put the nail in the coffin

I'm done.

So this game’s like a year old and it seems with each new event it gets harder and harder to obtain things or more mechanics are added that completely revoke others. I’m seriously at a loss as to why I play it anymore, probably because I have invested in it in the past and it’s kinda dragging me along. This most recent event; if you can call it that, has really been the final nail in the coffin. So I got ten keys, no fuss, no money, just a whole bunch of time, and I got electro, pretty happy with that yeah? I just feel sorry for the poor sod who forked out like $15 for him a couple months ago or whatever, because if you did that then they have fucked you. Who were the other characters to get? Any from the Civil War event? If so I got fucked as well, and that is why I will never put money into a game that offers literally no substance whatsoever.

Also, seriously, where in the FUCK is Hawkeye.

Screw this game.

272: Nails

Nails have been used in Ozark folk healing and magic in a variety of ways. There’s a belief among Hillfolk that the object that hurt the individual was just as important to the healing process as the medicine put onto the wound. Knife blades, bullets, and nails were often treated with healing salves and plants alongside the puncture or cut itself. Rusty nails were added to tonics to prevent tetanus or to treat illnesses like tuberculosis. Water made from soaking new nails was seen as a sure treatment for anemia and iron deficiencies, and sometimes the sickness itself could be taken off the patient and nailed to a tree. Nails were driven into footprints to deal lethal blows to foes and witches alike. Coffin and gallows nails were carried by Hillfolk as an amulet to ward of certain venereal diseases.

Curing a boil – “One way to cure boils, according to an old neighbor, is to rub a greasy string on a rusty nail and then throw the nail away where it will not be found. Hang the string on the inside of the cabin door, and touch the boil with the string several times a day.” ~Randolph OMF 125

Nail thrust into a bar of soap to prevent tetanus – “Boys in some parts of Arkansas carry the nail home and thrust it into a bar of soap, to the same depth that it was accidentally stuck into the foot; it is not clear exactly why they do this, but it is evidently connected with the idea of preventing rust, which is associated in the hillman’s mind with tetanus, or lockjaw.” ~Randolph OMF 158

In the doorway to protect from witchcraft – “Some of the old-timers drive three nails into the outside of a door, in the form of a triangle, to keep witches away from the cabin; one man told me that the three nails represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost and were particularly efficacious in protecting an expectant mother from the powers of evil.” ~Randolph OMF 283

Gallows nails against venereal disease – “Nails taken from a gallows are supposed to protect a man against venereal disease and death by violence. Country blacksmiths used to secure these nails and hammer them out into finger rings. As recently as 1943 there were boys in the Army wearing rings of metal taken from a gallows at Galena, Missouri, where ‘Red’ Jackson was hanged for murder in 1936.” ~Randolph OMF 152

“Nails taken from a gallows are supposed to be effective for warding off venereal disease.” ~Parler FBA III 3492

Nails driven into a witch’s footprint – “Mr. G. H. Pipes told me a witch story, which he had from Grandmaw Bryant of Reeds Spring, Missouri, in the early 1920’s. It seems that some carpenters were building a house, and the work was going very well until a certain old woman walked slowly past. From that moment everything went wrong. The workmen couldn’t hit nails but hammered their thumbs instead. They dropped their tools repeatedly, and one narrowly missed falling off the ridgepole. After two or three days of this, they called in a witch doctor. He found the old woman’s trail in the dirt and drove a big nail into one of her heel prints. As soon as this was done, the carpenters went to work again, and the building was completed with no further difficulty. The old witch had a very sore foot and limped around with a bandage on her heel nearly all winter.” ~Randolph OMF 288

Taking a spell off of a gun – “There is an old story of a famous hunter whose rifle suddenly lost its accuracy. He believed that the weapon was witched by an old woman who lived near his cabin. All smiles, the hunter went to see this woman and borrowed a nail to fasten the heel of his boot, which he said was loose. Returning home, he drove the nail into the stock of his rifle; instantly the spell was broken, and the hunter could shoot as well as ever.” ~Randolph OMF 293-294

Coffin nail to make a gun deadlier – “Some old-timers believe or at least pretend to believe that the man who drives a coffin nail into the butt of his gun will never fail to kill an enemy. The coffin nail must be one which has been used and buried in the ground, of course.” ~Randolph OMF 294

Coffin nails used in ritual against a witch – “There is one case reported from the Cookson Hill country of Oklahoma, just across the Arkansas line, where a prominent citizen died in rather strange circumstances. Some of his backwoods relatives got the idea that a witch was the cause of this man’s death and decided to avenge him in the real old-time tradition. The first step was to secure three nails from the dead man’s coffin; these may be drawn before the coffin is buried in the ground, but not until after the body has been placed in the coffin. The nails must not be replaced by other nails, and the three holes in the wood should be left open. After the funeral the old-timers killed a goat, removed the heart, and thrust the three coffin nails into it. The goat’s heart with the nails in it was then enclosed in a little basket-like cage of wire and suspended out of sight in the big chimney of the dead man’s house. The theory is that, as the goat’s heart shrivels and decays, the witch will sicken and die. If she does not sicken and die, it is regarded as evidence that she was not responsible for the man’s death, after all.” ~Randolph OMF 298-299

Red oak, cherry bark, and nails for a spring tonic – “Take red oak bark and cherry bark and place in a container. Boil down, then add whiskey. Let this boil for a while and drop a handful of rusty nail…The nails…add iron to tonic to build up the blood.” ~Parler FBA II 1361

Nail in tree for bronchitis – “Go outside and drive a nail in a tree the same height that you are. If you outgrow the nail you will outgrow your bronchitis.” ~Parler FBA II 1606

Nail water for gall bladder – “When Mr. Jones was a boy in Fayetteville and had gall bladder trouble or needed iron, their father would gather up a lot of nails, rusty ones preferred, put them in a jug with water, and they would take this like medicine.” ~Parler FBA II 2293

Nail in oak tree for toothache – “If you drive a nail in an oak tree, it will cure your toothache.” ~Parler FBA III 3431

Rusty nail water for tuberculosis – “To cure tuberculosis, soak an old, rusty nail in water until the iron is out and drink this.” ~Parler FBA III 3478


Parler, Mary Celestia - Folk Beliefs of Arkansas
Randolph, Vance - Ozark Magic and Folklore

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Something has changed. I can't put my finger on it, but I think Sam's cryptic message was very important. It's as if Sam and Cait are happier and more open than they have been for a whole year. Meanwhile MM and BM are back in the same timezone, being online together a few times during the last days. The blind item is right, she's not even hiding it any more. The farce hopefully is over.

That cryptic message in Sam’s IG caption on 4 January did seem to represent a turning point of some sort, anon. Since then we seem to have gone back to the pre IFH sort of interaction between Sam and Cait, and I think enough holes have been poked into this latest farce with MM to show that the whole thing was never more than for show and the final nail put in the coffin with that pic of her and Billy walking together in London just after she was supposed to have spent two weeks with Sam. And if this one was just for show then it stands to reason that the previous ones with the previous girls were also nothing more than smokescreens designed to hide what Sam and Cait seem to have decided they no longer wish to hide.
Since all this has happened rather abruptly just after that message it does make me think that, with the backing of Cait, he stood up and said “No More” to whoever was backing this campaign to sell him as single and available. It’s been pretty obvious for some time now that he is neither single or available, and the happiness that he and Cait have been showing recently suggests that it is true that “the truth will set you free!”.

Yg is so seedy.

Now entering into the anger phase of the grieving process. Yang Hyun Suk is monumentally questionable and profoundly seedy. His regard towards WINNER has been something that informed an ongoing thesis of corruption, mismanagement, and even psychological abuse for several years. Now to put the nail in the coffin, Nam Taehyun “resigns” after a rather suggestive and passive aggressive instagram/soundcloud battle and in his mental illness being used as a scapegoat for the group’s long af hiatus. A hiatus which, even given his “resignation,” seems a thriving enterprise. To remove the smoke screen for some of you “YG family” acolytes, Nam Taehyun was forced to leave WINNER. Don’t believe me? I implore you to look at the evidence. 

First of all, Winner’s hiatus was clearly not spawned because of anything to do with Nam Taehyun. In fact, he was an active catalyst in their comeback-having composed most of the tracks. We know this because Winner expressed great vexation and distress about the first hiatus as soon as they were able to make a comeback. They were actually so revealing in their words to fans that YG asked them to stop discussing it, which they themselves also relayed. Most of the opportunities Winner has had have been self earned in these past two years. The solo promotions yg offered them were of very little impact and hardly promoted. And then he had the audacity to tell them that it was all their fault and that they were a huge disappointment, another fact relayed by Winner themselves. 

Secondly, Yang Hyun Suk never cared about Nam Taehyun’s mental health. This is almost self evident. I actually feel like he was particularly cruel to Nam on several occasions which I have highlighted in my past posts on this subject. The fact he would even treat a person the way he did knowing that they had a mental illness is disgusting. But then again, it comes as no surprise when we consider what he has done to Park Bom of 2ne1. 

Thirdly, Nam Taehyun has done nothing in these past few months but post suggestive content to the public only to have it removed soon after. We can all assume the reason for this content removal. Just today his letter to fans was removed. Mind you that his letter was pointedly vague on the consent involved in his resignation from the group. 

Fourth, I have never witnessed anything more audacious that cutting out a member from the debut picture on all social media accounts. As if Nam was some sort of cancer to Winner that had to be removed immediately. There was no reason for this to be done, unless it came from an embittered and spiteful heart. It’s also pretty ironic given that the page has been all but abandoned but it was so important to them that they remove Nam from the picture as if he was some mistake that shouldn’t have happened. If Yg actually cared about Nam Taehyun’s mental health, and was as immaculately considerate as he is trying to pass off, he would not do this. 

Anyways, it is all very self evident to me- as someone who has followed this group religiously for years. I’m too tired to write anymore. I have been so devastated and heartbroken that the Winner I know and love is now forever broken, but today my despair sours into wrath at the gumption of Yg’s mismanagement. I will always support every Winner member no matter where they are, I am just furious that this entire situation, Nam Taehyun’s entire career, has been handled so poorly and thoughtlessly. 

Obsessable Campaign Fail

My interest in Outlander has now reached an all-time low.

Not really because of the SOs at the BAFTA; I’m a neutral shipper at best.

But because of all the backwards and forwards of it all. I mean, ok - market your leads’ real-life romantic potential to sell the first season of the show, sure, BUT NOT BEFORE making sure you and said leads are on the same page regarding expectations of future privacy, personal space, and respect.

I mean, I’m not the biggest fan of S2 - in fact, I’d say with every episode, that season effectively chipped away at my Outlander Obsession one beard, non-canon scene, wild invention, character decimation, defecation audience, inconsequential “quirky” character at a time.

So there’s that.

But now, all this continued SM drama (whether intentionally dramatic or not) has really put a nail in the coffin for me. It all just seems so disorganized. So … unprofessional. For me, the books seem very, very far away right now.

Honestly, I really have no idea what’s going on anymore, with anything.

And worse, maybe, is that I kind of don’t care.

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Ps just saying if madara found a weak ass woman like Sakura (he even thought tsunade was weak and Sakura was a carbon copy) wearing the Uchiha crest he would have murdered her

I didn’t even have to think about this answer Anon, that’s how weak and ignorant your point is. So let me just remind you of something.

After Tsunade released the Byakugou Seal and started demonstrating her true strength against him, Madara’s attitude gradually began to change, and he actually praised her strength in his head:

And after Tsunade had actually managed to smash through Madara’s Susanoo defences, with nothing but her raw strength:

He retracted his words, and acknowledged that she wasn’t so weak after all:

And to put the final nail in the coffin of your petty statement, even Hashirama, the person who Madara respected above all else, acknowledged Sakura’s power as being probably above Tsunade’s:

And if Madara admitted to himself that Tsunade actually wasn’t weak, and Hashirama indicated that Sakura had surpassed her power, then I’m sure that even someone like you can put 2 and 2 together.

Mexico Plans to Catch, Protect Last Few Vaquita Porpoises

It has been decided. Some of the last remaining vaquitas are going to be captured in the spring and held in captivity.

The International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita has decided to put together an international team to capture and relocate a few porpoises to netted, secure areas. It is incredibly risky. If any of them die during the capture process (a very likely possibility) then it could be the final nail in the coffin for the species, especially if breeding females are killed.

Vaquitas have never been held in captivity. This is the last ditch effort to save the species.

Pounding Nails

I lay dead in my coffin 
as you hammered it shut
somewhere in the woods
someplace you could forget

you blamed me
for each nail you pounded in
you blamed me
as you dug a grave
to put me in

but the dead
cannot seal their own coffins
nor can they bury themselves
in the dirt
your hands were calloused
and mine were inert.

Only idiot would think the CIA killing Trump is a good idea. The police state will be sealed and done at that point if it happens. Liberty will die not because Trump is a good guy because that means the CIA has put the final nail in the coffin on the veneer of democracy.

Trump won’t be good president. But the CIA killing him is fucking going to be the end of you.

These same morons think a war with RUSSIA will not mean millions of death. Fuck why are people morons

@ the Supergirl writers

If you don’t want supercorp to become the bane of your existence then here are a few things you can do to nip it in the bud right now:

1) make it so that Lena Luthor is already in a committed, long term relationship

2) Do not make it het! I repeat: DO NOT make it het!

3) dedicate some time to showing the audience their backstory. 

Make the backstory show that there is a deep history between them, that they are strongly bonded because of their shared history, that they have saved each other in some way, that they are good for one another, and that they are in love.

4) Make her lover a likable character, preferably with a tragic past

5) Now, last but not least, this little trick would REALLY seal the deal and put the final nail in the supercorp coffin for good - 

Cast. Eliza. Taylor. For. The. Role. Of. Lena’s gf/fiance/wife. 

Everybody wins in this scenario!

wildandwhirling said: Considering the situation with Margrethe, Hirst might have them both with the harem girl. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Why did you have to put that thought in my head… But yea that’s a possibility. Honestly I’m gonna call it early, Rollo cheats on Gisla either this season or next season. Given they literally just showed an entire harem on the show I’m suspecting it’s gonna be this season. That will be the final nail in the coffin for them. 

I feel they’ve broken them up for good. Gisla and her children weren’t even mentioned by Rollo this episode. Rollo literally only cares about himself and they made it painfully obvious in the one episode with his children and wife (through a deleted scene) that he’s unhappy with his domestic life in Normandy. He doesn’t seem guilty at all that he left his family for practically nothing.  

They’re probably over for good. Hirst simply used the Gisla storyline to tear Rollo and Ragnar apart, give Rollo the dukedom he needed, and have his children. If anything she’ll probably become the stereotype of the nagging wife if we see her again. I mean they were kinda hinting at the idea last season that she didn’t “deserve” Rollo by refusing to have sex while pregnant. 

It’s such a shame, Gisla was an interesting character and in the end all she amounts to is a prop. Whatever I hope Rollo never returns to Normandy and Gisla raises her children and is a badass regret. Honestly if Hirst was going to simply use Gisla as a prop he should have just kept Rollo and Gisla like their historical counter parts, and have them utterly hate each other. 

Chapter III - Mother Innocent

So the prioress is gone for 15 minutes, and Fauchelevent is waiting there twiddling his thumbs. 

When she comes back, they have a weird conversation

The prioress wants Fauchelevent to open up this vault next to the altar in the church.

Faucehelevent is like… ok…?

And then the prioress is like “then you need to put something into the vault and shut it up again.”

Fauchelevent is like… “more details would be nice.”

Prioress – “You remember that theres a dead nun?”

Faucehevlent – “Yep. Sure do.”

Prioress – “The nun was like. Super special.”

Faucehelvent – “Ok”

Prioress – “And you know people are supposed to listen to what dead people say.”

Fauchelotjnt – “Yep sure are”

Prioress – “The nuns are gonna help you”

Fauenahendnt – “I don’t need help to nail a nun into a coffin”

Prioress – “No, to lower the coffin into the vault”


Basically, Mother Crucifixion (the dead nun’s name) asked to be buried inside the church which is, as you might say,

And since she’s basically a SAINT the prioress wants Faoduandat to bury her in the church in SUPER SECRET

Then the prioress lectures Faoutantnt for like literally a 3 page paragraph and he’s like ok geesh I’ll do it just stop fucking talking

And then Faunadchosnt is like “but what about the empty coffin?”

And the prioress is like “shit someone is gonna notice that no one is in the coffin when it gets buried.”

And Faudantnet is like “chill yo, I’ll just put some dirt up in it” but secretly he is like YES MY TWO SECRET SCHEMES ARE DOVETAILING TOGETHER QUITE NICELY

And then the prioress tells him that his brother and his brother’s granddaughter (aka Cosette and JVJ) can come tomorrow to the convent

Tomorrow: Chapter IV - In Which Jean Valjean Looks As Though He Has Read Austin Castillejo

You know. I feel like I was robbed of the appropriate reaction to Penny’s death. Like I was shocked and worried, but I obviously like many others assumed she was gonna just be repaired. Maybe with a bit of angst in the middle, you know? Lots of ways you can take it while keeping her alive that make for a satisfying story. 

But instead, it just sort of dawns on me that they aren’t gonna repair her and that we were to assume that she died permanently. It wouldn’t really have been that hard to put the nail in the coffin. 

Ciel (To Ironwood): “W-wait. Penny was a robot? Then we can just repair her right? Just put her back tog-”

Ironwood: “No…We can’t. The magnetic field from Ms. Niko’s attack wiped her clean…she’s gone”

While people have already explained that’s a BS explanation, it would have at least established to the audience that penny is permanently dead, and allowing us to have the full emotional impact of her death. Rather then all of us just going “Okay, so, when is she getting fixed?” 



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I've always found you absolutely beautiful, and I highly appreciate that your work out mood is also Mariah Carey but you truly put the nail in the coffin when I found out you're 5'4" my heart wasn't ready for that and I'm still aggressively shook.. 😩😩😩😩

whatchu mean is that bad..

i get a lot of rejection irl because of my height lol it is not easy to live as a vers/top and be 5′4

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All this stuff happening to Johnny lately. I hope they don't kill him off or send him away somewhere to put the final nail in the FF coffin ):

Aw anonymous! :( While I am Always Concerned About Johnny Storm, I actually don’t think this is going to happen for a couple of reasons. The biggest and most suspect is the fact that Ben is currently angry with Johnny for unknown reasons. This has been mentioned in at least three books, two of which you wouldn’t really expect this info to come up (I mean! Rocket Raccoon!) – which means it’s not just one writer having fun. Which means that, eventually, Marvel plans on ACTUALLY TELLING US. (Also! Ben is on Earth now!)

I mean, okay, he is currently in actual limbo, but I don’t think he’s staying there.

#2 A Court of Mist and Fury - Review

Book Series: A Court of Thornes and Roses

Author:  Sarah J. Mass

Rating:  4.8 stars

Publication Date:  May 3rd 2016

Number of pages: kindle edition , 640 pages

Guys, I tried, ok? I did my best but I could not not hate Tamlin. Let’s just say, for a few minutes that what he did in the beginning was…understandable. Let’s just pretend it was, ok? He had PTSD too, he tried to deal with everything that happened to him in his own way but those decisions..in the end where what nailed the coffin. The coffin of excuses.

I don’t like hating characters because I know how much work an author puts into making one and I do my best to appreciate characters for their unique traits. I am the type who loves villains! I read some books because of the villain not the hero and I am not ashamed of saying so. But there’s nothing more  I despise than a character - a person - who ‘pretends’ to love another while hurting them actively in any way, physical or emotional. If you’ve read my reviews of the TOG Series you’d know that I don’t like Chaol. Well, let’s just say Chaol is my favorite human in the world  compared to Tamlin. And can I just say that I didn’t like him from the beginning? And I take back those words I said in my ACOTAR review regarding him being actually kind. He’s not.


He had Rhys’ family killed - he started it (And don’t you tell me I sound like a 3 years old) - and then, when his own kin was murdered in the process, he had the audacity to brush it off saying a rival court had done it. It was not a rival court you pompous fool, it was your mistakes!

My baby was just trying to make a friend and it resulted in having his family slaughtered. I’d make that guy do much worse than just kneel in my presence, especially after he’d taken my mate. Ok -  I might be a little overprotective of Rhys but guess what: I don’t lock him in a house just so I have something pretty and broken to look at every time I go home.


I’m trying so hard not to hate characters because I hate hating them. It makes me upset each time I see their stupid names on a page and it takes from the pleasure of reading an amazing book. Right now I’m not sure yet if Mass wrote Tamlin the way she did for us to hate him, or it just happened. Because thank the Cauldron I’m not the only one sharing the sentiment.

Rhysand was just as I expected. An amazing book-boyfriend-material character. I loved his masks, how we slowly start to see more of him, how we get to see beyond the layers and  start to know a different kind of ruler - a dreamer. Usually, in books, the dreamers are the ones who are trying to get to power and change things. He has that power and is doing his best in changing as many things as possible while defending the most precious of things. I love when an author takes an idea, a stereotype and turns it around, making us see another side. When you hear Night Court and Darkness you immediately go to evil, bad, scary.  But darkness isn’t just unspeakable horrors, it’s solitude, it’s beauty, it’s a dreamland. Velaris is enough to explain all of it - City of Starlight, Court of Dreams. And yet, Mass doesn’t ignore the other side, reckless, merciless, horrendous. We see the Court of Nightmares and we see Rhysand as the High Lord of it, breaking his uncle’s bones for merely calling Feyre a whore - the cruelty of the gesture wasn’t just a mask. He’s basically the bad boy who thinks he doesn’t deserve to be loved. And for some reasons I have a weakness for this kind of characters.

When his eyes found mine again, his mouth twisted in a smile so few saw. Real amusement—perhaps a bit of happiness edged with relief. The male behind the High Lord’s mask.

What I loved about Rowan and Aelin is the same thing I loved about Rysand and Feyre - that they let each other heal before entering a relationship. And that’s important because Mass basically says something few people do. No one can save your soul, no one can heal you. You don’t find love for that. You get yourself together and love will help you find happiness. When they say you can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself first, it doesn’t mean you are too broken, too incapable to feel love. It means that if you don’t love yourself wholly you won’t let anyone else close enough to do so - because you think it’s impossible for them to want you after they know all of you. And no, Rhysand and Feyre weren’t perfect, weren’t completely healthy, but they started as friends, they know when to give each other the space needed for healing. They don’t press each other, not like Tamlin did. This is the kind of love story I enjoy reading about, a real and mature one. And it doesn’t hurt that it was basically a slow burn, at least for Rhys who has been in love with her since the first book - and yeah…that’s my kink.

He glanced down, then up at me again. “I knew … I knew I was in love with you that moment I picked up the knife to kill Amarantha.“

Feyre - I’m starting to really really like her. She’s getting powerful, she’s getting back together and she’s accepting herself. She knows what she deserve and she knows Tamlin is not it, at least not post ACOTAR Tamlin and that’s something few girls would admit. But she does so and moves on, heals, learns to fight for herself. She pushes and doesn’t let Rhys play games with her, and every time he did, she confronted him about it. She didn’t just sit on her ass and accepted. She fought for herself. She learns to love and she gets a family -  a dysfunctional weird family -  but a family nonetheless. And she fights for that with all she has.


And what she did in the end, how she accepted it all and chose to lie and be taken to Spring Court - just to protect those she loves,  she went to a place where she’d been abused. Because she had been emotionally abused. Some would think 'abuse’ is too big of a word but you don’t get panic attacks from some simple hurt feelings. Despite what it would really mean for her to get back to that place she does so in order to protect those she loves, she’s strong enough to endure it all.


Mor-Cassian-Azriel-Amren are the dysfunctional family. They’re awesome and I’m too tired (it’s late, burning the midnight oil)  to get into more details but I loved each of their characters, we get enough info on them to start to genuinely know them which is only proof of Feyre’s deepening bond with them.

And I got that alternative perspective I’ve wished for…but guess what: I didn’t want it that way. Not if it means Rhysand and Feyre are now apart. But…let’s hope the next book will have different perspectives and not just because those two are in different courts.

This is my favorite book of the series so far, I didn’t think ACOTAR could have been such a great series, not after TOG but Sarah J. Mass manages to write such beautiful stories and there’s no denying it. Her series are quickly reaching my favorite-books-list and her characters will soon be a paragon for future ones I encounter.

The only minus both series have is that the villains aren’t memorable. There’s nothing really wow about them, Maeve is slowly becoming more of an interesting enemy during the Empire of Storms but in the ACOTAR series I haven’t found myself impressed - not yet, at least.

But taking that aside, these books are pure genius and are a MUST READ for any bookworm. So don’t be a Tamlin (sit on your ass without doing anything)  and go and start reading! 

Fortunately, the small nonprofit of 8 employees that I work at values inclusion and diversity very much. They are all 100% accepting of my gender non-binary identity and that my pronouns are they/them/their. So much so, that we all put our pronouns in our email signature (along with our titles, contact info, social media links, etc)…

Today my cis female coworker who uses she/her pronouns received this in an email:

“I noticed that you included your preferred pronouns with your other contact information, and while you are entitled to sign your emails however you want, I think giving validity to any absurd notion of alternative gender pronouns is one more nail in the coffin of civilized society, and I honestly don’t want to support an organization where that kind of ideology is endemic. We’re losing any semblance of values and basic human decency, denying our very nature and creating new ways for people to identify with an ‘oppressed class’”

It’s cruel. JUST giving VALIDY to the “absurd” ~even idea~ of being me. Is the problem with society. Is the death of society. This guy needs to just imagine being told that you, like the core of who you are naturally as a person, who you literally wouldn’t be able to live if you could not be this way… are completely invalid at your essence and the cause of all our problems. How could you say that to someone.

I had a tear after I read it and it kinda ruined my day. Reminding me that outside my bubble, the majority of society thinks I’m making shit up to be an inconvenience.

But at the end of the day, I have to call bs because I’m being my most authentic self and I’m not going to stop. We have to keep our pride and we have to keep going.