put your 3's up



PVRIS - waking up / mind over matter / smoke / fire / ghosts / mirrors / eyelids
     ⤷   mentions of E Y E S

keep an open mind it brings open hearts and open eyes, 
you walk around with your hands out and I’ve never seen anyone so blind


Here you go Sweetie OwO hope I did Sally justice. I like your design on her♡♡ Super Cute XD

You know, I really wanna see Chris’s nails. They’ve mentioned a few times that he paints them so he must be pretty alright at it at this point?

my mom and i had a really interesting conversation earlier today
and it really makes me wonder why i never opened up to my parents for so long


Ask and it shall be delivered

A OPM!Saitama skin and a FMA!Edward skin, here they are! It’s kinda hard to do the Saitama one, ‘cause you know, he’s… well, not cool. It’s the base principle on which they build his character. He’s just the most uncool but awesome person. And also the color scheme is hard to work with… I’m actually not entirely happy with it. 

mainly because I cannot make Jack bald ahahaha

With the Edward one, I choose to include the cloak and the boots, to go for something more like the Jack we saw at that con… the Edwardhead!Sam is just a dumb thing haha God I need to seriously rethink these

here to find out more about idea illustration and requests!!!


“The intruder didn’t steal the dragon, the intruder IS the dragon!!!!”

jack with an overly excessive amount of piercings??? idk

for the record jack if u ever dressed like this in one of ur videos (or even just put earrings in for a reading ur comments vid or something) im pretty sure the entire community would shit its pants

just a thought ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“Holy butts, it’s my affection human’s birthday tomorrow!”

“Kurapika, what should I do? I don’t have any ideas!”

“Hm, you could start with leaving me alone and using that sponge in your head you call a brain.” 

“Whatever, homeboy. Your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up next week too.” 

“Clock’s ticking, CRAPikit. Better get your Kurta booty working on something nice for Doctor feel good.”


“So first of all- not my boyfriend.”

“Second of all, I already wrote him a card.” 



buffy // clarke [7/??]

It’s always complicated. And at some point, someone has to draw the line and that is always going to be me.

You need to trust that I know what’s right for us.

Good morning/afternoon/evening darlings. thefriendlywitch here, bringing love, light, blessings and a little bit of news to you all. Today is mine and Magpie’s anniversary >w< 

We’ll be around as normal. We just wanted to share the love.

May your day/evening/night be blessed.

- thefriendlywitch and Magpie