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Prompts #43  “Is that blood?” “No?” “That’s not a question you answer with another question.”

A/N: This was requested with another prompt, but I planned it to where the other prompt meshes with someone else’s. You know what it’s like to get something in your head and not be able to go back on it, right? It’s a force.

 Remember that these are all sort of connected together. You could read them as stand-alone, but that’s up to you. So the timeline may not be in order but just imagine it like This Is Us (unless you’ve never seen an episode of that show or just have never heard of it.)

 As I’m doing my finishing touches and edits, I’m just starting season 6. I found “Sigh No More” by Mumford and Sons after writing this. I’m just putting that info out there. Do what you want with it. This is approx. 2360 words. Oh, my goodness.

There’s no way this is happening,” you thought to yourself as you looked at the stick in your hands. “Holy ice cream, Batman.

The stick hadn’t given a response at that point, but you knew. There was no doubt in your mind, you knew. There were so many things that should have been going through your mind. But you couldn’t actually form a coherent thought. You thought maybe you were afraid, maybe not. Maybe you were worried about how Spencer would take it, maybe not. Maybe you were concerned about what you would do about money, but then maybe you knew it would all work out. Everything was a maybe, no actual concrete feeling.

“Oh, gosh.” You placed a hand on your head and sat on the edge of the toilet in your bathroom. YOUR bathroom, because you and Spencer hadn’t even been living together.

You gathered yourself after staring into space holding the test in your hand for more than a few minutes. You got up from your seat on the tub edge and tossed the offending plastic into the trash, you didn’t need to see the results. You needed Haagen-Dazs. You wished you could blame all of your Haagen-Dazs cravings on a baby.

By the time you got your gray pea coat buttoned and went to slip on your black ballet flats, your phone was ringing. You heaved a great sigh and fished it out of your pocket. You answered it without looking at the ID.

“Emotionally Drained and* Sorta Dead Inside, speak.”

“Uh, Y/N?”

Your eyes grew as big as The Grinch’s heart after he discovered the true meaning of Christmas. “JJ?!?”

“You okay? You’re not usually so melodramatic when you answer the phone. Okay, I take that back, you’re not so out of it and melodramatic when you answer the phone. Is everything alright?” Your boyfriend’s co-worker’s voice called through the other end.

“What? No…yeah- I’m fine. I’m- Is everything okay on your end? You don’t usually call in the middle of the work day.” You stood in your doorway, unsure if you were going to be putting your shoes on or not.

“Well,” JJ sighed. “Look, I know it’s your day off and so does Spencer.”

“What’s wrong?” You fingered the set of keys in your hand and slipped your shoes on. There goes my Haagen-Dazs.

The woman stalled for a few breaths. “JJ.”

“Spencer had a small accident. It’s nothing major-”

“What? If it were nothing major, you wouldn’t have called or started this conversation the way you did.” You opened the door and closed it quickly behind you, completely forgetting to lock it. “Which hospital is he at?”

“See that’s the thing, Y/N, he’s not. He opted out. He’s not in any immediate danger, but you know we have rules and protocols. I’ve never seen him refuse medical attention like this before. At least not when…”

“Right, the Dilaudid.” You fast-walked down the sidewalks towards the closest bus stop that would get you to your destination the fastest. “I’m going to assume y’all are back at your building?”

JJ sighed in relief. “I can have someone come pick you up?”

“I’m already at the bus stop. The bus will be here in about,” you checked your phone for the time. “Half an hour. Ugh.”

You scrunched your nose at the oncoming nausea making its way through your system. This was NOT the day for all the…hullabaloo. Maybe if I can convince Spence to go to the hospital, I can sneak off for a minute. Do I need a prescription for prenatal vitamins?

Sometimes you do, why?” You heard JJ say, quickly remembering you were on the phone with her.

“What? Why what?”

“You asked if a prescription was needed for prenatal vitamins. It depends on what you need. Why would you ask, Y/N?”

I need to stop saying inside things on the outside. “No, I didn’t.”


“You said you could get me a ride? That’d be awesome. You can find out where I am from my phone’s GPS, right? Cool. I’ll see you guys soon.” You quickly ended the call and took a deep breath.

You were screwed.

Penelope Garcia, your favorite cousin of a friend to ever exist, was the one to pick you up. She had located you via GPS and was very quick.  She didn’t say anything that led you to believe that JJ had relayed to her what you discussed earlier. All that was mentioned was that Spencer and a suspect had gotten into a small…tiff… and your boyfriend was refusing to go to the hospital.

When you made it to the bullpen, it was empty of the team. Penelope walked away after surveying the room, and you followed her into the conference room. Spencer, you found, was sitting in a chair surrounded by his co-workers. You didn’t see Derek Morgan, but you could feel it the second JJ laid her eyes on you. Hotch was explaining to you in detail what had happened. Spencer wouldn’t look you in the eye, and you wondered if it were because he knew you’d want him to go in. You, however, were busy making sure that JJ’s eyes wouldn’t catch yours. For some reason, the shame in the room was palpable, but you didn’t know why. What was Spencer so upset about? And why were you so scared about JJ knowing the truth?

“Is that blood,” you asked while looking at where the collar of his shirt met his skin.

Spencer rolled his lips inward. “No?”

“Spencer! That’s not a question you answer with another question!” You fingered the cloth and gently pushed it out of the way so you could see what the injury better.

“Will you please tell Pretty Boy that he needs to go get checked by the actual doctors at the actual hospital?” Garcia had one hand on her hip and stared her co-worker down.

“I am a-” Spencer began but was silenced when her finger wagged in his face.

“Don’t even.”

Spencer heaved a sigh and then looked at you, almost pleadingly. He played up the puppy dog eyes, and it would have worked, had it not been for the cut under his eye and bruising along his cheek and nose. Looking down you could see some of his button up undershirt had been torn, and there were some cuts under that, too.

“Get your stuff. We’re going. No arguing.” You raked your fingers through your hair, still trying to fight off the nausea. “I’m sure you’re completely fine and a-OK, but if you don’t go in, I’m going to pull my hair out from getting it from your co-workers. And then I’ll have to go to the God-awful salon and listen to them nit-pick everything about me, and I’m not about to deal with that.

Someone softly cleared their throat, and you blinked a few times and sighed. Hormones off the charts, check. Next thing I’ll do is barf over everything.

“Are you feeling OK? You’re looking a little green. Someone can take Spencer instead if you feel you need to lay down.” Your boyfriend’s supervisor asked.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You leaned on the chair sitting in front of you and then looked up shaking your hair out of your face. “No, I’m fine. I just…had a crazy morning. I can take him, it’s not an issue.”

“Y/N…” Your boyfriend looked up at you almost in worry.

“Spencer, I’m fine. It’s nothing to worry about. Let’s just get you checked out and take you home, hmm?” You leaned towards him and gave him a gentle kiss on his cheek while grabbing his coat.

Looking up, you accidentally caught JJ’s eyes and you had a silent and brief conversation. You knew she’d be calling you later, but you also knew she wouldn’t say anything to anybody. She had gone through the same thing. You were grateful already.

When you and Spencer were situated in the waiting room of the hospital, he kept eyeing you. You knew he could tell something was off. You also knew that there was no way he would be able to figure it out so soon. He’d been so busy lately that he hadn’t been around to really see any of the signs.

The second he grabbed your hand and interlaced your fingers, you relaxed. You sort of leaned against his arm and laid your head on his shoulder, trying not to irritate any of his injuries. Feeling his breathing was soothing you and you wondered if there was something biological about it because your nausea cut down. Maybe that was going to be a positive sign for the future. Although, no one could make you feel the way Spencer could.

“I love you,” you blurted with your head still tucked in the crook of his neck.

Spencer squeezed your hand and hummed “I love you, too, Y/N.”

It had taken about 15 minutes before the two of you got called back but eventually, you were shown to a room. Spencer sat on the examination bed and you sat in the chair over in the corner. It was silent for a few minutes while you waited for the doctor to come see you. But just because it was silent didn’t mean the room was loud with tension, thick with it.

Oh, Spencer could definitely tell something was up. You wouldn’t meet his eyes, and you knew your snappiness back at the bureau was completely out of character. You might be able to use the “no sleep” excuse with him, but the second you’d voice it he’d want to come home with you. He’d want to be somewhere close to keep an eye on you. The thing was, was that if he did that, then you wouldn’t be able to hide the morning sickness that you knew was coming.

“Are you going on ‘Spencer Watch’ when we get out?” He wasn’t looking at you, and he was fiddling with his sleeve cuff.

Maybe it’s not me I should be worried about.

A few seconds passed, and he still wouldn’t look at you. You were about to get up and try to figure out what was wrong when someone walked into the room. You’d hold it in until you were on your way back home.

Spencer had been cleared by the doctor after the cuts and bruises were deemed superficial. He didn’t need any stitches, just some R&R. He was driving while you studied his profile. His demeanor was still wary.

“Were you worried that you would have to be on painkillers? Is that why you were so ashamed and afraid to go get checked out?”


You grabbed his hand and held it tight. “I believe in you, Spence. Believe in yourself, huh? Believe that you’re going to be okay. I’m here for you, and I’m not going anywhere.”

Spencer let out a breath and gave a delicate smile. “Yeah, I know. Same goes for you.”


You forced your eyes to look out the windshield and away from him. There was no way he could have figured it but you knew deep down that it was entirely possible that he already did. The guy was a genius. A profiler for the FBI. He didn’t get to where he was by accepting things at face value. He was better than that.

“You shouldn’t be afraid to tell me things, Y/N. You know all of my secrets, deeply hidden or not.” He put the car in park and turned as best as he could still in his seat belt. “What’s going on in my favorite brain?”

You giggled as he playfully ruffled the hair on top of your head. Running your fingers through your locks to set everything back in its place, you thought it over but ultimately came to a single conclusion.

“It’s work. We’re prepping for a new resident and it’s off-putting for the ones that are there, and it’s a whole new schedule and process and…it’s just all so much. We haven’t had an official meeting yet, and it just feels like everything is closing in. For some of us workers, it’s the first time adjusting to a new resident. I don’t know…It’s just…a lot of stress. And I’m not entirely sure I’m over losing my first one. We weren’t close, but she was still a human that I took care of.”

You didn’t dare look him in the eye. You were lying through your teeth, and it was eating at you.  I am the worst person ever.

Spencer tucked some of your hair behind your ear, and he studied you. When you eventually looked up, you could see it in his eyes. He accepted your words, but he didn’t believe them. Not for a second.

I’m so sorry, Spencer. “Things just feel like they’re getting out of hand.

He looked away and lightly nodded. He licked his lips, and you felt nausea again. You never hid anything from him and now he knew you were holding something big. Things were going to change, and you didn’t think it was going to be for the better.

But I can’t tell him yet.

Do you want to stay and order some Thai?” Please. Please don’t leave yet.

“I should head back to the office and let them know I’m in one piece. Plus the doctor said to take it easy while I can.” This time it was Spencer that wouldn’t look at you while he spoke.

“Right.” You unhooked your seat belt and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll talk to you later, then?”

A nod.

Noticing the dismissal for what it was, you eased yourself out of the car and walked up to your apartment and unlocked the door. You kept an eye out of your peripheral and watched as he drove away after making sure you got in OK. You tossed your keys into the jar on the side table and leaned against the door. Tears followed the deep breath you released and you tried to keep the sobs inside.

What have I done?



This was a wip for so long and now I finally found the time to finish it.

My stupid big messy tribute to Akira and Hikaru, probably the most perfect pairing ever to exist.


dead writers and dying stars | listen 

a playlist for my dear friend lars and her beyond-extraordinary fic, searching for superman.

i wish i had the words to explain how good a piece of literature this fic is, but apparently my own ability as a writer flails and flounders in the face of this real gem of a story - but know that you will feel, and you will laugh, and you will most definitely cry, and you will change when you read this.

I’m just now doing the music shuffle tag. I was tagged by @redvelvetsheets. Yey so here we go!

1. Good Riddance - Green Day ( a classic that still always makes me cry)
2. I’m like a lawyer with the way I’m always trying to get you - fall out Boy
3. Wooden Dolls - Nico Vega (they are so underrated, why does nobody know them???)
4. High - James Blunt
5. Emperor’s new clothes - panic! At the Disco
6. Notion - Kings of Leon
7. Invincible - Muse (oh boy that’s so good)
8. Epic Holiday - Angels & Airwaves
9. Walk! - Royal Republic ( also why does nobody know them. Go check them out!)
10. The cave - Mumford and sons

I put the music I have on my phone on shuffle so it is not all I listen to…

Everybody who sees this and wants to do it should do it!

Harry really tricked me when he put out sweet creature I thought this was gonna be a Mumford and sons B side album and it turns out he gave me a 1970s classic rock country album and I liked it …… wow I’m shock

robron headcanons

1. robert talks through movies. and i mean, he has a full running commentary while trying to catch popcorn in his mouth. aaron constantly tells him to shut it and ‘are we even watching this?’ because robert literally refuses to be quiet for even a minute. eventually aaron gives up watching the movie and decides to put robert’s mouth to better uses

2. liv and aaron both love mumford and sons and practically scream the lyrics together (slightly off-key but it’s adorable af) and robert is the snob who doesn’t think that’s ‘real music’ (he prefers classic rock and a bit of david bowie) and so liv and aaron purposefully belt out ‘little lion man’ even louder

3. if they ever venture into hotten to do grocery shopping (which lbr rarely happens) robert invariably ends up filling the trolley with ridiculously over-priced food because it pays to eat well aaron you can’t live off of pot noodles and aaron fumes silently as they walk round asda, chucking out the organic almond butter and coconut water because, unlike his boyfriend, he is not a pretentious twat

4. robert is hilariously unfit. he is also super competitive. this does not end well when he and aaron ever decide to go for a run or head to the gym. robert ends up practically vomiting his own internal organs while still maintaining he did more miles than aaron who has barely broken a sweat and is grinning like an idiot

5. robert loves old western movies (it was the only thing him and jack ever had in common) and aaron, despite hating any film that is in black and white, puts up with it for the boyish smile which lights up robert’s face (he also may or may not love when robert dresses up as a cowboy for halloween, complete with stetson, chaps and very, very tight denim jeans)

6. aaron tries very hard not to get jealous or protective, but sometimes (usually when chrissie is rubbing her and andy’s digusting relationship in robert’s face) he can’t help himself from getting worked up. it usually leads to him grabbing robert by the wrist and yanking him down into a kiss which leaves them both a bit light-headed. (one time aaron gets so mad by chrandy being gross that he actually straddles robert in the booth their occupying and practically forces his tongue down robert’s throat… robert does not complain in the slightest)

7. speaking of dominant aaron, there is nothing that turns robert on more than aaron taking control. it doesn’t even have to be sexual (though obviously there is that as well) but even just aaron talking to a client over the phone, laying down the law with his jaw set and those intense blue eyes focused, is enough to get robert hard. it’s a serious problem, and there’s been times he’s had to hide his erection behind a ringbinder when adam’s been in the portacabin.

8. robert loves to embarrass aaron. robert is also incredibly clumsy. you wouldn’t think the two could be connected, but when robert continually has bruises over his arms, on his shins, even a couple bumps to the head, people tend to ask how he got them. and robert being robert, he replies that him and aaron got a bit over-excited in bed and he paid the price. he still can’t decide what he finds more enjoyable, the stunned expression of the person who asked, or aaron going absolutely scarlet next to him.

9. aaron hates going to the boring functions robert always seems to be invited to. he has to wear a suit and pretend to know anything about business, and he always feels a little bit inferior when people ask what he does and he says he part-owns a scrapyard. but despite how much he hates it, there is very little that can dampen his mood when robert introduces him to complete strangers as ‘his boyfriend’. it’s a novelty he’s not sure he’ll ever get used to. not sure he wants to either.

10. liv hates homework. she will do anything to get out of it. but she has to admit, there is something strangely nice about having either her brother or robert sat beside her at the kitchen table, explaining a maths problem or bickering over a bit of grammar which has got them both stumped. she loves they care so much to put in the effort, and although she’d never admit it, having the two of them helping her, encouraging her, supporting her… well, it makes their little unit seem so much more like the family she always dreamed she’d one day have.


yasss i finished the sketches for the entire thing, it’s around 60 illustrated panels. no turning back now lol

still not sure what kind of coloring style i wanna use for this but i guess im gonna figure that out real soon

you can see there’s some panels that have a second one to their right, i still havent decided which one to use for those lyrics yet, sigghh

**indie/folk/rock goodness for ur earholes**

I’ve wanted to make a music list for so long so lemme know if you check any of these out!!

I’m a Mess - Ed Sheeran

Paper Knees - The Careful Ones

Your Kisses - Daughter

Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran

Saturn - Sleeping at Last

Turning Page - Sleeping at Last

1901 - Birdy

From a Closet In Norway - rose ave.

The Little Ones - Argonauts

Build Me Up From Bones - Sarah Jarosz

Hold On To What You Believe - Mumford and Sons

Only Love - Ben Howard

Keep Your Head Up - Ben Howard

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic- Sleeping at Last

Flowers In Your Hair - The Lumineers

Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran

People Help the People - Birdy

Tee Shirt - Birdy

Desperate Measures - Mariana’s Trench

Happy Little Pill- Troye Sivan

Gasoline - Troye Sivan

Red Hands - Walk Off the Earth


so I have many of these style drawings, and after a lot of persistence from friends , I’m gonna generally ask on here for opinions. Would being able to buy these drawings/commissions for one like them appeal to anyone at all ?