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The Tie (Stiles Stilinski smut)

Summary: After becoming slightly tipsy, Stiles gets creative with a tie.

Word count: 3k 

Warnings: This is smut! It includes bondage (unsurprisingly by a tie).

A/N: I’m back again with another filthy oneshot! Similar to the Dylan piece I posted a few days ago, this is pure smut. I hope you enjoy! ;)

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The second you were in the room, your hands reached up to grab Stiles’ collar. Impatiently, you pushed him back so he was pressed up against the sturdy wood. Your boyfriend let out a noise of surprise, clearly taken aback by such a quick change of tempo.

“Someone’s eager, aren’t they?” he said, a cocky smirk hanging from his pink lips. Breathlessly, you reached forwards and started working on his tie, fingers making light work of the loose knot.

“‘S not my fault you’ve looked hot all evening,” you responded, pulling the red tie over his head. You tossed it to the side, moaning softly when Stiles’ fingers traced down your body, resting on your hips to give you a tight squeeze.

You leaned up to press a series of open-mouthed kisses along his neck, tracing haphazardly from a spot beneath his ear to his collarbone. As your fingers undid the buttons of his crisp shirt, you put effort into your movements, sucking harsh, crimson marks against his pale skin.

Stiles groaned, a hand snaking up your back to play with the zip of your dress. Your tongue padded over a newly-formed mark on his neck, licking in a way that had his head falling back, guttural groans ripping from his mouth.

Feeling the zip come undone, you stepped back to shrug off your dress. “Holy shit,” Stiles cursed. You glanced up to see his eyes on you - or, more specifically - your body. “You know this set drives me crazy, angel.”

You smirked in response, pressing a quick kiss to his jaw. “That’s why I put it on.”

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Punish [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Thank goooood someone is writing oneshots about Rick they’re so hard to find. Can I request one please? Or do you take requests at all? If so I’d like to request one where Rick is the readers DaddyDom and reader is his little girl. DDLG with so much dirty talk. If you don’t take requests I’m sorry lol

Hope you all enjoy! ❤️

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Warnings: Daddy Kink, DDLG relationship, SMUT, Dirty Talk, Spanking, Rough Sex, Punishment, Oral Sex (male receiving), Unprotected Sex, orgasm denial, slight d/s

Words: 1,505


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giantcookiez  asked:

Headcannons on Remus Lupin making out? Pretty please with chocolate on top?


  • He’s very hesitant at first. Like he’s not sure what to do. He’s shy and insecure. 
  • It’s not that he hasn’t kissed before, because he has.
  • It’s just it’s never been like this before. It hasn’t meant something the way it does with you. 
  • He just doesn’t want to scare you away or fuck things up. 
  • But when you put a hand on his cheek tentatively, he pulls back a little. 
  • He sees your nervous smile and that boy just fucking beams! Like is that the sun? NO IT’S REMUS LUPIN IN LOVE!
  • And then he attacks. 
  • He pulls you back with urgency, his hands cupping your cheeks. It’s as if he’s afraid you’ll disappear on him.
  • And his hands are rough and big and you could just melt. 
  • His lips are latched to yours, his tongue working its way into your willing mouth. 
  • And one of his thumbs is tracing gentle circles on your blush and holy shit you could just die. 
  • It’s a desperate kiss filled with nothing but adoration and lust.
  • Sometimes he lets out little growls which drive you up the wall. Vice versa, you let out little breathy moans and he has to restrain himself from pouncing on you. 
  • All in all, it’s a very pleasant experience. 10/10 would recommend.

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louisvuittontrashbags  asked:

Hey, I'm loving your stuff!! My Gladio-obsessed ass kinda needs some your take on his NSFW HCs... 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 please 💖 but regardless nicely done on the rest of your content, hope to see more from you!


I’m so happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed what you read from me so far! Like super super stoked! The feedback from everyone in the fandom means a lot to me, but it’s always especially exciting to hear from someone you yourself follow as a reader!

Okay. WHEW. I’m cool. I’m calm. Here are your NSFW Gladio headcanons, may they light a fire in your loins that can never be quenched!

@louisvuittontrashbags (tagging just in case you miss it!)

Same as always, more under the cut!

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One More Kiss: A Chris Evans x Reader One-Shot

Request: One where she hides his clippers/razors so he can’t shave his beard.

“Honey, what happened to all of my clippers?” Chris asks from the bathroom. You can hear him rummaging through the cupboards. Your eyes flicker to the closet in the hallway outside of your bedroom.

“I have no idea, babe. Did you leave them at your parents?” You ask, attempting to play innocent. You force your face to lose its grin when he walks out of the bathroom.

He shakes his head, his hands on his hips. “I don’t think so.. I brought everything over.” Chris sighs, “I could’ve swore I brought them.” His eyes move over to you and where you’re laying. You’re laying on your stomach, holding a book in front of your face to avoid making eye contact with your boyfriend. He knows you’re up to something. Chris smiles a bit, sitting on the edge of the bed by your torso. “Say, you don’t have any idea where they are, do you?”

“Nope.” You reply immediately, enunciating the ‘p.’ And then, you curse yourself, because you just outed yourself. You clear your throat slightly, crossing your legs in the air.

Chris smirks, then falls back onto the bed so his head rests on your back. “Well, shit, looks like I’ll have to go to the store tomorrow and get some more.” He then moves his arm behind him, so that way his fingers are brushing against your side. You bite your lips together, trying to suppress a smile. You feel Chris’s head move slightly as he says, “You know, you’ve been on that page for the past five minutes, sweetheart.” Then, in the next instant, you’re on your back with Chris straddling your waist.

You immediately start laughing. Your book’s abandoned as you try to push Chris off. He’s laughing, shaking his head at you.

“I fuckin’ knew you hid them! Where are they?” He asks, laughter still in his voice. Chris captures your wrists into one of his hands, pinning them above your head.

“I won’t tell! I won’t tell!” You’re giggling, still trying to squirm out from underneath him. Chris’s face has started to turn red from laughing so much.

“Alright then, you leave me no choice..” Chris takes his unoccupied left hand and immediately begins to tickle your sides. You screech, kicking your legs. “Just tell me where they are, and this all stops, sweetheart.”

You shake your head frantically, trying to catch your breath as you continue to laugh. “I won’t tell you!” Chris raises an eyebrow, his fingers digging into your sides more. At the new sensation, you give in. “Fine, Chris! Chris, stop, I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you!” You breathe heavily as Chris’s hand rests on your side, still prepared to tickle you if you don’t really tell him where his shaver is. You sigh, “They’re in the closet. In the hallway.”

Chris grins at you, “Thank you for your cooperation.” He jumps off of you immediately, running to the closet. You roll off the bed, quickly following him. Chris pauses for a second at the closet, before he spots the black case. He grabs it, then runs into the bathroom connected to the hallway. Chris promptly closes and locks the door as you reach it. You can hear his chuckles through the door.

“Chris, you gotta give me at least one more kiss before you shave it!” You whine, tapping on the door. You hear Chris begin to hum, and you laugh. “Baby, c'mon. Lemme in! I’ll help you!” You call, biting your lip slightly. You begin to think that he’s not going to let you in when the door opens a crack.

“You swear you’re going to help?” Chris asks, and you can see one of his eyes in the crack. You roll your eyes, laughing a bit.

“Of course I’ll help.”

“That laugh doesn’t make you sound so helpful.”

“Chris, I promise!” You smile, shifting your weight between your feet slightly.

A booming laugh comes from him now, “And now you’re shifting your weight? There’s no way you’re going to try to fuckin’ help me.”

You groan, “Baby, pleaseee..”

“Tell me I’m the coolest.”

“Are you fucking serious?”

“I think it’s time to start snippin’..”

“Oh my God, I’m in love with a five year old.”

“I don’t wike it!” Chris grins at you, snickering.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” You sigh, looking down to the ground. “You’re the coolest.” You mumble, kicking at the ground slightly.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Chris opens the door more, turning his ear out. “I didn’t quite catch that.”

You rub a hand over your face, shaking your head. “I said you’re the coolest, nerd.” You smile when he opens the door fully.

“No need to tell me something I don’t already know.” Chris teases, walking to the edge of the bathtub and sitting on it. He gestures to the counter filled with his shaving equipment. “Be my guest.” You hesitate, letting out a slow breath of air. “Oh yeah,” Chris remembers, “C'mere.” He grabs your wrist, pulling you into the space between his legs. “Gotta give you a kiss. Can’t forget that.” Chris smiles up at you, resting his hands on the back of your thighs. He pulls you closer, keeping his hands in place.

“I’d be pretty upset if you did that. Beard’s my favorite.” You smiled. You tilt his head up with your hand until you wrap your arms around his shoulders loosely.

You lean down, and Chris reaches up a bit to meet you halfway. You press your lips against his, and you can feel him with a slight smile as he returns it. You put a hand onto his chin, enjoying the way his beard pokes at it. You gently force his jaw to open, opening his mouth in the process. You hear Chris hum, and you take the opportunity to slide your tongue into his mouth. You feel a hint of satisfaction when his hands squeeze on the back of your thighs, pulling you even closer. The two of you continue to kiss like that for a couple more minutes, until you pull away, sighing, as you stroke the side of his face.

“Holy shit, why don’t you usually kiss me like that with my beard?” Chris asks, his cheeks flushed and pupils dilated. “That was fucking amazing, babe.”

You smile down at him, shrugging. “Had to make it last for a while.” Chris’s hands rub at your thighs slowly. “Do we really have to shave it?”

Chris chuckles, “Yes, we do. Filming starts soon.”

You sigh, nodding, “Anything for the fans.” Chris shakes his head a bit at your reaction to the “loss.” You grab the beard scissors, ready to begin trimming. “But if anyone asks, I had no part in this.”

“My lips are sealed, baby.” Chris smiles, still tilting his head back to look at you. “Just try not to cut me, ‘ight?”

You nod, letting out a deep breath. “I’ll do my best.” And then, you press the scissors to his skin, beginning the trim so you can help him shave.

Half an hour later, you watch as Chris washes off his face. It’s somewhat strange to see him now. Because now, he has Steve Roger’s face, but Chris’s hair. You wrap your arms around his waist, looking at him in the mirror.

“Well, you don’t look half bad.” You tease, pressing a kiss to his shoulder.

“You met me when I was shaved, babe. Is this really such a shock to you?” Chris chuckles, wiping off his face.

“I dunno. It’s like watching you turn into another person. It kinda weirds me out.”

“Well, I’ll do my best to stay the same.” Chris reaches his arms back, resting them on your hips. He smiles at you through the mirror, squeezing your hips.

You squirm a bit as the touch tickles you. “So, you’ll still be a major pain in my ass?”

“Would you have it any other way?”

Distraction - Grayson Dolan

For: Lindsey

Written by: Makenzie

Disclaimer: This blog is for our personal use & fan fics. You may use your imagination and replace our names with yours. We made this blog so we didn’t use personal one’s on our other blogs. We have our own blogs where we write for everyone, if you’re interested in reading those our blogs are in our bio.

Warnings: Smut and Swearing

You picked up the banana, mashing it in the bowl with the other ingredients. You smiled to yourself as you mixed everything together, knowing this was Grayson’s favorite breakfast choice. You decided to make him some banana pancakes while he was editing Tuesdays new upcoming video. You turned on some music, swaying your hips and humming to the sound. You put some of the mixture on the pan into two little perfect pancake circles. After they were done you grabbed a plate placing the pancakes on them while grabbing a fork and heading to where gray was editing. 

You walked in, smiling at the sight of gray concentrated on the screen. You made your way over towards his desk, placing the pancakes down next to him. He removed his headphones and grinned slightly, looking at them. “Aw baby did you make me breakfast?” you nodded and placed a kiss to his cheek, making him smile. “Come here while I edit baby.”  he said, pointing to his lap. You did as he said and sat down on his lap while he pressed a kiss to your neck. Minutes passed as you watched him edit, as he started to shift in the seat a little while letting out small groans. You turned your head over to him, cocking an eyebrow. “Everything okay?” you asked, slight concern in your voice. He nodded and you decided to shake it off and continue watching him. 

“I need help on this, I’m always stuck on this part and Ethan isn’t here. He’s out with you know who.” he said with a chuckle. “Maybe… you could help me?” he said while putting his chin on your shoulder, kissing some of the bare skin. “I know you’re really good at editing and stuff like this.” “Of course I’ll help you gray.” you said, making him grin. You placed your hand over his guiding his hand to help him. You started working your magic when you then suddenly heard Grayson groan again and mumble something under his breath. You stopped and looked over him at again. “Grayson are you sure you’re okay?” you asked. You could start to feel his member harden under your ass between your clothed bodies, your face softened as you realized. 

“You’re just so sexy Lindsey… you’re literally wearing freaking shorts on my lap and you’re perfect how could I not get turned on.” he said, making you laugh. You smirked as an idea popped into your head. Suddenly you slithered down from the chair, going underneath the table. You tugged at his pants, making Grayson’s eyes go wide. “Baby…what if they come back soon.” he said while pulling down his Adidas pants. You shushed him as he bit down on his lip, watching your every move. You helped pull down his pants, leaving him in his boxers. You started to palm him through his boxers, earning a groan from Grayson. “Don’t be a tease linds..” he said in a raspy tone. You then pulled down his boxers, throwing them to the side as you took his hard member in your hand. You began to stroke him, making him lift his head back while he mumbled a “fuck.” under his breath. You put your tongue on his tip, swirling it around in a circular motion. “C’mon baby.. take me in that pretty little mouth of yours.” he whispered and you smirked, putting your entire mouth on him as you began to bob your head in a swift up and down motion.

“Good girl.” he moaned as you continued to bob your head up and down his length. You then took his whole length in your mouth, making you choke slightly. Tears started to form in your eyes and you continued, making him groan out. “Holy shit Lindsey, I need to fuck you now.” he said with lustful eyes. Suddenly you got up from under the table, ridding yourself of your clothes. Grayson looked at you like he’s never seen you naked before, sucking on his bottom lip. “You’re so fucking beautiful Lindsey, you don’t even know.” he said while eyeing you up and down. A blush started to creep onto your face as he walked over and started to run his fingers down the skin of your arm, admiring your beauty. “And you’re all mine.” he said before picking you up and placing you down on the table. 

He started to place his thumb on your clit, rubbing it in small circular motions. He silenced your moan when he placed his lips on yours, kissing you softly. “I love you Lindsey.” he mumbled against your lips, making you smile into the kiss. You mumbled an ‘I love you too’ as he slipped his tongue into your mouth, rubbing your clit at a now faster pace. You tongues fought for dominance as Grayson won, his tongue exploring your mouth. You brought out your hand and grabbed his hard member, stroking it in your hand making him moan. “That’s it. I can’t wait anymore.” he growled, flipping you into the doggy style position. And with that, he slipped himself inside of you giving you time to adjust to his size. 

“Holy shit grayson.” you moaned out, placing your hands against the wall. He began thrusting into you at a fast pace, moans eluding from his mouth as he was doing so. He smacked your ass leaving a red print before he began saying “What’s my name, huh?” “d-daddy..” you threw your head back as Grayson grabbed your hair, thrusting into you even faster than before. “Yeah that’s right babygirl. I’m your daddy.” He slapped your other ass cheek, while groaning under his breath. “You’re such a distraction baby, you’re so fucking sexy it’s hard to focus.” He lifted your leg up, giving him better access to slam into you. After he did so you felt him beginning to hit your g-spot. You started moaning his name while the pleasure was filling you inside. 

“Right there, huh baby? That’s the spot? you like when I fuck you like this?” his words were egging on your orgasm as you felt it nearing. You started to feel yourself clench around him. “If you keep doing that I’m gonna cum right here right now.” he growled, slapping your ass again. “Tell me who makes you feel this good or you can’t cum yet.” he said while whispering it into your ear by pulling your hair slightly back more. You moaned out, holding back from releasing on him right there. The pleasure you felt was almost unbearable but you loved every second of it. “Tell me!” he yelled while slapping your ass harder. “You daddy, you make me feel so good!” you screamed as he continued ramming into your g-spot. “Good babygirl, you can cum now. Cum all on daddy.” he whispered into your ear, sending you over the edge. 

You felt your legs shake when your orgasm hit you hard, you clenching around Grayson. His thrusts got sloppy as his orgasm neared. “Fuck Lindsey!” he moaned, spilling inside of you. He continued to thrust inside of you, riding out both of your highs. 

He then pulled out, both of you panting messes. You turned around and grabbed your clothes, putting them on while Grayson did the same. You and Grayson looked at each other at an instant once you heard the door to the warehouse open. Suddenly Ethan walked in making his way to the editing room, making you both scatter to the seat and get back to editing. “What’s up guys?” Ethan asked looking over at both of you with a slightly confused look. Ethan looked down at the pancakes, grabbing them. “You guys are being weird so I’m gonna leave. But thanks for the free pancakes.” he then took a bite and spit some of it back out, looking up at both of you. “Never mind they’re cold, I don’t want it anymore. Thanks anyways.” Ethan placed the dish back on the table, walking out.

You and gray looked each other and started bursting out laughing. “Well there goes my pancakes.” He laughed. “Don’t worry baby, I can make you more.” you said, moving his hair from his forehead. “I have something else in mind.” he smirked while picking you up, heading towards the bathroom shower.  

“Round two?”

“Round two.”

Make Me Feel Better

Request/Summary: I’m having a really depressing couple of days. Could you do a really fluffy and smutty Sebastian? If you don’t do Sebastian it can be Bucky. Thank you so much. ( @murielweathers )

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader

Warnings: smutty goodness, shit writing

A/N: First time writing smut but I hope @murielweathers has a great day and I hope this will cheer you up. Hopefully, as this week comes to an end, your mood will increase and I hope you will be smothered in hugs n love. 

Groggily pushing the master bedroom door open, you sighed loudly, falling face down on the soft cushion of the bed. “Ughh.” You groaned loudly in your pillow.

It was one of those moods you were in. You were sad, angry, mad, annoyed, and irritated at the same time. You didn’t know why. Maybe it was hormones, maybe it was the people you were surrounded by. Your job? Maybe. It was just one of those days that made you sad.

“I hear a painful call silently shouting that they need my help.” You heard a voice call from the door. You didn’t bother to lift your head up to know who it was. You knew that your boyfriend was leaning against the doorframe of the room, watching you in amusement as you groaned your feelings out.

Sebastian walked towards you as you still laid face down. You felt the bed move as he jumped on the space beside you, landing on his stomach with a grunt. “What seems to be the problem today?” He asked, propping himself up on his elbows, laughing when you still grunted.

“Shitty day, shitty life. Shitty..Everything.” You said into the pillow.

“So..Nothing really happened right?” Sebastian asked. “No one hurt you…No one did anything..”

“No, Sebastian. Nothing like that happened. Im just in a really bad mood and I feel like trash.” You yelled into the pillow, voice muffled from the sheets.

The next thing you heard was the joyful tune of Sebastian’s laughter. Grabbing your hips, he began to turn you over so that you were now on your back, facing him as he looked down at you. You noticed he was shirtless, earning a small blush that crept onto your face.

“Well then.” He smirked. “At least give me a hello kiss.”

You huffed, slipping strands of hair behind your ear as you pulled him into a warm kiss. He smiled between the kiss, cupping your cheeks in his hands as he deepened the kiss. “Hello.” You mumbled as your lips moved in sync with his, smiling.

His lips moved faster against yours, hiking your leg up his waist indicating that he wanted more. You obliged, quickening the kiss as he bit your bottom lip between his teeth earning a soft moan from you. Sebastian began to softly grind his hips onto yours, earning a small gasp from you. You pushed at his chest, pushing him away.

You panted, leaning your head back onto the pillow to get a quick look at him. You pushed his hair back from his face as he let out quick breathes. “Do me a favor?” You asked him before he took his shirt off.

“Of course.” He fumbled with the buttons of your jeans, then the hem of your shirt.

“Make me feel better, please?” You pleaded, arching your back so he earned more access to get your clothes off. He didn’t have to say anything. Only smiled then dove to your neck as your heel rested at his back.

He began to leave soft kisses on your neck, grazing his teeth at certain spots that he knew would make you feel better. He sucked at the spot below your ear, making you arch your back in pleasure. Leaving trails of kisses down your cleavage, he took this as an opportunity to get your bra off, unhooking the garment and discarding it to the floor.

He smiled down at you in awe, rubbing your sides and leaving his hands at your clothed hips. You pouted up at him. “Mmmh. Hurry up.” You said with eyes closed, stretching your arms above your head to arch your chest up, knowing this would make haste.

Sebastian’s eyes widened, tugging down eagerly at your jeans, making you laugh down at him. He threw them to the side as they landed somewhere in the room, and quickly pulled at the cloth that kept him from wanting more. You lifted your hips and he hooked his fingers between the garment, pushing them down to your ankles.

You let out a moan, louder this time as he pressed a finger to your heat, squeezing your eyes shut as he rubbed your juices together, slowly inserting a finger in. You bit down on your lip, watching him and his fingers move in concentration. Sebastian had his bottom lip between his teeth, eyebrows furrowed as he was working with concentration. With every noise you managed to let out, his fingers would only move faster and faster, using his free hand to rub the small bud of you.

“Seb…” You whispered, heart beating as sweat dripped down your forehead as you began to feel the knot in your stomach. His pace quickened, curling his fingers upwards to finally get you to your high. Lifting your hips, you grind your waist up to meet his hand, soothing the friction. He slowly pulled his fingers out, replacing them with his mouth making you gasp louder. “Holy shit.”

He had your legs on his shoulders now as he rested on his stomach, putting his tongue to work. Your hand reached down to grip the strands of his hair in-between your fingers as you propped yourself upright with your elbow.

You watched as he moved his tongue around you, lapping at your juices, fucking you with his tongue. He rubbed your clit with his other hand, soon getting you to your second orgasm as he felt you clench around his mouth. Your back arched again, moaning and pulling at his hair as you began to feel yourself coming again, this time even harder than the first as you felt the warm liquid roll down your thighs.

He crawled up to your upper body, grinning at your reaction as he placed his lips onto yours. He snuck his tongue into your mouth, allowing you to taste yourself. “That was so hot.” He whispered, kissing your jaw.

You laughed. “What was?” He leaned his head in the crook of your neck.

“You, in general, but you may or may not have…” He laughed.

“Wh-Ohh…” You said, realizing what you’ve done. “Hmm. But I’m still not satisfied.” You sighed, telling the truth to him.

His head shot up, raising an eyebrow at you. “That so?” You nodded up at him. “Naughty girl.” He muttered.

Before you knew it, he pulled at your ankles, pulling you down to him. You laughed once he met your glance again. Once again, he tapped your hips, telling you to put your legs around his waist. You did so as he took his jeans and boxers off, his hard on now poking at your inner thigh. He gave himself a few hard strokes to ease the tension before rubbing himself at your entrance.

You whined. “Stop teasing.”

He smirked before finally easing in slowly, groaning as he felt your walls press against his length with every push he gave. He moaned out, dropping his head to your collar bone as he sheathed himself inside you. “You’re so tight.” He grunted, pulling himself out completely, then shoving himself back in.

You yelped at the impact, gripping the sheets with your hands as he rocked his hips with yours. He started out with a slow pace, then once he felt you were comfortable, he met his hips with yours as his pace grew with stronger, and harder thrusts. You heard the bed squeaking at the hard thrusts he gave you. Finding the headboard, you reached up to grab it as leverage, as he did the same.

He bit his lip and groaned, seeing your small frame from his view in a mess. The headboard hit the walls so hard, probably making a dent, but you didn’t care at this point. With his free hand, Sebastian reached down to take your leg higher up his back, hitting you in a different place.

You gasped out as he quickly hit your g spot with this position. He saw your reaction and began to try and hit you in the same spot. He smiled down at you, panting and moaning out when he felt your walls clench around him.

Fuck..” He whispered. “Ohh god.” He moaned out loudly now. You felt his thrusts begin to quicken now. They began to speed up as his hips quivered, loosing his neat tempo into another one.

I’m so close.” You moaned out. You pulled him closer so that his chest met yours, hands on his back to meet his eyes.

He groaned. “Touch yourself.” He said. You gladly did, dipping your dominant hand down to meet you clit, you rubbed harsh circles to get you to your final high. Sebastian helped you out by placing his hand on yours.

C’mon, baby. Almost there.” He moaned. With a few sharp thrusts, he helped you come, riding out yours and his high as his thrusts came to slow ones. The two of you cleansed each other before he pulled out and collapsed beside you.

“Wow.” You breathed out. “That was the best we’ve ever done.”

“You got that right.” He laughed, pulling your sticky bodies together. “Three times, too. Holy shit, doll.”

“Mhmm.. Shut up now.” You smiled, hugging him tight.

The First Time

Prompt: Anon asked, “Can you do a dean x reader smut? Nothing in particular just hot hot sex stuff please? Thanks” (Thanks anon! I really hope you like it!!)
Summary: The first time you had sex with Dean Winchester. 
Characters: Dean Winchester x female reader
Word Count:  3004
Tags: smut, oral sex, explicit sexual content, quickie, one shot, young Dean, honestly this one is mostly just smut
Author’s Notes: This one had its genesis in a ficlet I wrote awhile ago. The idea just kept growing though until it was clear it demanded fuller-length attention. :) 

The first time you fucked Dean Winchester he was 21 with candy-green eyes and perfect swollen lips. He’d shown up in your little middle-of-nowhere hometown a couple weeks before and come for burgers at the diner where you were working the summer before your second year of college. He was with his dad and his kid brother that first time. When he came up to the till to pay he’d leaned over with his elbows on the counter and looked up at you with a grin equal parts knee-weakening and hell-raising and drawled ‘heyy there sweetheart’. He’d come in a few other times, usually with his brother, and you’d spent some time over the fryer getting your flirtiest smile down to a science. It was a busy diner and they never stayed very long, but whenever you stole a glance over while you were cleaning tables or making change he’d always be looking back and would wink at you across the room and you’d get queasy butterflies in your stomach.

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Live a Little - Stiles Stilinski Imagine [slight smut]

-I hope this is okay anon, I apologise if it’s not what you wanted

Request: Maybe one where u tease Stiles and give him a lap dance and dry humping, thank you x

Warnings; light smut (all you can read in the request), light cursing, and extremely short, for which I apologise

Shortest imagine yet, i think


It had been a good say for you so far; got good grades, made a few new friends, received compliments for your smile and appearance from your friends who immediately realised you were in a good mood.

It started in the morning when your boyfriend arrived back from a trip with his friends, picking you up to go to school. Seeing his face after a few days of nothing, knowing him safe, immediately made you smile. From then on, nothing could have ruined your day.

Now, after Stiles dropped you off home, you had turned some music on in your room and were dancing while putting a few things away to make space for a movie afternoon. Singing along to your favourite song and dancing, the door opened and Stiles walked in, sitting in your desk chair while you put the last thing into the wardrobe and then closing it. He turned around to your desk where he had out his laptop, but he glanced over at you continuously, staring at your body and how it moved while you continued to dance and quietly hum.

“What?” you asked with a smile as he just shook his head and went back to typing but you got an idea, grabbing the back of your desk chair and turning him around. He looked up at you, surprised and a little annoyed that he couldn’t finish typing his sentence, but once you started moving against him, he didn’t seem to mind. On the contrary.

His hands slid to your hips, following your moves as you pushed your back into his lap, slowly getting up while he pulled you closer, chuckling a little. “Are you serious right now? We don’t have time-“

“Come on Stiles, live a little,” you told him, straddling his hips while his hands wound around your waist, pulling you closer before you lowered your lips to his, kissing him roughly, telling him what you wanted. He seemed to realise once your hips started to move back and forth on his jeans, making him smile into your kiss before you pulled back, leaving him panting and wanting more, but you gave him at least some of it, continuing to dance in front of him, your body touching his in all the necessary places - at least for him - while he watched you. He’d never been given a lap dance before, but he was thoroughly enjoying how you touched him, your hands pulling your hair form your face as your butt moved against his crotch and you couldn’t hep but smile as he let out a few light groans as you began to turn him on more and more.

Before you even realised, you weren’t even dancing anymore, but instead, you were pulled onto him, your mouths and tongue mixing so you didn’t even know what belonged to who as his arms embraced you, putting you chest to chest, not even caring about the music being loud. However, you did have it in the back of your mind as you started to move on his thigh again, feeling his moan vibrate into your mouth as he pulled back leaning his head on the backrest of your desk chair from the different movement.

“Holy shit, why do you do this to me?” he asked, his voice lower and laced with some feeling you had a hunch you knew, but it sounded a lot more like shock.

“Fuck, Stiles, is that necessary?” you asked, your head pushing into the crook of his neck from the pleasure the friction was sending up your spine in sync with your pulse.

You didn’t stop moving as he continued to let out sounds, and soon you joined him, so he tried to silence you with another heated kiss as your hands kept you close to him by holding onto his hair and his hands took a wander around your torso, sometimes pressing you further into his legs as his hips also started to move a little, not wanting to be left out while he climbed his legs together, letting you grind down on his crotch and his hands held your butt, constantly moving with it and guiding you as you both panted loudly, him helping you speed up once both of you felt some kind of intense burning feeling to let go. Which he managed to do, leaving a wet spot around the zipper of his jeans, making you slow down and look down at it.

“You’re not there yet,” he breathed out.

“Then help me get there,” you whispered into his ear and he happily oblige, picking you up by your thighs and putting you onto your bed, immediately going to undress you while you helped to rid him of his clothing.

Let’s just say that your previous activities were nothing until that moment, when he had you squirming and moaning under him, constantly granting you with light pecks and oen mouthed kisses along your skin while you came undone.

- This was really quick, and I’ll happily rewrite it if you expected more, which I would totally understand, but I had a little trouble with it because of sudden writer’s block, so I can try again tomorrow if you want, just send me a message, I’ll hapily do it again :) -


Maneater (Negan x Reader)

Originally posted by walking-dead-icons

Summary:  “I am a man-eater, I own them from the start, But somehow this handsome fucker got his hand around my heart.”

Word Count: 1,798

Warnings: Smut…just shameless smut plus swearing.

Extra: While writing this I was listening to “Maneater” by Blue Eyed Blondes. The song goes into a VERY different direction but i loved the lyric that I used in the summary plus I found it fitting that the song came from an album called Lucille.

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BTS Reaction #30

BTS reacting to you being really extra on stage (lip biting, English, etc.)

Seokjin: “What did she just say?!”

*starts freaking out and Google translates what you said in English*


*screams and practically does a spit take, but BOI HE KNOWS HE LIKES IT*

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Yoongi: *nods in approval from the audience*

“I taught her well, didn’t I?”

*takes notes on the English words you say*

“Damn, put this shit in my mixtape*

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Hoseok: *shouts from the audience*


*fidgets like a maniac and the other members tease him for not keeping his horse under control ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

Originally posted by hoseokayo

Namjoon: “DID SHE JUST―”


*starts sweating intensively and has to wipe down his face like 600000 times*

Originally posted by jiguk

Jimin: “Man, why is she only like this on stage? I could get used to seeing this more often.” cheeky lil shit

*acts smug af but actually gets super turned on by your stage*

Originally posted by sugutie

Taehyung: *his mouth literally DROPS when you start biting your lip and being extra*

“Holy shit, is that really her..?”

*stares for the longest time and doesn’t even realize he has to cover up what’s in his pants :^)*

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Jungkook: *gets kind of nervous when he watches you, not realizing that the other members started teasing him*

“Damn, does she think it’s funny to be like that while everyone is watching?”

*gets hella jELLY AHAHAH*

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The Bait

This was written for @jessica-bones-winchester ‘s Dating Dean Writing Challenge. The prompt was ‘dressing up as an anime character for his birthday.’ And I have to admit, I really enjoyed this one…. 

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,157

Smut. There is smut. Reader dresses as Sailor Mars (from Sailor Moon) for Dean’s birthday. Yeah. (Did I mention there’s smut?)

Also the Sailor Mars fan art is by Leandro Franci on Deviant Art  http://lenadrofranci.deviantart.com/art/Sailor-Mars-201214685

You smile to yourself, smoothing your hands over the costume hidden in the trunk in the corner of your room. This plan will either kill you by breaking your heart, or – well, it may kill you either way, but there are worse ways to die.

Because if – if – Dean is actually hiding his attraction to you, like you suspect, he won’t be able to resist the bait. If not – well, then, you’ve humiliated yourself to the point of no return, and you’ll have to leave. But the truth is, it has come to that. Either you let him know how you feel, and hopefully find out that he feels the same, or you’ll have to leave anyway. Because it’s been tearing you apart.

The Winchester boys have been a part of your life for some time now. You’ve shared hunts, laughter, victory and defeat with them. You’ve joined Sam in making fun of Dean’s love of Asian cartoon porn.

And that’s why, in that trunk, lies the centerpiece of your little plan of seduction.

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Reader x Josh Washington

For the Rami-fuckboys anon. I fEEL YOU ABOUT THIS.

It’s exactly 23 minutes til the New Year, and you think you’re alright with missing the countdown. Usually, you wouldn’t miss the countdown for the world. It was something you and your friends did together, every year, without fail. Some booze, great food, and watching the sun rise on the roof of the Washington’s winter lodge. But this year, you think, you’d be okay to miss it.

Because there is one very hot, and very horny, Joshua Washington pressing you against a closet door and kissing you like his life depends on it. Your legs aren’t even touching the ground. Josh, skinny as he is, is strong enough to prop you against the door while your legs are tangled around his waist and your mouths move together aggressively.

This is not a movie kiss. Too much teeth and whimpering and mid-smooch snickering to be anything like the one’s in Josh’s father’s movies. But it’s fuckin’ hot all the same. Your shirt is pushed up around your waist, one of Josh’s calloused hands snaked around your back to unhook your bra, and you feel him grin as it pops open. His hand immediately goes for your chest, grabbing a boob and kneading it, tweaking the nipple, reveling in the squeaks and protests you (half-heartedly) give.

He pushes at your legs until you untangle them from his waist and stand on them again. Josh wastes no time in tugging off your shirt, and his mouth clamps over one of your nipples, his fingers still tweaking and teasing the other. It is electricity, sending jolts straight between your legs and you can’t stop the mewling moans escaping your lips.

His lips switch over to the other nipple, hand quickly replacing the wet heat that has left the first, rubbing the tight bud while you squirm, nails scratching against the wooden door. You feel like you’ve just licked an electric socket, like you’re brimming with static electricity, and holy shit does it feel good.

You’re panting, with little whimpers falling off your tongue when you can’t hold them back. Josh’s mouth leaves your chest, and he stands tall, fixing you with a sloppy, crooked grin so bright it could put the sun to shame. “You’re fuckin’ vocal, huh? Jesus, who’d a thunk it?” His tone is easy as ever, like he wasn’t just setting your body on fire seconds ago, like this is any day in the school hallway, like he’s asking you to pass a beaker in science class. He is, above all, maddening.

“Shut the fuck up,” you manage to whine, and claw at him, bringing your mouths together into a crashing kiss. You rake your fingernails through his hair (soft curls tamed by overly-expensive mousse, you’re certain), down his neck and as far down his back as you can reach, and he moans against your mouth, hands working at the fly of your jeans like a madman. He slips a hand into your panties the second he can, rubbing at your damp tenderness and grinning when you gasp and mewl, twisting your hips away, like it’s too much and not enough all at once. He rubs you with two fingers, slowly, pulling his mouth away until your lips are a hair’s breadth from touching, breath mingling while he rubs you, slow and tender and not fucking enough.

He removes his hand far too soon, working at the fly of his own jeans while you kick yours down, ignoring the self-doubt in your own mind about stretch marks and chub. Josh doesn’t even seem to notice, or care, as he dives into the pocket of his jeans and you hear a condom wrapper crinkling. Your eyes meet, for a split second, and he raises his dark eyebrows, searching for approval and consent. You nod, then lick your lips and give him an audible, “Yes,” before he crushes your lips together again, rolling the condom on and lifting one of your legs slightly.

You press against the door, arms finding a comfortable hold around his neck while he lifts your knee up to about hip height, and you wonder exactly how many times he’s done this before you feel something inhumanely hot against your opening and then he’s pressing into you and oh holy shit it’s tight and it’s already so good and the thumb of his free hand is rubbing your clit in time to his short thrusts and his forehead is against your shoulder and you can’t stop moaning and holy shit everyone else is going to hear you and you can’t find it in yourself to care because you are fucking Joshua God-damn Washington in a closet in his family’s winter lodge on New Year’s Eve and this is a fucking story you will tell your fucking grandkids about and oh shit, shit, shi–

“HAPPY NEW YEARS!!” The sound is loud, followed by the blowing of party horns and excited shouting and uproarious laughter, and Josh’s thrusts stutter and stop, and he’s laughing against your neck and shouting something about being “in the Bone Zone, fuck off Cochise, you guys are throwing off my groove!” and you can’t help but giggle with him because this is the weirdest sex you’ve ever had and you just rang in the New Year by boning the oldest Washington kid. You pull his mouth to yours, bite his lip and whisper to him to keep going.

Happy New Year to you.

If I can't have her, then I don't want anyone else PART 2

Original Imagine: “Imagine hearing Dean say something about how hot you are when he thinks you’re asleep in the backseat of the Impala" and some request from you lovlies: "Could you do one where the reader is super insecure about her weight and then Dean comforts her? Smut, pretty please.” and “Could you do some rough!Dean, please?”

Author: Writing for the brothers
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2163
Warnings: Major body issues and dressing room angst, smut, fluff, and DEAN

Part 1


Dean’s warm hands on you, his rough skin tickling your bare skin. His lips nibbling on your neck, sending shivers down your spine. The feeling of Dean finally sliding up your body until his cock was lined with your very wet folds. At last feeling him pound inside you. For once not worrying about your body or were to place it or how you looked. Getting run over by a truck of an orgasm as Dean emptied himself inside you.

Your mind is still stuck in last night’s events. You could practically feel Dean’s hands on you as you made your way out of the Bunker. You and Dean had been together for the first time two nights ago. You had spent every possible moment together, agreeing on a little break from hunting. Sam was out on his own gig, and so Dean had decided that it would be the perfect time to take you out on a proper date. You had agreed momentarily, not realizing that consenting to a date meant actually having something to wear for a date. As a result, you had to muster up some real courage to bring along for a shopping trip. For the past years with the brothers, dresses and makeup had been forgotten. Also, you were pretty sure that a checked flannel shirt and jeans didn’t really work out for a restaurant. When you had asked Dean what to wear, he had told you that he was going full suit. He had even added a sexy wink for you.

Therefore, it was with a sigh that you left the safety of the Bunker, to enter the mischievous world of clothing stores meant for size 2, not (your size) instead. Dean had given you the keys to the Impala, realizing that the shopping wasn’t your favorite part of the day, making it at least slightly brighter. You threw your coat in the passenger seat and headed down the road.

You headed for the first store you could find, but had to leave when you realized it didn’t exactly carry the dresses you needed. You needed something that you could actually wear a bra underneath. And that didn’t show off your entire butt. Also, it would be nice if the fabric wasn’t so see-through. The next store was not much better, but you bit your tongue and got to work. Picking out dresses was a nightmare. None of them seemed appropriate. You wanted something long and pretty, but that didn’t cost as much as Angelina Jolie’s left shoe. A worker made her way over to you. She was dressed sharply in a black pencil skirt and a maroon blouse and was also really tall and really thin. Fuck this, you thought to yourself. Here comes the embarrassment.

“Can I help you with anything?” She actually sounded pretty nice, so you took a deep breath and tried really hard not to seem insecure. “Well, I’m going on a date with my new boyfriend,” you started. Your voice shook on the word boyfriend – Dean had used it himself, but you couldn’t quite wrap your head around it. “He’s taking me to this fancy restaurant, but I have absolutely nothing to wear.” The shop lady smiled sweetly at you and nodded. “I see,” she answered. “I think I have just the thing.”

As it turned out, the thing turned out to be the most gorgeous dress you had ever seen. It was slick and black with one shoulder. When you walked it almost touched the floor. The only problem was how snugly it fit. It hugged your waist and thighs, showing of every bulge and blub. As you looked at yourself in the mirror, every ounce of newfound confidence was drained out of you. There was no way you could ever wear that out amongst people. Absolutely no way. Therefore, you quickly shed the fabric and got into your old and comfortable clothes. With a sad smile at the shop lady, you exited the shop.

Back out in the street, you practically ran to the Impala. Once inside, you broke down, tears spilling down your cheeks. That had been worse than shopping for jeans and that usually took three rounds of crying and a lot of swearing. You smashed your hand hard on the wheel, accidently hitting the horn. Some old couple looked at you with grumpy faces, but you didn’t care; Dean was going to be so disappointed. You pulled out your phone, about to call off the date when you saw the three missed calls. One was from Sam, but the other two were from Dean. You sniffed loudly before dialing his number – he picked up on the second ring.

Hey, babe, you find anything yet?” He sounded really happy.

“No, not really” Of course, your voice had to break at that last syllable. You cursed yourself, hoping that Dean hadn’t noticed.

Are you OK? Has something happened?” Of course, you could never be that lucky.

“No, I’m fine, I just couldn’t find a dress, that’s all.”

No, it’s not. I can hear that you’ve been crying, Y/N. Look, I’m coming down there. Meet me at that old café at the corner.” Then he hung up. Again, you smashed your hand down, but this time you managed to avoid causing a heart attack for some poor old man on the street.

Dean reached the café alarmingly fast. He had taken Dorothy’s old motorcycle, wanting to avoid traffic. When he saw you, he pulled you into his arms. “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” There was no pity in his voice, just pure concern. You almost started crying again, but even you drew the line at crying openly at a café. “I just, I didn’t fit in any of the dresses. I’m sorry, Dean. I wish I could be smaller, I just can’t!” You started rambling, but Dean cut you off with a kiss. His lips was warm and soft on yours, and he tasted distinctly of the coffee he had bought. The kiss lingered for a few seconds before you broke away. “Y/N, baby, you are beautiful!” He was whispering, but you could hear him perfectly well. “And you aren’t fat either. Honey, you are sexy as hell – ” You had to smile at him as a cheeky grin spread across his face. “– and I am going to prove it to you.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you out of your seat, leaving your half-full cup of coffee behind.

Dean dragged you into that store you had just exited, an excited grin on his face. The same lady came over to you, but this time, she seemed honestly astonished. She eyed Dean up and down and a surge of jealousy rushed through you; she was much more Dean’s type. Still, Dean couldn’t have cared less. He turned down the lady’s kind offer to help and headed straight for the dress section. He picked out several dresses and threw them in your arms. You laughed at his expression as he found a particularly revealing piece of fabric. When you had six dresses in your arms, he shoved you into a dressing room, ordering you to let him know once you were changed.

As you once again stood in the dressing room, you started to feel the same panic creep back. You swallowed and tried hard to ignore the hollow feeling in your stomach. The first dress was a red one and you instantly hated it. Still, you pulled it on, hating how it made your muffintops stick out. None the less, you stuck your head out to let Dean know. He beamed at you and ducked behind the curtain to you. “Holy shit, Y/N, he whispered. Then he kissed you hard, grabbing you by your waist. His mouth and tongue did wonders on your body, replacing all insecurity with lust. As Dean’s hands wandered up the bare back of the dress, he slowly unzipped it. It fell to the floor as Dean pulled away. He winked at you. “Now try the next one.” Then he was out, leaving you flustered and hot behind.

You shook your head, starting to understand his agenda. Well, two could play that game. You put on the next dress, but this time, you chose the one that had made him gape when he picked it out. You ignored the chubby stomach screaming at you in the mirror as you called for Dean. He entered with a smug face, but it vanished when he saw your attire. “Y/N, I …” he started, but you interrupted him with a kiss. “Shhh,” you cooed, as you kissed his neck tenderly. Dean moaned slightly and threw his head back. “Y/N, I swear, you will be the death of me.” Then he had unzipped that dress as well and was out of the room before you could say Quidditch.

It was the same with the three next dresses. Dean came in, kissed and touched your until you could barely stand it anymore, craving his hands on your very wet sex before he left. You had come to the last dress. It was a dark blue piece, flowing around you. It was taken in at your waist and had loose and flowing arms, reaching down to your elbows. The top fabric was sheer, but underneath, it had a solid blue, almost black fabric. You stared at yourself in the mirror, not quite grasping the sight. You actually felt really good. The dress hid every part of you that you hated, extenuating the good parts. Dean was about to stick his head in to ask what was taking you so long, but you pushed him out. He wasn’t going to see this before the real date.


Back at the Bunker, you quickly headed to your room to get ready. The dinner reservation was in four hours, but you wanted to shower and get ready. You also wanted to shave, so you had to put in some extra time.

As Dean called you down to the door to leave, you put the final touches on. Black heals went with the dress, but you had flats in your bag for emergencies. You almost ran downstairs, so excited to see Dean’s reaction to the dress. You knew he usually preferred the form-fitting dresses, but this one looked really good on you.

As you came into view, Dean’s chin fell to the floor. He tried to stammer out some words, but it was impossible to tell what he was trying to say. Instead, he grabbed you by the neck and pulled you in for a mind-blowing kiss. “Fuck,” he growled. “There is still 30 minutes until we have to be there.” Then he had you lying on the couch, dress hiking up your legs. His kisses were feverish and passionate and you lost yourself to him completely, wanting nothing but to feel him inside you. As Dean pulled down your panties, you started to take the dress off, but he stopped you. “You are not taking that dress of for the rest of the night, sweetheart.” Then he pulled it up so that it was lying in a bundle around your stomach. “Fuck, so beautiful,” he murmured, before once again attacking your lips. He adjusted himself so that he could unzip his suit pants and then he was inside you. He filled you up, a shiver running through you. “You feel so good, Dean,” you moaned, and his response was immediate. He moved in and out, wrapping a hand around your lower back to lift your ass of the cushion. The slight adjustment made him hit your sweet-spot and you cried out in pleasure.

Dean’s free hand roamed your body, obviously starting to regret his decision to leave the dress on. He managed to sneak his hand down your cleavage and found a nipple. He twirled it between your fingers and you squirmed. He knew exactly what buttons to push and you started to feel the edge come closer. You panted his name and he pulled away from the kisses to look you in the eyes. He rested his forehead against yours before rubbing your clit as well as thrusting in and out. It became too much and you cried out in ecstasy as you came, the orgasm ripping through your limbs. “Fuck, so hot,” Dean moaned and then he came as well, twitching inside you. He kissed you lightly again before rolling off and onto the floor. He sat up while trying to regain posture. “You are so fucking hot, Y/N.” He shook his head. “You honestly turn me on just by sitting there.” He started to kiss you again, but you pulled away. “We have a dinner reservation, remember?” You grinned and he shook his head. “I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to share you with the world yet.”

PS! I'm still not over you

Type: One Shot

Pairing: Ashton Irwin/Reader

Rating: Rated R (smut)

Word Count: 2,454

A/N: You and Ashton used to be Hollywood’s ‘it’ couple. That is until Ashton cheats on you and leaves you heartbroken. But when the two of you bumps into each other at the same award show, you realise that the spark is still there and things get a bit.. steamy.

‘Y/n! To your right! Over here, y/n!’’

You faked a smile as you made your way down the red carpet. This was the least place you wanted to be right now. It’s not that you didn’t enjoy attending events, oh no. In fact, you used to love attending events, you enjoyed meeting other celebrities and catching up with old friends that you hadn’t heard from in a while. That wasn’t your problem at all.

It was the fact that he would be here.

But of course, you ignored it. You were an actress after all. Acting was your job.

You slightly brushed off the comments from the photographers and continued to make your way down the carpet.

‘’Do you still love Ashton?’’

‘’Have you talked to Ashton lately?’’

‘’Are you jealous of Candice?’’

‘’Have you gotten over Ashton yet?’’

On the inside, your heart was swelling and cracking all over again at the mention of your ex lover and his new girlfriend. That was supposed to be you. Not some skanky model. Your feelings for him had never really truly gone away, even though it had been months since you caught him in bed with another girl. Despite the fact that he tore your heart to pieces when he cheated on you, he was your first true love after all. And first true loves is supposed to last forever.

You faked another smile and posed for the photographer one last time before you were forced by your manager to rush to go find your seat. You didn’t like being rushed, you had been looking forward to taking a few pictures with your fans. But you understood the reasons for being to hasty. The photographers began to shout their names. 5 Seconds of Summer had arrived. Which could only mean that he had arrived.

‘’And the award goes to-‘’ you said, before you paused while opening the envelope. Oh God. No. This can’t be happening. The second you read the name written in beautiful calligraphy your heart stopped and your throat went drier than a desert. Why you?

You swallowed harshly. Your voice was practically shaking as you pronounced the name out loud.

‘’T-the winner for hottie of the year is Ashton Irwin,’’ you squaked. Your heart was pounding as you saw him walk towards the stage to accept his award. You felt like you were going into cardiac arrest as he smiled at you. He came closer and closer. You stepped back a few steps, nothing noticeable, trying to create as much distance between you and him as possible.

‘’Here,’’ you stuttered lowly, handing the award to Ashton. As you tried to step a few inches back, his arms were around you before you could even react. His face was hard as stone, showing no emotion whatsoever. You felt a warm, soft pressure against your cheek, that you once used to be very familiar with. You stood there a few seconds without moving or saying anything, while Ashton said a few words, trying to register what had just happened.

Did he just fucking kiss you on the cheek?

You were brought back to reality as Ashton passed by you on his way backstage, to get off the stage. His hand brushed lightly against your own. You flinched, pulling your hand to your chest. Your hand felt slightly irritated by his touch and your veins ran thick with anger. You would do anything to punch him right there, but you didn’t want to cause a scene.

But at the same time, you weren’t disgusted by his touch. You felt.. sad. Like some sort of deep sadness was tugging on your heart as the feeling of his touch dissipated, leaving you wanting –craving- more of his touch.

Your eyes started burning with the desire to cry and you walked off the stage as quickly as possible. Hopefully no one had noticed you tearing up, the least thing you wanted was tomorrow’s headlines to be ‘Ashton Irwin makes ex girlfriend y/n cry’.

When you got off stage, I rushed over to the bathroom to finally let your tears fall. You dashed yourself inside and locked the heavy door behind you to make sure nobody else would come in. After what felt like an eternity you finally unlocked the door. You walked out and battled your way backstage to where you would –hopefully- sneak out the back exit. You kept your head down to keep anyone from seeing what a mess you were and walked in long strides. Your hair was flying behind you as you went. Suddenly you felt a warm mass crash into you and sent you flying to the floor.

‘’Uh,’’ you involuntarily gasped as your ass landed on the hard concrete.

‘’I’m so sorr- y/n?’’ a familiar voice spoke.

Your head immediately snapped up, and of course, your eyes met with the same mesmerizing shade of caramel and honey eyes, that you had been trying to avoid all night. There stood Ashton in front of you; all 6’0’’ of angel and rebel, with his messily styled light brown hair pushed back with a maroon bandana and leather jacket to match. It was the first time you had really allowed yourself to look at him - really look at him- since you broke up.

Seeing him again made your anger start boiling up. It reminded you of all the things you hated about him. You hated the way he talked to you. His stupid fedora. The way he twirled the drum stick around his fingers. The way he started at you, his eyes burning into your soul. His big dumb combat boots. The way he always knew if anything was wrong, as if he could read your mind. You hated everything about him. But most of all, you hated the way you didn’t hate him. Not even a little bit. Not even at all.

One thing did change, though. A pack of cigarettes peeked over the top of his pocket.

‘’You really shouldn’t do that,’’ you muttered, your eyes falling over the top of his pocket.

‘Oh, so now you car- never mind, here let me help you,’’ he said as he extended his arm for you to reach after. He then dropped it as you let it linger there while shooting him a cold look.

‘’Don’t you dare touch me,’’ you snapped, getting to your feet before you started back towards your previous destination. You didn’t want him to see you like this.

‘’Wait, y/n,’’ Ashton swallowed, seeing the pain in your eyes. He could probably tell that you had been crying, not just because of the redness in your eyes, but he knew you better than anyone else and if someone could tell if you were hurting, it was Ashton. ‘’I just w- I’m sorry,’’ he stammered.

‘’You didn’t seem so sorry when you had that slut riding your dick,’’ you hissed. Your voice was hard and dripping with hatred.

‘’Look y/n, I know I can’t undo what happened. If I could, I would. But I can’t. That’s the thing. I fucked up, I get that. I’m still paying the consequences for that-‘’ he started. You let out a dry, humorless laugh.

‘’Consequences? You? I’m the one who can’t do a single interview or go to any event whatsoever without hearing ‘oh you poor little thing, it must’ve been so hard on you. Tell me, how bitter are you on a scale from one to Taylor Swift? Do you regret being with Ashton?’ You’re the one who has it easy. Have you ever though about I feel for once? Besides, you and that pathetic bitch, looks like you’re are having the time of your lives together,’’ you spoke in bitterness, which turned into disgust as you mentioned Hollywood’s new ‘it’ couple.

Before you had the chance to react, he slammed his lips against yours. It wasn’t one of those delicate, soft kisses that Ashton usually gave you. No. This one was harsh and ruthless. Without thinking, you kissed him back.

Then, you came to your senses. What the heck were you doing?

You had told yourself to fuck Ashton before you entered the red carpet, but not literally!

You abruptly jumped and pushed your hands into his chest, pressing your palms in a most likely failed attempt to pull him away. He kept grinning at you.

‘’What do you say, y/n? One last time?’’ he cockily spoke, negotiating. He clasped your wrists with one of his giant hands, trapping you from pushing him away. For a split seconds, you just stare at him. Was he being serious right now? You could feel that he was being completely serious as an irritated groan leaves his throat, waiting for your answer.

You nodded.

A smirk expanded across his face and he sealed your little deal by smashing your lips together, once again. He decided to pull you back into the restroom.

‘’Jump,’’ he hissed, helping you positioning yourself on top of the sink. His hands glides up your thighs, pulling your crème Oscar De La Renta dress further up.

You moaned into the kiss, causing him to smirk. He broke the kiss and moved his lips to your ear, barely grazing it as he spoke. ‘’Last chance to change your mind,’’ he spoke. In response, your lips started attacking his neck, earning a moan. ‘’Does that answer your question?’’ you leaned into whisper into Ashton’s ear.

Your lips collided and he brushed his tongue across your bottom lip, asking for entrance. Teasing him, you refused to grant him access just yet. He groaned and brushed his fingers against your panty line, causing you to moan. Without hesitation, he took the opportunity and pushed his tongue into your mouth.

Your tongues eagerly fought for dominance. After a while, you chose to give in and let him be the one in control. His tongue explored your mouth as his big hands caressed your back, fumbling after your zipper. Bucking your hips up, you helped him removing your dress, leaving you only in your panties.

‘’Damn,’’ he whispered, as he hungrily admired your body.

‘’Just shut up and kiss me already,’’ you whimpered, putting your hand on his neck, pulling him closer. Your hands moved down to his flannel, quickly unbuttoning his shirt as he tossed his leather jacket to the corner of the room. You looked down at Ashton’s defined chest and glistering hot abs. They were defined and tanned. Your eyes continued to trace down his lower body, locking at the sight of his V-line and hardened member, showing through his skinny, black jeans. You licked your lips, hungrily.

Dragging your hands softly against Ashton’s skin, you could tell by his heavy breathing that he was at the same breaking point as you were.

You purposely rocked your hips against his, creating some type of friction in between the fabric of his jeans and your panties. Ashton involuntarily moaned, his pink, plump lips sweeping lightly against the base of your neck. You took care of him, sucking greedily on his collarbone while I maneuvered your way up his neck.

‘’Fuck, I’ve missed your touch,’’ he groaned, his hands grabbing your waist as you rocked against him. You smiled against his neck, nipping faintly on the tender flesh. Ashton bent his head back, allowing your more space to work with. You used it to your advantage, not meaning to leave any love bites along his neck – but ended up doing so.

Ashton’s hand was now finding its way down into your panties, pulling down the thin material with his other hand. Soon it was off, leaving a bare bottomed y/n in front of him.

He took the opportunity when you weren’t expecting it and slid his long, bony fingers across your sensitive nerves. You gasped at the contact, while he rubbed his thumb over your clit and used his pointer and index finger to dip between your folds. Your breathing increased and matched his pace, as he picked it up roughly and used his other hand to cradle the back of your head as his lips met yours, deepening the kiss. Your hips were circulating over his fingers, creating a sensation that was indescribable.

‘’So wet,’’ he mumbled against your lips. You let out a louder moan, unlatching your lips from his again and bringing your head down into the crook of his neck, resting your forehead on it. ‘’Who made you that wet y/n?’’ he asked.

‘’You did Ashton,’’ you whimpered.

‘’Tell me y/n, tell me what you want,’’ he spoke.

‘’I want you inside me, filling me up,’’ you moaned in his ear, sexily.

‘’Your wish is my command,’’ he smirked as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down to his knees, along with his plain, black boxers.

Soft moans filled the room, just like Ashton filled you up. ‘’You’re mine y/n,’’ Ashton groaned, giving you exactly what you wanted. Every last inch of him, which meant all non-exaggerating eight and a half inches of glory, buried deep inside you. He bit down on his lip, his eyes intoxicated by the way your body looked grinding against his.

‘’Ashton,’’ his name escaped your lips as you dug your fingernails into his back, your eyes rolling to the back of your head. Sucking on your breast every time he lowered himself onto your body, he used his free hand to rub on your clit, thrusting deeper and deeper inside of you, your legs wrapped around his waist.

‘’You like that, huh?’’ he stated more than he asked, already knowing the answer because of the way you arched your back and clung onto his naked body.

‘’I’m so close,’’ you panted, practically begging him to go faster.

‘’Me too,’’ he groaned, picking up the pace.

None of you were expecting it. In fact, it took you both a few seconds to realize it. But as you let out a shrieking moan, he felt it splashing down onto him, drenching his cock, droplets of it hitting his tensed stomach. He had made you cum. And the way you were looking at him and smiling encouraging, made him cum in the matter of seconds.

‘’Holy fuck,’’ he breathed slowly and heavily.

This had got to be some sort of weird dream. Ashton was used to making girls moan and orgasm during sex.. but making them squirt? He wasn’t quite sure if he had managed to do that before.

He brought his forehead against yours, sweat running down his temples, smiling.

‘’Y/n?’’ he asked softly.

‘’Yes?’’ you said, cocking your eyebrow up.

‘’Cheating on you is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.’’