My flesh might expire
But the God within
Will transcend
The limits of thoughts
Imposed by dead men
No other human being
Can diminish my light
I take flight
Rotate twice
Around the universe like satellite
When I re-enter the atmosphere
I redirect the mislead
With the wisdom of the Nile
I resurrect the dead
I move like a cloud of black mist
I exist to resist
The African Holocaust
Eclipses the entire Schindler’s list
For me mental stagnation is absurd
to get through this world
You need a reservoir of words
So when the physical comes
You’ll know when and what to do
Hope by itself will never protect you
The walls of fear
That trap the mind
Must be broken down
Positive thoughts can
Vibrate and stimulate
the spirit like sound
I am not bound
By star spangled allegiance
I’m a grassroots collegiate
With a masters
In survival, love, and oppression
I live my lessons
To release my potential
I sense the undetectable
And when I put God first
I’m spiritually invincible
—  Born Free #therealbornfree (The Book of Born Free…The Wisdom of Living Right Now!) is coming soon!

“In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.” - Proverbs 3:6

When I was in middle school, we were required to put our life motto/verse in the yearbook. And I wrote down, “In everything you do, put God first.” as mine. I grew up in a Christian school where we have our Christian Education classes. And on Wednesdays, we go to our school chapel (we even have a white uniform that we would specifically wear for that day).

I remember how I would give my tithes and offering like it was no big deal. Because then, I was so caught up with the idea that I should put God first. But when I grew older (and became more exposed to the world), I kind of struggled with giving because I felt like my allowance was not enough to buy everything I want and need. Then, I came to a point where I barely got by with my money so I decided to start tithing again, I started putting Him first in every aspect of my life including my finances. And you know what, God was faithful in providing for my needs that I barely struggled financially. He has blessed me beyond I could ever imagine. So, I encourage you to trust Him with what you have and see how amazing He truly is.

Photo credit: clengheartsyou