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Collection of random Iwaizumi Hajime hcs
(May contain traces of Iwaoi)

  • Hajime can sleep on his stomach. Just flops there all arms and legs spread from him and fast asleep
  • But he also really likes to cuddle and wrap his arms around Tooru’s waist
  • He also can sleep with his arm or leg dangling over the edge of the bed – uncovered by the blanket. Oikawa isn’t sure if he should admire him for this or fear him
  • When he sleeps on his back for too long he will snore a little. When Tooru nudges him he just rolls over and all is good.
  • He is afraid of storms and loud thunder and bright lightning makes him feel on edge
  • He then covers the windows and puts on headphones to drown the storm noises in music or some video game sound
  • Tooru knows about this and tries to calm him by getting all cuddly and staying close to Hajime
  • As blunt and straight forward Hajime can be and stating clearly what he thinks or shows when he cares about someone he still has huge problems to voice his own problems and personal feelings
  • He doesn’t want to fail anyone or be a bother
  • He gets migranes. Luckyliy not often but once in a while he does and it can knock him out
  • It’s not easy for him to sit still for long. He starts fidging his leg or plays with a pen or key to keep his hands moving
  • He has a box where he stores little chidlhood memories and sentimental things. Like postcards, a nice feather he found, a boyscout pin, a baby tooth which he didn’t give to the tooth fairy..just little things like this
  • He doesn’t really care for fashion but he has a huge collection of different T-shirts, Hoodies and snapbacks/hats
  • His hair is naturally spikey and he doesn’t gel it
  • He has strong hair which is actually quite fluffy and great to ruffle
  • He has the most beautiful smile and small dimples
  • He has a slightly chipped front tooth
  • Me after the episode: alright. Finally I'm done being emotional and I can breathe for a little until next week
  • Me: rewatches the episode and notices that right after the music meister says "put a little love in your heart", Mon-El pulls Kara's head to his and whispers "I have you in my heart"
  • Me 10 seconds later: *throws my phone again and cries for another hour because Karamel really wants me dead*
Dance with me

(Sebastian Stan x Reader)
Thank you anonymous requester!

You and Sebastian are arguing and he suddenly puts on music and slow dances with you.

Warnings: Language, fluff.

“You sound just like my ex right now.” Sebastian scoffed.

“Excuse me?” You asked, voice full of anger.

You and Sebastian had been arguing about who should do this dishes, when it took a turn for the worst.

“I do everything around here.” He mocked in a high pitched tone, imitating you.

“And you’re telling me I sound like your fucking ex because of that?” You yelled, throwing your hands in the air in frustration.

“You know what, forget about it, I’ll do the dishes.” He sighed in defeat.

“Oh no, this is not over.” You retort.

“Holy Shit Y/n, just get over it okay?” He demanded, having no sympathy for what he just said to you as he walked into the kitchen.

“Just get over it? Sure, yeah no big deal. Don’t even say sorry, it’s not like what you said hurt me or anything.” You respond sarcastically, yelling at him from the living room with a lump forming in your throat.

Sure it was a stupid reason to get upset, but being told you’re like your significant other’s ex is one of the worst things they could possibly say. They broke up with their previous lover for a reason, and saying this could indicate that the current relationship wasn’t going to last. You and Seb didn’t fight much, making this another reason why the argument was making you so upset. When Sebastian heard your voice break he knew he had really screwed up.

“Y/n, Doll I’m sorry.” He cooed, making his way back into your arms.

You pushed him off of you and inconspicuously tried to wipe the tears streaming down your rosy cheeks.

“I didn’t mean it.” He whispered from behind you

“Then why did you say it?” You cried, giving up and allowing him to pull you into an embrace.

“Because I’m an idiot.” He stated, stroking your hair.

“Well you’re not wrong.” Your muffled laugh vibrated, face still buried in his chest.

“I’m sorry.” He let go of you and walked over to the old record player.

“What are you doing?” You inquired as he placed ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’ by Aerosmith on the player.

The music started playing and he walked over to you with an outstretched hand, “May I have this dance?”

You didn’t reply, you simply grabbed his hand and allowed him to lead you.

“I love you Y/n.” He said softly with his chin resting on the top of your head.

“I love you too.”

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So I've watched that foreheads touch moment far too many times and I know now what he said to Kara. After the music meister sings "put a little love in your heart" it cuts to that Karamel scene and Mon El said "I have you in my heart". Dunno if scripted or not but omg, I can't anymore when it comes to those two!

does he? 😭😭😭😭😭

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Going on a run with Paul would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Yay Paul! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him being calm and composed about it when he asks you to come along with him on a run

-His attitude changing as you are both in the car, especially when you start to put on some music, making him sing along and dance with you

-The two of you making it a game of finding whatever you need or simply finding the most interesting thing, winner gets whatever they want

-Him climbing all over the place and you asking him to slow down, only to be taunted by him and to do the same stunts

-Him finding flowers or anything cute and just handing it to you saying it would look good on you, making you laugh

-You and him outrunning walkers to the car and just scrambling to get your asses home

-Him sometimes giving you a look and acting flirty just to get your attention and convincing you for some sex wherever you both can

-You and him usually getting home later because of it and just explaining to the others that there were a lot of walkers on the road

-Him surprising you whenever he holds your hand put of nowhere but only to make you smile

-You and him being good at it and always being tasked to go together, making you spend even more time together

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Are you honestly excited about Bowie-esque music from Harry? That comparison scares the heck out of me. I don't know one Bowie song that has stood the test of time and would do well today. I'm shocked that anybody is seriously excited about that. I'm praying that the folk rock rumor is closer to what Harry went for.

I’m beyond excited that Harry is putting out music, period. I’ll wait to form any opinions or pass any judgment until I’ve heard it. People tend to forget that there’s a massive difference between being influenced by something and being a copycat of that thing and I definitely do not see Harry being the latter if that’s what you’re afraid of. Bowie’s music spanned so many different genres so who even knows what that comparison could possibly mean in terms of sound.

Also: “I don’t know one Bowie song that has stood the test of time and would do well today.” I don’t… I don’t even know how to respond to this. 

I’m really stingy when it comes to underground artist/music. I won’t put you down unless I really really fuck with you

Shuffle tag- again!

I was tagged by @pearlescentsims forever ago but I haven’t had a chance to go through my mentions until today. >.>

Rules: put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people

~Youtube Playlist Link~

  1. The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home - Declan McKenna
  2. “Goya no Machiawase” (午夜の待ち合わせ) - Hello Sleepwalkers
  3. Daisy - Brand New
  4. Game 4 U - St. Lucia
  5. Years & Years - Shine
  6. Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shound’t’ve) - The Buzzcocks
  7. ラ・ム・ネ (ra-mu-ne) - Snail’s House
  8. Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine
  9. Afraid of Everyone - The National
  10. Flavor - Khalil Fong ft. Zion.T & Crush

I know a lot of people have already done this so I’m just gonna tag whoever wants to do it (again) :3

Paramore (more like fenix) - maybe you'll agree

It has been 12 years, 12 years of ups, downs, a little more ups, and a lot of more downs, but, Paramore has always been known (besides for it’s incredible talent for music) for struggling with difficulties when It comes to personal problems within the band and issues that we may never know it’s content and why affected the band(not that is actually any of our bussines - let’s respect that). Even tho, we can’t deny and not be amazed about how much of work they always put in making things right - and they always succed in not letting us down. When Jeremy leaved the band for the first time years ago right before their first album, even If they were only kids, they made It, putting themselves in the music industry and starting to have their own fans (including me). Less then five years later, with Jeremy back and with two more groundbreaking albuns for the band, the Farro brothers decided to leave for personal issues. This not only led to a huge controversy on the midia, but also let us, fans for so long, with a enormous fear of becoming their orfans, and end up losing this band which lyrics and tunes lead us trough our lifes. But again, they made It, and they made it good with a record that not only marked their strengh of still making music, but also marked their career with a well deserved Grammy Award which we all are still crazy about It. But once again, Jeremy decided to leave the band (later also sueing the band - but let’s not talk about It). Once again, the fear of losing the band came back, the thought of new songs that would be never written, feelings never shared and fans hearts never being blessed with a new album came back quickly, but this is not any band that we are talking about, this is Paramore that has been gone and came back from the ashes too many times that we can count - and that we know of. And there they are, with Zac Farro back on the drums (oh the chills), Taylor blessing us with his incredible talent and creativity and Hayley, who never fails in touching our hearts with her lyrics and majestic vocals, completing a trio, a band, that for all that happened, for all they - and we - have being trough, It is still Paramore, maybe more like fenix. Let’s see what comes next. (Sorry for my eventual poor english lol)

Water Fun x Bellamy Blake

Times were for once actually kinda okay on earth. They had figured out how to get resources, how to get things running and keep them running and how to keep peace between them and the grounders. It had helped a lot that there now were adults to lead things, but the 100, or what was left of them, still felt like they needed to do something.
In the time they had spent alone on earth, they had been used to working hard and defending themselves. Old habits were hard to let go off.
So that’s how Bellamy, Jasper, Octavia, Raven and [Y/N] ended up in a jeep, driving through the woods
It had took some convincing to get Kane to agree to their trip, but they eventually did it. They had missed the green trees, their freedom of not having to listen to anybody, and this trip was exactly what they needed to relive that feeling.
Jasper had put on some music, that played a bit too loud, but nobody felt like telling Jasper that. Not even Bellamy. But that mainly was because he was too distracted by [Y/N], who was laughing at something Raven was telling, while maneuvering the jeep through the thick forest.
Now that danger wasn’t around every corner, Bellamy felt like he could finally explore what it exactly was he felt for the girl.
‘Bell, you’re staring,’ Octavia whispered to her brother, grinning a bit. Bellamy gave Octavia a look, that only made her laugh more, a sight that was very rare these days. But something just felt so good about being back out here, that Bellamy could do nothing but grin back at her.
‘Hey, I know we shouldn’t be stopping, but I could really use a break from driving, and that lake looks perfectly save. So, what do you think?’ Raven asked everybody in the car. Jasper immediately agreed, wanting to get out the car as soon as possible.
Bellamy wasn’t so sure if they should do that, since they had promised to go straight back, but he never was one to follow the rules. And when he saw the longing look on [Y/N]’s face, the decision was made instantly.
‘Sure, we have guns, so we should be fine.’ He smiled, and looked at [Y/N] who cheered enthusiastically.
Raven shut down the car, close enough to the lake so they could get quickly to the car if something would happen.
They all got out and ran towards the lake. While Jasper and Raven immediately got into the water, striping down their clothes while running towards it, Octavia scanned the forest around, and [Y/N] and Bellamy slowly walked towards the lake.
‘It’s weird being back out here.’ [Y/N] then mumbled, just when Bellamy was about to say something to her.
‘It is.’ He admitted. He still felt like he should be careful, but how could he put his mind to that while [Y/N] was there next to him? They were finally away from the watching eyes of Arkadia, and this would be as alone as they could be for a while.
‘But it does feel good,’ [Y/N] looked up at Bellamy and smiled. He could do nothing but smile back, while his whole world brightened up. Well, he sure did know now how he felt about her.
‘Wanna bet I can get in the water first?’ Bellamy dared her, after a moment of silence, already taking off his belt that held his gun.
‘Oh, but that’s not fair!’ [Y/N] protested, quickly trying to catch up with Bellamy, who was already getting out of his shoes.
Bellamy just gave [Y/N] an amused smile, and then pulled out his shirt, hearing [Y/N] gasp. He chuckled and threw his shirt on the ground, giving [Y/N] a wink, before quickly pulling down his pants and running towards the lake. He could see Octavia giving him an eye roll, before she went back to guarding them.
Not too much later, Bellamy heard another splash. [Y/N] had finally come into the water, too.
‘You took long enough.’ Bellamy grinned, turning around to face her.
[Y/N] was in the water at around shoulder height, shivering because the water was actually pretty cold. It was refreshing since it had been rather warm the last few days, but the water didn’t had the chance to warm up enough for it to be comfortable.
‘This is cold as hell!’ [Y/N] yelped, her bottom lip shivering.
‘You just have to get used to it.’ Bellamy grinned, slowly walking towards her.
‘Oh no, I think I know what you’re doing and – Bellamy Blake, I swear to God, don’t even –‘ But it was too late. Bellamy had done exactly that what [Y/N] didn’t want him to do. He had splashed water towards her, making her scream because the water still was very cold.
‘Sorry?’ Bellamy grinned, looking at how [Y/N] pushed back her wet hair from her face.
‘But not it’s one.’ She squinted her eyes and started to splash water back.
It turned into a whole water fight between the two of them, while Jasper, Raven and Octavia cheered them on, laughing and just enjoying the nature.
After a bit, they got bored with it and started to talk among themselves. Bellamy and [Y/N] had finally agreed to a truce, and were now floating in the water, staring up at the blue sky.
‘Hey, [Y/N]?’ Bellamy spoke up.
‘I, eh,’ he stood up on his feet, looking at [Y/N] who was still floating into the water. When Bellamy didn’t immediately finished his sentence she stopped floating too and looked at him. ‘I think I’m falling for you.’
[Y/N]’s eyes widened, and Bellamy wasn’t sure if that was a good or a bad thing, but when she started to walk towards him, he knew it.
‘I’ll better catch you then.’ [Y/N] whispered, but then she stumbled over a rock hidden in the water, falling into Bellamy’s arms, making him grin.
‘Look how the tables have turned,’ he laughed, not letting go of [Y/N], still holding her in his arms. He bended his knees, so he was one eye-level with [Y/N], their lips just a few inches apart.
‘Is this the moment in the movie where we kiss?’ [Y/N] whispered, frowning a bit as if she was trying to remember all the romantic movies she had watched back when they were still in space.
‘Let’s hope so.’ Bellamy whispered and then inched towards [Y/N], placing his lips on hers, ignoring the cheers from Jasper and Raven.
It was just the two of them in this little bubble filled with air and water. When they separated, they both seemed breathless, panting a bit.
‘Well, that was better than a movie kiss.’ [Y/N] smiled, while blushing, making Bellamy laugh out loud, like only [Y/N] could do.

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You mentioned "I absolutely cannot remember vocabulary words unless there’s some association with other stuff, and usually flash cards don’t help with that association." Do you have any advice for studying vocab?

Unfortunately, the only way for my INTP brain to remember vocabulary is for me to use it. Like, I need to actually use it in conversations with people. Which is hard to do when I live in a place where everyone speaks only English. (Except for my grandmother, who is Puerto Rican. But she doesn’t speak Swedish or German or Old English, which are what I’m studying right now.)

So, yeah. I have found that listening to songs can help put stuff into context. The German musical Rebecca, based on the book, which I’d already read, actually helped me a lot with my German vocabulary. I think part of this was because it was a familiar story and so I could sort of figure out what was being said by the context. But getting face-to-face interaction is probably the best way to learn vocab, and it’s a bit hard to do.

Hyolyn Talks Sistar, Musicality & 'It's Me' Solo Album at SXSW

As a member of the girl group Sistar, Korean vocalist Hyolyn (also stylized Hyorin) has one of the most recognizable voices in K-pop. Her husky, airy tone has resulted in multiple appearances on a variety of Billboard charts, both through her solo work and collaborative efforts.

Performing at SXSW for the first time at K-Pop Night Out on March 17, the soloist put on a sexy, EDM-heavy performance featuring some of her own music before ending with an explosive cover of Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande’s “Bang Bang.” The set was the first leg of her multi-city U.S. tour, which took her to Los Angeles and New York before the weekend was out.

Ahead of her performance, Billboard spoke to Hyolyn about her newest album and what it’s like straddling her identity as a both a popular K-pop vocalist and girl group member.

Welcome to Texas! How do feel about performing at SXSW?

Since I typically perform with my group Sistar, I feel quite nervous to perform alone onstage, but I hope that I can get more opportunities like this to meet my fans from overseas. I want to keep presenting my fans with special experiences.

Your most recent album is titled It’s Me. What exactly is the “it” that you are?

I wanted to tell a story about the true Hyolyn, so I gave the album the title It’s Me to reflect that. It took three years to release this album, and I’ve been involved deeply in this album’s creation. My original compositions are included, so that’s also why it’s titled It’s Me.

It’s Me was promoted with three different singles: “Love Like This,“ "One Step” and “Paradise.” What inspired you to do that?

I like various genres of music, so I tried to find a way to blend it all together when presenting my music. When performing onstage, I try to find a perfect balance between vocal, dance and performance, because those are my strengths, but I also like to add ballad pieces and R&B music. As pre-release singles ahead of the album and lead single “Paradise,” I put out “Love Like This,” a neo-R&B song produced by an international production team and featuring the popular Korean rapper Dok2. I also co-wrote the lyrics. The song is about the best moment of love. The second single is a ‘90s-inspired R&B and soul track called “One Step.” For that, I tried to stay away from powerful vocals and high notes to make an easy listening experience, and that one featured the Korean-American rapper-producer Jay Park.

You appeared on the Korean rap competition show Unpretty Rapstar. Do you have any further plans to incorporate hip-hop into your music, or perhaps release a full-blown rap track?

I like rap very much, and I learned from my Unpretty Rapstar experience that, depending on the genre, adding a rap can really change the vibe. When I get a chance I would like to release new music featuring my raps.

Is there any difference between the Hyolyn we’ve met through your solo work and the Hyolyn we know through Sistar?

Sistar’s style and music are well-balanced, so that the songs are created to appeal to the masses and musicality. It’s about evenly split, 50/50, in terms of which aspect we focus more on. In comparison, as a soloist I like to focus more on the music. I try to show a different side of myself by blending various genres through my solo work.

You’re touring in the U.S. as a soloist. How’s that going for you?

In Korea, I have performed many times, both as a solo act and as part of Sistar. But this is only the second time for me to perform alone internationally, after my performance at Ultra Singapore last year. Back then, I was very nervous because I came with a mission to promote K-pop, but the show was way more exciting and fun than I was concerned it may be. For this second appearance, I am still nervous, but It’s a good opportunity to promote K-pop, Sistar and myself. I will do my best to deliver the best performance to my fans.

Do you have any other plans while you tour?

I love eating high-calorie foods. [Laughs] For this trip, I have concerts in Austin, New York and Los Angeles right after one another, but if I have extra time in between, I would love to try out tasty foods and go shopping. I mostly want to use this time to meet and mingle with my overseas fans.

Did you come to SXSW excited about any other performers?

I’m really very excited about all the performers. I am a fan of many great artists, so I want to check them all out, but most importantly I’m excited to see the other K-pop artists who are sharing the stage with me this time.

What else will we see from you and Sistar in 2017?

There’s actually a new Sistar album in production, so there’ll be that. I also want to get more opportunities to showcase more of my solo work while preparing for that album.


Music List Tag.

RULES: put your iTunes/mp3/Spotify on shuffle and list the first 10 songs then tag 10 people!

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1. Who are you - Sam Kim
2. Lucky Strike - Maroon 5
3. No Control - One Direction
4. Arrietty’s Song - Relax a Wave
5. Defying Gravity - From “Wicked” Original Broadway Cast Recording/2003 - Stephen Schwartz
6. Intoxicated - Taro Umebayashi
7. Overboard - Justin Bieber
8. House of Memories - Panic! At The Disco
9. Take Me To Church - Hozier
10. 愛について〜Eros〜 - Taku Matsushiba

Wow. I haven’t deleted songs from my Spotify ok. I won’t tag 10 people tho.

I tag: @polygenderselkie @lovekiiro @mysmess-seol @lolololmira @sinfulinsecret + anyone who wants to do it that sees this.

I don’t have many friends. Srry.

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countries i’ve lived in: denmark

favourite fandom: well the eerie crests fandom is pretty lit rn so lets go with that

languages you speak: oh like well enough to speak them probably just english, danish, spanish, turkish and like maaaybe french?? idk

favourite film of 2016: uuuh its between arrival and kubo and the two strings 

last article you read: alright so checking my history apparently an article about the pros and cons of bradford pear trees ?? i dont really have an explanation 

shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here: underwater (feat. blu) - kero uno, life itself - glass animals, drunk in the morning - lukas graham

last thing u bought online: uuuh this shirt

any phobias or fears? a fear of like moray eels maybe, those fuckers are unsettling as hell

how would ur friends describe you? well i asked my friends and they said “memismatic (a combination of charismatic and memes)” so idk if i wanna put that out there

how would ur enemies describe you? crying, most likely

 who would u take a bullet for? dude at this point i’d take a bullet for like a dead badger 

if you had money to spare what would you buy first? oh man like a really good mini calzone or smth

tag ten people you’d like to get to know better: @shortjosten, @allisonreynoldsofficial, @thecruciblegavemeyou, @r-i-v-e-r, @aromanticparse, @allisongaynolds, @thewcrst, @you-only-love-one-toe, @pennybunceforyourthoughts, @alleak 

ten songs tag: 

i was tagged by @hlalsey , @kavinskiies, @asciaf@kerahs, @karvinsky@sonyathefairy, and @booknerdathogwarts

rules: put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs

1.) numbers- daughter 

2.) i would do anything for you- foster the people 

3.) the moment- tame impala 

4.) not in love- crystal castles 

5.) kids mikky ekko 

6.) journal of ardency- class actress 

7.) xtatic truth- crystal fighters 

8.) once around the house- high highs 

9.) bloom- the paper kites 

10.) nightcall- kavinsky

 i tag: @kettercrows, @softlykaz, @nyavinsky, @manibxs, @cabeswaeter, @ohczerny, @kavisnkys, and @richardpapien edit: i forgot to tag nas aka @shortjosten whom i love whoops #fakefriend