put the lotion in the basket

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Can i request the RFA+ minor duo going Victoria secret shopping with MC? And don't stress yourself too much over Requests love~ take all the time you need :)

~Oooooh, yes. LOL! Thank you so much for the request and thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it so much! 

◉ Yoosung 

  • He’s a stuttering and fumbling mess the entire time 
  • Doesn’t have the courage to touch anything 
  • Feels extremely awkward seeing all the other customers grabbing items, and thinks he should try to avert his gaze 
  • He TRIES to keep his eyes on the floor
  • Every time he looks around he is imagining you in the outfits 
    • “Yoosung, what do you think of this?” you hold up lingerie with pink frills 
  • He almost has a heart attack 
  • So many images in his mind 
    • “IT’S P-PERFECT”
    • Shh, you don’t have to yell” you laugh 
  • He can’t control the volume of his voice 
  • Talking to himself in his head, telling himself to clam down
  • He liked the area where theres beauty products and lotions/perfumes 
    • “Oh, this smells nice MC! Want me to get it for you?” 

◉ Jumin 

  • He’s rather un-phased
  • To be honest, he finds lingerie rather unnecessary
    • “Are you sure you want to buy this? I’m just going to be taking it off of you…”
    • “I’m not just here for lingerie, Jumin. I need new bras and panties as well,” you shake your head 
  • He’s very opinionated 
    • “That looks cheap.” “I don’t like that color.” 
  • He’s not doing it to be an ass, he’s just used to speaking his mind 
  • Wants you to look good, and tells you to get whatever you want
    • “Sweat pants?”
    • “They have really comfy ones…” you say shyly 
    • “You’re so cute,” he adds them to your basket 

◉ Zen 

  • He’s screaming internally 
  • He’s READY for this 
  • At first he thinks you’re going to stick to the normal bra and panty sets
  • Maybe you’ll be adventurous and go for some lace 
  • But you hold up a lingerie set with cut outs and strings and bow and-
  • He almost has a nose bleed 
    • “B-Babe! Careful! Another guy might see!!!” 
  • He grabs it from your hands 
    • “There are only girls around right now, relax!” 
  • He wants to pay for it and drag you home as fast as possible 
  • He’s spacing out
  • Imagining coming home to you in the lingerie, you’re in the kitchen cooking for him 
    • ~~~Welcome home, Zenny!~~~
    • “ZEN!” 
  • His daydream is interrupted by your nudging his ribs 
    • “Let’s go, I paid already,” you laugh 
  • Gladly 

◉ Jaehee 

  • Finally!
  • She needed some new underwear as well 
  • You guys spend over an hour looking at everything 
  • And stocking up on your favorite lotions 
  • Jaehee has some extremely pretty bras 
  • You guys even got matching ones! 
  • She is sorting everything in your basket out when she pulls up a black silk nighty 
    • “Wh-What’s this?!” 
    • “Darn it! I…snuck it in. I was going to surprise you tonight…”
  • Her cheeks turned bright red 
    • “Oh! O-Okay!” 
  • She fumbled around to put everything on the counter 
  • Inside, she couldn’t help but be excited to see you wearing that later that night 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • He’s making jokes to cover his embarrassment 
    • “Do you think this would look good on me?” he hold up a bra to his chest 
    • “Can you be serious once in your life?” 
  • You both laugh 
  • He’s surprisingly good at telling you his opinion on what he wants to see you in ?
    • He’s actually picking things that are a little more risqué than you had ever thought he would be in to 
      • “What? I am a guy, after all…”
    • Asks if he can come into the changing room with you 
      • “No!”
      • “It was only a joke, calm down,” he pokes your cheek and waits patiently while you try a few items on 
    • Super giddy when you finally pay and head home 
      • “So if you are dressing up tonight…does that mean I can, too?”
      •  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ◉ V

    • Of course he is super calm about it 
    • Doesn’t like the perfume section though
    • The smells are too overwhelming for him 
    • He wishes he could help pick things out, but he can barely make out the colors of the fabrics 
    • He tries nonetheless 
    • Just smiling the whole time 
    • Choosing things by feel 
      • “This silk is nice, don’t you think? This would feel nice on you…”
    • He does get a blush on his cheeks every now and then and you’re glad he can’t see your staring as you hold back a giggle 
    • A couple times he ended up showing an item to a mannequin 
      • “…Do you not like it?” 
      • “V!…I’m over here…” -_-;;;

    ◉ Saeran 

    • No way!
      • You’re not dragging me into that damn store!!!!”
        • [2 hours later]
    • He stand with his arms crossed, grumbling in the store 
    • Silent as ever as you look through all of the items 
      • “Stop pouting and help me choose!”
      • “No.”
    • The only thing getting him through this is the promise of ice cream and pretzels from the food court 
    • He keeps scowling in response to your random laughs 
    • He doesn’t know, but his cheeks have been slightly pink since you walked in 
    • Eyes went wide when you picked up a particular black and pink lingerie set 
    • But he immediately looked away and pretended to not be interested 
    • Breathed a sigh of relief when you finally paid and started to head out 
      • “Ya know, you could have helped me out a bit more with choosing things back there…”
      • “Why do you need me anyway? You could have picked anything in there and it would look good on you”
    • You squeezed his hand at his response and he realized what he said 
      • “Oh, shut up,” he could feel you smiling at him, “come on. I’m starving. You said I get food.” 

    The stair-shaped basket seemed like such a good idea. Drop things in it that need to go upstairs and next time I go up, take the basket with me. Unfortunately I’m very good at putting things in and lousy at getting things out. It’s been at least 9 months since it was emptied, judging by the Christmas ornaments I bought at last year’s comic festival as gifts and just found in the bottom of the basket today. I also found four new toothbrushes (meanwhile I’ve purchased duplicates at the store), new deodorants (ditto), miscellaneous bottles of lotion and acne cream and tubes of toothpaste, half a dozen books, and half a ton of miscellaneous bits and pieces. I might add that over the months my basset hound mix couldn’t resist sticking her nose in that basket and chewing up headbands, pens, cd cases, and a pair of Minnie Mouse ears. One 20 minute session and it was all put away. Nice.

    jackbitty lush-worker au

    this is borne of me going to lush today and the workers being super interactive and talkative to me and then hitting @asexualwhiskey​ going “WHAT ABOUT A JACKBITTY LUSH AU” k here we go (also we are in no way affiliated with lush we just happen to enjoy their products so)

    • background info: bitty is a senior at samwell and jack never overdosed and instead got a bunch of help for his mental health and had a healthy breakup with kent who is now dating Cute Basketball Boy™ (swoops?)
      • jack is already out and proud in this au, he never got hate and is awesome and super gr8 at hockey ok
    • bitty works at lush because he really likes creating makeup and lotions (its similar to baking, right?) and he’s like. super good at this job, like he’s assistant manager and hes awesome and perfect
      • “but bri!” you cry “bitty is an assistant manager, he wouldn’t be working the floor!”
      • “fuck off” i say “its my au”
    • so jacky boy is a professional hockey player for the providence falconers and its may and mothers day is coming up and he needs to get a gift for his mother
    • he has a series in boston and wont have any free time after the series ends so he goes to a local mall that (hopefully) wont have too many hockey fans there because he needs to get a gift for his mom
    • so little ol’ jacky walks into the mall and is in his typical Burger King Robber™ outfit mainly so that he doesn’t get mobbed by fans
    • he and bad bob talked about it and they figured that jack could go to lush and get one of those like, idk $50 dollar moisturizers that are super-overpriced or a bath bomb or a face mask or st (not that alicia needs it like goddamn amiright)
    • so zimmsy walks into lush and is immediately just completely overwhelmed and there’s only two workers (bc its a slow day and also its just a small mall so not many visitors yeah?) and the store is p empty (there’s like.. 2 people in there. v slow day)
    • 2.5k of words under the cut lmao why does this always happen

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    Bloodlust - Part 1

    Word Count: 2438

    Pairing: Dean x Reader

    Warnings: Language, kinda graphic

    Tagging: @letsgetoutalive@aprofoundbondwithdean@spnfanficpond@pb-5minutefanfiction@faith-in-dean@blacktithe7@supernotnatural2005@paolathedragonichuntress@nothingeverdies@thegirlwiththeimpala@queen-of-the-unbroken-hearts@abaddonewithya@deans-cherry-pie1@lilyoflothlorien@holywaterbucketchallenge@nanie5@fandommaniacx@dreamer-lover-laughter@a-girl-who-loves-disney@jodyri@novaevelenekim@carrielc32@starlingfalls@whatdoesntbreakyoumakesyou2k12@jotink78 @klizbeth
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    Series Rewrite Masterlist

    Dean stepped quietly into your shared bedroom at Bobby’s. He normally would have woken you up when he got up, but he was extra careful not to today. Your ribs were pretty much healed and you had just gotten the cast off your arm the day before. He had to laugh at your excitement over the fact that you could sleep on that side again without a giant slab of plaster in the way. Not only that, he had a surprise for you and he didn’t want you to see it too soon. He walked over to the bed and started peppering kisses all over your face.

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    🎁 21 FUN sorority sister gift basket THEMES! 🎁

    I LOVE creating and giving gift baskets! Have fun, theme your items and put together a one-of-a-kind sister gift. Save money too by shopping smart and putting inexpensive things together that look lush in a group. Then add some sorority specific gifts to your basket to make it the ultimate greek girl gift experience!  xoxo ;)

    🎁 21 FUN Sorority Gift Basket THEMES: 🎁

    • Pamper Basket: bubble bath, soap, shampoo, lotion, puff, candle, sorority towel, pillowcase, or cozy socks.  
    • Mani-Pedi Basket: emory boards, nail polish, cuticle cream, lotion, buffer., manicure supplies. 
    • Book Basket: best sellers, bookmarks, Amazon gift card, painted wine glass, list of favorite books. 
    • Movie Night Basket: popcorn, candy, sorority throw blanket, movie tickets, DVDs, soda, recommended movie list, sorority pj pants/shorts.  
    • Italian Dinner Basket: pasta, sauce, bread, napkins, wine, wine koozie. 
    • Craft Basket: jewels, paint, mod podge, brushes, craft flowers, markers, wood sorority plaque/paddle (blank ready to paint.) 
    • Fun in the Sun Basket: sorority beach towel, suntan lotion, paperback book, sorority tote bag, flip flops, sorority tumbler and cap. 
    • Baking Basket: cupcake and cookie mixes, frosting, spatulas, oven mitt, sprinkles, baking pan, timer, greek cookie cutters, cookie recipe.  
    • Coffee Basket: bags of gourmet coffee, Starbucks gift card, sorority coffee mug, coffee flavored candies, travel mug, flavored creamers.  
    • Tea Basket: specialty teas, sorority mug, cookies, fancy tea spoon, scones, tea cakes/cookies. 
    • Apple Basket: fresh apples, apple cider, apple snacks, apple chips, apple gum, sour apple candy. 
    • Work Out Basket: towel, sorority shorts or yoga pants, sorority headband, tank top, gift card to sporting goods store, small hand weights, sorority water bottle, healthy snacks. 
    • Cupcake Basket: assortment of different cupcakes, cupcake themed trinkets like ornaments and magnets, cupcake napkins, lemonade. 
    • Gameday Basket: team sweatshirt, team earrings, snacks, foam finger, koozie, pom pom, mascot plush toy, team and sorority tattoos. 
    • S’mores Basket: all the fixings for s’mores, plus hot chocolate packets, sorority mug, napkins, throw blanket, sweatshirt.
    • Adult Coloring Basket: several “adult” coloring books (Michael’s sells them), nice set of colored pencils, tasty snacks, pencil sharpener. 
    • Happy Hour Basket: drink mixers, nuts, chips, cute cups, bottle/wine opener, wine koozie. Theme your basket to a particular drink such as Margaritas, Bloody Marys, wine, or beer. 
    • Game Night Basket: board games, sorority deck of cards, candy, snacks, popcorn, dice, cute cups.
    • Chocolate Lovers Basket: chocolate candy in all forms, chocolate sauce, hot chocolate packets, chocolate themed ornaments, candy bar pillow. 
    • Fruit Basket: fresh fruit, healthy snacks, dried fruit, organic juices, smoothie or frozen yogurt gift card, fruit flavored gum, fruity lip gloss.  
    • Peppermint Basket: peppermint candy, peppermint gum, peppermint cocoa mix, peppermint lip balm. peppermint bath & body, peppermint candle. 

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    ☾ - sleep headcanon: he takes up a lot of space on the bed. If he’s sleeping alone, he sleeps sprawled out on top of his covers, his body resembling a starfish. He tends to toss around a lot before he finds a comfortable position to sleep in, but once he does he sleeps just like that and won’t even stir until he wakes up - which is a bit troublesome for his s/o when they sleep with him. When he and his s/o sleep in the same bed, he’ll fall asleep holding them tightly to him, but will almost always end up letting them go in the middle of his sleep and end up with an arm and a leg sprawled over their back/stomach.

    ★ - sad headcanon: when he’s in public, he tries his best to not show he’s sad - which ends up backfiring, because he tries so hard to look like his usual self that it looks strained and people close to him immediately know something’s wrong. However, he’ll only let himself cry alone in his room or in a secluded place in front of his s/o. Whenever he’s like that, they’re the only ones who can calm him down properly. He’ll cry and sob for quite a few minutes, but then he’ll get a lot better after he takes everything off his chest.

    ☆ - happy headcanon: Kise’s in a content mood 90% of the time, so he acts quite carefree and is all smiles when he’s in a good mood. He’ll talk and laugh with his friends and joke around with them, maybe even teasing them. When he’s happy, everyone else around him is too because he’s just that kind of person.

    ☠ - angry/violent headcanon: violence will almost never be his first option. He’ll always want to talk it out and solve things without violence whenever possible. Part of it is because he’s a model and he has an image to protect, but also because it’s just not in his nature to be a violent person. However, if he sees someone violently threatening his friends or his s/o, all logical thoughts will be thrown out of the window. However, even in situations like that his priority will be protecting his friends/s/o, and not hurting the bully.

    ✿ - Sex headcanon: sex with him depends a lot. He’ll always put your needs first, so sex with him will always be very comfortable. Sometimes it’ll be light and playful and full of giggles, but at other it’ll be rough and passionate. Sometimes, though, it’ll be very slow and sensual, full of adoring and bodyworshipping. It all depends on his mood, but it’ll always be very enjoyable. I also think that if it’s safe and consensual, he likes to try just about anything to spice things up.

    ■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon: his room’s a bit on the messy side, but not too much. His bathroom, on the other hand, it’s always impeccably clean. His lotions are separated by type, and he has a basket to put all his dirty laundry. He almost never makes his bed (unless he knows his s/o is visiting) and there’s always a couple of stuff on the floor.

    ♡ - romantic headcanon: Kise’s the kind of boyfriend who will spoil you with both material things and affection. He’s kind of afraid his s/o thinks he doesn’t love them because he’s so busy all the time, so whenever they meet he always has a gift for them and is clingy. Sometimes, he likes to go on fancy dates like dinner at a five-star restaurant, but more often than not he’ll take them to family diners and local shrine festivals.

    ♥ - family headcanon: already talked a bit about it here, but regardless of their problems, he loves his family very much, and they in turn love him a lot as well. He doesn’t spend nearly as much time with them as he wishes he could, but they understand it.

    ☮ - friendship headcanon: Kise’s that one hot friend that looks 10/10 even when he’s not trying. He’s that one friend that people ask you about, but you love him regardless. He’ll support your decisions and be quite protective of you. He’s actually a great friend, and sleepovers with him are just the best. He’ll make you laugh when you’re down, and laugh with you when you’re in a happy mood.

    ♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon: he’s always fixing his hair, even when it looks completely fine. It’s something he does without thinking, especially when he’s nervous or anxious. He doesn’t have a lot of hobbies because he’s already busy as it is, but he has a tumblr. He posts and reblogs mostly puppy pictures and cute drawings/comics, but it’s a very nice way to unwind for him.

    ☯ - likes/dislikes headcanon: Kise likes a lot of things. He loves his s/o and basketball. He likes karaoke and going on dates. He likes sweet things, but he doesn’t like white chocolate all that much. He likes the smell of his body lotion (lol) and the smell new cars have. He likes the beach, and the way the sand feels beneath his feet. He likes the smell of the sea and burning wood. He doesn’t like clingy people and people who treat him like a child. He dislikes going to the dentist and doctors in general. He doesn’t like waking up early and hates horror movies.

    ▼ - childhood headcanon: he was an incredibly pretty child, and his sisters often dragged him to play house with them (dressing him up and even putting some make up on him). He was a very bright and active child, and got away from a lot of scoldings with his innocent smile. He didn’t like hunting insects, prefering instead to play things like tag and dodgeball. He was also quick to cry and get upset when other kids bullied him.

    ∇ -. old age/aging headcanon: Kise will be one hell of a patient old man. Obviously, he’ll spoil his grandchildren rotten, and will be the kind of grandparent that all but lets his grandkids walk all over him. He’d enjoy going out to drink tea at his friends’ house, and since he most likely will have a lot of money left from his modeling job, he’d often travel around the world with his s/o.

    ♒ - cooking/food headcanon: he doesn’t know how to cook shit. He once got hungry when alone at home and tried make himself some cup noodles. He ended up burning them (and himself) so he was forbidden from entering the kitchen ever again. He’s not picky about food, however, and will eat just about anything that his s/o or family cooks for him.

    ☼ - appearance headcanon: he obviously has to look at least decent every time he gets out of the house. He doesn’t spend hours on his appearance, but he takes his time in taking a shower, putting on sun screen on his face and choosing a stylish outfit - which takes about 20-25 minutes. His hair isn’t much trouble, but somehow he always gets the feeling some strands are out of place. If he has a date with his s/o, expect him to take at least 40 minutes getting ready.

    ൠ - random headcanon: he’s always drinking water. He knows how important it is to stay hydrated, so he’s always drinking water. In addition, he also kind of nags his teammates and s/o to drink more water, but they know his intentions are the best possible.

    ◉ - Any other question of your choosing: Kise is like sunshine incarnate and must be protected at all costs. That is all.


    One of my favorite songs, dedicated to one of my favorite movies. Watch and enjoy!!!

    Cat lady questions...

    my cats seem to be drawn to lotion, especially floral scented. Whenever I put on hand lotion they start licking my hands like the taste of floral hand lotion is the best thing ever. How can that taste good? I even put on a little to much the other day and wiped some off onto a blanket (don’t judge) and when one cat went to lie down on said blanket later that night they smelled the lotion and just started licking the blanket. So odd.

    I stop them of course because it can’t be the best thing in the world for them, plus I just put on the lotion because I wanted to moisturize my hands and I don’t want it all licked off just to have to re-moisturize, but how is that a pleasant experience for them? I might understand if it was like…vanilla scented lotion but floral? Really? My cats can’t be the only weird ones out there, anyone else have this happen?

    Edit: Conclusion - animals are weird. Hide the lotion.


    Silence of the Lambs musical. Done in Legos.

    “Put the fucking lotion in the basket.”