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Hey, not sure if you are still doing requests, but will you pretty please do #2 for Nicky and Erik. Like maybe early on during the exchange program maybe?... I really love your writing sooooo much.

(This was sent a million years ago but I loved writing them and I hope you like it too!! You’re too goddamn kind wth)

02: “I think I’m in love with you and that scares the hell out of me.” nicky/erik

Their routine is pretty simple, now that he’s settled in. Make breakfast with Erik’s mom (the only morning person in the house), try not to burn things when Erik walks in with the sun on the hem of his smile. Go to the airy Stuttgart high school and text Erik under the desks, feel German in his mouth like something God put there directly, something his parents never touched. Wander home past palace square and pretend it’s the fresh, sunny air making him feel untouchable, not Erik’s fingers brushing his knuckles.

They sleep in the same room, three feet apart, until the house takes soft breaths and the clock is the loudest sound on the air. The hardwood is cool when Nicky climbs out of bed and Erik lifts his duvet for him.

The whole thing is indescribable. The way coming to Germany felt like breaking out of prison, and Erik Klose at the arrival gate had felt like instantly stumbling upon a five star hotel with his name on the guest list.

Every day he spends watching Erik get teased about his sexuality by his mother with a pat on the cheek and a shared laugh, every time their now mutual friends nudge him and Erik together, every church service he spends staring at the rainbow flag peeking innocently out from the decor, is another day that he can’t stop gulping in the freshness of the air.

He dreams about the conversion camp, and he wakes up in his maybe boyfriend’s arms. He falls in love with how easy it is and cries when he thinks of how easy it wasn’t and can’t always be. English rusts in his mouth.

Erik doesn’t label the thing they have, but sometimes they sit in the family’s garage on their sixth or seventh beer (eighteen Nicky. You’re legal. Stop trying to smuggle six packs past my mother like she doesn’t know what we’re doing) and they bet on how many cars will go by. Erik holds Nicky’s hand to his own heart and counts off all the verses in the bible that preach unconditional love.

“You know that whole ‘love is patient, love is kind’ thing? That’s for you too,” Erik says, tugging the hair out from behind Nicky’s ear so it curls around his face.

“Mmm. I don’t think my love would be patient. My love would get shit done.”

Erik laughs, leaning back and cradling his beer to his chest. “I don’t doubt it.”

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Once Upon an Allergy

The Spring Exchange fic authors have been revealed, so I can post this here now!

This was my exchange fic for @baneismydragon! I hope you enjoy(ed) it, you gave a really good prompt! Shout out to @reyxa for lending me her soulmates au where the sneezes of soulmates sync up.

Summary: "After pouring two packs of chocolate powder in each mug, she felt a sudden sensation in her sinuses thanks to the powder that remained in the air. Quickly, she put her finger below her nose, pleased when the sneeze stopped. After that, it was quick work to pour the water and stir the mix in, and just as she was about to bring them out-

She sneezed.

She stared at the mugs of hot chocolate, her eyes impossibly wide. There was no way. She had to be dreaming. She did not just hear three consecutive sneezes come from her friends in the living room.”

Or, a soulmate au where the sneezes of soulmates sync up after you meet them.


“Alright, class, we’ve got two new students joining us this semester. Please, introduce yourselves for us,” their teacher, Madame Bustier, said.

Standing in front of the rest of the class were two students, one that looked excited and fiery, and another that looked shy and awkward. To the class’ surprise, the shy one spoke first.

“Hi, my name’s Adrien, and I look forward to working with all of you in the future.” He punctuated his statement with a quick little wave and a sweet smile.

After he finished speaking, the other spoke. “I’m Alya, and I just moved nearby from across the city.”

Madame Bustier gave them both a smile and gestured for them to find their seats. Alya moved instantly, spotting an empty seat in the second row, next to a girl she’d actually ran into before school started. Adrien rubbed his arm, his eyes sweeping across the room. He saw a childhood friend of his waving for him to sit by her, but he cringed when he saw her trying to push her seatmate out for him. In the hopes of letting the poor girl keep her seat, Adrien sat as close as he could by taking the empty seat in front, next to a student that looks uninterested in what was going on.

While the two settled in, their teacher was about to continue speaking when two synchronized sneezes sounded from the back of the room. Adrien and Alya both turned to look, eyes wide at actually having a pair of soulmates in their classroom. They saw a couple sitting next to each other in the row behind Alya, both of them blushing a tiny bit as their hands intertwined.

Patient though she may be, when Adrien and Alya didn’t look away, Madame Bustier cleared her throat and brought their attention back to her. It was only then that the two noticed nobody else had turned to gawk, which could only mean they all knew already.

“I understand that soulmates are an interesting topic to talk about, let alone see in person, but we do have class to tend to, Monsieur Agreste and Mademoiselle Césaire.” With that, she turned around and started writing on the board. Adrien looked sheepish and stared down at his desk while Alya turned to the girl beside her and started whispering.

“So girl, mind spilling the beans on those two behind us?” she asked, not quiet enough to keep Adrien and his seatmate from hearing. “Are they really… you know?”

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*Too Close For Comfort* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Newt x reader. Newt brings his wife an new born daughter with him to New York. She spends most of the time in the case. Newt takes, Tina queenie and Jacob to see his family. Who are curled ups do being protected by frank. Who starts hissing when Tina gets too close

Years had passed since Newt had been back to New York. Promising Queenie, Tina and Jacob he’d make his way out there again soon, he found the perfect time just years after releasing his highly successful book. In-between the release, Newt and you had married and just recently had your first child.

 Excited for you to meet his friends he told you so much about, he made his way out of the case letting you know you’d be arriving in New York in the next hour and he’d let you know when he arrived at the Goldstein’s. Giving you and your daughter, Lily, a quick kiss before exiting, Newt smiled as he watched you cradle your new little bundle of joy. He was over the moon in love with you both.

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Nightmares Are Made Of

Xavier asks Logan to the school for a very important mission–that involves you as well. Things may start off rocky, but you hope to change that.

  • X-Men Wolverine / Logan Howlett x Reader
  • 1075 Words
  • Some cursing, nothing worse than the x-men movies
  • Part One

“My office. Now.”

The airy voice enters your mind, sending a small shiver down your spine as it always did when Xavier tries to get your attention. It was always unexpected, always at the wrong time. Now, you were tutoring a small boy, a mutant that went by the name of Garret. He could hardly use his powers, which was nothing more than singing in a high pitched voice, causing everyone in the same room as him to get a severe headache.

You tell the boy to wait in his room, that you shouldn’t be long. With a little sigh, you rise to your feet and take the journey to the office of the famous Professor X, the headmaster of the school for mutants.

Once you arrive at the door, you feel that something is wrong. There is a certain presence about the air that makes it thick and hard to breathe. You could always catch these sort of feelings, always so paranoid when you got them.

“Come in.” The airy voice enters your mind once more and you push open the door, only to find a large man with broad shoulders and a scowl plastered on his face. His eyebrow cocks up instantly high, giving the look of anger slash confusion.

“Oh…” You breathe, unsure of what to think of this animalistic man standing in front of you. He certainly was no child, therefore it was a little strange to see him in this office. Xavier only took in children, unless this was a special circumstance.

“Ah, Miss, Y/N. So nice of you to join us.” Xavier smiles from his desk. He gives you a small nod, your que to close the door so no little mutants could eavesdrop. “I would like you to meet our newest member, Logan. Or as he likes to be called, Wolverine.”

Wolverine hasn’t moved his eyes since you came through the door. His hands are positioned on his hips and his jaw is crooked as he takes you in.

“Wolverine?” This time, you cock your own eyebrow and look over at the man. You can’t deny his looks are very charming, almost winning you over just like that. But you knew better than to fall for any of the mutants around here, especially before you know their past. “What? Did they give you that name for your looks?”

Logan growls, holding his right fist in the air and what happens next takes you by a little surprise. Three long, sharp claws extend from his knuckles, ripping apart the skin and stopping after they were several inches longer than his own fingers. The sound it makes sends yet another chill down your spine. It sounds painful, and yet his face doesn’t twitch.

“Oh…” You aren’t sure how to respond, the shock was still settling in.

“Logan can also heal exceptionally fast with his healing factor, which has sort of put a hold on his aging process.” Xavier explains from behind his desk, the sound in his voice gave him away; he was enjoying this show.  “Although he has a bit of a memory problem, which is why he is here with us.”

“A memory problem? What a power.” You say in a snarky voice and cross your arms over your chest. “What good is that?”

“What’s your power, princess?” Logan narrows his eyes on you, his claws sinking back into his skin and appearing as if nothing were just there. “Annoying everyone around you?”

You open your mouth to speak, piecing together a comeback that was sure to make him curl back in fear, but Xavier, as usual, beats you to the punch.

“She can inflect her worst nightmares onto you.” He says ever so simply. You feel a small blush creeping up your cheeks, knowing that this sounds childish and that the man in front of you will laugh.

He raises his eyebrow again, a smirk growing on his lips. “Huh. Sounds scary.” He wiggles his fingers in the air before he sticks his thumbs in his belt loops. “Tell me, how does that work in combat?”

You look at your headmaster for conformation, which he gives you with a slight nod of his head. You turn your head back to Logan, staring at him with emotionless eyes until they turn black. You watch the way his features change from a man who was seemingly having too much fun to a man who was scared shitless.

Color drains from his skin, leaving him looking a bit paler than he was before. His eyes grow large and you can feel his heart speeding up in his chest, beating faster and faster until you were sure it would burst. Logan falls to his knees, begging for “them” to go away, begging for mercy, begging for someone to help him.

“That’s enough, Y/N.” Charles Xavier warns you before his heart really did break.

You shook off the nightmare, regaining yourself. The black fades from your eyes, leaving them the beautiful color you have. A small smile plays at the corner of your lips as you watch the man in front of you look around the room, trying to figure out what just happened.

“Now you see.” Xavier chuckles in delight. He has a fascination with your power, always trying to figure out how far it goes, how much pain and suffering you could possibly give others. It was not a power he exactly encouraged you to use often. “She can kill a man within seconds. I’m sure you felt only a fraction of what a normal human can feel.”

Wolverine growls and jumps up to his feet, hand still over his chest. “What was that?” He glares down at you, stepping even closer so he could have a better look at you.

“The things that haunt me in my sleep. In some cases, I can use your nightmares against you as well, scaring you to—well—death.”

“Logan, I want you and Y/N to get to know each other. I have a mission for you two.” Xavier smiles, acting like you hadn’t just tried to kill someone.

Logan’s eyes trail down your body as he stands over you, hesitating here and there to get a better look. “Does it involve her trying to kill me again?” The color returns to his cheeks and you watch as his pupils grow larger the longer he looks at you.

“Not yet.” Charles chuckles.

Don’t Mimic Me | Prologue

Avengers x Villain!Reader

part one

Summary: After what appeared to be a failed experiment, you stay low and compliant. You’ve always done what you were told; it’s what kept you alive all these years. That is, until you get caught and your secret is revealed.

WC: 1,186

Warnings: Light mention of physical and maybe verbal abuse?

Notes: For the birthday girl, AJ (@mattymattymerduck). I know you enjoy villain!reader, so here this is :D I’ve had this idea for a while, but wasn’t sure how to go about with it. Until now. Enjoy ~

Useless. Absolutely, unforgivingly useless. That’s all you are, and ever will be. You were born a mistake; proof being that your own mother traded you in for cash, once she deemed you were old enough. Could you really blame her though? Your father fell off the face of the planet one day, and was never heard from again. But he was seen again, on the news actually. Living the life as a politician now, somewhere in New York. Watching him appear on the television, making speeches about equality and creating a better world… You were his only child, and all she ever saw in you was the reminder of the man who walked out on her. A splitting image of him.
She just never realized that she wasn’t the only one he abandoned.

You always did your best to do things right. God knew that you’ve made your fair share of mistakes over the years, but never on purpose. The good grades, finished chores, and obedient nod were never enough. There was always a grade not high enough, a chore done too slow and a right response given at the wrong time.

On the weekend of your birthday, a man showed up at your door. According to your mother, he was a distant relative. When you spotted the duffel bag on the table, you knew it wasn’t packed with your things. For the past month, you heard the phone calls in the late night. Something something, useless… Mumble mumble, exchange.. Whisper whisper…. Deal. What confirmed your suspicions was when your mother suddenly showed an interest in your well being. She began checking your body for any disfigurations, or markings. She would ask how you were feeling, touching your forehead to check for a fever, looking for any kind of change in you. It was a cruel joke to you, making you believe that she might actually be turning a new leaf.

She grabbed the duffel bag, unzipped it and nodded with contentment at the sight of bundled cash. You turned towards the so-called relative, and he held out his hand. You glanced back to your mother, but she was already turning away with the duffel bag in hand. It stung watching her walk away, not even hesitantly turning around for one more look. After years of getting that cold shoulder from her, you’d think that you would’ve been used to it.

The man took your hand and led you outside, where you were greeted by a small black, two seater car with windows deeply tinted. Huh. Usually there’s a fine for people who get window tints too dark. He opened the door for you, and without hesitation you got in. You watched as he strolled around the front of the car and into the driver’s seat. He started the car, and took off. The sight of what used to be home shrunk in the wing mirror until it was out of view.

You leaned your head against the chilled window. “What about my things” you spoke out, watching the fog from your breath slowly disappear from the glass. The tone in your voice wasn’t demanding or curious. It was more of an attempt to rid the silence.
“You won’t need them.” He kept his left hand steady on the wheel, as his right traveled slowly towards you. Before he could make another move, you quickly grabbed ahold of his last three fingers, fiercely pulling them backwards. Within a split second, you flew forward and hit the dashboard hard, releasing the grip you held on his digits. You let out a pained groan as you pushed yourself back into the seat.

“I wasn’t going to touch you” he spoke nonchalantly, “I was going to close your air vents.” The car started forward again, the momentum pushing you into your seat as you put your seatbelt on this time. You shifted your position as the car filled with silence once again.

“It would be wise to ask all the questions you have now” he announces, “when we get to our destination, you won’t be able to talk. Not much, at least.”

You sighed, “alrighty then, I guess we can start with the basics.” He raised his index finger, “No personal questions.”

“Just the basics remember? Like…. are you really family? What’s with the slight accent? And what’s your name? Or can I call you mysterious Uncle baldy?” you smirked, appreciating your little joke. He made a sharp right turn making you hit your head on the window. Karma is always close behind. “First off,” he began, “I am not bald. I keep it short, less hassle. My name is not important right now, but Baron will do.” You rubbed the side of your head, already feeling a small bump forming. “And family wise?” you looked towards him. He glanced at you, raising an eyebrow. “Your father, you remember him, yes?” he noticed your jaw clenched and smirked.
“Well, he is my brother, actually.”

Flashbacks of your father’s face appearing on the television filled your mind. He didn’t change much, from what you remember him as a child. He looked exactly the same, but aged. His hair dawning strands of grey and white hairs, wrinkles becoming deeper. Even his voice sounded the same.

“He never said he had any siblings. Not to mention, any kind of accent” you scoffed, crossing your arms.

“We are half brothers. He grew up in the states, while I, Germany.” His tone faltered. You guessed it wasn’t a happy relationship between then, if there was any. “Why did you grow up in Ger-” he raised his hand up, stopping you from finishing your sentence. “I said, no personal questions.” Without thinking, you gently swatted his hand out of your way not even thinking of the possible consequences. Rather than giving you a slap to the face, he chuckled and shook his head. “You remind me of myself. Always acting without thinking” he stated, “it’ll get you in trouble one day.”

You huffed in your seat, rolling your eyes. There was nothing you wanted to say to that, especially since you know it was true. Of course you were a very obedient child, always doing what you were told but that was to avoid a beating. The lashings were a hell of a way to discipline you. But the moment you left that house, you left the memories behind as well. Even if you weren’t free person, you were at least free to be yourself. And who you really were, has yet to be revealed. Years of bottling incompatible emotions don’t always pour out smoothly.

“Can I at least know where we’re going? You’ve been driving for like two hours now” you exaggerated. He let out a slightly annoyed sigh before answering, “It’s only been one hour, and we are going to Sokovia.” You shot him a questioning glance, only to be met with his hand raised again. “No more questions. Take a nap or stare out the window, do something quiet until we reach the airport. We have a long way to go.”


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No Help Required.  PT1

If it weren’t for a chance encounter with a quiet, unassuming man, you probably would have been dead, and you’re willing to do anything to pay him back.

Bucky Barnes X Reader  

NC-17 AU with later appearances from Steve, Sam, Nat, Tony & Thor.

Very Angsty from the beginning. Serious Smut Later on.   

A/N: So for my first proper Tumblr fanfic I decided to write something out of my comfort zone with multiple parts. Don’t mind me, I’m just throwing myself into the deep end… :D Thank you for coming along on this journey with me.  I hope you all enjoy and if you do, please leave a comment/review/like.  Happy Reading Folks xoxo

Words: 1800

Warnings: Rape trigger.  

My mother always told me one day my luck would run out.  “Y/N-” she would say her voice commanding attention,  and a finger, no- a spoon, the wooden spoon she had just been using to stir the pot, she’d point it squarely at me for dramatic effect, her voice though powerful and eloquent grappled to find the right words in English.

“That thing you do- walking home late. It is only a matter of time before something, something terrible happens.  Oh Fille têtue- You will never learn.” She would turn away from me then, her concentration, so it seemed on the simmering pot in front of her.  But I knew it was to hide her face, for mothers never show weakness if it could be helped and she was frightened as any mother would be for the safety of her child.

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for @browsofthetaiga because the ideas are hers and it was her bday 👀👀💞💞

“Aomine,” he grunts. “It feels…”


Taiga flinches as the fingers curl again. They’re just… moving around awkwardly inside his ass. “Fucking weird. Do you even know what you’re doing?”

The hopeful smile drops off Aomine’s face. “I’m doing what it says on that stupid video. Where the hell is your damn prostate?”

“How should I know?!” he hisses at the boy hovering above him. “It’s the first time I’ve had something up my ass!”

“God, shut up for a sec!” Aomine growls out. He glares at him before he turns his attention back down, at his fingers pushing in and out of Taiga’s hole.

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Word Total: 1384…  

Request: Anonymous asked: Could you write something with Bodhi were the reader is worse than him when it comes to talking and social skills, barely talking to Cassian who is her partner (BFF wise) , but she instantly clicks with Bodhi causing Jyn, K2 and Cassian to go on a mission to get them together? I just thought it would be cute/ funny.

Pairing:  Bodhi x Reader


“Is everything ready?” Cassian asked Y/N as she busied herself with the black boxes at the back of the U-Wing. She only nodded turning back her attention to the black boxes. “That’s Y/N” he said looking at Jyn. Y/N stopped and looked over her shoulder, she nodded her head in acknowledgment and return to her task at hand.

“She doesn’t talk much” K2 said as Cassian prepared to take off.

Y/N sit on the U-Wing waiting for news on Cassian or K2, that went to investigate what had happened with Cassian and Jyn. She tapped her fingers with boredom against the control panel of the U-Wing. Her head whipped around at the sound of the door opening. “Hi to you” K2 said entering the U-Wing. She only nodded putting down the blaster. Y/N was about to open her mouth when a big ray of light appeared in the sky.

She opened the door of the U-Wing as the dense cloud of dirt and air stood a few meters behind them. Cassian, Jyn and three other men entered the U-Wing piloted by K2. “Are you alright?” Cassian asked Y/N, she only nodded. Y/N shyly glanced back at the three men, one in particular caught her attention.

“I am Chirrut and your name young lady?” The man with the weird discoloration of his eyes asked her. “This is Blaze, my companion” Chirrut said kindly looking at her direction.

Y/N licked her lips. “I am Y/N. Y/N L/N” she said, Cassian turned back and smiled.

“I am Bodhi, Bodhi Rook” The man with the goggles on his head said taking her hand, she look at him and tilted her head. There was a red blush on his face along with hers. He gazed up at her and Y/N gave him a small smile. Until Cassian cleared his throat and passed between them.

“He is a jealous brother” Y/N heard K2 said



Y/N silently sat at the entrance of the U-Wing eating a small piece of bread. “Hi” she looked up and saw Bodhi in front of her. He was scratching the back of his neck looking down at the floor. “Could you tell me where the dining room is? I am lost─”

She stood up from the entrance and cleaned the crumbs from her pants. “K2 is a bad guide, I was lost for four hours; until Cassian found me in the forest” Y/N said looking at him, Bodhi smiled at her. Why was so easy to talk to him? She thought, Y/N cleaned her sweaty hands on her pants and stood in front of him.

Cassian frowned looking at Bodhi and Y/N walking out of the dining room. “I was aware that you were supposed to show him around” he said looking at K2. “Not Y/N” he narrowed his eyes looking at them then back to K2.

“Jealousy doesn’t fit you, Captain” Chirrut said with an imperceptible smile on his face.  “You can’t protect her from everything” he added

“What could be the worst that could happen? That he dies and breaks her heart?” K2 declared, Cassian bit his lips and said nothing. “That probability it’s relativity low”

Y/N walked with Bodhi around the small base on Yavin 4. “You and Cassian?” he asked pulling the petals from the small flower he had found on the floor. They sat on an opened clearing as the moon adorned the sky above them.

“He is like my brother, we had been on the Resistance since we were six” Y/N said taking weed from the floor and started to play with it.

“I was a cargo pilot on the Empire” Bodhi confessed, he didn’t want to glance up and look at her expression.

“My father worked too for the Empire, until she met my mother” Y/N said shyly playing with the ends of her hair. A nervous gesture she had developed since she was seven. “Clandestine love, that’s what my grandmother called it. She hated it” she added scratching her cheek.

“Why are we spying on them? They are two responsible adults” Jyn said to Cassian. Cassian turned to glance at her and said nothing. “You’re jealous because she is talking to him”

“100% Cassian wants─”

“I am not jealous, I just don’t trust an Empire pilot that’s it” Cassian murmured under his breath, meanwhile Jyn just stared at him blinking, K2 stood behind her looking down at him, with its robotic arms crossed its metallic chest. “What?”

“We didn’t say anything”

Y/N checked the U-Wing, there was nothing wrong with it. Why would Cassian lie to her then? She shrugged her shoulders and got out of the small compartment. “Y/N?”

She glanced up and saw Bodhi looking at her. “What are you doing here?” They said in unison, Y/N blushed while Bodhi scratched the back of his neck.

“Ladies first” Bodhi said, Y/N rolled her eyes

“Cassian send me to check a weird sound on the carburetor” Y/N said putting down her small box with tools. “You?” she kneeled down to check if she had put everything on it.

“K2 said you had something to say to me”

“But I─” Y/N tried to open the door of the U-Wing, but the metallic door didn’t budge. “That’s strange” she said tugging the door again but nothing.

“I tried too, but it doesn’t open” Bodhi said standing beside her looking at the entrance. Y/N looked at him and bit her lip maybe that was their plan after all leaving her alone with Bodhi. She had heard them, Cassian, K2 and Jyn whispering between them in the lunch room. Cassian pissed off and Jyn seemed please, K2 well he was simply nodding its robotic head. “Y/N?”

“Sorry, I was thinking of ways how could I open this door” Y/N said with a sheepish smile. She kneeled again to look what kind of tools were useful to open the door.

“I do have something to tell you” Bodhi confessed, Y/N stopped looking on her box and stared at him. “I, this sounded so much better in my head. I swear” she raised an eyebrow. “Look, Y/N. I know you´re against us going to Scarif” she only nodded standing up. “But before I part with them, I have something very important to tell you” Bodhi took a deep breath and took a long step and he was in front of her.

Y/N blinked up looking up at him. She really wanted to take a step back, there was a really weird sensation being so close to him. The particular fragrance of him, motor oil and fuel. And a scent just of him, something so soothing it calmed the erratic beating of her heart. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her lungs expanded and she so peaceful, she felt so light just standing knowing he was in front of her.

Something touched her cheek and she opened her eyes to look at Bodhi. “Like I said, this sounded much better on my head” he smiling at Y/N. She returned the smile. “I like you”

Y/N’s eyes widen in surprise her mouth agape looking at him. “I like you not only because the way you are, but because of who I am when I am with you” he said staring at her, his eyes shone with something she had never seen. “Yesterday I looked at the sky and I started to give the stars a reason of why I like you so much. And the stars weren’t enough”

For whatever reason, a lone tear ran down her cheek. “I like you too, but unlike you. I don’t have cheesy love lines” Y/N said looking at him trying to contain the tears of happiness running down her cheeks. She had never thought this could happen. There wasn’t a day she asked herself when this day would come. What did the man of her life was doing? Was she thinking the same thing as her? Where was here?

Bodhi smiled at her, his hand took a hold of the back of her neck and their lips crashed in a perfect kiss. His eyes move shyly against hers, Bodhi smiled against her lips. She raised her hand and started to run her fingers through his dark hair.

“I saw you and everything makes sense now”

midnight snack pt. 3 (Derek Hale one shot)

You pretended to pick a piece of lint off your shoulder as you inwardly cringed at your seduction skills. Derek took this opportunity to give you a once over. You casually tried to bring your arms over your thinly veiled chest. Your mind was racing so fast, prompting images of Derek pushing you down over the counter, then taking you in his bed. On cue, your heart rate sped up. You nearly scoffed at your own hormones, pushing aside your eager fantasies. As if Derek Hale would ever look at you like that.

No matter how hard you tried to hide your true emotions, Derek could always see through your facade. He chuckled good-naturedly and shook his head.

“I don’t know, [y/n]. Is there anything you can think of?” he baited, his face lifted in amusement. Your mouth went dry. Was he flirting with you?

You opened your mouth to respond, then immediately closed it, feeling your palms become sweaty. Your nightmares had been so terrifying and vivid these past few months, you wondered if this was just another dream, luring you in with its dark appeal only to end in pain and disappointment.

But this was Derek, you remembered. The same Derek who took you in when you were lost, who always saved you when you were in trouble, who gave you small, reassuring smiles during pack meetings when no one was looking. Derek would never hurt you.

Even though you doubted he could ever want you back, with your soft stomach, nerdy obsessions, and lack of supernatural powers, you took his bait. You were tired of feeling weak and confused and you wanted to take charge of something for once. You shut down your brain and succumbed to your desires, fully accepting that he could reject you any second now. You toed around his boundaries, trying to see how far you could push him.

“I think I just need a distraction,” you shyly hinted, looking down at your feet. “I get too in my head sometimes.”

Derek took one step closer to you. You could smell his intoxicating aftershave wafting through the air. You brought your legs together, squeezing your thighs. You wondered if Derek could smell your arousal.

“What normally distracts you?” he bit out, his eyes a deep emerald as opposed to their usual green.

Not feeling brave enough to tell Derek how you really felt, how he was constantly on your mind, taking your attention away from even the most basic of tasks, you looked straight into his eyes and simply breathed out, “You.”

Derek seemed to catch the double meaning behind your simple response as he faltered in his stance, uncrossing his arms. It felt like an unspoken question hung in the air of who would act first, who would cross the delicate line of friendship you both toed.

You started to panic because Derek hadn’t responded and you had just put yourself out there. But in a matter of seconds, he had closed the distance between you two with three long strides. You looked up at him with wide eyes, feeling vulnerable as he towered over your small frame.

He raised his hand, carefully grazing his fingers across the side of your neck, gently nudging your chin up with his thumb. You couldn’t help but observe his mouth as his tongue swiped across it, highlighting the pink softness.

“Are you sure?” he whispered, searching your face intently. His thoughtfulness sent a jolt of shivers down your body. You were unable to comprehend how someone who’s endured so much suffering could still be so gentle, could touch you like he was afraid you would break.

You bit your bottom lip and nodded. Bouncing lightly on your toes, you tried to match his height, and hesitantly pressed your lips against his.

(Part 4)

What Happens On the Announce Table...

Okay guys, here’s another request from @xxuso-ambreigns-chick-4lifexx! Hope you like it, girl!

Pairing: AJ Styles x Reader x Dean Ambrose


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You sat on top of the announce table, just hanging out, as you watched Dean and Roman messing around in the ring when they were supposed to be warming up. This was one of their rituals: before the doors open, they would get into the ring, run the ropes, practice some moves on each other and what not. You sitting on the announce table watching your friends became a ritual too. It calmed you down to sit and watched what went on in that ring…it helped clear your mind.

“Hey you.” A soothing southern drawl called to you. You looked over to see your boyfriend, AJ, walking over to you and sitting next to you. “You doing alright?”

“Yeah.” You nodded. “I’m doing good. You?”

“Yeah, same. So you ready for your match tonight?”

Tonight, you were set to face your Alexa Bliss and your best friend Naomi in a triple threat match to become number one contender, alongside Becky Lynch (who had beaten Natalya and Carmella), to become Smackdown’s first Women’s Champion. The winner of your match would face Becky at Summerslam…and you wanted that championship…really bad. You hadn’t gotten to be NXT Women’s Champion so it just made you hungrier for it.

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Agent Mark and The Three Alternates

Septiplier - [Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] about septiplier. I know it’s not a real thing. It’s called fanfiction for a reason. Just enjoy the story and its characters.

Summary: It’s Mark’s turn.  [WARNING: THIS IS A TICKLE FIC] Part of the Agents & Alternates AU

Series so far: Agent Jack And Warfstache | Agent Jack And Dark | Agent Jack And Anti | Agent Jack And Agent Mark | How Did We Become So Soft? | Dan And Phil; Punk And Pastel | I Want You To Scream | Agents Septiplier

love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! THANK FUCK FOR @stargazingbear SHE HELPS ME EDIT THIS SHIT LIKE HOLY SHIT THANK YOU FOR HELPING MAKE THIS A GOOD STORY!

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Mafia Arranged Marriage Mini Series: JUNGKOOK



“So. You’re my new wife?” You shouldn’t have laughed at him. Honestly, you had really tried to hold it in. He just sounded so cocky, and his grin screamed douche bag. Your giggle escaped abruptly into his face. His expression went from overt confidence to dominance in the time it took you to blink. Clearly, he didn’t like you making a mockery of his masculinity. Imagine. That. 

“I guess.” You grinned snarkily toward the wall, not giving a shit whatsoever. He walked around you, looking you up and down for a minute. Your eyebrows shot up accusingly at his intrusive circling around you. His father and your mother came waltzing in, all fake smiles and charm, breaking up the judgmental two step you’d found yourselves in. His body slumped into a nearby armchair, and you hoisted yourself up onto a barstool on the other side of the room.

Wow. Clearly, he fucking hated you already. His face fell into the most grotesquely smug frown imaginable. Then a few minutes later, he looked over like he owned you. Then after that, he just stared emotionless towards your general area, defeated. You had just stared back with a small knowing smile, unwilling to give him any satisfaction. Your mother hadn’t raised you to be a weak little girl. Plus, you’d already decided if he tried anything on you, you’d let him have it. A swift slap to his pretty boy face wouldn’t ease the tension between you two, but it would at least make you feel better about it all. 

You had little to no intention of taking this marriage talk seriously. Your mother told you about it a few days prior. She’d done this with four other Don’s in the East already. One in Tokyo, two in Hong Kong, and one in Shanghai. Your mother didn’t get the deals she wanted, so she left blood dripping from the rafters of their houses. She was a fucking monster in Manolos that woman. Seoul would be the same you figured. Trying to marry you into one of the top mafia blood lines was her M.O. She acted like this one was the most serious she’d discussed with you but, you just couldn’t believe it. Too many failed attempts, and too much bad blood left by your dad in Seoul. You chose to live in blissful denial until he was forced to put a ring on it. 

Three agonizingly long weeks later, he did just that. Begrudgingly anyways. His hands shook as his father nudged him towards you, while a room full of beefy looking bodyguards watched. When your skin touched his, your eyes touched his too. He was just as scared now as you were. The fear in his eyes only amplified yours. Your hands trembled harder. Everyone clapped and grunted in bemused joy as he slid the diamond on your finger. Most of them clearly didn’t give a shit. Your mother wiped away air from her cheek. Air that was supposed to be a tear. Pssh. It took dead puppies by the truckload to make that woman even fucking sigh. A real one slid down your cheek though. You felt your fingers being laced up with, and squinched sympathetically. 

Strange, how comforting a person you wanted to hate so badly could be in moments of panic and strife. His eyes pleaded with yours for something. Hoping you were somehow smart enough to get the two of you out of this. So you did the only thing you could think of. 

You asked to be excused for the bathroom. You took a sharp left down the staircase instead. Since everyone had been in the ballroom watching your “touching marriage proposal,” it was all too easy to waltz right out into the city streets.  

You aimlessly stalked around under the night lights for a while. Listening to laughter, shouting, and watching lots of hands being held. You wanted a hand to hold in that moment too. It made you think of a certain someone’s hands. You wished you hadn’t felt so desperate to hold a damn hand but even still, you’d resort to holding his again. 

The realization you were being followed hit you like a fucking train. A few pairs of footsteps stayed about ten feet behind you for just under an hour. You stopped at a dukbokki stand to get a glimpse of your new human shadows. 

Tokyo thugs. Oh no, this is bad. So fucking bad. How had they found you? Clearly your mother’s handywork hadn’t been forgotten. Not that either of you had expected it to. 

You ran. Hard. Taking the turns as quickly as any human could in a pair of Jimmy Choos. You ran for the Seoul Don’s house, which was now being blockaded by Japanese mafia. Shit. Shit. Shit. 

You turned again. Down an ally and collided into a rock hard body. After the initial panic you melted a little because, you knew that smell. Jungkook smelled the same every time you saw him. It was growing hard to forget now. He quickly moved you behind him, shielding you from the oncoming Tokyo storm.

He took a hit for you. Several actually. What had possessed him to dodge in front of you like that you’d never know. He seemed to not want any part in being by your side. Regardless of your little moment earlier. Yet, here he was. 

Three Tokyo thugs lay on the ground in agony as Jungkook rose up. A bit more pained than even you could take looking at. You helped him stand and took as much of his weight as you could on your shoulders. It didn’t really shock you that he scrubbed the fucking concrete with them. He was the Don’s only son after all. He was excessively trained in most forms of self defense and raw combat. The two of you trudged out of the ally in silence. You tried not to notice his hands gripping you as tightly as they were. It didn’t send shivers of disdain through you like you thought it would. A part of you still wished it didn’t send shivers down your spine at all. It totally did though. My my, how the tables have turned.

“Why did you do that Jungkook? You could have been slaughtered back there?!” You concerned yourself with his bruised eye once you were both finally safe in his car. 

“Better me than you.” What was that supposed to mean? He hated you. Right?

“Really? Cause I figure, if I’m stuck in the hospital with a concussion, that gives you an easy out of this marriage we’re both so fucking fond of.” Your words cut into the tension both of you had been denying to speak on for weeks. His hand pulled yours away from his face. 

“There is no out of this marriage and you know it.” His eyes glazed up at the ceiling. “You’re going to be my wife. What was I supposed to do?” He hung his head roughly, and you died a little inside. You went quiet for a moment. 

“Thank you.” An awkward whisper was all you could muster. He wasn’t so bad after all. You rubbed his bruised knuckles softly while his throat groaned, pleased by the comforting notion. Maybe being married to him wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe it would be okay. Maybe you could actually not just tolerate each other but, grow to respect and generally like each other. Maybe.

The wedding was pretty, glowed brightly, and was expensive as hell. Your dress was fluffy, and you felt like the princess you always dreamed of as a little girl. Your mother actually did cry, a little. You cried. Even Jungkook teared up at the end. Probably for the same confusing reasons you did. The kiss at the end was nice too. He was so nervous it made you giggle in the middle of it though. It would take a while to get used to it. Years maybe, only time would tell really. 

Your wedding night though, that was actually kind of fun. You just acted like the kids you both felt like you never got to be with your parents. You made a tent out of the massive king size bed sheets, watched anime, played video games till sunrise, ordered french toast as soon as the hotel kitchens opened, and passed out by lunch. He was just as innocent as you with most of the physical stuff. It surprised you at first but, the more time you spent with him the more it made sense. Then again, the more time you spent with him, the more that part changed for both of you. 

Change of Heart (Jimin x Reader x Yoongi)

Word Count: 5752
Genre: Fluff, smut, angst
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jimin
Summary: Requested anonymously, regarding having a change of heart in your romantic emotions! I’m not entirely sure if I’ll make a continuation or if I’ll leave it as is, but I hope you enjoy it, send feedback or requests my way here!


“Oh, fuck…” he moaned as he eagerly thrusted into you, “I’ve wanted you so bad, Y/N”

The coat of sweat on your skin was sticking you to the wall as you sat on top of the box in the tiny room. It was humid and had a weird smell, but desperation led you there and now you were sharing a moment with Jimin. You wanted him, all of him and now that you had finally gotten him inside of you, you thought it would take the edge off your desires. However, it just added a whole lot more.

He was a loud one, Jimin. An aggressive reality hidden underneath his innocent appearance. He would grunt and his brows would furrow, his nails digging into your skin, slamming into you, never entirely satisfied. He wanted more of you. He wanted more of everything. You wanted more of him, too.

You didn’t think that having sex would Jimin would fuel your desire for him even more, but merely thought of it as a way to cool down. You knew it wasn’t fair and you knew it wasn’t going to work. Nonetheless, this had been going on for a while now, and if it had to end – well so be it, end it with a bang. Literally.

The mess started recently, after BTS had won yet another award after a show in Daegu.

”To Bangtan! For a good performance in Daegu and for another win – and thanks to Yoongi’s girlfriend Y/N for accompanying us. Cheers!”

You raised your glass, bowing your head lightly as thanks. The wine was tickling beneath your skin as laughter came easier to you and carelessness diffused in the air. Your eyes met Yoongi, whose smile bloomed when he saw how happy you looked. His hand reached yours and your fingers interlocked, your eyes travelling further down the table. This time, they were met by Jimin. His eyes were already locked on yours, a suggestive look painted on him. He looked slightly smug in the dim lit room, a smirk slowly lifting on his face as he lifted his glass to indicate a cheer with you. You forcefully plastered a smile on your face as you lifted your glass, weirded out by the tension between the two of you. You shook your head. Must have been something in the air that night.

“This is amazing, Y/N. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy in my life.” Yoongi smiled, lying next to you in the messy bed. It was hard to see him through the darkness, but you could feel how the corners of his mouth lifted.

“I’m so proud of you.” you smiled back as your fingers intertwined.

Yoongi and you had been dating for a while now. It was lovely, a simplicity roaming through the relationship. You had fallen in love rather classically, having him nervously ask you out and go through the typical first few shaky handed dates. It didn’t take long before you realized that Yoongi was nothing like that at all. He had tried to be, for you, but it didn’t take long before the cheesy Yoongi faded. He began working long nights, his practical side becoming more apparent. It didn’t bother you – to be honest, there was a charm to the slight coldness and a certain sweetness to being the only one experiencing him when he’s not cold. He showed his effort in other ways, but long nights also often meant tired nights and perhaps that lead to the death of the infatuation stage. You liked Yoongi, surely. Some would even say you loved him. It was comfortable. There was a safety net in the way his neck crooked and his eyes fluttered. His voice was familiar; you knew exactly what the words he was going to say were going to sound like. When he called you late at night, you knew the raspy “Y/N.” through the wire. You knew Yoongi, and Yoongi knew you. You were partners. But not always lovers.


“Are you coming Friday?” Hoseok asked across the café table as you waited for your order.

“Another fancy dinner with South Korea’s A-list celebrities?” you asked bluntly, your eyes glued to the phone.

“We don’t go to anything else.” he smiled, pretending to be snobby. You saw Yoongi smirk from the corner of your eyes, a suggestive look painted in both his and Hoseok’s eyes. Yoongi’s eyebrows raised as he awaited your response, an impatience growing as he began tapping his fingers on the table.

“Fine, I’ll go.” you smiled, putting your phone down. “But we’re getting drunk.”

Hoseok pursed his lips as he furrowed his brows, yet another attempt to pretend to be snobby.

“Good girls don’t drink, young lady.” he pointed his finger at you.

Both Yoongi and you laughed, Yoongi pushing him away with his shoulder.

“Alright, ahjussi.” you chuckled, lifting yourself to get the bag of food.

The three of you walked home, a carelessness lifting the air as you discussed all the matters, which carried no importance. You entered the dorm, removing your jacket before you excused yourself to the bathroom. Hoseok’s voice filled the room as he screamed for dinner and you squirmed away from the entrance.

You had managed to enter the bathroom entirely and shut the door behind you before noticing that you weren’t alone. You turned towards the bathroom when an entirely nude Jimin walked out, just about to grab a towel as he saw you.

“Y/N!” he screamed in panic as he nervously fumbled with the towel, “What are you doing!?”

Your eyes were wide with shock and your entire body had frozen. He managed to cool down when his towel was around his hips. Your silence radiated and caused him to be silent too. He looked down at you, a tension thickening. You gulped, shaking your head discreetly before excusing yourself and leaving the bathroom.

“That was quick.” Yoongi smiled at you questionably.

“Yeah, I didn’t have to pee after all.” you smiled dismissively, sitting yourself down with the rest.

Nobody even really noticed that Jimin was missing since Jungkook and Taehyung had gone out to eat. It was different, being alone with the boys without the younger boys. There was a certain calm to the table, the entire vibe changed. You were stuffing yourself with food, trying to shake the image of naked Jimin and the tension that was very much apparent. The conversation was a blur that you were barely a part of, your mouth primarily opening to be filled with rice. Jimin entered the room, his hair still wet and the dampness still radiating off him. He smelled fresh and clean, the scent overpowering the food. He sat across from you, your eyes still glued to the food you were devouring.

“You didn’t wait for me?” he whined as he got himself a plate and some chopsticks.

“I thought you were with Taehyung and Jungkook?” Jin asked, his brows furrowing confusedly.

“Huh? No, no, I think they went to Jungkook’s place.”

Jimin’s eyes were resting on you, leaving the uncertainty of the intention flying in the air. You shifted yours quickly to read his features, but they told you nothing. He was just looking at you, no particular emotion drawn on his face. Your eyes shifted to the rest of the boys, Yoongi and Namjoon seemingly having a very interesting conversation. Your eyes were met by Hoseok, his eyebrows raised in your direction.

“I’ve never seen you eat like that – have you been hungry? Are you eating well?” his voice was a mixture of worry and impressiveness, his eyes squinted but his mouth smirking.

“What? What are you talking about?”

You had barely managed to realize how much food you were eating at the pace you were going and with a ball of rice stuck to your face; you decided it was time to stop. They chuckled harmonically as you put the chopsticks, Jimin only letting out half a smirk. You excused yourself and went to the bathroom where you washed your face with cold water, sighing at yourself for the mess you’d been. Why were you flustered around Jimin? Why couldn’t you stop thinking about the incident? Perhaps fucking Yoongi would stop the insanity.

You went back into the living room when you saw them standing in their shoes, looking like people that were prepared to leave.

“We’re going down to the studio,” a kiss to the cheek, “I’ll see you tonight, baby. You can stay here, Jimin will stay and Taehyung and Jungkook should be back in a few hours.”

Yoongi’s arm was still at your waist as you smiled shyly and nodded.

“I’ll see you all tonight, I’ll clean the mess up.” you smiled.

“Oh, thank you so much! You can leave it if you want, too. We’ll just clean it when we get home.” Namjoon politely broke in, patting you on the back before going for the door.

They looked at each other and nodded as they left, leaving the dorm quieter than ever. You looked to your left where Jimin was standing against the wall, smiling at you before silently turning around, walking back to the table as he started cleaning.
You chose to help him, picking up the dirty dishes alongside him, pacing back and forth from the kitchen to the table. There was a silence neither of you dared break, scared of what words would come out had you chosen to speak.

“Thank you for the help.” you finally let out when the room was clean.

“Ah, no, it’s my responsibility, don’t thank me.” he smiled, his hand waving for you to stop complimenting him.

The silence re-emerged in the small kitchen, Jimin’s eyes meeting your timid ones as you just looked at each other. The same tension that had been there in the bathroom had become visible again, your eyes discreetly pacing between his eyes and his lips. You felt the blush tickling at your cheeks when you grew embarrassed, stepping back as your smile faded.

“I’m really tired, I’m going to go to Yoongi’s room… I’ll be there if you need me, okay?”

“Okay.” he smiled, before the kitchen was left empty, the tension thinning out as your bodies separated.

What the hell was happening? You were in the bed for hours as you waited for Yoongi to come home, your body twisting in desperation and frustration. You needed him to pound some sense back into you, to remind you why Yoongi was what you needed.

“Baby, are you asleep?” you heard the familiar raspy voice entering the door quietly, a sigh of relief coming from you.

“No…” you muttered, your voice purposely slightly lighter as the suggestive tone in your voice arose. “You let me stay all alone all night…” you whined teasingly, lifting yourself up on your knees as Yoongi sat down next to you.

“Has my girl been bad?”

“No, she’s been very good and patient.” you nodded, your lips only inches from his.

“Well then it’s time for her to get her reward, isn’t it?”

He smiled into your lips before you crashed into them, hastily skipping the romance. You devoured him, greedily dominating every crevice, your hands messily travelling through his hair. He was startled at first, his arms only resting at your hips before he let you decide the pace. He then grabbed you forcefully, pushing you onto the bed as he held your hands above your head, grunting into your mouth as he began rolling into your, the clothing only acting as a barrier now.

“You thought you were going to be able to take charge tonight?” he grunted into your mouth, only to get mewling replies of moans and whimpers.

You began tugging at his pants, a desperation laced in your fingers to rush the process. He pulled everything down, his length now resting on his stomach as he lifted you up and laid back. You were on top now, the only barrier being your panties. You rolled on top of him, your wetness making your panties slick as he aligned his cock with your folds. He motioned for you to lift yourself up as he took an extra look at your panties.

“Are they new?” he asked bluntly, dismissing the grunting mess he had been two seconds ago.

“No…” you muttered, confusedly.

“Good, I’ll buy you new ones.” he lifted himself halfway before pulling you towards him, the lacy fabric now between his teeth as he bit in and ripped them up. His tongue took a single swipe between your folds, resting briefly on your clit. He pushed you back down, rolling his cock between your folds, his tip going in circles around your clit. Your heat was vibrating with lust, you wanted nothing more but for him to fill you up. He pushed you onto him roughly, a need growing inside of him as well. He lifted you as he thrusted into you fiercely, your moans getting louder by the second. He sat up and lifted you as he walked you over to his desk. He propped you on top of it, the cold wood against your back sending shivers through your body. He slammed into you, his hands on your shoulders as beads of sweat began to form on his forehead.

“What’s my name?”

Your whimpering screams of ‘Yoongi’ filled the room as you squirmed on the table, the sensation quickly becoming all-consuming. Your hand travelled to your heat where your fingers began playing on your clit, going in small circles as you felt your climax nearing. It came flushing over you as Yoongi didn’t hesitate to go even harder, the sound of skin slapping against each other loud enough to cause bruises. You saw specks of white as your body began twitching beneath Yoongi’s hands, your moans becoming stuttered messes. He finished quickly after, his masculine grunts turning to whimpered moans. You lifted yourself from the table before giving Yoongi a kiss, grabbing his t-shirt as you left his room to go to the bathroom.


In the middle of the hallway, on his way to the bathroom as well.

You hadn’t thought of Jimin during the sex and hadn’t thought of the mess you were trying to beat out of yourself by having sex with him. But there you were at 4AM with a sleepy Jimin in front of you – you with your messy sex hair, a fucked out look on your face and barely any clothes.

“You can go first.” his boyish voice was raspy his messy hair hiding his dark eyes. He smirked slightly and you rushed into the bathroom, once again startled.

Don’t worry about it. You’ve just fucked Yoongi and it was amazing, there’s no need to let Jimin ruin a great night.

You finished up, leaving the bathroom as Jimin sat by the wall in the hallway. You smiled, walking past him as you made your way to the room.

“Hey, Y/N… Don’t come out tomorrow in that shirt. It’s very see-through.” Jimin huskily spewed.

You looked down to see how clear your naked body was beneath the thin fabric. You blushed immediately, an overpowering embarrassment emerging as you rushed to the room without a word, only to find Yoongi flat on the bed, already deep asleep. You changed immediately and snuggled into him, forcing your eyes shut as the thoughts of Jimin flickered through your mind once again.


“She’s bailed. Fucking hell, Y/N, are you up for it?”


The manager stood in front of you now, his phone at last lowered from his ear. He was fuming, the anger spilling from all sides of him. You had decided to join BTS for a music video shoot as support, but now they had been waiting for the model for hours, and there was no sign of her.

“She told us she couldn’t do it, she got signed for another job and she chose the other one.” he explained angrily to the staff.

“Y/N, you’re the only one who can do it.”

You looked around at the room full of various stylists and staff members, all of which were also girls.

“Please.” he looked at you with a desperation that nobody could reject.

You exhaled and nodded and before you knew it you had been thrown to the makeup chair, 5 different people glamming you up. You barely knew what song they were making the music video for, let alone the concept.

The producer sat down next to you, a paper in his hands as he tried to comfort you.

“Don’t worry, I’ll explain this for you and we’ll take it slow.”

You gulped and nodded, your palms getting sweaty as you got nervous.

“It’s a pretty Jimin based music video. I know you’re dating Yoongi and the staff members are talking to him about it just now and it should all be good. It’s a pretty straight forward storyline; Jimin persuades you to love him, but Jimin is also the devil. And since it Bangtan, it’s all laced within all these various mysteries that I won’t be able to explain to you.”

Your eyes widened in shock, unsure of how to react. You stuttered out a nervous ‘okay’ and nodded.

“Uhm, w-why should Yoongi not be okay with it?” you nervously stuttered, your fingers tracing the hem of your shirt intensely.

“Oh, we’ll be testing if a kissing scene in the end is going to work with the rest of the plot. We’ll see, don’t worry about that. Yoongi is very professional and I don’t expect him to say no.”

You felt as if your eyes had grown double the size, a panic flushing through you as you realized that you might have to kiss Jimin. You felt ridiculous about being flustered, but even the makeup artist noticed how red your face had become.

“Stop blushing, the makeup can’t cover it if you blush that hard.” she spit bluntly.

You apologized and sat back as the producer patted your back and left. You got your bottle of water and downed it in panic, gasping for air as you finished it. You closed your eyes and hoped for the best.

“Okay, Y/N, go in. On your places. Action.”

You were running in this scene, the previous scenes being less raunchy than expected. It was dark out by now, and you were meant to be running towards Jimin in desperation. You knew the dreaded scene was coming up soon and all that could go through your mind was if the kissing scene was going to take place.

“And… cut!”

You stopped, your hands sinking to your knees as you breathed heavily.

“Good job, everyone, I think we got it. Take five and we’ll shoot the ending meet up now.”

You sat in your chair as you panicked, awaiting the shooting of the final scene. Jimin was sitting behind you with his back turned against you, his eyes shut and seemingly careless about the scene that is to come. The five minutes went by like a breeze and before you knew it, the director called your names and it was time to shoot it.

“Y/N, Jimin. In this scene Y/N has found Jimin on the floor and she rushes to him, sinking to her knees in front of him. Jimin, you’ll turn around to face her and this is where we’re still considering what’s next. Either you kiss Jimin, then you step back and realize he’s the devil or he simply becomes the devil when you look at him for long enough. I think we’ll try both, but let’s try the one without the kiss first.” he explained, Jimin and you nodding in unison without looking at each other.

The lights were off in an instant, the only light being the spotlight on you and Jimin. The artificial rain had been turned on and as soon as the director called for action, you ran towards him, sinking in front of him as you turned him towards you. You looked into his eyes, dark with lust. You nervously rested your hand on his cheek as the line between acting and reality suddenly became very blurry. Your heart was pounding at the close proximity, Jimin’s lips glossy and plump near yours.

“Jimin, start smiling.”

The devilish grin began appearing on his face, his chest still moving with his heavy breaths. You went back to character as the worry grew within your eyes and you grew small.


The lights were on, Jimin and you still awfully close.

“Alright, it was good… But I need more. Y/N, more lust. Jimin, you’re the devil. You’re deceiving her, don’t look at her like you’re in love with her.”

You twitched slightly at his words, nodding nervously, trying to remember what Jimin looked like when he looked like he was in love with you. You went back to your place as the lights turned off and another action filled the room.

You ran towards him once again, sinking to the ground in front of him as he turned. His face was different this time, his jaw clenched, making his bones pop through the skin as his eyes had become sexually suggestive. You bit your lip out of instinct, your hands on his face when your line of thought was abruptly interrupted by “Kiss!”
You recognized the director’s voice and your eyes began pacing from his eyes to his lips. You then embraced him, your lips desperately crashing into his. You lost your sense of reality, entirely forgetting that the cameras were around you as you sharply inhaled all of him, losing your senses to the feeling of Jimin’s lips engulfed with yours.
You retreated eventually, your lips sticking together as the two of you looked at each other briefly, a fucked out look dominating his features. But then, he switched. He turned devious again, a smirk rising as he went back into character. This reminded you that you should too and the final ‘cut’ filled the room as the lights went on again.

“Amazing, that was amazing! We’ve got it, you two. It’s rare that we get it so fast, but we got it. Good job, you worked hard.”

You bowed with thanks and left the room without giving Jimin another look. You rushed to the bathroom where you exhaled, sinking to your knees as the thoughts flew around in your mind.

You ended up packing your stuff and leaving as the last scenes were being shot, declining when Yoongi asked you to spend the night with them. You called a cab and went home, a worry growing inside of you that perhaps there was something more to Jimin. You felt like a school girl, butterflies fluttering inside of you that you had kissed Jimin – and then the strange reality that you had kissed someone other than Yoongi. It was a mixture of pleasure and guilt and it all came down to a strange cocktail. You showered quickly before crashing in your bed. Then you remembered it was Thursday. Tomorrow was the dinner party.

You sighed in defeat before rolling around, letting your thoughts wander before eventually falling asleep.


“Do you want us to pick you up or will you meet us there?”

“I’ll meet you there, there’s no problem.”

“Alright, Y/N, we’ll see you there then.”

You were standing in front of the mirror, maniacally texting Jin for fashion tips, as you were unsure of what to wear. Yoongi didn’t care much, telling you that you’d look perfect in whatever, so Jin seemed like your best bet.

“Facetime me and I’ll guide you through it.”


You called him up, his pretty face pixelated on your phone. You switched to the main camera as you showed him a silky, nude dress. It was a little revealing, surely, but nothing else was really expected of you in those circles.

“Put it on, I can’t tell when it’s like that.”

“Okay, hold on then.”

You put the phone down as you changed quickly, a slight satisfaction falling upon you as you saw yourself in the tight dress. You looked good.

“Wow, Y/N! Who are you getting dressed up for!?” he teased, “Wait, stay like that, Jimin is next to me, I’ll show him, too!”

You panicked when the phone turned, a flustered Jimin stuttering out a ‘y-yeah’. Luckily, Jin was quick to turn the camera to himself again, returning to his compliments. You smiled and thanked him, knowing that you had found your outfit.

“I’ll go finish up then, see you tonight.”

“See ya!”


It was a gorgeous venue, warm and with tall walls that merged with a beautiful painting in the ceiling. You found your way to the hall, your eyes travelling, hoping to find a familiar face. You saw the table were the guys were situated and you gracefully found a way there, looking at the nametags to find your seat. You were seated next to Yoongi, a kiss placed on your cheek as you sat down.

“You look amazing.” he whispered in your ear.

On your other side was Jimin, ironically. You greeted everyone casually as you noticed how intently Jimin was eyeing you. There wasn’t any particular emotion showing on his face, but he was steady focused on you only. The dinner progressed as you tried to spark up conversation with the other guys, however much you kept noticing the gaze that was travelling across your body. You sat back for a minute, Jimin now resting his elbows on the table, allowing you to watch him from the back. You knew he knew he was watching you, his dumb smirk available even through the thickness of his skull.

It was then that you felt it.

The coldness of the flesh landing on your warm thighs, sending waves of shock jolting through you. The table covered your thighs, but you could feel that those weren’t the hands of Yoongi. You looked at Jimin, his arm extending downwards, his hand resting on your thigh. When you noticed, he squeezed teasingly, your mouth opening with shock. You froze, every hair on your body rising as a mixture of panic and lust grew within you. He began caressing the inside of your thighs, smirking back at you as you involuntarily spread your legs a little. They began travelling, going higher up with each swipe.

“Jimin, let’s go to the bathroom.” Jungkook interrupted, a smile spreading on his face.

Jimin’s hand gracefully left your thigh as he got up, dismissing your existence. The emptiness left you speechless and you felt startled for the rest of the time being.

“Y/F/N, is that you?”

You turned your head in confusion only to be met by an elder man, whose smile shone through the tension Jimin had left.

“Yes, yes, hello – have we met?”

“Oh, dear, no, don’t worry! I’m from FYN, we’ve spoken to the director in Big Hit who’s flattered your acting skills. Do you mind?” his hand motioned for you to follow him, so you got up and you did.

The next hour was spent mindlessly mingling, your eyes continuously travelling in the hope of finding Jimin. You suffered through the chatter you cared little about until Hoseok came over and pulled you out of it, asking you if you were ready to go home. You had gotten tipsy during your time with the FYN, and you just eagerly nodded in order for Hoseok to know what time it was. The group split into two cars and you followed the car with Jin, Namjoon and Yoongi whilst the rest took a different car. You decided to join them at the dorm for the night and all eight of you stumbled messily into the apartment, tired and worn out from the day.

Jimin was still clouding your mind, making you feel like a hazy mess. You dismissed everyone as you crashed on the couch in your silky dress, hugging all your curves. Your heels were still on, dangling from the foot of the couch.

“I’ll go to bed, baby. Goodnight.” Yoongi kissed you on the forehead, squeezing your thigh as he left the room and it all became quiet. You felt guilty now, guilty that even when your boyfriend squeezed your thigh, all you could feel was Jimin’s fingertips.
The living room had cleared out, the only person left being you. Your hair was messy and your makeup had that good old worn out look, your eyes red from the wine. You took off your heels and picked yourself up, walking to the kitchen. You opened the fridge and searched for whatever you could stuff in your mouth the easiest, settling for some leftover dinner from yesterday. You sat on the counter with the little plastic container, stuffing your face, moaning with satisfaction. It was then that you heard the floor creek behind you and when you turned, your eyes met Jimin. You looked at his doe-eyed, unsure of what to do. You swallowed nervously as you awaited his greeting. He walked over to you, his shirt rolled up to the elbows as he stood between your legs, eating your food carelessly. You were left startled, watching him how he ate your food in front of you, dismissive to the fact that he had previously caressed your thigh.

Were you delusional?

Perhaps it wasn’t Jimin, perhaps it was Yoongi.

He looked up at you, raising a single eyebrow as he slurped a noodle up. Your mouth was open as you were studying his features, noticing how different they were from Yoongi’s. They were intriguing, his youthful spirit didn’t feel familiar, but perhaps there wasn’t only beauty in the familiar. Perhaps there was beauty in the unknown, in the shaky hands and nervous laughter.

“Jimin…” you muttered.

“I’ll go to bed now, I was just hungry.” he smirked, leaving the room swiftly.

Then it hit you; perhaps it wasn’t mutual. Perhaps the wish to explore Jimin was one-sided and Jimin was just an incredible actor. It could’ve been numerous things, but tonight you settled for the fact that Jimin simply didn’t want you. That was fine too, you guessed.

You dressed down to your lingerie and removed your makeup, too lazy to change into any appropriate nightwear. You crashed next to Yoongi, feeling oddly sexy in your black, lacy lingerie. You contemplated waking him up for a ride, but you decided to let him be. You had barely managed to fall asleep before the unsettling discomfort of a pressured bladder began bothering you. You picked yourself up, groaning and whining as you walked through the dark apartment to reach the bathroom. Just as fate would have it, Jimin left the room simultaneously, meeting you in his boxers. You stopped in your tracks, your sexiness turning to embarrassment as you stood in front of him in your lingerie. His eyebrows lifted as his lips parted.

It was then that he rushed to you, grabbing your hair as he crashed into you, his plump lips dominating yours. He wasn’t gentle nor careful, nor did he have a care for who might’ve heard you. His hands had already travelled to your waist where he pulled and tugged at your skin, pushing you against him as he embraced all of you.

“Jimin…” you lustfully whispered.

“Be quiet, baby girl.” he whispered in your ear as his kisses travelled to your neck, his hand now massaging your breast.

“Jimin, I need you.”

He looked at you, his hand grabbing your arm as he pulled you downstairs to a small storage room with all of BTS’ old things. He propped you up on one of the dusty boxes, eagerly returning to dominating you, his hands not letting an inch of your skin go by untouched. He removed your bra as he embraced you in all of your glory, his tongue dancing and swirling around your nipples, biting into the bud, making you leave trails of curses on his neck. He grabbed your thighs and roughly spread your legs, pulling you further out as he sloppily made his way down, removing your panties to reveal your heat.

“Shit, Y/N…” he groaned before sliding his digits between your folds, licking them clean before letting his tongue ravish you. It wasn’t what you had expected, Jimin being as aggressive as he was. You had expected him to be playful and light, but there was a darkness to this Jimin, a suppressed desire unleashing as he embraced you. His tongue was hard and fast in all the right places, forcing your climax surprisingly fast. You squirmed on his tongue, expecting him to retreat, but he continued. You might’ve been done, but Jimin surely wasn’t. His nails were digging into your thighs, his eyes switching from being closed to looking at you. He wanted to suck you dry, to make you feel like you didn’t want anything else for the rest of your life. Jimin had a plan to fuck the life out of you – and so he did.

It didn’t take long before the two of you were a sloppy mess, his balls slamming on your clit as he was pounding into you from the back with a tight grip on your hair. He was groaning and moaning whilst you twitched beneath him, screaming his name. He owned you for that while and he wanted everyone to know. You thought having sex with Jimin would take the edge off, kill the mystery of what could be – but you were wrong. Jimin merely gave you a peak into the world that he knew you wanted and you knew that you had much worse things coming your way now.

When you had finished and the room was damp with your sweat, he removed the hair from your face, forcing you to make eye contact.

“I don’t want you to think that this was just sex for me, Y/N…”

“But Yoongi…”

“I know. I know, trust me – but you can’t tell me you didn’t want this.”

“I want more of you, Jimin.”

Prequel to Tywin x Reader...

Imagine finding out you are marry Tywin Lannister after the deaths of your brother and Mother, Robb and Catelyn Stark.

((Sorry it’s kind of short! Especially compared to the first pt of this series. Gonna be kind of a crazy weekend for me but I should still be able to put out Saturday and SSunday’s one shot))

Read Pt. 1 here http://letsasoiaftogether.tumblr.com/post/144110519465/tywin-x-reader

Read Pt. 3 here http://letsasoiaftogether.tumblr.com/post/145622876123/tywin-x-starkreader-pt-3

Word Count: 1,412

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Kiss Tony please <3333

35. Kiss

“Tony!” You yelled down the corridor, hoping to get the playboy’s attention. “You hollered?” He yawned popping his head out from the door behind you, making you jump. “Jesus, trying to give me a heart attack are ya.” You chuckled shaking your head. “Says you, screaming your head off, you know there is such thing as an inside voice princess.” Tony smirked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. “When did you last sleep?” You questioned, putting your hands on your hips and quirking an eyebrow. “Um, well I slept after my party on Wednesday, but other than that I can’t remember…” He said slumping against the door frame slightly. “Tony! That was almost three days ago you idiot!.” You exclaimed throwing your hands up in the air out of exasperation, “Sleep, now!.” You ordered, pointing towards the elevator that would lead him to his floor. “But I just need to finish…” Tony interjected, before you interrupted him, “No Tony right now.” You sighed, rubbing your temples slightly with your fingers. “Only on one condition…” The billionaire propositioned. “And what would that be?” You asked warily, but before you could get a reply Tony’s lips were on yours in a sweet kiss. “Goodnight Y/N.” He winked as he strode off towards his room, leaving you standing in a daze.

BTS Smut: Yoonmin

@maruseiyu request. smut. yoonmin. dom/sub undertones. 1500 words

“What was that today, hmm?” There’s even a playful lilt in his voice and Jimin would laugh if Yoongi’s fingers weren’t currently coiled around his throat. Instead, an airy, high pitched noise leaves his lips and Yoongi raises a brow at the attempt.

“Was that supposed to be an answer?” Yoongi presses his thumb over his Adam’s apple, watching Jimin’s eyes flutter in aroused discomfort as he fights to breathe.

“I could ruin you, you know that?” Yoongi says casually. Jimin whines low in his throat. He strains against his hold, shifting closer to the older boy in hopes of gaining even a marginal amount of friction for his hard cock. He only succeeds in cutting off more of his air supply.

Yoongi chuckles. In the back of his mind, he wonders how sick in the head he must be to be turned so much from watching his cute dongsaeng struggle.

“Hyung,” Jimin whispers.

“But then again,” Yoongi continues like he hadn’t heard a thing. “That’s your favorite part. You like to be fucked senseless by me. So hungry for my cock, aren’t you,” Yoongi coos. And then he’s leaning in to whisper into Jimin’s ear, voice acidic. “So fucking pathetic.”

A shudder racks through his body, Jimin’s hands scrambling for something to hold onto, because he knows it won’t be Yoongi. Knows that he can’t touch unless he’s given permission, not if he doesn’t want to be punished. Walls don’t have headboards and since they’d never even made it to the bed, Jimin has no choice but to ball his hands in fist. He feels floaty and disconnected, like his brain has become amorphous, a nebulous cloud of the same reoccurring thoughts of yoongi, yoongi, yoongi.

The older boy has wrecked his mind. Jimin thinks it’d be lovely if his mind and body were a matching pair.

Jimin gasps at the warmth of Yoongi’s hand coming to wrap around the base of his dick. Pleasure spikes up his chest and forms words from the scraps of speech left in his head. “Please, hyung. Can I—”

Yoongi begins jerking him off.

“Ah, fuck, please—” Yoongi presses his thumb into Jimin’s slit, spreads the precum around until the head is slick and pretty. He hums at the sight, pleased, eyes not moving from his current ministrations when he says,“You were saying?”

“May I—?” Yoongi pauses, hand becoming a vise around his length. Jimin clears his throat, voice polite. “May I come, please?”

His lips curl at the ends in amusement, absolutely sinister. He flicks his wrist up and down Jimin’s cock in a practiced motion till he’s practically delirious, eyes rolling in the back of his head. Yoongi leans in, biting Jimin’s ear so he’s sure he’s got his attention.

No.“Jimin jerks. 

 "Please, hyung. I need—”

“If you cum,” and he’s cut off by a particularly loud moan from Jimin. Yoongi returns his unoccupied hand back around Jimin’s throat to shut him up. “I swear to you, I will shoot my load all over your pretty face and leave you here.” Jimin blinks dazedly at him, trying hold on to his words, engrave them into his sex hazed skull. 

“You will watch me get off and I will leave you here, needy and desperate and aching to be fucked.” The worst part is that Yoongi is ruthless enough to mean what he says which is unfortunate because Jimin’s already on the edge of coming. ‘Cause Yoongi’s moving his hand even faster now. It’s rough and a bit too dry. Just the way Jimin loves it.

There’s little keening sounds being dragged from his throat on every upstroke, a telltale sign that he’s close. Yoongi doesn’t stop though, if anything he works harder. 

“Try me,” he dares.

Jimin’s practically heaving now, each exhale laced with a low moan. Yoongi’s words are having the opposite effect on him than they should.

“Hyung,” he sobs. His hands are reaching up to pull at his own hair, needing the sharp pain to help him fight his orgasm, the insistent pressure on his scalp to calm him, ground him. The pleasure rolls through him anyways, flattening him out like dough, leveling his senses till his mind is ground zero and he’s whimpering as his cock pulses, load splashing on himself as Yoongi continues to silently observe, having long since let him go. Jimin fights the little whimpers that hike up his throat, as if that would make things better.

Yoongi stands before him, head tilted, jaw tense as he fights to choke down what he feels. He needs to think this through; needs to keep his head and not think with his dick or his ego. The series of events that come next need to be calculated. Especially if he wants to drive a particular point home. Especially if watching Jimin writhe against a wall through a ruined orgasm almost had him cumming in his pants like a horny prepubescent boy.

Yoongi turns away, hands going to undo his belt. “Get on the bed,” he says softly. 

Jimin’s hesitant to comply. “Hyung—,” he tries.

“I want you on your hands and knees, ass in the air. Now, Jimin.”

Jimin’s shaky on his feet as he climbs onto the bed, heart beating in his chest.. He feels feverish, weak-kneed, and vulnerable. Doesn’t know what he’d say if he’d open his mouth right now. Not sure of the things he’d ask for, beg for.

Yoongi’s silence is unnerving to him, he feels alone in this when Yoongi doesn’t speak for long. Doesn’t like how fragmented he gets in this headspace without Yoongi here to anchor him down. But if his hyung is really angry at him then… Jimin whimpers, desperate to make amends.

“I’m sorry, hyung. I didn’t mean it. I tried not to cum but I—” and he’s rambling until Yoongi brings down a ring clad hand to his ass.

Jimin cries out, the individual pinpricks of pain shooting straight to his cock. Yoongi is quick to soothe the pain, leaning over to glide his tongue across the burning surface in one slow line. Jimin feels the air leave Yoongi’s mouth as he murmurs against the pink surface. “Just can’t get anything right, can you?” Jimin flushes in shame.

Yoongi leans back to survey his work. “Open yourself up for me, Jiminnie. Give me a show.” And he narrows his eyes, anger back again. “We both know how good you are at putting on a show for other people,” he says, cold and harsh.

Jimin’s three fingers deep inside of his own ass when Yoongi is finally fed up, pushing his hand away. Slick with lube, he slides in easy and deep. When he pulls out for another thrust, he takes the air from Jimin’s lungs with him. “Shit,” he mutters through gritted teeth. “Fuck, yes.”

Yoongi pulls him up by the hips, tucks his fingers into the bones of Jimin’s pelvic so that he’s inside of him as far as he can go, so that he’s hot and tight around him, handling all of him so well that Yoongi can’t fight the strangled noise that slips past his lip. He wait there as the heat resonates through him, the chords in his neck straining as his body tenses.

He pushes Jimin’s upper body down so that his face is shoved into the bedding and he has to turn his head to the side to breathe. Yoongi hunches over him, domineering. “Stay like that while I fuck you.” Jimin only nods.

And then Yoongi’s slamming into him, full out, each thrust hitting Jimin’s prostate like a hammer on a nail, so that Jimin shatters apart like it’s midwinter and he’s a frozen body of water. Every slap of skin against skin is another crack in his surface until the force of his orgasm steals his breath, his face crumbles with the force of it all, and voluntary bodily functions are beyond him. His mouth stretches wide, sucking in air and then he’s screaming so hard he’s silent.

Yoongi nearly collapses when Jimin tightens around him, spasming around him, basically dragging the older boy to climax. Yoongi grits his teeth, fucking into Jimin like he’s got a check to cash and his ass is the only bank open. He reaches a hand around to grip Jimin’s cock, flushed and oversensitive to quickly jack him off, and it’s like he’s been switched off mute. Jimin finds his voice and is wailing in pleasure cause this? This is the force of a punch to the gut, so sudden this inclination of pleasure from one plateau to another—so fucking good that it almost hurts.

“Oh my—shit, Yoongi, I can’t.” The poor kid’s slurring, edging on hyperventilation. “So good, hyung, so, uh, good,” and he’s blubbering now, rambling—fucking wrecked at this point. Tears squeeze from his eyes, there’s a small puddle of saliva on the bed to match the cum stained sheets, and his eyes have that glazed over look of concentration he gets when he’s fucked hard enough. He’s pretty like this, Yoongi thinks, leaning over to brush them away. Jimin makes a small noise of content at the affectionate gesture.

“Yoongi wrecking Jimin to the point of crying,” huh? Ya’ll getting pretty gutsy with these requests. I like it.

SITS: He Cheats On You

“Anonymous said: Can you do a HC of SITS where they cheat on MC and then they regretted and get back together.😅 you can choose any guys you want but can you please do Kota😚🐱🐱🐱. Thank you💕💕💕”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No

A/N: I’m going to do the cheating first then write a part 2 (yes there will be a part 2) where they get back together. 😘  It might take awhile for me to write the second part cause of my busy schedule.

Nagito Aoshima
Your fun-loving and outgoing boyfriend invited you to one of his fashion shows. A designer wanted him to be the model and insisted him to be there. But lately there was something wrong with your relationship, at least that’s what you think. Either that or you were just over thinking things. Therefore you were happy when he invited you to this fashion show.

You dressed up nicely for the event, nothing out of the ordinary. It was just something more presentable and appropriate for the event. The fashion show was wonderful, along with the designs. You couldn’t help but admire the clothes. When Nagito came out you noticed that the designer was eyeing him like a hawk. You shook off that feeling and continued to watch the show.

Once it ended you went to go look for Nagito. You wanted to congratulate him for being part of the new line of the designer. You also wanted to congratulate the designer for the beautiful designs. Upon your look out for them you found them making out. Your heart sunk when the two had no care what-so-ever about who might see them. “Stop, we shouldn’t be doing this.” Nagito pulled away from the woman. “Oh come on, don’t be like that. We’ve been doing here for sometime now.”

You made a small gasp upon hearing this. “Y/N? W-What are you doing here?” Nagito’s eyes widened when he saw you standing a few feet away. “I… I wanted to congratulate you for modelling and how wonderful you were. Also I wanted to congratulate the designer for the gorgeous designs, they were really lovely.” You smiled at the two. “Well, I better get going. It seems like I’ve interrupted something.” Putting a fake smile on your face was all you could do right now, it was your only way to hide the true pain you were feeling.

Once you turned away from them you started to walk away from that place as fast as possible. You held the tears because you didn’t want to look weak in pubic and you didn’t want people to question you about it. “Y/N! Wait up!” Yelled Nagito, but you didn’t want to face him right now. All you ever wanted was to get away from the building as fast as possible and cry yourself to sleep because of what you’ve witness. Nagito caught up to you and pulled you into an empty hallway. “Y/N listen about what you saw. That was n–”

“Nothing? Really because to me it seemed like you were having fun making out with her. I’m done Nagito, I’m done playing your games. You said you love me but then this happened. You said I’m like a family to you but all you did was hurt me. I… I can’t do it anymore Nagito.” Your tears were now flowing down your face. Nagito was about to put his hand on you but he stopped himself. “I’ll see you at the house but let me make things clear for you, we’ll be back to who we were when we met. I’m just your ghostwriter and your assistant manager, nothing more that that. Are we clear?” You wiped your tears. Not even waiting for his answer you left and walked passed him.

When you were out of his sight, it was his turn to cry. He let his only family cry and he was disgusted of himself for cheating on you. He’s mad at himself that he hurt you, the one he truly loves.

Iori Enjo
A small note was slipped under your bedroom indicating to go to Iori’s vacation house. The note said that there will be a car ready to pick you up at five o’clock. You didn’t know what this was all about and you just smiled at how he’s trying to be romantic and surprise you. It took you awhile to pick out a dress to wear, the note didn’t say to bring clothes if he planned the two of you to spend the night there therefore just wore a simple dress.

You were almost done, all you needed was to apply light make up. The driver came exactly at five o’clock, talk about that timing. On the ride towards his vacation house you questioned the driver if he knew what Iori had for you. “I’m sorry Miss Y/N but I do not know myself. I was instructed to drive you to the location and drive you back home if needed.” You raised your eyebrow at him. It looks like he did know something because he wouldn’t say ‘drive you back home if needed’ for nothing. It was as if he was trying to foreshadow something.

And your hunch was right, you didn’t like the surprise at all. There were bottles scattered around the front porch. You expected rose petal or something, the bottles definitely threw you off. You opened the door and made way to the living to see if Iori was there, and he was. But he was making out with some woman. “This is your surprise?” You scoffed. Iori immediately pushed the woman away from him. “Well guess what asshole, I’m very surprised.”

Iori didn’t have the energy to run after you because he was a bit intoxicated. He was pissed, the woman decided to visit him and have a some drinks. Iori didn’t know that the woman added something in his drink. But even then he still refused to kiss another woman other than you therefore when she heard the door open the woman made her move. Iori was pissed off at the woman and dragged her out. He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. He knew that this was going to ruin your relationship.

His guess was right because the moment he made his way back to the band house, the members of Revance sat in the living room with an angry expression. “Iori, Y/N came home crying about two hours ago but she didn’t tell us what happened. Once she calmed down she told me that she didn’t want to live in the same roof as ‘that lying bastard’.” Kyohei put air quotations on the last three words. Iori sighed and explained to them what happened.

The members felt sorry for both you and Iori. Iori didn’t mean to do that to you. It was probably just one of his father’s plans. However you were just crying your eyes out while the guys planned a way for them to get the two of you back together. “You better make this work Iori. It’s convenient for her and to us to have Y/N live in the same roof as us. It’s too much of a hassle otherwise.” Stated Takashi. Iori knew better, he was definitely going to make things right between the two of you.

Kota Igarashi
After hanging out with your friends you wanted to go buy a new book to read. That way you can get inspiration or even a small idea on how you should write your new script. Smiling happily you made way towards the nearest bookstore, a couple came out from the bookstore and exchanged a quick kiss. At first you thought you saw Kota in his very recognizable disguised but you might be seeing things.

Once you paid the book you left the bookstore and saw the couple once again sitting by the park bench feeding each other. They were really cute in your opinion but you couldn’t help but just imagine you and Kota. What surprised you the most was when the man took his shades off and saw Kota.

Kota was having a wonderful time and you could even see how happy he was. How? It’s because Kota’s usually like this with you when the two of you were alone. You felt an arrow impale through your heart. Pulling your phone out you called him, and his phone rang just a few feet away from you. “Hello?” He answered in an irritated voice. “Hey Kota! Where are you?” You tried to sound happy. “I told you didn’t I? I’m just home with the guys and just gaming.” He lied. “Oh okay well don’t wait for me tonight, I’ll be over at my friends house.” Your voice was strained and hung up immediately.

They stood up from the bench and walked towards your direction. You tried to cover up so that he won’t notice you. “Then does that mean I can have you all to myself today? You sure nothing will come up?” The woman said, you can even hear Kota’s response. You couldn’t take it anymore and stood up from the park bench and ran home.

When you finally arrived at the house you ran inside and broke down by the hallway. You didn’t have the energy to run up to your room. The rest of the band were startled at what happened and walked towards the crying voice they heard. Nagito was the first one to speak of what happened but before you could even answer him, you pulled him into an embrace and cried. Nagito carried you to the living room until you calmed down.

You explained to the Revance members what you witness and they couldn’t believe that Kota would do such a thing. “And here I thought he was all innocent with a sharp tongue.” Commented Iori. Nagito clenched his fist. Kyohei understood the problem between the two of you but he hoped that this won’t affect your work and promise him and it won’t. The guys tried cheering you up and it worked.

Everyone was laughing at Nagito for saying something so obvious. But you knew that he’s doing this to help get over what happened. “What are you guys laughing about? I can hear you from outside.” Stated Kota. Everyone then stopped laughing. “Err… I’m going to bed now.” You stood up from the couch and didn’t even bother looking at Kota. It made him wonder what you were doing home even though you said you were going to stay over at your friends house.

The rest of the guys dispersed from the living room. The only one how stayed was Nagito and he just glared at Kota and he glared back. Kota asked what his problem was and Nagito explained to him what happened. Kota was shocked to find out that you were there at the park and he needed to explain to you. “She loves you very much Ko, and she’s hurt because of you. Do you really think you can solve this by saying sorry to her after she found out you were cheating on her?” Nagito left Kota, he didn’t know what to do because Nagito was right. He knew that there’s a possibility that you wanted to break up with him. There’s no way he could solve this and he didn’t know what to do. In his mind, he thought that it was better to leave you alone for now.

A New Beginning 1/?

A magic creatures AU - About 3k, watch for the cut!

Late growth spurt, the doctor had said without looking up from his tablet. Steve had been sitting on the exam table, paper bunched up under his thighs, four inches of ankle sticking out of his pants. At 22, he’d expected to be five-foot-nothing, one-hundred-nothing pounds for the rest of his life. When he’d started noticing that his pants seemed short, he’d blamed Bucky for ruining a load of laundry – it wouldn’t have been the first time.

“Late growth spurt,” Steve muttered under his breath as he tried on a new pair of pants. It was the fourth pair of jeans he’d had to buy in the last three months, and he was getting tired of spending his wages on clothing. He hadn’t had to regularly buy new clothing since middle school, and until this late growth spurt, he’d had the same pair of comfortable (slightly careworn) jeans since the first day of ninth grade.

“Steve! C’mon. How long does it take to button a pair of jeans?”

“I’m sure you hold the record, Buck,” Steve called back. He tugged on the waistband of the pants, picked up his knees, and then folded forward to grab his toes. “I think these are too small,” he said, nudging the door open with his hip.

Bucky was sprawled in the folding chair set against the wall, his legs taking up most of the narrow walkway between the changing rooms. One of his hands dangled between his legs, and the other was propped up on his thigh with his phone angled up, thumb flicking over the screen. He looked like an edgy magazine ad with his hair pulled up in a messy bun, his thin button-up shirt rucked up to show a peak of a tattoo on his hip. The woman at the counter kept tossing him speculative looks.

“Really?” Steve asked with his lips pursed, hands automatically landing on his hips.

Bucky smirked and ran his tongue over his lower lip as he straightened up. He gave Steve a speculative look. “Are you doing squats in your sleep or something?”

Steve threw his hands in the air. “Yes, Bucky. I am getting up in the middle of the night and sleep-squating. That’s a perfect explanation.”

“Hey, don’t bite my head off, I’m not the one who’s grown eight inches and put on thirty pounds in the last three months.” He stood up and gave Steve a thorough once-over. “You’re either going to have start working out, or stop biking to work. You’re getting all…” He made a vague gesture with his hands. “Pear-shaped.”

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Egobang - Pathos

Pairing: Egobang - Dan/Arin
Rating: G
Words: 1500

- The street magician AU no prompted, but that I got into my head and wrote pretty quickly. (Heads up @i-am-avacado and everyone else who might need something a little silly and cheerful.) -

Arin was on his way to the bus having ventured into the city on his day off. He had been scouting book shops and record stores for most of it, but was still empty handed as he left. He didn’t mind though, sometimes it was more about the feeling of a book store than actually buying anything from it.

As he rounded a corner, he heard the chatter of a large group before he walked right into it. One person, a brown haired man in a leather jacket, was speaking a little louder than the rest. Tour guide, Arin thought briefly, as he tried to crisscross along the edge of the crowd, toward the bus stop.

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