Cold nights

A lil’ ficlet I wrote back when I tried to condense an AU into a short one-shot. It…didn’t work. Anyway, hope you like it!

A gust of air entered the house, making a screeching noise as floorboards creaked, and Dipper curled up tighter around himself in the couch. The house wasn’t in the nicest of states, and from his sitting place he could see the clutters of moonbeams coming from the holes in the ceiling and illuminating the kitchen, but it was the only one they’d found that wasn’t falling completely apart or a nest of vermin and gnomes. That there was a still-usable couch had been a miracle in itself, even if the beds were a lost cause due to water-logging and putrefaction.

The house didn’t completely shelter them from the outside, but it was still better than being out in the freezing cold, and from his position Dipper could see if anything tried to sneak on them. It was a small comfort, even if he felt about to break into shivers.

"You should sleep, Pine Tree," a familiar voice said from the other side of the couch, and Dipper sent him a short glance before looking back to the moonbeams. "Your funny human bodies don’t take well to sleep-deprivation. Neither do your minds, for that matter."

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The Hermes Bird is one of the names given to the radiant light which rises upwards during the initiatory process of fission. It the bird of Hermes because it is alchemical, and therefore linked with the supposed founder of alchemy, Hermes Trismegistus. The alchemist George Ripley, painted the crowned bird of Hermes standing triumphant over the world with seven feathers projecting from the globe. These are the seven feathers of the ‘planets’, over which the bird has dominace. Ripley rightly portrays the bird above the lunar Dragon, to illustrate that the process of Putrefaction is Complete. 

(Mark Hedsel, David Ovaso, The Zelator, 1997, p198 & 420. )


Putrefaction is survival-Horror FPS with roguelike elements like randomly-generated levels and permadeath, set in an underground bunker, filled with various nasty mutants and monsters.

It’s still very early in development, but it certainly shows promise, with the gunplay feeling nice and solid and some rather freaky enemy designs (The Thing-style headcrabs are a particular highlight).   The aim of the game at the moment is to travel down as deep into the bunker as possible before you inevitably die (there’s no health regeneration or health packs).  On your way through the procedurally generated bunkers, you’ll come across a selection of weaponry, from knives to AK-47s to fend off the monstrous hordes (‘F’ picks up weapons & opens doors).

The dev still plans to add a lot more features to Putrefaction, and there’s a lot of placeholder art and animation, but it’s already got a nicely sinister vibe and the procedural generation means you’re never quite sure what’s around the next corner.

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