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You Owe Me

Spencer Reid x Reader (smut)

Requested: Yes. You guys wanted a part two to Let Me Help and so I delivered ;)

Word Count: 1,811, Warnings: Swearing, NSFW, Oral Sex, Wall Sex, Just sex in general tbh.

A/N: So I seriously don’t know whether this is good or not lmao, I tried my hardest. I was listening to Feel It by Jacquees whilst writing it and just oh my god if you haven’t heard it please listen to it. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it!

After you managed to catch the UnSub that was disfiguring women and stabbing them in the chest you and the rest of the team were heading back to Quantico on the jet. You sat down in the comfy, creme coloured chair and closed your unrested eyes as you heard the rest of the team load onto the jet. You hugged your form as the air conditioning pumped throughout the plane whilst getting ready for take off. You felt someone sit opposite you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to open your eyes. You were so tired from the long nights and the constant moving around that you just wanted to relax for once.

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Loki: Silver tongue trapped in a cage

“Your Midgardian prisons can’t hold me. You are not worthy to be in my presence. Let alone sit there mocking me.” You stayed silent reading your book not glancing up at the tantrum that happens every time you come in to baby sit. “I am Loki, rightful king of Asgard!” he roared slamming his fist on the glass.

You finished reading your page then picked up your book mark and placed it in the page you were reading. You got up staying silent. He furrowed his brows then took a step back from the glass as you paced towards him. You stood directly in front of where he was standing “Mr Odinson -” “He is not my father” Loki stated harshly. “I do not care. Now listen: I do not give a shit what daddy issues you have, I am not here to give you therapy or whatever you expect as a so called rightful king of a land that is not here. You are on Earth, you destroyed a city, we are still cleaning up the rubbish and finding people homes. You have killed and injured numerous people all because you have daddy and big brother issues. I will not put up with you screaming like a child, so if you would like we could both sit here in silence, and I can finish my book or you could scream till your throat is bleeding, and trust me, I will make sure no one is coming to help you.”. Loki stood there silently his arm dropped to his side and his mouth opened trying to respond. You sat back down on your chair picked up your book then looked at him. “What happened to that silver tongue of yours?” you quirked an eyebrow.

“I am not of this earth, royalty, a God. You are nothing but a mere human, in one of the most insignificant worlds I have visited in my thousands of years, my lifetime will live longer than all of your ancestors could hope to pass on your name. Yet you have brought me to the edge of desperation, locked in this cage. You are the first mortal who has ever spoken to me in such a way I feel like I am nothing but an insect.”. You closed the book and crossed your legs “Well, you could wait until Tony gets in here, or Captain he will lecture for days if that’s what will stop you screaming. You have given everyone in the Heli-carrier a headache.”. “No that patriotic man is too boring. You my dear are the most intriguing woman I have met.” you gave a sarcastic smile “Oh so thats where the silver tongue went” “My dear, this is all but the truth, you intrigued me even from the day on the battlefield, you are so much more than you could ever know, your team doesn’t even realise the potential and the greatness they have with them.”. You stood up, Loki had a grin on his face and quirked an eyebrow. “Aww what a sweet talker, that might work on Tony or Clint if you’re lucky but not for me because …” you checked your watch “my shift is up.” Loki’s gaze followed you the entire way out as the door shut you heard a pained scream and a fist hitting glass.

Down For The Count: Jimin

Prompt: Jungkook/Taehyung/Jimin/Namjoon/Hoseok/Yoongi/Seokjin // How he goes down on you.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count:1.1k

Warning: Mommy kink (I’m sorry…no I’m not.),




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Savages (4)

Bucky&Steve x reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, stress, threesome(s), graphic male-female and male-male sexual acts

(The dates)

Savages (1) Savages (2) Savages (3)

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Summary: As a high-end fashion designer you’re living an extensively comfortable life. When your relationship of six years ends, you’re not too happy to see your newly-ex on the arm of another woman directly after; which is part of the reason you don’t mind running in to two men, who seem to have some exciting plans with you. As a woman who always gets what she wants, you immediately recognise men who are used to that exact same thing, and you’re more than happy to be the one to put them in their place.

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Personal Injuries

An SLBP Tokugawa Ieyasu/MC fic

“May I remind you that I do share,” Ieyasu said sweetly.

She would never understand the relationship these two fearsome warlords share. This strange, not-quite friendship, awfully competitive alliance with so many layers of polite posturing, goading and backhanded compliments. Like their relationship was a series of dare, and one was always trying to outdo the other.

Nobunaga downed another cup of sake, “Maybe later I can give her a taste of swordplay instead, hm? See if she likes it better than an arrow?” he smirked, his cheeks were tinged – she couldn’t tell from the alcohol or their banter.

She was startled when Ieyasu put an arm around her shoulder and squeezed. His fingers are so, so cold.

“We could compare rapports later,” Ieyasu’s smile never faltered. “Though If I have to give you taste of Tokugawa’s hospitality, I prefer to serve you something less… provincial. My taste runs rather plain for you I’m afraid.”

“I will hold you to that, Tanuki,” Nobunaga waved his hand dismissively. “Now go before your balls burst.”

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Happy Birthday

Today is my best friend’s birthday, and as a gift to her, I wrote her some raunchy, JB (her bias) smut. She is the most wonderful person I know, and I’m so lucky to have her as a friend. I only wish I could actually give her JB as a birthday present, but I hope this will be good enough ;D

Summary: It’s your birthday, and JB decides to give you a gift.

Genre: Smut

Warning: This is a little bit kinkier than anything I’ve written before. It’s mild, but if you’re not into bondage, then this isn’t for you.

Length: 1772

You got home after a long day at work, and you were ready to just relax for the evening with your boyfriend, JB. You dropped your bag by the door and headed back to your bedroom to get changed into something more comfortable. The house was dark, so you assumed that JB was still at practice. You just hoped he would get home sooner than later. You turned on the lights to your bedroom and jumped, screaming. JB was laying on the bed in formal wear, twirling a pair of handcuffs around his finger.

“Holy cow!” you yelled. “You scared me. Why were you sitting in the dark like that?”

JB smirked and sat up. His legs were spread apart, and he rested his elbows on his knees. “I wanted to surprise you.” JB played with the handcuffs, and you couldn’t help but stare at them. You hoped they would be for what you were thinking.

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Winter days

My first image so sorry if it’s bad, I can’t take requests because my computer is stupid so I’m sorry (unless you want to comment them) Please let me know if you liked it!!! Loads of fluff(slight smut) 874 words ____________________________________________ I stare out the window into the outside world of snowy London. It’s that beautiful time on the year where you can have hot chocolate 24/7, cuddles are extra warm and cold air fills your lungs daily.  The little white flakes fall from the blue gray sky onto every crevasse. I hear a knock on my well our, you know me and my boyfriend Dan’s shared room. I snap my neck towards the door and see Dan leaning in the door way in his “potato bag” jumper and joggers. “How’s editing going?” I blush slightly I haven’t got much done due to admiring the snow. I cough and reply, “It’s going, still got loads to do but you know… Oh whale.” He chuckles and pulls up a chair next to me. As he looks through what I’ve done I admire the way the screen lights his face up. How did I get such a great man? I thought-correction SAID out loud, Dan slowly turns his head towards me. “What’d you say love?” A small smirk forming on his pink lips. I look down on the ground feeling my face get red. “How did I get such a great man?” I mumble so he can barely make out what I was saying. Then suddenly I feel his lips, yes his lips on mine. I know we have been dating for six months now but this kiss felt different. It was true, full of love and lust. He nibbles on my bottom lip sending shivers down my spine. I put my hand on his cheek caressing his face. His hand trails down my back lading at the bottom pulling me closer. Soon my hand runs through his lushes brown waves. His mouth moves down my skin hitting my collar bone. I breath in quickly as he starts to suck. He moves back to my lips exploring my mouth with his tongue. We break apart leaving each over breathless. I stare into his rich brown orbs as he stares back into my sea blue ones. “Your not to bad yourself.” He takes my hand off his face and grabs my other one and puts himself hands around them. “Your so cold are you okay?” I smile at his concern, “Yeah you know me always cold, especially in the winter.” No joke people will grab my hand and put it on there forehead as an ‘ice pack’. “Here let me help a bit.” He slides his gray jumper off exposing his bare chest. He hands it to me and I put it on trying to get my hands to myself. “But now your going to be cold.” I complain putting my hand on his chest hungry for his soft touch. He giggles then says “I’ll be fine I’m already hottie.” He flips his hair and make a funny face. We break out laughing and I fall out of the chair into Dan’s lap. He catches me holding me bridle style. This situation just makes us laugh harder. We catch our breath and the silence starts to consume the room. I smile awkwardly at Dan try to get up. “Oh no your going to escape yet!” Dan says holding you tight, “Please Dan I need to edit my video….” I pout slightly trying to get out of his arms. “Fine but not until I get you warm. You can’t just edit a video like that.” I nodded agreeing and he puts me back on the chair. “I’ll be back in just a little bit stay here.” He turns around and exits to do what ever it is he’s going to do. I curl up in a ball in the chair and wait patently. A few minutes and soon I start to unconsciously fiddle the hem of Dan’s cloud like jumper. “Growing impatient are we?” Dan questions handing me a cup of tea. Smiling I take the cup and sip down the warm liquid. It runs down my throat filling my body with warmth.Placing the cup down I look over at Dan and see him staring. My face gets brushed with red at the action. His large hand holds my chin up to his face only a few inches away from his.His eyes wandering my face until they land on my lips. “Oh my God! Your lips are purple, princess you have to warm up!” His voice full of concern. My eyes widen shocked that I’m that cold. “Umm welll-” I get cut of by Dan scooping me up and lays me on the bed. He walks back to the computer and starts shutting things down. “This can wait.” “DANNnnn you know I need to get this done.” I say getting up and trying to get him off the computer. “Princess. PLEASE listen.” I groan and lay back down. He smiles to him self satisfied then lays down next to me after grabbing his laptop. His body surrounds mine letting off the best kind of warmth.Placing the computer in front of us we stare at Tumblr. My body starts to warm up making me muscles loosen up. I take a long deep breath soaking up the moment and all I can think is dam I really do have the best boyfriend ever…………………………………………………………… “Umm Princess? You let it out again.“ 

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Request: Good enough

Request: Can you write a imagine where y/n is a childhood friend of Jax and Op and she’s close to Tig and she’s always here for him. One day, he discovers that she has a eating disorder, she thinks she’s fat, she doesn’t eat a lot and he tries to help her. She agrees for him to help her but she doesn’t want the club to know, so he helps her without telling anyone and it ends with him telling her he loves her? 

Tiggy 💕

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of self hate, eating disorder.

Originally posted by missgreeene

They were your childhood friends, but that didn’t mean they were there for you all the time and things were perfect. You grew up with Jax and Opie around the clubhouse, your father being one of the First 9, but it came a time when you were all alone.

Opie was in prison and Jax was being an asshole after Tara leave him, so you were drinking all alone at the clubhouse with only Tig Trager to keep you company. Well, he was a great guy, a handsome man too and you started to get closer, talking about your shitty lives and laughing together after a lot of booze.

Now, Opie was back, Tara was back, but things were getting even more complicated for the club, problems coming. Plus, you weren’t feeling good at all. You didn’t know how to explain, but all that pressure lately was taking your best. Gemma needed you more than ever and being around the club wasn’t that funny anymore.

You were growing this self hate inside, avoiding the mirror every morning and hating the perfect skinny girls that passed you by. You started to eat less and less, losing appetite, not even Bobby’s banana muffins, your favorites, were appealing anymore. One day they were smelling so good that you ate a couple and immediately felt bad, running to the toilet to throw up.

You had been living that hell for months now, losing weight, but still thinking it wasn’t enough. The boys were busy, taking long runs frequently, so you weren’t seeing anyone that much, focusing on your job and in helping Gemma when she needed.

That weekend, she needed your help to organize a party at the clubhouse, to welcome another charter, visiting them. The boys were coming with them back from a long run and you had been walking up and down the clubhouse all day long. You were feeling tired, hungry, but didn’t want to eat. You walked to the kitchen and drunk a glass of water, resting against the sink. Tig walked in and smiled, kissing your forehead before opening the cupboard.

“Hello gorgeous”, he said and started to eat chips, filling his mouth. You didn’t realize you were looking at him until he swallow and speak, “Want some?”

“No”, you shook your head and turned to leave. Soon, you heard his boots following you and sighed, “Tiggy?”

“Something is wrong”, he said as you turned around, “I’m not stupid. You hadn’t been eating much, refusing food… You lost weight”

“A little”, you crossed your arms and closed your eyes.

“No”, he walked to you and gripped your hips, “You are losing your delicious curves”

You blushed, shoved his hand away and ignored him. Tig was still following you, even when you entered in Clay’s office.” What do you want?”, you sighed.

“I’m your friend, more than Jax and Opie”, he said, “Tell me what is wrong doll, I can help”

You stared at him considering your options. You didn’t want to tell him, but you were tired of feeling down, hungry, bad about yourself. He would tell the club and you didn’t want that. However, he was right, Tig was you closest friend there, you liked him a little more than a friend, actually.

“Fine”, you sighed, “But it stays just between us”

“I promise. Whatever it is… It’s safe with me”, he took a step forward, holding out his hands waiting for yours.

“All these problems, all this pressure… It triggered something”, you looked down, “I’m feeling bad, not good enough, Tiggy. I’m not looking good, I’m fat, I’m…”

“Enough baby girl, enough”, he pulled you to his chest, “You shouldn’t be feeling like this. You are gorgeous, those curves are perfect and you are so good, kind to everybody, patient with me”

“I don’t know what is wrong with me”, you whined, hiding your face on his chest.

“There is nothing wrong with you, absolutely nothing”, he cupped your face, “Let me help you. It will be our secret and I will prove to you girl, you are precious, such a good person”

“Okay”, you nodded and he smiled, kissing your temple. Tig took your hand and you left the office, walking to the kitchen where he promised you would make a sandwich together.

Only Tig, watching you close, kept you from faint that day. The lunch made you feel better, but you still wanted to throw up. Tig wouldn’t let you do that and soon started to take care of you, taking you to the doctor, supporting groups and making you eat. You were closer than ever and you found yourself wanting his company all the time.

He was at the picnic table, smoking while you talked. It was a nice day, the kids were playing and people were having a good time at the clubhouse. Bobby was in the kitchen and the banana muffins were ready, him walking around offering it to everybody.

“Your favorite, gorgeous”, he smiled at you.

“Thanks Bobby”, you took a muffin and ate it, smiling. Bobby went back inside, leaving you and Tig alone. You notice him staring at you eating, “Want some?”

“No”, he grinned, “I’m glad you had been eating more, doll. You are better”

“Thanks to your help”, you blushed, taking another bite of the bread. You took a bit and put on Tig’s mouth. He ate it, his lips and tongue lingering over your fingers. You sucked a breath and he noticed. You looked down, but he immediately held you chin, pecking your lips.

“Don’t hide those eyes from me”, he whispered. You looked at him through your eyelashes and Tig groaned, “Damn! You are so fucking gorgeous. Have I told you that?”

“Every day”, you whispered, blushing even more.

“Yeah, that is true”, he smiled, “You are so beautiful and I’m so jealous. I can’t even think about another man touching you”

“Tiggy…”, you said, but he cut you off, smashing his lips on yours. His kiss was demanding, contrasting with his sweetness towards you all the time. It was good, making you shudder.

“I love you”, his lips brushed yours as he talked and didn’t give you time to answer, kissing you again. You pushed him away, making Tig raise an eyebrow.

“These are such powerful words Tiggy, don’t throw them on the wind”, you shook your head.

“I’m not”, he made you look at him again, “I mean it. I had known you for so long and always admired you girl. You are my best friend, you never turned you back on me. It takes a lot of courage, nobody can do the same for me”

“You are not that bad, Tig”, you said.

“You showed me that”, he smiled, “Let me love you girl, show you how good life can be, how good we can be together”

You bit your lip and looked at his. You liked him, you couldn’t deny that, but that was a big step for you. Tig had been there for you all this time, helping and he didn’t need to show anything else, you knew how life with him could be. You smiled and kissed him, making him hold you close.

“I love you too”, you said as his arms tightened around you, feeling all your curves and he kissed you again.

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Can you please write a long dirty Kai sexbot smut? Love your blog by the way

A/N: be careful what you wish for :D

Kai had discovered selfies. Oh at first it was harmless. The experimental ones and the derp faces made you howl with laughter. When you were at work and he was lonely, he would send send a photo of him smiling shyly saying he missed you. Then there were the cute before you got home pictures of him with two cups of hot peppermint saying that’s what was waiting for you when you got home.

But then he got good at them. He discovered the perfect angle to highlight his angular jaw. Soon, the selfies started to make your palms sweat. He would peek up through those long, sooty eyelashes and make your heart skip a beat. Once, you were naive enough to glance at a selfie he sent through snapchat. He was lounging on the couch, not even looking at the camera, but that didn’t matter. Just from a peek at the photo, you already wanted to rush home and climb on top of him.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. Once Kai had gotten his claws into selfies, it was only a matter of time before they got smutty. You braced for impact every time you dare open a selfie in public. All that beautiful brown skin on display. Those collarbones, his abs… and everything below. He killed you slowly with each picture sent. If he was really feeling a particular mood, he’d send several in conjunction and then your panties were a mess that whole day.

Then he started to demand for some in return.

“Nonono,” You raised your hands in protest. “I can barely take a picture with the camera looking forward.”

Kai coaxed you to let him teach you. Hours were spent lounging on the comfy stuffed chair you had, sitting on his lap as he guided you. Fingers tipped your phone, overlapping yours. The low rumble in his chest as you made a frustrated face at the phone. The warmth as he hid his face in your shoulder while you took the selca as he coached you.

In fact, you were at work, staring at that exact photo. It was your lock screen now. You sighed deeply, having spent the past 5 minutes staring at it now. You missed your erratic bot boy. Your phone wouldn’t lie to you about the time so you knew the last hour was going to go by very, very slowly.

With disgust, you tossed your phone aside and attempted to finish a few orders on your computer.

Then your phone chimed.

You lunged for it, well aware of the consequences. Your reward was a selfie of Kai: you could only see from his nose down but he was biting his lip, showing off some damn sharp collarbones, pulling his pants down just enough to show his v-lines.

“Oh god damn it Kai,” You cursed under your breath.

“What was that?”

You clenched your phone to you chest and whirled around in your chair. You did NOT want Jung Daehyun seeing your sexobot’s provocative photo. That would bring up questions you did not want to answer at work.

“Nothing! Just pissed at my workload,” You said through clenched teeth.

Daehyun sent you an unbelieving look but sat back down. That guy was always peeking over his cuticle at you. Probably trying to find a reason to get you fired.

Your phone dinged again and you jumped a foot in the air. “Pleasepleasepleaseplease…”

You quickly glanced down at your phone and then squealed.

Your sexobot was now only in his boxer briefs, the black looking lovely against his bronzed skin. Honestly, if his body alone wasn’t enough to knock you out, that sassy, cocky, motherfucking smirk made your panties so wet, you were clenching your thighs together.

“I swear to God, if you’re squealing over there because you just won a level in a game you’re playing, I’m busting your ass–”

You glared with pure venom at your co-worker. Your chest was heaving, you were breathing so hard, but you still managed to hiss, “Sit your ass down and focus on your own work, Daehyun!”

Daehyun didn’t look too impressed but he sat down nonetheless.

You quickly unlocked your phone and sent a message to Kai.

Put a hold on that stripping until I get home

Sure he would have to listen to you, right? Had you checked off the “obedient” personality trait. You didn’t think so…

Nah, I think I’ll start the party now

You sank into your chair, honestly seeing stars. The cock of his head, so rebellious. And his hand oh so casually hiding the one thing that was begging to be in between your legs right now.

“Oh my fucking god,” You groaned out loud.

“Are you alright?” Daehyun demanded. “You look pretty red right now.”

You curled your lip up, about to tell Daehyun off when you swallowed your rage down. This could work to your advantage.

“Actually you know what–” okay, you weren’t faking your hands shaking as you tried to grab your keys, but whatever, “–No, I don’t feel good. I’m going to head off early, get a good night’s rest.”

Your coat was forgotten and you almost broke the heel of your shoes running across the underground parking, but when you made it to your car, you felt triumphant.

Then your phone went off.

“What more can you torture me with?” You whined desperately.

You’re coming home now, right?

Just the text, nothing more. But damn didn’t you speed home, pushing the limits, only seeing those beautiful lips in your head. You parked haphazardly, vowing to bake the lady next door a cake or something. You couldn’t patiently wait for the elevator, you had to dash up the stairs.

At last, with the door at your back, you kicked off your shoes and ran to your bedroom. There was Kai–

–completely clothed.

“You took too long,” Kai said, not even bothering to remove his eyes from the TV.

“You have ten seconds to take off your clothes before I rip them off you,” You growled.

Kai’s eyes danced with amusement. “Yes ma'am.”

So he did have some obedience in him after all.

It was a contest to see who could strip the fastest but once you were in Kai’s arms, you didn’t remember what you were so angry about. Your lips went to his instantly, melding to them. Your eyes wanted to roll into the back of your head. Finally, you were here.

Kai nibbled at your neck, breaking your kiss but it didn’t disappoint you. Your neck was sensitive, so it only turned you on as you felt his tongue lathe your neck. “Kai…” You murmured.

“Shhh,” said Kai, voice already husky, “Just let me make you feel better.”

“You’re going to kill me, aren’t you?” You whispered.

Kai locked gazes with you. Those dark orbs knew all of your secrets. “Isn’t that what you want?”

Kai was, after all, made to your satisfaction.

“Shut up and fuck me,” You said.

“That’s my foul mouthed girl,” Kai grinned boyishly.

He pushed you into the bed, spreading your thighs and putting his tongue to work. You shuddered as the wet muscle lapped against your inner folds. But he was avoiding your clit. You couldn’t help but buck your hips. You had been so wet on the way home already.

Your hands clutched the bed sheets below you when his tongue flicked at your clit. You tipped your head back and arched your spine, because you need, more, more, mooooore.

The most pitiful noise fell from your lips when he inserted one finger into you, receded and then inserted a second finger into you. He curled them just so, to touch your g-spot, and your toes were curling with them. Throw in Kai flattening his tongue against your clit and licking you until your spine straightened as you choked out his name, and you were done.

“What was that even? A couple minutes? Shame on you,” Kai teased.

You wearily pushed some hair out of your face. “I’ll have you know that I will not fall asleep, so you better–”

“I’m the last one that’s going to stop,” Kai became cheeky, “First of all, I’m a bot, so I have unlimited stamina. Secondly, in order to have unlimited stamina, I do need a battery charge. That, I sadly lack. So, we will be doing it several times tonight. That was just to ensure you were ready for the first round.”

“Why, what’s so special about the first round?” You asked, already feeling your mouth go dry.

The first round was taking you hard and fast with your face is the sheets and your ass in the air. You needed to be wet so that he could take you so instantly, just as you needed. The second round was sweet and lazy, with your back against the bed and Kai in between your legs. His hips would flex and his pelvis grounded into your sensitive nub, making your moan in between his hot kisses. Third round was Kai playing homage to your breasts. While he rocked your two bodies, kneeling on the bed, his fingers play with your nipples, pulling and teasing and twisting, making you ache with desire. Then he sped up, thrusting into you, grunting, and then you came for a third and last time.

Kai bundled you in the sheets, fluffing your pillow and dutifully kissing your forehead. “Rest now, because I’m fully energized. Now we need you in the same condition. Bananas should be your breakfast.”

“I don’t remember checking bossy as one of your traits,” You yawned.

“No but you did check sassy,” rebutted Kai

He had a point.

anonymous asked:

can you write a fanfic for bellamy has taken a job as a phone sex operator to make some more money and he ends up with Clarke on the other line.

A/N: Hopefully, if any phone sex operators read this, I don’t get it too wrong. I did take some liberties towards the end.

Be warned that I have never written anything like this before. I did enjoy this prompt though ;) 

When the line clicked and no one spoke up immediately, Bellamy knew better than to hang up, sensing the uncertainty coming through the receiver in waves. Filling the silence, Bellamy leaned back in the chair, taking his eyes off his computer screen (and the @ArkStation tour updates on twitter) to make sure his meter was running. 

“Hey there, princess,” he smirked, trying out a new pet name to keep his brain from exploding from the monotony. 

Giggles erupted in the background and he swore he heard muffled urgings for whoever held the phone to speak up and get it over with it.

“Hey there, Mystery Phone Sex Operator.” The girl speaking was awkward and breathy, but Bellamy laughed, loving the lack of desperation he usually heard from his clients.

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Request: Visitor

Request: Imagine Juice coming to his old lady’s office and having rough sex because he wants to make sure each and every guy in the office knows she is his and his only. 

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

Originally posted by tarons

The office was a simple big room, several cubicles distributed in the space. Only three private and comfortable rooms were at the end of the big salon, one of them was yours, the IT specialist. Your coworkers were already leaving, walking around the place and you decided to do the same, your boyfriend would hate if you decided to work until late another day. Juice was jealous and insecure, you thought it was cute, but you tried not to give him reasons to freak out, his OCD reaching stratospheric levels when he was nervous.

You drove home, finding all the lights on and music playing. Juice made the house look like it was Christmas’ eve when he was alone. He didn’t hear you coming inside, jumping when you slid your cold hands under his shirt while he cooked.

“Hi”, you smiled kissing his neck. He dropped everything and turned around, wrapping his arms around you, his wide smile welcoming you.

“Hi gorgeous”, he said before claim your lips, his kiss deep and showing all his love for you. “I missed you”

“I missed you too”, you had said goodbye that morning, you walking to your car and him to his bike, but it looked like a whole month apart. You were living together for a while now and you knew Juice was just waiting for the perfect idea for a proposal. He would surely be all cute and romantic, you couldn’t wait.

Your phone buzzed on your pocket interrupting you two, Juice raised an eyebrow as you picked it up and looked at the screen. It was a message from your coworkers, insisting for you go downtown for a beer with them.

“Who is it?”, Juice asked. You smiled and showed him the message. He frowned, still hugging you.

“I’m saying that…”, you said as you typed your answer. “I can’t, romantic night with my man”, Juice smiled at your words, but you could tell he wasn’t completely happy. “Juan?”

“Nothing”, he said and you raised an eyebrow. Juice shrugged and tried to kiss you again. You laughed when his mouth moved to your neck and earlobe.

“You don’t need to be jealous”, you said caressing his scalp. Juice stopped kissing you and looked at you again. “I’m yours baby, exclusive, completely and forever yours”

“I like that”, he grinned and you laughed, pecking his lips before pull back.

“I’m going to take a bath and then we can cuddle on the couch”, you winked. “Or have a videogame battle for me to kick your ass”

“Ha! We will see about that”, he laughed turning to the stove again.


The entire office was stressed, you had a big business to close and everybody was working like crazy. It had passed a few days after that romantic night with Juice and he was grumpy by your absences. He was jealous too, complaining about your coworkers calling, even tough it was to talk about work.

It was sunset, your boss was gone, but several people were there, typing frenetically as you were. The phone on your desk rang and it was the reception. You had a visitor. Juan Carlos.

“He can came up”, you said wondering why Juice was there. The one time he had appeared on your job was to pick you up for lockdown and that was terrifying. You opened the door just in time to see him leaving the elevator on the wall at your right. A few people looked at him and of course, he had to be wearing his kutte. He smiled and walked to you, “Juan”

You had time to only say his name before Juice pull you closer and kiss you. You pushed him, grimacing. “Not here!”, you protested and he just shrugged, walking inside your office like he owned the place. You closed the door, crossing your arms.

“Care to explain?”, you asked.

“I was missing you”, Juice said and pulled you to his chest, his mouth pressing yours, hard. You melted, opening your lips to allow his tongue to explore your mouth. His hand grabbed your ass cheeks, pressing you on his body, making you feel his boner under the cargo pants.

“Juan”, you tried to talk but he didn’t let you, lifting you easily. He pushed your things over the table, some of then falling on the floor. He settled you over there and pulled up your pencil skirt. “No! What are you doing?”

His face was inches from yours. “You are mine”, he growled and tugged your shirt, making the buttons fly as he ripped it open. Your protest got choked on your throat as he sucked your nipple over your bra. Your legs involuntarily spread for him, making Juice smirk.

You worked on his belt, frenetically pushing his pants down his legs, his cock proudly erect for you to take it in your hands, making him moan. Your skirt was around your waist, Juice put your pantie aside and leaned to lick you.

“You are so wet”, he mumbled. “Thinking about me?”

“All the time baby, all the time”, you whined, feeling his tongue swirl around your clit. He sucked it, his fingers opening you for him. Your moans were getting louder and you covered your mouth trying to muffle them. Juice quickly got up and pulled you closer, wrapping your legs around his hips.

“I wanna hear you”, he said, grabbing your hands and holding them behind your back.

“Everybody else will…”, he cut you off by entering you with one hard thrust. You couldn’t help yourself, “Fuck!”

Juice smiled, satisfied. He grabbed your thighs, thrusting harder and deeper. You let your head fall back, your breasts at full disposal for him to suck one, while the other was squeezed on his hand. The drawers started to hit as the table trembled by your bodies moving over it.

“Don’t break the god damn table”, you cursed making Juice laugh. He lifted you and sat on the couch, placed on the opposite wall. You pressed your hands on the wall behind it, trying to find some place to hold, while Juice lowered you on his cock, your hips slamming on his thighs.

“Why do you have a couch here?”, he asked as you tried to breathe, his hard cock letting you pussy so sensitive, but so good at the same time.

“Don’t be stupid”, you huffed. “It’s for visitors”

“Really?”, he laughed. “Well, I should visit you more often”

“Agreed”, you whined. “Oh God! Please Juan!”

He grazed his teeth over your nipple, easing the pain with his tongue. His hands helping you to move up and down his cook, slamming hard, merciless as you tried not to scream. You were so wet and so close, taking Juice with you to the edge.

“Fuck! So good baby…”, he muttered. “Cum, cum to me”

“Juan! Baby, you…”, you walls were pulsing, your vision were getting blurred. “I love you, oh I love you”

“I love you too, gorgeous”, he tilted his head back, smiling “All mine, only mine”

“Yes! Yours!”, you moaned and felt your body tremble. You rocked against him as Juice spilled his seed inside you. You rested your forehead on the crook of his neck, kissing his skin while his hands caressed your back. “Why?”

“These boys need to stop blowing up your phone”, he groaned. “Now they know you are my girl and only mine”

“You silly, stubborn man”, you laughed, cupping his face and kissing him.

“Yours. Your silly, stubborn man, baby”, he grinned. You playfully slapped him and got up, pushing your skirt down and closing your shirt the best your could. Juice got dressed too and walked to the door. He opened it and looked outside making your mouth fall open.

“Seriously?”, you asked. “Did you have to do that? You know there are people out there, they know you are here and what we were doing”

“I was just checking baby. Security first”, he grinned. “Can we go home?”

“Yeah! Obviously, after that show”, you blushed and grabbed your purse. Juice held your hand tight and you both stepped out the office. He was walking like he was a king, his head high and a smile on his lips. “Stop being so cocky. I will make you pay, just wait until we got home”

“’I’m counting on that, baby”, he winked as the elevator doors closed and you rolled your eyes at your childish and yet absolutely charming old man.

Waiting - Luke Smut

Gender Neutral 

Master List

Word Count: 1000

Luke kept running his hand up and down your back nervously as you both sat in the sofa in front of the TV. He was sat with his phone in his hand, flipping it back and forth. He was waiting for a phone call about a job. He’d been to the interview this morning dressed all smart and sexy in his dark suit but now he was sat anxiously in his jeans he’d changed into to take you to lunch in.

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(A love letter. Way beyond PG-15. I apologize for the long wait. Hopefully this is one of those things worth waiting for.)

May 26th, 2015


“If I fall along the way
Pick me up and dust me off
And if I get too tired to make it
Be my breath so I can walk…”

I write this letter knowing I won’t send it. I want to write ‘Dear’ because you are, but I won’t. I lie here in bed remembering two months ago when I was with you the first time.

The desert is hot now, even at night. I’m tired, but I can’t sleep from the heat and the thoughts that creep in the stillness and the noise. Some nights you fill all my thoughts, and I think of you for as long as it takes to fall asleep.

When I get too tired to think, I just picture your hair the way it falls on your shoulders, the way it falls through my fingers as I touch you, the way it falls on the pillow when you’re lying here beside me in my memory.

I never told you how it was for me the first time. I regret not telling you when I had the chance. That night has been playing in my mind like a video on repeat. I’ll tell you now in words you’ll never see, so I can try to get the images out of my head.

You surprised me. ‘I’m not always good with surprises,’ I told you. Still, you snuck up on me and crawled inside. And I felt you there as we drove home that night – toward whatever would come next – you in your car and I in mine with your words echoing in my head, ‘Maybe we should get over that.’

I knew I wanted you - without phones, without interruption. I wanted to see where it would go. I wanted to let it happen. I felt you in me, and for the first time in a long time I wasn’t alone. The more I focused on the feeling, the faster I drove because I could hardly wait to get inside you too - if I was lucky. If you’d let me in.

You’re on the other side of the world now, but I still feel you in me. And I still want to be in you too – only not just in your body.

“…If I need some other love
Give me more than I can stand
And when my smile gets old and faded
Wait around I’ll smile again…”

The weeks leading up to that drive home had been a long wait, and I didn’t want to wait any longer. I arrived several minutes before you, so you got to knock on my door, as you had once before. But when you stood there this time there were no apologies.      

“Come in,” I said, and I closed the door behind you.

We were really alone, as never before, and I was suddenly afraid to touch you. I stood there like an idiot, eating you alive with my eyes. You looked into mine too, and I was lost.

“Do you want some water?” I asked, “It’s sparkling. Lime.”

“No.” You smiled, remembering with me.

You moved closer to me then, taking off your jacket. I felt the smallness of the space around us and between us. My breathing was shallow, as if I had something pressing on my chest. And I did. It was you - in my heart.

“…Shouldn’t be so complicated
Just hold me and then
Just hold me again…”

If you were afraid, you didn’t let on. Your fingers ran down my bicep to my elbow and lingered there, inviting me to do the same. But I couldn’t touch your arm. It would have driven me crazy because it wouldn’t have been enough. I wanted your lips on my lips and your tongue on my tongue and your body on my body.

I was done waiting.

I grabbed you by the hips and picked you up so your mouth was close to mine. You wrapped yourself around me in all the places.

“…Can you help me I’m bent
I’m so scared that I’ll never
Get put back together

You’re breaking me in
And this is how we will end
With you and me bent…”

“No waiting?…” you asked, reading my mind.

I held you still for a moment, looking into your eyes, all the way inside where I wanted to be.

“…Hell no,” we spoke the words together as I carried you to bed.

My lips found your lips and my tongue found your tongue and my body found your body. And I was inside you – deep – the way you felt in my heart.

And I couldn’t wait for the rest. I wanted to know everything - how you wanted me to move, how you wanted me to touch you. But I couldn’t think at first. It was like war in the desert – hot and loud and instinctual. I felt your fingers dig into my hips, and I knew there would be marks left behind in the morning. We were completely naked with each other, and all at once it was about surviving.

I felt you orgasm so fast, and you surprised me again.  You shocked the hell out of me when you sucked in deep and held your breath and closed your eyes. I wondered what was happening.

And I asked you, “Are you okay?”

“I am,” you whispered, “I’m just holding it in.”

I wanted to tell you, ‘Don’t. You don’t need to. There’s more. You can have it again. You can have it all.’  And I would have meant it if I had said it, but I didn’t. I stayed silent in our rhythm, watching you come with your eyes closed and surviving you.

“…If I couldn’t sleep could you sleep
Could you paint me better off
Could you sympathize with my needs
I know you think I need a lot…”

I kept moving in you until the flush that had crossed your chest slowly faded away. Then I kissed you there above your breasts, and I felt you breathe out long and slow beneath my lips.

“I want more,” you murmured. And I thought for a moment about forever. But I knew you were talking about pleasure.

“I have more for you,” I said, wanting both in that moment.

We were slow and methodical then. I tasted every piece of you, bending you in all the ways.

We came at the same time, and I didn’t try to make it happen. It just did. I tried holding in all the feeling as you had done before, but it was too much. I couldn’t do it. I just wanted to give it to you. There was no holding my breath or closing my eyes. There was only release – mine and yours.

“…I started out clean but I’m jaded
Just phoning it in
Just breaking the skin…”

It had been so long since I had felt anything. Those other times with women after Cristina, it was just sex. All of a sudden with you it was more. It was feeling. And it was so big that I feel it still.

I’ve been picturing you in my future, and I know this is futile because how could it ever work for us? You said we were a mistake. And you meant it, so I want to believe it too. Only I don’t. And that’s why we’re a plane crash. Because I don’t.

I can’t stop thinking about your hand holding mine that last time and how I let you go. I was afraid. Then Derek died and all I wanted to do was hold you, but it was too late. You wouldn’t let me. You wouldn’t even let me touch you. I wanted to feel your arms around me, but you wouldn’t touch me either. You wouldn’t even talk to me. I couldn’t stand any of it, and I was fucked. So I came here, where I knew I’d feel useful – and where the sounds of war would be loud enough to drown out the shrieking in my head. I came here to forget. But I can still hear it, and I still remember. So now I’m just fucked here too.

“…Can you help me I’m bent
I’m so scared that I’ll never
Get put back together

You’re breaking me in
And this is how we will end
With you and me bent…”

Now you’re far away, and I miss you. I’m lying here drenched in sweat, and I wonder if hell feels like this. I’ve certainly earned my place. I came here on purpose – to get away from grief, to get away from you.

I can barely keep my eyes open, but I don’t want to fall asleep. Because it’s the same every night. I feel the pleasure of you in my dreams, and I try to hold it in. I hold my breath and close my eyes even tighter. And then I wake up, and my dream dissolves quickly into forgetting. Only now that I’m here, I don’t want to forget.

“…Start bending me
It’s never enough
I feel all your pieces

Start bending me
Keep bending me until I’m completely broken in…”

~ Owen


“Coroner’s said her heart was ripped out along with her nails, hair and two teeth.”Sam said as he walked up Dean who was observing the surroundings of the dead young girl. 

“So whadda we thinking? Witchcraft?” Dean bent down to investigate the cuts and scratches on her forearm he couldn’t help but feel this was an attack done by an animal. He noticed her face was sickeningly pale and her lifeless eyes were still wide open. Out of respect he closed them before standing back up.

“Could be. Look’s like ingredient shopping to me” Sam commented as they disposed of the surgical rubber gloves. The boys walked under the vibrant yellow caution tape and towards the impala, having enough with the crime scene.

“You know.. Y/N was an expert in witches. “ Dean mentioned with his tone dripping in despair. Till this day he thinks your death was his fault.


“Baby wake up. We need to get out of bed” You were tangled in your bed sheets along side Dean. Your arms were wrapped tightly around his torso while you snuggled into his warm, hard chest.

“5 more minutes” Your hoarse voice spoke as your grip became tighter. You felt his soft pink lips touch the top of your head and he stayed their.

“You said that half an hour ago baby. We promised Sammy we’d go out. Remember?” You groaned and released Dean from your bound. He kissed your lips which instantly disintegrated the annoyment within you.

“I hate you” You joked, turning onto your stomach with your hands under the pillow. You felt Dean kiss your bare back which sent shiver dancing upon your spine. His warm lips on your cool goosebumped skin made you arch your back in pleasure but unfortunately he pulled away.

“Please, you love me!” He chuckled at your rolling eyes and ran out the bed before you were able to throw your decorative pillow at him. You smiled at his childish behaviour once he was out the door, loving the playfulness he still has even after the darkness he’s seen. But what you weren’t sure of was if it was a mask or his trueself.

You rolled around in bed hearing your phone beeps. You removed the blankets from your body, feeling the chill crawl up your warm being. You quickly put on your robe, feeling the comfort of the wool hug your body. You walked up to your scattered pants, fishing for your phone. You opened it to see you received a text from one of your hunting buddies.You walked out into the hall reading the text which read.

“Witch hunt- in Lebanon. Meet up in 15?” You entered the kitchen seeing your shirtless boyfriend behind the stove while your best friend was typically behind his laptop.

“Morning Samster” Sam sipped his coffee before smiling at you.

“Morning Lazy” You poked your tongue out at him playfully.

Dean turned around with a steaming pile of pancakes, the sight of the stack made you drool and you ran to your seat. Dean chuckled and put three pancakes on your plate, with the syrup next to you. He kissed your head before sitting down himself. You moaned as soon as the fluffy breakfast treat entered your mouth.

“What were you reading?” Dean asked while you gobbled the delicious pancakes.

“A friend of mine needs help with a witch hunt, you know me. The expert witch bitch. So i gotta go soon. I’ll be back at like 3:00am.” You said, swallowing the last piece of your pancake. You put your dishes in the sink and quickly kissed Dean on the lips as a thanks.

10 minutes later

“Sam stay out of my porn” You jokingly said and Sam flipped you off while he ate his cookies.

“Be safe okay?” Dean ordered as you hugged him tightly.

“Pshh my middle name is be safe. Y/N be safe Y/L/N.” You winked and kissed him one last time. You walked up to Sam and kissed the top off his head before stealing one of his cookies but regretting it as soon as you took a bite.

“What the fuck is this shit? Cardboard cookies?” You set them back down on the table while Sam cheered.

“No butter, no sugar, no oil and no fat.” You wiped your mouth and walked towards the entrance.

“So basically cardboard. Alright see you at 3:00 bye”

End of Flashback.

Though once you walked out that door, they didn’t know that was the last conversation you’d have with them. Sam regretted not saying be safe and Dean regretter not saying I love you. But what they regretted the most was letting you out of their sights.

“Yeah the expert Witch Bitch” Sam said nostalgically. Dean ignited baby and drove off to their motel to do further research on the case.

* * *
“Y/N, bring me the tooth of the whore you killed yesterday”  Your body reacted to her words while your brain fought against it. For one whole year you had been internally fighting the damn curse she put on you but as of late you began to give up slowly. 

Your body picked up the tooth of the innocent girl she made you murder yesterday and you wanted to throw up but you couldn’t. You had to feel the nausea but never would your body actual succumb to it. You were a prisoner, locked within your body having no control over it whatsoever. Like possession.

“Master Laila” You presented the tooth with your head dipped, she took it and threw it into her potion.

“Thank you pet. Now go to this address and fetch me the heart of the wolf living there. “ You nodded as she passed you the piece of paper. You snapped your fingers and in an instant you were outside the house of the targeted creature.

 You saw the house was pitch black and you checked the time seeing it was 3:00am. Your heart pained whenever it was 3:00am, knowing you promised your family you’d be home by then but then again, your body never reacted. You looked up into the sky noticing the full moon take over the starry night. You cracked your neck and felt the determination rise within your body.

You walked up to the porch and made sure your silver blade was in your boots as usual. Your footsteps were slow and steady while you opened the door with magic you learnt from your master. You looked around the entrance seeing this man lived alone, portraits of only himself and shoes that belonged to one size and gender. You walked along the floorboards into the living room, you misplaced your step as the board creaked from under you.

“Well this makes it more fun” On cue you heard a growl coming from behind you and you smiled seeing his yellow eyes shining brightly from the beam of moonlight he stood in. His teeth were exposed fully, showing all sharp fangs and his claws extended as his temper rose.

“Come to mama” The wolf charged towards your still body, attempting to attack you. You stepped out of his way and he fell into his furniture.

“Rule number 1- never get angry.” The wolf charged again and your fist met his nose, you heard a crack and you smiled in victory. He fell back, crashing into his lamp which cut him in the process.

“Rule number 2- don’t underestimate the person you’re fighting” Your two hands were now in the form of fists as they were directly in front of you. The wolf clawed at your head but you ducked and punched him in the ribs. You got back up and punched under his jaw which made him howl in anger. He shook it off and growled, clawing at your side. Instead you kicked him in the jewels then kicked the side of his head with all the force you could assemble.

“Rule number 3- there are no rules” Now it was your turn to growl as you jumped on top of the creature, straddling him down. You watched him squirm and growl but you laughed in triumph. You pulled out your knife and saw the glimpse of fright flash in his bright yellow eyes. 

Your heavy hand fell into his skull, causing the life to extinguish with his body. You pulled out your knife from his skull and cut open his chest, reaching for his still warm and faintly beating heart. You ripped it out and wiped your knife on his clothes before setting it back into your boots.You snapped your fingers, bringing you back to your master’s presence.

“That took you a while.” She commented hearing your arrival.

“I decided to have some fun” You said feeling the curse stronger than usual. You handed over the heart and she smiled, placing it in a towel.

“If you don’t mind me asking great Laila but what is this potion for?” You asked as she remained stirring.

“Immortality my darling, for you and for me. Now fetch me some wine, the sweetest” You nodded and walked up the stairs and out of the basement. You walked into the kitchen and washed your bloody hands under the cold water. You looked out of the window from the kitchen seeing your reflection in it. You saw the blood splattered on your once vibrant but now stone cold face. 

You cleared your throat and opened the fridge dedicated to your masters needs. You moved the shapeshifters brain out of the way, reaching for the wine behind it. You grabbed a glass and walked down the stairs and into her lair.

You passed the typical cobwebs and the dusty shelves while you walked to the middle of the room. You set the wine beside her on the table and poured it for her.

“Thank you, Y/N. Now one more thing I ne-” Your master stopped talking and her face twisted in confusion.

“Master, what is i- SH!” She ordered and tilted her head slightly before her eyes widened in realisation.


* * *
“Sammy, you sure this is the place?” Dean asked while they exited the car.

“Well yeah… every single killing happened within a mile radius of this exact house” Sam said while they walked up to the house.

“Seriously? This house looks like it belongs to the damn Smiths… not a psycho witch” Sam began to pick pocket the door and Dean kept looking around making sure no one saw them Breaking and entering.

“Yeah well even a family as normal as Smiths have secrets” they opened the door and pulled out their guns in insurance.

“Holy shit this place is huge” Sam commented noticing the various family rooms and the long hallway which never seemed to end.

* * *
“Go kill them! Make sure they do not harm me” You ran up the stairs and pulled out your knife. You opened the door slowly while you concentrated your hearing and you heard two extra heartbeats along with steady breathing. You followed the noise which lead you to the kitchen. You saw the back of two large men, one was investigating the fridge while the other rummaging through the cupboards.

“It’s rude to not ask permission before taking someone’s things” You said with snarkiness rolling off your tongue. You saw their backs slightly freeze and their shoulders perked up. Dean knew it was you from the first word you spoke, your voice bought him happiness and he wasn’t mistaken.

“Y/N?” Dean whispered before he turned around seeing you twirl a knife in your hand. Dean felt the saliva build up at the back of his throat and he gulped, feeling his mouth was suddenly dry. Sam’s breath hitched in his throat and he moved side to side on his feet.

Dean’s eyes never left your remorseless ones and he noticed the change within you. Your taste in clothes had changed, he’s never seen you wear a leather jacket in his entire life and he swore you hated boots. He saw the change within your aura as well, it was purely dark and corrupt.

“Ah, Sam and Dean. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Your body spat while you cried out in pain. You wanted to fall into Dean’s arms while he sang you to sleep but all you could do was watch his painful eyes feeling hurt.

“Y-you’re alive?” Sam whispered in astonishment.

“No thanks to you two. Did you even look for me? “ You taunted them as you walked back and forth while they stood still. You kept glancing back behind you to make sure your master made it out safely.

“We looked everywhere for you! you disappeared” Dean said. You chuckled and nodded.

“Oh I didn’t disappear honey. You just didn’t look hard enough.” You threw your knife at Sam’s head and he ducked in surprise. You smirked and lifted your fists, ready for another battle.

“Y/N this isn’t you. This can’t be you” Dean looked at you with his eyes pleading for your attention.

“Yes it is… it’s Y/N 2.0.” Sam attempted to run past you to find the witch but you grabbed his hand and jumped on his back. You pushed your body weight backwards and pulled Sam down with your legs in a cartwheel motion. 

You landed on your hands with your legs still in the air and both the brothers were impressed by your moves. Sam tried to run past you again but your hand went to his throat and you pushed him down, holding him on the floor. Dean pulled you off his baby brother and held your hands by your side.

“FIND THE WITCH SAMMY” Sam got up and ran out the door while you snarled in his hold. You hit his nose with the back of your head and he moved away in pain.

“Ah shit” You cracked your neck and moved your shoulders around after you shrugged off your leather jacket. Dean held both his hands up in a surrender stance.

“I’m not going to hurt you, Y/N” Dean claimed while you chuckled.

“You won’t have the chance” You charged towards Dean and he moved aside like you were a raging bull.

“Please baby…fight it” Dean commanded and you screamed in aggravation. You punched him in the face and he took the hit. You kicked his chest and he fell back on his ass while he grunted.

“DON’T BE A BITCH AND FIGHT BACK WINCHESTER” You demanded while Dean got back up and he shook his head.

“I’d rather be a bitch then fight you, Y/N” He replied with his hoarse voice. You rolled your eyes and punched him again.

Sam heard rustling and cursing coming from the basement below him. He opened the door with his gun tight in his hand, meanwhile you were beating Dean to pulp. He flipped you over and held your hands above your head.

“FIGHT IT” You hissed at him and hit his head again. You grabbed a knife from the counter and held in your sweaty palms. Dean looked between you and the knife praying for Sam to hurry up.

Sam walked down the stairs and saw Laila hold a heart within her hands and he didn’t need to think twice before shooting her in the chest three times. He saw her fall down and the life in her eyes blew out like a candle.

You held the knife in your two hands while you straddled Dean. You were about to plunge the blade deep into Dean’s heart until you felt the lock on your body come undone. Your eyes rapidly blinked like you were woken up from a dream and a world of exhaustion crashed upon you. Your hands went limp and you dropped the knife next to Dean’s body. You fell on top of him and he held you tightly.

“Y/N?” You held up your hand and wiggled your fingers around, feeling the control you have over your body. You moved away and saw Dean’s face properly for the first time in a year.

“Baby?” He whispered and you broke out into a smile and the tears streamed down your face. You chuckled and Dean released you. You stood up and stared at your forearms while you moved your shoulders.

“I-i’m back.” You exhaled and Dean pulled you into a proper hug. You hugged him as tight as you could and you buried your head in his neck. You felt him stroke your head while you slightly sobbed.

“I’m so sorry… I’m so damn sorry” Dean hushed, with you in his arms. He pulled away and held your face in his hands, his eyes observed yours and he saw the light slowly return.

“I love you” He said, the regret of saying those three words disappeared and your broke out into a smile. His lips crashed onto yours and you kissed him back. You held him tightly while your mouths moved in sync. You pulled away when you became slightly breathless and he laid his forehead on yours.

“It was like I was possessed Dean… I saw you and Sammy and I… i tried to talk, I tried but I couldnt.” Dean kissed your forehead and wiped away the tears.

“But you’re back. You came back to us Y/N”

“How?” As if on cue, Sam entered the room and hugged you from behind. He lifted you up and swung you around like you were a child. You laughed and he set you down. You turned around and saw his wide smile mirroring yours.

“Your hair grew so much” You giggled while you combed his hair with your hands. He nodded against your palms and he sighed in content.

“Oh and where did you learn to fight like that?” Sam asked.

“Well the bitch who put a curse on me kinda gave me bruce lee skills.She dead?” You looked around Sam who nodded understandingly.

“Good, lets go.” Dean’s hand interlocked with yours and dragged you out the house. You walked across the street and you saw the beautiful car you missed so damn much.

“Oh my god. You look beautiful as ever, sweetheart” You commented as you walked towards her. Dean pulled you into hiis side and he kissed your temple.

“Damn, you stink. Y/N” Sam said while you punched him in the shoulder. Dean watched the two of you with a smile plastered on his face. He missed the melodic tone of your giggle and also Sam’s laugh too. Truthfully the last time the three of them felt complete, happy or content was a year ago and they missed it.

“You are never leaving our sight ever again. Whether it’s shopping or hunting, we’re all going” Dean commanded as you sat in the front seat with Sam behind you. You smiled and Dean put baby in drive, placing the house, which caused the three of you nothing but pain, in the rear-view mirror, forever.