put your cheesy goodness inside of me

Things I heard in the light/sound booth

“I want to kill myself”

“Can’t you not go because of your vampire and mirror fetish?”

“What the fuck, we’re at scene ten?! Where’d 8 and 9 go?”

“She got us icees and I bet there’s probably razor blades inside…”

“I have seven knives on me at any given time.”

“Dab for harambe.”

“Goddamnit, you put her in a good mood.”

The one with a button up, jeans, long brown hair and converse!
[Simultaneously:] WHICH ONE?”

“Are we going to do the summoning satan circle before show tonight?”

“Cheesy nipples.”

“If I just jumped out of the booth window, taking the board with me, would that be fucked up or what?”

“Blackout on my que. Ready? Go- oh wait shit, she was done. Okay, now go.”

“i’m so done. I’m just going to blow my brains onto the projector screen, but it’s just add to the effect.”

“we’re going to eat glass, okay?”

“Did you see that table fly, damn Treavor.”

“I’m going to murder the freshmen sound tech, who the flying fuck arm coils cables?!”

“We all know you lost your virginity to a water bottle.”

“Making it rain notes.”

“A rubber chicken is an important light tool.”

“Was that a journalism reference?
… Yes madam President.
OMG *groans*.”

“Welcome to the light side, we hate sound.”

“She just walked into the middle of a shit storm with icees…”

“literally everyone is crying backstage, even the cast.”

“you turned Lucifer into an angel.”

“Damn T! That table was NOT meant to go across stage.”

Hide (Namjoon Smut)

*So many Namjoon requests~*

You were walking to class, knowing it was about time. You prayed he would show up to school but he never failed to appear.

“Hey, cutie.”

He turned you around and you avoided his eyes. This boy had a crush on you, regardless of the multiple times when you’ve told him you weren’t single. He loved to ignore that fact and constantly hit on you, with his words and sometimes his actual fist.

“G-Grey. Please stop.”

“You’re so cute, Y/N. Why wouldn’t I keep an eye on what’s mine?”

“I’m not yours!” You raised your voice, which got you slammed against the wall and slapped. He trapped you against the wall, trying to intimidate you.

“Listen to me, you’re mine. If you had a boyfriend, he would have stopped me a long time ago, right. So, quit lying to me and accept that you’re mine now.” He got closer, close enough to kiss you and you pushed him off.

“L-Leave me alone.” You ran off to your class before he could do more to you. Your phone buzzed and you saw it was Namjoon, your boyfriend, calling. You hadn’t told him that you were being bullied, afraid the bullying would just get worse but he wasn’t clueless … sometimes.

Joonie, I’m in class
I know, I just wanted to say I love you..
What did you break?
Your favourite cup…
I love you~ Don’t be mad, doll~
I’ll deal with you later
Ow, doll. Your tone is ice cold, I’m sorry
You’re still in trouble, Kim Namjoon. I’m hanging up.
Love you..

You ended the call, feeling sad. It was your favourite cup, the one you used the most. You figured one day it would break, knowing how clumsy your boyfriend is. You focused on the lesson, not noticing your harasser entering the room.

“Move.” The person that say next to you scrambled their things and moved quickly, him replacing the person so quickly.

“I don’t want anything to do with you.”

“I don’t think that’s your choice, cutie.”

“It is my choice and you need to stay the hell out of my life.”

“How many times do I-”

“Mr. Grey, how many times do I have to tell you to not come to my class late and disrupt my students?”

“Does it matter? It’s not like it’s important beside you interrupted my conversation with Y/N.”

“You’ll have all the time to talk when you’re both in detention.”

“M-Miss! I just wanted him to stop talking to me!”

“You were still talking in my class, I’m sorry Ms. Y/N but you will be joining Grey in detention.” She wasn’t sorry, that unsympathetic bitch. You were angry at the teacher and that smug jerk sitting beside you.

“You’re such a dick.” You said before moving seats, him trailing behind you like a lost puppy. You spent the rest of the day, avoiding him as best as you could. It was the end of the day and your teacher left you alone with him. For two hours.

“Cutie, come'ere”

“Fuck off.”

“When did you get so feisty, it’s hot.”

“When you decided to put three fourths of your dick into your personality.”

“Watch your tongue, cutie.”

“I don’t take orders from you, I’m sick of you trying to take advantage of me. Go fuck yourself and leave me alone for fucks sake.” It rolled of your tongue easy but that made him more angry. He grabbed your throat, backing up against another wall and you were starting to lose oxygen fast.

“You’ve crossed the line, cutie. If you can’t hold your tongue, maybe I’ll make you hold your breath instead.” You kicked him in his dick and he released you. You pushed him hard, just enough time for you to run out the school and you kept running. The school was far from where you were and you called Namjoon.

Doll, what’s wrong? Aren’t you in detention?
I need you to pick me up..
Why are you breathless? Did you run again?
Baby, just pick me up. I’m at the cafe with the good desserts.
I’m coming, doll.

You stayed on the phone with him and he hung up when he saw you. You got in the car, looking if he managed to find you but sat comfortably.

“Doll, what are you looking for? Rather, who are you looking for?”

“It’s nothing, Joonie..”

“This is the 4th time this week I had to pick you up from somewhere beside school.”

“If you don’t want to pick me up, I’ll run home.”

“I just want to know what is going on, doll? What are you hiding?”

“Namjoon, it’s really nothing.”


“Please, Namjoon.” You put your hand over his, not wanting him to worry so much. He had so many responsibilities, things that he himself had to take care of and you didn’t want to add more to his already full agenda.

“I bought you a new cup..”

“Thank you, Joonie. You didn’t break it, did you?”

“Have some faith in me, doll. I don’t break every thing I touch. I didn’t break your heart.”

“Do you just..?”

“Is it not true, doll?”

“I might dump you just because that was so lame.”

“It touched your heart.”

“Stop with the cheesiness, Joonie~”

“It was pretty good, wasn’t it?”

“I think you should stick to rapping, Joon.” He put his hand on his heart like you just stabbed him with your words. You got to your apartment and followed him inside, holding his hand while he led.

“So, this is your boyfriend.” You froze as did Namjoon, you turned to see Grey looking at you two angrily.

“Doll, who’s this?”


“Someone better than you.” Namjoon let go of your hand, pushing you behind him. This is not how you wanted him to find out.

“Is that so? Then you should know better than to try and mess with us.”

“I think you’re mistaken, pretty boy. Y/N is mine.”

“She doesn’t belong to anyone, especially you. Leave before I do something I regret.”

“Now, you want to protect her? Where were you, I’ve been trying to claim what’s mine for weeks but her ‘boyfriend’ did nothing to stop me. What, were you too much of a pussy to come fight me?”

In a blink of an eye, Grey was on the ground. The next blink, Namjoon was punching him out. As much as you thought Grey deserved to get beaten up, you still stopped Namjoon.

“J-Joonie.” You grabbed onto his shirt, clinching into him and he wrapped his arm around you. Grey scurried out of the building and Namjoon took you inside the apartment.

“Is this what you said was 'nothing’?”

“I know you’re angry..”

“You fucking let some asshole bully you! What did you tell me?” You flinched at his increased volume of his voice and he lowered it again.

“I didn’t want add to your problems..”

“You don’t get to decide what’s a problem to me, doll. I’m supposed to protect you, now I have to make sure nobody thinks they can have you.” He leaned in, his kiss was rough and breathtaking. He had you gasping for air, his hand already in your panties.


“You fucking test me, doll.” He kissed your neck, hot kisses leaving a trail of hickeys. He made sure they were noticeable, large and hard to cover up.

“Mmhmm.” He licked your neck naughtily before moving to your collarbone. He throw off your jacket, and unbuttoned your shirt. He kissed your shoulder a little before going back to your collarbone.

Your hand reached for his hair, getting locked in his hair. He smoothed over the hickeys he left there with his tongue, goosebumps forming around where his tongue’s been.

“Your pussy’s so wet, doll. Did you like seeing me beat up that asshole?”


“Yes, what?”

“Y-Yes, sir.”

“As much as I want to stretch that tight little pussy of yours, you need to be punished, doll.”


“Stay and don’t move.” He got up, your body missing his contact and he returned with a blindfold and handcuffs. You hated them both, you loved touching and seeing Namjoon.

Watching his face give away the amount of pleasure you were giving him, or looking him into his lustful eyes as he rammed into your pussy. Touching his cock while you sucked him off, or tracing circles on his chest when you rode him.

He took those little pleasures away, making you settle for a black scene and the inability to touch him how you wanted.

“Let’s see how well you’ll use your tongue, doll.” You felt his cock push into your mouth, you swirling your tongue around his cock.

You deepthroated him not by choice but he groaned each time his Vick hit the back of your throat.

“Such a good little tongue, doll.” All you could use was your ears to imagine what you would have seen. His low groans, he probably had his mouth slightly open and his eyes would watch your mouth take his cock.

He stopped, and there was no noise. You flipped over, your hands perched on the couch edge. You didn’t know he was still there until you felt something pushed into your pussy.


“It slides into your pussy so easy. Do you like it, doll?”

“Mm.” You bit your lip, wanting to feel more the toy pushing inside you.

“That’s not an answer, doll.” He slapped your ass, its pleasure mixing with the toy.

“Y-Yes, sir.” He pumped the toy inside you, while he licked you. You almost screamed out, the toy stretching you out. He was relentless on your pussy. His tongue was skillful, never leaving your clit untouched before he began to suck on it.


“Doll, you know the rules. Hold it.” You tried to hold the knots on your stomach, knowing you’ll be punished more if you didn’t. He tested your limits, you almost coming twice before he pulled the toy out of you.

“What do you say, doll?”

“Please, sir. Please fuck with your big, fat delicious cock, sir. I’m begging you, sir, please fuck me.” He placed his hand on your ass before sliding himself into you. You held all of him inside you, your moans uncontainable at this point.

“Please go ahead, sir.” He didn’t bother to hesitate, taking his chance to pound you. You screamed out his name, and he didn’t care. The feeling of your pussy around his cock was greatest thing he even felt, better than any award he won or performance he’d done.

“Fuck, doll.”

“O-oh” He pulled your arms behind your back, holding onto them while continuously pounding into you.


“Do you want to cum, doll?”

“Y-Yes, please sir.”

“I don’t hear you begging for it, doll.”

“Please, sir, please make me cum. I want to cum, sir.”

“Then cum on this cock, doll.” He played with your breasts, his thrusts going deeper into you while he did. You could barely contain your climax, finally coming in pure bliss. He came inside you, then undoing the blindfold and handcuffs.

“Don’t hide things, doll. I won’t be so easy on you, next time.”