put the man pants on



Cool worm, endearing.


“Can I have some ice cream?”

“Ok, but just one spoon”


Check out this trick!! Oh boy!




“Aaaaah you got me!!”


Pretty standard.


Spin it!!!!


Who is he???


Very talented.


There’s TWO if them??? Oh my god!


It’s just plain fashionable.


Shit that’s stylish!!


Hey. Put some pants on man.

"Not Again! (I'm Bad at This)"
  • Spider Man: *crawling through the window after patrol* Ned you're not gonna believe this!!
  • Ned: Dude, wait don't--
  • Spider Man: *Removes mask and drops to the floor* These bank robbers totally trashed my phone!!
  • Peter: *Removes Karen*
  • Ned: No--
  • Peter: Yeah, it got shot then they blew it up and I think part of it's still in the vault. What am I gonna do!?
  • Michelle: Why don't you ask Mr. Stark for one?
  • Peter: O hey, good id-- *stares at Michelle*
  • Ned: ...Michelle was supposed to study with us today.
  • Peter: Right.
  • Michelle: *Staring blatantly at Peter's abs*
  • Michelle: ... maybe you should put some pants on.
SIX FEET UNDER | SugarDaddy!Seb x Reader

Originally posted by calif0rnia-lovers


A/N: Okay ya’ll there is at least going to have to be a part 2 to this because it’s getting so long. I’ve had this idea brewing for a while, so let me know what you think! (And watch for part 2 later this week)

You stepped out of the elevator, your bright lapis blue suede high heels clicking softly with each step. You were wearing the usual on top – a fitted black dress, as was dress code. Today, your dress had triangular shaped mesh cut outs. Might as well go out with a bang, you thought whilst dressing yourself this morning. Your gold necklace continued to bounce with each step you took as you approached the corner that would take you directly past the boss’s office.

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Hey Boss

Title: Hey Boss

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,650

Warning: It’s demon!Dean smut

Summary: You’re a demon in Hell that wants to serve one of the most legendary badasses you’ve ever heard of; Dean Winchester. The famed hunter, who wore the Mark of Cain, only to be turned into a demon. All this pent up rage and lack of fucks to give, Dean is more than happy to have a willing demon hanging on his every word.

“Run that by me again?” Dean slowly turned to you, swirling his glass of whiskey.

“Well, sir, I just know that a man of your power…you need a loyal servant.”

Dean just stared at you for a moment. His eyes never moved, but you could see the wheels turning in his head. Slowly sipping his whiskey, he let the warm heat rise in his body before he answered.

“Let me get this straight. You want to…serve me?”


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game grumps ask meme.

“Dude, just… just pity laugh, at least!”
“I don’t wanna kill anybody, I’m a pacifist. Ooops, killed six people.”
“Six is the number of Def Leppard members, almost.”
“Did you know I’m a professional joke? My life is a joke.”
“Why do you enjoy watching me suffer so?”
“Remember kids, if you wanna defeat the evil power, you better fucking find the nearest sharpest sword and run as fast as you can.”
“I don’t judge you when you steal children, so I’ll thank you to show me that same courtesy.”
“Having a great time being in immeasurable pain.”
“Yes, have you ever heard of brapnel? That’s baby shrapnel.”
“Wait, mechanical bird is plane. I just realized.”
“Crazy how dead you are, I mean like, wow.”
“I didn’t have any problem at all after I died twice.”
“Such a nice man we ripped off there.”
“I’ll never put on pants.”
“Checkers would be better with badgers.”
“She’s adorable! Until she turns into a hideous undead monster creature, then ya gotta hit her with the lead pipe.”
“Stop dancing at me!”
“I have some very important masturbating to do.”
“You make me have to pee, always.”
“Whales are just Earth’s way of taking a shit.”
“I like it when Luigi’s happy. It makes me smile.”
“You know when you get high, and you start floating five feet off the ground, and gain a Spanish accent?”
“Whenever you talk about being high, it always just shows how much you’ve clearly never gotten high before.”
“Dude, what if hell was up?!”
“I will raise that chicken as if it were my own daughter… who I turned into chicken fingers.”
“‘Becky with the good hair’ sounds too much like ‘caramel corn’?”
“Even 90s rock won’t make me feel good about this!”
“This might be the drugs talking, but I love drugs.”
“That’s one boopity you shouldn’t have shmoopled.”
“Am I nude right now?”
“It’d be weird to sleep amongst your dead friends.”
“Are you here to repent for your chins?”
“Why am I not eating ice cream for every meal?”
“This taxi is bae.”
“The world is full of magic. Horrible, horrible magic.”
“Jesus is my drug.”
“I don’t know anything about memes.”
“You would say that, no matter what, me from another dimension that runs a porn ring.”
“I’m a milk-based life form.”
“I fucked a cantaloupe once.”
“Awww babe, look at us, we have our own cam girl operation.”
“Everyone who works for us gradually becomes more gay in their interactions because… we are always getting… weirdly gay with each other.”
“Shut up, ya tweezer!”
“And Half-Life 3, I don’t know anything about Half-Life 3, other than that everyone says it’s confirmed.”
“Good thing you’ve got fingers and wrists of steel, from that straight jacking.”
“I’ve learned the importance of being cuddled.”
“Hi, I’m a musician with a huge penis. Do you know where I can find guitars and Magnum condoms?”
“Baths are amazing, especially when you bring a friend.”
“Jesus, you gotta wine and dine me first. You can’t just open up with that shit.”
“We’ve broken several laws.”
“What, you wanna try diplomacy? He’s a fucking crab!”
“‘Bonfire’ is made up of two words: ‘bonf’ and ‘ire.’”
“These balls are coming at me fast and furious. It’s like that movie, ‘Speed.’”
“As I was about to say, revenge is a dish best served fuck you.”
“When someone says ‘just fuck me up’ on the internet that means have sex with me in a rough, passionate manner, correct?”
“If there’s one thing I can be totally honest about, it’s that I would happily lie to your face.”
“Just get abducted! We are your saviors, we’re flying in the sky- treat us as your new gods.”
“If I can’t be the best, I sure as hell can be the worst!”
“Water is just… air juice.”
“Uh… Doctor, could you put tits on my thumbs?”
“We hang out… we touch each other…”
“Does anyone have a paper bag I can hyperventilate into?”
“2016 is the year of the butt.”
“If I took pole-dancing, I would be worried that it would be too erotic for everybody else.”
“You make another joke like that, and I’m gonna have to beat you to death with your own shoes.”
“Whoa, look at this trapezoid-headed Funyon ring!”
“I have to take off my jacket because I’m getting hot because this sucks so bad.”
“He died as he lived: covered in mayonnaise.”
“Who wears pants anymore? So 2015.”
“What took you so long, you butt plug?!”
“Look, you tell a couple jokes as a dad and suddenly everyone’s like ‘you’re making dad jokes.’”
“Could you imagine if you unlocked outfits in real life? Like, “Congratulations you wiped your ass, here’s a new shirt.””
“As long as I live, I will never stop loving your random bursts of outrage.”
“Like I would kill a friend… without watching.”
“With your Phd and my also being here, we can solve any problem.”
“I love watching you guys suffer.”
“Man, the void of nothingness is kinda lame.”
“Sometimes you gotta take time and smell the roses. And sometimes you’re gonna be a guy jacking yourself off while you’re rubbing a girl in a video game.”
“I can’t prove that someone ISN’T a reptilian.”
“Oh my god, do we have to kill him while he’s asleep?”
“I feel dead inside, but at least I had pie.”
“This is nice. We’re all bathing in the warm glow of murder.”
“The tears are bittersweet but the pie is delicious.”
“Murder is a spectator sport.”
“Today’s been a day. A day full of tasty, tasty murder.”
“Man, I wish anime was human history.”
“99 red balloons… Something- something- German song.”
“If you wanna have sex you don’t have to make a little song about it, like just come right out and ask.”
“If only I could have sex with my own brain. That would be a mind-fuck.”
“I am not nature. I am nurture.”
“Wouldn’t it be hilarious if they died?”
“Tell me what you’re gonna do to me.”
“Taco Bell cures diabetes.”
“Rule number one of babysitting? DON’T STEP ON THE BABY!”
“Play for my amusement, child.”
“How does a ghost enter a skeleton? And I don’t mean that in a sexy way.”
“You’re locked the closet with the dildo!”
“Yeah, I’ve been drunk on pot before. What of it?”
“You are the worst son ever.”
“Shut up, this is my moment of time shine!”
“Bro, can I be honest with you guys right now? I love defiling things.”
“I wanna touch everything with my boner, including my boner!”
“When you’re married, you can announce your boners everywhere.”
“I am enjoying my pot! Take that out of context.”
“Dude, what if you were next to a supernova when it supernovaed?”
“…and she’s like COVERED in butter.”
“I do apologize for my actions, even though they were totally and completely justified.”
“What are the animals crossing, exactly?”
“I’m a firm believer in ‘if you’re going to fail, you might as well fail spectacularly.’”
“And you know what? We’re tied right now, like brothers… only one brother is significantly smarter and more handsome than the other and has like 15 years more life experience.”
“Frick to the 30th power!”
“My eyebrows are slippery and slimy. I grease them.”
“This is literally just elementary hydrodynamics, I can’t believe you can’t grasp this.”
“Well look the important thing that I’m having fun and other people aren’t.”
“I would fuck everything on the screen including the animals and the bicycle.”
“How dare you know stuff about things. I’m gonna beat you up with my fists… that are made of stuff and things.”
“Spyyyder Loops™ cereal…. made with… spiders.”
“I’m a bottom kind of guy.”
“Can you see my labia in this fucking costume?”
“Just bros bein’ bros…”
“I never feel quite as alone as I do when I play Burger Time.”
“If you do this… I’m gonna be mildly impressed with you.”
“I don’t know how to be interesting, could you give me advice?”
“I’m kind of amazing at everything I do.”
“I would get a photo-realistic tattoo of your face on my inner thigh.”
“Do you think I came out the pussy drawing fucking Mozart?!”
“Follow your stupid fucking dreams.”
“Everyone does crack at some point in their lives. It’s pretty much a rite of passage.”
“I wanna know where Luigi is!”
“Nothin’ wrong with that. Get clean, get clean with the lord.”
“You’re on page 2, and I’m on page…uh, furiously concentrating on not throwing up from this Nutella situation.”
“I wish you could jump inside my skin and know what I know, and feel what I feel.”
“I’m feeling fly for a caucasian man.”
“I will actually strangle you with my bare hands and feet.”
“Don’t call me “bro” in an accusatory tone!”
“This is a good yiff right here.”
“My friends! I love killing my friends.”
“Now I am the one who is bitch.”
“He died as he lived: eating chicken McNuggets.”
“Well, thank you so much, that’s so nice of you to say, but I don’t believe you and you’re a liar.”
“I could tell by his briefly angry eyebrows that he’s someone we should be stabbing.”
“A blunt is a maridujuana.”
“If you can’t beat em, Shoot ‘em with a gun!”
“Getting kicked in the nuts is not an event, it’s a process.”
“My goal is to pee in every major body of water on earth.”
“Man, Club Penguin’s gotten weird.”
“Aw jimminey-jillakers. Gee-whiz Batman. Aw frick. Oh jeezum.”
“And you have ten thousand and seven hundred grams of mardujuana.”
“My style is old, nasty t-shirt and rapidly disintegrating pants.”
“If you ever run into me in the wild, we’ll hug it out.”
“I think the noodles are going to kill me!”
“I’m sorry, your son is an anthropomorphic cheese melt.”
“Wait, but, also shut up.”


binder positivity by joey


It matters to me - King Arthur x fem!reader oneshot

Fanfiction Title: It matters to me

Fandom: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

Pairing: King Arthur x fem!reader

Rating: Mature

Warnings: mentions of physical abuse, mentions of sexual abuse

Summary: You and Arthur grew up together in the brothel in Londinium. When you were old enough, you got into the same business as all the other girls, which included sometimes getting hit in the face by customers. Arthur never liked seeing any of the girls getting beaten and looked after you and the others. Now, he’s the new king of Camelot and he doesn’t want you out on the streets again.

Word count: 1058 words

Read on ao3

A/N: Aaaand another one. Whoops. This was supposed to be pure fluff, but instead turned into something else… (Also, I might write a second part to this, if I get any ideas.)

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(pt.2) Monsta x as Scottish Twitter
  • Shownu: Mental that Ice Cube is 46 years old and he's no melted
  • Wonho: Why dae folk ask babies stupid shite lit "Ur gettin big arent ye?" As if the wee cunts gony be like aye Moira yer spot on am oan the protein
  • Minhyuk: a walked into a bar and says to the barman “Al take a water” the barman says “Still water” a says “aye ave no changed ma mind”
  • Kihyun: Just seen a bird shoutin at her bairn to put his pants on then pointed at me sayin 'look the mans gonna steal ur willy'. Wtf no am no
  • Hyungwon: why does Instagram not let u go on click on people's profile photo. a want to ken if they're growlers or no before a follow back
  • Jooheon: baby coughin on a bus right as a needed tae cough so a nearly exploded hawdin it in cos a didny wanty look like the guy who copies babies
  • I.M: my brother just got his 4th unconditional for uni and av just eaten a dog biscuit thinkin it was chocolate

anonymous asked:

Okay I am superior to all other anons, listen to me Michael and you'll totally win his heart. I am going to quote a very wise man here: "When you love somebody, you put your pants on for them." bam. Romance acquired.

Michael: …are the pants supposed to be a metaphor or something? ‘Cause I already have pants on.

After the Grand Prix Finals

Mila: Yuri, I have to confess! I have a crush on your friend Otabek, you think you can introduce us?
Yuri: Friend?
Yuri: [to himself] I’m gonna wear a practically backless tank that will fly up every time I move, and tight ass (emphasis on “tight” and “ass”) leather pants, and put my hair in a man bun, and-

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a dangerous ultimatum request with the RFA+Saeran and each ultimatum involves the MC's life but it turns out alright in the end? Example like a stalker fan goes after Zen and MC, etc. Saeyoung/Saeran can be same just different POV for them and it'd be the most dangerous. Like their Dad found them at Saeyoungs and he tells them that they have to choose between their brother or MC and they had a minute to decide or else both the brother and MC would be taken out in front of them. 💚

Sure anon! This is a very interesting request.


The two of you had been walking home late one night when suddenly someone grabbed you and pulled you into an alleyway. Despite being a little weak and small, Yoosung reacted quickly and chased after you, trying to hit the person who had taken you.

Two guns were pulled, one on you and one on Yoosung, however, the barrel of the gun pointing to you was aimed at your arm, and Yoosungs was aimed at his stomach.

“What’s it gonna be? Your girls arm or your stomach?” The man asked, though Yoosung was very afraid he did well at not showing it.

“Me” he replied, you were mortified. You tried to get him to shoot you instead, but he wasn’t giving you the choice.

The shot rang out and you wanted to scream but it would quite get passed your throat. After the man ran away you stumbled to Yoosung, taking off your jacket and applying pressure to try and stop the bleeding. You called the ambulance and then Saeyoung, ordering him to look through the security camera footage of the area and find the man.

You went to hospital with him, and after several hours of being in emergency surgery the doctor came our to deliver the news.

Yoosung was going to live, but he’d need to rest for quite a while.

Had the bullet entered a millimetre to the left, he would’ve died. You were thankful he’d be okay, and you were also thankful that Saeyoung had found the man that shot Yoosung.

When Yoosung awoke a few days later, you hugged him and kissed him and you both cried a little. You hit him in the shoulder several times for being so stupid.

“I’d do anything to protect you, MC, I love you” He told you, and despite yourself and your situation, you laughed and smiled brightly.

“I love you too”


The two of you were closing up shop one night when a man came in, demanding money from the counter where Jaehee stood. You watched in horror, having dropped the broomstick out of shock, as Jaehee tried to calmly handle the situation.

“Sir, we don’t keep cash on the premises, it’s already been deposited for the night” She lied, and the man knew this. Instead of pointing it at her, he moved the gun to MC’s head.

“Money, or your lady friend dies” Jaehee did not think twice about clicking open the cash register and handing him the money. The man smugly grinned and ran out of the store.

Jaehee collapsed on to MC after they hugged each other tightly, she was crying and apologising over and over. You weren’t sure why but you didn’t let her think anything was her fault even for a second.

“It’s okay Jaehee, we’ll get the money back soon” You said reassuringly, and kissed the top of her head as you both sat on the cafe floor.

“What do you mean?” She shuffled, readjusting herself slightly.

“Saeyoung and I set up a system if anything like that were to ever happen, I hold down the button on my phone which alerts Saeyoung that we’re in trouble-” you were interrupted by police sirens speeding past your cafe. “- and Saeyoung tips off the police”

Jaehee was astonished and grateful you and Saeyoung had devised this plan, she smiled lightly as she wiped her eyes, apologising for her state. You brushed it off and held her close, thanking the gods (including God 707) that nothing seriously bad had happened.


Zen had opened an important looking email addressed to him one night after a performance. He was expecting it to be from a talent scout, telling him he’d been chosen to play another role.

However he didn’t expect to see a picture of you with your chest exposed through a window, he was about to double check the email to make sure it wasn’t you, when he noticed a message attached to the bottom.

‘Zenny, my love, you have a choice, dumb the hag you claim to love and meet me at the attached address in a week, or let your dog be exposed to the world. Keep in mind I love you more. xoxo’

He was repulsed, someone who claimed to love him was doing this to him? He only had a week to do something, he could chose you or your privacy.

Of course he wanted to put you first, always, no matter what. But he didn’t want to leave you, and he could never break your heart like that. That night he cried softly because he didn’t know what to do, and he’d never been so torn apart in his life.

Zen was so stressed for the next week, he didn’t notice that you’d gotten a similar email. The same picture was attached only the message warned you to leave Zen before the week is up, or have you picture exposed to the entire world.

Also because of his distraught actions Zen didn’t notice you converse with both Jaehee and Saeyoung to solve the matter. You first went to Jaehee because of all the concern she showed for Zen’s job, she suggested getting Saeyoung to trace the picture and try to hack into the users device, so they’d know who it was.

By the time the week was over, you had your answer and Zen had his. He was sitting on your shared bed wringing it’s hands, because, he was going to choose your privacy over his selfish love.

“MC, I need to talk to you. I think we should break up” He didn’t meet your eyes, but you smiled and kneeled down in front of him.

“No you don’t, I know about the Emails, Zen. Jaehee, Saeyoung and I have it all under control. The person who wrote the emails is supposedly one of your fans. We’ve contacted the police and they’re going to look into it, and Jaehee has handled the press, setting them on a lead for a scandal between some Hollywood couple rather than us”

It took Zen a while to comprehend your words, but when he did he kissed you and held you tight, telling you how sorry he was for going to break up with you (even though it didn’t happen) and vowing to protect you.


After the bomb fiasco, Jumin was very protective and god help anyone who messed with you, so when Jumin was threatened by some other company to step down from a contract or risk your life he was livid.

The other company did try to make a move on you, once you were walking back from a night with friends when suddenly someone grabbed you and pulled you into a truck.

But Jumin was already seven steps ahead, he’d gotten Saeyoung to trace the threat from the other company when it first happened, so they knew where their ‘base’ was already, and when his driver told him you had not returned, he immediately sent his private police force to the area.

You were returned safely and although he didn’t admit it, he was rather scared something horrible would’ve happened to his MC. He held on to you tighter and kept you closer for the following week.

Saeyoung & Saeran setting.

Your situation was terrifying, you, Saeyoung and Saeran were forced on to your knees with a gun to each of your heads. A scary man, loomed over you, giving his sons an ultimatum they could not ignore.

“You must choose. Come with me or watch your brother and partner die”


Saeyoung felt his heart drop, of course the choice to him was obvious, he’d go with their father and leave Saeran and MC to live a happy life.

But the look Saeran gave him, something that screamed ‘there’s another way’ and your face was similar.

“Time is money Saeyoung, I don’t have all day. Do you really want the only people who love you to die?” Saeyoung was mortified, he didn’t know what to do, and it was clear on his face.

“Fine, I’ll go with you” Saeyoung said in a shaky voice, when suddenly there was a familiar high-pitched voice from behind his father.

“Stay away from my Master! Meow!” The Robo-cat breathed fire, quite literally, on to the mans pants, he was quick to put it out but it made him furious.

“The police are on their way! Meow! I have video evidence! Meow!” It was the twins father’s turn to look horrified, he glanced at his men and then at the three still in the ground. “I’ll put it on the internet if you don’t leave! Meow!”

The man had no choice, he ordered his men out and followed quickly, speeding away from the scene as fast as he could. After all, he had a reputation to uphold, and once again he wouldn’t let it be ruined by his illegitimate sons.

After the men had all left, and silence fell over the three of them, quiet crying could be heard from you. Both boys tried to comfort you, which ended in you pulling them both into a bone-crushing hug and repeating how glad you were that they were safe.


Saeran stared at his father in disbelief, he wasn’t as scared as his brother or you. He’d be threatened before but this time was different, it was your life on the line now and that scared him stiff.

“Choose, Saeran, I do not have all day” Saeran didn’t dare look at you because he knew if he did he’d regret it. Instead, he took a deep breath and went to speak. But his words were cut off by his brothers.

“I’ll go, take me instead” Now Saeran was horrified, though it wasn’t clearly shown, the thought of his brother taking his place with that awful man was gut wrenching.

“Yes, yes, fine, what do I care. Come on, we don’t have time to mess around” Saeyoung stood and followed his father out, Saeran tried to do something but instead got pushed back harshly by one of the body guards.

As Saeyoung walked out he had to once again convince himself leaving was the best choice, only this time was different. He was leaving Saeran with you and not Rika. He was being taken to a bad place, where he knew whatever happened he probably deserved.

Silence fell over the bunker, and Saeran creeped into your arms, shaken by what had happened, he didn’t say anything but the ache of abandonment was welling up in his chest.

Saeran knew better this time, he knew that Saeyoungs abandonment really was for the benefit of Saeran, and even more for you.

The two of you stayed huddled on the floor, soft sobs coming from both of you as the feeling of loneliness set in. Fear for what would happened to Saeyoung drifted from each of your minds, as you sat and wondered why now.

After a while Saeran swore he’d get his brother back, and he sat at Saeyoungs computer, fingers typing like mad, with you right beside him. Waiting, watching, hoping you’d find something to bring Saeyoung home.

kinda dont like Jumins but i really couldnt think of anything for him, and you said nothing about the RFA members being okay wink wonk

Insecurities and Confessions

Summary: You like Newt and he likes you, according to Minho. But, you fail to see what Newt sees in you. Minho decides to try and boost your self confidence while trying to convince you to go after Newt. 

Pairing: Newt x Reader, Platonic Minho x Reader

Word Count: 1574

Warnings: Slight cussing 

(A/N): Hey, guys. Here is another imagine/one-shot. It’s just something that popped into my mind a little bit ago. My phone broke yesterday :(. That was horrible. I don’t know when I might get a new one but it’s probably gonna be a while. This is gonna be a disaster. And to make matters worse, school starts in a day (because rn it’s like 1:30 in the morning.) I haven’t even got all of my school shopping done -_-’. Me and my mom are such procrastinators (lol). But no, I’m so not looking forward to that. And school WITHOUT a phone?! I can’t explain how much that’s gonna suck. Anyway… I hope you guys enjoy this short little one-shot. I would just like to say sorry in advance if any of these descriptions don’t fit you. It was just in my head at the time. Feel free to change it to your liking. ENJOY! 

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anonymous asked:

you don't know what opression means. opression is when one gender dominated and opressed another gender. like men women. men have no systematic problem caused by women. men have no systematic problems caused by women. men cause their own problems. circumcision? bad, but caused by men, origins in the patriarchal Abrahamic religions.

“opression is when one gender dominated and opressed another gender” seems to me like you’re the one who doesn’t know what oppression is, because that’s not it lmao, you can’t define a word by using the word.

please do tell me how women are oppressed in first world countries, because in my experience with a vagina i’ve had it pretty fucking good because of my gender. I didn’t have my genitals mutilated as a baby, i’m not expected to pay on the first date, i likely won’t be falsely accused of rape and have my reputation ruined because ‘women are always telling the truth’ and i am likely to always be believed and receive help if i ever do have something like sexual abuse happen to me.

women are pretty privileged if you haven’t noticed hun. if anyone were oppressed in the first world it would be men.

women get off with lighter sentences for the same crimes, there are numerous safe houses and help lines for females facing problems like domestic or sexual abuse, yet for men? nope, and if someone tries to make a place like that for men feminists will more than likely get it shut down and bully the founder for doing so (as far as i know that did actually happen, look it up.)

a woman could walk right up to a man, put her hands down his pants and sexually assault him, and walk away scot free because ‘it was just some harmless fun’ if a man did that you bet he’d put thrown in jail for sexual assault and his name and face would be all over the media, and he’d likely be receiving some death threats to top it off.

i’m not a victim and id appreciate it if people i don’t know wouldn’t come in my asks and try to tell me that i am.