put those lips away

Always her.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Amara

Warnings: Angst

Words Count: 962

Author’s Note: Songfic required by this splendor >> @chaos-and-the-calm67
The song is “The Best of My Love” by Eagles.
I hope you like it!

This was the name tortured the Dean’s thoughts. It had been weeks by now, since that woman had put her lips on those of Dean. And he hadn’t pulled away; he wanted Amara not kiss him, but he felt something inside him, over his body, over his mind, keeping him from getting away from her.
But when the woman turned away from Dean, the hunter felt something different, like.. remorse. He shouldn’t have accepted the kiss of Amara, she was the enemy. And then.. Dean tried to remember something.. someone.
She was there, while Dean was in the arms of Amara, watching the scene helplessly. When Dean turned around, he met her eyes, destroyed by grief, full of tears. Y/n said nothing at the time, and she said no more in the days following.
Dean felt at pieces; he and y/n.. there was a special relationship between them. Dean loved her, and she loved Dean. But since the Mark of Cain was gone, and they had liberated Amara, the hunter did nothing but think of the wrong woman. And he was angry with Amara, with Cain for giving him that stupid Mark, with Metatron who had killed him.. but Dean basically, he knew that the fault was only himself to. It was he who had decided to take the Mark, it was he who had gone to meet death fighting with Metratron, and it was he who had turned into a demon, into a monster. And despite everything, y/n was always there at his side. She had never given up, because the love that she felt for him was too strong.
Dean tried to close his eyes, and dream y/n, how happy they were, first of all that mess.
But Dean could only think of the pain he was causing to the girl; He was thinking how should feel y/n, on the other side of the wall, in her bed. He heard her crying every night, and what could be done Dean, if the cause of those tears was himself?

Every night I’m lyin’ in bed
Holdin’ you close in my dreams
Thinkin’ about all the things that we said
And comin’ apart at the seams

Suddenly Dean thought back to when a few days before, he had finally got the courage to talk to y/n, explain her how he felt, to apologize for what he had done, how he felt weak and useless in that moment, because he couldn’t , he couldn’t do anything to comfort her.
Y/n began to cry, and she couldn’t help but scream all that felt toward Dean, the disappointment for what she had seen, the pain of betrayal, the fact that despite everything she couldn’t not love him.

We try to talk it over
But the words come out to rough
I know you were tryin’
to give me the best of your love

Dean expelled the bad memory from his head; he only had the desire to remember y/n when she was happy with him, when nothing and no one would have divided them. Dean remembered the days when he and she were traveling in the Impala, riding around the world, with the windows open, the wind that caressed their faces. Dean looked y/n like a delicate flower, that she needed protection, he wanted to protect her at any cost. Dean remembered those moments with her between the sheets, when they made love passionately, while both declared their love to each other.

I’m goin’ back in time
And it’s a sweet dream
It was a quiet night
And I would be all right
If i could go on sleepin’

But by now those were only distant memories; in his bed, Dean turned between the sheets. He was tired of that situation. He opened his eyes, and in the darkness of his room, he decided to get up. Walking quietly in the corridors of the bunker, he noticed that the door of the y/n’s room was open; Dean came up, and he noticed that the girl was not there.
The hunter continued to wander around the bunker, until he saw the library lit; he entered in the enormous room, and Dean saw her.
Y/n was standing with a book in her hands, as she went back and forth in silence. Suddenly, the girl turned to Dean, noticing his presence.
Dean looked at her, saw her eyes dull, her tired body, but also for him at that time, she was beautiful, and he loved her; even with Amara in thought to torment him, he couldn’t forget the woman he really loved. Y/n.
“Dean, what are you doing here?”
Y/n’s voice relaxed him; it was for days that he didn’t hear her, and those few words, had revitalized him.
“Someone told me to follow my heart.” Dean said, and striding, he walked over to y/n and kissed her. He kissed her urgently, and despair. He moved closer to himself, with the hope that y/n not away from her.
Dean was surprised when he saw that the girl didn’t pushed him away. She wrapped her arms around Dean’s neck, and pulled him even closer to her, eager to have him in her arms.
And in that moment Dean just wanted to have her for himself, make it clear to her that she was the one for him. He wanted to make it clear to her that despite his mistakes, although there was also Amara in his mind, for Dean y/n would be always come first. Dean would always love her.

You know we always had each other baby
I guess that wasn’t enough
Oh, but here in my heart
I give you the best of my love
Oh, sweet darlin’
You get the best of my love..

✦ —— the lorax sentence starters

  • ‘ i speak for the trees. ’
  • ‘ we love living this way ’
  • ‘ it’s perfect! ’
  • ‘ did you paint this? ’
  • ‘ wow! what does that even mean? ’
  • ‘ i’d probably marry him on the spot. ’
  • ‘ and it does what? i don’t even know what it does. ’
  • ‘ oh, it hurts, mom. ’
  • ‘ please stop. ’
  • ‘ would you be a dear and go get them for me? ’
  • ‘ you want one, you need to find him. ’
  • ‘ oh, he’s real all right. ’
  • ‘ wait, outside of town? ’
  • ‘ well, here goes another lame saturday. ’
  • ‘ you really think people are stupid enough to buy this? ’
  • ‘ i’m aware it rhymes. ’
  • ‘ no one is supposed to come here. ’
  • ‘ get out of here and leave me alone! ’
  • ‘ well, that’s me. the guy who still cares. i’m here. ’
  • ‘ it’s because of me. ’
  • ‘ sounds ridiculous, but i mean, that’s cool. ’
  • ‘ if somehow your invention ends up a failure instead of a success, oh, it wouldn’t surprise me at all! ’
  • ‘ i’m going to prove you all wrong. ’
  • ‘ with nothing but a completely irrational sense of optimism. ’
  • ‘ so let’s all make my dreams come true. ’
  • ‘ yeah, that’s awesome. ’
  • ‘ no, but that sounds amazing. ’
  • ‘ i’ve got one of these for the cutest little guy I ever saw! ’
  • ‘ i’m going to eat this, but i am highly offended by it. ’
  • ‘ you listen to me, you furry meatloaf. ’
  • ‘ if you’re not gone by the time the sun sets on this valley, all the forces of nature will be unleashed upon you and curse you until the end of your days! ’
  • ‘ well, i would love to tell you, but, sadly, according to the universal wish laws, I cannot. ’
  • ‘ kiss him! kiss him! ’
  • ‘ you’re kissing the cereal again, hon. ’
  • ‘ it is now personal time. i’ll be in my room. ’
  • ‘ don’t go poking around in things you don’t understand or i’ll be your worst nightmare. ’
  • ‘ lots of fun stuff to occupy your short attention span. ’
  • ‘ hey, man? you know, you need to change that door bell. ’
  • ‘ clearly, you missed me a little. right? ’
  • ‘ why aren’t you like other kids, break dancing and wearing bell-bottoms, and playing the Donkey Kongs? ’
  • ‘ because when a guy does something stupid once, well, that’s because he’s a guy. ’
  • ‘ if he does the same stupid thing twice, it’s usually to impress some girl. ’
  • ‘ how nice to see someone so undeterred by things like reality. ’
  • ‘ i didn’t mean you any harm. ’
  • ‘ sleeping is the body’s way of telling other people to go away. ’
  • ‘ okay, i put my lips on those. ’
  • ‘ you’re bringing a guitar? ’
  • ‘ my family was right. ’
  • ‘ i’m playing poker. he’s playing go fish. and i think he’s hungry. ’
  • ‘ i think he’s going to get to that part really soon. ’
  • ‘ you know me, just cruising. putting out the vibe. just me and my thoughts. ’
  • ‘ oh, is this the girl you’re always talking about? ’
  • ‘ there’s my big, suddenly successful son! ’
  • ‘ but you always said i wouldn’t amount to anything, remember? ’
  • ‘ so, who invited the giant, furry peanut? ’
  • ‘ that’s a woman? ’
  • ‘ take that, you stupid tree! ’
  • ‘ give me a reason, shorty. ’
  • ‘ do you think I’m bad? ’
  • ‘ something good finally happens to me, and he just has to come along and rain on my parade. ’
  • ‘ how bad can i be? ’
  • ‘ i’m just following my destiny ’
  • ‘ how bad can this possibly be? ’
  • ‘ you’re a fraud ’
  • ‘ this is really all your fault. you destroyed everything. ’
  • ‘ because unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. it’s not. ’
  • ‘ then make them care. ’
  • ‘ he knows his own name and everything. ’
  • ‘ must have been a misunderstanding. ’
  • ‘ i could just kiss you right now! ’
  • ‘ what do you think you’re doing, kid? ’
  • ‘ let it grow. ’
  • ‘ let it die! ’
  • ‘ you greedy dirt-bag! ’
  • ‘ you done good. ’
  • ‘ by the way, nice mustache. ’

your wrists are covered with despair and words that were shouted at you when you were only eleven. the tear stains that coat your cheeks are memories of nights spent curled up in the corner of your room with the door locked and lights turned off. your voice cracks with every syllable, because growing up you were trained to second guess your own thoughts, your own feelings. your heart is a war zone, with land mines at every twist and turn, and I don’t blame you, because the only love you know is the sound of glass shattering and doors slamming and yelling and yelling and yelling. the words that are scribbled on that crumbled piece of paper in your trash can are letters that will be read by nobody, because you were brave enough to put those pills away. you’ve been biting your lips so hard you’re wearing your own blood as lipstick, and everyone keeps telling you how pretty you are.

- monsters don’t just live under your bed (@craftkiddo)

messersjinx  asked:

I can't find your list of drabble sentences so I just thought of this. "Why do you keep playing this game when you know I always win?" with *Hmmmm* Jungkook??

“right, we should play a game” you poked jungkooks butt.

“Can you not do that” he sassed you, “and sure” before flicking you on your head.

“You’re really mean, i thought boyfriends were supposed to be nice to their loved ones” you sneered at him jokingly.

“Who says i love you?” he raised an eyebrow.

“rude” You poked his butt again, harder this time.

“Ouch” he rubbed the spot you poked.

“You’re not nice” he pouted, his eyebrows furrowing.

“How about a card game?” you suggested, ignoring his pouts.

“I don’t have any cards, Namjoon Hyung might though” he offered a solution, he rolled onto his side and rested his head on the palm of his hand.

“I’m not getting it though” he grabbed your ankle when you stood up.

“Why not?” you leaned down to poke him.

He dodged you, “Because he’s scary if people wake him up or intrude on him”

“Yeah, but there difference being is that he actually likes me more than you” you stuck your tongue out at him.

“How rude, no one likes you but me, so you should give me a kiss before you leave” he bat his eye lids at you.

“Eww, why would i want to kiss that” you flicked your finger at him with a disgusted face before rushing out of the room. you laughed to yourself while you walked to namjoons room.

Stopping outside, you knocked on his door. “Um namjoon?” you kept your voice light, but you couldn’t shed the nervousness.

The door flew open and a sleep swollen face appeared. “Yeah?” he spoke before doing a double take, “Hey Y/N? What’s up”

“Er hi! Kookie said that you might have some playing cards? I was wondering if we could borrow them” you smiled, the nervousness seeping away.

“well yeah of course you can but why didn’t he come for them?” he dissppeared for a few minutes and came back with the standard red checkered cards.

“He said he is scared of you” it was the half truth of what he said.

“Makes sense, anyways later y/n” he smiled before shutting the door with a hefty thud.

You opened the door to jungkooks room to see him looking in the mirror.

“Checking yourself out again?” you threw a teddy at him.

“Someone has too” his wit was quick.

“I do all the time, but i guess i’m not that important” you moodily crossed your arms, playing with him. He crept up to you and kissed  you on your cheek.

“Stop it, moody” before licking your face and running to the other side of the room.

“You’re actually disgusting” you wiped at your face roughly.

“anyways kookie! sit on the bed and deal the cards for blackjack and i’m going to whoop your ass at this” you felt confident untill he opened his mouth.

“Last time we played this, you lost every game. Are you sure you want to risk it again? It might damage your pride” he looked smug.

“I will damage you in a minute” you threw the cards at him playfully.

He sat down, moving backwards to make space in front of you for the cards. He shuffled them well before dealing seven each and placing one down next to the deck.

“Ready?” he pat your head lightly, “I’m going to wipe that smug look off of your face” you retorted.

You placed a card down, as did he and it contued like that for a while when you laid down a 2, “Pick up 2 lover boy” you cheered.

He plucked two from the pack and smirked, you felt uneasy. You laid down a ten of hearts when he rapid fired an 8 of hearts.

“Miss a go, now it’s my turn again” he muttered, placing a king on top of it.

“Pick up one” you followed. He laid down another king.

“pick up one” a smile was creeping onto his face.

You picked up one when he laid down a black jack. “Last card” he peered over it at you. You began to lay out five cards face down so he wouldn’t see them when he laid down his last card.

“Blackjack” he snickered.

“HOW DID YOU EVEN” you shouted at him, knocking the cards everywhere, You tackled him so he was laid on his back on the bed and you were sat ontop of him.

“you cheated” you proded his chest twice.

“You’ve heard what the fans call me, it goes like this” he got up onto his elbows but you were still pinning him down, barely.

“g-o-l-d-e-n-m-a-k-n-a-e” he spelt it out for you slowly, he then bounced the bed so that you flew of his chest. Moving swiftly so that he had you pinned.

“Why do you keep playing this game when you know I always win?“  he pecked your face lightly, while you struggled in his grip.

“Golden maknae my ass, you cheat” you muttered, pouting.

“Put those lips away before i kiss them” you tried to kick at him but he had your legs pinned to the bed

“You’re so cute when you lose, you get all flustered and moody” he booped your nose.

(i got a bit carried away this one, woops! i’m sorry it’s late, i’ve been a wee bit busy and ill so i hope you like it!)