put the dinosaur away

Dino-chan or Roar-chan?

He finds that he enjoys Sakura’s presence much more after his travels.

He enjoyed her presence after the war , but their was always a voice in his head that kept reminding him what he almost did to her whenever he talked to the women.

But after his redemption journey he can talk to Sakura freely without any guilt which resulted in the change of his attitude when speaking to her.

Sakura’s attitude towards him changed too,she was no longer the stuttering tween of their genin days,or the teen girl that would carefully pick her words before speaking to him or be too afraid to ask a question,now she is a women who talks to him with confidence and isn’t afraid to ask questions,even if she knew that they would annoy him.

Like now.

‘‘OH come just tell me it’s name.’‘




‘‘Please Sasuke-kun?’‘ she said as she crossed her arms and her lips formed a pout.

The women was sitting on Sasuke’s old bed, beside her a green plush dinosaur that she found in Sasuke’s childhood room while they were cleaning up.

Sasuke looked at the pink haired women and sighed.

‘‘Dino-chan.’‘ he said in an almost inaudible voice.


Sakura couldn’t believe that the Uchiha Sasuke had a stuffed dinosaur called Dino-chan.

Sakura burst into giggles as Sasuke took the dinosaur away from her and put it in the keeping box,next to the donation box filled with his old toys for the kids at Sakura’s hospital.

‘‘Is Dino-chan special to you?’‘ she said after calming down from her giggle fit.

‘‘Nii-san bought it for me when I was four when he was too busy to train with me,I used to sleep with it every night.’’Sasuke said as his lips formed a gentle smile.

If it was anybody else asking the question than he would have shrugged it of but it was Sakura that asked the question.

Sakura’s expression mirrored Sasuke’s ,although she wasn’t a big fan of Itachi Uchiha,she knew what he means to Sasuke.

‘‘I never expected you to be a naggy child.’‘

Sasuke looked up at the women in front of him.

‘‘Yeah cause you were little miss sunshine as a kid.’‘

‘‘And who told you I wasn’t?’‘ she said a challenge in her voice.

‘‘I ran into your mother when I was grocery shopping yesterday,she told me all about how you would nag about everything while I carried her groceries home.’’

Sasuke wasn’t the type to carry groceries for women who lived far away from him, but he wanted to get on Mebuki Haruno’s good side since he has a feeling the women doesn’t like him very much.

‘‘Ugh,out of all the villagers she had to tell you!’‘


Sasuke moved to close his for keeps box when he noticed that it wouldn’t close because of the dinosaur.

‘‘Would you keep this for me until I settle in a place?’‘

‘‘Of course Sasuke.’‘

Sakura blushed,happy that Sasuke trusted her with caring to such an important part of his childhood.




Sakura hasn’t seen that toy until about 6 years later when she was looking for Sarada’s baby pictures,she stumbled upon it by accident.

A sad smile appeared on her face as she remembered the first time she saw that toy.

‘‘Sasuke’‘ the women said as she thought of her husband,who left two months ago on his mission,a mission it wasn’t expected of him to finish  for atl east 5 years.

Sakura got up  with the toy in hand and headed towards her 3 year old’s room,who she is certain Sasuke would want to have this special plushy.




‘‘No this is Roar-chan papa.’‘

‘‘No this is Dino-chan.’‘

Sasuke and Sarada continued argiung while Sakura stared at them with clear amusement.

The argument started when Sasuke saw  ‘Roar-chan’ in his daughter’s room.

‘‘Well then Dino-chan is a stupid name for Dinosaur shanaroo!’‘

‘‘And Roar-chan is better?’‘

‘‘Yes it is.’‘

‘‘No it isn’t.’‘

‘‘Mama tell papa!’‘


Sakura starred at her husband and her 13 year old daughter contemplating which side to choose.

She chose after remembering what a certain Uchiha did last week.

‘‘It’s Roar-chan of course.’‘

Sarada hugged her mother in victory before taking the dinosaur to her room while Sasuke glared at Sakura.

‘‘Hey don’t look at me like that don’t you remember what you did to me last friday in my office?’‘

‘‘You’re mean.’‘

‘‘Nobody told you to be a tease in bed.’‘

‘‘I think the correct term would be on desk.’‘

Sakura blushed as Sasuke smirked,at least he won this argument.