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Why is your blog name Yujachachacha?

…oh my god, I was right. You brokoro my kokoro, anon. _(:3 」∠)_

Well, before I get into that, let me at least answer. Yujachachacha = Yujacha + chacha. “Yujacha” refers to my favorite kind of tea, and “chacha” refers to the “Cha Cha Slide”.

The explanation got really long because I can honestly never be trusted to keep my answers short, so the rest is under the cut.

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while editing my videos, i realised

lucas friar wears a heck ton of blue

here’s some proof.

(also please ignore the fact that 90% of these screencaps are from lucaya moments bc i am trash)

(please also ignore the fact that i actually took the time to go through all the episodes and find lucas friar wearing blue)

i am putting the rest under the cut because believe me

he wears a heck ton of blue

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I managed to complete this before Valentines ahhhhhh I’m so pleased. Only the second doujin I’ve actually bothered to put this much time and effort in. I’m insanely happy it didn’t break 20 pages like the last one. *coughs*64pagesofartomfg*cough*

Rest of it under the cut~

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colorfullyminded  asked:

If you're still doing shippy request, could I ask for some more Mabifica, but with Pacifica having got a cute, pixie cut, and Mabel's like "So Cute!!! I want to put little bows and clips in it. Can I play with it" ((I would have asked for some Parapines, but I don't know how you feel about that ship, so I'll just ask for some Mabifica)). I'm so excited for mondays episode, I really want there to be more to her character than just the rich snob. Thank you in advance, and if you can't I understand

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girl meets world season 3 confirmed spoilers

there’s been a lot of fake rumors and speculations about season three so i’ve decided to make a list of all the facts we know about the episodes, as confirmed by the writers and live tapings, and put them in this list so i can update it as the season goes along

(all under the cut)

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From Cabin Boy to Lieutenant to Pirate

Upon re-watching season 3 and running across episode 3x05 “Good Form” again, I thought I’d write a meta about what Killian’s life might have been like based on what we know historically about sailing, naval ranks, and piracy from the Age of Sail in our world, since everything we saw in that episode was clearly based off the British Royal Navy from the 17th century. Just for fun, of course – OUAT is hilariously flexible with its historical accuracy, so take everything from here on down with a grain of salt.

This is probably the longest meta I’m ever going to write. You have been warned!

The rest is under the cut. Fanfic and headcanon fodder ahoy!

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So you want to make a Yarny

THEN I SHALL TEACH YOU while I recover from the stupid that is dropping hot glue directly on to the pad of my thumb

This will be for the Yarny and the lil flower thingy. It’s very image-heavy, so it’ll be under the cut!

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Voltron scenario

We all know that, in the 11th episode of Voltron, everything went horribly wrong. But if you asked yourself “What could possibly go worse than this?” well, let me tell you about this possible scenario where everything goes even worse than that.

Remember the last episode, when Haggar used her magic against the wormhole the Paladins were using? Well, we all know that that magic caused the wormhole to turn unstable, and that it’s going to send the Paladins to uncertain places.

But, ask yourself this: Who is to say that the paladins won’t be sent to an uncertain future?

I’ll put the rest of this under a cut.

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My good friend, Bernadette, recently lost her brother.

She and her family need help raising funds to lay him to rest.

There are a lot of you, so please lend a hand.

You can go here and donate. His story is under the cut.

Her original post can be found here.

Please send your condolences to munstor, aka Bernadette.


I will be reblogging this hourly.

Please signal boost this.

Please help my friend.

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Imagine Castiel putting your daughter to sleep.

Tags under the cut.

You laid back in bed eyes resting after a long day, filled with feedings, dirty diapers and an outing to the cafe down the street. Where many people stopped to admire your daughter’s “dazzling blue eyes” as one woman put it. You sighed softly, pulling the blanket up to your chest and turning over to your side. Your eyes wander to the baby monitor, the green light flickered to indicate it’s on. And then you hear it, Castiel’s voice speaking from the baby’s room.

“Shh, my little one, time for bed.” You smiled widely, picturing the handsome man cradling your daughter in his arms.

“You had a big day today, didn’t yo? So beautiful, just like your mother.” Castiel’s voice kept fading in and out, so you knew he was walking around the nursery.

“When I met your mother, she was not fond of me. In her words I was a ’ cold hearted robot’.” Castiel laughed lightly.

“She was correct, your mother is a very intelligent woman. But she changed me.”

You bite down on your lip, trying to contain the beaming smile on your face.

“I was an angel once, a good soldier. And your mother, she helped me realize there was more to life. That I could love, be in love. But I don’t think she anticipated me falling in love with her.”

Castiel watched his daughter’s eyes open and close, nearly close to slumber.

“It took me quite some time to win her over, but of course I succeeded. And look what we have now.”

The blue eyed man smiled down at the little girl in his arms, his heart swelled in size as her little chest rose and fell in her sleep. He slowly moved over to the wooden crib, gently laid her down and placed a small kiss on her forehead.

“We have you now. Our own little heaven. So sleep tight, little one.” Castiel smiled down at his daughter, before leaving the room. He made his way down the hall to the bedroom and isn’t surprised to see you sitting up on the bed.

“You’re so sweet with her, Cas,” you mused, reaching your hand out, “We are so lucky to have you.”

Cas chuckled, moving onto the bed and quickly made his way to you. His body hovered over yours, his eyes smiled down on you. And before you know it, his lips are on yours and it felt like a million suns exploded in your heart, filling you up with a great warmth that you never wanted to stop feeling. Cas moved his body down against yours, his elbows rested around your face as he pulled away from your lips slightly, “I’m the lucky one. You saved me, I love you.”

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Merlin/Under The Dome AU

An invisible and mysterious force field descends upon Camelot, trapping everyone inside, cut off from the rest of civilization. Four youngsters keep having seizures while saying the same sentence over and over again “the pink stars are falling in line”. When they discover an egg in the center of the dome, they hope to have found their way out of this isolation.

Happy birthday to my favourite Bobby Singer on earth, Mal Snow ♥

You can’t claim victory without a surrender.

Okay, so my “talk less, smile more” thing didn’t exactly work. I went into my weekend thinking it would work. I was going to take my weekend away from Tumblr and then come back…refreshed? Renewed? Something. And then I got a text message Friday while I was at the track. Sam and Cait had just come forward and said they weren’t in a relationship. 

For the rest of the weekend, I was focused on my race weekend. But I got more details. I got more texts. And the more I thought about it, the more I knew I wouldn’t be able to talk less. I know what I’m about, I know what I stand for, and seriously, “If you stand for nothing, what do you fall for?”

This post is going to be long. This is going to cover a range of topics. I was going to put it under a cut, but I want this to crowd your dash, sorry. Because things need to be said. And I have to say them. And I have to work through all of the thoughts I’ve had since I started catching up last night.

First of all, I’m sure the “antis” “truthers” (they really need to look up that word), whatever it is they want to be called, are celebrating this as a win. I want to state, unequivocally, they did not win. There is no win here. Because, unless you’re a bad person, there is no win in hurting people. There is no win in destroying a person’s fantasy, no matter how much you don’t agree with it. So maybe now these people think they’ve won, that they were “right” (except they weren’t as there is no Abbie or Tony in sight but that’s another story) and that we should go away. I’ve seen shippers say they’re going underground.

Don’t. That right there? That’s waving the white flag. That’s the surrender. And you do not get to do that. You do not get to give into a misogynistic attitude towards fandom. You don’t get to feel ashamed of your feelings, desires, or passion. I don’t care who is trying to shame you, it’s misogynistic. I have said it before that fandom is considered a safe place for (overwhelmingly) women to explore desires, wants, needs, and passions without being shamed for it. From slash (male/male or female/female) to real life shipping to exploring certain kinks…fandom provides the place to do that with like minded individuals. As women, we are taught not to do that. We are encouraged to view sex as a means of procreation, not as a way to enjoy our lives. 

Every single attitude that we are taught as young girls goes against our true natures. So fandom says, “Okay, but here you can explore your true nature.” Fandom also provides (overwhelmingly) women with the fantasy of true love, a knight in shining armor, the one true pairing. Whatever your fantasy is in fandom, you can find it, and you should NEVER be ashamed of it. Because fantasy is passion and passion is life. Have any of you ever noticed that the people who are most passionate are the people who are most beautiful? Passion feeds your soul…it feeds your life.

So no, you don’t get to wave the white flag. You don’t get to surrender. You want to ship? Then do it. Do you see love and joy between Sam and Cait? Then celebrate it. Because even if it isn’t real, it’s your fantasy. It’s something you see. Shipping isn’t necessarily that people ARE together, it’s that you WANT them together. So no matter what anyone says to you, celebrate your passion. Celebrate your happiness. Celebrate what you see and you shout it from the rooftops. Because you have every right in the universe to explore what makes you happy.

Now, I understand that everyone is upset by what happened over the weekend. What started off as an uberly cute promise of an awesome weekend turned into a hurricane that destroyed our cruise ship. Our captains suddenly turned against us and drove us right into the eye of the storm without any warning, and after burning the lifeboats. For the record, whatever emotion you’re feeling is OKAY. Are you angry? Okay. Do you feel betrayed? You do you. Do you feel sad? That’s okay, too. Your emotions and your feelings are your own. Just like mine are my own. So feel them.

Now, I got home yesterday from the race track and started to catch up. I didn’t want to watch the video yet. I wanted to watch everything I could (including the GGs) without the video coloring my opinion of what had happened. And then finally today, I watched it. Twice. And it confused the hell out of me. I literally sat there, frowning. Because it was sloppy. It was pedestrian. It was bizarre. And it was cruel.

None of those are words I generally associate with Sam and Caitriona. 

My initial thoughts? Obviously and clearly scripted. Obviously and horrifically scripted by someone who has no idea what the fuck shipping is. Obviously and horrifically scripted by someone who doesn’t understand fandom. Sam looked like he hated every word. Cait came off as cold. It was just obviously not a good moment for them.

But back up. Why? Why release that? Why do a denial? Why say one damn word?

People want to say it’s because Cait is getting threats. I disagree. I think it’s because both shippers and antishippers alike took things too far. It was one thing when we had shipper wars on Tumblr and Twitter. But then it exploded to their friends and family. I as never secretive about the fact the going to social media accounts and commenting made me uncomfortable. Over the last month, it continued to explode into this disgusting display of fighting. Cait’s friends had to go private. It was not only a breach of privacy for Cait, it was completely breaching the privacy of people who are NOT in the public eye, who do not put themselves forward for judgment. A simple post of a poker table turned into a giant cluster fuck of constant arguing. Then, to make it worse, the stalking started. And yes, calling the gym that held the camp Sam attended is stalking. 

I think that took things too far. I think it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Now, what I can’t figure out is what changed between Thursday’s adorable livestream and Friday’s scripted denial. Did they sit down at dinner Thursday night and start bitching about it and get so worked up that they decided to do a denial? Or did other people tell them it was time to deny?

More importantly…where were the professionals in this situation? Where were the professionals to say, “You guys are going to have to be together all weekend on countless red carpets, this is not the time to draw the attention away from your chemistry.” It’s AWARDS season. People are watching this. And the two people that presented themselves over the weekend? I wouldn’t watch a show with them as the leads. They had no chemistry. That wasn’t two friends. That was two people acting like they were strangers. This was the weekend to CELEBRATE their chemistry, to have people whispering about the hot Outlander costars. This was the weekend for fans to whisper, to get excited.

It was not the weekend to insult the fans. Which is what that giant cluster fuck of an interview did. Kristen, bless her heart, tried to save it. She pointed out shipping is normal. She tried to say it was understandable. But Sam and Cait stuck to a horrible script.


Wait, Katie, did you just say Sam was being misogynistic? I’m saying someone sure as hell made him come off that way. For what it’s worth, there is a small part of shipping that comes form people wanting the story on TV to translate to the story in real life. I’ve seen it in other fandoms I’ve been in. When I read the fanfic, the language was the character’s, not the actor’s. That shows a want for the story to bleed over. Frankly, I’ve seen it in some fanfiction for Sam and Cait, too. Where the writers try to make Sam sound more like Jamie, which just isn’t realistic. 


It doesn’t matter why people are shipping. I don’t care if it is just wanting the story to bleeding into real life, you DO NOT INSULT YOUR FANS. You do not suggest an inability to separate reality from fiction. You just don’t do it. A) That’s suggesting a mental illness. B) What the fuck, no. Every single fan is as valuable as the last. Every fan’s individual way of being in fandom is as acceptable and as valuable as the last, AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT HURT THE STARS.  Were Sam and Cait feeling threatened by shippers? I don’t think so. They certainly never behaved in that way. So that’s what I can’t understand. Why deny now? Why deny in such a way that came off as cruel and cold?

I’ve never seen anything like that. Stars have three different options when being shipped with their costars: 1) Play along with it. 2) Ignore it. 3) Gently deny it but make sure it is understood that it is appreciated.  

Sam and Cait didn’t do that. They drove us right into the eye of a hurricane. And for what? Neither of them looked particularly thrilled about it. Neither of them looked particularly thrilled all weekend. So why do it? I don’t have an answer for that.

Do I believe their denial? I go back and forth on that a lot. On one hand, yes. I do. But I think it was the wrong way to do it, and the wrong weekend to do it. On the other…no, I don’t. Because I hung around a bunch of guys this weekend. I gave them hugs, we laughed, we teased each other. At no point did I tell any of them they look good out of a firesuit. At no point was I super clingy with any of them. Friends just don’t behave that way. And their behavior after the denial was just…overcompensating. It was so unnatural, and you could tell they found it unnatural. So right now…I don’t know what to believe.

To make matters worse, now we know Sam said the DAY AFTER HE INSULTED FANS, that he appreciates that people ship them together. Um…whiplash much? That sounded like Sam, though. That sounded like something he would say, instead of the shit that came out of his mouth the day before. But that? That would have been a kinder way to let fans down. That’s part of that third option. And it would have gotten the message across. So why not do it that way? Why something so horrible? Again, I don’t know why. But I know that it was a stupid move, especially this weekend. 

It’s a clusterfuck. It’s a horrible, awful clusterfuck. Of course it’s left a bad taste in our mouths, why wouldn’t it? We’re suffering from whiplash. And it’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. What’s really going on here? I don’t know.

What I do know though is that shipping is okay. What I do know is that Sam and Cait can deny all they want, it doesn’t change my feelings. I love them together. I adore them together. My reasons for that are my reasons, and I don’t get to be shamed. None of us should feel ashamed of those feelings. So no, no one has won. Because we are a group who sees love and celebrates it. We are a group who wants two people who have INSANE chemistry to be together. And that’s okay.

Remember, your passion is your passion. No one, not even Sam and Cait, get to take that away from you. Maybe cut down on the social media stalking of their friends…maybe tone down some forms of speculation…but other than that, you get to live your passion. You get to celebrate what you see. Was that video the eye of the hurricane? You bet your sweet ass it was. But now…we swim back the boat. We rebuild it. We move forward. Because our ship hasn’t been blown to smithereens. The three big components exist: Sam, Cait, and the fans who love them.  When you’re all ready, when you’ve moved past your various feelings, I hope you’ll come back and help with the rebuild. Because…dear Sam and Cait:

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The semester is over, and I have a lot of free time until I’m moving to Wales, so consider getting an art commission if you want! I will open 5 slots for now, but I can also put your name on the list for the future should I be busy when you ask for one. If you are interested write me an ask or message me through valsparkle73@gmail.com. The rest of the information is under the cut: 

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And Genny is done!

“Never take risks, no matter how small, and always be extremely careful.”

Name: Genevieve

Birthday: 15th Jan

Birthplace: Cheve, Nohr

Family members: Mother and Father [Deceased], Elder sister (Madeleine) [Deceased]

Personality: Quite shy and lacks self confidence, can be a bit of a neat freak, generous, wary, committed, trusting, gentle, nurturing

Personal Skill: Cautiousness (When being attacked on enemy phase with less than full HP, evade up by +20)

Rest of the big ass bio, and links to other ocs under the cut:

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hey guys! a few of y’all seemed interested in a lgbtqia+ groupchat for studyblrs so here it is!!!!! also btw you don’t have to id as ‘queer’, just part of the lgbtqia+ community! i think it’d be a really cool idea to have a safe space for studyblr’s who identify differently than straight/heterosexual! (putting the rest under the cut, pls read before u enter!)


  • cool pals and mutuals to love and reblog ur stuff
  • a safe space for anything u need!!
  • again, lots of cool pals


  • mbf meee
  • reblog this post
  • maybe write in the tags how you identify? just so i know i choose people who actually want to be a part of this
  • have/be willing to make a kik
  • be a studyblr!


  • not sure when i’ll choose, it depends on how many notes this gets
  • you’ll receive a message from me if u get in
  • shoot me an ask if you have any questions!
And this was the moment that broke my heart

Okay, so, it’s no secret that I am a huge proponent of defending Delphine, and it’s also no secret that I am excessively wordy. But I am going to try, for the sake of this post, to focus mostly on the character development that we were given for Delphine in this episode - and there was so much of it. That said, however, it is sort of impossible to isolate one episode from the rest, so I will try (succinctly as possible) to also sketch this within the wider picture.

I will put this under the cut, because it’s going to be long either way, but I want to at least first outline what I intend to discuss: Delphine’s arc this season - from “shady” to a sympathetic character. And, in hand with that, why what we saw from Delphine this episode is not a new development at all, but a revelation for the viewer of something that has been in the road map all along.

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On BTS 花樣年華 (Run, I Need U, Prologue)

I’m well aware I have a mostly BIGBANG blog but I’ve always nurtured a largely unseen love for Bangtan. They’re like my sons. And on watching the masterpiece of art that is the final part of 花樣年華, I find myself gaping at an impossibly deep and beautiful work.

So here are my thoughts and theories.

First thing - the Run MV takes place almost entirely in Taehyung’s head. He remembers both the good and the bad of their time together as friends…but get this: Not all the boys are human.

I’ll put the rest under a cut because this is going to be a really long analysis.

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