself???????? i even proofread it and was like YES ITS OKAY but nope not the case pls fling me into the sun

the sun doesn’t rise in the sky: a playlist for a red jacketed herring [LISTEN HERE] [ART CREDIT]

✗ Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots

Sometimes quiet is violent / I find it hard to hide it / My pride is no longer inside / It’s on my sleeve / My skin will scream / I ponder of something terrifying / Cause this time there’s no sound to hide behind

✗ Everybody’s Watching Me - The Neighborhood

I go through all the trouble of keeping it within my walls / Assume that nothing needs me, all I’ve done defeats me / It looks like you were right again / And again / I’ll be alone, I’ll be alone / With everybody watching me

✗ Casualty - Snake River Conspiracy

And it seems I didn’t win / I think I’ll rest a while / So nice here on the tiles / Your cast is setting well / At least I lived to tell / All the future casualties / The line starts after me / I’m a casualty of you

✗ The Noise - Austra

I won’t go to church / The preacher wouldn’t care for / The noise, the noise / I don’t know what’s real from / The noise, the noise / But I wouldn’t do anything / The thundering that throws me away / But I wouldn’t do anything…

✗ Winter is Coming - Radical Face

Don’t you let it out, don’t you let it out / Just make sure he’s always around / But we’re all out of time, nothing left to decide / Nothing left to do but run / If I could put it back, fill in all the cracks / Nothing there I wouldn’t change

✗ Fuck You. - Archive

There’s a space left in hell with your name on the seat / With a spike in the chair just to make it complete / When you look at yourself do you see what I see / If you do why the fuck are you looking at me

✗ The Beast - Austra

The morning that I was born again / I was made into a beast / Am I free now, am I at peace? / Is that the ground below me, or your feet?

✗ Hymn-2 - Teen Suicide

In your backyard you dig a hole I know you will put me inside / As a child I never blamed you at all / I knew that you had a plan / But I can’t keep my food down at night anymore / Do you forgive me? Do you forgive me?

Scott vs Stiles agruments are fucking pointless because neither of them are fully in the wrong when Theo is manipulating them both?!!? Like y'all are literally falling into theo’s trap?????

I keep trying to have a healthy attitude about weight and body image even tho my mom doesn’t. It’s annoying bc she’s projecting her insecurities onto me, she’s been pinching my cheeks and my arms and making comments about how pudgy I am and today she got mad at me for putting a sugar packet in her iced tea and told me that I was fatter than her when she was in college. And every time we leave the house she has to have, like, control over my appearance. I have to either wear makeup or dress up nicely/femininely bc we’re going grocery shopping and sometimes she refuses to go places w me (also my only form of transportation bc I can’t drive yet) in public until I look “presentable” which is not a huge deal like I think a lot of moms do this. but when u think about it it’s so fucked up yk? I would never want to give my kids these messages