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Flood (Haechan x Reader)

Ayyyy baby gals and baby guys ;^) ya girl ry ry here is back with THE FLUFFIEST HAECHAN I COULD POSSIBLY MUSTER. LISTEN. I love him so much, he is my son, my beautiful, golden, shining, angel vocals, talented absolutely stunning son. APPRECIATE HIM. And I hope you like this! c:


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You don’t know how it turned out like this, Mother Nature was a mysterious woman. One moment it was a lovely spring day and you were hanging out with your best friend and enjoying each other’s company. Then suddenly it was apparently monsoon season and a flash flood warning scrolled along the top of the television monitor when you scrambled inside.

Your shoulders sagged, feeling annoyed as you turned over to your friend, “Now what?”

Haechan, your closest friend, shrugged dejectantly, mocking your despair, “I don’t know, it’s your house, not mine.” His hair was dripping down his cheeks, making his golden skin glisten wondrously in the dim light.

You rolled your eyes at him and he snickered, covering his mouth as you stood up from the couch and peered out the window, “Well it looks like we’re not going out there anytime soon. The road is almost completely flooded, check it out.”

You beckoned him over, blushing when he took the curtain from your hand and rested his chin on your shoulder. You hoped he couldn’t feel your body trembling as he pressed against your back, the heat coming through his shirt stifling. His brown eyes filled with worry, “Good thing I didn’t drive here, my car would be drowning.” He turned his attention to you, tilting his gaze toward yours, “What about your parents? They’re both still at work right? How’re they gonna get home?”

You suddenly realized that and your heart sank, anxiety bubbling up in your stomach as you fumbled in the back pocket of your jeans for your phone. You called your mother and father swiftly, inquiring about their safety and asking if they had a plan. They said they had already met up together and were planning on staying at a nearby hotel, the city streets far too flooded to drive safely on.

“Is Haechan still there, sweetheart?,” your mother asked, her gentle voice a comfort as a lightning bolt arched through the sky with a loud clap.

You flinched at the noise, “Y-yeah, he’s still here.” Damn the weather, you thought, eyeing the sky with distrust.

“Good,” your mom sounded relieved, seeming much more relaxed. “Tell him I called his mother and talked, we agreed that it would be safest for the two of you to stay put for the night until we can drive again, okay?”

You looked over at your friend, who’s eyebrows rose at hearing the plan, as you replied, “Okay, well, I’ll let you go now, I love you.”

“I love you too, honey,” your mom cooed, “Stay safe and don’t stay up too late! Bye, sweet pea!”

“Bye,” you answered with a grin on your face, one that mirrored your best friend’s as you ended the call. The two of you remained silent for a few moments, then it was like an explosion of energy as you both flipped out.

“We’re gonna stay up late~,” Haechan chanted in a song song voice, pulling you into a ridiculous tango position as you strutted across your living room cackling.

The two of you collapsed back into the sofa, dizzy and panting from laughter as it faded into silence again. You spoke, staring up at the ceiling, “So what do you wanna do? We can make food, we could watch a movie, you could let me do your makeup….”

“Nope, nuh uh, ______,” Haechan shook his head rapidly, interrupting you as he cleared his throat. “I still haven’t recovered from the last time you did my makeup. I was picking waterproof mascara from my eyelashes for a week.”

You huffed, lifting a finger to poke his tanned cheek, “Fine, what do you want to do then?”

“Hmmm,” he hummed, leaning his face closer so his cheeks squished in more, “Let’s play Truth or Dare.”

You paused, giving him a look, helping him connect the dots, “You want to play Truth or Dare with only you and me….two people, where it could be just one or the other-”

“We don’t have to,” he exclaimed, pouting as he crossed his arms. “It’s just funny when you decide to pick dare and I tell you to lick the toilet seat or something.”

“Is that supposed to make me want to play?,” you raised an eyebrow, watching him sulk for half a minute before your caved. “Fine. We can play it.” There wasn’t anything better to do anyway, and you were just a little curious.

Haechan smirked, making your heart flutter even though you were annoyed with the fact he could always make you agree with him. You couldn’t deny him anything, he was your best friend and you’d do anything for him, but those weren’t the only motives you had.

Your crush on him had been a long time coming, ever since the two of you first met back in elementary school. At first, you didn’t see him as anything more than just a friend, but slowly, as the years rolled by, that began to change. Suddenly Haechan sprouted up, grew a foot over one summer and left you in the dust. He developed all different kinds of muscle and was suddenly able to pick you up in a hug and toss you around like a rag doll. He grew into his features, becoming more handsome day by day but never letting the fact that he was gorgeous get to his head. Haechan also grew more confident, a bit more flirty and touchy with you as well. You blamed hormones and nothing else, he couldn’t ever like you the way you liked him. Haechan was Haechan and you were…you.

“Okay,” he said, jumping right into the game and turning toward you. He slung his arm over the sofa and crossed his legs, “_______, truth or dare?”

You pulled a blanket from under his leg and wrapped it around yourself, “Uh, truth.”

“Do you like Mark?,” he said, watching you carefully as you nearly choked on the glass of water you had taken a sip from.

You wiped the corners of your mouth with the back of your hand, furrowing your brow as you scoffed, “No? Why would I like Mark? He’s our friend and nothing else.”

“And you’re sure you’re telling the truth right?,” Haechan pressed, face still serious as he watched you sit up straighter.

“Of course I am,” you replied, confused by his expression. “I would never lie to you, Haechan.” Your felt your stomach churn, knowing that you constantly lied to him about your feelings.

He seemed relieved to hear that, shoulders that you realized were tense relaxing as he murmured, “Good, just making sure you’re not keeping anything from me. Your turn.” He bounced back to his cheery demeanor, awaiting you to ask him.

“Okay, truth or dare?,” you asked, smirking because you knew what you would ask him regardless of what he chose.

“Hmm,” he hummed, watching you carefully as he tried to gauge just how nasty of a dare you’d make him do. Obviously thinking you were going to go easy on him, he chose the latter. “Dare.” Maybe he was a little cocky.

You chuckled evilly, rubbing your hands together as you beckoned him to follow you deeper into your house, “Kindly follow me, good sir.”

You could already feel the sudden dread coming from Haechan as you approached the bathroom, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed thickly, “You’re not gonna…”

“Oh, I sure am,” you grinnned, opening the door and allowing him to walk in first. You pointed to the toilet, “Lick it.”

“_______, wait,” he almost began to sweat nervously, eyeing the toilet as you grinned at him. “Can’t I do anything else?”

“Nope,” you shook your head, zero sympathy for him as he knelt down by the toilet. “You made me lick it last time, so now it’s your turn.”

Haechan shuddered, shaking himself as he took a huge breath, “Fair enough. Just know that for the rest of the game, you should definitely not pick Dare when it’s your turn.” He glared at you weakly, a not so intimidating sight as he bent over the toilet seat and quickly touched his tongue to the porcelain. He recoiled rapidly, his face scrunching up as he held his tongue out in disgust. You tried to hold on your laughter, but a small giggle slipped out, causing your friend to whip around at you and stand up to his full height. You began to back out, knowing that a counterattack was already in the midst.

With his tongue still comically sticking out, Haechan came after you, hands outstretched as he tore at his pullover that you had stolen from him a long time ago. You squealed and slipped away from him, wriggling out of his grasp by a hair’s breath as you ran into the living room panting. You fruitlessly looked for another way out, but he was already upon you, wrapping you up in his arms and spinning you wildly. You hated to say how much just the feeling of him holding you like that made your heart sing, he could lick you with his toilet tongue and you’d probably swoon.

You screamed in amusement as you pulled away, only to find that he was much stronger than you as he pushed you down to the ground. With a devious grin, he pinned your arms and straddled your waist, crushing you under his hold as you wiggled in defeat. You could tell by the look in his eyes he had something nasty up his sleeve, so you pleaded, “I give in! I’m sorry!”

You struggled against his hold as he tsked at you, seeing the distress on your face, “Are you trying to make me feel bad?” He smirked, leaning down close enough so that your foreheads touched.

His hair tickled your skin, causing you to blush at the closeness of his face. You avoided his gaze, seeing something foreign and strange in there, nothing you’d ever seen before. This Haechan seemed different, like the one that flirted with other girls that weren’t you and made you jealous, made you realize how much you really did like him.

“No, I just don’t want you to lick me,” you persisted, eyebrows furrowing as you tried to mentally prepare yourself for the oncoming attack. Something told you though that he didn’t plan on licking you at all.

He laughed and you could feel his breath ghost over your skin, “Why would I lick you? I may be gross, but I’m not that nasty. I had something else in mind…” His voice trailed off as he swallowed almost nervously, glancing down at your mouth once before gazing into your glossy wide orbs again.

“Well then,” you huffed, still struggling against him as you interrupted. “Why are you still sitting on me? You’re not the lightest you know-”

Haechan was swift, smoothly pressing his lips against your own, capturing your words with his mouth and taking them prisoner. Your eyes widened to the size of plates, freezing up as you realized that your best friend was kissing you. Shouldn’t you be elated? This is what you wanted right? So why were you so scared to kiss him back?

He tried several times to persuade you to kiss him back, going so far as to release your wrists and clumsily cup your cheeks. But you were in such a great state of shock, even then you couldn’t move and you hated yourself for it. You were breaking your best friend’s heart with each kiss and you didn’t know what to do. What if you kissed him back and he didn’t want you to?

Haechan gave up and pulled away with a hurt expression, a blush already dusting across his tan cheeks as he climbed off of you. You could barely hear him as he mumbled, “Sorry.”

“Wait, Haechan-,” you fumbled with your words as you watched him get up dejectedly, a sag in his shoulders. He walked out of the living room, mumbling something about going to go lay down in your bed for a bit as you sat there on the floor in shock.

Did you just accidentally reject your crush?

Your best friend?

When you heard the clean click of your bedroom door closing, you groaned, flopping back on the floor. You stared up at the ceiling and wondered how much more stupid you could get. You couldn’t even tell him that you felt the same way, and now you weren’t even sure he wanted to be friends anymore, let alone your best friend. It felt like your whole world had just come crashing down and you had no idea how to mend it.

You looked out the rain spattered window and saw lightning flash over the darkening sky, realizing that the sun would be setting soon. You couldn’t go see him now, you had to let him cool off and get back to a better place first. Seeing Haechan that gloomy and sad made you more upset than you cared to admit. Couple that with the fact that you were the reason for his sadness made you feel like a world class jerk. To console yourself, you went into the kitchen popped some popcorn in the microwave, sulking to yourself as you ate the buttery kernels on the couch. About an hour had passed and the sun had set, leaving the world in a rainy darkness, save for the occasionally flash of lightning. You yawned, suddenly feeling tired, but still uneasy by the fact that Haechan was still in your room, probably sleeping in your bed. He wouldn’t mind if you crashed too right? Or would that be too awkward after what happened?

Regardless, sleep called your name and your eyelids were heavy so you waddled tiredly to your room. You opened the door quietly, a slit of light filtering into the room and revealing the sleeping form of your best friend. He was turned away from the door and was curled up with your blanket tucked up to his chin. You walked over and knelt beside him, gently brushing the hair away from his eyes as you looked at him in sadness. Feeling remorseful and daring, you carefully pressed your lips to his forehead before you stood up, already feeling foolish. You sighed and crept over to the other side of the bed, shutting your door and leaving you in a dreary darkness.

He had taken almost all the pillows and piled them down the middle, creating a divide like a downy wall. It made your heart break as you realized he probably did it on purpose, wanting to put some space between the two of you. Tears bubbled in your throat, wondering if when you woke up the next morning if your best friend would still be your best friend. You drifted off into an uneasy sleep, wanting nothing more than to reach over to Haechan and hold onto him.

You awoke in the middle of the night with a jolt, bolting upright with a gasp as another crackle of lightning struck the clouds. You didn’t know why it scared you like this, thunderstorms never used to affect you. Beside you Haechan also stirred in his sleep, waking up slowly as his eyes tried to adjust to the darkness.

His voice was rough from sleep, “_______?” He sat up, rubbing his eyes as he tried to locate you on the bed. Finding your shaking form as you yelped again, another flash of lightning illuminating your tear streaked face.

He immediately sobered up from sleep, a determined and concerned look in his warm brown eyes as he flicked on your bedside lamp. You blinked at the soft glow, too bright after the pitch dark, “Sorry, I…”

Your words failed you as Haechan suddenly pulled you into his arms, burying his face into your neck as he embraced you. You broke down, sobs racking your body as you hugged him back, wanting nothing more than for him to tell you everything was okay, that everything was fine.

His voice was soft as he tucked your head underneath his chin, kissing your forehead gently, “It’s okay. You’re okay.” He rubbed circles on your back soothingly, closing his eyes as he savored the feeling of you in his arms.

You hiccuped, pulling back to look at him, eyes bleary, “Haechan…I’m so sorry, I wanted to kiss you back! I just-.” Your words died making you stare at the wet tear marks you’d made on his shirt, “I didn’t know what to do because I-I’ve been wanting that for so long.”

You felt Haechan tense up, his eyes widening in surprise as he cupped your face and tilted it up to look at him, “You’re serious? You’re not messing with me?”

“Of course not!,” you exclaimed, frustrated tears still drilling down your cheeks. “I like you, you idiot!”

His lips parted, his breath catching as he processed your words. He couldn’t find a way to respond, couldn’t find his voice, so he did the only thing he could do.

He kissed you.

This time, the moment his lips pressed to yours, you kissed him back, doing what you had wanted to do before. It was a new feeling, strange and wonderful as he kissed you chastely, his mouth sweet against yours. His kiss was filled with all the adoration he’d been holding back, and you tried to put all your feelings into the kiss as well, knowing your words weren’t enough.

After a few minutes, you pulled away, breathless as you both looked at each other like it was the first time. Your matching looks of wonder made the two of you crack up, laughing nervously as you exchanged kisses again. You felt so relieved, when you looked down, you found that all the pillows had been kicked down to the footboard. You realized that Haechan had woken up facing you, and you him.

Your best friend noticed too and smiled sheepishly, “Guess dream me really wanted to cuddle.”

“You’re such a dork,” you giggled, pulling him into a hug and flopping back on the bed with him caging you under him.

He laughed and held you close, nuzzling into your neck as he realized it was three in the morning, “I also guess that means we can actually snuggle for real this time?”

You nodded happily, letting him kiss you sweetly on the nose as you both tried to drift off to sleep. It as slightly impossibly though with the fact that the two of you couldn’t stop just looking at each other in amazement and kissing, a rather good problem to have. Regardless, you felt relieved and content knowing that your best friend was still your best friend (and also your boyfriend now!).

Tom Holland Imagine - 7


Swearing, jealousy, smut-ish (not bad though)

Summary: Reader and Tom go to a fancy premiere party and readers guy friends keep getting a little too friendly. And Tom doesn’t like it.

“Tom it’s time to go! The car’s here!” You yelled up the stairs. A few seconds later he ran down the stairs. 

As he stepped off the bottom step and paused, taking your beautiful blue dress in. “Woah.”

“You like?” You asked, turning around. Tom was wearing a suit, but he still looked handsome as always.

“Mmhmm.” He said wrapping his arm around your waist, planting a kiss on your neck. 

You got out at the premiere of your best friends movie and walked on the red carpet. You kissed Tom a few times and every time you did the lights seemed to flash brighter. You met up with your friend and headed to watch her movie.

After, you headed to the glamorous, star-studded afterparty. “Y/N?”


“How expensive was that dress?” he asked.

You looked at him, a little confused. “Very. Why?”

“I just needed to know how much I’ll owe you when I rip it off you.” He whispered in your ear. Then one of your friends, Anthony Ramos (FROM HAMILTON!) walked over. 

“Hey!” Anthony said pulling you away from Tom into a hug. “I got you something to drink.” He said handing you a cup.

“Thanks, Ant! Have you met my boyfriend Tom?” He shook his head. “Well, this is my boyfriend, Tom Holland.” You pulled Tom over to shake hands with Anthony.

“You’re the new Spider-man right?” Tom nodded, his jaw clenched with irritation. Anthony held his hand out and Tom took it and squeezed it hard. “Ok, well Y/N I gotta go.”

“No!” you said hugging him. “Come visit?”

“Of course!” He said before nodding goodbye to Tom and walking off. 

Tom wrapped his arm tightly around your waist. To tight. “Tom, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing, darling.” He said. 

Next approached Jack Gilinksy. “Hey Y/L/N! Been awhile since you’ve been in LA.”

“Gilinksy!” You squealed. You pulled out of Tom’s grasp to hug Jack. “I know, but he’s keeping me in the UK! Speaking of him, this is Tom.” 

Jack approached your obviously irritated boyfriend. “You treating my girl right? Cause if you aren’t she’s got me, Cam (Dallas), Nash (Grier), and Shawn (Mendes) to beat your ass.”

Tom glared at him. “She’s not your girl. And fuck yeah I’m treating her right. She’s not with Magcon anymore Gilinsky, she’s a celebrity now. So fuck off.”

“I’ve known her longer than you, watch yourself. He’s good to you?” Jack asked turning to you. 

You nodded. “He loves me and I love him. Well, I love more when he doesn’t act like this.” Someone called Jacks name and he said bye then turned to leave. “Tom! What. Is. Wrong.”

“Jack called you his girl, then he threatened to beat me up! Your MY GIRL.” He said, his eyes lit up with rage.

You placed a light kiss on his thin lips. “I’m his girl and your girl, two different meanings. I’m your girlfriend. And I’m like his sister. But I fuck you and I don’t fuck him. So you obviously have the upper hand. Now, I want you to suck it up and deal with it.”

He laughed a little. And then Asa Butterfield approached you. Tom knew you liked British guys, so he always thought he was a little better than American guys. There was one problem, Asa was British. And he was being very flirty.


That little shit, Ala or Asa or whatever is hitting on my girlfriend. “Um, baby?”

“One sec. Asa telling me this hilarious story from the set.” Y/N said holding a finger up at me. Ugh, she got a little feisty earlier and it turned me on. And that dress she was wearing showed off her curves. The more I looked at her and thought about her the more I got turned on. 

“Ok bye, Asa! We have to go.” I picked her up, not caring about the looks I was getting and put her in the car.


“Fuck!” You said as he pulled out of you. He pulled your naked body close to his. “Damn, I like this jealous Tom.”

He laughed a little. “I’m sorry about how I acted, I just love you too much.”


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omg i just read the one unpopular opinion thingie about wanting malec to hold hands and i am so obsessed with that idea. Like for them that is so much trust in each other. magnus cant uses his magic without using his hands and alec cant fire a bow with only one hand. like they are putting so much trust in one another and the universe to keep them save long enough to hold hands. I have probably over thought this too much but i just love the idea of them holding hands

Okay…. I haven’t looked at this from that angle but holy shit…. I am dead now. Thanks for killing me, pumpkin!

When the day met the Night - Part Two, Chapter Sixteen

I couldn’t wait to share the next chapter so here you go, enjoy!

Trigger warning- don’t flip at me please!

A few days had passed. I hadn’t made any plans to leave yet, I thought about it all the time, but couldn’t make a firm decision just yet. I stood at the counter early one morning, looking out the window, with a cup of tea in my hand. Jared appeared at the door and walked in, giving me a small smile. He came over to grab a tea cup from the cupboard next to where I was standing. As he passed by me he leaned in, “morning” he said softly giving me a light kiss on the lips. “Hi” I said with a sigh, he stepped back to see my reaction. I gave him a small smile, my heart picking up a beat, hammering in my chest. My phone started ringing, breaking the moment, I smiled as I picked it up seeing the name that had appeared. “Hello darling!” said a cheery voice. My old friend and one time co-star Tom. “Hi there stranger” I said grinning. “God it’s great to hear your voice, it’s been ages” he said wistfully. “I know, it has” I said echoing his sentiment. “Well you’d never believe it but I’m in LA, got here this morning for a meeting and I’m heading off to New York tomorrow, but I’d really love to meet you for a drink?” he asked hopefully. “Oh gosh really, tonight?” I said biting my lip, I glanced over at Jared. He was concentrating a little too hard on his phone, and from the look of his frown, he was listening carefully to my conversation. “Come on love, it’s been too long” said Tom. “Um, okay sure” I said, Jared glanced up now. We arranged the time and place and hung off. “Who was that?” he asked attempting to sound casual. “You remember Tom? He’s in town, only for tonight so I’m meeting him for dinner, is that okay?” I said. He nodded, “Of course, it’ll be nice for you to catch with someone from home” he said with a smile. “Thanks” I answered smiling back. He nodded and went back to his tea.

I stood in the mirror looking at my reflection. The black dress I had on was slightly tight, so it showed off my curves and the bump. I ran my hands over it smiling to myself. I was attempting to do up the zip but couldn’t quite manage to get it up. “Do you want me to help?” Jared appeared at the door. I nodded, “yes please” I said exasperated. He walked over and motioned for me to turn around, slowly pulling the zip up. His hands ran down my arms turning me back around to face him. “You look beautiful” he said. “Thank you” I said flushing under his gaze. We stood there staring at one another for a moment. Tentatively he brought one hand up to cup my cheek, the other hand slipped into my hair as he leant forward pressing his lips to mine, our kisses soft, gentle as though we were savoring the feeling of finally reconnecting. As our kisses became firmer, more urgent, I felt his tongue slip into my mouth finding mine, I quietly moaned and slipped my hands into his hair. He finally broke the kiss, murmuring against my lips, “I’ve missed you baby”. I nodded breathlessly, “I’ve …. I’ve missed you too” I said shakily. He was about to continue the kiss, when we heard the intercom. “That’s my car” I said almost disappointed. He sighed trying to hide his frustration, he took his hands away looking down at me. “Will you be late?” he asked lightly. “I don’t think so” I said, reluctantly moving away and making my way down stairs towards the door, “have a nice time” he said following me. I grabbed my keys and as I turned back, he leaned in pressing his lips to mine once more. I stepped back slowly, “bye Jared” I said almost breathlessly, “bye baby” he smiled, that sensual smile, the one that made my stomach clench and my heart beat faster. As I sat in the car I thought about the kiss and how much I missed him. Not only physically, but I’d missed talking with him, sharing my feelings. Laughing and joking. I hated this limbo we were living in. Maybe he was telling the truth, maybe I’d judged him too harshly. Perhaps I needed to just put it behind us and give him my blind trust. He’d never given me any reason to doubt him before. I got out my phone and quickly typed out a text - will you wait up for me? - almost immediately a response came, - of course I will - I smiled to myself, a warmth blossoming in my chest. I sent back a X and got XX quickly in response. I quickly pushed the thoughts away as we pulled up. As I walked through the restaurant I saw some patrons subtly take out their phones and start snapping photos of me. I ignored them, I was well used to it now. I finally spotted Tom, he jumped up greeting me with a tight hug and a kiss. “Harper, look at you, you gorgeous thing, I must say being pregnant suits you” he said laughing. “Well thank you, you’re good for my ego Tom” I said and smiled as we sat down. We ordered dinner and the conversation flowed as we caught up on each others lives. “You know Harper, I’ll always regret not meeting you before the shoot started, before you went to Italy” he said with a wistful smile. “Why is that?” I said curiously, “I might have had a chance with you, I would have met you before Jared” he said grinning, I started laughing. “Tom, that’s very sweet” I said grinning as well, “and very true” he added, he moved slightly closer to me, “I’m always around Harper, remember that won’t you?”. “Well, thank you” I murmured suddenly blushing. I decided we needed a subject change and to my relief, he was thrilled to talk about his new project. At around 10.00 I started to feel tired and anxious to get home. I decided it was time to call it a night. Tom and I walked out together, chatting as we waited. As my car pulled up and waited we said our goodbyes. I was surprised when he murmured into my ear “take care of yourself and remember what I said Harper” he put his arms around pulling me close and kissing my cheek. I hugged him back and then pulled away to hurry into the car. I mulled over his words, wondering what might have happened if I’d met him first, if I’d never gone out with Jared. How different would my life be right now. I shook my head, no matter what happened, I’d never regret Jared never. I looked out the window and suddenly noticed that this wasn’t the way back home. The driver was going a completely different way. “Excuse me, I think you might be going the wrong way” I called out to him. “No this is the right way” he said in a gravelly voice. “No, I’m in the hills” I said, a small frisson of panic setting in at the sound of his voice. “This is the right way” he repeated, “but I’m sure …” I started to say as he pulled up to the traffic lights. He turned to look at me and I watched as he reached over to the passenger seat and realized with horror that he was holding a gun, “we’re going the right way, for where you need to be, now pass over your phone and shut up” he said calmly. I quickly grabbed my phone out of my clutch and passed it to him with shaking hands. “Don’t try anything, no screams or hand signals, I can see everything” he warned. He turned back as the lights went green and took off again. My panic had turned to full blown fear, my heart started pounding and tears threatened. What was happening and where the hell was he taking me?? About ten minutes later we pulled up in front of an apartment building, he got out of the car and came over opening my door. “Don’t try and run or scream, I’m warning you” he muttered in a menacing voice. I nodded quickly and moved to get out of the car. I was scared, the tears that had been threatening, started to fall down my cheeks. The driver didn’t notice or was ignoring me as we rode up the elevator. We got out into the fifth floor and walked down the hall, stopping in front of an apartment. He put the key in and unlocked it, real terror set in, “please, please don’t hurt me” I whispered quietly, he ignored my pleas grabbing my arm and pushed me in, tears streaming down my face. As soon as we got inside, he let go and I heard him call out gruffly, “I’m back and I’ve got her”. Shit, I thought, there’s more people, I feared for my life now, knowing there was no possible escape.

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Scars - Carl x Reader

Well, this is longer than I intended…oops. When I pasted it in the indenting got messed up, sorry.

Request?: No
Summary: Carl struggles after he loses his eye and the reader makes him see (pun intended😉) that he is still the same person she and the others love.
Characters: Reader, Rick Grimes & Carl Grimes
POV: Third Person
Length: 2,230
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Strong language, talk of sexual actions & mild violence.

The morning sky was ironically bright blue and inviting. The warm rays of the sun beating down on the wrinkled sheets from outside the window. Intertwined and fast asleep the residents looked blissfully at peace. Neither one showed a sign of distress on their face, but a thick layer of gauze on the boys head. As the birds outside the house sang out a sweet tune a man walked in the room. Gentling shaking the girl awake he gave a raspy whisper,
“It’s time to change the bandage. We don’t want his wound to get infected.” The girl nodded, sitting up and rubbing her hand down the ride of her face. Tears began to well in her eyes and she sighed, looking down at the boy, whispering,
“He wouldn’t even look at me.” The man put a hand on her shoulder,
“I know, but he’s strong. He will fight this. I know it.” The girl began to weep violently, but without a sound. Shaking her head side to side she looked up at the man,
“B-but h-h-he didn’t deserve thi-is. This isn’t th-the w-ay it’s supposed t-to be.” Her chest heaved another gut wrenching cry. The man sat beside her and once again comforted her,
“Y/N, he’s gonna be just fine, don’t worry. We just need to make things as easy as possible until he gets used to it.” His voice began to quaver and at that point he could barely hold back the tears, “Just give him a-all the l-ove he deserves.” The girl nodded and wiping her tears and the man stood up. “I’m going t-to find his f-favorite comics for when he wakes u-up.” Before the man closed the door to the room the girl spoke quietly,
“He deserves the whole world and all we have for him is a comic book and a missing eye.” Upon that the man felt a hot, wet tear drip down his face and a hard pang in his heart. He closed the door to the room and walked off to find his sons collection of comics, leaving the girl to wake up the broken boy.
Back in the room the girl gripped her wrist, holding it closed to her body, looking down at the rug with glazy eyes. She was so worried about the boy that she could hardly breathe. He was still lying still, the trauma of his pain keeping his body in a constant state of healing. He was laying on his side, facing the light coming through the window with his wisps of his hair all over his face and the pillow. The girl got up, walked around the bed and kneeled in front of his face. She smiled at the peaceful look of innocence and beauty his features held. Remembering all the fun times they had together. Days they’d sneak off into the woods and just hold each other, listening to the sweet soundtrack of the rustling trees. Laughing and singing with everyone, forgetting for one moment the kind of world they lived in. Staring up at the midnight sky and creating a story for each of their loved ones as a constellation. She felt tears well in her eyes once again and she reached up to cup his face, rubbing her thumb in a soothing circular motion on his cheekbone. Reaching up as more tears fell she kissed the tip of his nose lightly and then moved her lips down to his, encapturing them for just a second. Pulling away she grieved at the stillness of his lips against her own. The man walked back in the room holding a medical supply kit and thin comic book in hand. He saw the girl and gave her a hard look,
“Y/N. Y/N, it’s time to wake him up. He’s not gonna like it, but it’s what he needs.” The girl plastered a melancholy smile on her face and tapped the boy on the shoulder. She rubbed his back whispering,
“Wake up, we need to change your bandage. Please, it will get infected.” The girl continued to shake him and the man walked over to place the supplies on the table right of the bed. With a groan the boy opened his eye lazily.
“Hey.” The girl whispered with a sweet smile. The boy turned away with a hard look his face and quickly swung his legs up over the side of the bed. The man spoke clearly,
“Carl, it’s time to change–”
“I know.” He was cut off by his son whom was already storming into the bathroom with the supplies in hand. With a slam of the door the girl jumped and immediately ran over, but was stopped by the man,
“Look, just let him do it himself. He needs time, it’s only been a few days. We need to let him settle down.” The girl was taken aback by his defeated look. In all the time she knew this man he had never once looked this beat down and depressed.
“But, what if he needs help. What if he does it wrong and it gets infected.” She looked at him with a sickening face of fear and devastation. “We don’t have the supplies for that. Carl would die.” Seeing the terror in her eyes he reached out and grabbed her by the shoulders,
“It’s gonna be okay. He just doesn’t want anyone to see it so when he goes to sleep I’ll come in here and check it. He’s just too goddamn stubborn to ask for help and too stupid to realize that his father could never look at him like a monster. Everyday will get better though, he’ll come around.” He exhumed with a comforting twang in his southern accent. The girl relaxed a bit and she went over to make the bed.
“Why don’t you stay here until he gets out and call me when he does, okay? I’m going to go check on everyone at the wall. There is a herd up the road so they’re watching for stragglers.” The man said heading towards the door.
“Okay, I’ll tell him you wanted to see him.” She said.
“Please don’t. I don’t want to push him too much.” She nodded and gave him a sad smile,
“Bye, Rick.” The man left the room.
Impatient, the girl tipped-toed up to the door, cracking it open about an inch, just to see in. There he was, angrily gripping the countertop, glaring at himself like he was the most disgusting creature to ever walk the earth. He picked up the supply kit and chucked it into the wall, making the girl jump in surprise. He punched the wall and just when the girl thought he was going to put a hole in it he slumped into the wall and sobbed. At that, the girl couldn’t control herself and rushed in to comfort him, not bearing to see the boy she loved in such intense agony. He turned around to see her and covered his face,
“Get away, don’t look at me!” Distraught she stood her ground,
“Get the fuck out. Now, before you see my face.”
“Why? Carl, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t see my boyfriend.”
“Because I look like a fucking beast. I look like one of those fucking monsters out there.” He screamed, pointing outside. She gave him an angry look.
“You do not look like beast. You are the most han–” He quickly cut her off.
“Y/N, I’m fucking missing half of my fucking face. No one in their right mind wants to be with a guy who’s missing half of his fucking face and you know that. So you can cut this bull-shit right now and walk out that door right now because I don’t want your fucking pity. I don’t need you to sit around acting like you care, like you want to be around because I know you don’t. And you know what, it’s okay because you don’t deserve to have to look at me every day of your life. You deserve a boyfriend who can actually protect you, one who can fucking see out of his god-damn fucking face.” She could now feel tears streaming down her face and she reached out to turn him towards her and push his hands away from his face.
“Baby, stop. Stop talking like that. Please, you’re killing me–” He screamed,
“Then fucking get out!” She snapped,
“WOULD YOU JUST STOP! Stop talking about yourself that way, please. I love you. I don’t care if you have twenty eyes or one. I fell in love with the way you’re so protective over your sister, the way you’re always putting everyone else before yourself. I fell in love with your bravery and perseverance, your respectful nature. I fell in love with your sweet smile, your laugh when I do something stupid, the way my name rolls beautifully off your lips. I fell in love with the way you love your family and the sacrifices you have made for them. When we first met I fell in love with you. With the strong guy who loves his family unconditionally and is willing to do anything for them. Now if you can explain to me how losing your eye affects all of that I will gladly leave, but since you can’t I’m staying here. I know you think that this will make me hate you, but if anything it makes me love you more, because now I know how truly strong you are to have suffered through all of this. And I know you think you have to protect me, but I’m okay, we both are. We’re alive and I love you. I did before the accident, I do now and I always will, forever. I’m not going away that easy, I guess you could say I’m like a nasty scar. I will always be here, just like this one.” She pointed to his wound. The boy was shocked and once again slumped against the wall in defeat.
“You don’t mean that. I know–” He was interrupted by her as she walked over and kneeled between his two legs.
“Carl, I don’t know what to say anymore, except that I’m not giving up on us because of this. I love you too much to let you go. If not for you, for me. Please. Just let me love you.” She started to tear up again and upon seeing her so distraught he removed his hands from his face and put them on her own. With this she looked up at his face.

“Now you know why I didn’t want you to see. It’s hideous and it’s ruined me forever.” She stroked his cheek and placed a kiss just below the wound on his cheek.
“It’s beautiful, just like you. It’s a representation of who you are. Your strength, your intelligence, your sacrifice, your love. It’s part of you, so I love it. I love you.” Upon seeing the irrevocable, passionate love in her eyes, he finally believed her words.
“I love you, too. You mean so much to me. I-If you left me I wouldn’t be able to do it anymore. I wouldn’t be able to wake up in the morning and walk the earth without you. You are one of the only beautiful things about this world and I don’t know who I would be today without you. Y/N I’m the single luckiest guy alive to have met the most amazing, gorgeous girl on the planet. I’m so lucky to be in love with you.” She blinked tears out of her eyes and gave him a pure, loving smile. He laughed and returned it kissing her gently, trying to keep his open wound from touching anything.
“You know. You will always be the hottest guy I know. You might even be sexier now. She said biting her lip. He smirked,
“And why is that?”
“Because I read that when people lose their vision their nervous system becomes more sensitive. So, that means more touching to find things and explore new surroundings.” She looked at him up through her long eyelashes,
“And I have a few places I’d like you to touch.” He chuckled.
“Is that so?” She licked her bottom lip,
“Mmhmm.” He smirked again,
“Well, why don’t we do some exploring right now?” The two stood up, kissing feverishly they started towards the door, when he remembered that he still hadn’t put on the new bandage.
“Wait. I need a new bandage.” She pulled away from and reached down by his feet to pick up the medical supply kit that had ricocheted off the wall. As she brushed up against him he made a groaning sound.
“Let’s just make this fast because you rubbing up against me isn’t my favorite thing without follow up.” She giggled and reached up to kiss him one more time before cleaning the wound and wrapping the bandage around his head.
“I love you.”
“I love you, too. Forever and always.” The girl giggled,
“You are so cheesy.”
“So are you, Y/N.” He responded. The girl gave him a bright smile,
“I guess we both are.” They clutched each other, enjoying the loving embrace until the girl pulled back,
“Oh yeah, your dad brought you ‘Super Man vs. The Amazing Spider Man if you want to read it.” He chuckled,
“Nah, I’ve read it thousands of times. I rather be with you.“

Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to send any requests and comment.

To be alone with him. (part 1)

Hey folks!

Welcome to my second fanfiction. This time, I wrote about Jai. It’s pure fluff from start to end. Yes, it’s also sappy, but I think sometimes we all need something like this. There’s also teeny-tiny bits of smut in it, so if you don’t like that or you’re not old enough: see you later!

This is a two-part installment, because it turned out much longer than expected, and the second part will follow soon.

Because English is not my first language, this text might disappear one day for further grammar and spelling tests, but will be posted again.

A big thanks again to my beloved @pathybo, who always encourage me to write, you’re the best!😘

So, without further explanation, let’s get rolling!

At this day I met Jai at the Canteen. We’ve had been on a few dates occasionally and always had a lot of fun. With a big smile plastered on his face, he strolled over to me. “Hey, (Y/N)! How are you doing?” He hugged me and gives me a little peck on my cheek. I smiled “very good, thank you! And you?” “Can’t complain. It’s good to see you, ‘cause I’ve got a question: John Williamson is giving a Concert at Henley Parc, and I was wondering if you want to join me and a few friends?” I looked at him and thought about it. If you’re out with the other one’s friends, you might become the odd one out, and I wouldn’t want that. On the other hand, I liked to be with him and of course, John Williamson live! “I’d love to!” His Eyes sparkled with excitement “Great! I pick you up at 8 ok?” I nodded, said goodbye and headed back to my workshop.

Saturday came three days later. The Weather was great and it would be a warm evening, so I decided to wear a knee-length summer dress and Roman sandals. I didn’t wear makeup, as usual.

5 minutes later, my doorbell rings. I pressed the opener and soon I heard Jai’s heavy footsteps on my stairs. I waited for him at the door. He looked really good: khaki shorts, a blue button-down Shirt, and gray Sneakers. When he saw me, his eyes went big. „ Wow, you look stunning!“ Jai had never seen me in a Dress, on our last Dates I’ve worn just Shirt and Jeans. “ Thanks, so do you” I answered. He took my Hand “Come on, let’s go!” What was that? Over the last few weeks we’ve become really close, but that was a new one, and I couldn’t deny that liked it!

In front of my house, I stopped dead in my tracks. There was no car, but an old Motorcycle! I looked at Jai “Is that yours?” He nodded proudly “Yeah, I brought it when I got my first paycheck. I hope you don’t mind, but we will be much faster with it” I shook my head “No, not at all, but I hope you’ve got a second helmet, ‘cause I ain’t own one!” He smiled and took another one out of a sidebag. “Prepared as always!”

Jai swung himself on the bike and I set Download behind him. When he noticed that I don’t know where to put my hands, he took them and laid them around his waist. Instinctively I pressed myself to him, which caused Jai to inhale sharply. I smiled at it.

15 Minutes later we arrived at Henley Parc. It was already crowded. Jai parked the bike and we headed to the entrance. When he saw his friends, he put his hands on the small of my back and guided me to them. Two Boys, Jason and Marc, and a Girl named Janine were waiting for us near the Stage. Jai hugged them all and introduced me. I instantly connected with them, which made me really happy.

We brought ourselves something to drink and went further into the Parc. The atmosphere was incredible and went even better as Mr. Williamson entered the Stage. We had a ton of fun, sway to “home among the Gumtrees”, cheered with “A number on my back” and rocked at “Diggers of the Anzac”. My sorrows to be the odd one out were void, Jai was at my side and his friends involved me in their talks all the time! Janine seems genuinely happy that she wasn’t the only Girl anymore. “You know, Jai can’t get you out of his head” she suddenly told me, while the Boys gets us another drink. I looked at her amazed. “But I’m surely not the first girl he’s on a date with” She shooked her head, smiling “No, of course not, but you’re the first *normal* one. All the other women seemed to be out of place with us, they don’t enjoy things like this. They’re all Model-typed girls with their heads and noses up in the air.” I swallowed, with Models, I couldn’t compete. When she saw my Mood-change, Janine instantly knew what I was thinking. “Hey, that’s not what I intend. I know Jai for over ten years now, and he never spoke that much and that good about anyone as he did about you!” We couldn’t talk about it any longer because the boys were back with our drinks.

The concert approached his end three hours later. Now it was dark, everything slowed down and bonfires were lit up all over the place. Mr. Williamson just started my favorite Song “Shelter” when Jai stepped behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He drew me to his chest, I laid my head back onto him and he placed a soft kiss on my head. I deeply inhaled the scent of his aftershave and sighted. As stupid as it sounds, but with Jai, I felt at home. Deep inside I wished this moment would never end. Janine saw us standing like this and smiled knowingly to me. I put my Hands above Jai’s and smiled too.

After the concert, we said good-bye to the rest of the bunch and drove back home. Jai led me to my door. “It was a great evening, thank you so much!” I said quietly. He smiled “No, I have to thank you!” Again he dragged me to him “I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun!” I looked up to him and our eyes met. There was something in his eyes, something new. My sight went down to his lips and suddenly I thought about how it would feel to kiss him. As if Jai had read my mind, he laid his index under my chin and lifted my head up so he could look me in the eyes again, like he asked for permission. Before I could say anything he immediately understands and crushed his lips on mine. He kissed me so softly, so tenderly and put his hands on both sides of my face. After what seemed like an eternity we parted. Jai put his forehead to mine and groaned quietly “I wanted to do that since I saw you sitting in front of your workshop” he whispered. I smiled “Do you want to come in?” I asked him but he refused “As much as I wished to, but we have to get up early tomorrow. And if I join you now, I swear we wouldn’t get much sleep. I see you tomorrow!” Again he kissed me lightly.

I was in my workshop and sorted screws to my toolbox when I heard a quiet knock on my door. Absentmindedly I called the person in without looking at it. Suddenly a pair of Hands touched my shoulders and started to massage them. At the same time, someone kissed my neck lovingly. A pleasant shiver runs down my spine. “Did you know how sexy you are, even in workwear?” the person whispered to my ear. I smiled and turned around. There was Jai, dressed in full costume. I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Eric, how dare you sneak up on me? What happened if Jai caught you? You know you’ve got a problem then, don’t you?” He smirked “I’m a fearless dauntless leader! I’ll mix him up, tell him to fuck off, and show him that you’re mine and mine alone! He growled possessively, took me in his Arms and kissed me passionately.

We heated up fast. Jai’s hands were roaming all over my body and get rested on my butt. He lifted me up, sets me down on my workbench and positioned himself between my legs. I could feel his arousal instantly. I kissed him back and shoved him away. “Hon, believe me, there is nothing I desire more now than doing this, but we need to stop before things are getting out of hand!” Jai was breathing heavy but nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. Not here, not now” I hopped down the workbench and we just talked for a few minutes till he calmed down and could go back in public.

PSA admins can do whatever the FUCK they want in their own rp! if they wanna kick someone out because they’re making them uncomfortable they CAN and they don’t owe an explanation to any damn one because it’s their rp!!!! they also reserve the right to decline applications, say no when people want them to change something about their rp, etc. admins can be both nice AND be in control of their rp (shocking, right?). ppl need to stop getting so butthurt when an admin actually sets boundaries and rules! like i know everyone has been so babied lately in the rp world and admins are always like “i don’t rly like that but… if you really want to i guess…” like FUCK no – there are rules and regulations and admins have things a certain way and if you don’t like it then just find another one! i hate how admins feel like they have to give in to each and every person just to have a “good reputation” fuckin stand ur ground you bad ass babes !!!! also i wanna start a petition to bring back app rps for fuckin good bc when people actually sat down and put thought & love into their application because they really wanted a role things were so much better. like appless is bomb ok i join em too but i promise people who actually spend hours on an app (i know for a FACT bc i have) will not give up that role very quickly and i promise they’ll be way more dedicated then someone who applied without even reading the plot or anything just bc the fc they wanted was open and they wanted to get it asap ok bye

anonymous asked:

What is your favorite chanyeol hair color and style? Do you have some gifs/ pictures of said style?

I feel like I answer this at least once a month or so (I’ve answered it /here/ previously) BUT I never pass up a chance to use gifs/pictures of Chanyeol so here we go~ ^___^ xo

Warning, this is going to be a bit long. Also I feel the need to express that I do not own any of these gifs/pictures

I’m going to go a bit more in depth than usual because I’m using pictures too. So, to start, I love red hair on Chanyeol. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Like, honestly. If he styled his hair in the ugliest way possible but dyed it red, I would still love it.

Red. Just red. 

But I do have a soft spot for whatever you’d call the color that he had for Exo Next Door.

Brown? Red? Brown-red? Red-brown? I don’t know. But I liked it.

Also orange. Bless the orange.

He looked like a giant baby pumpkin.

As for style… anything where it’s out of his face is my favorite.

Because I think it makes him look mature & adorable at the same time.

Like, just… ugh. Yas.

But I do also love when it’s all fluffy. 


/Chanyeol, put your tongue away. I’m trying to talk about your hair. -___-/

Also long-haired Chanyeol is one of my top 3 favorites. Especially when it’s in the monytail thing.

Seriously. Monytail. 

& then any combo of the things I’ve mentioned. Red & up.

Long & orange

Brown-red & fluffy.


Lastly, I’d like to give a special shout out to his weird gray hair that he had for Call Me Baby because it was gorgeous~

/yes it is, Chanyeol, yes it is/

Thanksgiving - j.b. imagine

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Summary: Your family comes over to yours and Justin’s place to celebrate thanksgiving with the two of you. 

Warnings: none, fluff mostly. 


“Y/n! What if your parents don’t like me?” Justin whined. 

“Trust me Justin, they’ll love you! You’re a good guy, there’s nothing you have to worry about.” I reassured him. 

Justin has been stressing this day since November has started. He always worried about my parents not liking him or he says something inappropriate or edgy around the dinner table. I always had to tell him, he would be fine. Which he was! The pies were baking in the oven and Justin and I were watching the parade on tv. 

“We should go there one year.” I suggested. 

“The one in New York is better.” He replied. 

“Well then, we should go to the one in NYC next year.” I continued, “Maybe you won’t worry about my parents not liking you.” 

“Shut up.” He scoffed, “You’re such an ass.” I laughed at his change in demeanor. Justin will always be a little baby—not that it’s a bad thing. I don’t mind it, sometimes. I got up from the couch and checked on the pies in the oven. They were looking good so far. My parents and other family were bringing their own dishes so, I thought it’d be best to bake something. It’s the least I could do. 

They were going to start arriving around five, so that gave us about 3 hours to ourselves. I put my y/h/c hair up into a ponytail, not really caring how it looked. I rested my hands on my hips and sighed. This was going to be a long day.

“Y/n!” Justin called to me. I walked out of the kitchen to see what he wanted.

“What?” I questioned, showing some annoyance. 

“I don’t know what to wear! What if I dress too preppy?” He asked. 

“Justin, you’re going to give yourself a heart attack if you keep this up. Just chill out. We’ll find you something to wear.” I said, “You’ve never met someone else’s parents before?” 

“I have but, not for thanksgiving! I haven’t had a girl around to take me to their parents.” He replied. 

“We have three hours babe, you’ll be fine.” I said, leaving the room. I was going to have a heart attack if he kept on bothering me. I never understood what was so bad about meeting your significant other’s parents. Justin, I could understand but, in general. I shook my head of my thoughts and sat on the chair, seated by the island. 

I took my phone out of my pocket and decided to call my parents. 

“Oh hello honey! How are you?”

“Great. Justin and I are super excited to see you guys!”

“Oh really? We can’t wait to meet him! Hopefully he’s better than your old boyfriend.”

“Mom. Stop. Don’t bring him into this. Justin’s a great guy, trust me. He’s a keeper.”

“Hope so. Well, we will be seeing you in a few hours. We love you so much y/n!”

“Love you too. Bye!”

Parents these days. Always bring up your ex’s. I locked my phone and put it back in my pocket. I ran my hands through my hair and messed around with my hair ends. I needed to get these trimmed. I got up from my seat and bumped into Justin on the way up. 

“What are you doing!” I yelled, caught off guard.

“I couldn’t help but listen. Your folks seem alright.” He said.

“They sure are.” I said, “Anyways, why don’t we go figure out what you’re going to wear?”

“Thought you’d never ask.” He smirked.

 He followed behind me as we went up the stairs to our room. We went into his closet and began looking through stuff. “Now. Before we start deciding what you’re going to wear let’s get something straight. You don’t need to dress preppy because my parents know how you are already. You can wear a nice shirt with nice jeans. No rips, no nothing.” I said, “Got it?”

“Don’t dress preppy, just look nice.” He repeated, “Got it.”

“Good! Now let’s find something for you to wear.” I exclaimed, beginning to go through his endless wardrobe of clothes. We finally came across something both him and I could agree on. 

“Okay, everybody this is my boyfriend Justin. Be nice to him.” I joked. I sent Justin a look, meaning for him to get up and introduce himself. 

He got up from his seat and began talking. “O-okay. Um, hello. I’m J-Justin. And it’s nice to meet y-you all.” He stuttered. I mentally faced palmed myself but, hey! At least he stuck to our plan. 

“Nice to meet you sweetheart. Y/n, you didn’t tell how handsome he was in person.” My mom said. 

“Oh my goodness mom. Dad’s right there, you know!” I laughed.

“Ooh, I’m sure he doesn’t care. Justin, you’re from Canada if I heard that correct, right?” My mom continued. 

“Born and raised ma'am.” He replied, sounding more confident. There’s the Justin I know. 

“That’s so nice!” She smiled, “Maybe next thanksgiving we can meet your parents! I’d love to see the people who created you into the young man you are!”

“Of course.” He smiled back at her, “Y/n just needs to let me know.” 

The rest of the night went smoothly and as planned. I looked about and everyone was having a good time, even Justin. I smiled to myself taking everything in. You just gotta love the holidays with family.

Soon, little by little, some of the family left. My parents were the last to go. “Y/n, you better tell us about when Justin’s parents invite us over for thanksgiving.” My mom said to me. 

“His thanksgiving is different from ours. But, I’ll let you know.” I rested my hand on her shoulder. My father and her engulfed me in a hug and planted a wet kiss on my cheek.

“And I could never forget about the man of the hour. Come and give your in-laws a good ol’ hug!” She focused her attention on Justin. Oh brother. I watched as he gave her a hug and he was ready to let go but, not her. She kissed him multiple times on each cheek. 

I had to put an end to this before she starts fully making out with him. “Alright mom. I think he’s had enough.” I joked, prying her off of him. 

“Oh, silly me! I got carried away!” She laughed, “We’ll meet again soon Mr. Bieber.” Justin nodded his head and scratched the back of his neck. I bid my parents farewell and watched as they pulled out the driveway to leave. I gave one last wave before they drove off. I closed the door and turned around to face Justin.

“See? It wasn’t even that bad.” I said. 

“You were right. But, your mom gives insane kisses.” He laughed. I let out a slight chuckle and rolled my eyes. 

This was a good thanksgiving.

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In Which I Endorse A Product

My whole life I had always had perfect skin. I rarely had acne and when I did, it was just one small colorless pimple that was almost completely invisible.

When I was 15, I was put on the birth control pill to help control my incredibly painful cramps. I stayed on the pills, in various forms, until January of 2013. I decided to go off the pill because they were having other side effects in my ph balance that I wasn’t willing to live with anymore.

Within months of going off the pill, my face exploded. With cystic acne on my forehead, and something that looked like a huge red rash across my cheeks. Sometimes the red rash would include big red bumps. But when I used acne medication on it, it would get worse and itch, and burn.

Pretty obvious I had developed Rosacea, and I had to come to terms with the fact that it was permanent. But I could never find a product that would completely cover the redness. Friends and co-workers always thought I looked super tired or sunburned.

Until a co-worker who worked at Ulta suggested It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness:

It comes in one color and it looks dark, it also looks dark when you put it on but it quickly blends into your own skin tone. I would say that it might be too dark for someone who is extremely pale (I’m pretty fair, but it still looks fine). I love it because it’s a liquid foundation instead of a weird green or yellow colored cream that never actually looks right.

This stuff seriously makes me feel so much better about myself. Even though I have to put it on every day, sometimes I just wear it alone without putting my Bareminerals on top, and it still looks fine. It completely erases my severe redness, smooths the big angry bumps, and I honestly believe that it soothes and treats the Rosacea also, because when I take it off at night sometimes the bumps have gone down.

Here’s 2 befores:

Here’s the after:

I haven’t retouched any of these. I am standing under a fluorescent bright kitchen light.

This shit works. Ladies, if you have rosacea, BUY IT.

I love you It Cosmetics.

Midnight Thoughts Part it’s-about-my-oshimen-graduating-soon-so-I-need-to-let-it-out-somewhere

Haven’t done this ever since Murai Junna grad… and here am I doing another one about Sakai Mei… 

As usual, Imma put the “keep reading” thing after this so you can skip this post and have a nice day (if you want to read this, feel free to waste your time)


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Come Back Home

Originally posted by seungcheofine

Genre: not angst but like sad? (ex. break up), fluff

Featuring: Seungcheol

A/N: so going back and watching episodes of seventeen tv and seeing pre-debut seungcheol had me feeling some type of way, and it inspired me to write this

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Day Four Hundred Sixty Three.

Too much went wrong
Not enough went right
But I’m doing my best
And try as I might
I can’t shake the feeling
That a fresh start is best
I’m finally ready
To put this year to rest

ruruka: has trust issues, worries about being betrayed, problematic af, super bitchy towards a highly loved character, kills one of her friends because she’s scared, terrified of dying, regrets a lot of what she’s done, wants to fix what she’s done, really self loathing, etc.
people: what a fucking cunt i hate candy slut i’m glad she’s gone
munakata: has trust issues, worries about being betrayed, problematic af, super bitchy towards a highly loved character, kills one of his friends because he’s scared, terrified of dying, regrets a lot of what he’s done, wants to fix what he’s done, really self loathing, etc.

Moving {Suga Fanfic}

Word Count: 741

Genre: fluff, request, suga fic,

Request:  Can I request a Taehyung or suga scenario they want to move in together but you’re hesitate and he thinks you don’t want to be with him? With fluffy ending

Yoongi watched you as you paced back and forth. It had been the third night you spent at his house and you were looking frantically around the paper that you needed to hand in today.

“Do you think I left it back at my apartment?” you asked, stopping to look at your boyfriend.

Yoongi rolled his eyes, “That’s why I told you to bring all the important stuff over but you didn’t listen.”

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-through the years au-


You’re eight years old and her name is Teresa.

And when you tell her yours, she says it like a question—“Brenda?”—then as a statement—“Brenda.”—as if she’s decided she likes you, and you like her too.

She tells you she’s from a place called the United Kingdom and then looks offended when you say, shameless as always, that you’ve never heard of it.

But then you say that maybe you’ll visit some day, and she smiles and says, “I can take you.”

And you smile back and decide you haven’t got many friends, but this one, this one is yours.

You’re thirteen years old and the other girls whisper behind her back because she plays with the boys, and the things they say are so mean that you almost think you’re better off, being invisible.  

But when they spread rumors and hide Teresa’s things, Teresa brushes them off but you collect spiders and you dig up worms and you hide them in their clothes during gym.

Because they can be mean, so you must be vicious.

You’re sixteen years old and Teresa and Thomas are dating.

You’re not sure why she likes him, which is strange because in all this time you’ve gotten to know her better than she knows herself. But this, this is a mystery.

And when you tell her you’re worried, because you tell her everything, she laughs and puts a hand in your hair. She says “Bren, you’re irreplaceable.”

And you give her a small smile, but it hurts because when you see her with him she looks happy, but you make her happy, too.

So you start to miss her every time she says good-bye even after hours, days, nights spent together. You wish you didn’t, but you do.

And you decide that maybe you don’t mean as much to her as she does to you; but then you don’t blame her, because to you she means everything.

You’re seventeen years old and you figure out why you’ve always thought your best friend is so goddamn beautiful.

You’re fucking in love and when you finally admit this to yourself—whisper it over running water to your reflection in the bathroom mirror—you want to punch the glass.

Every time you see her all you can hear in your head is “I love Teresa.”

So you stay quiet and keep your eyes on the ground to keep from staring at her, and when she asks you what’s wrong you snap at her, “None of your business,” and she looks so hurt that you want to get on your knees and wrap your arms around her waist, “No, I’m sorry, I love you,” but that would just about ruin everything, wouldn’t it?

And you’ve had fights about little things and not so little things, but this is worse because it hangs in the air like a dark cloud, thick and dividing. You say nothing, so the two of you fall further apart when all you want to do is hold her closer.

You’re seventeen and a half years old and Teresa and Thomas aren’t dating any more.

You’re not exactly devastated, because you never really liked them together, anyway, but Teresa’s crying at your kitchen table and it’s like you’ve been stabbed.

Nothing you can say will make her stop, because Teresa rarely cries—the two of you are similar like that—but when she does, she cries herself empty.

So you hug her tight and tell her she’s okay. You kiss her hair and give her bowls of ice cream and make her laugh by offering to slash Thomas’ tires, although it wasn’t a joke, not in the least.

And when she’s stopped her sobbing and the two of you are sharing a spoon and a carton of mint chocolate chip, she asks “You’ll never leave me though, right?”

And you put down your spoon and look her in the eyes and say, “Never.”

You’re eighteen years old and Teresa’s moving to the coast on the other end of the country to attend Columbia University.

You’re not surprised, because Teresa is extraordinary and always has been, but you’ve always been scared of the day when Teresa would go off to do bigger, better things.

And New York is so far away that Teresa squeezes your hand when she shows you her acceptance letter, says “I’ll call all the time, and we can visit each other, and when we come back for Christmas or something we can hang out, and…”

But you stop listening because she means it, really means it, but you’re still so terrified that time will pass and none of it will matter.

You hope that when she leaves you’ll learn to stop loving her, that your chest will stop hurting when you think of her, but that night in August when you send her off you cry yourself to sleep.

You’re nineteen years old and you’re trying to keep in touch.

You’ve got three new roommates and Teresa’s got one—you both agree that they’re fine, but you’d rather have each other. You’ve joined your school’s LGBTQ org and she’s joined what sounds like every club on campus.

And in the beginning it’s exciting and new and you’re nearly glowing because Teresa leaves out nothing, so it almost—almost—feels like you’re there with her.

But as the days fly by and you fall into routine, you talk less and less, and you wonder if Teresa is beginning to forget about you.

And that thought doesn’t hurt you as much as it would’ve a year or two ago, but you torture yourself by looking through old photos and messages and you find that familiar pain hits you in the chest.

You love her, you remember, and you cry like you haven’t in months because you doubt that she’ll ever know.

You’re twenty two years old and you haven’t seen her in a year but you’re standing in the airport with your heart in your throat because you can’t wait to see her face.

When her plane lands and she walks into the terminal her hair is messy and her clothes are wrinkled and it doesn’t look like she’s slept in days but you think she’s as gorgeous as ever.

And you’re afraid that things are different, now, but when she sees you she runs.

Soon you have your arms around her and your foreheads, the tips of your noses, touch. She says “I missed you,” and you want to kiss her so, so badly, but instead you put her down and help her bring her things to your car.

You’re still twenty two years old and you’re sharing a bed with her like you did when you were kids.

It’s 2AM and you know you’re staring at her like she’s the sun and moon and stars but you don’t care.

And when she asks what’s wrong, you don’t say “None of your business.” You don’t even say “I really missed you.” Teresa is here, now, for who knows how long, so you say “I love you,” and her eyes widen and you kiss her.

She pulls back for just a moment, shocked, and you wonder if you’ve gotten too brave since high school, but then she puts her lips back on yours and breathes, “Since when?”

You put your hand on the small of her back and she curls closer, kisses deeper, and you say “Always.”

You’re twenty five years old and you’re in the airport again.

The flight to Heathrow is going to be about twelve hours long and you’ve never been a fan of flying but Teresa is letting you have the window seat.

She keeps asking if you’ve got your passport, keeps offering you water, keeps brushing the hair from your face, keeps holding your hand. You’ve still never been to the United Kingdom, but that’ll change soon, and just about everything is right with the world. 





This ship is so important//girls protecting and loving girls is important//this one felt really personal to me bc?? idk being in love with friends

Sorry for second person?? I think it worked out but I dislike second person haha

Thank you for reading//also posted here ugh//scream if you see typos//feel free to send prompts! uwu


Prompt #11 No, no. You don’t get to ask that

Harry was doing this because he loved her. Even though the act caused him physical pain, he would gladly endure it if would make the girl he loved happy. Even if it meant that the girl he loved was going on a date, with a man other than himself. You see, Harry loved her, but she didn’t know. Well, in a way she did. She knew Harry loved her as a friend and she loved him just as much back. But Harry wanted her as more than a friend. Loved her as more than a friend. Their friendship was special, rare even, but Harry couldn’t help but want more.

Y/N was slightly nervous before she left Harry alone with her little brother for the evening. She smoothed her hands over her unnaturally curled hair and checked herself out in the mirror one last time.

“You look beautiful.”

A light pink blush tainted her cheeks, and Harry shuffled his feet. Did he say the words aloud? He hadn’t meant to, but he meant what he said. Since when had this become so complicated? He guessed it was when home went from a place to a person. And that person was her.

“Thank you,” Y/N said quietly. “I already warned Benjamin about being on his best behaviour. He’s a good kid, he won’t give you problems, but just in case, call me. I already gave him supper. He might want a snack, that’s fine as long as it’s not ice cream. It gives him stomach aches. There’s crackers in the cupboard and yogurt in the fridge. Emergency numbers are on the fridge, and…and am I forgetting something?”

Harry’s arched eyebrow was sexy. Everything about him was sexy.

“Yes. You’re forgetting to breathe.” He placed his hands on her shoulders, steadying her. He had that effect on her.

Y/N visibly relax. “Thank you, Harry, I owe you one,” she breathed.

“Hey, you know I’d do anything for you,” Harry said gently. And be anything for you, he wanted to add but didn’t.

She mashed her lips together and Harry found himself wanting to run his tongue along the flat line.

“I better get going,” she said.

Good idea, Harry thought. No, bad idea actually.

“Bye monkey, be a good boy,” she said, kissing the top of the little boy’s blond head. “I won’t be too long, Harry, but I won’t be home in time to put Benji to bed. Bedtime is nine.”

Harry nodded, assuring her that everything would be fine. With one last wave, Y/N left her apartment. Harry got the sick feeling that he just let the love of his life walk out the door without so much as a backwards glance.

“We’re going to have to wash your face before bed bud. You have evidence all over your mouth,” Harry laughed.

Benjamin’s spoon froze mid-air as he listened to Harry speak. The little boy idolized him. He nodded and happily slid the spoon into his mouth.

“I know. Y/N always helps me wash my face. She bought me this cool blue soap. Spiderman’s on it,” Benji spoke excitedly.

Harry lightly touched his fingers to his lips. “Your sister takes good care of you,” he said fondly. Of course she did. She just had a nurturing soul.

“Oh yeah, she’s awesome,” Benji announced, digging into the carton of chocolate ice cream.

Harry grimaced, checking his phone. It was nine thirty and he was feeding her little brother ice cream. He had broken two rules. But he saw so much of her in Benjamin he couldn’t bear to tell him no. He was also like his sister in that way.

“Harry,” Benjamin spoke suddenly, pushing the carton away from him.

“Yes, little man?” Harry said, placing his hands on his knees and leaning forward.

The little boy wiped his mouth with his pajama sleeve. “Do you like my sister?”

Harry’s head cocked to the side at the random yet sweet question. “Of course, I do, she’s my very best friend.”

“I think you like her as more than a friend,” Benji decided.

Harry nearly choked on his own saliva. He reached for his bottle of water. “Is that so?” he asked after taking a swig.

“Mm hm,” her brother said.

“What makes you say that?” Harry asked, curious as to how this boy could read him so easily.

Benjamin yawned. “Because you look at her and touch her like my daddy does with my mommy. And they love each other very much.”

Harry inhaled sharply. His heart was hammering in his chest, and he had no idea what to say.

“Well, little man, you’re right.” He leaned forward and whispered. “But can we keep this a secret between you and me? I don’t want your sister knowing yet.”

Benjamin yawned again, the words barely registering.

“Come on, buddy, time for bed.”

Where the hell were you? Harry wondered. It was two in the morning and you weren’t back from your date. Anxiety coursed through his body like blood and every reason he came up with for your absence was worse than the last. His silent phone taunted him and he kept waiting for the key to jiggle in the handle of the door.

His hands in his hair, Harry paced the apartment, careful not to wake a sleeping Benji. When two became two thirty, Harry decided he had enough. Fuck it, he thought, grabbing his keys and jacket, he was going to look for you.

He threw open the door and almost collapsed with equal parts shock and relief. Her face was a mirror of Harry’s surprised one as she stood in the hallway.

“Harry, Harry what’s going on?” she asked him, stepping into her home.

He was so relieved she was okay that the anxiety settled, making room for anger.

“Where the hell were you?” he asked harshly, ignoring her question.

Her eyes widened as she took in his unfamiliar anger. “On a date, you know that.”

“All this time? I don’t think so. I need answers,” Harry crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Something within her snapped. “I’m sorry, but who do you think you’re talking to? I don’t have to tell you anything!”

Harry gripped the tops of the armchair. “Yes, you do. I was about to go out looking for you, I was so afraid. What was so important that you couldn’t call me or answer your fucking phone?”

“God, Harry, I was busy!”

Busy doing what? Oh God. “Were you fucking him?”

Her jaw dropped to the ground. “No, no. You don’t get to ask that. That’s none of your business, Harry. Wait, you were going to look for me?”

Harry’s eyes softened. “I was worried, okay?”

Y/N opened her mouth to speak but a small figure in the doorway caught her attention. “Monkey, what are you doing up?” she asked her brother.

Benjamin rubbed his eyes. “My tummy hurts.”

“Your tummy hurts?” She shot daggers at Harry. “You gave him ice cream, didn’t you?”

Harry backed into the corner, her protectiveness intimidating him.

“Stop yelling!” Benji said with tears in his eyes. “I can hear you guys fighting!”

Her heart broke. “No, Monkey, don’t cry,” she said.

Harry walked over to the child and squatted down to his eye level. “Your sister and I are okay, little man. We’re just…talking.”

“No you’re not. You’re yelling at her! You’re not supposed to yell at her, you love her!” Benji covered his mouth immediately, knowing he shared Harry’s secret. The one he asked him not to tell his sister. The little boy ran back to his bedroom.

She stood there, hand over her chest which was rising and falling rapidly. She knew she should go after her brother who took shelter in his room, but something about the way Harry’s face paled kept her feet in place.

“Harry?” She swallowed. “What did Benji mean?”

Harry sat down on the couch, his head in his hands. “He meant what he said,” he said, his voice muffled from his hands.

“You love me?” Y/N asked, heart rate exceeding a billion beats per minute. “I mean, we’re best friends, obviously we love each other.”

Harry lifted his head and looked directly into the eyes. The eyes he knew he was in love with.

“Not like that, Y/N. I love you as more than a friend.” Harry’s throaty voice was thick with emotion.

She could feel her heart grow in size.

“I’m in love with you, Y/N. I think I always have been,” Harry admitted.

She gripped the counter for support, eyes wide and dazed as she stared at the ceiling. “Driving,” she said suddenly. “That’s where I was all this time. Just driving around, trying to clear my head.”

“What for?” Harry asked, trying to ignore the fact that she hadn’t returned his affection.

She shrugged, as if what she was about to admit wasn’t that big a deal. “Just trying to make sense of the fact that the entire two hours of my date I was wishing it was you sitting across from me instead.”

As soon as her words hit the air, Harry sprang to his feet and walked over to her. She hadn’t said what he expected, but she said so much more.

Harry cupped her face in his large hands and stared into her eyes, searching for her soul. “I don’t want to be friends anymore,” she sobbed. “I love you, Harry, I love you so much.”

Harry’s heart flipped in his chest, barely containing his happiness. Slowly, he leaned forward until his lips locked on her parted ones. His tongue danced on her lips before plunging into her warmth.

One taste wasn’t nearly enough. He needed much more.