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it’s (not) enough. | jeonghan

member: yoon jeonghan / fem!reader
genre/warning(s): angst, fluff, romance.
word count: 2,700+
lengthy a/n: hi, again! first, i just wanna say thank you so much for all the kind feedback you all left regarding my last mingyu fic. seriously, you all gave me so much motivation to keep writing and my heart still beats faster just thinking about it! it’s positive responses like those that keep a writer content, happy, and motivated. so thank you!

⇢ also, this particular fic was requested by a dear anon that goes by missk. here’s hoping this didn’t take too long to be posted, and i hope you all enjoy it! ♥

It would be dishonest of you to deny the fact that, yes, you’ve mulled over the possibility of someone holding substantial significance in your life somehow forgetting your birthday, at least once. It’s only natural to contemplate over the what if factor of life, even if you’re confident that the chance of such an unfortunate event was slim to none.

Well, life has a funny and rather cruel way of reminding everyone that it’s never under anyone’s control…

You notice, with much scorn, how hard it is to deal with having your birthday forgotten. You never thought it would be hard, for you always predicted it would be embarrassing, infuriating, or even heartbreaking instead, at the most. And yet, it’s hard when your beloved family and friends start asking about Jeonghan’s whereabouts during your party. It’s hard to conjure up an excuse on his behalf when he doesn’t deserve it. He should be berated, called out, and disregarded on your special night, but you just can’t seem to do that.

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awesometurtletails  asked:

I kinda want to know how the bros knew Reader was drunking. Like does Reader have their own skeleton shadows?

Have an extra little drabble from Chapter 6:

Puzzling Texts

The fact that Blueberry and Stretch both got to eat lunch with you at your work annoyed Red.  He wanted to be the one to bring you a burg and fries.  He wanted to talk to you, to see with his own eyesockets that you were doing all right.  The day before, Stretch mentioned that you had been avoiding your phone again, which made sense considering all the trash the people that ‘cared’ about you sent you.  Red’s curiosity had been sated via snooping, but it just made him all the more pissed off whenever he thought about you staying with that jerkwad you had chosen as a mate.  What did you see in a loser that treated you like dirt?  Just thinking about it made him want to shortcut into your house and give the bastard the scare of a lifetime.  

He managed to reign in that impulse, however, but just barely.  He knew it would make things worse, and he didn’t want to taint his friendship with you, so he settled for texting you selfies instead.  From your reactions, you always seemed amused by them, so he kept them coming.  

Just as he was about to send you another one that he was particularly proud of, he got a text alert.  

*well speak of the angel

Your name popped up on his screen, but when he opened the text, his bony brows furrowed.  

Y/N:  hey I haborfj drink sd. Kw veannna jpu b ,,

“what the hell?”

He typed back a quick response:  “run that by me again sweetheart?”  Was something wrong?  Or did you just accidentally hit some letters while putting your phone away?  His entire body feels tense.

The reply is immediate.

Y/N: Cinema herw

He’s starting to break into a sweat.  He responds with “hey, you ok?  are you at the movies or what?”, and just as he turns to ask the others what they make of it, Papyrus starts beaming.


Blueberry grasps Papyrus’s arm to get a look at the 'puzzle text.’  "AWW, NO FAIR!  I DIDN’T GET ONE FROM Y/N!  I WANT A PUZZLE, TOO!“

"shit,” Red mutters, at the same time that Stretch walks back into the room, staring down at his phone with no sign of his usual lazy grin.  

“did you guys get a weird text from y/n?”

Papyrus responds, but Red’s already typing out another text to you:  "sweetheart, your scarin me here"

Instead of another strange text, however, his phone starts ringing.  He breathes out a sigh of relief, and all eyelights focus on him.  "sweetheart, what’s going on?“ he answers.

The line’s loud on the other end; there’s a cacophony of voices as a blanket of white noise that has dread pitting in his SOUL all over again.  "sweetheart?” he prompts, unable to conceal the tinge of panic that makes his voice come out urgent.  

“Ohhhh, heyyy Red!”  your voice comes across finally, followed by a giggle.  "I like your voice..  It’s all rough and stuff.“

He should be relieved–he should make a suggestive joke about how if you like rough, he’ll give you rough–but you don’t sound like yourself.  "are.. are you drunk?”

The other skeletons are all staring with super wide eyesockets now.  "is she?“ Stretch prompts.  Red waves him off impatiently, turning to focus on you.  You’re laughing on the other end.

"I miiiiight be.  I dunnooo.  I drank a lot.  It’s just been one of those shit days.”  Your reply comes in a sing-song voice that makes him sigh.  Yep, you’re drunk all right.  

“are you alone?”

“Yeeppp!  There’s a ton of people around me, but I’m by myself.  That’s why I was textin’ you guys.”

He doesn’t know whether to be relieved or even more pissed off that your boyfriend isn’t there with you.  Did he leave you there, or did you decide to come on your own?  "where are ya?“

"A bar.”

“yeah, but which bar?”

“Mmmm… I don’t remember which.”

Red slaps his palm against his face and drags it down, scraping bone against bone in exasperation.  His voice comes out strained, “sweetheart, i need ya to think hard and tell me where you are.”

“Do you wanna come drink with me, Red?”

“yeah.  yeah, i wanna help you forget your shit day, so lemme join ya, sweetheart.”

“I’d like that.. but.. I dunno the name.  Mmm… It was close to my house.  I stopped at the first one I saw!”

“stay there, ok?  don’t move, and i’ll come drink with ya.”


“yeah, 'course.  i’ll be there in a flash.”

“'kay.  Thanks Red.  You’re the sweetheart,” you reply with a giggle before the line goes dead.  Red lets out a heavy sigh, rubbing his hand over his face.  He’s sweating and he didn’t even realize it.

“WELL?  IS Y/N ALL RIGHT?” Blueberry asks, looking as if he’s about to rush to her rescue himself.  

“yeah, she’s fine.  stretch, ya wanna come with?  we need to do some searchin’.”

Stretch nods.  "ok.  sans just texted me, so i guess she texted him too.  i’ll let him know what’s going on.“  The orange-clad skeleton is texting away as he steps outside.  Papyrus and Blueberry try to follow, but Red blocks the way.

"look, we can’t go bringing that much attention to ourselves, so wait here.”

“BUT–”  both of the louder skeletons protest in unison.

“we might need back-up or somethin’, so you guys are on stand-by.  stay here in case anything happens.  capiche?”

Blueberry looks like he’s going to protest, but Papyrus plants a gloved hand on his shoulder.  "YES, WE UNDERSTAND.  WE’LL STAY HERE AND TRY TO DECIPHER THE PUZZLE TEXT!“

Well, at least Papyrus knew that it would be bad news for all of them to be there if there was some kind of trouble going on with the boyfriend.  He and Stretch could do some recon of the situation first–and with their shortcuts, they would be able to cover more ground and figure out which bar it was together.  

As Red steps outside, he finds Stretch staring at his phone and smoking.  

"ready?  she said it was one close to her house,” Red points out, and Stretch pulls up a map to start looking for bars close by.  

The first bar was a bust, and at the second, well.. it didn’t have you, either.  

*third time’s the charm.



Fluff// Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 704


“Mmm…” You let your head fall back, exposing the smooth skin of your neck to your boyfriend Yoongi—your boyfriend, who had sworn up and down that you two would //finally// finish a movie without him distracting you. Your boyfriend, the very one who was currently sucking and nibbling at the junction between your neck and collarbones.

“Babe… you promised…” You managed to get out, causing him to stop his ministrations. He paused long enough to huff into the crook of your neck, which caused your toes to curl, before pulling back to show that famous pout.

“The movie isn’t even that good, (Y/N). Why does it matter? We can watch a movie another time, promise.” He whispered the final word into your ear, his breath tickling your ear as he leaned in to kiss softly behind your ear before biting softly on your earlobe.

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anonymous asked:

Hi cutie~ I love ur blog ! What will their reactions when their gf had a nightmare ? Sorry for my bad english :/

/Hi there lovely, thank you for this question and your sweet words! I actually wrote something like that for Jinki already so, being a lazy ass, I only edited it a bit. Hope you don’t mind. Oh! And your English is perfectly fine and you’re totally awesome./

Hearing your muffled sobs Jinki would mumble in this low, husky voice of his “what’s wrong, babe?”, his palm sliding up and down the skin of your waist. No matter your answer once he’d wake up enough to actually grasp the situation he’d lean over you resting on his elbow. Whispering calming hushes he’d slowly caress your cheek with his fingers. If you’d look up at him you’d see his worried expression, with raised eyebrows and a little pout on his lips. After calming you down a bit, without asking any questions, he’d tickle your face with million kisses, making sure to hug you tightly enough for you to feel secure in his arms. With his nose buried in your hair, he’d let his hands caress the small of your back until he’d be sure you fell asleep again.

The thick blackness of the night covering your bedroom would be disturbed only by the bluish glow of Jonghyun’s phone, casting long shadows on his sharp cheekbones. Staying close to you, he’d feel your palm resting under his shirt, your hair tickling his arm. As soon as he’d notice your distressed whimpers and little huffs he’d quickly put his phone away, focusing entirely on your sleeping body. His fingers would caress your furrowed eyebrows to finally rest on the back of your head as he’d bring his lips to your ear to fill it with hushed calming melodies. His eyes would search over your face for any sign of nightmares disrupting your sleep and even when you’d be calm again he’d stay up with you in his arms, filling the silence with his gentle voice.

Even with the slightest jolt of your body or the tiniest whimper escaping your lips, Kibum would instantly wake up even from the deepest sleep. With a confused frown on his eyebrows, eyes still half-way closed, feeling you tremble beside him, he’d search for your hand under the covers. Squeezing it lightly, his thumb would caress the skin in a calming circles, trying to subtly make the nightmare disappear. Feeling you still shaking he’d place hundreds of tiny kisses on your shoulder and your neck, blindly marking your cheeks and nose, getting lost in your hair and falling over your eyelids until, sensing you finally melting under his touch, he’d tug you closer to his chest in a tight hug.

Waking up from a horrible nightmare and finding Minho’s warm body pressed to your side, his arm making a pillow under your head, would already bring you enough comfort to calm your racing heart. You’d take a few deep breaths, his scent filling your lungs and making a small smile creep on your lips. Opening your eyes, you’d try to focus on his slightly parted, chapped lips, on his soft hair falling messily over his forehead, feeling his breath ghosting on the skin of your neck. Sighing deeply after deciding not to wake him up you’d rest your head on his chest right under his chin enjoying the sound of his heartbeat lulling you back to sleep.

Don’t expect too many romantic gestures from Taemin if you happen to wake him up in the middle of the night. He’d grumble into his pillow before lifting his tousled head up to look at you with his puffy eyes and a sleepy, yet effective, glare. “What’s up,” he’d mumble resting his chin on your shoulder, his eyelids already slipping shut. Just when you’d open your mouth to provide him any sort of explanation along with a small sorry for waking him, his finger would harshly press on your lips shushing you down with a barely audible “it’s fine now. Sleep.” He’d plant a small kiss on your cheek before nuzzling into your neck, his arm draped around your belly.