puts hands on face and hides under a rock

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Junkrat and S/O going on a date at the beach.

(Did someone say  b e a c h  e p i s o d e)

-Jamie didn’t prepare for this beforehand, just decided that “it’s a good beach day”

- They arrive so much later than expected because he wanted to get lots of good snacks (mostly junk food)

-He lays the towel in the shade. No umbrella, just a single towel and your snacks- He likes feeling warm, dry sand on his toes, but he loves the sand thats squishy and damp the most.


- No I’m serious he could crab hunt for hours. He likes finding a bunch of little crabs and gently putting them in your hands and taking pictures and seeing how many are hiding under big rocks. This boy loves small crabs.

- Wears stupid swim trunks

- SUN FRECKLES (mostly on his shoulders, upper arms and face)

- Doesn’t want to swim (and honestly he kind of can’t with his prosthetics), but will sit on the dock with you or sit on the shore with his head turned away from the water and let waves splash onto his back; he says it feels nice. He also thinks it’s funny

- wet sand fights

- you will be picking sand out of his hair for weeks

- Likes to sculpt and draw with you in the sand

- Sometimes the beach makes him sappy, usually at sunset. He gets all gushy for a few minutes and then kisses you a lot

- Probably nails you in the face with wet sand 0.2 seconds later, completely ruining the mood

- Goes home with you feeling satisfied but very tired

- Will allow (beg) you to help clean him up, there’s so much sand everywhere and it would take forever to get it all out alone

- Will wash your hair for you as thanks

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Hyy! Happy new year :) can you write about a shy Joshua trying to confess his feelings towards you, Ft. Other members ruining the whole cute moment in the end? Thank you 😊

Joshua had been planning it for a long time, confessing and all that. He had planned where he would do it, how he would do it, and how he would ensure that everything went according to his plan. The only things he didn’t know were when he’d do it, and especially where he’d get the courage to put his feelings into words when you would actually be there hearing them. It was one thing to tell Vernon (or any other member, really) how much he loved you, but a whole other thing to say it to your face.

Now he had finally gotten to some point in his plan, though, as you two were alone on a bench at the dorm’s balcony, laughing quietly at a memory you had brought up. Joshua’s eyes were soft as he observed you intently, his heart pumping warmth into his body at the way your nose was scrunching a little and the beautiful sounds of your hearty laughter.

“I can’t believe that happened,” he said amusedly, his smile widening as you agreed with him. You had both of your hands on your sides on the bench and Joshua’s eyes fell to the one closer to him.

Slowly, almost unnoticeably, he moved his hand from his side to rest on top of yours. You blinked and your bubbly laughter ceased as you looked at the hands. Joshua didn’t even flinch, surprisingly enough, and you smiled brightly at him.

“Warming me up?” you asked with a chuckle, moving your fingers underneath his so that he understood that you were talking about the hands, which he actually would have realized even without such a gesture.

His cheeks were a soft shade of pink and he was glad it was dark outside and that the balcony was very dimly lit in general. He let out a sound that signaled a positive answer and he tightened his hold on your hand.

“I…” Joshua began, almost blurting out his feelings, only to be distracted by the way you looked into his brown eyes with big, curious ones of your own. “…think your hand is a bit cold.”

You snorted and he bit his lip in frustration.

“It is, compared to yours at least. Yours is so warm it’s hard to believe the weather is as cold as it is,” you said and scooted closer to Joshua in search of more warmth. He smelled good – he always did – and you turned your hand around underneath his to interlace your fingers. Joshua was quiet, doing his best not to fully show you the way his heart was beating in his chest.

“I don’t think you wanted to talk about my hand’s coldness, though,” you mumbled and moved your other hand to play with Joshua’s fingers, eyes intently trained on the hands between you two. Joshua swallowed and he could’ve sworn his throat had never felt as dry as it did in that moment. You were fiddling with his fingers, you were incredibly close to him, and most of all, you knew he had something else to say, and it was all those put together that had him bursting with the need to tell you how he felt.

“Y/N,” he started softly and you moved your eyes back to his, expectant for him to continue. “I—“

“Ah, here you guys are! Oh my God, you’re holding hands! Guys, Joshua finally told Y/N that he loves her!”

Joshua had never wanted to both strangle Soonyoung and hide under a rock as much as he did at that moment, and he freed his hand from yours to hide his face behind them. You were blushing furiously just like Joshua was and neither of you could utter a word. Soonyoung looked at the scene before himself and after some fast connecting of the dots, he was about to just run back to the dorm, only to see that the other members were already there, storming to the balcony one by one.

“About time!” Dokyeom exclaimed and patted Joshua’s back with a bright smile, and he nodded weakly. While the members chattered around and congratulated you two, Woozi was scrutinizing you and Joshua before clearing his throat.

“Guys, I don’t think Joshua told her yet,” Woozi stated flatly and immediately brought the noise level down. Everyone froze, but as soon as they looked at you and Joshua, they realized that that was indeed the case.

“Oh wow,” Dino let out, breaking the silence momentarily. The members left the balcony in silence, leaving behind you and Joshua, him with his face still covered with his hands and you fiddling with yours.

Joshua let his hands fall to his lap and let out a short laugh as he turned to look at you.

“I really do love you,” he said, a wide smile on his lips and not a single doubt about whether or not he should say the words. The truth was out and as embarrassed as he was, he was also extremely relieved. You giggled a little and tapped your hot cheeks, trying to ease the blush at least a little bit.

“I love you too,” you said quietly, shyly moving your eyes to Joshua’s that were practically shining with joy, much like yours were. He took one of your hands from your cheek and held it gently in his.

“Even after that fiasco?” he asked with a laughter, holding your hand like it was the most precious thing in the world, and you squeezed it.

“Especially after that,” you grinned and leaned against his shoulder, a content sigh escaping your lips.

“I’m assuming the long hugs for hello and goodbye were connected to this?” Joshua asked, his smile audible in his voice. You nodded with a giggle. “Lucky for you, now you can hug me whenever you please.”

You raised your eyebrow and turned to look up at him playfully. “Come on, I could’ve done that earlier, too.”

His laugh and the soft kiss on your forehead were enough to tell you that you were correct.

- Kay

(I hope this is what you meant or that you like it anyway ;; ♥)

Good Morning, Son

Oh no! It’s long! But it was fun! It’s a fic about Saitama’s possible family.

I encourage you to listen to “Still Fighting It” by Ben Folds after reading this. I didn’t realize until I was creating the title that the song really hits some of the points I was going for. That’s right, I almost made myself cry just now. WHAT THE HECK.

Also, realization after writing this: I subconsciously was inspired by Rose Quartz from Steven Universe. Didn’t even realize it until I was looking at SU stuff after writing and was like OH DANG.

If this were an episode, it would be called, “THE WORLD’S BEST PARENTS.”

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Fool's Gold (Chapter One)

Title: Fool’s Gold (Chapter One)

Pairing: Hollstein, Laferry, Zeta Society

Word Count: 8,626

Summary: Carmilla HSAU, or the one where they supervise a day care.

[A/N: carmilla hsau will be co-written with felixdawkins. Track #carmilla hsau for updates on the au and #hsau updates for chapter posts.

Can also be read on AO3.]


“We could, you know.” Carmilla looks up at her and Laura fiddles with the fabric of her jeans, “Be friends,” Carmilla stills and Laura presses on, “Would that be so terrible?”

Carmilla stares at her for a moment, “I don’t know.”

She drops Laura’s gaze and leans into the castle, picking up a stray pencil to start drawing lines on the side of the tower, an intricate cobblestone pattern being etched into the sand. Laura bites her tongue to prevent herself from spilling any unnecessary words out of her mouth, recognizing for the first time ever that some people require patience. Carmilla continues her ministrations - the inner clogs of her mind practically screaming out to Laura - but Laura remains silent, allowing Carmilla to take her time before continuing.


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so i see a lot on tumblr about 21 pilots (mostly you) (always u) and i hadn't ever heard of them before so can you tell me a bit about their sound and the members and maybe some of ur fave songs and idk just the basics to becoming a fan??? thank you x

ok so basically there are two members: 

tyler joseph (singer/piano/guitar/everything pretty much except drums) and josh dun (drums/sometimes he sings i think) tyler is getting married really soon and josh was dating debby ryan but i think they broke up but i could be wrong.

fans are usually known as the skeleton clique bc tyler wears a skeleton hoodie a lot and at shows and in their guns for hands music video they use ski masks to hide their faces. also their ode to sleep music video talks about how they got started i recommend it a lot. also this is their logo:

its really hard to put them under a single genre bc they have songs like holding onto you (rap?), car radio (alt. rock/indie i guess), house of gold(idk its cute and indie/pop maybe idk), and isle of flightless birds (???? i literally dont know). so basically repeating myself they really arent any genre specifically. 

i dont not like any of their songs but rn some of my favs that i havent mentioned yet are kitchen sink, migraine(especially this version), johnny boy, fake you out, and screen (i could literally sit here and list every song but nah).