putnam trail

Putnam Trail


 Connection to Putnam Trail: The beginning of the Regatta  Greenway is a dead end, where three active railroad tracks runs on the shore and three inactive tracks ends here also. It connects at the Putnam Trail at 225th street and to the Upland. The Greenway gives all people easy access to the Waterfront.

            On the Putnam Trail-side there are two abandon buildings that can be use full in crossing over the tracks. The smallest of the buildings can be used as a bridge pillar.


On Water: The land of Roberto Clement Park gets so narrow that it’s impossible to continue. The rail tracks runs on the shore, so it’s necessary to create the bike lane on the water. This can be done with a floating bridge that follows the tide and makes the greenway feel the movement of the water


Under highway, Over Rail Tracks:  By creating an overpass with good signage, it would be possible that the bike path cross a highway and one railroad track, connecting to the new Mill Pond Park, which is on the south.