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ive been literally watching nothing but the great british bake off so naturally this had to happen

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(has this been done?) my extra ass went and thought too much about a goblet of fire au, so. here. tbh i just wanted to see laurent in beauxbatons uniform? also if u figure out where kastor and jokaste might fit in this, let me know? (also i done fucked up putting damen in durmstrang, bc now i feel like the vaskians should be in durmstrang. too late!!)

omgcheckplease fic recs

so, I’ve dragged a number of people down into the beautiful hellhole that is the hockey gays/Check, Please! I’ve been giving scattered fic recs to these beloved humans, but I wanted to make a post to consolidate my most important recs, my favs. (also - i’m limiting how many by each author i put on here, but you should definitely check out other stuff they’ve all written bc this fandom has so much talent, y’all, it is unbelievable). i’m sure there are a few i’ve missed, but i feel like this is most of the fics that really stand out to me right now. I might edit/update this at some point if that occurs to me, so i’m putting this under a readmore (also, because it’s fucking long). go enjoy these amazing fics!!

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  • Dex: Well, Nursey, you're making me very angry.
  • Dex: And when I get angry, I get horny.

i have Some Thoughts™ about what happened after the whole Epikegster thing.

After the panic attack jacks kinda lookin around his room and something feels…/off/ but he doesn’t know what. so he looks around the room and realizes he can still see parse wherever he was standing/sitting and something has to change. so he moves stuff around. drags the bed into the middle of the room, shoves the desk over where the bed was and its better. not entirely better, but it helps. he pushes his bookshelf farther along the wall, sticks the bedside table where it used to be, in the corner by his bed. better. he sticks his sheets in the wash, maybe does some stuff to occupy his hands and now, with the different layout, it feels better. it no longer feels like someone invaded his space and messed everything up somehow without leaving a mark. his space is his again.

shitty comes in the next day and is Very Confused™.

anonymous asked:

i have a huge issue with using my elbow/shoulder rather than my wrist when digitally drawing. im fine with it when drawing traditionally but if i use my tablet for more than an hour i end up w serious wrist pain. any tips or advice? ty ❤

most likely, your tablet is too small i’m afraid. Unless you have a large tablet, you will end up restricted to mainly using your wrist

But there are ways to mitigate this! First off, don’t draw on a flat surface

You can get a super cheap laptop stand from ikea [http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/60150176/]

which will lift your tablet up to an angle, which puts less strain on your wrist

additionally, your tablet will have a slider for tip feel/pressure sensitivity

You want to move the slider so that it’s soft, and you can get those big dark lines without having to press super hard.

If you use clip studio paint, you can adjust the pressure settings for an individual brush even further

just click the little button on the right

and, this isn’t something i do myself because i’ve set the pressure to my brushes manually, but if you go to file > pen pressure settings, cps can adjust the settings for you

and finally - take regular breaks! every 45 minutes, spend 15 minutes doing something else.

help a traumatized nb lesbian celebrate her 18th birthday and HS graduation

I’m not entirely sure if I’m asking for donations; all I know is that I’m in a really bad place in my life right now. On 11/9/2016 I was hospitalized for the seventh time. The hospitalization was due to my severe PTSD from a 3 year long abusive relationship with a sexually & emotionally abusive, homophobic & transphobic man who was 5 years older than me. He severely impacted my mental health and identity, threatening me whenever I would identify as anything other than cisgender or straight. Because of my PTSD, I’ve gained 15 pounds within the last month and was absent from school for approximately 3 weeks, and as a result I lost my work permit and I even had to quit my school play a couple days before opening night, which was the only thing that I was looking forward to in my senior year. Now I’m under an extreme amount of stress to make up all of my missing work so that I can graduate on the December 16th. To make matters worse, Child Protective Services (now known as Child Welfare Services apparently) contacted me at school this week and formally apologized to me because, in light of recent evidence concerning my abusive household situation, I should have been put into foster care or emancipated YEARS ago. When they investigated my house in 2013, my parents covered up the evidence. CPS told me there was nothing that they could do for me now that I’m almost 18, and that opened up a lot of wounds for me. As my 18th birthday (December 6th) and high school graduation approaches, I’ve been more and more upset because my teenage years were blatantly stolen from me. I feel like the child in me has died, and there’s just this giant grey spot on my soul filled with anger and remorse.

I recently signed onto a modeling agency with the hopes that it will generate enough money for me to move out on my own and STAY moved out, but I will be unable to begin working for them until my 18th birthday. And even after my birthday I will have to wait until my modeling career amps up, because I will also be working a part-time job for minimum wage that definitely will not pay the bills by themselves. However because my work permit was taken away from me, I won’t be receiving the $500 I expected to be paid over Thanksgiving break which I could’ve saved toward moving out.

If you want to help me move out, please donate, even just $1 if you can: PayPal.me/RenMcK

If you want to help me cheer up and celebrate my birthday and graduation, please buy me a gift: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/356XXTVMG18MU/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1?sort=priority&view=null

And if you’re unable to do none of the above: PLEASE REBLOG THIS POST, thanks in advance<3