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This is an extended post on the winged AU that I wrote a few days ago. I’m going to be referring to it as urban magic AU since I’m going to include more than just winged folks and whatnot altho the focus will ( most likely ) end up being on them since the original idea was winged AU!Ohmtoonz.

General bits:

  • the world in which this is set is something similar to an urban magic world – more or less everything works w/ the help of magic / magic is pretty common
  • magic is pretty much the basis of this world – it’s so common that it’s so strange if somebody says that they don’t have it
    • altho magic-less people do exist ( be it they aren’t some kind of non-human being or don’t have any kind of abilities etc. ) it’s not that often
  • people refer to this world as The City since it’s essentially one big city which spreads almost endlessly
    • rumour has it that this used to be a kingdom a very long time ago but nobody knows what happened to cause such a drastic change
  • many don’t know this for The City is seemingly endlessly expanding but there is an edge where reality splits in half however it’s so far away that only a few have actually reached it

Winged folk:

  • people w/ neon skeletal wings aren’t actually angels altho they are mistaken for them quite often
  • their wings start out white and depending on the circumstances become coloured – once they start changing colours there is no going back or changing it
    • perhaps the hue so they are lighter / darker but other than that it doesn’t work
    • dyeing them while they are still white won’t work as the dye will start to disappear
  • while the wings aren’t present at all times ( sometimes requiring looking at them from a certain angle ) people can feel the fact that the person in front of them has them – it’s more along the lines of feeling this strange aura radiating from the other person


  • jokes a lot that his wings are demon wings due to their colour
    • dressing up the part ( wearing a hoodie w/ demon horns on the hood ) certainly doesn’t help the fact that people do mistake him for a real demon
  • his wings are a dark red ( almost dried blood like ) colour due to the circumstances in which they’ve started changing colours
  • unknown why but his wings are really sharp and can be fatal if they impale something / somebody
    • has definitely gravely injured and even killed people before due to this
    • they become especially sharp when he’s stressed and really dull when he’s relaxed


  • his wings are still white for which he gets teased a lot especially by Cartoonz
  • they are also smaller than the average size which is considered weird / an anomaly
  • has broken his wings when he was younger which may be the cause of their shortness

Other peeps:

  • Smitty
    • a gargoyle who’s lost one of his eyes and now wears a ruby in its place
    • his wings are made out of stained glass which he takes great pride in
  • Terroriser
    • a púca ( an Irish fairy / shapeshifter ) who likes playing pranks on others a bit too much
    • gets really overprotective of people he considers friends thus will bring great misfortune to those who harm them
    • is mostly seen in his human form w/ wolfish features such as a wide toothy grin, the occasional growl and so on and so forth

anonymous asked:

I don’t know whether you were being serious in your tags or not, but Ezra Miller /is/ queer! He’s explicitly come out as such. So he really does know our feelings about shirtless Jason Momoa very well.

Oooohhh I know, I was being 100% serious, haha! 

What he isn’t, though, is subtle, because is2g every time I see him on a press tour with some ‘sexy big celeb’ he’s all Heart Eyes™, and god, don’t even get me started on the way he’d fucking lean into Colin Farell’s touch like there was no tomorrow, ugh <3

where’s my fic based on that interview where Colin wraps a hand around the nape of Ezra’s neck and Ezra looks like he’s visibly melting into the touch like asldghkhsfjhlkk where is my dom!colin sub!ezra fic wHEREEEEE


Science Aesthetic: a well kept lab notebook, perfect sterile technique, cross referenced stock solutions, a single, perfect freezer box, labels

Real Science™: post-it notes everywhere, a messy bench, yesterday’s bacterial cultures, fourteen pieces of scratch paper, digging in the freezer for ten minutes because you don’t know where your stocks ended up