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1) Nickname: Greg
2) Star sign: Virgo
3) Height: 5′8″
4) Time right now: 6:11pm
5) Favorite music artists: Gorrilaz, Owl City, Griffinilla, Eminem, other random ass music.
6) Song stuck in my head: None
7) Last movie watched: Swiss Army Man
8) Last TV show/anime watched: Bernie Mac Show
9) What are you wearing right now: White gird collared shirt. :)
10) When did you create your blog: Jan 2013
11) What do you post on your blog: Mainly an art blog, though sometimes I try to be funny. XD
12) Do you have any other blogs: A mod blog (Here), Art blog, fanart blog, and a voiceacting blog. :)
13) Do you get asks regularly: Nah.
14) Why did you choose your url: Cause it’s catchy and funny. XD (Schemes-and-Meems)
15) Gender: Male
16) Hogwarts House: I’m not a nerd
17) Pokemon Team: water I guess, they have all the cuties.
18) Favourite color: Sapphire, burgundy, gold, and lavender to name a few.
19) Average hours of sleep: I’m a normal boy, so 6-8 hours of sleep.
20) Lucky Number: 5, cause I love five.
21) Favorite characters: Lol, besides my own, I don’t care much. I see a character I like and I say “They’re cool”, and that’s my object permanence. XD
22) How many blankets do you sleep with: 1
23) Dream job: Voiceactor. :)
24) Following: 956

Dazai: All right, what are some of your likes?

Ranpo: Uh, unsolved crimes.

Kunikida: Son. of. a. bitch. What are you talking about now?

Ranpo: You know, unsolved crimes. Kidnappings, murders, unidentified bodies-

Kunikida: What?! What, like in movies and tv shows? What are you-…..

Ranpo: Crimes, buddy.

Kunikida: Don’t write that!!!

Dazai: I’m not!! I’m putting travel!

Kunikida: Jesus Christ! What are your dislikes?

Ranpo: People’s’ knees.

Kunikida: Oh, come on! Come on!?!

Dazai: You’ve gotta be kidding.

Kunikida: You know what? We’ll make it up. We’ll make the whole thing up!

Dazai: Let’s get out of here…

Kunikida: We’ll doctor the picture. We’re not even gonna use you!!

Ranpo: Cover your knees up if you’re gonna be walking around everywhere!

I’ve been thinking. (that’s dangerous I know) about the Hiccstrid situation and I’ve discovered a few things about myself (It’s not as deep as I make it out to be).

- If I hadn’t seen the tv show or the tv specials I would assume that Astrid and Hiccup got together at the end of How to train your dragon and were still on during HTTYD 2. I mean that’s what I originally thought. When I first watched HTTYD I thought they were adorable together and when I put on HTTYD 2 later; I was excited cause I would see them as a couple for an entire movie. But as we all know, they didn’t become a couple at the end of HTTYD. Which brings me to my other point:

- I’m now glad that they didn’t become a couple in HTTYD. (shocking I know) If the series didn’t exist, then I would have loved that they got together and stayed together for that entire time. Also, it would have made total sense. But since watching the series, I’ve really grown to love to see them become friends, best friends, battle partners and finally romantically involved. I like that they became such good friends and that their relationship could grow before they took the next step. 

- I know Dean said that they had been together for five years but I have now made the decision to ignore that. I love the idea that they became so close before. I think it helped them form a healthy relationship. 


This is the second time I’ve invested in a tv show where there is a “blood bath” from this ship war mess..
“The 100”-Bellarke vs Clexa
“Super girl”- Karamel vs supercorp
You wanna know what they both have in common? CW..
I’m a Clexa/supercorp shipper and I cringe at mon-el and Kara and it’s not even cause it challenges my non existent ship but for the love of RAO,she was in love with James just recently and decided to put off on it cause she didn’t think she could have it all,now that she realizes she can have it all why not go back and try things with James? he makes her so happy and genuinely loves and supports her..Plus,this way as a couple she can keep an eye on him as guardian while they fight as a team,but nah generic,tall,“handsome” frat boy with the bad boy edges prevails..

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(Noora anon here) Thanks for answering my ask. I'm sticking with the season like you suggested. It's been a while since I saw s3, so I forgot the way Skam puts you in the character's headspace - so diff than typical American TV. Thanks for reminding me - now I can appreciate the show once again. even if I don't always love Noora's behavior, I can sympathize with her again. On the fence about William though. Ugh

hey!! im happy you’re gonna stick with it! <3 <3 (and don’t get me started on william haha - my personal values/morals/life experience make it really hard for me to excuse him and like him. i rlly dont like his arch and story overall. but u know, suffer thru william to see all the other great content. its really worth it!!)


Where are you from?


What’s your favourite hobby?

It’s mostly drawing and making edits. :P

What’s a special talent of yours?

To be honest, I’m not very talented. But I’ve been told before I’m good with how I speak, like I can get my words out and put my point across. Is that a talent?

Favourite colour?

I like a lot of colours, but mainly purple! Others include red blue and green.

Favourite food?

I like a lot of food, especially cake and ice cream but if we’re talking dinners I like pasta!

Favourite animal?

I love rabbits, I’ve owned three in my lifetime and I have two of them right now, but I really love pigs, don’t ask why 😂

Favourite TV Show?

It ended in the 90s, but Bottom. It’s a British comedy, I don’t really watch much TV, I watch more films.
Actually, I love Spongebob. There.

What’s something you’re obsessed with?

YouTube, Art, Acting and the smell of petrol… 😂

If you could spend a week in the past or a week in the future, what would it be and why?

It would be the past because 1. We can learn a lot from the past and 2. I want to give Justin Bieber’s dad a condom.

I’m about to do another one I got tagged to do, but for this one I got tagged by @lyssadee and @sarcasm-gurl I tag @that-arty-youtube-watcher and @markissenpaiandsoisjack to do this :P

“Let Me Put It On Your Mind”

Cassian’s jaw drops wide open at the sight of the items dangling from Jyn’s hands; items that look alarmingly like—

“My stockings!” Jyn exclaims, cheeks flushed pink through her breathless grin. “And my garter belt!”

If Cassian had to describe his mental state right now, it would probably be something very similar to TV static.

Cassian’s brain does not compute, which is honestly pretty adorable. (AKA Jyn and Cassian are moving in together, and she honestly thought she had lost that garter belt long ago.)


For the anti-SkyeWard or anti-Ward out there

First: english is not my first language. So, Sorry for the mistakes.
Second: try to be polite and don’t hate on fans, actors or writers. Doesn’t make you look like a great person if you do. It’s a Tv show. Not real life. Deal with it.
Third: I was a SkyeWard shipper in the early days. Now I’m a “let’s Daisy be single”
I don’t care what you guys are thinking but after all the shit they put Brett’s character in the past seasons, I am happy to see him again. SkyeWard need at least a closure. We only will see them in an AU place where they are together. One of the most WHAT IF in the past for this ship was “what if they go with the redemption for Ward?” and in this AU we don’t know what they are putting them through. Are they Hydra like May seems to be? How will Daisy react seeing he is not Lincoln but Ward?
You are free to ship whoever you want but let’s be real: the chemistry between Brett and Chloe is irreplaceable.
For me the StaticQuake (Daisy&Lincoln) relationship was forced, but never complain with anyone on the show about it. The lack of chemistry between them was evident. Made their scenes boring. Still they had shippers, and no one said anything. Well the haters are everyone so someone said something but still… not the majority.
I agree it could’ve been Tripp, because Daisy and Tripp had a better chemistry than StaticQuake for sure.
Still… let’s us enjoy Brett back in the show! We don’t know what they are going to do with him, but I hope they give us finally a closure. We deserve it. Brett deserve it.
Lincoln and Daisy kind of had their closure. In a dramatic way, yes, but they did. While Skye and Ward had to deal with all the Hydra-thing just after they were going to start something. Ward maybe was a “nazi”, as most of you said, but you can’t say he didn’t feel anything for Skye. He did.
And if Skye changed and became a total badass is also because all the hydra-thing.
So, let’s see what they will do in this storyline. They messed up a lot in the past, but I definetely miss Brett (as actor), so I’m ready to watch the rest of season!


You changed.
You changed like seasons, like television channels, like the pages of a book that you can’t put down.
You’re no longer who I met that April night. You don’t have the same innocence and the same mysteriousness that led me to you. That kept me coming back to you.
You’re different now. You started acting like everyone else instead of yourself. How senseless of you. How dare you destroy the person I fell in love with and replace it with someone I never even met.
—  v.m
  • Kara: Maggie
  • Maggie: Uh hey Little Danvers, um how did you get my number
  • Kara: I have my ways
  • Kara: You hurt my sister once, you do it again, and we'll have problems, got it?
  • Maggie: You're giving me the shovel talk...over the phone?
  • Kara: You're currently at home, in pink pajamas, eating trix cereal and watching Community on tv..now you're freaking out, running around, no i didn't put a camera in your home. I just know.
  • Kara: I know everything Maggie. You hurt her again, there's no where you can hide from me, got that?
  • Maggie: *internally petrify* Yup! got it! Nice talking to you, bye!

Sherlock collapses onto the couch as soon as they’re home. Case solved, successfully, happy ending but oh, how it dragged in the end, and how sleep feels like a very fond, distant memory.

But there’s something… something he feels he’s forgotten. It’s keeping him awake and he needs to solve it, and then…

Dimly, he hears John turn on the TV, put on a DVD- unlike Sherlock, John takes a while for the post-case adrenaline to wane before he can sleep, whereas Sherlock slumps into immediate exhaustion. 

But now, Sherlock fights sleep, he can still feel there’s… something, but he isn’t… On a whim, he takes his phone out of his pocket, glancing at the date displayed with bleary eyes. 03:02 am, 15th February.

Oh. They had- they had missed-

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Sherlock asks, trying to push the tired slur out of his words. John shifts onto the couch and guides Sherlock’s head to rest on his shoulder, but Sherlock puts all his effort into lifting his head to look at him.

John smiles, puzzled. “Tell you what?”

“It-it was-” Sherlock yawns, too slow to cover his mouth in time. “Was Valentine’s Day,” he mumbles. “I-I wouldn’t have taken- would’ve. Dinner. Or something.” He tries to keep his head up, but more heavy exhaustion washes over him and he sighs, head dropping onto John’s shoulder, and it’s the best pillow in the world.

John chuckles. “Don’t be daft. That was the best case you’ve had in months and- well, it was fun, wasn’t it?”

Sherlock still feels guilty, keeping sleep temporarily at bay. “But… thought y’would’ve…wanted-”

John interrupts with a kiss to his hair. “You’re here, solved the case, were brilliant as usual, and now we’re home and safe and Bond’s on,” he says, and even though Sherlock’s eyes have annoyingly slipped closed, he can tell John winked at him, just there.

“No place I’d rather be,” John says. He lowers the volume of the DVD and strokes Sherlock’s hair gently, a signal that it’s time to sleep. “Happy Valentine’s Day, though,” he whispers, and Sherlock tries to reply but barely gets out, “Happy…” before he’s drifted, gone, and warm and safe and slumped across John.

Boy, 12, publicly rejects Simon Cowell's invitation to appear on BGT
The music mogul is yet to respond to the Tweet which has been shared hundreds of times after Tom 'Mouse' Smith was contacted by the show's team
By Keith Perry

A 12-year-old has been praised for publicly rejecting Simon Cowell ’s invitation to appear on Britain’s Got Talent .

Tom ‘Mouse’ Smith, a singer and guitar player, posted a picture of a polite handwritten letter to the music mogul on Twitter.

He wrote online: “Didn’t know where to sent this, but if someone could get it to Simon Cowell and BGT that would be cool. Thanks Tom x”

The picture of the letter said: 

“Dear Simon [Cowell] and BGT,”

“Thanks for all the phone calls and invitation to your TV talent show.

“Sorry if my first answer wasn’t clear enough but I don’t want to be in this competition.

“I write and sing songs for other reasons I can’t even put into words.

“No need to phone me back as now everyone has seen this so I could never come on the show without looking daft.

“Yours sincerely, Tom ‘Mouse’ Smith.”

Simon Cowell is yet to respond to the Tweet which has been shared hundreds of times.

The schoolboy even drew praise from bands including The Charlatans and The Vaccines for his firm message.

He said that the Britain’s Got Talent team contacted him asking to speak with his parents when auditions were announced.

He told journalists: “I was really pleased to be asked but it’s just not for me. They have rang two times since then and even suggested someone from the record label would call us as well.”

Tom said that he’s also been approached to appear on The Voice Kids.

He says he has been playing the guitar since he was six and performing live since he was nine.

Britain’s Got Talent returns to screens in the spring, with auditions for the new series currently under way.

Hey hey hey HEYYYY👋👋👋 Put cha lighter’s up🔦🔦🔦! Ganja’s in the house 🏠 owwwwww😷! As you can tell from my accent I am from Dallas, Tex-ass🐴! And it was not very easy growing up looking like this💁! Whether I was playing in my grandma’s clothes👵 or putting on a show for my well-organized alphabetically-ordered beanie babies 🐱🐥🐵🐼 I was guh guh guh GAY👬👭! OKKKK😃! But it wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles ☀️🌴  that I discovered 🚬Marijuana🍀, I mean I like to smoke💨💨💨, y’all I am just flying✈️ as high👆 as your receding hairline👴! OK! 🚬 Marijuana🍀 really does help me calm down😴, so y’all, I went to Valencia where they film the TV show 🌱Weeds🌱! Now, y’all, it’s very dry🔥☀️, it’s almost kinda like your vagina✌️👌! Can I get an amen🙌🙏?!? Now y’all, I am a treehugger🌳🌲 because if it ain’t green♻️, HUH😫 I’m not interested🙅! OKCURRRRRRRR💅💃!

Gah! All this time and I still don’t know how to find old posts. So, forgive me I’ll have to repeat myself.

My stand has long been that the true triumph would not be to just deliver these two as a queer fait a complit. Rather, Mofftiss have to make their mass audience actively want this pair of hearts united together so the world can be put to rights. The master stroke is to get as many viewers as possible finding themselves -even against their own latent prejudices - hoping for it. And that would be something truly groundbreaking in prime time tv. And even now on the cusp of 2017 it’s a cultural gamble. This is where “softly, softly” is put to the true test.

And for that to happen we would need an obstacle. A serious emotionally driven obstacle that the audience will want - need - to see overcome. Something that will make the story seem at odds if it doesn’t happen - turning the audience into the boy listening to his grandfather read The Princess Bride, willing our heroes back together where they belong. Because that is how every straight romantic drama ever works.

It’s not enough for us to want it. The casual viewer would have to want it too and to realize that that’s what they should want, that this is the very same story they’ve been seeing from the start but they just didn’t know it. They were blinded by their own assumptions to all the clues. “Harry is my sister.” “There’s always something.” That’s what the audience need to experience for themselves. And not to feel like idiots and impressed mentally but instead to want this story to *emotionally* be made right.

For me, this was never about us on here getting what *we* want. That just doesn’t go far enough. We need a leap forward into new queer territory than something that can be dismissed as fan service. And if you are going to up-end 130 years of literary history, our storytellers need to win a whole lot more people out there. They first need to make the viewer care. A lot. And then have them anxious and wanting resolution. If it’s “not a ship but the plot” then it demands that the everyviewer has to need it resolved *before* it can be delivered.
If that’s not the endgame? Then the Dads are seriously less ambitious than I have counted ‘em being.

With one word, the stage for all that is set…



intro to DΞΔN



Imagine teasing Dean as he watches Dr. Sexy

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

Word count: 337

Tags under the cut

“Hun.” You ask walking out of the bathroom, seeing Dean on the bed watching TV.

“Huh?” He answers distracted, his face turning your way as his eye stick to the screen where Dr Sexy is perfoms the most rare and difficult brain surgery there is, again.

You roll your eyes and bite the inside of your cheek, Dean’s always like that when he’s watching his stupids soap operas and right now you had it. You’re finally left the bunker to work on a case, just the two of you, meaning alone time, and he decides to stare at the TV instead of you, so you decide to have a little fun.

“Hey babe,” you talk to the empty air again walking towards the queen bed turning around to put your butt next to his face and speak to him over your shoulder. “Can you check and see if there are underwear marks through my leggings? The fabric is too thin and sometimes the elastics are visible and it’s disgusting.”

Dean’s eyes finally meet your ass and he’s taken aback. “Umm uhh n-no.” Seeing him torn between the surgery and your ass makes you chuckle.

“Please, Dean!” You pout although he’s not looking at your face.

His big hand starts caressing you through your clothes to see if he can feel some lump where your underwear should be. It’s certainly taking him a bit longer, maybe because he’s enjoying it or just because he’s too caught up with Dr. Stupid.

“Dean!” You urge him to hurry and thankfully there a short commercial break.

“Sorry, baby. But no, I’m not seeing any underwear mark.” He grins at you like a little kid.

“And now we are back with the doctors of Seattle Mercy Hospital” The voice announces and Dean’s eyes fix on the screen again.

You turn around and bend over, to speak directly into his ear, “Good, because I’m not wearing any!”

Without turning to look at you Dean’s hand takes the remote and turns off the TV.

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So I’m moving for the new job, either to NJ or to MA in you, know like .. FOUR TO FIVE MONTHS, and now all I want to do is to clean ALL THE THINGS and to start packing to make it as real as possible.

The (Not) Sleepy Prince

Prince: *falling asleep during dinner*

Mommy: Hey prince let’s go get ready for bed.

Prince: *wakes up* I’m not sleepy.

Prince: *falling asleep while watching TV*

Mommy: Prince if you are tired let’s go get in the bed.

Prince: *wakes up* I’m not tired.

Prince: *falling asleep in the bath*

Mommy: Prince let’s get you into the bed now.

Prince: *wakes up* Mommy, I’m still awake.

Prince: *falls asleep on bed without putting on pajamas*

Mommy: *covers prince with blanket* Good night my sleepy prince.

Prince: *wakes up* But I’m not sleepy.