put this mouthguard * *

Nah sod Single Ladies this is my fav bit i’M CRYING!!! Benedict put the WHOLE MOUTHGUARD IN HIS MOUTH BETWEEN HIS LIPS AND HIS TEETH . HOLY fuck, you’re supposed to tuck your lips AROUND it!! Like what Wong’s done and Benedict’s like put the whole thing in his mouth so BW is trying to tell him to tuck his lips around it i’m laughing so much typsning thisa i’m so… BW’s like DUDE NOOO ahahahaha  I played this before in a group and someone did the same thing omg there’s always one, THERE’S ALWAYS ONE!! and it just had to be BC. I’m howling.

Everyone Needs Comfort (Bucky Barnes X Reader)

I got this story based off this request,

“the reader and bucky live in the avengers tower and tony has to check bucky’s arm (check for a kill switch, clean it, fix it up) and bucky gets scared cause hydra would do everything to him painfully and without anesthetics so the reader stays with him the whole procedure to calm him down” this is a prompt i saw somewhere else but id super love this!!

Y/N - your name

You and Bucky became best friends as soon as he walked into the tower, although it did take a little bit of prying to get him to open up to you. None the less, you made it happen and you loved the soldier to death. He was like your older, but also younger brother all at the same time.

A few weeks before he showed up you were the new person so you knew how it felt to feel alone in the large tower. That is a big reason why you took the soldier in under your wing. Who else would help him when he got lost? Or help him get Tony back after he pulled a newbie prank on him? Or help him get off the magnets that Natasha and Clint had stuck to his metal arm? You just didn’t want Bucky to feel the way you did your first few weeks in the tower, alone.

The first few weeks of his being in the tower were perfect, or as close as it could come. The two of you would go for walks in Central Park and laugh and have a good time, and if someone stared at his silver arm you would both walk up to them and Buck would say,

“So, I see you were staring at my arm. Do you have any questions about it, or were you just being rude, cupcake?”

That simple question usually had your victim terrified and nervous. They always replied with a shaky “No” and hurry away. The rest of the day you and Bucky would laugh, but then that night feel terrible about it.

Everything was great. The two are you would mess around and Steve would join you guys on occasion when he wasn’t on a mission. The three of you got so close you were practically inseparable. You didn’t realize how close you were to Bucky until one day.

You were sitting in your bedroom reading a book you had gotten from the tower library earlier, when you heard someone called for you.

“Miss Y/L/N, Mr. Stark is calling for you in the lab.”

“Thank you FRIDAY. Do you know what he wants?”

You say placing a bookmark in your book and placing it on your nightstand.

“Sorry, no idea.”

You padded your way to the lab, not before stopping in the kitchen and grabbing a thing of Oreos.

Walking into the chrome lab, you say two very unusual sights. Bucky looked as though he was in serious disparity, and Tony had a look that was a combination of nervousness and annoyance. When you first walked in they didn’t notice you being there, you walked over to the nearest table and gave a little knock to the metal metal surface.

“Hey, kiddo, we need your help with something.”

“Of course, anything. What do I need to do, Tony?

"I am going to let Barnes explain. I am going to leave you guys to a few minutes of privacy.”

You looked to Bucky with a confused look as Tony walked out of the room.

“I need you, Y/N. Steve is not here and I need you. Tony is going to be doing some stuff on my arm and it just scares me. HYDRA would put a mouthguard in my mouth and then torture me. I just can’t go through that anymore.”

You opened your arms, calling him over to you. He jumped off of the table he was perched on and engulfed you in his arms and warm musk.

“Muffin, I will always be there for you. No matter what, and I think you deserve these oreos a little more than me. Good thing I ran the risk of being late to grab this package of heaven.”

You broke free of loving grip to grab the blue package from the table you knocked on earlier, and turned around and handed it to the tall man.

"You always know how to cheer me up, darling.”

The two of you ate Oreos for a few more minutes before Tony came bursting back into the lab.

“So, are we ready to get this party started?”

Bucky glanced over and gave you a look full of worry, you gave him a smile and grabbed his hand before saying,

“As ready as we will ever be.”

You and Bucky walked slowly over to the medical chair Buck would be sitting in. While Bucky was sitting down, Tony grabbed you a spinning desk chair and placed it to the right of where your best friend would be laying. Before Tony walked to the other side of the chair that looked like it belong in a high tech dentist office, he bend down and whispered in your ear,

“Thank you. Without you Bucky said he wouldn’t have let me work on his arm.”

He then paired the sweet sentence with an equally sweet and gentle kiss on the cheek.

“Ok, Bucky. I am just going to take a few plates off and make sure your arm is all in working order, we need you at the top of your game. If at any point it starts to hurt, let Y/N know. We can go get you some anesthetics and help dull down the pain. We don’t want to hurt you.”

Bucky gave a little nod and looked to you.

“It is going to be all right, Muffin. We are not going to let anything bad happen to you. I will be right here the whole time, squeezing your hand. If you don’t want to look at your arm, just keep your gorgeous blue eyes locked on mine. Maybe if you are good we can go get icecream.”

That last sentence got a laugh from Tony and Bucky.

After Tony had gotten all of his tools and stuff together, he began to take plates off of Bucky’s arm. One by one, he took 6 metal plates off of his arm and placed them on the table next to him. You could tell that the sight of his arm being torn apart was starting to make Bucky a little uneasy and nauseous, I need to do something to help distract him, you thought to yourself.

After a few seconds of thinking, you knew exactly what to do. You had both of your hands cover and playing with Bucky’s right hand. You removed your right hand and placed it on his chin, moving his head to face you.

Without any warning, you started to lean in and before you knew it, you were in a gentle kiss with the Winter Soldier himself. You pulled away a few seconds into the kiss and the two of you just stared at each other for a few seconds before the silence was broken.

“You know, I was wondering when this was going to happen. Natasha and Clint own Steve and Me 20 bucks now, thanks love birds.”

With the last few words coming out of Tony’s mouth, he screwed on the final plate and Bucky’s check up was done.

Bucky slowly rose from the chair and pulled you out of yours, engulfing you in another hug and lifting you into the air. Once he lifted you up so you were at eye level, he pulled you into a much deeper kiss. After what felt like forever, he pulled away and mumbled against your hair,

“I love you, darling.”

“I love you too, muffin.”

I really hope you guys enjoyed!!

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A couple of times the panic of being touched gets him in trouble because someone will brush past him on the street and when they bump into him by accident he jerks around to stare them down, ready to take them out, only to see that it was a mistake and they didn’t even notice, and they’re already walking away. People on the street avoid him because there’s a strange languidness to his gait that violently changes to poker-straight clockwork motions without warning. 

It’s a moment-by-moment battle to relearn how to react to the world like a human being; to keep himself from winding up and killing the guy on the bus who gives him a dirty look and instead just put his head down and looks somewhere else. He can’t trust his threat-evaluation training anymore. 

His eyes widen in panic when steve and natasha try to reach out to him the first time; they’re just trying to be kind because they see his haggard face and sloppy, dirty clothes but the last time somebody reached out to him it was to put a cracked rubber mouthguard in between his clenched teeth. 

flashbacks of a faded war and the phantom feeling of a left hand blur with the memories of being paralyzed in the cold and endless dreams of ice. Was it yesterday that his body tingled with tiny hot needles as it thawed, his muscles atrophied and his limbs numb….. over and over again waking to different voices talking to each other but ignoring the huddled, shivering form that they hosed down with stinging hot water. (He’s just sitting there why doesn’t he get up?)(Hey, hey can you hear me? Get up!) rubber-gloved hands clamping on the base of his skull and forcing his eyes upward into the glare of fluorescents. He gasps, coughs up some of the water that went down his throat, but his lungs are stiff and icy. (Get up!) The rubber-gloved hand strikes him across the face and he falls back, but even that he barely feels, his skin is too cold. Another blast of hot water, there’s something about how they’re running late and that’ll have to do for now. rubber gloves grab him by the shoulders and force him to stand; they half-dress him roughly with a grunt about why he’s not coordinated enough to do it himself; they tape sensors to his chest and stick a needle into his wrist, pushing him down into a chair. It has enough of a familiarity to it that  he cooperates, and when they put in the mouth guard he opens his mouth and bites down….

pain melds together memories after that; he sees the outside world as if through a dream, and all the while he’s far away while his body kills with mechanical precision….

it’s a long time before he learns that someone reaching out to touch him will not always hurt…many long days of kind words and predictable movements and reassuring praise. Even then, there’s always a moment of uneasiness that a tiny trigger will take him all the way back and he’ll be lost in his own head again. He’s not sure how to mouth sorry to them when he reacts to their warmth with apathy. After enough smiles and assurances that it’s okay, he starts to think maybe it is enough that he just gets up every morning, eats, and gets dressed, even though some days all he can feel is cold.