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I feel like didn’t go into this yesterday at the workshop so I’m going to right now. To the left I’m 229 pounds (4-5 years ago) I had no self esteem, no confidence! Couldn’t even talk to a girl. the middle is about the smallest but most ripped that I’ve ever been and the point were my self confidence was at its highest and the one all the way to the right is me right now with more confidence then I had in the first picture. Fitness isn’t always about being ripped all the time or being in the best shape of your life or having great abs all the time. It’s about being a healthier, better you! If there’s something crush has given me it’s the confidence to do anything I want if I put my mind to it. Another thing I wanna say is that I was TERRIFIED of even gaining back any fat, but with crush I wasn’t scared and as of right now my confidence is pretty damn high. Crush has done a whole lot for me and I just love it and everything it stands for and everyone that works for crush.

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@litalewis #tbt … last post was two years ago, this, two weeks ago. Post leg day, evening foam rollin’ because that #LegAndGlutesBlaster Training Program is still bustin’ my ass! 😉 Still at it, still building! ✊❤️💪 \\#ThickFIT/// • TRAIN HARD • BUILD STRONG • Download available on: www.litalewis.com __________________________________

Advice: Invest in a FOAM ROLLER! It’ll cause some dreadful pain but something you will most definitely need post leg session, especially if you’re using this training program! 😎 #PutInWork! (at www.litalewis.com )

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