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hi everyone! it’s aleena aka kihyunsgirl and i’m making my first follow forever!! (well…at least on this blog sdlfkjsf)

i had remade my blog two weeks ago for a mess of reasons, mostly with the mindset that no one really liked me/my blog anymore and that no one was gonna refollow me sldkfjsdf but damn u guys proved me wrong :/ lsdkfjsdf thank u for making me feel loved and like i’m not a Total loser and thank u for making my dash and this website an amazing place! i was so happy seeing so many ppl refollow me and so many new blogs follow me i didn’t think 500 ppl would give me so much love in just two weeks :(((( i love u ???? i don’t even make content i just show up here and gush abt kihyun…. some of yall aren’t even mx stans so thank u for putting up with me sldkfjsd

also i’m making this as more of a mutuals appreciation post bc this isn’t a full list of everyone i follow, but it is all my mutuals!! just know that if u follow me, whether it was today or yesterday or refollowing from my old blog, if we became friends last week or a year ago, or whatever it may be, my heart is so full of love for all of u!!! the sun shines for u the birds sing for u and my heart beats for u !! i hope all of u are having an amazing day and an amazing life and i hope that u are feeling happy and loved… im love u 

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ok, my very favorite thing from star trek TOS: 

so you know how in episode 1.01 “where no man has gone before” featuring OMNIPOTENT ESPER AND CATEGORICAL ASSHOLE LIEUTENANT GARY MITCHELL (an eternal problematic fave), kirk gets into a tussle with him in order to prevent the apocalypse, more or less

and mitchell, trying to threaten kirk, digs him a grave to throw him into, complete with a headstone reading JAMES R. KIRK

and this small mistake has been subject to a lot of amused discussion amongst trekkies. a lot of questions and conspiracy theories have arisen over the years, as to be expected from a fandom of its size. the main consensus being that, you know, clearly they hadn’t yet decided that kirk’s middle name was to be tiberius. someone on the writing team made a continuity error. no big deal.

BUT the thing i just can’t get over that never fails to make me laugh– the simple fact remains that mitchell dug a grave trying to intimidate kirk and put the wrong damn name down. it’s the squidward tortellini of stardate 1313.7.

tigerliliesandcherryblossoms replied to your post “Tony and Bucky were together before Siberia. That is all.”

So Tony’s still a malicious murderous dick then?

The next time you think you need to make a comment on one of my posts you need to ask yourself “Is what I’m adding an intelligent thing to say?” Because let me tell you: That was not, and I do not appreciate it, and honestly I have difficulty understanding how you came to that conclusion after reading ANYTHING in that post.

Because let me tell you. If I found out you murdered my parents and your best friend who I also considered my friend lied about it after getting on my case for keeping secrets? I would definitely murder you. And you know what? I’d murder that person I thought was my friend, too. Don’t you FUCKING TELL ME THAT I’M MALICIOUS OR A DICK WHEN I AM THE ONE WHO HAS BEEN WRONGED. And you know what makes this worse? Tony is a better person than me. I’m petty and vicious and mean.

You do not come to my blog and say those things about my fave, especially when you obviously have no fundamental understanding of what is right and wrong. Steve was wrong. Tony’s reaction was not as irrational as many people consider it. And I will be damned if I put up with this garbage.

How horrible can you feel to have your mother carry you for nine months. Put her through all the pain, torment, morning sickness, mood swings, cravings, and child birth so you could pop up and she could take care of you, possibly worry about money while still making you happy, and raise you to be better than her only for you to turn around and admit you’re attracted to children. I mean, you’re her child and you’re putting her through even more emotional and mental trauma because you’re sick, vile, demented, and a deviant. She’s probably denying it, wondering how and when she went wrong, then putting a smile on her face trying to accept your rape oriented attraction just because you’re her child. She must cry herself to sleep every night thinking it’s her fault. Damn. I feel so bad for her.

If you see this reposted on maps-deserve-positivity don’t worry about it. That is also me. Another anti blog to trick MAPs.

im trying really hard not to stir the shit pot but i really need to say something

people are going to bother you, they’re going to think a different way than you do, they’re going to be assholes, dicks, etc.

but please fucking god, learn how to handle it. i’ve seen like five people, since i’ve made this blog, getting harassed to the point where they’ve left the fucking wc fandom over minuscule shit.

i get it, they’re assholes and you want to put them in their place. how about educate them on why they’re wrong? you’re not going to sway someone’s opinion by sending an army of anons to say “fuk u die!!!!” if you seriously, and without attitude, tell them why you disagree with them, there’s a good chance you’ll change their mind. when you attack them and provide no god damn argument, you give them EVEN MORE REASONS TO DISAGREE WITH YOU.

ya’ll got to realize that by bullying/harassing people, you’re also being a huge asshole. it’s time to grow the fuck up and be the bigger person for once. this isn’t just the wc fandom in general, this is the whole of tumblr. ya’ll act like fucking rabid dogs.

Open letter to Julia + Hey Violet (fans)

When will Julia release new music? 

Do I still have your attention? Many people have asked me this question since I posted the history of hey violet. At least the ones who still care about the Cinderella of the story. Truth is, Julia has made many comments on her struggle to rise again. Unfortunately, Nia, Rena, and Miranda have always had the upper hand. They kept everything during the departure; the name, the fans, the legacy. It’s no surprise Julia was pushed to became a ghost or a distant memory Hey Violet tried to bury alive.

(FANS) You can disregard everything I said about those girls, but one thing that can not be ignored, Cherri Bomb was in fact stolen from Julia Pierce. It doesn’t matter how it happened, since most of you don’t believe they bullied J out, the least you can do is acknowledge that Julia Pierce started a band and invited three girls to join her, i.e. Nia, Rena, and Miranda. But her dream was ripped apart when they decided to kick her out. Why didn’t they leave Cherri Bomb to J and immediately create a new band with Casey? Miranda had stated on her personal tumblr that the Lovelis girls had been jamming with him already… Do you see how that could be confusing? When I first read Hey Violet’s FB (then Cherri Bomb’s) entry about the departure, I was convinced they would only make such a drastic and permanent change ONLY if they already had a replacement. I had no proof, but when everything happened so fast and the “Casey band proposal” happened so sudden, my initial thought was proven to be right. I waited along side other CB fans to be proven wrong, but time after time, they just proved me/us right…. Cherri Bomb was no longer Cherri Bomb, it was the band of egos. You can dismiss all my opinions, but their history remains at large on the web. I know they try to escape it by changing their name, but if you search Cherri Bomb on Youtube you will see what became of them after Julia. They were given the perfect excuse by some die-hard fans; “creative differences,” and they ran with it. This can all be debunked by some low-quality Cherri Bomb interviews after J, where they stated multiple times, they weren’t really sure were their musical sound was heading towards. Question; If you don’t know what kinda of sound you want, how can you claim Julia left her band in pursuit of a heavier sound? Die-hard fans kept insisting Julia willingly left her band to make heavier music while Hey Violet wanted a more “poppier” sound. And when Miranda was asked if there was any truth to those claims on her tumblr, she suggested people should ask Julia for the reason. Which can also be debunked because Julia stated multiple times, “I did not quit.” Besides if there was any truth to any of it, Julia would in fact have new music out. Just as Hey Violet does. In fact they have been releasing music since 2013 under the Cherri Bomb name. There was, in no particular order; Blame It On The DNA (old Ana Lovelis song), The Coffee Song (Bean Freaks), The Mad Man and His Toys (HISS), Ceepin’, This Is Why, Nothing But Love (old Ana Lovelis song), The Shape Of My Scars, Mama, Middle Finger, and If I Told You. And in the midst of all these new songs, they couldn’t even figure out who was going to be lead. Even swapping places when it came to singing lead in a song in their live shows. They were rude and asked too much from their audience and became hostile when they didn’t get the proper reaction from their crowds. Honestly, I believe they were just trying their best to fill Julia’s shoes. Most fans that abandoned CB after Julia were skeptical Rena or Miranda would be able to pull it off given that J was such a great front woman, and well,… I honestly believe that was their attempt at being a “good lead and a good performer.” Anyway, I don’t know when Julia will release music… I hope someday you do. 

(JULIA) I know you had everything taken from you when your band-mates decided you were no longer a part of the band you started… I can’t even imagine how it must have felt to learn via FB you were no longer a part of Cherri Bomb. And to add insult to injury, have your former band-mates speak on behalf of you and say this was a mutual decision when it clearly wasn’t. I know, based on your words, you are working on yourself. Most people may think it’s easy to start a career from the ground up, but I understand that these things take time. Especially when your spirit has been wounded. I don’t want to put words into your mouth or speak over you, I just want to acknowledge that it must have been hard to accept the reality you were forced into. I don’t know if you went through some depression or some self-doubt, or anything like that, but I know it must have been hard to be in your position, pick yourself up, and have to start all over again. People may think you can quickly record an album and have a very popular band scoop you up from out of nowhere and hand you a promising future. I could see how people would think that since it happened to your ex-band-mates. And maybe it’s even harder to understand how such a talented girl like yourself isn’t touring and releasing song after song, but like I said, these things take time. So one day when I get asked, “when will J release new music?” I can say, “she has and it’s amazing.” But please don’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do, we just want to encourage you. If and when you decide to present yourself to the world, just know you have a fan in me.

(Hey Violet) I have had plenty to say about you, I know it, you know it. There so much hostility in the world to play shady games. People talk shit, say petty things, spread hate online, and cyber-bully. Well I don’t want to be a part of that culture, I don’t want to continue calling you a bully and be just like you. I don’t want to be a hypocrite, so I’ll speak to you directly. There are so many plot holes in your stories. I know the music business is a shady business, but must you take part of it? You (Nia, Rena, Miranda) took Cherri Bomb from Julia and defiled the name by quickly replacing her with a guy. No offense to you, Casey, but I have a point to this. I know you’ve heard this before but, why didn’t you change the name of the band after Julia’s departure? In every interview that still exist to this day on youtube, you all said you chose the (Cherri Bomb) name because it was based off a book of the same name that focused on the women of rock and what it took to be a bad-ass chick in the rock world. That was literally your gimmick; an all-girl rock band. When Casey joined, that name no longer suited you. Which only lead a ton of CB fans to assume you only wanted to continue to use the name because of it’s popularity you built around it. Anyway, your continuation to success has been a rocky one. You failed to make Cherri Bomb after Julia a hit and failed to produce a second album although you guys promised an album due in the fall of 2013. You have a home studio and even declared you would achieve success without any labels, i.e. “…macklemore, welcome to the new age.” Just broken promise after broken promise. Like I said, rocky. You’re Hey Violet now, and you made a promise to release your new album in spring, which came and went and nothing. You’ve released a hand full of problematic songs, if you need me to tell you which and explain why they’re problematic, I will. Rena stopped playing the bass and never really gave an explanation just said, “trying something new,” and added a touring bassist. You guys always fail to mention you were in another band before turning it into Hey Violet and insist on forgetting to mention Julia, who was responsible for putting you guys together. Instead you make it seem like you, Nia and Rena, started the whole damn thing and recruited Miranda and then added Casey. There’s just too many “highly sensitive” questions that question your sincerity that are left unanswered. If anything, I’m waiting for you to prove me wrong, and everyone else who doesn’t think too highly of you. I almost wished you guys would have shared/reblogged Julia’s blog entry and shown positivity and support. You were capable of wishing J a happy birthday once, but failed to be supportive of her now. She’s the one you left behind. She’s the one you owe, but repeatedly shove further down your tangled webbed past. I know you weren’t betting on some random blogger to poke holes in your new identities, but I am here to remind you that Julia is not a ghost or a distant memory you tried to bury alive alongside the band Cherri Bomb. Everybody knows or will know about you and your history as long as you continue being HV, your past doesn’t just disappear. You move on, but that’s your history. I don’t know, maybe if you acknowledged your past without any smoke and mirrors and apologize, maybe people wouldn’t think you have something to hide. 

When will Julia release new music? 

I hope I still have your attention. I know most of my followers loved it when I called Hey Violet out, but there’s something I noticed that I couldn’t ignore. I know we tend to call out problematic people a lot (which we should, there’s nothing wrong with that) and spread it like wild fire because we need people to know how horrible what’s-her-face is or what’s-his-name is. I get it, shit I’m one of those people… but what I realized is when something positive has been shared, for instance Julia’s blog entry detailing her recent years+music career, it only got a few hundred notes. It shows how much we choose to spread negative over positive sometimes. I don’t blame everyone for the lack of notes. I’m not foolish to think a lot of people know about Julia. Her musical career hasn’t been active for years. She was pushed away from the public eye by Hey Violet’s ladder to success. Hell, most people outside of 5sos’ fans don’t know who hv are. So did I expect a lot of people to know who Julia is? No, not really. Not unless you were a Cherri Bomb fan or know about Hey Violet’s real history. I think about her blog entry every time someone asks me about her possibly putting out new music and when will it come, and honestly my heart breaks every time. Julia seemed so determined with a lot of aspirations when she was in Cherri Bomb. Rena, Nia, and Miranda took that away from her. How can I say it without sounding mean or petty? That is what happened. And now Hey Violet is a recording artist under 5sos’ record label, touring the world. How is that fair? It’s an ass-backwards situation now that 5sos is involved because they gave the platform to the wrong people. Hey Violet has a home studio, the old+new fans, the Cherri Bomb legacy, and Hollywood connections. Like I said Hey Violet has the upper hand. Meanwhile, Julia was fucked over and forced to pick a new career path, (i.e. a solo music career, which is not what she wanted when she became a musician. Don’t forget that!) 

So why did I write this “open letter?” To give you a little insight on how hard it must have been for Julia to be kicked out of her band and try to succeed without having anything Nia, Rena, and Miranda took for granted. 

please share.


oh shit, another giveaway?? damn son it’s your lucky day.

i’m giving away another paintbrush, plus 1 million neopoints.

if you want to enter, just reblog this post. you don’t need to follow me, since i’m not a neopets blog. if you reblog this post, just put in the tags your neopets username, what paint brush you’d want, and what you’d do with the brush and the neopoints. there really is no right or wrong answer, but if you’re intending to pick an expensive paint brush just to sell it if you win, then you’re really rude.

this will end in two and a half hours, or 10:00 pm NST.

edit: tumblr user theinkerswell won the giveaway :)

Les Amis and Food Toppings

Enjolras: An absurd amount of ketchup, “but look Ferre, it’s red like my anger and the blood that has been spilt due to the injustice, my chips are angry now too”

Combeferre: Surprises everyone with how dry he eats his food but when it comes to lamb, he will go on for hours about the amazing-ness of mint sauce

Courfeyrac: No one can stop him from putting chocolate sauce on anything once he’s set his mind to it

Bossuet: Cheese, so much cheese, pasta will never be safe again, just so much motherhecking cheese

Joly: Sprinkles!!! On anything! Goes through two tubes when decorating cupcakes

Musichetta: Everyone else is a wimp when it comes to spice, Joly and Bossuet have to supervise her spice involvement whenever she makes curry (may have hospitalise Enjolras one time)

Marius: Cosette has to open most of the jars and bottles of condiments for him

Grantaire: Mustard, lots, has a tray of different mustards, is a mustard nerd, idek Grantaire <3 mustard

Jehan: Will put edible glitter on everything he eats, it has been confiscated many times but he has at least two spares in his pockets for such occasions

Bahorel: Drenches everything in gravy, where is the food? Oh, it’s floating in that gravy pool

Feuilly: So much seasoning, won’t even taste even taste the food before putting salt and pepper on it

Cosette: Known for overdoing the mixed herbs… dramatically

Eponine: Massive gherkin lover, she has a knack of knowing which jar is the best value for money and quality 

About the Ava's Demon Drama

Nah man, real talk: if you base your entire blog or life to “critiquing” people’s work that they put a whole load of effort into and nitpicking at every single god damn thing, you are the literal scum of the earth.

How would you like it if someone basically pulled apart something you worked incredibly hard on and showed the whole world how bad it is because of the apparent mistakes you made.

That isn’t “critiquing”, you’re using that term wrong in order to cover up your nastiness. You are beating down someone’s confidence to absolute zero because you think that it is your duty to do so, and that people want to see that.

The comments being made by these white knights trying to safeguard the identities of aromantic/asexual etc are idiotic and childish, but they have also been seen as incredibly hurtful and that’s not okay.

Not everyone is aware of the different genders, sexualities, kin-types and other such things. That’s not them being transphobic, homophobic, purposefully ignorant or any of those words you decide to call them.

The ideas of gender, sexuality, kin and such is personally just a grey pool for me, there are so many of them and honestly I don’t blame some people if they don’t know what some of them are? But if they are willing to research into it and educate themselves on these topics, then that’s the end of discussion and at least they were kind enough to offer to do that on their own accord.

Ava’s Demon is a fantastic comic, and shows the reality of what it is like having “inner demons” and mental disorders/illnesses and what people actually feel like in real life. People can relate to the characters and the ideas of the characters, and that’s what makes it so special.

What I’ve said here does not only apply to Ava’s Demon, it applies to every piece of work made by every person who put their heart and soul into it, who doesn’t deserve to be treated in such a disrespectful and disgusting manner.

If you don’t like the comic, then turn your sorry self around and go find somewhere else to be negative. Nobody likes people who are negative and mean, go find something you like which makes you happy instead of devoting yourself to just being downright nasty and pointing out “mistakes” in someone else’s work.

Your life, my life, all of our lives are so short and you’re wasting it on pessimism and making someone’s life a misery? Go out and do something better with your life, the whole world is your damn oyster and all you’ve been doing is trying to count every grain of sand on a beach.

To Michelle, I hope you find a more stress-free and safer environment on Twitter. We all wish you the best and hope you feel better soon, and we are all behind you 110%.

That is all.

fratkink-deactivated20161109  asked:

i'm really sort of disappointed. you may think im a bitch for saying this but i think people that are leaving the 5sos fam are just scared of change. we cant just expect the boys to stay the same forever. imo some of us are being selfish by saying that 1d fans are not real fans. honestly who the fuck cares if you knew them before everyone else? stop using it to your own advantage. you're acting self-righteous and it's really rude in my opinion. like i said, i'm really disappointed in you. :/



how do i even begin this, damn. ‘you may think im a bitch’ well yes you certainly have that one right because im not too sure why you’re attacking me specifically for leaving the fandom? im not the only one.. sad huh.
‘scared of change.’ how dare you. literally. i can’t even put into words how wrong you are right now. do you know me? do you know the situation? do you know why i don’t like them anymore? do you know why i changed my blog? the answer is no. you literally have no idea, but then you 'feel’ like you have the right to come into my ask and say you’re disappointed in me. what do you want me to say to that? sorry i disappointed you but it was a personal decision that really doesn’t affect anyone but me? 
let’s elaborate on that. ‘scared of change.’
so. i have been in this family since the very beginning, since the very start. even before luke posted his first cover. i’ve had to put up with so much fucking bullshit over the past 3 years, from the band changing. yes people change and no shit they were going to get famous but they never wanted to be, they never wanted to be a well-known band. the 1D tour changed that and they then became ‘more’ famous. from a 1000 people fanbase to a 1 million people fanbase, big change huh? well i stayed for 3 years and put up with everyone and everything. 
im not scared of change at all, nothing has changed. they’re supporting 1D again and i literally refuse to be apart of that again. a g a i n. the first time was bad enough, hell to the fucking no am i going through it again. 
are you really disappointed in me? why? because i changed my blog? what the fuck does that have to do with you? is it because im not apart of this family anymore? because quite frankly i don’t want to be. im happy without 5sos. they aren’t the same people they were 3 years ago. they aren’t they same people they were 1 year ago. im not into supporting money driven assholes who would much rather sleep around and fuck with girls than care about music. that’s why their famous. because of their music but lately it’s only been about, ‘if we tour here, how much money will we gain’ and im not for that. whatsoever. i hate bands that are money driven and will do anything to be the biggest band in the world. they’re not a band. they’re literally a boyband. or as some like to call it, ‘one direction’s support act.’ 

no one fucking said 1D fans are fake fans, literally no one. the amount of bullshit that people make up to target others and shut other’s down is disgusting like back the fuck off no one said anything about 1D.
i care that i knew them before anyone else because i knew who they are as people not as ‘celebrities’ and they’re not the same people anymore, and they haven’t changed for the better that’s for damn sure.

stop using it to your own advantage. you’re acting self-righteous and it’s really rude in my opinion

i literally do not remember ever talking to you about knowing the boys. never. so how dare you come into my ask and say ‘stop using it to your own advantage? that doesnt even make sense. i changed my blog so now im acting self-righteous and rude?? you need to literally check yourself because i’ve done nothing to hurt anyone. all i did was changed what i blog about because i don’t fucking like 5sos anymore wow is it that hard for people to get their heads around. i. don’t. like. them. anymore. that sounds pretty damn clear to me.

your message to me was beyond pointless i don’t want a reply from you whatsoever because i’d rather not be accused for being ‘self-rightous’ because a bunch of teenage boys changed and i don’t like who they are now so i stopped blogging about them, literally get over yourself wow 

anonymous asked:

I can't draw out the why? You can't draw out the why not. When confronted with anything that's difficult or that you disagee with, instead of addressing it, you respond with 'Shut up and get out of my inbox' or 'You're delusional'. Neither of which are brilliant responses. So, just to address a few points. You do realize that Stefan's guilt doesn't equal redemption for him? And understand the good/bad brother is a false dichotomy? And that the epic love trope has systematically been destroyed?

I don’t need brilliant responses. It’s you who came to me, remember? I reserve the right to say and do what I damn well please on my own blog especially when annoyances like you drop in to start shit. So if I want to tell you to fuck off I can.

Furthermore, this where I get to ask you why the fuck you care? Why are you driven by some deep need to come here and try to point out why our thoughts, views, and opinions are wrong? Childish boredom, or insecurity? Probably a mix of both, but nah—I’m going with the latter. You’re so obsessed with trying to put a point out there that we’re full of shit and it just comes off making you look transparent. Why are you really here? You’ve tried hard so make this about Stefan/Stelena, but it’s not. It’s about Damon/Delena. And it’s about your inability to accept who your favorite character/ship is—not the other way around.  Stefan’s guilt, for example. This is something you’ve pointed out a couple of times already. You want to make sure we know that Stefan feeling guilty doesn’t make him a good person—that he’s done bad regardless how he feels about it. You want to point out the good brother/bad brother false dichotomy because you want the people here to stop looking at Stefan as superior to Damon. And you want to point out some stupid ‘epic love’ trope being destroyed so that it makes SE look less than DE. And that is really your purpose here. I can’t for the life of me figure out why else you would be trying so hard unless you’re not so secure in your argument after all. I mean, seriously anon. How much worse could it really get for Stefan/Stelena right now and yet you still feel the need to come here and prove something. But if you want to play—let’s play.

Everyone knows that Stefan and Damon have both done bad things. Some for good reasons, and some because they were out of control or bored (Yeah, that’d be Damon). What generally separates the two of them is Stefan has a sense of conscience, morals, selflessness. He deeply cares for others, and how they feel. Stefan feels guilt, remorse, regret. And Damon—-well he lacks those things. It’s. In. His. Character. We love, understand, root for, and forgive Stefan because his character gives a sense of humanity. Remember when Elena chose Stefan in season three and Julie Plec says ‘Hopefully fans of Elena and fans of real human behavior will understand her choice.’ Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!! The bottom line is that it’s Stefan’s own feelings on who he is, what he’s done and the choices he makes that makes Damon look like a piece of shit brother. Fuck the good brother/bad brother false dichotomy. If you’re watching the show properly you can see where the writers are very clearly and constantly showing the difference between them and how one responds to things versus the other. Not sorry to say, but Damon doesn’t get award for brother of the year.

On Stelena—-despite the writers now trying to sell that ‘contrary to popular belief you can have more than one epic love’ they’re still saying it exists. And it’s still canon that Stefan and Elena were an epic love. Everyone who’s watching the show knows that bullshit came about in order to prop Steroline and put about the question if Stefan can move on and find another ‘epic love.’ We’ve got at least two seasons left, and if you think SE is over for good, then you’re in for disappointment. For someone who claims to be so smart about what the writers are doing, you’re missing some very simple things. When they don’t want you to forget about something, they won’t let you. If they planned on being over and done with SE, you’d know it. Like—-when’s the last time they mentioned Matt and Caroline’s romantic relationship? Exactly. It’s not rocket science. You can love Damon and Delena to your heart’s content—-I don’t give a fuck but you have to know you’re doing it wrong when you have to blast all over Stefan/Stelena to do it. If you’re going to love Damon, then love him for all his selfish, indifferent, unapologetic, bad boy glory and love DE for the co-dependent toxic ship they are—-Like I couldn’t honestly care less!! But own that shit—-don’t feel conflicted about it and then try to make yourself feel better by knocking Stefan’s dick in the dirt and making SE less than they are. So take a fucking seat, anon. But not before you gtfo.

@glowdeer said: wtf, you’re not obligated to answer them or anything. they need to be grateful you helped

@5sosmia said: I for one appreciate all the work you put in this blog, and can only imagine how many asks and requests you receive daily. Thank you for even offering advice to others on their cosplays when you are by no means obligated to!♡

cosplaysirens said:This makes me sad. I never EVER reply to anything, but this just rubbed me the wrong way. They aren’t robots, people. I <3 Cosplaytutorial!

@katvalkyriecosplay said: Wow, what an ass. She runs this awesome, helpful blog and gives you and other people great advice, and this is how you treat her. Your entitlement levels are too damn high.

Thank you ;u;

gimme gimme
kathy xenos
gimme gimme

oh hot damn, this is my jam | gimme gimme → thoroughly modern millie

throwback tuesday, i guess! some people were requesting some millie songs upon hearing i have played her, and while i can’t find any from the actual production we did, i recorded a lil something this morning for you! also taking the chance to dedicate this to the most incredible sutton foster (who i could never even come close to singing as well as) who got me into musical theatre in the first place, and is always a wonderful role model and inspiration. hope you enjoy!