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hey, what were all the band games? like mystery at dcd... fob trail... mcr game and now west end kids were there any others?? thanks

Mystery At Decaydance High - someone has stolen the decaydance high’s mascot - a dancing manatee! eliminate suspects from fall out boy, the academy is…, cobra starship, gym class heroes, and others in order to win back the manatee and save the day!

Where In The World Is Cobra Starship? - you play as a detective tasked with finding las cobras. visit places like pete wentz’s house, angels & kings, ask people questions regarding the suspects, and catch each member in a minigame. suspect was last seen partying like a hot mess…

Fall Out Boy Trail - a parody of the oregon trail. can you get all four members of fall out boy through the entire tour without them dying? go hunting for chicken nuggets, kill panic! at the disco in a drive by shooting, try to escape bill beckett reading you his entire livejournal, play gigs using only your keyboard keys - the possibilities are endless. (disclaimer: you only need one member of fob alive at the end of the game to win, so if you’re playing for the first time, bear that in mind)

Sweet Revenge - you are the saint. fly around, collecting keys and avoiding ghosts, to win the game.

Helena - [epilepsy warning] you are helena and, unfortunately, you’re dead. your enemies want you to stay that way. get to the pallbearers to finish each level. there’s also a sweet 8bit rendition of helena playing in the background.

West End Kids - not actually a game, but a game themed music video, but if you click the link and follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen you can get a free 8bit download of the song.

And it goes to show that even when you’re at your lowest and at your worst, there’s still hope. You know, if you can cling onto one day. Keep going. Keep moving. Things do change and for the better. And even when you may think you’re alone, you’re lonely, and no one’s looking after you or cares about you, I think you’d be surprised.

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The Signs as Halloweenie Things

Aries: Spider Webs
Taurus: Skeletons
Gemini: The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus
Cancer: Pumpkins
Leo: Black Cats
Virgo: Halloween Themed Mix CDs
Libra: Ouija Boards
Scorpio: Jack O Lanterns
Sagittarius: Ghosts
Capricorn: Witch’s Hat
Aquarius: Tub full of water and apples for apple bobbing
Pisces: Candied Apples

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hey i need help, i need to set up a playlist for fucking my crush and i feel like you can help me out. like maybe songs in the "sweater weather" style, thaank you

  • i wouldn’t mind by he is we
  • disconnected by 5sos
  • can’t help falling in love with you
  • tear in my heart by twenty one pilots
  • peach by the front bottoms
  • finders keepers by you me at six
  • puppy love by this wild life
  • all about you by mcfly
  • check yes juliet by we the kings
  • say you like me by we the kings
  • the great escape by boys like girls
  • if i’m lucky by state champs
  • i like you by man overboard 
  • stomach tied in knots by sleeping with sirens
  • james dean and audrey hepburn acoustic by sleeping with sirens
  • love is like a laserquest by alex turner
  • i wanna be yours by arctic monkeys
  • is there somewhere by halsey
  • colors by halsey
  • one by ed sheeran
so i was showed this thing

Okay so my brother’s friend and I both absolutely love life is strange, so every time we meet after a new episode is released we talk about it and theories we both come up with. So anyway he happened to point out that on Chloe’s tank top in ep 4 there was a bandage on the temple of the skull right around the place where she herself got shot.

here’s a picture of the thing for proof. i then proceeded to flip my shit for the few minutes. so long story short, dontnod are assholes that can do foreshadowing really fucking well.

(and im def not posting a pic of shot chloe btw cause just no)