putrid pal


Putrid Pumpkin Pals Development

Part One:

This all started way back in May when I was invited to take part in Stranger Factory’s annual group show, Bewitching 5. The theme this year is “Classic Halloween” and my mind immediately went to a trio of cute trick-or-treater character sculpts in some kind of old-timey antique costumes. My first sketches involved classic Universal monster kids dressed as other monsters. I took it and ran for a while with the werewolf as the flagship character. If I could really nail his design, the others would follow. As a play feature, I had always wanted to swap their hats and accessories, but figuring out good character designs that allowed everything to fit wasn’t working with the Wolf, Bat, and Gillman. It also was incredibly difficult to tie these familiar monsters into From the Southland, so it was back to the drawing board. I remembered there was an older drawing from last year, the lighter blue pumpkin sketches I created while coming up with some new Halloween decorations. It was only a short couple rounds of sketching after that until I found their final forms. The personalities and costumes of the Monsters were transferred over to the pumpkins, and the stems acted as natural keys for their hats. The accessories were dropped in favor of molding the heads separately so they could also swap, and the Putrid Pumpkin Pals were born.