put your body next to mine and dream on



*He walked into the front room holding his laptop in his hand and proceeded to sit next to you as he spoke the words you never thought you would hear*

K: “I found the fan fiction you wrote about me. Do you really think I’m the god of making girls ovaries explode, is that true?”

Y/N: Oh god how did you find out about that..and well yes have you seen how you dance on stage. Even mens ovaries are exploding and they don’t even have any”


*He knew that you used to run a blog about him and as he was scrolling through the internet he managed to find a fan fiction which was written by the same username as your old blog*

SH: “Wow I thought she was at least partly innocent. I didn’t know she was into these kind of things I’ll have to try it out next time”


*Doesn’t stop reading the fanfic until the end because you wrote some gripping stuff and tbh it was a good read even if he found it strange that he was reading about himself*

S: “Jagi you got some amazing writing skills I give you permission to write many more stories about me”


*He wouldn’t stop making references from the fanfic at the most random times and it was starting to annoy you*

CY: “His eyes stared into my soul”

Y/N: “Stop it Chan”

CY: Okay fine what you cooking there anyways.. speaking of cooking how about “He was in the middle of making us a meal but the only thing I wanted him to eat was m…”

Y/N: “fOR god sake chanyeol I’ve had enough”

CY: “Okay don’t hit me I’m sorry I’m sorry”


*He didn’t actually tease you as much as you expected him to after reading your fanfic, it was only once in a while that he would pull out a plushie and start talking to it, pretending it was you and start acting some scenes out*

BH: “You love me Y/N, oh I know you do. You think I’m the most gorgeous man on the planet. Of course I am. Come here so you can kiss these beautiful plump lips you have been wanting to smush with for three years*


*Didn’t read the whole thing because he felt like he was intruding even though you had already put it out on the internet for people to see anyway. Part of him was interested to see what you thought about his personality before you both got together and the other part was judging you for the amount of times you called him daddy in the fic*


C: Y/N do you think I would suit a bad boy concept, you know like leather jackets, smoking, drinking getting with lots of girls?”

Y/N: “Not really no”

C: “Oh I see well thats not what it says here”


*You never got round to writing the conclusion to your fan fiction and when Tao found it and didn’t get all the loose strings tied up at the end he felt lost so he had to go and tell you about it*

Y/N: “Wait you found my fic, look I was a huge fan before we got together like I said before an…”

T: “Don’t worry about that worry about finishing the story I was awesome in it and I wanna know if I end up with the girl”

Y/N: “I wrote that story from my perspective so we can say that you did actually get the girl”

T: “Aww good..now finish the story I need it to be official on paper like a marriage certificate”


*He found one of the many fanfics you had written about him where he was an undercover spy and you happened to get accidentally involved in his schemes. He discovered that clearly you had a thing for him in suits*

Y/N: “Lay why are you wearing a suit, we aren’t going anywhere and it’s summer”

L: “Yeah but I look hot right don’t deny it”

Y/N: I can’t deny the truth”


*He confronted you about the fanfic and you admitted it was written by you. He didn’t really mind too much but asked you why you decided to come up with the idea of him being your one night stand and then you both bumping into each other again down the line*

Y/N: “Uh I don’t know I’ve never had one before so I just thought I would write something completely out of my character”

K: “Well there is some truth to it, you won’t be the one able to stand after this one night together”

I’m sorry that was awful but I like awful


*He would constantly do things you mentioned in the fic that you found extremely hot. The worse thing was he would do a lot of them in public just to wind you up even more. You decided to take action*

Y/N: “If you don’t stop then I will put a sex ban in place”

LH: “You been dreaming of this body for years as if you can resist”


XM: “Why am I a wolf in this story?”

Y/N: Because it’s set in an alternate universe”

XM: “But your dating me in this story and you are human so basically you are banging a wolf. But whatever I hope even in the next life no matter what kind of species we are we can still bang each other Y/N”

Y/N: “Yeah because that doesn’t sound dodgy at all”

XM: “You started it”

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