put ur hands on me

  • Roober: put ur hands up this is a roberry
  • Me: oh shit man have all the mone- wait isnt ur name supposed to be robber not roober?
  • Roober: oh shit thats embarrassing

Me to boyfriend: pretend you have to go on a short trip away from me, okay?

Boyfriend: [otpbabyformula] is this because of Ri-?


          (  you feel your edges unfurling ,  unraveling ,  threads that were bound in messy knots coming undone only now ,  in the midst of a man you don’t ,  still don’t ,  want to trust  …  he is far too soft ,  too kind ,  a delicate kind of blade that will ruin you ,  and you feel it in your bones ,  know it as well as the backs of your hands .  )

           ❛   .. but when there is nothing left ,  can you say that there is still worth to a life lived solely out of vengeance?  i already understand that this is no way to live ,  but it’s far too late .   ❜    for once ,  he speaks thorn-lessly  ;  tonality colors in somber gray ,  and regret is the tinge of blue melancholy that snaps its teeth shut in fear .  out of wavering marble - heart ,  his gelid palm reaches out to rest ever so briefly ‘pon locks bleached to snow .

            ❛   if you wanted to help ,  you came centuries too late .   ❜

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how do i get documentation for disability for university
can i just like email my doctor’s office and be like ‘hey what’s up give me papers that say i’m disabled’
i mean they diagnosed me even though i don’t know what i’m actually diagnosed with, i just know that i’m medicated
but my psychiatrist manages my medications now so should i email her? though she doesn’t have my email so she can’t like for sure verify it is me. and also she doesn’t have anything on my chronic illnesses
idk how do i go about this what am i asking for, like just documentation in general or is there something in specific?
also how do i go about this not even knowing what i’m asking for bc i don’t even know what i’m diagnosed with?

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(1) Hello, tysm for this blog! It's safe and helpful and I love it. I needed to get a lil something off my chest and i hope that's alright; for years I thought I was a lesbian, everyone knows me as a lesbian, but now I think I'm bisexual with a strong inclination to women. I work for my schools catering business and I met a guy there and oml I've never felt this way about any other boy, hes strong and attractive like a goddamn Greek god and genuinely the sweetest person ever?!

(2) im not as experienced of a cook as he is and he’s always very kind to show me how to do certain things. He was one of the 1st friends I made in that class. It gets crowded in the kitchen so it’s common curtesy to tell someone ur behind them & maybe gently put ur hand on their back,, one time when he passed me he touched my waist and!! My heart just went !!! I’m not used to feeling this way all blushy and wrecked over a boy. It feels wrenching after identifying as gay for so long.

It can hurt to identify with a different identity, especially after having one for a long time, but he sounds amazing! You are still valid in your bisexuality, and valid in your past identification as a lesbian. Sexuality is fluid, and it can be hard to label, but the important thing is that you’ve found someone who makes you happy. -Mod Sky 💜

Headline: Plane crew almost lets man die because they refuse to believe black woman is a doctor.

Dr. Tamika Cross:
“I’m sure many of my fellow young, corporate America working women of color can all understand my frustration when I say I’m sick of being disrespected.
Was on Delta flight DL945 and someone 2 rows in front of me was screaming for help. Her husband was unresponsive. I naturally jumped into Doctor mode as no one else was getting up. Unbuckle my seatbelt and throw my tray table up and as I’m about to stand up, flight attendant says "everyone stay calm, it’s just a night terror, he is alright”. I continue to watch the scene closely.
A couple mins later he is unresponsive again and the flight attendant yells “call overhead for a physician on board”. I raised my hand to grab her attention. She said to me “oh no sweetie put ur hand down, we are looking for actual physicians or nurses or some type of medical personnel, we don’t have time to talk to you” I tried to inform her that I was a physician but I was continually cut off by condescending remarks.
Then overhead they paged “any physician on board please press your button”. I stare at her as I go to press my button. She said “oh wow you’re an actual physician?” I reply yes. She said “let me see your credentials. What type of Doctor are you? Where do you work? Why were you in Detroit?” (Please remember this man is still in need of help and she is blocking my row from even standing up while
Bombarding me with questions).
I respond “OBGYN, work in Houston, in Detroit for a wedding, but believe it or not they DO HAVE doctors in Detroit. Now excuse me so I can help the man in need”. Another “seasoned” white male approaches the row and says he is a physician as well. She says to me “thanks for your help but he can help us, and he has his credentials”. (Mind you he hasn’t shown anything to her. Just showed up and fit the “description of a doctor”) I stay seated. Mind blown. Blood boiling. (Man is responding the his questions and is seemingly better now Thank God)
Then this heifer has the nerve to ask for my input on what to do next about 10 mins later. I tell her we need vitals and blood sugar. She comes back to report to me a BP of 80/50 (super low, to my non medical peeps) and they can’t find a glucometer. We continue down that pathway of medical work up, but the point is she needed my help and I continued to help despite the choice words I had saved up for her. The patient and his wife weren’t the problem, they needed help and we were mid flight.
She came and apologized to me several times and offering me skymiles. I kindly refused. This is going higher than her. I don’t want skymiles in exchange for blatant discrimination. Whether this was race, age, gender discrimination, it’s not right. She will not get away with this….and I will still get my skymiles….“