puts hands on face and hides under a rock

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Junkrat and S/O going on a date at the beach.

(Did someone say  b e a c h  e p i s o d e)

-Jamie didn’t prepare for this beforehand, just decided that “it’s a good beach day”

- They arrive so much later than expected because he wanted to get lots of good snacks (mostly junk food)

-He lays the towel in the shade. No umbrella, just a single towel and your snacks- He likes feeling warm, dry sand on his toes, but he loves the sand thats squishy and damp the most.


- No I’m serious he could crab hunt for hours. He likes finding a bunch of little crabs and gently putting them in your hands and taking pictures and seeing how many are hiding under big rocks. This boy loves small crabs.

- Wears stupid swim trunks

- SUN FRECKLES (mostly on his shoulders, upper arms and face)

- Doesn’t want to swim (and honestly he kind of can’t with his prosthetics), but will sit on the dock with you or sit on the shore with his head turned away from the water and let waves splash onto his back; he says it feels nice. He also thinks it’s funny

- wet sand fights

- you will be picking sand out of his hair for weeks

- Likes to sculpt and draw with you in the sand

- Sometimes the beach makes him sappy, usually at sunset. He gets all gushy for a few minutes and then kisses you a lot

- Probably nails you in the face with wet sand 0.2 seconds later, completely ruining the mood

- Goes home with you feeling satisfied but very tired

- Will allow (beg) you to help clean him up, there’s so much sand everywhere and it would take forever to get it all out alone

- Will wash your hair for you as thanks