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new friends!!

hi!! i rlly want to branch out and make new friends so reblog/like this if ur ok with being put in a group chat with people that reblog/like this!! I’ll also follow u

reblog/like if you:
-are otherkin (especially id/fictionkin)
-like anime!!
-like video games like legend of zelda or dragon age or skyrim etc etc
-like musicals!! or theater in general
-actually if ur just friendly in general I love making new friends
-if u look through my blog and basically like what you see I’m sure we can be friends
thank u!

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Yo..... idk how cool you would be with this bUT will you ever put matty up for adoption on the gallery or w/eva? My legacy sims r almost clones of each other no matter what I do 😭😭😭 P.s. How tf do u get that kind of a mouth shape on ur sims???? Like I've been trying?? But it won't work??????? P.p.s. Ur blog is so cool, it has affected how I type......... omg 😱😱😱

hey kids so about uploading math……..idk…….maybe when he dies lol bye math……as for how i get mouth shape of my sims:

unhelpful bc idr the preset i used wtf but i just drag the corners down and make top lip a lil smal and bottom lip bigger. the trick is corners down for maximum suffering. also i just made a video of me makin a boy sim im gonna post l8r so look 4 tht kids ok ily all ps sorry i made u type horrible hopefully u arent in school and have 2 write essays lmao rip xoxo

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i found out my ex who was really shitty and emotionally abusive towards me has herpes and at one point i told him he deserved to get an std and now he like is trying to make me feel guilty for saying but like. he does deserve an std cuz he was awful and hurt me so much but like. my mind keeps calling itself a bad person and making me feel like a bad person for thinking this way. idk. i just thought yu could relate, wanted to share. i enjoy ur blog <3

One of my exes got herpes from the girl he cheated on me with lmao.

But ppl with herpes are ppl too and i dont want to put ppl down for something common, and hard to control.

I mean our exes are shit tho lol

-mod j


This headcanon was not originally mine but I cannot find the source to cite it… Here are my additions to the marvelous idea:

At the meeting…
Texas *to Colorado*: You’re probably too stoned to compete with me Pot Head
Colorado *in terrible Texan accent*: Game fucking on Redneck. You ain’t the only state who wants to secede from the union
California *filming the entire thing*: this is so going on my blog lol
America: 1776% done with ur shit don’t make me sick my army of bald eagles on you

About 5 minutes into the meeting…
America *dials White House*: MR PRESIDENT I CANT CONTROL THEM
Obama *sighing*: this phone is for emergencies only Alfred please refrain from calling me unless there is an actual crisis
*whimpers* oh God Alaska called Russia may the spirit of George Washington have mercy on our souls

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this is such a good blog it is personalized and good and your jonny tags bring me joy ur great dude

awww thank you!

i know that i’ve been slacking (bc college + other life projects) but u know, this blog here is a really fun place for me to cultivate my humour, my skills and my love for radiohead and i am really fond of whatever i put out in here (my deranged tags included lol)

there was a turning point in here when i decided that i was getting too anxious thinking of posts to make and how to please others, but then i took a step back and decided to blog my way, and it really means a lot when someone says they enjoy my blog bc what i really hear is “i like you as you are” and that is fucking awesome tbh.

basically, thank uuuu

10 Songs

I was tagged by @thegirlwiththewords to post 10 song from my library!

Rules:  put your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs, then tag ten mutuals

  1. Lithium - Nirvana
  2. Caffeine - Faith No More
  3. Polly - Nirvana
  4. Ricochet - Faith No More
  5. Chocolate - The 1975
  6. Operate - Three Days Grace
  7. Far From Home - Five Finger Death Punch
  8. No Matter What - Papa Roach
  9. I Surrender - A Day To Remember
  10. Life Starts Now - Three Days Grace

I’m tagging: @the-detroit-maggot (coz u visit my blog so often lol…. ur my fp tho), @guy-with-naruto-jacket (coz u do visit my blog often), @lost-heart-shaped-box (my fav girl ever), @thisisannika (idk if u do tags but ur fab), @blog-of-a-website-developer (ik u won’t do this but ur bae ♥)

I only tagged the lovely humans whom I like. 

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Aww no i love when u just talk about ur life outside of writing it's really nice. As for me, I might edit a video together for yt bc i love editing. I have homework for English, we have to do alliteration with every single letter of the alphabet (how tf am I supposed to do x) so for b I put Baekhyun Bakes Beautiful Bacon. I suck at sports and excersie except for dancing, if u consider that one. And idk I love u and ur blog 💜💜💜 don't worry about pleasing everyone we love u regardless

Wow, you edit videos? :) That’s super awesome! Do you have your own channel I could maybe check out? ;D And ahh yeah, alliteration was difficult when I got to x, too lol. Good luck with that! Your Baekhyun sentence is 10/10, btw, you deserve an A+ just for that. XD

Of course dancing is a sport! You ever heard of bboy competitions? They’re so awesome (another thing I’ve been obsessing over that I forgot to mention)! What kind of dancing are you into? Ballet? Hip hop? Tap dancing? Idk my knowledge of it is very limiting, I really only know lots about breakdancing because I’m interested in it. X3

Thank you for the sweet message. <3 I’m glad you decided to come out and talk to me. ^u^

@dottie-ross (aaaaay you can reblog this to whatever other side blog you want but i wasn’t sure which blog to tag you in so i tagged ur main??? Sorry it took me soooo long to get a starter. I’m slow… lol… and only seem to ever be inspired to write at like 4am??? anyways… PRIVATE SCHOOL AU!! SECRET BOOOOYFRIEEEENDS!!! INTERNALIZED HOMOPHOBIA ANGST!!!)

Tap. Tap. Tap. 

Ryan absentmindedly tapped his pencil against the table he sat at. The book in front of him lay open, but he wasn’t putting much effort into reading it, let alone taking notes in the notebook that lay open and empty next to the book. He took a look around the library. It was mostly empty. Only a few people dispersed here and there. Not that he really expected anything different. It was Tuesday morning. Everyone was in class. It seemed the only people in the library were frantic students like him who didn’t do their homework and were now cutting their first class to get it done.

He let out a heavy sigh and laid his head on the desk against the open book. He mentally kicked himself for not having done this sooner. He could have been sleeping in today or going to class without this bullshit “incomplete homework” anxiety. Or just… skipping his class anyway and sleeping in.. But alas, he was a lazy fuck who procrastinated on homework. And he’d already been threatened with a phone call from his parents about him skipping so many classes. This was starting to become a bad habit… Staying in his room rather than going to class, not doing homework, skipping class to get homework done, getting behind on more homework… 

Sitting there with his cheek pressed against the page, something caught his eye. Well… not something. Someone. Ryan sat up straight and turned his body to look at the man who was across the library. He was…

Ryan felt his face heat up and he suddenly turned his eyes back to the book on the table. What the hell was that? Suddenly he felt so… He looked up again and took another glance at the stranger. Was the guy a student here? He definitely looked to be around Ryan’s age. And the library hardly got used by anyone other than students. Ryan by no means considered himself “social.” He had friends. But making friends was difficult for him. And he always struggled when it came to talking or trying to find the right thing to say. He didn’t know why, but he had a strong urge to talk to this man. Maybe… Hang out? Get lunch? Before he could even talk himself out of it, Ryan was halfway across the room getting closer to the other boy. As he got closer and could see the other boy’s face and features more clearly, he felt his face getting hot again. Ryan stopped suddenly, turning abruptly to face the shelf in next to him and stare blankly at the books on it. He didn’t even know what fucking section he was in but he grabbed the first book his hand landed on and power walked back to his table. 

God dammit, what the hell was wrong with him? He looked down at what he’d grabbed. Of course, nothing related to what he was actually supposed to be studying. He looked back up at check out the other boy. Was that the section he was looking at? Ryan wondered if the other was their doing homework too, or if there was some reason they were here so early instead of somewhere else or in class. As Ryan began to space out and come up with fantasy scenarios for this mystery boy, he realized he was staring and suddenly snapped out of it and–

Oh fuck. Was this guy looking back at him?


Entry for @kingofedge@chiherahcosplay‘s banner contest.

Based on (probably) my fave image of your amazeballs G!Sans cosplay (see above)!

I was gonna draw your cosplay, THE King of Edge, no matter what. This was inevitable. I put my signature on them because they’re just entries. Just so no one else takes them XD

Comes with and without ur name/blog name/fave food’s name on it.. The text is just a placeholder for now. We can change it into anything you want ^^/
Ah man, I hope you like it… <3


lol I’m sorry…

The signs' reaction to hate
  • Taurus: lol fuck you im going to sleep now bye
  • Gemini: omg look at that *points* all my fucks flying away
  • Cancer: *cries* whyyyy
  • Leo: *puts up middle finger, flips hair and walks away*
  • Virgo: k
  • Libra: we can all be friends ok
  • Scorpio: I hate you too
  • Sagittarius: um I think you are talking about urself lol
  • Capricorn: *stares blankly and blinks twice*
  • Aquarius: *laughs insanely*
  • Pisces: U secretly adore me, ur just jelly dude