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probably my last work doodle + current mood

here’s what cas carries in dean’s his old dufflebag whenever he’s not home:

  • two ids: jimmy novak’s driver’s license (real) and an fbi badge (fake.)
  • a hooped keychain with a spare set of keys for the continental (now impounded), his truck, and the bunker’s front door.
  • an angel blade. whether it’s his or a spare, he doesn’t know anymore.
  • a few changes of clothes. in particular: two flannel shirts, three t-shirts, two pairs of jeans, a hoodie, and clean socks and boxers.
  • some money, usually tucked away in a side pocket but it always manages to get loose and end up on the bottom of the bag, mixed in with loose buttons and bottlecaps he’s found on the side of the road.
  • swirl mints and scrunched packets of raw sugar from biggersons.
  • a collection of postcards from various gas stations across the states. 
    • none of them are addressed, but each of them has a small confession on the back, such as: “i watched you rake leaves.”
  • a small vial tied to a piece of leather string. its insides swirl against the glass and glow blue-white in the dark.

hi im bee and i spent about five minutes wishing my bathroom had better lighting and then realizing i could turn on the light


Tumblr User Aesthetic: @dolphelecat

I was tagged to do this by @azbedel. Thanks! This is the first time I’ve ever made a mood board, so I hope it’s okay. It was a lot of fun!

Most of these are public domain or my own pictures, but the asexual hat is from Dreah Driver’s etsy shop, dreahsdesigns, and you can buy it here: (x). The peanut butter cups are from a photo taken by jamieanne (x).

I’ll go ahead and tag: @blujayonthewing, @tangolikeelk, @iwouldbemerry, @sadwolfsicle, @grand-inquisitor-of-feels, @that-one-internet-lover, @petmacaque, and @darkremarks

As usual, if you don’t want to do this, don’t feel pressured to. If you want to do this and I didn’t tag you, consider yourself tagged!


Yuuri tells Victor his thoughts during their first dance.

I want to thank @thehobbem so, so much for co-writing the dialogue! She spent hours going through metas and crafting this line-by-line with me. Yuuri was much harder to write for than Victor and I couldn’t have done it without her tireless work. ;u; I also want to thank @teasidesketches for doing final revisions despite not being in the fandom. You two are the best. <3

I also want to dedicate this to @solfegefaerie for being the first one to give me the idea of writing Yuuri’s vows. They’re not vows this time, but I thought this was suiting. :) 

If you can, you should read this while listening to “Yuri on Ice.” I matched the flow of the comic to that of the song, hence the tribute to the representation of Yuuri as the lone piano until Victor comes into his life as the violin (in case you were wondering about the sudden Music AU thrown in the middle there). 

Pair comic to Victor’s Vows.

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